Log for #openttd on 22nd March 2006:
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00:03:38  <Brianetta> pong
00:03:47  <RichK> hi ther
00:03:50  <RichK> +e
00:04:19  <Brianetta> Rich, the monorail and maglev is weird
00:04:45  <RichK> i got the problem fixed, so the map is all good-to-go... would you be interested in having it with planesetw_459 and newshipsw
00:04:56  <RichK> what mono + mag?
00:05:03  <Brianetta> on the server
00:05:13  <Brianetta> monrail can be built in 1950 (but no trains)
00:05:21  <Brianetta> maglev can be built in 1950 (with trains)
00:05:32  <RichK> thats weird
00:05:38  <Brianetta> which is odd, as UKRS has no monorail and only late maglev
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00:08:20  <RichK> may have been an old ukrs for that one... new build looks ok... (no mon/mag in 1950, just checking post 2000)
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00:11:02  <Brianetta> Last night's server is at 1950 still, and somebody has a maglev in service
00:11:34  <RichK> less said about last nights the better ;)
00:11:51  <RichK> new build checks out OK
00:12:13  <Brianetta> You want the server rebuilding?
00:12:25  <Brianetta> I can't do much, I'm off to bed in a moment
00:12:32  <Brianetta> but I can svn up and recompile
00:12:32  <RichK> ive a new patch ready for you
00:12:37  <RichK> pm?
00:12:45  * Brianetta hasn'[t applied a patch yet...
00:13:07  <RichK> it is "savegame safe" now
00:13:25  <RichK> so you could run TGP on the server
00:13:38  <RichK> generate brand new random maps :)
00:13:45  <Brianetta> It's up to you
00:13:56  <RichK> i need a friendly tester :)
00:13:58  <Brianetta> My server is there for testing, in general
00:14:17  <Brianetta> but I am off to bed, so tell me what you want (:
00:15:45  <RichK> sending new patch to you. SVN update, apply patch, recompile :)
00:16:31  <Brianetta> r4004
00:17:04  <RichK> on its way... err ... 3995 it was... hmm... should patch ok
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00:17:55  <Brianetta> patched OK
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00:18:09  <Brianetta> Do I need anything extra in openttd.cfg?
00:18:56  <RichK> nope... it will add 3 extra things... check out the Terrain panel in the config patches
00:19:05  <Brianetta> dedicated server
00:19:24  <Brianetta> landscape.c:19:18: Math.h: No such file or directory
00:19:24  <Brianetta> landscape.c: In function `perlin_noise_2D':
00:19:24  <Brianetta> landscape.c:496: warning: implicit declaration of function `pow'
00:19:24  <Brianetta> landscape.c: In function `NewGenerateTerrain':
00:19:24  <Brianetta> landscape.c:729: warning: implicit declaration of function `cos'
00:19:25  <Brianetta> make: *** [landscape.o] Error 1
00:19:46  <RichK> bah humbug :)
00:20:01  <RichK> MSVC?
00:20:12  <Brianetta> gnu gcc
00:20:22  <RichK> you need maths for it :)
00:20:23  <Brianetta> dedicated server, Gentoo Linux
00:21:13  <Brianetta> I have math.h
00:21:20  <Brianetta> I do not have Math.h
00:21:27  <RichK> lol - guess what ;)
00:21:31  <glx> it's math.h indeed
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00:22:22  <RichK> odd... ive always seen it referred to as "Math.h" with the caps - of course on WinXP it doesnt care too much
00:22:32  <Brianetta> or at all
00:22:51  <RichK> lol
00:22:54  <Brianetta> OK, this is compiling
00:23:28  <RichK> yeah, im just redoing my version with "math.h" and seeing if it bombs
00:23:42  <Brianetta> So how do I specify landscape parameters to a dedicated server?
00:24:03  <RichK> dunno... how would you normally?
00:24:13  <Brianetta> Never used terragenesis before
00:24:31  <RichK> i know nothing of the server side...
00:24:46  <Brianetta> Can it read the settings from openttd.cfg?
00:24:52  <Brianetta> That's how you tell the server stuff
00:24:53  <RichK> tg uses all the normal parameters, but adds "smoothness"
00:25:18  <RichK> yeah, you will need to go in "live", and then exit, once to ensure its all written out ok
00:25:25  <glx> terragenesis, oil_refinery_limit, tgen_smoothness
00:25:30  <RichK> thats them
00:25:40  <Brianetta> Where do they go?
00:25:53  <glx> [patches]
00:25:58  <RichK> thanks glx
00:25:59  <Brianetta> I can't go in "live" as the machine is about 400 miles away from me and has no monitor
00:26:03  <Brianetta> and no SDL
00:26:05  <RichK> lol
00:26:15  <Brianetta> definitely no mouse
00:26:59  <glx> terragenesis is a bool
00:27:13  <RichK> terragenesis = true
00:27:13  <RichK> max_num_autosaves = 16
00:27:13  <RichK> oil_refinery_limit = 24
00:27:13  <RichK> tgen_smoothness = 2
00:27:15  <glx> the 2 others are uint8
00:27:26  <RichK> 2 = rough
00:27:32  <Brianetta> Where do you tell it hilliness and lakiness?
00:27:34  <RichK> 3 = very rough
00:27:38  <RichK> normal params
00:28:14  <Brianetta> yeah, it's the normal params I'm looking for
00:28:17  <RichK> _opt.diff.terrain, _opt.diff.quantity_sea_lakes, etc
00:28:34  <Brianetta> part of diff_custom I suppose
00:29:44  <Brianetta> OK, recommend to me a terrain type, roughness and sea quantity
00:29:57  <RichK> 5th and 6th from end of diff_custom
00:30:18  <Brianetta> yes
00:30:20  <RichK> hmm... minor problem... it needs the random seed
00:30:23  <Brianetta> recommended values?
00:30:34  <Brianetta> random seed can be undefined
00:30:59  <RichK> smoothness = rough = 2, hilly = 2, lakes = 1 (low)
00:31:29  <Brianetta> tgen_smoothness = 2 ?
00:31:34  <RichK> yeah
00:31:52  <RichK> 6th from end = 2, 5th from end = 1
00:32:04  <Brianetta> Starting new game
00:32:04  <Brianetta> exp_spawn ./openttd -c openttd-uk-terra.cfg -D
00:32:04  <Brianetta> *** AUTOPILOT ENGAGED ***
00:32:12  <RichK> cross fingers
00:32:17  <Brianetta> It's advertised
00:32:44  <Brianetta> Client shouldn't need the patch, should it?
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00:33:18  <RichK> nope... its just for terrain create
00:33:27  * Brianetta makes
00:33:32  <Brianetta> Let's see
00:33:58  <Brianetta> make: Warning: File `.deps/airport_gui.d' has modification time 0.35 s in the future
00:34:00  <Brianetta> yey
00:34:04  <Brianetta> time travelling file
00:34:41  <RichK> not me i hope.... (i dont think i went near it on this patch!)
00:35:09  <Brianetta> I take it this is close to a commit
00:35:30  <RichK> nope... i want to soak test...
00:35:47  <Brianetta> Woah
00:35:49  <RichK> im also not entirely happy with the flat mountain plateaus
00:35:51  <Brianetta> Now that map is worth seeing
00:36:01  <Brianetta> It's non-square (:
00:36:17  <RichK> it worked then ;)
00:36:38  <Brianetta> The mountain plateaus are cool in temperate
00:36:51  <RichK> try a desert one... really cool :)
00:37:25  <RichK> the reason for the math in the routine - it lowers a desert valley in the middle of the map as a cosine
00:37:47  <Brianetta> Cool
00:37:59  <Brianetta> Right, that server is up
00:38:06  <Brianetta> and I am late for bed
00:38:11  <RichK> i had to download a new SVN
00:38:15  <Brianetta> rcon_pw is still the same
00:38:34  <RichK> err... ill have to learn rcon one day ;)
00:38:35  <Brianetta> autopilot has it paused
00:38:38  <RichK> cool
00:38:46  <Brianetta> rcon password 'your command here'
00:39:58  <RichK> compile darn you!!!!
00:40:09  <Brianetta> It's gone berserk
00:40:16  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 151,788
00:40:17  <Brianetta> tile=107,487   type=18
00:40:17  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 107,487
00:40:17  <Brianetta> tile=201,299   type=18
00:40:17  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 201,299
00:40:17  <Brianetta> tile=60,984   type=18
00:40:19  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 60,984
00:40:23  <Brianetta> tile=198,890   type=18
00:40:25  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 198,890
00:40:27  <Brianetta> tile=85,141   type=18
00:40:29  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 85,141
00:40:31  <Brianetta> tile=189,583   type=18
00:40:33  <Brianetta> placing 18 at 189,583
00:40:37  <Brianetta> etc etc etc
00:40:39  * Brianetta starts it again
00:40:40  <RichK> damn... i left decode in there!! its industy placement - dont worry about it
00:40:54  <Brianetta> It confused my autopilot a tad
00:41:13  <RichK> sorry - go into industry_cmd.c and look for fprintf
00:41:18  <Brianetta> It's OK
00:41:30  <Brianetta> It can handle it, but might fail to greet the odd player
00:41:47  <glx> RichK: use debug next time instead fprintf
00:42:40  <RichK> should be a onetime deal - only on creation
00:43:06  <Brianetta> OK, removed three fprintf()s
00:43:11  <Brianetta> That's calmer
00:43:40  <RichK> lol - so desperate to get in, i forgot to copy data files! :)
00:43:46  <Brianetta> heh
00:43:52  <Brianetta> I have a tarball for that
00:45:05  <Brianetta> Heh, same seed
00:45:09  <RichK> huh? ive just d/l new SVN, r4004, but it says i cant connect to server
00:45:28  <RichK> version mismatch!
00:45:30  <glx> your version is patched?
00:45:34  <Brianetta> The server is
00:45:37  <RichK> clean and fresh
00:45:44  <Brianetta> but my unpatched local svn client connected fine
00:45:56  <RichK> it will be me... ill try again...
00:46:04  <Brianetta> head -n 1 rev.c
00:46:09  <Brianetta> const char _openttd_revision[] = "r4004";
00:46:26  <glx> I do less rev.c but it's the same :)
00:46:49  <Brianetta> I usually cat it
00:47:02  <Brianetta> but when I /exxec -out I use head
00:47:29  <Brianetta> RichK: Random seed really needs to be in config
00:47:40  <Brianetta> otherwise I'm always going to have the same coastline (:
00:47:41  *** AciD [] has joined #openttd
00:47:56  <glx> nice map
00:48:00  <RichK> yup, i can see that
00:48:28  <Brianetta> [All] sarah: Welcome, glx, to Brianetta's nightly server.
00:48:31  <Brianetta> I like autopilot
00:48:43  <RichK> ill have it that if its a zero, it randomly gens, otherwise it takes the entered value
00:49:05  <Brianetta> I suppose it's some undefined value at,
00:49:29  <glx> I wanted to just be a spectator to see the map but it wasn't available
00:49:41  <RichK> its gets set randomly when you click the New Game button
00:49:49  <RichK> which you dont on dedicated
00:50:07  <Brianetta> 'server_name' changed to:  Brianetta's TerraGenesis test -
00:50:35  <Brianetta> glx: It is if you use -n
00:51:43  <RichK> rebuilding... im still not used to C yet (only started in Oct05)
00:52:22  <glx> Brianetta: good to know that :)
00:53:17  <Brianetta> Why do I only get meds spam?
00:53:24  <Brianetta> What happened to all the porn spam?
00:53:43  <glx> a good filter in your mail provider?
00:53:52  <Brianetta> I provide my own mail
00:54:06  <Brianetta> and filter it myself - I look in my spam bin, and there's no porn
00:54:10  <RichK> server is offline?
00:54:18  <Brianetta> It's online
00:54:33  <Brianetta>
00:54:42  <Brianetta>
00:54:56  <RichK> beeping nortonAV...
00:55:19  <glx> RichK: use unnamed
00:55:28  <glx> it was my mistake ;)
00:55:52  <RichK> ive got to log on first!
00:59:31  <Brianetta> OK, bed time.
00:59:36  <Brianetta> night all..
00:59:38  <glx> night Brianetta
00:59:39  <RichK> ok... cya
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01:02:17  <RichK> ok im baffled - i compiled a new SVN download, at r4004, and i have version mismatch still
01:02:44  <glx> what is your exact version
01:02:47  <RichK> head -1 n rev.c
01:03:10  <glx> what does it says?
01:03:18  <RichK> "";
01:03:19  <Eddi|zuHause2> you sure the revision number is included in the build?
01:05:16  <RichK> ah - if i edit rev.c to r4004, it changes it back before building.... how do i set REVISION on the make?
01:05:49  <glx> type svnversion .
01:06:08  <RichK> command not found
01:06:15  <RichK> i use mingw
01:06:23  <glx> and tortoise
01:06:26  <RichK> yup
01:06:42  <glx> svnversion is in svn command line tools
01:07:09  <glx> and make uses it to set rev
01:07:56  <glx> make RELEASE:=r4004
01:08:08  <RichK> beeping syntax
01:08:15  <glx> 4004 by the way
01:08:19  <RichK> i tried REVISION="r4004"
01:08:53  <RichK> cooking
01:08:56  <glx> try "make RELEASE:=4004"
01:09:19  <RichK> about to join :)
01:09:26  <RichK> shall i take "unnamed"
01:09:31  <glx> yes
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01:10:00  <glx> or create a new company if you want a fresh loan :)
01:10:23  <RichK> err... its on pause
01:10:45  <RichK> nope, rephrase that, on autosave ??
01:11:03  <RichK> weirdness
01:11:11  <RichK> what grfs?
01:11:20  <glx> same as yesterday
01:11:22  <RichK> usual brianetta nightly?
01:11:23  <RichK> okies
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01:13:36  <RichK> im in :)
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02:31:21  <orudge> Ooh, 4000 SVN revisions
02:31:22  <orudge> Well done ;)
02:31:42  <tank> grats:)
02:31:54  <orudge> (well, 4004 ;))
02:31:57  <orudge> The Intel 4004!
02:32:07  <orudge>
02:32:10  * ThePizzaKing congratulated all of those developing guys
02:32:10  <orudge> Anyway, night all ;)
02:32:24  *** tokai|ni [] has joined #openttd
02:32:25  <orudge> Maximum clock speed is 740 kHz, mmm.
02:32:29  <ThePizzaKing> night orudge
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02:43:50  <RichK> gn
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03:57:29  <EternalDecoy> can someone tell me the purpose of waypoints for trains?
04:05:40  <ThePizzaKing> EternalDecoy: One use can be at farms, where farms produce livestock and grain, you can have a livestock track and a grain track intead of having trains carrying both
04:06:10  <ThePizzaKing> they can also split the trains journey into smaller parts (Good to speed up the pathfinder)
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04:21:12  <EternalDecoy> mm...dunno what that
04:23:18  <ThePizzaKing> heh
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06:58:06  <blathijs> DarkSSH: pong?
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07:31:38  <peter1138>
07:31:39  <peter1138> hehe
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08:05:12  <Celestar> Tron_: echo-request
08:05:18  *** Tron_ is now known as Tron
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08:14:20  <peter1138> ah, the beautiful sight of multiple vims
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08:17:09  <Tron> peter1138: GUI: background image with 12 xterms
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08:22:01  <peter1138> :)
08:22:30  <CIA-5> celestar * r4005 /branch/elrail/rail_cmd.c: [elrail] It is now possible to convert a depot from conventional rail to elrail even when trains are inside
08:23:06  *** Alltaken [n=chatzill@blender/artist/allTaken] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.70 [Firefox]"]
08:23:14  <Celestar> alltaken was here? :o
08:23:28  <CIA-5> celestar * r4006 /branch/elrail/BUGS: [elrail] Forgot to adjust BUGS file in last commit
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08:35:37  <Vornicus> okay, that one sounds like it was fun to do.
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08:48:54  <CIA-5> tron * r4007 /trunk/ (clear_map.h industry_cmd.c): Add a function to make a farm field tile
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09:06:57  <DarkSSH> blathijs: ping
09:08:55  <MiHaMiX> re
09:10:15  <Celestar> DarkSSH: when is release?
09:11:46  <DarkSSH> blathijs: pong
09:12:26  <DarkSSH> when someone makes it :)
09:12:32  <DarkSSH> I'm stuck till 6@work
09:12:49  <Celestar> what remains to be done, and which bugs need to be fixed?
09:13:16  <DarkSSH> if blathijs were here it would be nice of him to fix an NPF bug
09:13:22  * Vornicus pokes vaguely at Bjarni, now that he notices he's here.
09:13:23  <DarkSSH> or double-check glx's fix for it
09:13:44  <Patrick`> the routing via red exit signal bug?
09:13:45  <DarkSSH> the others just need backporting to 0.4.5 branch and that updated to
09:13:52  <DarkSSH> no, the routing through station
09:14:06  <Celestar> which NPF bug?
09:14:07  <Patrick`> that's what I mean
09:14:24  <Celestar> down?
09:14:39  <Patrick`> trains that have a destination on the far side of a non-roro station will go in through the presignal and try to pass through whichever exit signal gives the shortest path
09:14:48  <Patrick`> even if it's red
09:15:26  <DarkSSH> Patrick`: no I mean the routing through bus-station
09:15:30  <Patrick`> ah
09:15:38  <Patrick`> well, ignore me, I never managed to reproduce it
09:16:05  <DarkSSH> there was even a pick here last night
09:16:56  <Celestar> DarkSSH: where is glx' fix?
09:18:21  *** stefan [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
09:18:55  *** stefan [] has joined #openttd
09:19:24  <DarkSSH> 23:52 < glx> Tron: DarkSSH: <-- I think I fixed the npf bug
09:19:33  <DarkSSH> can't find the picture atm
09:24:09  <DarkSSH> it has a strange loop and the bus wants to go through the bus-station at any rate instead of driving around
09:27:20  <peter1138> hmm
09:27:38  <peter1138> i didn't think the pathfinder would route through road stops
09:27:49  <peter1138> as gtts doesn't have the appropriate bits
09:28:33  <peter1138> indeed, it returns 0 for road stops
09:30:15  <DarkSSH> well it dos that in the picture
09:30:33  <peter1138> could it just be lost? heh
09:30:52  *** KUDr_wrk [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
09:31:54  <DarkSSH> peter1138: no because if you turn off NPF it works :)
09:35:33  <DarkSSH> needs backporting of r3992 (without viewport.c), r3996, r3997, r3998, r3999, r4001-4002
09:35:38  <DarkSSH> I think these are to be done
09:35:46  <DarkSSH> if someone can do it, it'd mean last work for me
09:36:08  <DarkSSH> You can just use the original commit message and saying that it is a backport of trunk and which rev
09:36:31  <Celestar> I do NOT understand NTP
09:37:10  <DarkSSH> it's not that bad :)
09:37:19  <Celestar> gotos :S
09:38:02  <Celestar> bah whats wrong with my linker??
