Log for #openttd on 3rd January 2019:
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00:06:27  <lugo> "Allow up to two rail types per tile." i can't believe my eyes
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00:48:17  <Samu> i wonder if i can trust the unitnumber
00:48:20  <Samu>
00:48:56  <Samu> there's autoreplace going on
00:49:19  <Samu> unit number is the v->unitnumber of a vehicle
00:49:34  <Samu> vehicle_id is v->index
00:50:15  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] Hezkore opened issue #7007: Joining server via shortcut causes freeze
00:50:19  <Samu> the first vehicle_id is the vehicle index that belongs to the vehicle with v->unitnumber
00:50:46  <Samu> the second vehicle_id is the vehicle index that was stored previously in a list
00:51:18  <Samu> can we trust the unitnumber?
00:51:30  <Samu> is it more reliable with autorenew+autoreplace?
00:52:53  <Samu> oh, and the code
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00:53:51  <Samu>
00:54:13  <Samu> code for script_vehicle.cpp
00:54:27  <Samu> and the other code, in ai side is...
00:55:27  <Samu>
00:58:36  <Samu> Does anyone understand what I'm trying to do? :|
01:02:56  <Samu> Instead of working with vehicle_id on lists, I'd rework the API to create lists based on unitnumber (providing my theory is correct, that we can trust the unitnumber belonging to the save vehicle before and after autorenew)
01:03:10  <Samu> same* vehicle
01:04:00  <Samu> the basis of a vehicle would become v->unitnumber instead of v->index
01:04:40  <Samu> anyone?
01:04:57  <Samu> this is only for scripts, of course
01:05:24  <Samu> oh well cyas goodnight, guess everyone's asleep
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01:52:48  <Wyndbain> hi
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01:53:48  <ST2> bye
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08:00:52  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] andythenorth commented on pull request #7000: Add: Var 6A, a clone of Var 4A for querying poweredness compared to a…
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09:03:47  <Samu> oh no, no comments
09:04:00  <Samu> I'm sad
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10:38:59  <Eddi|zuHause> anyone with linux-fu around? is there a quick way to see which process spawned a process?
10:40:38  <LordAro> there are better ways, but i usually use htop in tree mode for quixkly looking myself
10:41:35  <Eddi|zuHause> slight complication: the process is only around for a short time, so i need something that outputs once and doesn't update
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10:44:07  <LordAro> Eddi|zuHause: how about `ps faux` ? ('f' does the tree)
10:44:40  <LordAro> but if it's really short, then yeah, it's tricky
10:46:00  <Eddi|zuHause> i have a popup window about every half or one hour, which stays around for a few seconds
10:46:41  <Eddi|zuHause> asking me to accept a cacert
10:47:29  <LordAro> how odd?
10:47:32  <LordAro> -?
10:49:44  <Eddi|zuHause> i found that the process has the command line "gpgsm --server"
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11:12:57  <Samu>
11:14:17  <Samu> road vehicle 1835 has just been autoreplaced, look at date of last service and current date
11:14:32  <Samu> 15th jan 1929
11:15:36  <Samu> grabbing the vehicle by unitnumber redirects to its post-replacement index
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11:18:09  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] James103 commented on issue #7001: YAPF can't find road depot, but NPF can
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11:19:13  <Samu> vehicle_id 6854 was the index it had before replacement, and that of which vehicle lists iterate, it is outdated information
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11:20:14  <Samu> vehicle_id 549 is the post-replacement index, the redirected-to-current index of the vehicle
11:27:19  <Samu> What must I do now?
11:28:28  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] Eddi-z commented on pull request #7000: Add: Var 6A, a clone of Var 4A for querying poweredness compared to a…
11:36:45  <Samu> guys, I don't know if I only need a function
11:37:11  <Samu> or if vehiclelists also need update
11:37:56  <Eddi|zuHause> doesn't seem to have a parent process
11:38:53  <Samu> all the lists that make use of v->index
11:42:25  <Samu> all that is " a list of vehicles "
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12:01:40  <Eddi|zuHause> so, the chinese finally managed to fake a moon landing on the dark side?
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12:03:20  <Borg> ufff.... my NewGRF NFO file rewritten! :)
12:03:26  <Borg> now I can continue work on Transfer Industries
12:13:22  <Samu> how do i automatically generate .hpp.sq files?
12:13:32  <peter1138> Eddi|zuHause, there is no dark side. There is far side, though.
12:13:47  <Eddi|zuHause> congrats, you found one of the jokes :p
12:16:17  <Samu> but, how do i generate it
12:16:17  <peter1138> Ah, German humour.
12:16:55  <Samu> i've been editing them manually
12:17:16  <Samu> but if there's an automated method, I'd like to know how to do that way
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12:41:54  <Samu> is it ?
