Log for #openttd on 6th November 2018:
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11:49:48  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] andythenorth commented on issue #6903: selected rail type should be included in game saves
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15:16:14  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh commented on pull request #6963: Several improvements in known-bugs file
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15:20:04  <peter1138> "Unificate"?
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15:37:30  <LordAro> unificate.
15:47:00  <peter1138> Unify would be the normal form...
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15:59:54  <Xarick> hmm
16:00:14  <Xarick> so I registered
16:00:43  <Xarick> now the spam goes to my email
16:00:46  <Xarick> oh well
16:32:53  <peter1138> Registered what?
16:34:15  <nielsm> nick with nickserv
16:37:02  <LordAro> when was +R added again? is it worth removing it again?
16:37:41  <nielsm> there's 1-3 spammers a day without
16:38:43  <peter1138> It never sends me any email.
16:39:07  <nielsm> same, nickserv sends one at registration time and never again
16:39:22  <nielsm> (except password reset but who needs that)
16:47:59  <Xarick> _settings_game.order.serviceathelipad should just be removed
16:48:36  <Xarick> these workarounds are dirty
16:49:34  <nielsm> that setting itself is a workaround from ttdpatch for the lack of heliports with hangars isn't it?
16:49:46  <nielsm> (and that workaround was ported to ottd at some early point)
16:50:32  <Xarick> yes, but it increases complexity with automatic servicing versus auto replace
16:52:00  <nielsm> my point is that it's not a useful option for new games where the medium and large heliports are available
16:52:26  <nielsm> or rather, it's just a cheat for games with those hangar-equipped heliports
16:53:27  <Xarick>
16:53:43  <Xarick> workaround has to deal with both it enabled and disabled
16:54:15  <nielsm> who are you arguing with?
16:55:24  <Xarick> with serviceathelipad setting
16:56:58  <Xarick> does it fit the criteria of it being enabled/disabled and needing or not needing a replacement?
16:57:11  <nielsm> the other alternative is to pretend the setting does not exist and if anyone asks about it tell them they're a fool to play modern versions with a setting made for a time long past
16:59:48  <Xarick> now, the other issue,
17:00:45  <Xarick> I only remember that I needed to use !CanVehicleUseStation in there, for some reason I forgot
17:00:54  <Xarick> :)
17:01:36  <Xarick> wondering if it was due to airport being demolished/replaced
17:03:24  * LordAro realises who Xarick is
17:03:45  <Xarick> this is samu with a registered nick
17:03:55  <Xarick> so i could join channel
17:05:30  <LordAro> :)
17:09:04  <nielsm> Xarick, you do realize that the entire find-order-to-use-depot loop is pointless, right? the first line of the function you're in will bail out if NeedsAutomaticServicing() returns false, and one of the conditions for that is if HasDepotOrder() returns true
17:10:28  <nielsm> and if the player has given the vehicle an order to use a depot on an airport the vehicle can't use, the player is an idiot and not worth doing anything for
17:10:33  <nielsm> same if the player is an AI
17:10:46  <nielsm> then you tell the AI developer they need to fix their code
17:12:08  <nielsm> actually, the only situation you're protecting against is the helicopter visiting nothing but small heliports and oil rigs, if the player is setting that up it's his own fault for not getting vehicles serviced