09:38:52  <MiHaMiX>
09:46:41  *** stefan [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
09:47:01  *** stefan [] has joined #openttd
09:56:03  *** ThePizzaKing [] has joined #openttd
10:03:42  <CIA-5> celestar * r4008 /branch/elrail/ (BUGS pathfind.c pathfind.h train_cmd.c): [elrail] Made NTP Railtype-aware
10:04:19  <Celestar> DarkSSH: 4008 MIGHT be interesting for (edge case)
10:06:41  <MiHaMiX> hmm
10:06:53  <MiHaMiX> could someone please commit something under /trunk ?
10:07:00  <DarkSSH> Celestar: but NTP is not broken :)
10:07:00  <MiHaMiX> I need it to test webtranslator :D
10:08:24  <CIA-5> celestar * r4009 /branch/elrail/ (23 files in 3 dirs): [elrail] Merge from trunk: revisions 3988:4008
10:08:50  <MiHaMiX> grr
10:09:28  <DarkSSH> MiHaMiX: not working?
10:09:39  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: commit was not under /trunk
10:09:44  <DarkSSH> ah
10:09:49  *** CobraA1 [] has joined #openttd
10:09:49  <DarkSSH> commit something!
10:09:54  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: WT2 currently only handles /trunk
10:09:56  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: ok
10:10:03  <DarkSSH> in general
10:10:31  <Celestar> WT2ß
10:10:35  <CIA-5> miham * r4010 /trunk/foo.h: [test WT2]
10:10:45  <DarkSSH> o_O
10:10:50  <DarkSSH> MiHaMiX: what are you doing?
10:11:42  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: testing some part of WT2, which is responsible to keep sync langDB and lang in SVN
10:12:07  <DarkSSH> well yes I know but I didn't mean to ACTUALLY commit nonsense :)
10:12:54  <MiHaMiX> lol
10:13:01  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
10:13:04  <DarkSSH> 11:09 < DarkSSH> commit something!
10:13:04  <DarkSSH> 11:10 < DarkSSH> in general
10:13:07  <Patrick`> Balls
10:13:18  <CIA-5> miham * r4011 /trunk/foo.h: [test WT2 #2.]
10:13:30  <MiHaMiX> ok, foo.h removed
10:13:32  <MiHaMiX> sorry folks :)
10:13:34  <DarkSSH> anyone with some free time can backport from trunk to branch/0.4.5
10:13:47  <DarkSSH> and then if MiHaMiX changes a define to branch/0.4.5 he can test it :)
10:14:00  <Celestar> DarkSSH: which revisions do you mean?
10:14:06  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: no, that's not so simple.
10:14:17  <DarkSSH> 10:35 < DarkSSH> needs backporting of r3992 (without viewport.c), r3996, r3997, r3998, r3999, r4001-4002
10:15:08  <Celestar> DarkSSH: do we have any procedure how to do it?
10:15:18  <DarkSSH> we can discuss some of them if you feel they are unneeded
10:15:26  <DarkSSH> Celestar: checkout branch
10:15:40  <DarkSSH> Celestar: merge -r 3995:3996 svn://
10:15:46  <DarkSSH> and so on
10:15:59  <DarkSSH> then check if it compiles&works
10:16:19  <Celestar> DarkSSH: and commit a single revision or a whole block?
10:16:29  <DarkSSH> commit by group
10:16:46  <DarkSSH> so if 3996, 3999 and 4002 belong together I'd say commit them in a block
10:17:50  <DarkSSH> we're still waiting for blathijs though to look at that NPF bug
10:18:57  *** ThePizzaKing [] has joined #openttd
10:20:10  <Celestar> GREAT
10:20:20  <Celestar> merging 3992 gives tons of conflicts
10:20:46  <DarkSSH> then it's just best to look at the diff and rewrite it for branch/
10:20:54  <DarkSSH> I had some of these with the other backports
10:20:59  <MiHaMiX> ok, it's working :)
10:21:01  <MiHaMiX> cool :)
10:21:10  <DarkSSH> o/
10:21:20  <DarkSSH> MiHaMiX: ETL? :)
10:21:35  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: #define ETL WTF?
10:21:41  <DarkSSH> Estimated Time of Launch
10:21:46  <MiHaMiX> ahh
10:21:56  <MiHaMiX> more than 7 days
10:22:04  <MiHaMiX> but less than 14 days
10:22:09  <DarkSSH> error: does not comput
10:22:10  <DarkSSH> e
10:22:27  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: ciki. nem jo az interpretered :D
10:22:31  <DarkSSH> error: internal inconsistency, aborting compilation
10:22:46  <Celestar> DarkSSH: AH!
10:22:51  <Celestar> svn up before a merge is helpful ;)
10:22:52  <DarkSSH> HA!
10:24:05  <blathijs> DarkSSH: what bug exactly>
10:24:55  <DarkSSH> bus tries to pathfind through bus-station
10:27:05  <DarkSSH> I even assigned it to you
10:27:12  <DarkSSH> so you can't say you don't know anything about it :)
10:27:15  <DarkSSH>
10:32:09  <CIA-5> celestar * r4012 /branch/0.4.5/ (clear_cmd.c rail_cmd.c tile.c tile.h):
10:32:09  <CIA-5> -Backport from trunk (3992, 3995): Rewrote the code to determine whether a rail-tile can be terraformed.
10:32:09  <CIA-5> Fixes a bug where you could terraform a tunnel (fixed by r3228, but reverted that one)
10:32:09  <CIA-5> Fixes a bug introduced by r3228 which allowed steep rail tiles resulting in ... unwanted effects such as display artifacts.
10:33:17  <DarkSSH> I think the display artifects were the least of worries :P
10:33:39  <peter1138> heh
10:34:01  <Celestar> DarkSSH: not really.
10:34:21  <Celestar> we were just lucky that the system didn't display some non-existant sprite
10:34:46  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]"]
10:35:04  <Celestar> er PROBLEM
10:35:53  <DarkSSH> I love your usage of capitals ^'
10:37:53  <DarkSSH> Celestar: what's the prbo
10:37:59  <DarkSSH> prob even
10:38:45  <Celestar> check out latest 0.4.5 and try top lower land
10:39:01  <Celestar> somehow my backport was only partially correct
10:40:34  * DarkSSH sets priority +10
10:42:46  *** AciD [] has joined #openttd
10:44:05  <peter1138> but it works in trunk?
10:45:02  <DarkSSH> oh trunk works and 0.4.5 doesn't? jolly
10:48:11  *** ThePizzaKing [] has joined #openttd
10:52:47  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]"]
10:55:42  <blathijs> DarkSSH: why do people get happy from not saving the autosave interval>
10:56:45  <DarkSSH> blathijs: because it is a personal thing. And very annoying to get savegames from peeps which constantly autosave
10:56:59  <DarkSSH> was a major annoyance to a lot of users
10:57:01  <DarkSSH> including us
10:58:31  <blathijs> ah, right
10:58:57  <DarkSSH> you don't feel the same?
11:07:29  *** sw4y [] has joined #openttd
11:10:58  *** stefan [] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
11:11:16  *** stefan [] has joined #openttd
11:11:27  *** KUDr_wrk [] has joined #openttd
11:11:55  <CIA-5> celestar * r4013 /branch/0.4.5/clear_cmd.c: -Fix last commit. CheckTunnelInWay works differently from IsTunnelInWay :S
11:13:22  <CIA-5> celestar * r4014 /branch/0.4.5/ (5 files): -Backport from trunk: Slope and height information returned for some tile types is wrong
11:17:23  <CIA-5> celestar * r4015 /branch/0.4.5/ (network_server.c settings.c): -Backport from trunk: Default the patch-setting 'pause_on_join' to true.
11:18:06  <DarkSSH> Celestar: don't forget the source-rev
11:18:34  <Celestar> ok ok
11:19:16  <Noldo> blathijs: is the revision number "hardcoded" somewhere in the debian stuff
11:21:05  *** AciD [n=gni@unaffiliated/acid] has quit [Excess Flood]
11:22:06  *** Torrasque [] has joined #openttd
11:22:18  *** AciD [] has joined #openttd
11:23:24  <CIA-5> celestar * r4016 /branch/0.4.5/rail_cmd.c: -Backport from trunk (3998): When removing rail track from a tile where only X and Y pieces exist, explicitly update signals in both directions.
11:24:29  <CIA-5> celestar * r4017 /branch/0.4.5/video/win32_v.c:
11:24:29  <CIA-5> -Backport from trunk (3999): Change the order of DestroyWindow and
11:24:29  <CIA-5> ChangeDisplay. On some machines a sizechange messagequeue is handled before
11:24:29  <CIA-5> sending WM_DISPLAYCHANGE resulting in an improper resolution written to the
11:24:29  <CIA-5> configuration file when exiting from fullscreen. (Frostregen)
11:24:52  <blathijs> DarkSSH: yes, I do. Just didn't think of it ;-)
11:24:56  <blathijs> DarkSSH: I think I got the bug
11:24:58  *** e1ko [] has joined #openttd
11:25:11  <blathijs> it's stupid, don't know how I could have written this code ;-)
11:25:14  <DarkSSH> blathijs: did you look at glx's fix?
11:25:18  <blathijs> no
11:25:34  <DarkSSH> 10:19 < DarkSSH> 23:52 < glx> Tron: DarkSSH: <-- I think I fixed the npf bug
11:26:01  <blathijs> but, my college is nearly done, so I think I'm gone in a minute (brb)
11:26:02  <DarkSSH> we wonder often how we could write such code :)
11:26:07  <blathijs> or bbl
11:26:11  <CIA-5> celestar * r4018 /branch/0.4.5/ (hal.h misc_gui.c os2.c unix.c win32.c):
11:26:11  <CIA-5> -Backport from trunk (4001:4002):
11:26:11  <CIA-5>  Add length parameter to FiosMakeSavegameName() and use this function for creating the full path instead of home-brewn snprintf.
11:26:11  <CIA-5> Use the title of a savegame in the saveload dialog-editbox. This gets rid of the
11:26:11  <CIA-5> '.sav' appended to each game as well as properly showing UTF-8 saves when this
11:26:12  <CIA-5> is implemented. Also don't change the text if the save has failed.
11:26:17  <blathijs> DarkSSH: glx is down :-)
11:26:28  <DarkSSH> he
11:26:30  <blathijs> Noldo: rev number or version number you mean?
11:26:39  <blathijs> Noldo: version is in debian/changelog
11:26:41  <DarkSSH> Celestar: nice work :)
11:26:42  * blathijs is gone, bbl
11:26:45  <DarkSSH> Celestar: does it still compile?
11:26:46  <Celestar> DarkSSH: done
11:26:55  <Celestar> DarkSSH: yes and it doesn't seem to make problems.
11:26:56  <DarkSSH> blathijs: don't forget to check back when glx returns
11:28:05  <Celestar> TronBSD: ekko-request
11:29:11  <DarkSSH> <- FOOD
11:29:18  <Celestar> DarkSSH: waaaaaait
11:31:33  *** Qrrbrbirlbel [] has joined #openttd
11:33:21  *** Mukke [] has joined #openttd
11:34:16  *** black_Nightmare [] has joined #openttd
11:34:32  <black_Nightmare> hey there
11:35:46  *** BJH [] has joined #openttd
11:38:55  <Celestar> hi
11:39:03  <black_Nightmare> hey celestar
11:39:07  <black_Nightmare> what you doing?
11:39:20  *** Qrrbrbirlbel [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:40:08  *** Qrrbrbirlbel [] has joined #openttd
11:41:30  *** e1ko is now known as e1ko_AfK
11:41:44  <KUDr_wrk> DarkSSH, blathijs: <- here is that missing glx's fix
11:44:40  *** Qball [] has joined #openttd
11:49:31  *** Tron [] has joined #openttd
11:49:52  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:52:47  *** sw4y [] has quit ["Odletam do paralelniho vesmiru..."]
11:54:24  <MiHaMiX> could someone please commit a real one under /trunk? :D
11:54:27  *** jong [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
11:55:00  *** stefan [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
11:55:20  *** jong [] has joined #openttd
11:55:36  *** stefan [] has joined #openttd
11:56:47  <Celestar> bah
11:56:56  <Celestar> the whole build-on-slopes thingy is kinda sucky
12:02:13  <Matt-W> in concept, or implementation?
12:02:37  <Celestar> in concept.
12:02:46  <Matt-W> hmm
12:02:57  <Celestar> each tile needs to have information about the altitude of ALL FOUR corners.
12:02:57  <Matt-W> it's like a half-hearted version of being able to build vertical gradients I suppose
12:03:10  <Celestar> Matt-W: more like quarter-hearted.
12:03:16  <Matt-W> heh
12:03:18  <Matt-W> maybe
12:03:18  <Celestar> TronBSD: DarkSSH: we gotta discuss this out.
12:03:23  <Matt-W> I have no idea how the code works of course
12:03:33  <peter1138> if each tile did store four corners...
12:03:52  <Matt-W> although I was thinking the other day how nice it would be to be able to bore a tunnel into a vertical cliff
12:04:50  <Celestar> Matt-W: for example ..
12:05:01  <Celestar> peter1138: then what?
12:05:44  <Matt-W> Celestar: for example... what?
12:06:00  <Celestar> Matt-W: it would, for example, be nice to have tunnels at vertical cliffs.
12:06:07  <Matt-W> yes, it would
12:06:19  <Matt-W> is there any reason why we don't have verticals other than because it's left over from TTD?
12:06:35  <Matt-W> and is there any fundamental gameplay or engine reason why we can't have them?
12:07:07  <Celestar> the engine doesn'T allow it.
12:07:19  <Celestar> there are no things like vertical cliffs in the engine
12:07:37  <Matt-W> so building on slopes is an even dirtier hack than I thought then
12:08:44  <black_Nightmare> celestar...I agree and beside I think you don't really need to have cliffs anyhow
12:09:51  <peter1138> Celestar: heh, it would allow cliffs... :)
12:10:40  <Celestar> peter1138: yes.
12:10:43  <Celestar> black_Nightmare: er what?
12:14:15  <Matt-W> arguably cliffs are something we should have... rail companies are quite capable of building concrete-retained verticals
12:14:39  <Celestar> at least of a certain height..
12:14:41  <Matt-W> the code changes could be... umm... fun
12:14:49  <Matt-W> yeah not too high :-)
12:14:52  <Celestar> Matt-W: they would be rather easy
12:15:00  <Matt-W> really? cool
12:15:05  <Celestar> Matt-W: much easier than all the slope-fucking we do now.
12:15:17  <Matt-W> and what about the UI tools to build them with
12:15:33  <Celestar> but of course => more bits used
12:15:48  <Celestar> 12 bits more per tile
12:15:50  <black_Nightmare> here's a question then heh: will you add track ramps then?  because you can't just build track straight uphill so would have to add ramps then
12:15:59  <Celestar> oh no.
12:16:02  <Celestar> 6 bits more per tile.
12:16:08  <Matt-W> black_Nightmare: well you'd build a slope to put the track on wouldn't you
12:16:59  <Matt-W> Celestar: so that's... hmm 50K more for a 256x256 map, by my calculation
12:17:41  <Celestar> Matt-W: uncompressed. yes.
12:17:53  <black_Nightmare> hmm that makes me slightly wonder how the raise tool would work (as in raising a half-hill to get to top of cliff without messing up the cliff itself)
12:18:12  <Celestar> the'd be a CTRL-option I guess :P
12:18:19  <black_Nightmare> if I recall from memory that if you raised a low ground next to a mountain.. the mountain oftenly reeled downward
12:18:28  <peter1138> Celestar: there'll be a point when we should add more bits to the array
12:18:44  <peter1138> the argument that 2048x2048 maps will get massive is absurd -- they already require stupidly powered machines :)
12:19:07  <Vornicus> but you have to pad it out.
12:19:08  <peter1138> (that's adding more bits in a sane way, heh)
12:19:42  <Celestar> peter1138: when we need to.
12:19:48  <peter1138> Celestar: have you seen tron's arbitrary bridge work?
12:19:54  <Celestar> peter1138: nope. have you?
12:19:57  <peter1138> yes
12:20:01  <Celestar> aaaand?
12:20:11  *** TL|Away is now known as TrueLight
12:20:16  <peter1138> it's using _m[].extra for the moment, heh
12:20:18  <Bjarni> lol, running make info on a 266 MHz CPU takes nearly 3 sec
12:20:24  *** AciD [n=gni@unaffiliated/acid] has quit [Connection timed out]
12:20:37  <Bjarni> 3 sec to generate the list of flags it uses to compile
12:20:42  * Matt-W remembers when 100MHz seemed incredibly fast...
12:20:47  <Bjarni> heh
12:20:55  <Matt-W> How quickly we use what we're given and need more
12:21:03  <Celestar> peter1138: yeah I thought so. not bad an idea.
12:21:22  <Bjarni> I can remember when 16 MHz was really fast and the 40 MB hd was enormous. I could not fill it at all
12:21:26  <Bjarni> well, I thought so
12:21:28  *** AciD [] has joined #openttd
12:21:28  <black_Nightmare> I think that what is actually needed would be a single-tile-width river tile
12:21:30  <Matt-W> is this arbitrary bridges as in bridges over things and in odd directions?
12:21:36  <peter1138>
12:21:42  <black_Nightmare> it snot much fun to have a 3-tiles wide water just to try 'draw' a river on the map
12:21:50  <Matt-W> Bjarni: I remember having trouble filling a 10MB hard drive!
12:22:04  <Matt-W> peter1138: oooooooooooh
12:22:26  <Matt-W> that is incredibly cool
12:22:35  <Celestar> peter1138: looks not bad
12:22:47  <black_Nightmare> could have option for either wood or steel bridge (wood one is brown and flat but steel one could be a truss type in dark grey
12:23:37  <Matt-W> signals, junctions, roads, funny slopes, tunnels... that demonstrates everything doesn't it!
12:23:50  <Matt-W> oh and the land at each end appears to be a different height too
12:23:53  <DarkSSH> KUDr_wrk: thanks :) only blathijs is gone again :s
12:24:23  <Matt-W> I must be in need of a life, that screenshot is extremely exciting
12:24:29  <peter1138> hehe
12:24:30  <Celestar> lol Matt-W
12:24:43  <Celestar> I really really need help with NPF peops
12:24:53  <Celestar> and I need someone who runs The Patch
12:25:08  <black_Nightmare> that an openttd-only thing? (the bridgeway in screenshot)
12:25:09  *** Cheery [] has joined #openttd
12:25:20  <peter1138> yeah
12:25:26  <peter1138> wip
12:25:46  <black_Nightmare> peter...really nice, I wasn't quite liking the low limits in ttdx
12:25:56  <black_Nightmare> oftenly had wanted bridge two tiles high in some space
12:26:05  <black_Nightmare> always having to use sloped tracks instead
12:26:22  <black_Nightmare> hmm and crossing angled tracks.....whee
12:26:24  <Celestar>
12:26:36  <Celestar> black_Nightmare: it's not committed yet ... so be patient
12:27:37  <black_Nightmare> well often is it that you have to build your track in a 'L' shape literally just to fit under a bridge rather than just cutting straight underneath it without the sharp curve? ;)
12:27:43  <black_Nightmare> << too many times
12:27:46  <Celestar> comon. no one has The Patch installed?
12:27:54  <Celestar> black_Nightmare: well, I know.
12:28:01  <Celestar> but this is a HUGE modification
12:28:21  <Matt-W> one which should be done though
12:28:32  <Celestar> well, Matt-W , obviously it is done ;)
12:28:36  <black_Nightmare> oh yeah that reminds me...just curious about it but the train depots -- are they still only 'one way enterance'?
12:28:37  <Matt-W> true
12:28:45  <Matt-W> but is this doing it on top of the existing map
12:28:48  <black_Nightmare> or think openttd could fix them to have tracks out both directions?
12:28:50  <Matt-W> rather than as part of the map rewrite thingy
12:28:56  <black_Nightmare> kinda like a go-through depot
12:29:23  <Celestar> well. depots are yet unchanged.
12:29:24  <Matt-W> black_Nightmare: no, that'd let the extra dimensions that depots keep their trains in escape
12:29:34  <Matt-W> causing havoc!
12:29:40  <Celestar> even tho I want realistic depots at some point.
12:29:45  <Celestar> kinda like stations.
12:29:47  <Matt-W> Celestar: yes please!
12:30:05  <black_Nightmare> 3-signals wyes would have to be typical then?  (being able to serve a line both direction)
12:30:38  * Matt-W imagines new disaster... train depot in extradimensional explosion, nearby town erased from history
12:31:01  <Matt-W> black_Nightmare: eh?
12:31:20  <black_Nightmare> heh I sometimes hated trying to add depots in mountaineous maps...have to level a few tiles many times just to find space for a damned wye because the train can't just go through the depot ^_^ heh
12:32:07  <Matt-W> depots already take up far too little space anyway
12:32:44  <black_Nightmare> second...
12:33:31  <Matt-W> oooh lunchtime
12:33:32  <Matt-W> back later
12:34:11  <Matt-W> hmm apparently not lunchtime
12:34:23  <Matt-W> seems we're waiting for people who are doing actual work
12:35:45  <black_Nightmare> this is the kind of wye I mean (and I oftenly use single mainline so the signals are 2-way instead) ..... would be great if a train could just go through the depot then all it would need is a 2x6 tiles wide area (like a short siding with the depot on the branch leg)  [or if the pathfinder can be cured and the train can see routes past a depot t
12:35:45  <black_Nightmare> hen the hell, slap the depot right on the mainline itself lol]
12:36:02  <black_Nightmare> sorry to be long heh....its just .... I hate the rail depots in ttdx sometimes
12:37:38  <Matt-W> TTD health and safety would love you running high-speed trains through the depots!
12:37:56  <SpComb> of course
12:38:14  <SpComb> it creates a big airflow, that sucks up all the toxic particles in the air
12:38:42  * MiHaMiX remembers when compiling linux kernel on a 386SX box took 3.5 hours :)
12:38:51  <SpComb> does it take 5 now?
12:39:12  <MiHaMiX> SpComb: i don't know :) i don't have a working 386sx anymore :)
12:39:26  <SpComb> how long does it take on any computer now?
12:39:30  <MiHaMiX> SpComb: but it take me 4 minutes to compile a 2.6.12 on a dual opteron with -j4 ;)
12:39:37  <SpComb> oh
12:40:08  <Matt-W> takes me about 6 or 7 on my Athlon 64 3200+
12:40:15  <black_Nightmare> matt....actually....if you didn't think of it, there's several usa class I railroads that have various depots located right on the mainline right of way
12:40:37  <black_Nightmare> mainly sander/fuel but several can carry small repairs on the go
12:41:13  <black_Nightmare> even some yard repair sheds are with doors at both ends :p
12:42:18  <black_Nightmare> oh and matt... even in ttdx itself... the maglev trains run into the depot full speed so....meh
12:42:48  <Matt-W> well we know the current depots are hideously unrealistic
12:43:22  <black_Nightmare> hm that reminds me..I had to be thankful for whoever came up with the roll-in-roll-out station layout idea ... helped me a lot on the busy flat maps heh
12:43:40  <Matt-W> I use it all the time
12:43:46  <Matt-W> should be obvious of course
12:43:49  <Celestar> Matt-W: how's the GUI progressing? ;)
12:43:51  <Matt-W> just take a train somewhere...
12:44:11  <Matt-W> Celestar: I seem to recall saying that I needed to finish some writing first. It's not yet finished.
12:44:20  <Celestar> oh
12:44:23  <Celestar> didn't notice that
12:44:24  <Matt-W> Although it's getting there, I'm being nagged a lot
12:44:24  <Celestar> sworry
12:44:38  <Matt-W> it's mostly just a sit-down-and-write-it job
12:44:44  <Matt-W> preparation being all done
12:44:46  <Celestar> I know that
12:44:50  <Celestar> feeling
12:44:57  <Matt-W> just finding the time to do it
12:45:03  <Matt-W> need to go do some washing I think
12:45:06  <Matt-W> take my laptop to the laundry
12:45:10  <Matt-W> fewer distractions
12:45:14  <Matt-W> and I get clean clothes out of it
12:45:41  <Celestar> where's TronBSD anyway
12:47:05  <black_Nightmare> hm say that reminds me...just curious but any thoughts on forcing the old airport to still be an option you can use even if the newer large airport is out?
12:47:29  <Matt-W> already in the patches window
12:47:35  <black_Nightmare> ah nice
12:47:45  <Matt-W> 'always allow small airports' I think it's called
12:48:02  <black_Nightmare> I didn't like it when I was running still-reliable small airplanes and suddenly could not build more airports because the big one wouldn't fit next to a hilly small town ^_^
12:48:17  <black_Nightmare> and especially the helicopter doesn't need a runaway at all lol
12:48:48  *** tokai|3 [] has quit ["icebears... take care of them!"]
12:49:16  <black_Nightmare> with many small towns..who really needed the large Boeing planes at all :p
12:49:22  <black_Nightmare> would take a realllllly longgggggggggggg time to load
12:49:27  * black_Nightmare chuckles
12:49:31  * Celestar signed his first NDA yesterday \o/
12:49:53  <DarkSSH> congrats
12:49:59  <Matt-W> only if you use full load, black_Nightmare
12:50:15  * Matt-W often finds that he can make a profit out of the AI's planes after taking over their company by turning off full load
12:50:29  <black_Nightmare> yeah I know but then a boeing seating 300 passengers and taking only <8 makes it run into a deflict all the times hehehe
12:50:32  * Matt-W signed his first NDA a few weeks ago
12:50:39  <Matt-W> they're scary things
12:50:52  <DarkSSH> while we're at it, I signed mine in December
12:50:54  <Matt-W> black_Nightmare: well yes, not in all cases does that work
12:51:30  <black_Nightmare> with a 15-30 passenger/4-10 mail small plane I usually only have to wait a few minutes max at tiny towns to finally get a full load ... and usually have no problem with black incomes ;)
12:53:51  <blathijs> DarkSSH: my fix is better I think
12:53:54  <blathijs> I'll test it in a minute
12:54:28  <Matt-W> I generally just don't bother with planes, I must admit
12:54:36  <Celestar> blathijs: hey wait.
12:54:39  <black_Nightmare> matt....heh well tell you something...
12:54:41  <Celestar> blathijs: need help with NPF.
12:54:45  <Bjarni>  	*	Celestar signed his first NDA yesterday \o/  <-- that's really nice... what is an NDS?
12:54:52  <black_Nightmare> I from time to time reequiped a plane for freights instead :))
12:55:06  <black_Nightmare> always found it cheaper when I need to take small loads far distance hehehe :))
12:55:06  <Celestar> NDA == Non-Disclosure Agreement
12:55:34  <Matt-W> the track is pretty expensive sometimes :-)
12:55:38  <Matt-W> especially the way I build
12:55:49  <Bjarni> Celestar: an agreement for what?
12:55:53  <Bjarni> job?
12:56:08  <Celestar> for not babbling out information that is not (yet) for the public.
12:56:13  <Celestar> about new products and stuff
12:56:16  <Bjarni> ahh
12:56:29  <Bjarni> so now you get to get inside info :)
12:56:30  <black_Nightmare> matt...yeah especially for slow loads
12:56:31  <Bjarni> that's nice
12:56:34  <Bjarni> now you are somebody
12:56:47  <black_Nightmare> I once like had an aiport and rail station altogether at one farm lol
12:56:52  <Bjarni> Celestar: so what is it that you can't tell us?
12:56:53  <Bjarni> :p
12:57:09  <Celestar> blathijs: I need to modify NPF a little, and I require your assistance
12:57:20  <Matt-W> NDAs are fun
12:57:22  <Matt-W> mine's easy
12:57:36  <Celestar> with whom?
12:57:39  <black_Nightmare> because the trains were taking the bulk of loads (keeping rating up too) but the airplanes once in a while took their own livestocks to a far away industry to then move by trucks or single cheap train to a different town
12:57:48  <black_Nightmare> kinda like having one farm serve several different towns hehe
12:58:00  <Matt-W> urgh, road vehicles are evil!
12:58:07  <Celestar> Matt-W: they are?
12:58:16  <Matt-W> yes
12:58:25  <Matt-W> especially in the hands of the AI
12:58:25  <Celestar> PLEASE send me a savegame where they are evil in.
12:58:29  <Celestar> oh :)
12:58:30  * Matt-W wishes he was an AI programmer
12:58:59  <Celestar> if it's only the AI then forget it ;)
12:59:21  <Matt-W> but does anybody ever make a serious profit with road vehicles on anything other than buses?
12:59:33  <black_Nightmare> matt...yeah I've done so
13:00:06  <Matt-W> hmm
13:00:16  <Matt-W> I maybe should learn how to use road vehicles properly then
13:00:17  *** Tobin [] has quit []
13:00:20  <Matt-W> can we have diagonal roads?
13:00:38  <Celestar> hmmmmm
13:00:52  <black_Nightmare> one of these was like a bit amusing was a coal mine not far from the powerplant so...duh I built two depots as close to each others as I could then laid a few road tiles then created just two coal trucks
13:00:59  <black_Nightmare> and these racked in quite some $ quickly
13:01:17  <DarkSSH> Matt-W: just look at the new-ai, it uses busses exclusively and can make massive profits
13:01:17  <black_Nightmare> was like about 6-10 road tiles far apart :">
13:01:20  <Matt-W> Celestar: that's a very dubious-sounding hmmmm
13:01:38  <Matt-W> DarkSSH: I'll take a look at that, yes
13:02:58  <Celestar> Matt-W: I'm having trouble with BOTH pathfinders.
13:03:39  <Matt-W> sounds amusing
13:03:52  <Matt-W> I don't know about pathfinders
13:03:52  <Celestar> neither do I
13:04:41  *** angerman [] has joined #openttd
13:05:07  *** Tobin [] has joined #openttd
13:06:40  <Matt-W> Oh dear then :-)
13:06:56  <CIA-5> bjarni * r4019 /trunk/ (6 files in 2 dirs):
13:06:56  <CIA-5> -Fix: [OSX] stopped using iconv for 10.2.8, since it was added in 10.3
13:06:56  <CIA-5>  this have the sideeffect that 10.2.8 will still have the "failure to save with certain chars in the filename bug", but at least it can compile again
13:07:16  *** Born_Acorn [] has joined #openttd
13:07:42  <Matt-W> NOW it's lunchtime
13:08:27  *** tokai [] has joined #openttd
13:08:34  <MiHaMiX> Process SUCCESSFULLY finished.
13:08:43  *** Brianetta [] has joined #openttd
13:09:18  <MiHaMiX> cool :)
13:09:23  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: thanks :)
13:09:33  <Bjarni> you are welcome
13:09:36  <Bjarni> thanks for what?
13:09:44  <Bjarni> :)
13:10:05  * Brianetta rolls a smoke grenade onto the channel
13:10:41  <Bjarni> Brianetta: your marriage upset you already?
13:10:47  <Brianetta> Not married yet...
13:10:51  <Brianetta> but
13:10:52  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: [[12:54]] <MiHaMiX> could someone please commit a real one under /trunk? :D
13:11:03  <Bjarni> ahh
13:11:08  <Brianetta> I have to go out with my fianc?e and my future mother in law this evening
13:11:26  <Bjarni> I didn't read that
13:11:30  <MiHaMiX> Brianetta: and you don't like one of them.. which one? :DD
13:11:34  <Bjarni> I was too busy coding/testing
13:11:37  <Brianetta> Helen gets her (resized) ring back from the jeweller today
13:11:48  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: never mind :)
13:11:58  <MiHaMiX> bbl, meeting
13:12:06  *** black_Nightmare [] has left #openttd ["bye"]
13:12:44  <Bjarni> maybe that nightmare is going to attend that meeting as well
13:13:34  <MiHaMiX> back
13:13:35  <MiHaMiX> lol :D
13:13:41  <MiHaMiX> meeting delayed
13:13:55  <MiHaMiX> ahh, collegue arrived, meeting not delayed any more
13:13:58  <MiHaMiX> bbl, meeting :D
13:14:21  <Celestar> ....
13:14:27  <Celestar> trooooooooooooon
13:15:15  *** gathers [] has joined #openttd
13:16:08  *** Tobin [] has quit []
13:16:16  *** Sionide [] has joined #openttd
13:29:07  <MiHaMiX> ok, meeting is over :)
13:29:09  *** tokai [] has quit ["It's like, wah."]
13:29:43  <DarkSSH> short meeting
13:29:56  <MiHaMiX> yes, definitely :)
13:30:17  <MiHaMiX> usual meetings took 2-3 hours :)
13:31:00  <Celestar> hm
13:31:20  <Celestar> DarkSSH: TronBSD and others: what does everyone think about storing the height of all 4 corners ?
13:34:07  *** TrueLight is now known as TL|Away
13:35:50  <DarkSSH> I remembr having a huge discussion about this a year ago and we decided on a yes as I seem to remember
13:35:59  <DarkSSH> I don't think there is reason to deviate from that decision
13:37:20  <Brianetta> So adjacent tiles can be discontinuous in terms of height?
13:37:34  <DarkSSH> cliffs
13:37:38  <Brianetta> yes
13:37:41  <Brianetta> One request
13:37:45  <MiHaMiX> cool :)
13:38:17  <Brianetta> Please, have a toggle (like the one Locomotion desperately needs) that enables the player to do all four corners at once, TT style, without worrying about accidentally breaking the continuity.
13:38:37  <DarkSSH> it's only theoretical atm
13:38:43  <Brianetta> Nothing peed me off more than accidentally creating a cliff in Loco.
13:38:50  *** tokai [] has joined #openttd
13:40:35  <MiHaMiX> :D
13:42:18  <peter1138> hmm
13:42:59  <peter1138> getting rid of implicit foundations would make some stuff much easier
13:43:08  <Celestar> DarkSSH: then I will implement this as soon as elrails are merged.
13:43:31  <Celestar> where to store it?
13:43:43  <Celestar> and how? 6 bits == minimum.
13:47:36  *** tokai [] has quit ["It's like, wah."]
13:47:43  <Celestar> TronBSD: opinion required.
13:48:02  <DarkSSH> yeah I hate foundations... but removing the foundation...should it restore the original slope or not?
13:48:13  *** tokai [] has joined #openttd
13:48:23  <Celestar> DarkSSH: that can be done easily.
13:50:53  <peter1138> Celestar: store in the map array ;)
13:51:06  <Celestar> peter1138: in the remaining bits :)
13:51:34  <peter1138> well, you need it for every tile, so squeezing it into existing free space would be a bitch
13:52:15  <DarkSSH> hmm, all you need to store is the tileh, 4 bits, calculate 4 corners from there
13:52:53  <Celestar> DarkSSH: tileh + 4 bits == 8 bits.
13:53:35  <Tron> < Celestar> DarkSSH: that can be done easily. <--- uh... how?
13:53:59  <Tron> < Celestar> DarkSSH: tileh + 4 bits == 8 bits. <--- tileh is 5 bits
13:55:15  <DarkSSH> Celestar: I maen the backup
13:55:30  *** glx [] has joined #openttd
13:55:52  <DarkSSH> storing tileh&corners is double-information though
13:56:14  <Celestar> Tron. just store one 1 bit whether the last change was automatic or manual.
13:56:37  <peter1138> ...
13:56:48  <peter1138> that doesn't tell you the original state, heh
13:57:09  <peter1138> unless you assume the original state is as the map currently works
13:57:29  <Patrick`> you can calculate the original state from the adjacent tiles
13:58:07  <DarkSSH> Patrick`: no you can't
13:58:09  <Patrick`> currently
13:58:19  <peter1138> not if they've been changed also...
13:58:19  <Patrick`> oh
13:58:23  <Patrick`> true
13:58:30  *** tokai|noir [] has joined #openttd
13:58:35  <Patrick`> so say you stick rails over a small dimple and cover it up
14:00:39  <Rubidium> use 1 bit to mark it automatically leveled and use an accessor function to get the heights of the tile corners, if the bit is set, return the max(height of corners), otherwise return the stored value
14:01:50  <Patrick`> aha
14:01:54  <Patrick`> give the man a cookie
14:02:13  <Celestar> then just leave the damn tile as it is
14:02:23  <Patrick`> how is it done currently?
14:02:23  <Celestar> unless you can even it out with adjacent tiles
14:02:24  <peter1138> Rubidium: not all foundations are level
14:03:01  <Rubidium> hmm...
14:03:07  <Tron> for a non-continuous map you still don't know how to un-level
14:03:22  <Tron> non-continuous == cliffs
14:03:30  <peter1138> you basically need to store two tilehs
14:03:36  <peter1138> 12 bits...
14:03:44  <peter1138> hmm
14:03:53  <Tron> a tileh is still 5 bits wide
14:03:59  <peter1138> er, 10 bits
14:04:02  <peter1138> yes, i can add up, honest
14:04:04  <Patrick`> having varying tile slopes I feel will be messy
14:04:08  <Tron> at least the un-leveled tileh has to be 5 bits
14:04:21  <peter1138> Patrick`: uh?
14:04:28  <Patrick`> peter1138: think about it
14:04:30  <Patrick`> messy
14:04:37  <Patrick`> irritating
14:04:45  <Patrick`> cliffs, meh
14:05:37  <Tron> tp://
14:05:41  <Tron>
14:08:47  <peter1138> enumify
14:09:06  *** AciD [n=gni@unaffiliated/acid] has quit [Connection timed out]
14:09:51  <Tron> every day a neologism
14:09:55  <Belugas_Gone> "usurp world dominance" :)
14:09:58  <DarkSSH> - make TPF rail type aware <-- Celestar made a patch for this in elrails/
14:10:00  *** Belugas_Gone is now known as Belugas
14:10:16  <Celestar> er peops.