17:15:09  <nielsm> a general request for you: when you add weird corner case handling in code, add a comment block IN THE CODE NEXT TO THE CORNER CASE HANDLING, explaining what is being handled, why, how, and why it's correct
17:15:25  <nielsm> (if you find that difficult to explain in a comment, it's probably because it's poorly thought out)
17:16:17  <Xarick> the player could replace an airport with a helistation, the orders are still kept
17:16:40  <nielsm> player's fault
17:16:42  <Xarick> but if the aircraft is not a helicopter
17:16:54  <Xarick> yeah, but the code has to deal with it somehow
17:17:39  <nielsm> do that in the monthly sanity check (or however often it is) that sends news messages to the player, warning them of potential problems
17:17:59  <nielsm> just like the message telling "vehicle 5 has no orders"
17:18:57  <nielsm> add one telling the player, "aircraft 8 is ordered to land at Vendingpark Airport but it has no landing strip" or whatever
17:19:14  <Xarick> wait a bit, let me thing
17:19:16  <Xarick> think
17:19:27  <nielsm> or "aircraft 53 is not stopping at any stations with a hangar and cannot receive service"
17:19:54  <Xarick> automatic service check is daily
17:20:26  <Xarick> day 1, aircraft gets a go to hangar order from automatic service check
17:20:44  <Xarick> day 2, airport is replaced with helistation, order is turned dummy
17:21:07  <Xarick> day 3, automatic service check is done again, some other hangar is searched
17:21:46  <Xarick> i think it fixes itself
17:22:05  <Xarick> not sure, have to test
17:25:50  <nielsm>
17:26:08  <nielsm> add a check for aircraft with poorly thought out orders there
17:26:36  <nielsm> instead of trying to fix the players' mistakes with fragile logic
17:33:32  <Xarick> uh oh, got a crash
17:33:36  <Xarick>
17:33:44  <Xarick> nullptr
17:34:14  <Xarick> uint last_dist = last_dest != NULL || last_dest->airport.tile != INVALID_TILE
17:34:42  <Xarick> should be last_dest != NULL && last_dest->airport.tile != INVALID_TILE
17:35:06  <Xarick> got a last_dest = NULL
17:36:10  <LordAro> indeed
17:38:13  <Xarick> and line 158 the same
17:43:51  <Xarick> 17:09] <nielsm> Xarick, you do realize that the entire find-order-to-use-depot loop is pointless, right? the first line of the function you're in will bail out if NeedsAutomaticServicing() returns false, and one of the conditions for that is if HasDepotOrder() returns true
17:45:04  <Xarick> HasDepotOrder means, a real go to hangar order in the order list
17:46:09  <Xarick> my find-order-to-use-depot has a different usage
17:46:55  <Xarick> it finds an airport with a hangar coupled with it, and if it reaches this point, then it means it isn't using a go to hangar order
17:47:26  <Xarick> i'm merelly trying to limit the scope
17:47:49  <Xarick> if helicopter is going from airport > heliport > airport
17:48:08  <Xarick> and it needs automatic servicing and is currently heading for heliport
17:48:54  <nielsm> yeah sucks to be that helicopter right now
17:48:56  <Xarick> it will make sure that it won't search for a hangar out of the current schedulle, because in the order list, there is an airport coupled with a hangar, so, it keeps going to the heliport, unserviced
17:49:06  <nielsm> just send the player a warning in the 20 days orders list sanity check
17:49:09  <Xarick> on the way back
17:49:18  <Xarick> it is then heading for the hangar of the airport
17:50:38  <Xarick> i think that is for real orders
17:50:50  <Xarick> these are automated
17:51:14  <nielsm> what?