14:10:23  <Celestar> Don't store the previous state.
14:10:36  <Celestar> if it CAN be levelled, do it. if not, leave it.
14:10:36  <Tron> DarkSSH: when?
14:10:43  <Celestar> Tron: this morning
14:11:14  <Tron> mkay
14:11:50  <CIA-5> celestar * r4020 /branch/elrail/ (BUGS elrail.c table/elrail_data.h): [elrail] Cleanup: Move all data into table/elrail_data.h, This results in a more readable elrail.c file.
14:19:14  <Celestar> 8 items on the elrail todo list.
14:19:22  <Celestar> none is critical \o/
14:19:40  <Celestar> 5 are minor graphic stuff.
14:19:45  <Tron> what about the power thingie?
14:20:07  <Celestar> Tron: that's the last thing that remains. however, how to tell the pathfinder what path to use?
14:22:39  *** Diablo-D3 [] has joined #openttd
14:24:28  *** tokai|noir [] has quit ["It's like, wah."]
14:25:09  *** tokai|noir [] has joined #openttd
14:26:35  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
14:27:26  *** tokai|noir [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:27:28  *** tokai|mdlx [] has joined #openttd
14:31:20  <peter1138> Celestar: isn't that the wrong way? heh
14:31:24  <peter1138> the pathfinder tells you waht path to use...
14:31:48  <Celestar> peter1138: and if the path is suboptimal in terms of rail type?
14:32:01  <Celestar> but ok I find that really minor
14:34:13  <Celestar> peter1138: problem appears only if you have a consist with two different engine types.
14:35:55  <glx> the pathfinder could compare railtype for all engines in consist and add a penalty for electric engine on normal rail
14:36:22  <Celestar> glx: NPF, yes. (but how?). NTP: no idea.
14:36:25  <Celestar> I need help with that
14:36:49  <glx> for NPF, I think it can be done in NPFFollowTrack
14:37:03  <glx> for NTP, I don't know either
14:37:28  <Celestar> well, I will check that later.
14:39:34  <glx> hmm actually NPF don't use the vehicle to determine the path
14:41:49  *** black_Nightmare [] has joined #openttd
14:42:24  <black_Nightmare> just wondering but any of you used openttd on any NT os?
14:42:49  <black_Nightmare> I noticed that ttdpatch said it would fix ttdx to be able to run on 2K/XP ... just curious about openttd itself
14:43:06  <glx> if you count XP as NT OS then it works fine
14:43:46  <black_Nightmare> patching needed for openttd 0.4.5 itself then?
14:43:54  <glx> no
14:44:00  <black_Nightmare> ty
14:44:11  <Tron> black_Nightmare: ottd is not a patch ontop of TTD
14:44:24  <glx> OpenTTD runs out of the box on windows,linux,osx,...
14:44:33  <black_Nightmare> curious about trying it just out of curiousity (seeing if its improvements might be enough to make me use it...considering ttdx been a bit boring)
14:44:42  <black_Nightmare> lol...jeeze..I said curious twice ^_^
14:45:15  <Celestar> doesn't ottd work on 2000?
14:45:54  <glx> never tried but I think it should
14:45:59  <black_Nightmare> quick question anyhow: openttd need dos or window ttdx files?  (or are the two identical?)
14:46:24  <glx> you can use the version you want/have
14:46:32  <black_Nightmare> hm ty
14:47:30  <black_Nightmare> since I didn't mention that before...I think the electric rail is a nice idea.  seeing three rails on one tile heh :->
14:47:36  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
14:47:46  <glx> the only know problem is not music with dos files AFAIK
14:47:48  <peter1138> black_Nightmare: heh, it's catenary, not 3rd rail
14:48:01  <black_Nightmare> peter...oh LOL...well that would be great as well either way :))
14:48:07  <peter1138> glx, also our extra graphics are in the windows palette...
14:48:56  <black_Nightmare> seeing RT2 had it in the second century expansion pack and umm... a 60-minutes-trial game download I tried once ('transport giant' or something I can not recall!) had uk third rail units [no overhead wires tho]
14:49:42  <black_Nightmare> a railroad sim with no electric engines is kinda like "meh, no fun" .... I mean...well you know heh
14:49:59  <black_Nightmare> usa has their electrified corridor... swizterland is almost all electric ... tgv.... etc
14:50:05  <black_Nightmare> ;-)
14:51:42  <Matt-W> bah
14:51:47  <Matt-W> fire alarms. grrr
14:51:53  *** Spoco [] has quit [Client Quit]
14:51:54  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
14:51:56  *** Spoco [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
14:51:57  <black_Nightmare> peter...get my idea?  just wondering
14:52:01  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
14:53:05  <glx> black_Nightmare: electrified rail is currently "work in progress"
14:53:57  <black_Nightmare> yeah I noticed that
14:56:06  *** Xeryus|school is now known as XeryusTC
14:57:11  <black_Nightmare> ok moved five gfr files and gm folder into openttd....lets seeee..............
14:57:46  <XeryusTC> <Celestar> doesn't ottd work on 2000? <- it works on 2k here :)
14:57:58  *** AciD [] has joined #openttd
14:58:53  <Tron> there's no reason for it not to work
14:59:11  <Matt-W> I'd be very surprised if there was
14:59:29  <black_Nightmare> hmm what is anyone?
14:59:43  <Matt-W> one of teh data files you need from TTD to run OpenTTD
15:00:00  <black_Nightmare> readme didn't even mention
15:00:58  <black_Nightmare> brb
15:01:27  <Vornicus> what's /in/
15:01:39  <Celestar>  Tron Windows doesn't need a reason for something not to work.
15:01:47  <glx> Vornicus: sound effects
15:02:11  <Matt-W> black_Nightmare: did when I read it...
15:02:13  * Matt-W goes
15:02:58  <Vornicus> aha
15:03:40  <black_Nightmare> matt..oh heh..somehow...ugh..I don't understand why when a list keeps reating similar names I miss unique names sometimes for some reason
15:04:08  <black_Nightmare> anyway got openttd running now and lol the main screen seem so similar but for the map option and damn....thats a very long food train that went into the rail tunnel
15:04:09  <black_Nightmare> :p
15:05:01  *** Scia [] has joined #openttd
15:05:18  <black_Nightmare> ohhh hehe... the screen res choice is really nice :p
15:06:06  <black_Nightmare> hmm dumb question but I assume 256x256 was the original map size?
15:06:12  <Prof_Frink> aye
15:06:24  <black_Nightmare> was curious about it being the preselected choice, ty
15:06:50  <black_Nightmare> 2048x2048 would really be interesting for early steam engines...very long travel times.....heh
15:07:01  <black_Nightmare> anyway enough of this to try play a bit!!!!
15:07:19  * Vornicus ponders a Kirby Paul on 2048x2048.
15:08:12  <black_Nightmare> quick question just so I could understand it... the last choice in the difficulity level dialog.. what does that do?  (city council attitude thing)
15:10:22  <black_Nightmare> heh town displaying population number
15:10:42  <peter1138> it is the town tolerance to you destroying bits of it
15:11:22  <black_Nightmare> peter...hmm I see
15:11:43  <black_Nightmare> I recall I sometimes had to lay a station first before building tracks when it was very deep into a forest area with no other towns nearby
15:11:52  <black_Nightmare> oftenly had 'appealing' rating by the times all tracks were down
15:12:00  <black_Nightmare> ^_^ heh
15:12:57  <peter1138> yeah
15:13:19  <black_Nightmare> hmm now lets see.. great britian build a route..... brb :p
15:15:00  <black_Nightmare> oh **** .... *grins* the rail station dialog is really a lot better lol
15:15:33  <peter1138> keep it to yourself :P
15:15:49  <black_Nightmare> one little question...there's a blue/white coloured icon between the rail depot and rail station icons... what that one for?
15:15:58  <black_Nightmare> :p
15:15:58  <black_Nightmare> lol
15:16:05  <glx> waypoint
15:16:26  <black_Nightmare> ohh hmm...interesting
15:16:46  <glx> but you can use right click to get a tooltip
15:17:02  <black_Nightmare> ohhh forgot about doing that lol....meh ty
15:17:23  <black_Nightmare> heh... convert/upgrade type -- that helps a lot
15:17:52  <black_Nightmare> I remember hearing many complains from ttdx re not having that flexibility
15:20:17  *** Andrew67 [n=andrew67@] has joined #openttd
15:21:02  <black_Nightmare> seperate landscape
15:26:58  <black_Nightmare> I'm only curious since ttdpatch added it... openttd could run multiply engines in one train?
15:27:04  * black_Nightmare is still trying lay tracks heh
15:27:50  <glx> yes it can
15:28:07  <glx> just move the new engine in an existing consist
15:29:02  *** e1ko_AfK [] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.67+ [SeaMonkey 1.0/2006013012]"]
15:30:23  <black_Nightmare> hmm copy trains .. now that I wish I had a long time ago lol
15:31:15  * black_Nightmare remembers running more than ten trains of these heavy iron ore (had to use the latest 2-engine units to move it) over rail tracks on one map
15:31:35  <black_Nightmare> probably 20+ but I never could remember exactly how many on the one single route lol
15:32:16  <black_Nightmare> it was built like a circle (empty iron train run from steel mill to first mine then load there, go to next iron mine and load if able to, etc then finally end at the steel mill with a full train and repeat)
15:32:38  <black_Nightmare> had like 6 or 7 iron ore mines in one single route to the steel mill lol
15:33:31  *** Spoco [] has quit []
15:33:33  <black_Nightmare> built a factory a few tiles away to serve by a long goods train that ran back and forth a few tiles (it had its work cut out for it rest!)
15:34:17  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
15:36:03  <Patrick`> clone train has taken the RSI out of ottd
15:36:22  <Bjarni> RSI?
15:36:24  <Patrick`> I remember when 0.4.0 was released with "GIGANTIC HUGE MAPS" and "no limit on how many trains" but clone was still beta
15:36:25  <FauxFaux> There's still "buy land" for the really lame peopel :P
15:36:32  *** Spoco [] has quit [Client Quit]
15:36:33  <Patrick`> and I thought "hoo boy, there'll be some dead tendons"
15:36:37  <Patrick`> FauxFaux: and to wall off cities
15:36:40  <black_Nightmare> 'buy land' ? what that do?
15:36:42  <Patrick`> it's not drag-drop
15:36:47  <Patrick`> black_Nightmare: nothing, ignore him
15:36:49  <FauxFaux> Patrick`: Cities aren't /that/ big.
15:37:01  <Patrick`> FauxFaux: better to prevent expansion
15:37:01  <Bjarni> RSI?
15:37:04  <FauxFaux> And they're not square, menaing that drag-n-drop wouldn't help.
15:37:07  <Patrick`> repetitive strain injury
15:37:11  <Bjarni> ahh
15:37:13  <FauxFaux> Bjarni: Repetitive strain injury (ie. too much clicking)
15:37:15  <Patrick`> office workers get it when they click/type too much
15:37:42  <Bjarni> I know that
15:37:47  <Bjarni> we just call it mouse injuries
15:37:53  <Patrick`> aah
15:38:13  <black_Nightmare> lol....tell you something..
15:38:15  <Bjarni> but this is actually not the reason why I decided to make clone vehicles
15:38:27  <black_Nightmare> I sometimes tease someone with an old dirty mouse that they actually have a *rat*
15:38:28  <Bjarni> now I forgot the real reason though :p
15:38:30  <Patrick`> (and thanks for doing so, by the way)
15:38:30  <black_Nightmare> figures
15:38:49  <Patrick`> I hit the defaultt 500-train limit yesterday
15:38:53  <Patrick`> had to up it to 1000
15:38:53  <Bjarni> black_Nightmare: LOL
15:39:21  <black_Nightmare> hmm two Ginzu A4 steam engines, two mail cars, and eight coaches .... not bad :p
15:39:29  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
15:39:43  <black_Nightmare> bjarni...its the truth...jeeze
15:39:46  <black_Nightmare> rat = dirty
15:40:01  <Bjarni> but why would people have a dirty mouse?
15:40:04  <Patrick`> rats are very hygenic
15:40:18  <Bjarni> yeah
15:40:23  <black_Nightmare> bjarni...old worn that they haven't bothered replacing (mainly because it still works)
15:40:35  <Bjarni> so are pigs, even though that's not the general view of them
15:45:03  *** Osai [] has quit []
15:45:12  <black_Nightmare> I know but still
15:47:16  <blathijs> glx: *ping*
15:47:33  <glx> blathijs: pong
15:47:44  <blathijs> glx:
15:47:48  *** Eddi|zuHause2 [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
15:48:00  <blathijs> glx:
15:48:31  *** Spoco [] has quit []
15:50:38  <glx> blathijs: it should work :)
15:51:24  <blathijs> glx: this structure makes more sense anyhow
15:51:33  <glx> yes
15:51:39  <blathijs> can't imagine why I coded it the way it was, pretty nasty code
15:51:45  <blathijs> *bangs head against something solid*
15:52:17  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
15:52:51  <blathijs> Let's test & commit then :-)
15:53:23  <glx> if(TRANSPORT_RAIL) { <-- style :)
15:53:36  <glx> space before "("
15:55:13  <blathijs> ah, yes
15:55:14  <blathijs> briljant
15:55:20  <blathijs> it won't even run :-S
15:55:25  <blathijs> glx: can you test it
15:55:27  <blathijs> >
15:55:28  <blathijs> ?
15:55:36  <glx> ok
15:55:37  <blathijs> apparently my dev environment is broken here
15:55:45  <blathijs> that, or amd64 builds broke :-)
15:56:22  <glx> I need to tweak the diff before :)
15:56:30  <glx> to remove unneeded changes
15:57:12  <blathijs> unneeded changes?
15:57:23  <glx> saveload.c and Makefile
15:57:54  <blathijs> glx: the good style is without the space before { ?
15:58:05  <Brianetta> PMSL
15:58:08  <Brianetta>
15:58:52  <glx> blathijs: the good style is "if (..." not "if(..."
15:59:12  <blathijs> ah
15:59:15  <blathijs> before (
15:59:21  <glx> and ") {" is ok
15:59:24  <blathijs> I should read before I ask questions :-)
16:00:01  * DarkSSH thinks blathijs needs a visit from the code-police
16:00:22  <blathijs> glx: And now I see the unrelated changes, yes :-)
16:00:34  <blathijs> glx: something with background saving breaking for me ;-)
16:00:54  <glx> np I just deleted them in diff :P
16:00:55  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
16:01:03  <blathijs> DarkSSH: any other stuff I'm doing wrong? ;-)
16:01:35  <peter1138> Bjarni's the code-style-voilator
16:02:22  <DarkSSH> hehe
16:02:39  <DarkSSH> blathijs: yes, you're not active enough :) Take an example from peter1138 here ^^
16:03:00  *** Jezral [] has quit [") - ("]
16:03:02  <peter1138> violator, too
16:04:00  <black_Nightmare> turbo speed mode seem nice heh but these industry news pop up at annoying rate..... meh
16:04:05  <glx> ===> Compiling npf.c
16:04:06  <glx> npf.c: In function `NPFFollowTrack':
16:04:06  <glx> npf.c:564: warning: statement with no effect
16:04:06  <glx> npf.c:521: warning: 'dst_tile' might be used uninitialized in this function
16:04:58  *** Qrrbrbirlbel_ [] has joined #openttd
16:05:33  <glx> lol missing "type == " in if (TRANSPORT_ROAD) :)
16:06:54  *** RoySmeding [] has joined #openttd
16:07:40  <black_Nightmare> hmmmm did openttd have any controls over news or no?  just curious
16:09:38  <peter1138> did?
16:09:41  <peter1138> it's not in the past...
16:10:16  * black_Nightmare looks at peter .......... *pokes you*
16:12:02  <Patrick`> what do you mean controls over news?
16:13:02  <black_Nightmare> patrick..well when I go into turbo speed.. the 'new industry' and 'production xxxx' news come up quite rapidly
16:13:21  *** ^Cartman^ [] has joined #openttd
16:13:32  <Patrick`> turn them off then
16:13:44  <Patrick`> newspaper icon -> message settings
16:15:00  <black_Nightmare> ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... :p .... nice
16:16:44  <glx> blathijs: <-- now it works :)
16:16:56  *** Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
16:18:05  <black_Nightmare> hmmm just curious before I start dumping construction money....could you build a water bridge over another water bridge?
16:18:14  <black_Nightmare> (like a high bridge cross low bridge)
16:18:38  <glx> bridges can't cross bridges
16:18:47  <black_Nightmare> oh well...tried, ty
16:19:07  <black_Nightmare> hmm....*bulldozes some houses to get around city's bridge* :p brb
16:19:37  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:21:32  <CIA-5> celestar * r4021 /branch/elrail/ (BUGS elrail.c table/elrail_data.h):
16:21:32  <CIA-5> [elrail] Major cleanup. Lots of data in the Wires struct is no longer needed.
16:21:32  <CIA-5> Ironed out a few special cases, which were introduced due to the fact that I
16:21:32  <CIA-5> failed to pass the actual drawing point of a sprite but used the north corner of
16:21:32  <CIA-5> the tile instead.
16:21:48  <Celestar> \o/ 100 fewer lines of code.
16:22:19  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
16:23:19  *** Qrrbrbirlbel [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:24:33  <DarkSSH> JUST 100? :P
16:24:34  <DarkSSH> damn caps
16:27:44  <blathijs> glx: changed something?
16:27:58  <glx> yes 3 things
16:28:05  <blathijs> glx: what compiler are you using?
16:28:16  <glx> gcc on windows (mingw)
16:28:21  <CIA-5> celestar * r4022 /branch/elrail/ (BUGS elrail.c): [elrail] Fixed a glitch in Z computation (cause by a sprite offset that I do not understand or is faulty)
16:28:29  *** Qrrbrbirlbel_ [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:29:34  <blathijs> glx: hmm, no warnings here (gcc 4-something on linux)
16:29:35  <blathijs> ah well
16:29:57  <glx> I initialised dst_tile
16:30:00  *** e1ko_AfK [] has joined #openttd
16:30:19  <glx> and fixed a wrong test and a wrong affectation
16:30:48  <blathijs> wrong test?
16:30:53  <blathijs> wrong affectuation?
16:31:16  <glx> yes : if (TRANSPORT_RAIL) { --> if (type == TRANSPORT_RAIL) {
16:31:43  <glx> and : dst_tile == INVALID_TILE; --> dst_tile = INVALID_TILE;
16:31:49  <blathijs> d'oh!
16:32:02  * blathijs is thankful for having glx around
16:32:03  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
16:32:13  <blathijs> haven't coded enough lately, I guess ;-)
16:32:13  * glx is happy to help
16:32:24  <blathijs> right, let's commit
16:32:37  <peter1138> heh
16:32:47  *** Jang- [] has joined #openttd
16:33:39  <Jang-> morning
16:33:46  <blathijs> glx: hmm, maybe I did have warnings after all ;-)
16:33:50  <blathijs> just didn't see them
16:33:51  <blathijs> hey Jang-
16:34:02  <Celestar> heya Jang-
16:34:15  <Jang-> how's everyone
16:34:47  <glx> blathijs: warnings gone when I initialised dst_tile :)
16:34:52  <blathijs> yup
16:34:57  <black_Nightmare> hmmm canals and locks......hmm where to try out these
16:35:27  * black_Nightmare lives near a city that has old locks still in use (quite close to downtown core....heh old city)
16:36:35  <Jang-> "I saved the file in lastest version, but I want to play subversion. How can I make support subversion save file from lastest version?"
16:36:40  <Jang-> is this supposed to be english?
16:37:22  <DarkSSH> subversion?
16:37:33  <egladil> svn
16:37:44  <DarkSSH> I thought the i-build
16:37:49  <Jang-> i wasn't aware you could even "play" subversion
16:37:49  <DarkSSH> subsidiaries
16:38:02  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4023 /trunk/npf.c: - Fix: [ 1453646 NPF ] Road vehicles planning through the back of depots and stations.
16:38:07  <Jang-> or at least, if you can, it can't be much fun
16:38:36  <blathijs> DarkSSH: there you go :-)
16:39:12  <blathijs> Jang-: People have a very messed up view of how development works, I guess
16:40:21  <Jang-> yeah
16:40:38  *** Andrew67 [n=andrew67@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:40:56  *** XeryusTC is now known as Xeryus|ph00d
16:41:25  <MiHaMiX> TL|Away: urgent PING
16:41:26  <MiHaMiX> :)
16:43:52  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
16:44:13  <DarkSSH> blathijs: tsk, tsk
16:44:25  <DarkSSH> where's the credit to glx?
16:44:36  <DarkSSH> buttuh, going home :)
16:44:37  <blathijs> hmm, good point
16:44:41  <blathijs> glx: sorry for that ;-)
16:44:55  <glx> np :)
16:45:00  <Jang-> DarkSSH: was there a release recently..?
16:45:03  <MiHaMiX>
16:45:10  <MiHaMiX> "More than one floppy is bloatware.."
16:45:11  <MiHaMiX> :DD
16:45:35  <Jang-> or was there *going* to be a release
16:45:59  <black_Nightmare> hehe mihamix..they got a point there
16:46:14  *** tokai|mdlx [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
16:46:16  <black_Nightmare> there's someone else who has a small os fitting one single disk alone .. both 32bit and 64bit cpu releases
16:46:25  *** tokai|noir [] has joined #openttd
16:46:29  <black_Nightmare> has simple tcp/ip in it too (so far for telnet yet, dunno about browsers)
16:49:15  *** _Luca_ [] has joined #openttd
16:49:41  <_Luca_> Afternoon
16:49:57  <_Luca_> A friend of mine discovered a nasty security problem with the Windows Firewall today
16:50:06  <_Luca_> it uses UPnP - which is enabled by default...
16:50:10  <Diablo-D3>
16:52:01  <glx> _Luca_: solves this security problem
16:52:55  <blathijs> Diablo-D3: That's your bug report, or what?
16:53:02  <Diablo-D3> no not mine
16:53:14  <Diablo-D3> its just so totally fucking awesome I couldnt pass up sharing it with people, though
16:53:20  <_Luca_> glx: You can do it manually by turning off the service as well, but still, seems rather silly to me
16:53:41  *** Osai^2 [] has joined #openttd
16:54:23  <glx> anyway windows firewall allows all outcoming communications
16:54:36  <glx> so if you have a trojan, it works well
16:54:42  * blathijs is gone, off to food
16:57:03  <CIA-5> celestar * r4024 /branch/elrail/ (BUGS train_cmd.c):
16:57:03  <CIA-5> [elrails] Mixed consists (with > 0 electric and >0 non-electric engines) are now
16:57:03  <CIA-5> treated like electric ones i. e. they work on elrails only. It would be great if
16:57:03  <CIA-5> we could run those on conventional rails with reduced power, but currently that
16:57:03  <CIA-5> requires too many PF hacks at the present time
16:58:08  <_Luca_> glx: Hehe
16:58:35  <_Luca_> Has anyone done any work with UPnP - I'm wondering how hard it would be to add to OpenTTD?
16:58:46  <peter1138> Celestar: we could have a list of compatible rail types in the first vehicle of the train
16:58:59  <Prof_Frink> the present time?
16:59:11  <peter1138> hmm, not sure if that would change much
16:59:22  <peter1138> redundant redundancy
16:59:56  <black_Nightmare> peter8...just put its type as '(electric)' instead of '(diesel)'
17:00:00  <black_Nightmare> should be enough no? :p
17:00:55  *** dfox [] has joined #openttd
17:01:11  <black_Nightmare> what you said, well the only reason actual electric engines end up on nonelectrified line is because either they were being deadheaded to a shed or its type was one of these hybrid/tri engine that had diesel engine and/or pack of batteries onboard.
17:01:15  <Eddi|zuHause> no, you also have to modify the total engine power and possibly maintenance cost while running on one or the other railtype (shut off all electric engines on conventional rail)
17:01:21  <Tron> black_Nightmare: it's a bot
17:01:34  <black_Nightmare> tron..oh...well I made a good real rr point tho
17:01:40  <MiHaMiX> :D
17:02:18  <peter1138> black_Nightmare: i'm talking internally :)
17:02:39  <peter1138> black_Nightmare: the (electric) / (diesel) thing is purely cosmetic -- it's part of the engine's name
17:03:03  <Tron> peter1138: and sohuld probably removed and replaced with a more generic mechanism
17:03:16  <black_Nightmare> I mean an engine with (electric) in its name would help someone decide what tracks to use
17:03:27  <peter1138> Tron: hard to remove when it's in supplied strings
17:03:47  <peter1138> some of the newgrf stuff has "made up" terms
17:03:48  <black_Nightmare> tron....nah I kinda liked it the way it is (and with that sometimes its difficult to see the engine graphics on a dimmed screen so have to relay on the name alone)
17:04:06  <black_Nightmare> I don't even understand the actual nicknames of several engines meh
17:04:14  <black_Nightmare> ^_^
17:04:22  <Tron> i didn't say "just remove it"
17:04:29  <peter1138> not (Diesel) but (Fuel Cell)
17:04:38  <Tron> peter1138: newgrf is not exactly what i'm concerned about
17:04:42  <black_Nightmare> well....I was just ranting so...don't take me too literally ok? :p
17:04:43  <peter1138> and no other identifier
17:04:45  <peter1138> heh, true
17:04:46  * black_Nightmare chuckles
17:05:31  <Tron> at least the buy list should clearly state which track type a train needs
17:05:41  <Tron> but i think that's a secondary issue
17:06:52  <black_Nightmare> tron...well...I would already know that an electric engine needs electric
17:07:03  <black_Nightmare> hm what am I saying lol
17:07:23  <peter1138> battery powered!
17:08:02  * Prof_Frink points at the whatsitcalled int the DBXL
17:08:37  <black_Nightmare> battery powered = conventional rails ;)  [re battery powered units...I don't think there were even that many of them around the world at all....I recall of a 2-car and 3-car battery powered passenger unit in germany for one]
17:08:44  <Prof_Frink> BR515
17:08:54  *** jong [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
17:09:05  <Prof_Frink>
17:09:08  <black_Nightmare> these germany one had like a flat boxy hood at both ends.... probably stored all batteries in there
17:09:33  <black_Nightmare> hmm prof_frink didn't know of these ones
17:09:50  *** tokai [] has quit ["icebears... take care of them!"]
17:09:58  <CIA-5> celestar * r4025 /branch/elrail/openttd.c: [elrail] Forgot to treat load of savegames in the last commit
17:11:53  *** Osai [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:12:51  <Celestar> ok
17:13:00  <Celestar> As far as I can see, elrails is mergeable
17:13:06  <_Luca_> \o/
17:13:06  <MiHaMiX> wow :)
17:13:17  <MiHaMiX> BEFORE we merge that
17:13:25  <peter1138> \o/
17:13:29  <MiHaMiX> pretty please wait truelight
17:13:40  <MiHaMiX> since he had to do some administrative tasks
17:13:48  <glx> MiHaMiX: what's broken again?
17:14:15  <MiHaMiX> glx: nothing serious. only the address of WT2 SVN callback handler has changed
17:14:42  *** Brianetta [] has quit ["Tsch??"]
17:14:59  <MiHaMiX> glx: and svn server calls the old one which is no more exist :)
17:15:12  <MiHaMiX> I mean, not exists anymore :)
17:15:19  <glx> so half-broken :)
17:15:23  <MiHaMiX> no :P
17:15:26  <MiHaMiX> hmm
17:15:37  <MiHaMiX> i can 'fix' it with a simple rewrite rule
17:15:42  <MiHaMiX> hmm
17:15:49  <MiHaMiX> let's do it :)
17:15:59  *** Qrrbrbirlbel [] has joined #openttd
17:16:02  <Celestar> MiHaMiX: we won't merge before is release methinks, will we?
17:17:25  <MiHaMiX> ahh, ok :)
17:17:50  <black_Nightmare> well I'm going off, bye :)
17:17:54  <Celestar> DarkSSH: you there?
17:17:56  *** black_Nightmare [] has left #openttd ["bye"]
17:18:53  <TL|Away> Celestar: he is there, just not here
17:18:55  <TL|Away> ;)
17:19:49  <Celestar> TL|Away: ok how would I do a test-merge? ;)
17:20:13  <Jang-> hmm, Sage Feed extension in firefox isn't so bad
17:20:36  <Jang-> Celestar: you haven't done 3rd rail yet :P
17:21:13  <TL|Away> Celestar: define 'test merge'
17:21:48  <peter1138> Jang-: 3rd rail's easy, plz to be drawing graphics
17:22:06  * Celestar does a test merge
17:22:11  <Jang-> if only i could draw
17:22:19  <Jang-> i'll wait for some other responsible englishman
17:22:21  <Celestar> vici@galadriel:[/home/vici/openttd/trunk]> svn st | grep ^C | wc -l
17:22:21  <Celestar> 10
17:22:27  <Jang-> there are plenty here
17:22:52  <Celestar> BAH
17:22:53  <TL|Away> Celestar: merge of WHAT?
17:22:55  <Celestar> svn is sometimes stupid.
17:23:02  <Celestar> <<<<<<< .working
17:23:02  <Celestar> =======
17:23:02  <Celestar> >>>>>>> .merge-right.r4025
17:23:10  <Celestar> now that IS hard to merge.
17:23:16  <Celestar> TL|Away: elrails into mainline...
17:23:46  <TL|Away> Celestar: how can that conflict? elrail should be up-to-date
17:23:57  <Celestar> TL|Away: I dunno. :S
17:23:59  <TL|Away> so a copy/paste should do
17:24:03  <TL|Away> what I do normally:
17:24:12  <Celestar> I dunno how a single empty line would fail :S
17:24:13  *** mouse [n=mouse@] has quit ["ðÏËÉÄÁÀ"]
17:24:15  <TL|Away> cd elrail && cp -a . ../trunk
17:24:18  <TL|Away> cd ../trunk && svn diff
17:24:22  <TL|Away> shows me elrail diff only
17:24:28  <TL|Away> if that isn't the case, you merged shit wrong ;)
17:24:46  <TL|Away> the cleanest way I found to merge back a branch :)
17:27:09  <CIA-5> celestar * r4026 /branch/elrail/ (7 files in 2 dirs): [elrail] Merge from trunk: revisions 4008:4025
17:27:35  <Celestar> now.
17:27:57  <Celestar> .oO(how can data/openttd.grf conflict?)
17:28:06  <TL|Away> you changed it? :p
17:28:33  <Celestar> no the md5sum is identical
17:28:35  <TL|Away> Celestar: you were supprised that elrail -> trunk conflicted, while you didn't sync elrail with trunk? :p
17:28:37  <TL|Away> hehehe
17:29:02  <MiHaMiX> TL|Away: elrail was kept in sync with trunk afaik
17:29:25  <TL|Away> [18:27:09] <CIA-5> celestar * r4026 /branch/elrail/ (7 files in 2 dirs): [elrail] Merge from trunk: revisions 4008:4025
17:29:27  <TL|Away> [18:23:02] <Celestar> >>>>>>> .merge-right.r4025
17:29:38  <TL|Away> MiHaMiX: I dunno, something tells me Celestar was trying something bad :p
17:29:49  <Celestar> yeah :)
17:30:07  *** Marce [] has joined #openttd
17:30:16  <Celestar> TL|Away: what was the last time "we" made binaries?
17:30:29  <TL|Away> Celestar: check the topic
17:30:30  <TL|Away> dunno
17:30:31  <TL|Away> some days ago
17:30:54  <Celestar> can you make some?
17:31:05  <TL|Away> sure I can
17:31:33  <Celestar> that'd be great
17:32:10  * TL|Away presses some magic keys
17:32:39  * Bjarni wonders if TL|Away can manage to make a mac binary
17:32:45  <TL|Away> nope
17:33:15  <Bjarni> ok
17:33:21  *** jong [] has joined #openttd
17:33:23  <Bjarni> then I better make one
17:33:24  <Celestar> Bjarni: you can compile yourself ....
17:33:29  <Bjarni> I know
17:33:36  <TL|Away> if I now can remember the params for this scritp
17:33:40  <Bjarni> you meant for elrail nightly build, right?
17:33:43  <TL|Away> I really need to finish my new compile_farm :(
17:33:49  <Bjarni> heh
17:34:10  <TL|Away> tag=
17:34:10  <TL|Away> output_file=
17:34:10  <TL|Away> changelog_file=
17:34:17  <TL|Away> now I need to figure out what 'tag' etc means ;)
17:34:21  <Bjarni> Celestar: if it is some sort of nightly build, it's not good to say "compile it yourself" if you know what I mean ;)
17:34:42  <Bjarni> TL|Away: that is why scripts supports comments :p
17:34:58  <TL|Away> they do?!?!?!?! :o :o :o
17:35:02  <TL|Away> a whole new world opens!
17:35:27  <TL|Away> elrail.c:74: warning: `OwnedPPPonPCP' defined but not used
17:35:47  <Bjarni> do we use head revision?
17:36:01  <TL|Away> nevermind, was from an old log
17:36:03  <Celestar> TL|Away: you might want to svn up before building :)
17:36:15  <MiHaMiX> lol
17:36:38  *** Xeryus|ph00d is now known as XeryusTC
17:36:52  <TL|Away> Bjarni: 4026
17:37:09  <Bjarni> good
17:37:55  *** e1ko_AfK is now known as e1ko
17:38:13  <TL|Away> Celestar: tip: answer questions from time to time in the topic :p
17:38:29  *** Jang- [] has quit ["Using KVIrc 3.0.1 'System Virtue'"]
17:43:01  *** Syranide [] has joined #openttd
17:43:17  *** SchAmane [] has joined #openttd
17:43:19  *** Syranide [] has quit [Client Quit]
17:43:52  <TL|Away> Celestar: done
17:44:04  <TL|Away> Celestar: I hope finally this week I finish the new system, then it will be done automaticly
17:44:09  <TL|Away> BUGS isn't included btw
17:44:12  <TL|Away> will be fixed soon
17:44:13  <TL|Away> got to go now
17:44:14  <TL|Away> bye
17:46:20  <_Luca_> hmm you can't spectate a server when there are no companies
17:51:25  *** Tron [] has quit ["leaving"]
17:51:54  <_Luca_> Celestar: Will current elrail saves be compaitable when it is merged?
18:01:31  *** stavrosg [] has joined #OpenTTD
18:06:21  *** wolfy [] has joined #openttd
18:09:26  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit ["Whoopsy"]
18:10:55  *** TL|Away [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:11:05  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
18:19:20  *** TronBSD is now known as Tron
18:24:40  *** Wolfensteijn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
18:27:48  <Celestar> _Luca_: unlikely
18:28:46  <peter1138> whoops
18:29:36  <Celestar> _Luca_: because there has been a savegame revision bump in trunk
18:29:57  <peter1138> i just wrote the newgrf resolver / spritegroup stuff in c++
18:30:01  <peter1138> to see if i could
18:30:02  <peter1138> apparently i can
18:30:24  <Celestar> hehe
18:30:31  <Celestar> peter1138: elrails need some newgrif testing ;)
18:30:56  <_Luca_> Celestar: Ah k
18:30:59  <Celestar> _Luca_: there is some likelihood that 0.3.4 games will work
18:31:01  <Celestar> 0.4.5
18:31:17  <_Luca_> hmm
18:31:17  <peter1138> it already works? no? :P
18:31:29  <Celestar> peter1138: dunno.
18:31:33  <Celestar> I haven't tried it actually
18:31:49  <Tron> Celestar: ?!
18:41:23  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:42:38  *** tokai|noir [] has quit ["It's like, wah."]
18:44:00  <_Luca_> Arggg, where can I get afxres.h or winres.h - VC++ insists on it...
18:45:31  <SimonRC> Do tunnels and bridges still suffer from the original problems?
18:45:48  <SimonRC> and crossings for that matter.
18:46:12  <_Luca_> original problems such as?
18:48:34  <DarkSSH> Celestar: back, and read PM
18:48:42  <DarkSSH> SimonRC: yes
18:48:56  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
18:49:12  <_Luca_> DarkSSH: Are you telepathic or am I just stupid? :P
18:50:28  <SimonRC> AFAICT, the idea of one piece of track/road being directly above or below another is a it of a hack.
18:50:32  <SimonRC> *bit
18:50:59  <DarkSSH> _Luca_: the latter :)
18:51:01  <SimonRC> There are strange ownership, track-type, and signal-block-ocupation bugs.
18:51:15  <_Luca_> :P
18:51:46  <Tron> no, no and no
18:51:48  <_Luca_> SimonRC: Those will hopefully be solved once the new map array is completed
18:52:03  <SimonRC> ah, so you are re-writing the map datastructure?
18:52:15  <_Luca_> For the second time, yeah
18:52:27  <SimonRC> ok
18:52:37  <DarkSSH> are you luca?
18:52:50  <_Luca_> Me?
18:53:02  <_Luca_> SimonRC:
18:53:13  <DarkSSH> 19:52 < SimonRC> ah, so you are re-writing the map datastructure?
18:53:13  <DarkSSH> 19:52 < _Luca_> For the second time, yeah
18:53:20  <_Luca_> *
18:53:33  <_Luca_> DarkSSH: No, map array rewrite, second time around
18:54:49  <Tron> <SimonRC> There are strange ownership, track-type, and signal-block-ocupation bugs. <--- there are? details please
18:56:17  <DarkSSH> Celestar: what is the last thing I PM'd you?