17:51:24  <nielsm> aircraft stop at the orders given and nowhere else
17:51:33  <nielsm> there aren't implicit orders for aircraft
17:51:35  <Xarick> checking if it needs automatic service
17:51:41  <nielsm> THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN
17:52:10  <nielsm> you said it yourself: <Xarick> automatic service check is daily
17:52:27  <Xarick> yes, the function is called daily
17:52:49  <nielsm> unless it takes less than a day for the aircraft to travel to a station and stop at it and leave again, it's going to check for ability to service at every station it visits
17:52:56  <Xarick> line 487
17:53:03  <nielsm> so the only thing you need to check is once in a rare while whether the orders make sense
17:53:23  <nielsm> if the aircraft has no means of visiting a station with a hangar then tell the player he's an idiot
17:53:35  <nielsm> you can do that in the CheckOrders() function
17:53:47  <nielsm> without complicating the find hangar logic further
17:53:55  <nielsm> and making aircraft take unexpected detours
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17:56:23  <Xarick> ok i see
17:56:40  <Xarick> the unreachable depot
17:57:00  <Xarick> you want me to keep it unreachable
17:57:17  <Xarick> the vehicle can't use station message still pop ups, no need to change code over there
17:57:37  <nielsm> I think a patch that makes vehicles take unexpected detours is bad
17:58:04  <nielsm> tell the player the vehicle has a potential problem and let the player fix that problem
17:58:33  <nielsm> don't try to fix it for the player, and leave the player to discover his vehicles fooling around in ways he didn't tell them to
18:00:00  <nielsm> philosophically speaking, the player should be in control and informed, not robbed of control and left in the dark
18:00:05  <Xarick> gonna try keep it unreachable
18:00:23  <Xarick> still not sure how am i tacling helicopters flying between heliports
18:00:42  <Xarick> maybe i make it really for AIR_HELICOPTER only
18:00:54  <Xarick> and screw airplanes
18:01:55  <Xarick> by "screw" i mean, do nothing about them
18:03:19  <Xarick> avoid detours, except for helicopters
18:03:34  <Xarick> with their special heliport heliport
18:09:28  <nielsm>
18:09:31  <nielsm> that is my suggestions
18:09:38  <nielsm> that is my COMPLETE suggestion to how to handle the situation
18:09:53  <nielsm> everything else, scrap those changes
18:11:42  <Xarick> not even for autoreplace?
18:11:49  <nielsm> no
18:11:56  <nielsm> just tell the player "this vehicle might have a problem"
18:11:58  <nielsm> and that's it
18:13:19  <Xarick> I dunno what to say, it's like my entire proposal being trash
18:13:25  <Xarick> I feel bad
18:13:38  <nielsm> well, maybe add the "service at helipads" dumb-setting-that-should-no-longer-exist check too
18:14:42  <Xarick> the whole deal is mainly due to helicopters, autoreplace versus autoservice
18:15:03  <Xarick> oh well
18:15:07  <Xarick> a message warning the player
18:15:27  <nielsm> nudge the player towards solving their own problems
18:15:40  <nielsm> that's generally the way a management game is supposed to work
18:15:50  <nielsm> but don't take my word alone for it
18:19:06  <nielsm> I hope someone else who's been with the project longer can weigh in too
18:19:06  <Xarick> from what I could tell from the code, there was an intention to have helicopters to be sent to hangars for autoreplacing
18:19:06  <Xarick> but that part wasn't working properly, or at all
18:19:06  <Xarick> I tried an implementation
18:19:06  <nielsm> try making a simpler, less intrusive fix
18:19:28  <nielsm> and if that's not possible, add a comment block in the code explaining why it has to be complex
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18:19:53  <nielsm> bbl, food time
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18:27:32  <Xarick> can't we reach a middle of the road agreement?
18:27:37  <Xarick> if (!hangar_in_o/* || (!CanVehicleUseStation(v, st) && v->state >= TAKEOFF && v->state <= FLYING)*/) {
18:27:50  <Xarick> i am removing the canvehicleusestation check over there
18:30:52  <Xarick> no more detours for airplanes heading for helistations when automatic service ticks in
18:31:25  <Xarick> aircraft keeps floating around the helistation, in circles now
18:31:35  <Xarick> even when it needs automatic service
18:34:55  <nielsm> isn't it already a warning if a non-heli aircraft is told to land on a airstrip-less station?
18:36:11  <Xarick> i can also remove the CanVehicleUseStation(v, ost) inside my loop
18:36:40  <Xarick> there is a popup warning about aircraft 1 has an invalid station in its orders
18:36:52  <Xarick> kinda generic, but sufficient
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18:41:36  <frosch123> xarick is way too similar to xaroth
18:41:57  <LordAro> i think that's what confused me initially
18:42:13  <frosch123> yes, deduced it by content :)
18:42:16  <Xarick> Xarick is my cat's name
18:42:26  <Xarick> one of
18:42:45  <Xarick> i also use it in the forum
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18:47:12  <Xarick> Xarick is with me since 2009 i think
18:47:28  <Xarick> damn, can't believe he's 9 years old already
18:47:31  <Xarick> time flies
18:47:56  <andythenorth> o/
18:57:34  <andythenorth> is it TrueBrain?
19:13:46  <TrueBrain> I hope you dont think I am 9 years old :P
19:19:24  <Wolf01> o/
19:21:56  <Xarick>
19:22:11  <Xarick> trying to decipher why I coded it like that :(
19:22:48  <Xarick> line 456-458
19:23:51  <Xarick> if it can't use the station that it's currently heading to, don't even check if the distance is closer blabla
19:23:57  <Xarick> defer immediately
19:24:35  <Xarick> if it can use the station, check distances
19:24:45  <Xarick> then decide if it defers or not
19:25:09  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: have you deployed my work yet?
19:25:09  <Xarick> or rather, check distances to decide if it defers or not
19:25:37  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: your work?
19:25:47  <andythenorth> yes
19:25:49  <andythenorth> all of it
19:25:55  * andythenorth hasn't done any :P
19:25:58  <Wolf01> What if I fetch a git repository inside the same repository?
19:26:08  <TrueBrain> ah, yes, I forgot, I deployed nothing indeed!
19:26:10  <TrueBrain> :D
19:29:25  <andythenorth> so who's helping me with website?
19:29:27  <andythenorth> LordAro?
19:29:34  <andythenorth> we're just reimplmenting current design
19:29:39  <andythenorth> responsive and stuff comes later
19:30:30  <andythenorth> can someone script generating the blog posts?
19:30:35  <andythenorth> blog -> md converter
19:30:44  <TrueBrain> I will take care of that, no problem
19:31:27  <andythenorth> oof, the translation block on RHS has live counts?
19:31:41  <TrueBrain> "live"
19:31:44  <TrueBrain> but yeah, ish
19:31:47  <TrueBrain> same as with downloads
19:31:56  <TrueBrain> just placeholder it, we will "dynamically" fix that :)
19:32:04  <TrueBrain> I think I found a clean way to do that
19:32:14  <Xarick> hmm to avoid unnecessary detours, i always have to assume the vehicle can use the station even if it can't
19:32:18  <TrueBrain> I got suggested using nginx lua, but I voted against :)
19:37:26  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: I am making a mental map of pages
19:37:34  <andythenorth> this is a separate service?
19:37:35  <TrueBrain> sounds painful
19:37:38  <TrueBrain> yes
19:38:18  <frosch123> i am working on that one currently
19:38:52  <TrueBrain> what-ever we do, no sharing cookies :)
19:38:59  <TrueBrain> the auth server should be separate from the rest
19:39:15  <TrueBrain> but I know frosch123 was already doing that (maybe even without him knowing he was :D)
19:39:23  <andythenorth> I have got 7 or 8 pages
19:39:24  <frosch123> i do oauth2/openid-connect
19:39:25  <andythenorth> plus blog
19:39:41  <frosch123> i found a mediawiki plugin for oauth, so maybe that part works immediately
19:39:59  <TrueBrain> frosch123: just to be clear, are you converting our LDAP to oauth2, or making BaNaNaS2 work with oauth2?