18:57:47  <Tron> _Luca_: what exactly are you talking about?
18:58:29  <_Luca_> I dunno :(
19:00:18  *** Osai^2 [] has quit []
19:00:19  <Tron> interesting
19:04:07  <CIA-5> tron * r4027 /trunk/industry_cmd.c: Remove another call to FindLandscapeHeightByTile()
19:05:30  <MiHaMiX> grrr
19:06:49  <Tron> ?
19:07:01  <DarkSSH> webtranslator not working? ;)
19:07:30  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: working
19:07:41  <Celestar> DarkSSH: if you say a (DEngine)(EEngine)(Wagon) configuration drives everywhere in the Patch, does ithave full power there?
19:07:42  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: only truelight's callback is bad
19:08:48  <Celestar> DarkSSH: if you don't know, is there any way for you to find out?
19:08:50  <DarkSSH> Celestar: I donnu how to test it cause nothing changes visually
19:08:56  <DarkSSH> Celestar: ask Patchman :)
19:09:34  <DarkSSH> hmm, what is the multiserver command for irssi?
19:10:08  <Patrick`> /connect
19:10:25  <DarkSSH> I found the smart bash-completion. It's called bash_completion :P
19:10:32  <Patrick`> DarkSSH: haha
19:10:43  <Celestar> DarkSSH: you mean the power doesn't visually change?
19:10:43  <Celestar> then it sucks:P
19:10:50  <DarkSSH> yes
19:11:01  <DarkSSH> it just says 11K HP where diesel is 1K and electric is 10K
19:11:37  <Patrick`> how odd
19:13:43  <Celestar> DarkSSH: PLEASE test how it does it internally (one kirby, 10 electric engines drive uphill).
19:13:58  <DarkSSH> nah
19:14:03  <DarkSSH> faster to ask in #tycoon
19:14:11  <Celestar> ok
19:14:26  <Celestar> what server is that on?
19:14:40  <Celestar> quakenet?
19:14:41  <hylje> kirby :>
19:15:02  <DarkSSH> yes
19:17:01  <CIA-5> tron * r4028 /trunk/ (functions.h landscape.c):
19:17:01  <CIA-5> The last external user of FindLandscapeHeightByTile() is gone (r4027).
19:17:01  <CIA-5> Move its implementation into its only caller - FindLandscapeHeight() - and remove it
19:19:28  <Celestar> peter1138: ping :)
19:19:29  <Belugas> congrat's Tron :)
19:19:36  <peter1138> pong
19:20:33  <Celestar> peter1138: do you feel like working on elrails?
19:20:54  <Celestar> I got a big task for ya, and I got no time ;)
19:20:59  <peter1138> wossat?
19:21:13  <Born_Acorn> tap dancing in the nuclear reactor.
19:21:19  <peter1138> oh, ok
19:21:20  <Celestar> peter1138: turn off electric engines when a mixed consist enters convrail.
19:21:33  <peter1138> hmm. ok
19:21:40  <Celestar> (and turn them on again when on elrail)
19:21:49  <Celestar> we need to find out how to set pathfinder preference later.
19:21:58  <Born_Acorn> So acceleration will revert to its normal state of just the Diesel/Steam?
19:22:03  <Celestar> yes.
19:22:07  <Born_Acorn> coolies.
19:22:23  <peter1138> hmm, maybe put the check into train consist changed
19:22:39  <peter1138> then run that if the railtype changes
19:22:51  <peter1138> and hope it doesn't change every tile ;p
19:22:53  <Celestar> I thought about EnterTile /LeaveTile procs.
19:23:02  <Celestar> for each vehicle
19:23:12  <peter1138> tricky
19:23:16  <peter1138> some things are cached in the head
19:23:18  <Celestar> I've done some very prelimiary work. want it?
19:23:37  <peter1138> ok
19:24:26  <Celestar> I need to find it.
19:24:37  <Celestar> will mail / dcc you tomorrow morning
19:25:09  <peter1138> ah, ok
19:25:18  <Celestar> ok gg
19:25:19  <Celestar> g2g*
19:25:22  <Celestar> cu all :)
19:25:40  *** DJ_Mirage [] has joined #openttd
19:26:15  <MiHaMiX> bye Celestar
19:35:50  *** ProfFrink [] has joined #openttd
19:40:18  *** Prof_Frink [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
19:40:18  *** ProfFrink is now known as Prof_Frink
19:40:20  *** Jenkz [] has joined #openttd
19:51:37  *** Cheery [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:52:41  *** Marce [] has quit ["brb"]
19:52:48  *** Marce [] has joined #openttd
19:58:37  *** stavrosg [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:11:53  *** Morlark| [] has joined #openttd
20:21:26  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
20:23:10  <DarkSSH> what the hell ectually changed in 4023?
20:24:03  *** Angst [] has joined #openttd
20:24:26  <Bjarni> problems?
20:25:06  <DarkSSH> yeah, merging
20:25:14  <Bjarni> ahh
20:25:20  <DarkSSH> blathijs: ping
20:25:28  <DarkSSH> blathijs will have to do this
20:25:46  <DarkSSH> mostly because it needs manual editing and there is no DiagdirToDiagTrackdir() function
20:26:39  <Bjarni> hmm
20:26:48  <Bjarni> if we need that one, maybe it's best to write it
20:27:09  *** Morlark [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:27:10  <DarkSSH> hmm something is wrong
20:29:08  <DarkSSH> bleh different name
20:30:12  *** _Luca_ [] has left #openttd []
20:31:33  <glx> DarkSSH: I'm checking :)
20:32:03  <DarkSSH> glx: fixed it
20:32:26  <DarkSSH> it was ReverseDiagdir and not ReverseDiagDir
20:32:47  <glx> oh yes tron changed it :)
20:33:38  <CIA-5> Darkvater * r4029 /branch/0.4.5/npf.c:
20:33:38  <CIA-5> - Backport from trunk (r4023):
20:33:38  <CIA-5>  Fix: [ 1453646 NPF ] Road vehicles planning through the back of depots and stations.
20:33:39  <blathijs> DarkSSH: done?
20:33:53  <DarkSSH> done
20:35:58  <Bjarni> blathijs: now that we got your attention, I still have the warnings in nph.c
20:36:05  <Bjarni> *npf.c
20:36:07  <blathijs> oh, yes
20:36:32  <blathijs> well, I'm in a general member meeting (or whatever is the english word) of our study association right now
20:36:40  <blathijs> so I gotta keep my attention :-)
20:37:02  <blathijs> DarkSSH: good idea to backport this fix :-)
20:37:09  <blathijs> You were planning this, weren't you? ;-p
20:37:10  <glx> Bjarni: what are the warnings?
20:37:17  <DarkSSH> blathijs: duh ;)
20:37:29  <DarkSSH> blathijs: can you update the debian, etc. package thingies to say
20:37:30  <blathijs> uninited values
20:37:40  <blathijs> DarkSSH: yes, but not now
20:37:44  <DarkSSH> tonight?
20:37:53  <blathijs> don't think so
20:38:08  <Bjarni> npf.c: In function 'NPFRouteToDepotTrialError':
20:38:09  <Bjarni> npf.c:779: warning: 'best_result.node.user_data[1u]' may be used uninitialized in this function
20:38:11  <Bjarni> npf.c:779: warning: 'best_result.node.user_data[0u]' may be used uninitialized in this function
20:38:13  <Bjarni> npf.c:779: warning: 'best_result.node.direction' may be used uninitialized in this function
20:38:14  <Bjarni> npf.c:779: warning: 'best_result.node.tile' may be used uninitialized in this function
20:38:19  <Bjarni> npf.c:779: warning: 'best_result.best_trackdir' may be used uninitialized in this function
20:39:56  <Patrick`> waah waah waah
20:40:30  <Bjarni> it's likely bogus, but it's annoying to get them anyway
20:40:53  <Bjarni> specially when building universal binaries, since it displays each warning twice
20:41:53  <DarkSSH> shit
20:41:58  <CIA-5> Darkvater * r4030 /trunk/ (openttd.dsp openttd.vcproj): - [win32] Change compilater settings to use the multithreaded CRT. This prevents certain crashes on multi-threaded machines.
20:42:28  <hylje> compilater \o/
20:43:41  <DarkSSH> there fixed
20:44:37  <Bjarni> o_O
20:44:55  <Bjarni> multithreaded windows computers fails to run singlethreaded stuff?
20:44:57  *** AciD [n=gni@unaffiliated/acid] has quit ["Connection not reset by peer."]
20:45:07  <Patrick`> multicore?
20:45:10  <peter1138> well, we do use threads...
20:46:17  <CIA-5> Darkvater * r4031 /branch/0.4.5/ (openttd.dsp openttd.vcproj):
20:46:17  <CIA-5> - Backport from trunk (r4030):
20:46:17  <CIA-5>  - [win32] Change compiler settings to use the multithreaded CRT. This prevents
20:46:17  <CIA-5>  certain crashes on multi-threaded machines.
20:46:18  <DarkSSH> anyone wanna make a fix-list?
20:46:31  <DarkSSH> eg what was fixed betweeen 0.4.5 and this one/
20:47:12  <Belugas> You need that when?  Wrong answer : yesterday or today
20:47:22  <DarkSSH> now?
20:47:26  *** Tobin [] has joined #openttd
20:47:34  <Belugas> shit... I forgot that one :)
20:47:38  <Bjarni> what about the UTF-8 fixes?
20:47:46  <Bjarni> and the cocoa video driver?
20:48:14  <DarkSSH> no UTF-8
20:48:19  <hylje> WTF-8
20:48:22  <DarkSSH> you do the cocoa cause I can't even compile that
20:48:42  <Bjarni> I don't know how to merge
20:48:49  <Bjarni> well, at least not yet
20:49:01  <DarkSSH> svn merge -r <rev-1>:<rev> svn://
20:49:24  <Bjarni> ok
20:49:26  <Bjarni> I will try
20:49:43  <Bjarni> worst case means I will have to revert ;)
20:50:04  <peter1138> hmm, reversing engines in the depot fucks up if the engine is short
20:50:33  *** stavrosg [] has joined #OpenTTD
20:50:39  <SimonRC> hi
20:51:44  <MiHaMiX> grr
20:51:48  <MiHaMiX> i missed 4030
20:51:59  <Patrick`> 968??
20:52:01  <Patrick`> er
20:52:05  <Patrick`> let me reprase
20:52:12  <Patrick`> the actual revision 5000 has been and gone
20:52:28  <Patrick`> I never worked out which one it was
20:53:56  <MiHaMiX> Patrick`: you told this to me? :)
20:54:35  *** Scia [] has quit ["kwiet"]
20:54:45  <Patrick`> did I?
20:55:32  <MiHaMiX> Patrick`: i don't know
20:55:41  <Patrick`> oy vey
20:55:51  <Patrick`> look at the revision 1 comment, add that to current_revision
20:57:17  *** CobraA1 [] has left #openttd []
20:58:41  *** sw4y [] has joined #openttd
20:58:46  *** DJ_Mirage [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
20:58:57  <Bjarni> ok, It made some conflicts, but they were easy to solve
20:59:14  <Bjarni> mainly they were the result of changes in comments :)
21:00:34  <Bjarni> something went wrong anyway :(
21:01:23  <blathijs> DarkSSH: can we backport r3507 too?
21:01:31  *** Torrasque [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
21:02:10  <DarkSSH> blathijs: if that's needed, go ahead
21:02:16  <blathijs> k
21:02:47  <DarkSSH> Belugas: are you doing it already, or am I doing it?
21:03:40  *** woodwizzle [] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
21:04:26  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4032 /branch/0.4.5/ (Makefile docs/openttd.6):
21:04:26  <CIA-5> -Backport from trunk (3507):
21:04:26  <CIA-5>  - Fix: [Makefile] Make sure the ICON_DIR gets created before copying files there.
21:04:26  <CIA-5>  - Fix: Fix small syntactic error in the manpage.
21:04:53  <Belugas> Doing a lot of things at the same time, but yes, DarkSSH, I have started :)
21:05:35  <Bjarni> vehicle.c: In function 'GetFreeUnitNumber':
21:05:35  <Bjarni> vehicle.c:2007: warning: 'max' may be used uninitialized in this function
21:05:39  *** angerman [] has left #openttd []
21:05:47  <DarkSSH> Belugas: ok, great, saves me time :)
21:05:58  <Bjarni> we had a fix for that committed a long time ago
21:06:06  <glx> Bjarni: your compiler is very sensible
21:06:13  <Bjarni> I know
21:06:29  <Bjarni> but if you look in the code, it's correct to show a warning
21:07:01  <Bjarni> what I haven't figured out is why
21:07:02  <Bjarni> order_gui.c: In function 'GetOrderCmdFromTile':
21:07:02  <Bjarni> order_gui.c:203: warning: 'order.index' is used uninitialized in this function
21:07:02  <Bjarni> order_gui.c:203: warning: '' is used uninitialized in this function
21:07:07  <Bjarni> only shows up sometimes
21:07:25  <Bjarni> I guess it's settings dependant, but which one
21:07:27  <Bjarni> debug?
21:07:33  <DarkSSH> didn't Truelight silence these some time ago?
21:07:37  *** Eddi|zuHause2 [] has joined #openttd
21:08:12  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4033 /trunk/os/debian/ (changelog config templates): - Codechange: [Debian] Update debian packaging files to use debconf for user interaction.
21:08:38  <Belugas> DarkSSH : Just fixes?
21:08:43  <SimonRC> I have been reading  and I was wondering something...
21:08:54  <DarkSSH> Belugas: well there should be no new features :)
21:09:04  <DarkSSH> Belugas: please look at the coding style of the changelog file
21:09:22  <Belugas> that's my base of comparaison :)
21:09:27  <SimonRC> there seems to be no way to represent signals in one track being a different type to those in another track.
21:10:08  <SimonRC> I have noticed this on the current build too, If i set one set of signals on a tile to pre-signals, the others become pre-signals too.
21:10:19  <Noldo> true
21:10:38  <peter1138> yeah, i was supposed to fix that
21:11:11  <CIA-5> bjarni * r4034 /branch/0.4.5/video/cocoa_v.m: merged 3618:3971 for video/cocoa_v.m (major speedup for PPC fullscreen fix)
21:11:18  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: tell me
21:11:29  * Bjarni tells DarkSSH
21:11:30  <DarkSSH> how hard is it to follow the commit style other people did for backporting?
21:11:58  <MiHaMiX> :DDD
21:12:12  <SimonRC> I have to admit, C does bit-packing like this very well/
21:12:33  *** Torrasque [] has joined #openttd
21:12:39  <Bjarni> you wanted me to copy paste each commit message?
21:13:05  <Bjarni> I mean first updating the video driver, and then all the fixes for the bugs included in the first one
21:13:39  <DarkSSH> -Backport (r3618:3971): your compressed message
21:14:15  <Bjarni> oh
21:14:27  <Bjarni> when did we decide on that standard?
21:14:30  *** ^Cartman^ [] has quit ["Que?"]
21:14:37  <Bjarni> I never noticed we got THE standard for it
21:14:43  <DarkSSH> ok I wasn't consistent that much either but at least all had the same idea
21:14:51  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: just look back at the other commits :)
21:15:18  <blathijs> DarkSSH: "-Backport from trunk (nnnn): message"
21:15:27  <blathijs> Bjarni: just do svn log :-)
21:15:44  <DarkSSH> eh yes ;p
21:15:46  <Bjarni> -Backport from trunk: Default the patch-setting 'pause_on_join' to true. <-- at least I included revision ;)
21:16:07  <DarkSSH> let's pick on the dark guy, he?
21:16:19  <Bjarni> lol
21:16:29  <Bjarni> it's always easy to say stuff like this after commits
21:16:34  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4035 /branch/0.4.5/os/debian/ (changelog config templates):
21:16:34  <CIA-5> - Backport from trunk (4033):
21:16:34  <CIA-5>  - Codechange: [Debian] Update debian packaging files to use debconf for user interaction.
21:16:45  <Noldo> DarkSSH: you specificli told Celestar to follow the standard set by the earlier commits, but you didn't mention it to Bjarni
21:16:59  <DarkSSH> Noldo: I thought him smart
21:17:58  <Bjarni> hey, I thought to think like an engineer. I'm not trained to write fine text messages :p
21:18:36  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4036 /branch/0.4.5/os/debian/changelog: * Prepare debian release files for release.
21:18:46  <Bjarni> ohh
21:18:46  <blathijs> DarkSSH: Debian stuff is done for :-)
21:18:51  <DarkSSH> good :)
21:18:57  <Bjarni> I might have one more thing that needs to be backported
21:19:02  <blathijs> and /me is off to coffe break
21:19:46  <Bjarni> that's for reminding me about docs
21:20:08  <Bjarni> odds are that nobody backported the updated readme for OSX
21:20:37  <DaleStan> What? A new release? After less than 2 months? Is that allowed?
21:20:37  <Bjarni> yeah. it's still the old one
21:20:42  <Bjarni> no
21:20:51  <Bjarni> we are breaking the OTTD law
21:21:31  *** RoySmeding [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:21:32  *** sw4y_ [] has joined #openttd
21:23:10  <glx> DarkSSH: don't forgot to update windows installer before release
21:23:10  *** garage [] has joined #openttd
21:23:32  <DarkSSH> glx: already done
21:23:56  <MiHaMiX> :D
21:24:19  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit ["Whoopsy"]
21:24:22  <glx> in branch/0.4.5 ?
21:24:29  <CIA-5> bjarni * r4037 /branch/0.4.5/ (3 files in 2 dirs): -backported (3676): updated the install readme for OSX
21:24:39  <DarkSSH> yes
21:24:42  <DarkSSH> well locally
21:25:23  <glx> oh, that's why it still for me :)
21:25:29  <Bjarni> I'm not sure I get the idea of doing it in 0.4.5 instead of starting by branching it into
21:26:16  *** Tobin [] has quit []
21:28:19  <peter1138> i wasn't going to ask ;p
21:28:49  *** Eddi|zuHause [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:28:49  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: I'm wondering about that UTF-8 thing. It makes a huge difference for non-English speaking mac users
21:29:08  <Bjarni> specially the Germans (Märch fails to save due to the letters)
21:29:10  <DarkSSH> my god this flyspray has the most fucked up sorting EVER
21:29:26  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: ??
21:29:29  *** TrueLight [] has joined #openttd
21:29:30  <DarkSSH> at least I can sort it by day-sortish
21:29:46  <Bjarni> TrueLight: I sent you a mail about elrails binary
21:31:21  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: the idea was to send out a HEAD...