19:40:05  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: sounds about right
19:40:34  <andythenorth> oh screenshot pages also
19:40:35  <andythenorth> that's BS
19:40:44  <andythenorth> maybe we can add some kind of content model for those
19:41:07  <TrueBrain> just port stuff as-is; screenshots is easy
19:41:17  <frosch123> i implement a oauth middle piece, which redirects authentication to github or ldap, adds its own authorisation/role stuff, and can then be accessed by eints and mediawiki to check users and roles
19:41:45  <TrueBrain> cool
19:41:50  <andythenorth>
19:42:18  <andythenorth> screenshots is loads of pointless manual maintenance when it should just be a loop over n
19:42:43  <andythenorth> collections looks like it will nail it
19:42:50  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: yes, never do screenshots manual
19:42:57  <TrueBrain> they are not manual now, please dont make them manual after :P
19:43:19  <TrueBrain> developers should be collections btw, imo
19:43:27  <andythenorth> yeah I can do stuff like site.screenshots
19:43:30  <TrueBrain> screenshots can either be a blog, or something
19:43:39  <andythenorth> precisely as would be expected
19:43:43  <andythenorth> so far I like jekyll :P
19:43:58  * andythenorth wonders if jekyll can template NML :P
19:44:04  <TrueBrain> and pleaaasseee, just keep it simple; if we could finish the website before the end of the year, that would really help :P
19:44:19  <andythenorth> well
19:44:29  <andythenorth> I am trying to finish Iron Horse 2 by Christmas :P
19:44:35  <andythenorth> so I am not looking for a moon shot project
19:44:58  <andythenorth> if I get a clear run at it, the website should be about a day
19:45:05  <andythenorth> I do work stuff like this often
19:45:10  <TrueBrain> exactly
19:45:15  <TrueBrain> as long as that is the focus, I am happy ;)
19:45:40  <andythenorth> later we can do responsive, Bootstrap 4, and find a designer :P
19:45:52  <TrueBrain> ieuw, Bootstrap
19:45:52  <andythenorth> later
19:45:58  <TrueBrain> but yes :)
19:48:15  <andythenorth> where are we hiding current website source
19:48:16  <andythenorth> ?
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19:48:17  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v glx
19:48:25  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: no the subversion :D
19:48:31  <andythenorth> oof
19:48:59  <TrueBrain> no = on, but typing is hard
19:49:06  <andythenorth> yair yair :)
19:49:31  <frosch123> andythenorth: you have a vm running it :p
19:49:51  <andythenorth> not since I migrated my laptop :P
19:49:53  <TrueBrain> I am wondering if I can remember the host I assigned it to ..
19:50:00  <frosch123> svn-archive
19:50:07  <andythenorth> I can crawl everything out of prod site
19:50:09  <andythenorth> but ugh
19:50:12  <andythenorth> that sucks
19:50:14  <TrueBrain> ah, yes, I am happy frosch123 has a better memory than me :D
19:50:36  <andythenorth> url?
19:50:45  <TrueBrain> in your PM
19:50:50  <andythenorth> ta
19:52:20  <Xarick> this feels dumb
19:52:27  <Xarick> but it's what you asked nielsm
19:53:01  <andythenorth> hmm
19:53:12  <andythenorth> I was looking for static assets - css and any images
19:53:16  <andythenorth> can't see those in svn
19:53:27  <TrueBrain> hmm .. arent they there?
19:53:29  <TrueBrain> lemme check
19:53:32  <andythenorth> is there a media folder someone?
19:53:45  <Xarick> nielsm:
19:53:53  <TrueBrain> there is also a media folder, but it should also be in subversion I think
19:53:55  <TrueBrain> hmm
19:54:02  <TrueBrain> for speed, all static images are served from
19:54:04  <Xarick> less complex, but in my view, more dumber, will need player care
19:54:12  <frosch123> no, i stole that one via scp :)
19:54:22  <TrueBrain> ah
19:54:35  <Wolf01> So, today they disconnected me 6 times, even with slower speed which "solves all the problems"... it's not the speed the problem, I'm fine with 4.2M, the problem is elsewhere
19:55:02  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: let me make you a tarball
19:55:10  <andythenorth> thx
19:56:20  <TrueBrain> I did not check what else is in that tarball :P
19:56:22  <glx> Wolf01: noisy DSL line ?
19:56:24  <TrueBrain> lemme know when you got it
19:57:30  <Wolf01> Nah, some idiot touched something which worked really fine in a cabinet or in the central
19:58:08  <Wolf01> Now I have a high packet loss and a lot of disconnections
19:58:18  <Wolf01> But the line works fine
19:59:46  <TrueBrain> frosch123: btw, did you check if something already exists that does that for you? (in case you are building it yourself :P)
20:00:26  <frosch123> i spent 2 days on google :)
20:00:31  <TrueBrain> good :)
20:00:40  <TrueBrain> normally of course applications to authorization themself :)
20:01:01  <TrueBrain> mediawiki can, but the interface is shitty :P
20:01:02  <frosch123> i found various oauth libs, most do stuff which i do not need, but lack the stuff i need
20:01:12  <TrueBrain> haha; life is fun :P
20:01:18  <frosch123> so, i settled for one which is bundled by debian
20:02:01  <TrueBrain> unexpected place to find that :)
20:02:35  <frosch123> one of them was agpl3 licensed, which - according to my interpretation - would require is to license all out website stuff as apgl3
20:02:53  <TrueBrain> if we can avoid these kind of licenses, that would be great
20:02:57  <TrueBrain> same for gpl/lgpl
20:03:03  <TrueBrain> they are not bad perse .. just annoying
20:03:11  <TrueBrain> too bad relicensing OpenTTD is too much effort :P
20:10:33  <andythenorth> apgl never quite panned out
20:10:43  <andythenorth> it was unfortunate
20:10:49  <andythenorth> because it's not gpl compatible
20:12:01  <frosch123> the dude was looking for a license to sell his code to companies, while offering it to oss for free
20:12:18  <TrueBrain> you see, even these days, people land on agpl because of that
20:12:21  <frosch123> but his dual-licensing kind of means that he cannot accept contributions? so what's the point...
20:12:29  <TrueBrain> but I thought we established that gpl is not a nice license to work with :P
20:12:56  <TrueBrain> I mostly have seen people using agpl to force "big companies" to share their changes
20:13:03  <TrueBrain> but you see big companies doing that on their own these days
20:13:10  <TrueBrain> so that "forcing" part is a bit mute nowedays
20:13:26  <TrueBrain> for the making money part .. yeah .. I get it .. but ... you are either open source, or you arent, tbh
20:13:58  <frosch123> yes, i think he did not realise that he cannot reuse contributions by others in that case
20:14:06  <andythenorth> we tried to use agpl
20:14:08  <andythenorth> for valid reasons
20:14:21  <andythenorth> but then we found we can't use any gpl stuff
20:14:23  <andythenorth> so game over
20:14:35  <TrueBrain> dont use GPL stuff in a company tbh :P
20:14:38  <TrueBrain> it is horrible, legal-wise
20:15:19  <nielsm> don't make products that run GPL-covered software*
20:15:43  <nielsm> GPL only puts restrictions on distribution of the software, none on the usage
20:15:52  <TrueBrain> there is this blurry line if you dont sell the product, but deliver it as service .. but that is just against the idea of the license .. it is .. ugly
20:17:04  <nielsm> if you use a GPL-covered javascript library on a SaaS website, then you at the very least must distribute a non-minified version of it, and the entire application might actually be GPL covered, yes
20:17:12  <nielsm> since you're actually distributing code to the user
20:17:15  <TrueBrain> but if you start a new project .. please .. dont use GPL .. pick some other .. it is always better tbfh ..
20:17:17  <TrueBrain> but that is just me :P
20:21:07  <frosch123> google, github, gitlab, twitter, facebook, dropbox, reddit, linkedin, azure, discord, slack, stackoverflow, bitbucket, auth0, strava, spotify, yandex, twitch, vk
20:21:22  <TrueBrain> SPAMBOT DETECTED!