21:31:25  <TrueLight> but okay, I will change it in a GET
21:31:30  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: thanks :)
21:31:49  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: it must have been your idea :P
21:31:54  <TrueLight> Bjarni: just modify my post as you did before
21:33:19  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: i'll upgrade to 0.9.9 as soon as they release that and i have some time :D
21:33:36  <DarkSSH> MiHaMiX: you know the talk
21:33:37  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: it would have been much better if HEAD just worked
21:33:41  <DarkSSH> translator has priority :)
21:33:45  <DarkSSH> Belugas: how is it coming along?
21:34:20  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: i'm working on the translator even now :)
21:34:24  <DarkSSH> :D
21:34:34  *** Spoco [] has quit []
21:34:44  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: tell me a way to rewrite a HEAD into a GET, since as of HEAD, the php script doesn't get called :-(
21:35:06  <hylje> what
21:35:09  <blathijs> MiHaMiX: don't you mean POST and GET?
21:35:10  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: now it should send a GET
21:35:10  <hylje> http?
21:35:14  <TrueLight> wget is just a bit weird :)
21:35:24  <MiHaMiX> blathijs: no.
21:35:27  <MiHaMiX> Mar 22 22:24:26 proc06 apache/ - - [22/Mar/2006:22:24:26 +0100] "HEAD /svn_cb.php HTTP/1.0" 200 - "-" "Wget/1.10.2"
21:35:42  <TrueLight> HTTP/1.0?
21:35:42  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: thanks
21:35:44  <TrueLight> that is bad :)
21:35:52  <blathijs> ah, svn stuff?
21:36:01  <MiHaMiX> blathijs: yes, WT2 stuff
21:36:05  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: don't forget to only allow a trigger from that very IP :)
21:36:12  <TrueLight> else everyone can now trigger your script over and over ;)
21:36:31  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: and the script refuse to do anything
21:36:32  <MiHaMiX> :)
21:36:39  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: but ok, good idea :)
21:36:53  <TrueLight> I am full of those;)
21:36:55  <Bjarni> <TrueLight>	Bjarni: just modify my post as you did before <-- bah, I already uploaded the file. It should be easy to move it, right?
21:37:06  <TrueLight> Bjarni: I dunno, you figure that out :p
21:37:08  <TrueLight> soon it will be solved
21:37:12  <TrueLight> now I really cna't help you, sorry :)
21:37:42  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: comment: PHP script is terminated after sending headers (it means after producing any output without output buffering) if the request method was HEAD.
21:38:28  *** sw4y [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:38:57  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: so it is a problem at your side, not mine ;)
21:39:02  <TrueLight> you handle a HEAD wrong in your script :)
21:39:27  <TrueLight> but okay, I dump the content from wget to a file, and remove it afterwards
21:39:40  <TrueLight> just --spider is such a nicer way of not really downloading anything
21:39:46  <TrueLight> this is wasting bandwidth :p
21:40:26  <TrueLight> (yeah, 10 extra bytes per commit! :o :o :o
21:40:28  <TrueLight> )
21:40:31  <CIA-5> bjarni * r4038 /branch/0.4.5/ (6 files in 2 dirs): -backport (3966, 3972 and 4019) -Fix: [OSX 10.3 and newer] [ 1157244 ] Can't save game if name contains german umlauts (loading savegames with certain chars still look a bit odd)
21:41:08  <TrueLight> you guys should release 0.4.6, not :p
21:41:21  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: wget -o /dev/null address
21:41:28  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: wtf you dump the file content?
21:41:36  <MiHaMiX> wget -O /dev/null, sorry
21:41:40  <MiHaMiX> -O not -o
21:42:02  <hylje> dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda
21:42:33  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: I have had problems with just that in the past
21:42:43  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: ok, you know.. :)
21:42:50  <TrueLight> anyway, with --spider it never opens a file-pointer, and I don't download the content, which is much better
21:42:55  <TrueLight> but of course you can't handle a HEAD
21:42:55  <TrueLight> :p
21:43:05  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: what does network_core.h have to do with the whole thing?
21:43:22  <TrueLight> DarkSSH: there is makes your computer crash!
21:43:26  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: and makefile.setup?
21:43:54  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: your script is slow :p
21:44:03  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: err, nothing, it slipped. It was a stylefix I made (included a header both in the file and the header, so it was included twice)
21:44:03  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: no.
21:44:11  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: you asked for a 5 seconds sleep
21:44:20  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: ah, slipped
21:44:21  <Bjarni> <DarkSSH>	Bjarni: and makefile.setup? <-- that is to ensure that OSX 10.2.8 can still compile for itself
21:44:23  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: true ;)
21:44:32  <Bjarni> I mean by not including iconv
21:44:34  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: please CHECK the diff before committing
21:45:08  *** ThePizzaKing [] has joined #openttd
21:45:23  *** DaleStan_ [] has joined #openttd
21:45:31  *** DaleStan [] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
21:45:42  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: iirc, you told me you always call wget with & (in the background)
21:45:53  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: I do that, don't worry :)
21:45:56  <Bjarni> <TrueLight>	you guys should release 0.4.6, not :p <-- that's actually a good point
21:46:15  <TrueLight> Bjarni: I told you guys I had so much good points
21:46:20  <Bjarni> the changelog have grown pretty big by now
21:46:25  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: not really, since it's only a bugfix release
21:46:45  *** DaleStan_ is now known as DaleStan
21:46:52  <Bjarni> but it's a lot of bug fixes... a whole lot
21:47:12  <blathijs> in that case we should make it the 0.4 branch instead
21:47:17  <TrueLight> and x.y.z.a versioning really sucks ;)
21:47:44  <blathijs> I think that might be a good a idea, since even with "fast" bugfix releases, it's still a few months in between
21:47:46  <peter1138> yes
21:47:48  <peter1138> 0.4.6
21:48:25  <DarkSSH> are we getting on this whole versioning-numbering thing again?
21:48:31  <Bjarni> should be within a week or so of 0.4.5 to fix a critical bug
21:48:31  <DarkSSH> You guys can never make up your mind
21:48:39  <Bjarni> it appears so
21:48:51  <peter1138> yeah we can
21:48:53  <Prof_Frink> Call it 6.03 ;)
21:48:56  <peter1138> just too late ;)
21:48:57  <MiHaMiX> <DarkSSH> You guys can never make up your mind | <Bjarni> it appears so
21:48:58  <MiHaMiX> :DDD
21:49:03  <MiHaMiX> Prof_Frink: :DDDDDDD
21:49:16  <Bjarni> hehe
21:49:29  <Bjarni> I actually replied to <DarkSSH>	are we getting on this whole versioning-numbering thing again?
21:49:36  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: yes, I KNOW :D
21:49:43  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: but that's not that funny :D
21:49:48  <DarkSSH> so next is 0.5 then 0.6?
21:49:58  <DarkSSH> I don't care just sync people
21:50:09  <TrueLight> DarkSSH: no, you can better skip odd numbers, that is more clear :)
21:50:16  <Bjarni> let's vote
21:50:17  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: it definitely should be 0.4....
21:50:18  <Bjarni> 0.4.6
21:50:31  <TrueLight> let's sync it with OSX version numbering
21:50:34  <TrueLight> makes more sense
21:50:46  <MiHaMiX> or 0.4.6, but definitely not 0.5
21:51:11  <Bjarni> yeah, we are moving towards 10.4.5, but we still have a long way to go
21:51:17  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni has some point, it's not a fast bugfix for a grave bug
21:51:22  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: we bring you, 0.5, not because it has so much new features, but because we need to advertisement
21:51:48  <Bjarni> we got a roadmap for 0.5.0
21:51:52  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: bad idea.
21:52:01  <Bjarni> which means new features
21:52:05  <Prof_Frink> Bjarni: 0.5.-1
21:52:09  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: really?! :)
21:52:16  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: subsequent bad ideas may result your removal from this channel :)
21:52:32  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: good :)
21:52:34  <MiHaMiX> s/:)/:P/
21:52:52  <Bjarni> <Prof_Frink>	Bjarni: 0.5.-1 <-- I tend to use unsigned version tags, so no
21:53:00  <hylje> then sign them?
21:53:03  <hylje> problem solved
21:53:06  <Bjarni> no
21:53:17  <Bjarni> voting is over
21:53:17  <TrueLight> let's call it release 4027
21:53:19  <TrueLight> Yeah!
21:53:22  <Bjarni> 100% said 0.4.6
21:53:24  <TrueLight> And we release every night!
21:53:26  <TrueLight> whoho!
21:53:27  <Bjarni> only one vote though :p
21:53:33  <MiHaMiX> Development on Flyspray?s 0.9.9 release is moving along rapidly. Those on the mailing list would have seen up to four or five Subversion commits per day until recently.
21:53:35  <TrueLight> (oh wait.... that are the nightlies? DOH!)
21:53:36  <MiHaMiX> :DDDD
21:53:47  <MiHaMiX> they're working very fast :D
21:54:00  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: about time :p
21:54:04  <hylje> 5 commits per day? ive seen around 10 a day her
21:54:06  <hylje> :|
21:54:11  <Bjarni> only 10?
21:54:19  <hylje> that was a cautious estimate
21:54:22  <MiHaMiX> ok, let's be serious guys
21:54:22  *** e1ko [] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.67+ [SeaMonkey 1.0/2006013012]"]
21:54:28  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: what?!
21:54:37  <hylje> serious? can i eat it?
21:54:38  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni mentioned we should vote
21:54:49  * Prof_Frink vetos the vote
21:54:56  *** mode/#openttd [+o MiHaMiX] by ChanServ
21:54:58  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: but Bjarni says many more things
21:55:06  *** mode/#openttd [-o MiHaMiX] by ChanServ
21:55:11  *** mode/#openttd [+o MiHaMiX] by ChanServ
21:55:15  <Bjarni> we had around 17 commits today, that was not merges
21:55:40  <DaleStan> <TrueLight> let's call it release 4027 <-- Best option, IMO, would be x.y.z.<svnrev> (so in this case,
21:55:59  <TrueLight> DaleStan: now that is confusing!
21:55:59  <Bjarni> actually that's more clever than 0.5.-1
21:56:12  <hylje> world of warcraft has also x.y.z (rev)
21:56:13  <MiHaMiX> 0.4.6 is better than 0.5.-1
21:56:14  <Bjarni> but not good enough
21:56:21  <MiHaMiX> so, ok, let it be or 0.4.6
21:56:25  <MiHaMiX> any obsession?
21:56:27  <Prof_Frink> 046.
21:56:27  <MiHaMiX> no
21:56:29  <MiHaMiX> nice :)
21:56:30  <Bjarni> we are releasing 0.4.6. 100% voted for it
21:56:31  <hylje> objections perhaps?
21:56:39  <MiHaMiX> hylje: ahh, typo ;P
21:56:46  <Prof_Frink> 0.4.6 is more efficient than
21:57:49  *** KUDr [] has quit [Connection timed out]
21:58:12  <MiHaMiX> ok, then let's fix the version numbers in 0.4.5 branch:)
21:58:29  <peter1138> 0.4.6 i say
21:58:38  <peter1138> and tron would probably agree
21:58:59  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: ?
21:59:06  <Patrick`> it's not really a critical bugfix
21:59:10  <Patrick`> like was
21:59:15  <peter1138> otoh, it's not in the roadmap, hehe
21:59:25  <DarkSSH> MiHaMiX: yes?
21:59:35  <hylje> when are you going to get into version 1
21:59:37  <MiHaMiX> DarkSSH: i'm wondering about your opinion
21:59:51  * SimonRC goes
21:59:57  <MiHaMiX> hylje: new graphics, utf8 support, etc..
21:59:59  <MiHaMiX> SimonRC: bye
22:00:14  <Patrick`> version 1 = new gfx, new sound
22:00:16  <hylje> bootable ottd livecd?
22:00:21  <Patrick`> someone ask the simutrans guy for his audio
22:00:31  <Bjarni> <hylje>	when are you going to get into version 1 <-- when there is a secret way for developers only to run tanks into other companies and destroy their stations
22:00:32  * DarkSSH is indifferent
22:00:46  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: :D
22:00:55  <hylje> id prefer ion cannons
22:01:08  <hylje> or plain nuclear bombs
22:01:38  <Bjarni> actually what are we waiting for for a release?
22:01:42  *** Jenkz [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:01:43  <Bjarni> version tag?
22:01:50  <Bjarni> a flying pig?
22:02:02  <hylje> zerg rush
22:02:03  <Bjarni> is anything missing
22:02:08  <Bjarni> oh, I know
22:02:12  <Bjarni> changelog :)
22:02:17  <Bjarni> anybody writing?
22:02:21  *** Cipri [] has joined #openttd
22:02:33  <hylje> "Fixed shitloads of bugs and shitty code."
22:02:36  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: Belugas is working on the list of fixes afaik
22:02:38  <hylje> there you go
22:02:39  <hylje> :P
22:03:01  <MiHaMiX> hylje: you can't be serious, can you?
22:03:05  *** mode/#openttd [+o DarkSSH] by ChanServ
22:03:09  *** mode/#openttd [+m] by DarkSSH
22:03:24  <DarkSSH> ok, you peeps can cool down in this enforced tranquility
22:03:46  *** mode/#openttd [+v Belugas] by Bjarni
22:03:56  <Bjarni> we should know when he finishes :)
22:04:16  *** mode/#openttd [-m] by DarkSSH
22:04:25  <Patrick`> gaaaaasp
22:04:40  * Bjarni sets mode +m #openttd
22:04:46  <TrueLight> MiHaMiX: he had a good trainer: me
22:04:58  <MiHaMiX> TrueLight: ?
22:05:05  <Bjarni> <MiHaMiX>	hylje: you can't be serious, can you?
22:05:14  * peter1138 ponders sleep
22:05:15  <TrueLight> read! :)
22:05:20  <TrueLight> hmmz...
22:05:25  <TrueLight> +m and -o and I can talk? :s
22:05:38  <Patrick`> it's -m
22:05:39  <Bjarni> TrueLight: why do you remind me of Q?
22:05:54  <TrueLight> Patrick`: lol, Bjarni had me :(
22:06:02  <Bjarni> hehe
22:06:20  <Patrick`> they look totally diff. in irssi
22:06:24  <blathijs> so, we decided on 0.4.6?
22:06:27  *** mode/#openttd [-o Bjarni] by ChanServ
22:06:27  <TrueLight> that will teach him!
22:06:39  <Bjarni> !insult TrueLight
22:06:40  <jmp_ghli> >Bjarni> Bjarni tells TrueLight: You have less value than a fart from a flea's ass. If life was fair, you would become a suicide bomber, you under-medicated utterly clueless quarterwit.
22:06:50  *** mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
22:07:08  <Bjarni> actually that insult is not even funny
22:07:10  <Patrick`> whilst we're being inflammatory ...
22:07:21  <TrueLight> lol, did Igor add jmp_ghli here? :) Haha!
22:07:23  <Patrick`> Bjarni: do you still think poofs are mentally ill?
22:07:24  <TrueLight> !!truelight
22:07:29  <jmp_ghli> >TrueLight> I am truelight .|.
22:07:45  <blathijs> DarkSSH: Are we going for 0.4.6?
22:07:49  <hylje> im rarely really serious
22:07:59  <TrueLight> I am rarely real
22:08:01  <TrueLight> hmmz
22:08:04  <Bjarni> <jmp_ghli>	>TrueLight> I am truelight .|. <-- you are truelight, the dick?
22:08:09  <CIA-5> peter1138 * r4039 /trunk/newgrf_engine.c: - NewGRF: Add support for a few more vehicle variables. These are sometimes used for animation of sprites.
22:08:11  <TrueLight> !insult Bjarni
22:08:12  <hylje> ill let you know when serious = true
22:08:13  <jmp_ghli> >TrueLight> truelight tells Bjarni: If there was a Pandora's Box of stupidity, you would be its contents.
22:08:31  *** valhalla1w`zzz [] has left #openttd []
22:08:32  <Bjarni> !insult TrueLight
22:08:33  <jmp_ghli> >Bjarni> Bjarni tells TrueLight: You're not yourself today. I noticed the improvement immediately.
22:08:33  *** valhalla1w`zzz [] has joined #openttd
22:08:54  *** sw4y_ [] has quit [Client Quit]
22:08:54  <TrueLight> !insult Bjarni
22:08:56  <jmp_ghli> >TrueLight> truelight tells Bjarni: When you were born, God admitted that even He could make a mistake!
22:09:00  <Patrick`> !fag
22:09:57  <DarkSSH> *sigh*
22:09:58  <TrueLight> !pat
22:10:09  <TrueLight> sad, offline :(
22:10:23  <TrueLight> !define truelight
22:10:25  <jmp_ghli> >TrueLight> [2/2] truelight: memleaker :>
22:10:29  <TrueLight> !define truelight 1
22:10:30  <jmp_ghli> >TrueLight> [1/2] TrueLight: evil revision-taker :>
22:10:33  <TrueLight> lol
22:10:35  <TrueLight> I love jmp_ghli :)
22:10:48  <Bjarni> I hope it's female then
22:11:00  *** TrueLight is now known as TL|Away
22:11:02  <TL|Away> night all
22:11:10  <Bjarni> even Igor made it like he wants it or he made it in his own image
22:12:07  <hylje> igor is evil
22:12:37  <TL|Away> No bad words about igor :)
22:12:40  <TL|Away> !insult hylje
22:12:41  <jmp_ghli> >TL|Away> truelight tells hylje: You can't get married to your sweetheart because there's a law against it.
22:12:48  <TL|Away> auch
22:12:54  <TL|Away> oh wait
22:12:55  <hylje> :D
22:12:56  <TL|Away> sleep time
22:12:57  <TL|Away> night :)
22:13:00  <hylje> hf
22:13:26  <Bjarni> !insult hylje
22:13:27  <jmp_ghli> >Bjarni> Bjarni tells hylje: I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!
22:13:48  <Bjarni> hylje: you don't talk bad about Igor
22:13:55  <Bjarni> that's reserved for me and TrueLight
22:14:03  <glx> I can too :)
22:14:07  <hylje> you mean evil is bad?
22:14:21  <Bjarni> in this case, yes
22:14:28  <Bjarni> oh glx got a point
22:14:39  <hylje> .
22:14:40  <Bjarni> but I was unaware that he was lurking
22:14:54  <Bjarni> glx: you are French, right?
22:14:58  <glx> yes
22:15:09  <Bjarni> wtf is going on about all those students?