20:21:24  <frosch123> i think we should allos linkedin login, just for fun :)
20:21:24  <TrueBrain> :D
20:21:28  <frosch123> *allow
20:21:37  <TrueBrain> you crazy :P
20:21:55  <andythenorth> nah nielsm a gpl js doesn't sweep up the rest of the code, I can't remember why but I had to look into it
20:22:15  <TrueBrain> dont minify it in the rest of your javascript :P
20:22:21  <frosch123> TrueBrain: if you would check wikipedia, there are several sources which proof that ottd is very suitable for business training
20:22:39  <TrueBrain> business training?
20:23:05  <LordAro> trains you to be like a bus
20:23:21  <andythenorth> if you minify it and remove the GPL notification and refuse to distribute source, then that's a problem
20:23:59  <frosch123> hmm, i can't find the reference
20:24:08  <frosch123> did someone consider it too stupid and deleted it?
20:26:20  <TrueBrain> right; I am off. Enjoy your evening guys :)
20:28:29  <andythenorth> I am happy to file this one under "Stallman" and leave it at that
20:28:45  <andythenorth> sosumi.js
20:33:18  *** Supercheese has joined #openttd
20:33:35  <frosch123> <- that guy removed it
20:34:03  <frosch123> i am sure that paper got most links from ottd :)
20:34:10  <andythenorth> :D
20:38:18  <LordAro> lol
20:45:55  *** wodencafe has joined #openttd
20:48:34  <andythenorth> did truebrain actually go?
20:48:50  * andythenorth assumes that is a silly idea
20:49:03  <andythenorth> and css for the website should be in the website repo
20:49:20  <andythenorth> if we want to use a CDN for static assets, we should handle that in a deploy script
21:07:24  *** nielsm has quit IRC
21:19:31  *** andythenorth has left #openttd
21:31:32  *** lugo has quit IRC
22:04:44  <Xarick> Cannot rebase: You have unstaged changes. Please commit or stash them.
22:04:51  <Xarick> forgot how to do it, :(
22:05:53  <LordAro> well, it tells you what you need to do :p
22:06:12  <Xarick> i commit then?
22:06:13  <Xarick> ok
22:06:18  <LordAro> possibly
22:06:22  <LordAro> depends what unstaged changes are
22:06:44  <Xarick> they're the changes i want to rebase -i
22:07:08  <LordAro> yeah, you'll want to commit those then
22:07:10  <LordAro> probably
22:07:26  <frosch123> <- we could also buy that thing for /month
22:07:36  <frosch123> the free plan is not enough though
22:07:58  <frosch123> but many things we do not need
22:10:49  *** andythenorth has joined #openttd
22:10:50  <Xarick> i think i'm gonna do this in 3 commits
22:11:00  <Xarick> 1, to fix the crast in last_dest, next_dest
22:11:00  <andythenorth> can I prevent an engine attaching to another engine?
22:11:05  <Xarick> crash*
22:11:07  <andythenorth> frosch123: ^ o_O
22:11:15  <frosch123> an engine is also a wagon
22:11:15  <LordAro> frosch123: i feel like running an ldap server isn't the worst thing in the world
22:11:22  <Xarick> 2, add the helicopter/serviceathelipad check
22:11:30  <Xarick> 3, make it dumber
22:11:30  <LordAro> compared to something like that, anyway
22:11:47  <andythenorth> hmm, so I can use that cb
22:11:52  <andythenorth> I've never used it :P
22:11:52  <Xarick> so that the player has something to work for
22:12:22  <frosch123> andythenorth: media.o.o is essentially the static-bypass
22:12:37  <frosch123> directly served by nginx instead of django
22:12:53  <andythenorth> that makes sense
22:13:01  <andythenorth> dunno if we need it in new infra land
22:13:08  <frosch123> unlikely
22:13:35  <andythenorth> for the traffic we get, serving css and a few logos should be fine
22:14:20  <andythenorth> hmm but should I forbid attachment :P
22:14:50  <frosch123> why do you hate multi-engine?
22:15:03  <frosch123> aren't you the one posting videos/photos of them all the time?