22:15:53  <glx> the government just had a bad idea
22:16:09  <hylje> french riots
22:16:16  <Bjarni> but it's a bad idea to say the way it is now
22:16:41  <Bjarni> the companies can't hire the people they need because they can't get rid of them when they aren't needed anymore
22:17:02  <Bjarni> so there are vacant jobs while there are unemployed people
22:17:18  <Bjarni> there have to be a middle way
22:17:45  <hylje> around here the employer has to have a good reason to fire a person
22:17:46  <Bjarni> and not setting age on it either
22:18:07  <hylje> but if they absolutely dont need him, its a good reason
22:18:37  <Bjarni> sounds like it is here
22:18:53  <Bjarni> also doing stupid things at work is a valid reason to be fired
22:18:55  <hylje> so if a manufacturer has like 1000 workers
22:19:07  <hylje> and buys a big bad machine to do stuff
22:19:20  <hylje> they can fire the 900 unneeded people
22:19:34  <Bjarni> usually they don't fire so many though
22:19:44  *** Belugas is now known as Belugas_Gone
22:19:47  <hylje> exaggerated example
22:19:49  <glx> they try to "reclass" them
22:19:50  <Bjarni> they just get new tasks and production/worker can increase
22:19:52  *** KritiK [] has joined #openttd
22:20:13  <Bjarni> reclass?
22:20:21  <hylje> of course they primarily want to refit the people
22:20:27  <hylje> to keep the unions happy
22:20:46  <glx> yeah find a job they can do, even in other company
22:21:18  <glx> very hard for 50 years old people
22:21:44  <Bjarni> so you can't fire a person in France unless you find a new job for him/her?
22:22:06  <glx> no you can fire someone if you have a good reason
22:22:50  <glx> you need to (help to) find a new job only if you close a site
22:23:48  <DarkSSH> ok this is going to look weird
22:23:53  <DarkSSH> anyone else wanna add something?
22:24:21  <blathijs> DarkSSH: Are we going for 0.4.6?
22:24:29  <Bjarni> somehow that sounds reasonable, but if people in France can be fired, then why do companies avoid France because it's way too hard to get rid of people
22:24:33  <DarkSSH> it seems so
22:24:41  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: add what?
22:24:48  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: add to the next release?
22:24:55  <glx> Bjarni: the problem is taxes
22:24:56  <DarkSSH> blathijs: although doing a tag from 0.4.5 to 0.4.6 as a bugfix release is...ehm...really weird
22:25:16  <DarkSSH> but then we'll just have to name the next real release 0.5 and then 0.6 etc
22:25:18  <Bjarni> not considering the very long list of fixes
22:25:40  <blathijs> DarkSSH: I think would be ok?
22:25:49  <CIA-5> Darkvater * r4040 /branch/0.4.5/ (9 files in 4 dirs): - Prepare 0.4.5 branch for release. Update readme's, bugs, installers and makefile, changelog, etc. to 0.4.6
22:26:07  <blathijs> DarkSSH: that's a yes? :-)
22:26:08  * Bjarni reads the bugs
22:26:37  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4041 /branch/0.4.5/os/debian/changelog: [Debian] Change next version number to 0.4.6 instead of
22:26:49  <CIA-5> Darkvater * r4042 /tags/0.4.6/: - Release 0.4.6
22:27:03  <Prof_Frink> *party*
22:27:29  * Prof_Frink wonders if the debian packages will work on debian this time
22:27:30  <blathijs> DarkSSH: rename branch/0.4.5 to branch/0.4 ?
22:27:38  <blathijs> Prof_Frink: didn't they before?
22:27:45  <DarkSSH> hang on
22:27:45  <Prof_Frink> Nope.
22:27:50  <Prof_Frink> Not Sarge, anyway
22:28:00  <blathijs> hmm, I don't have sarge anywhere
22:28:05  <blathijs> or, I think I might have
22:28:34  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: the funny chars when loading unicode chars in OSX is not listed
22:28:53  <Bjarni> it's not on flyspray either though
22:29:19  <glx> DarkSSH: Minor Bugs for <-- in known-bugs
22:30:40  <Bjarni> so are we releasing now?
22:30:41  <CIA-5> Darkvater * r4043 /tags/0.4.6/ (Makefile network.c openttd.dsp openttd.vcproj): - Set release version on the executable for VS2003,VS6 and makefile.
22:30:42  <DarkSSH> ok done
22:31:01  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: add the char thing for OSX as well :)
22:31:04  *** Nubian [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:31:10  <Bjarni> and that it's not fixed for 10.2.8 when saving
22:31:17  <DarkSSH> - Fix: [OSX 10.3 and newer] [ 1157244 ] Can't save game if name contains german umlauts (loading savegames with certain chars still look odd) (r4038)
22:31:20  <DarkSSH> - Fix: [OSX] major speedup for PPC fullscreen (r4034)
22:31:24  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: it's there
22:31:40  <Bjarni> good
22:31:44  <Bjarni> hmm
22:31:47  <DarkSSH> blathijs: so relocate 0.4.5 to 0.4?
22:31:51  <Bjarni> I meant in known bugs
22:31:51  <blathijs> yes
22:31:59  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: ah well, screw that
22:32:02  <blathijs> DarkSSH: bah, you're changing stuff in /tags again ;-)
22:32:08  <DarkSSH> blathijs: it's necessary
22:32:23  <DarkSSH> blathijs: to hardcode the release-version
22:32:26  <blathijs> change it in /branch as preparation for release (as I did)
22:32:34  <Bjarni> oh, where are the scenarios?
22:32:41  <DarkSSH> but then you have to change them back
22:32:45  <DarkSSH> blathijs: this is much cleaner
22:32:56  <blathijs> DarkSSH: no, you have to change them again in preparation of the next release
22:32:57  <blathijs> :-)
22:33:07  <blathijs> We're not releasing from trunk, so no need to change them back
22:33:30  <DarkSSH> blathijs: eh? the branch has version 0.4.6-{revision}
22:33:36  <DarkSSH> the release is hardcoded to 0.4.6
22:33:51  <DarkSSH> how do I rename 0.4.5 to 0.4?
22:34:04  *** Torrasque [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
22:34:06  <blathijs> DarkSSH: I'll do it
22:34:10  <DarkSSH> ok
22:34:31  <DarkSSH> there is still the issue of shall we update trunk/ with the changes done to 0.4.6?
22:34:35  <blathijs> DarkSSH: the branch is 0.4 (it is now), so preparing it for 0.4.6 involves the 0.4 branch becoming 0.4.6
22:34:38  <blathijs> and _then_ you tag it :-)
22:34:50  <DarkSSH> I think we should've made most of these changes to trunk/
22:34:57  <DarkSSH> blathijs: ah, next time then :)
22:35:10  <DarkSSH> there was this confusion of versioning
22:35:13  <blathijs> DarkSSH: I'm uploading source tars to SF now
22:36:02  <blathijs> DarkSSH: openttd-0.4.6-source.tar.bz2  openttd-0.4.6-source.tar.gz
22:36:44  <Bjarni> err, I still miss to know where the scenarios are?
22:37:13  <Bjarni> hmm
22:37:14  <DarkSSH> where they always were
22:37:24  <Bjarni> they are the same as in 0.4.5, right?
22:37:24  <DarkSSH>
22:37:39  <DarkSSH> yes
22:38:33  <CIA-5> matthijs * r4044 /branch/ (0.4/ 0.4.5/): Rename 0.4.5 branch to 0.4. Further minor releases will be in the 0.4 range, to prevent enormously long version numbers.
22:39:12  <blathijs> DarkSSH: I haven't put the scenarios in the source tgz, since they haven't changed and are huge
22:39:19  <Bjarni> shit, I got a compile error.... wtf went wrong
22:39:26  <Bjarni> it worked when I tested it a moment ago
22:40:56  <DarkSSH> I don't know bjarni, I don't know
22:41:14  <DarkSSH> blathijs: yeah, I think we decided last time not to put scenarios in source
22:41:51  <blathijs> DarkSSH: we bounced a little last time, I think we did include them in the end
22:41:51  <blathijs> ?
22:42:18  <CIA-5> bjarni * r4045 /tags/0.4.6/network_core.h: -Fix: [OSX] fixed header issue
22:42:20  <DarkSSH> hmm
22:42:26  <DarkSSH> well let's not include them now
22:42:40  <blathijs> something is going awry there ;-p
22:42:45  <blathijs> all those commits to the tags
22:42:52  <blathijs> we need RC's :-)
22:43:05  <CIA-5> bjarni * r4046 /tags/0.4.6/unix.c: missed a file in last commit
22:43:11  <Bjarni> ok, that should do it
22:43:26  <DarkSSH> ..
22:43:29  <blathijs> okay, up for next release: Release Candidates
22:43:57  <Bjarni> err, failure to compile was not serious enough to change the release source code?
22:44:13  <blathijs> Bjarni: the idea is to _never_ change stuff in /tags
22:44:39  <Bjarni> yeah, but if it failed, then we had little choice
22:44:43  <blathijs> :-)
22:44:47  <Bjarni> I still wonder how it manage to work before...
22:44:49  <blathijs> Yes, so we need RC's next time -p
22:44:58  <DarkSSH> Bjarni: exactly
22:45:02  * blathijs is making new source tarballs
22:46:13  <Bjarni> next time we say "this is the release source" and then everybody tries to compile it before we tag it
22:46:15  <Bjarni> just in case
22:46:16  *** stavrosg [] has quit ["Fix until it breaks"]
22:46:51  <blathijs> Bjarni: yes, that's release candidates :-)
22:47:04  <blathijs> Bjarni: can you remove stuff from incoming at sf?
22:47:14  <Bjarni> I don't think so
22:47:24  <Bjarni> but they got a timeout on it
22:47:36  <SpComb> wtf...
22:47:39  <blathijs> can you rename files before putting them up at downlaods>
22:47:49  <Bjarni> I don't think so
22:47:49  <SpComb> did quakenet just have a netsplit?
22:48:07  *** black_Nightmare [] has joined #openttd
22:48:09  <black_Nightmare> hey ;)
22:48:10  <DarkSSH> you can only delete
22:48:14  <blathijs> briljant
22:48:22  <DarkSSH> yeah
22:49:41  <blathijs> so, now what?
22:51:33  <Prof_Frink> SpComb: not as far as I can see
22:53:36  <DarkSSH> blathijs: which source files are correct?
22:53:46  *** KritiK [] has quit ["Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier."]
22:56:32  <blathijs> DarkSSH: none so far
22:56:50  <blathijs> now uploading .new files
22:57:05  <blathijs> done uploading
22:57:12  <DarkSSH> NOOO
22:57:16  <DarkSSH> don't upload .new files
22:57:19  <DarkSSH> I can't rename them
22:57:23  <blathijs> ah
22:57:30  <blathijs> but I can't upload the real files
22:57:33  <DarkSSH> upload the normal files
22:57:39  <DarkSSH> I removed them
22:57:41  <blathijs> unless we screw the naming convention
22:57:41  <blathijs> ah
22:57:42  <blathijs> :-)
22:57:45  <blathijs> *rename*
22:57:49  <DarkSSH> fyucking SF
22:58:13  <DarkSSH> how hard is it to implement remnam?
22:58:46  <blathijs>  openttd-0.4.6-source.tar.bz2  openttd-0.4.6-source.tar.gz
22:58:47  <blathijs> done
22:59:15  <blathijs> -rw-r--r-- 1 matthijs matthijs 2197008 Mar 22 23:45 openttd-0.4.6-source.tar.bz2
22:59:18  <blathijs> -rw-r--r-- 1 matthijs matthijs 2852360 Mar 22 23:45 openttd-0.4.6-source.tar.gz
22:59:24  <DarkSSH> good
23:00:31  *** Angst [] has quit ["n8"]
23:04:01  <Bjarni> hmm
23:04:06  <Bjarni> 7-8 minutes until the upload is done
23:04:21  <Bjarni> and then it takes just as long for the other one :(
23:04:31  <Bjarni> (10.2.8 got it's own build)
23:06:01  *** valhalla1w`zzz [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
23:06:21  <Bjarni> t 0.4.6 (2006-03-22)
23:06:26  <Bjarni> why the 1?
23:06:31  <Bjarni> in the changelog
23:06:35  <Bjarni> err
23:06:35  <Bjarni> why the t?
23:06:53  <black_Nightmare> dumb question....where's a nice site for alternative rolling stocks? :">
23:07:04  * black_Nightmare wants to replace these default just for more fun already
23:09:16  <Bjarni> try the forum under TTDpatch graphics
23:09:19  <blathijs> hmm, crap
23:09:21  <Bjarni> the UK renewal set should work rather nice
23:09:21  <DarkSSH> ok I am going to bed
23:09:23  <DarkSSH> gn all :)
23:09:35  <blathijs> we didn't backport the scenario/dummy file
23:09:45  <Bjarni> the US set works nice in the elrail builds
23:09:49  <Bjarni> night DarkSSH
23:09:55  <blathijs> ah well
23:10:02  <DarkSSH> blathijs: better fix the installer :)
23:10:06  <DarkSSH> I'm realy out
23:13:01  <orudge> Hmm, I can't remember, did I submit my OS/2 project fixes after 0.4.5 was released?
23:13:04  * orudge has a feeling he didn't :S
23:13:15  <orudge> Ah well, I'll have to stick them into whatever the next version is, I guess
23:13:17  <black_Nightmare> bjarni...hmm...ty I'll look
23:13:21  <orudge> Damn these releases creeping up on my without anyone telling me ;>
23:13:24  <orudge> *me
23:13:28  * orudge has been very busy in recent months
23:15:22  <XeryusTC> orudge: there seems to be something wrong with the forums :(
23:15:39  <orudge> Does there?
23:15:42  <orudge> It's fine here
23:15:43  <XeryusTC> it doesn't remember which topics i have read i which i havent
23:15:43  <Patrick`> XeryusTC: they're full of losers
23:15:50  <Patrick`> who want drag-buy
23:15:57  <Patrick`> just to be fuckers in MP games
23:16:03  <Patrick`> if you'll excuse me language
23:17:29  <XeryusTC> Patrick`: i wonder how you can fuck someone over the internet
23:17:41  <XeryusTC> :P
23:17:56  <Patrick`> there's special equipment for it I believe
23:17:59  <orudge> People have made devices
23:18:01  <orudge> indeed.
23:18:01  *** Qrrbrbirlbel [] has quit [""]
23:18:10  <Patrick`> it's wipe clean, I hear
23:18:15  <orudge> I wouldn't know
23:18:35  <XeryusTC> maybe i can get lucky once then :)
23:18:46  <Patrick`> luck has nothing to do with it
23:18:49  <Patrick`> get off irc
23:19:15  <XeryusTC> doesn't matter, people still see that i'm a nerd on first sight :(
23:19:41  <Patrick`> stop wearing a damn star wars tee then
23:20:19  <XeryusTC> you think it would help?
23:20:24  *** KUDr [] has joined #openttd
23:20:27  <Patrick`> yep
23:20:42  <XeryusTC> ok, i'll try it tomorow then ;)
23:20:55  <Patrick`> I've not worn branded clothes for years
23:21:09  <Patrick`> and I'm suitably vague about technology to the point of faking computer illiteracy
23:21:14  <Prof_Frink> XeryusTC: No, the star trek one is even worse
23:21:14  <Patrick`> and the women just flock ... right past me
23:21:17  <XeryusTC> maybe i should update my jeans too, they're to 90-ish
23:21:38  <Patrick`> I have hand-repaired glasses tho
23:21:44  <Patrick`> with paperclips twisted through the screw holes
23:21:45  * Prof_Frink needs some geekwear
23:21:47  <black_Nightmare> just wondering but transport tycoon only considers each engine to be one tile long right? (like you couldn't have one engine span two tracks without being halved in the 'buy trains' dialog)
23:22:00  <Patrick`> and the coating was eaten off by my sweat
23:22:20  <Patrick`> no, you can put two engines next to each other in a train
23:22:24  <XeryusTC> my glasses are about a year old so there's nothing wrong with them
23:22:27  <Patrick`> for extra horsepower
23:22:41  <Patrick`> seriously, all the bits where it touches my skin have been corroded
23:22:46  <Patrick`> anyway, I need some zees
23:22:57  <black_Nightmare> I mean one single long locomotive with seperate tender car
23:22:57  * Prof_Frink hands Patrick` a zed
23:23:08  <Prof_Frink> black_Nightmare: cf. TTDPatch
23:23:28  <Patrick`> huh
23:25:06  * XeryusTC calls for spam
23:25:07  * XeryusTC np: [Anouk - Hail] € Length: [3:54] € BitRate: [192kbps] € Sample Rate: [44KHz]
23:32:55  <Bjarni> no tokai :(
23:33:07  <Bjarni> => no morphOS binary tonight
23:35:21  *** XeryusTC is now known as Xeryus|sleep
23:37:05  *** Fujitsu [] has joined #openttd
23:37:16  *** _Luca_ [] has joined #openttd
23:37:21  *** _Luca_ [] has left #openttd []
23:38:03  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.72 [Firefox]"]
23:38:56  <black_Nightmare> hmmm container yard station....hehehe like that thought :p
23:39:17  <Bjarni> newstations aren't supported by OTTD yet
23:39:28  <blathijs> any debian users around?
23:39:35  *** Nubian [] has joined #openttd
23:39:45  <Fujitsu> Yes, blathijs.
23:39:47  *** _Red is now known as Red
23:39:58  <black_Nightmare> say that reminds me....what anyone think of the idea of adding empty/half-loaded/fully-loaded graphics support?
23:40:08  <black_Nightmare> not sure if thats a good idea but then still
23:40:12  <blathijs> Fujitsu: I've got a debian package to test in a minute (no x86 debian machine available atm)
23:40:21  <Fujitsu> blathijs, OK.
23:40:40  <Fujitsu> I've just released some packages myself 5 minutes ago :)
23:40:40  <black_Nightmare> I if you only got say 60% coal load then the coal car would show as half full
23:40:52  * black_Nightmare can image a flatcar with only one short container on one side too
23:41:13  <black_Nightmare> problem would'll have to rework the graphics of nearby every single wagon for this ^_^
23:45:51  *** Red [] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
23:46:32  *** Red [] has joined #openttd
23:51:43  *** CobraA1 [] has joined #openttd
23:53:00  *** black_Nightmare [] has left #openttd ["bye"]
23:53:20  *** CobraA1 [] has left #openttd []
23:53:53  <blathijs> Fujitsu: got some trouble with the signing of my package, got it fixed now I think
23:54:17  <Fujitsu> Aha. OK.
23:55:40  <blathijs> Fujitsu:
23:56:09  <Fujitsu> Aha. 1.2MiB... Take a couple of minutes to download.
23:56:26  <blathijs> check
23:57:20  <Bjarni> blathijs: should I release it on SF?
23:58:32  <DarkSSH> guys we forgot the most important part
23:58:36  *** DarkSSH changed the topic of #openttd to:  0.4.6 Released! | Translator is under reconstruction | Website: * (Gameservers: servers, Nightly-builds: nightly, WIKI: wiki, SVN mailinglist: maillist, Dev-docs: docs)
23:58:51  <DarkSSH> why aren't I sleeping?
23:58:52  <DarkSSH> damn
23:59:12  <Fujitsu> Haah
23:59:27  <Bjarni> DarkSSH: you yelled at me for not keeping the style and you broke the release style :s
23:59:39  <Bjarni> luckily I have access to fix that

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