22:15:12  <frosch123> cargo trains with 8+ engines
22:15:17  <andythenorth> not for some time
22:15:35  <andythenorth> I don't hate multi-engine :)
22:15:52  <andythenorth> there's a specific case where attaching very high speed trains to other trains makes no sense
22:16:03  <andythenorth> just loses 40-50mph of speedf
22:16:09  <Xarick> i hate multi-engine
22:16:39  <andythenorth> but also I have lots of livery madness, where livery changes depending on engine
22:16:46  <andythenorth> and it's just broken for high speed trains :P
22:16:46  <frosch123> let your kids learn themself that it makes no sense
22:16:56  <frosch123> do not prevent them from learning :)
22:17:06  <andythenorth> so we are -1 to the cb?
22:17:10  <andythenorth> I am not a fan of it
22:17:16  <Xarick> makes the terrain settings, the weight multiplier, and all that fine tuning effortof a scenario difficulty go to waste
22:17:20  <andythenorth> fixing the livery bug is 3 copy-paste actions in photoshop
22:19:57  <andythenorth> or it's one line in python :P
22:20:44  <frosch123> the cb would be more then
22:21:54  <andythenorth> and it's unpleasant
22:22:31  *** matt21347 has quit IRC
22:23:02  <andythenorth> oof my one line of python works, but gains me lots of unused switch warnings :P
22:24:01  <andythenorth> I could draw a second livery, but I have no way to select it, the vehicle is articulated
22:24:06  <andythenorth> so I can't use depot flip :D
22:25:51  <Xarick> git commit --amend
22:25:56  <andythenorth> shift-click to cycle liveries :P
22:25:57  <Xarick> how to keep the same message?
22:26:20  <andythenorth> copy-paste
22:28:39  <andythenorth> hmm
22:28:54  <andythenorth> randomised livery choice based on random bits in lead unit?
22:29:16  <LordAro> Xarick: it autofills the same commit message for me
22:29:19  <andythenorth> or go to bed :P
22:31:36  <andythenorth> or build these trains one unit at a time, not articulated?
22:31:59  <andythenorth>
22:35:35  <andythenorth> so many ideas
22:35:38  <andythenorth> bed is the best one
22:35:39  *** andythenorth has left #openttd
22:36:17  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
22:42:25  <Xarick> crap!
22:42:33  <Xarick> Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State Error	C2039	'HasPendingReplace': is not a member of 'Aircraft'	openttd	D:\OpenTTD\OpenTTD GitHub\OpenTTD\src\aircraft_cmd.cpp	443
22:42:49  <Xarick> damn it, i need to edit this later, not earlier
22:43:02  <Xarick> what do i do now :(
22:45:26  <Xarick> what a terrible rebase
22:46:23  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #6925: Fix #6574 #6636 #5405 #6493: Aircraft hangar issues
22:47:17  <Xarick> this only got the crash fix
22:47:37  <Xarick> last_dest/next_dest crash fix
22:48:57  <Xarick> can i rebase again while the continuous-integration is working?
22:50:46  <LordAro> sure
22:57:13  *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
23:02:39  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #6925: Fix #6574 #6636 #5405 #6493: Aircraft hangar issues
23:11:11  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick updated pull request #6925: Fix #6574 #6636 #5405 #6493: Aircraft hangar issues
23:11:53  <Xarick> okay, I'm done, now I wonder if the continuous integration won't mess up
23:12:29  <LordAro> it'll cope
23:12:33  <LordAro> if not, that's not your problem
23:13:21  <Xarick> two of the updates were rebases
23:13:28  <Xarick> the last one was a new commit, the 10th
23:14:05  <Xarick>
23:14:14  <Xarick> nielsm u around?
23:14:42  <Xarick> less detours as requested, more player care needed
23:15:01  <LordAro> he'll have the notifications and will get to it when he can
23:15:04  <LordAro> don't beg :p
23:15:28  <Xarick> for me, it looks weird, i basically made it less smart :(
23:15:38  <Xarick> but, i see his point of view

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