12:42:04  <Samu> how do i run .sh on windows?
12:46:31  <Borg> MSYS? Cygwin?
12:47:05  <Samu> will git bash here work?
12:48:17  <Samu> meh, let me try
12:48:24  <Samu> what could possibly go wrong, :p
12:51:03  <Samu> it gone wrong
12:51:05  <Samu> t.t
12:56:30  <Samu> HALP!
12:56:38  <Samu> i don't think it generated anything
13:04:36  <peter1138> Looks like it didn't like spaces in the path.
13:04:59  <peter1138> Hmm, or not. Maybe it ran from the wrong place.
13:05:13  <Borg> Samu: it needs quite a few UNIX tools like AWK and SED
13:05:17  <Eddi|zuHause> nice that after over 20 years, we still haven't found a solution for that problem
13:05:18  <Borg> MSYS should provide them..
13:32:54  <Samu> better resort to manual editing
13:33:13  <Samu> too much trouble to get msys
13:50:10  <Borg> HELP...
13:50:16  <Borg> How to define new tiles....
13:50:27  <Borg> I tried using B0-BF range..
13:50:47  <Borg> and used it in Industry layout.. but they dont work.. I get some tiles from old undistries
13:52:15  <Eddi|zuHause> sorry, can't help you there
13:52:36  <Borg> hmm probably need to use newtile layout reference.. lets try
13:53:09  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] J0anJosep commented on issue #7001: YAPF can't find road depot, but NPF can
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13:55:40  <Borg> yep.. that worked
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14:14:30  <Samu> im failing to create a ScriptVehicleUNList api function
14:14:52  <Samu> it says the index AIVehicleUNList does not exist
14:15:54  <Samu> who's the API expert? :o
14:16:10  <Samu> Zuu?
14:17:01  <Samu>
14:17:12  <Samu> it should exist at this point, i dont know what is wrong
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14:25:48  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] J0anJosep commented on issue #7001: YAPF can't find road depot, but NPF can
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15:24:29  <Samu> I dont understand what im doing wrong
15:27:57  <Samu> dont tell me it's an API version, omg
15:29:41  <Samu> nop
15:29:44  <Samu> tried 1.9
15:29:48  <Samu> still error
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15:36:34  <Samu> gonna try renaming
15:45:21  <Samu> nop
15:45:24  <Samu> i can't make this work
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16:06:30  <Samu> anybody could take a look, plz
16:06:57  <Samu> what I'm trying to do is creating lists by v->unitnumber
16:07:24  <Samu> but when I do local vehicleList = AIVehicleList_UnitNumber(AIVehicle.VT_ROAD);
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16:07:48  <Samu> it says index 'AIVehicleList_UnitNumber' does not exist
16:07:50  <Samu> why
16:08:19  <Samu> what am I forgeting?
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17:59:41  <Samu> aha, finally found out!
18:00:10  <Samu> it only took me 7 hours
18:02:11  <Samu> I didn't know I have to register in ai_instance.cpp SQAIVehicleList_UnitNumber_Register(this->engine);
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18:08:40  <Samu> there
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18:09:03  <Samu> I don't know how to make it GS compatible
18:09:13  <Samu> it requires the company ID and the vehicle type
18:09:35  <Samu> well vehicle type is no trouble, but requiring a company ID to get the vehicle number of
18:09:46  <Samu> while being OWNER_DEITY
18:10:02  <Samu> is... not possible, imo
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18:18:13  <Wolf01> o/
18:22:55  <nielsm> concept (incomplete) for candy drill rig:
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18:38:14  <andythenorth> o/
18:42:42  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] andythenorth commented on issue #7001: YAPF can't find road depot, but NPF can
18:43:55  <LordAro> o/
18:44:05  <LordAro> andythenorth: ew, emojis
18:45:00  <andythenorth> yup
18:45:10  <andythenorth> I wanted to do emoticon
18:45:15  <andythenorth> but github doesn't approve
18:47:46  <andythenorth>  Limitation disturbs me very sprites.?
19:01:54  <nielsm> a bunch more detail on model:
19:04:24  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: why havent you reviewed yet :'(
19:05:12  <andythenorth> simples
19:05:26  <andythenorth> 32bpp EZ nielsm ? o_O
19:06:01  <nielsm> no I intend to render to original scale and paint over by hand
19:06:03  <nielsm> I think
19:06:13  <nielsm> or even just use as reference for hand painting
19:16:02  <TrueBrain> ugh, I ate too much
19:16:57  <TrueBrain> downloads is 7 MiB, news is 2.5 MiB, screenshots are 44 MiB :D
19:16:58  <TrueBrain> lol
19:17:22  <nielsm> you ate the website?
19:17:36  <TrueBrain> I wish!
19:17:59  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/website] TrueBrain updated pull request #7:  Add: downloads pages, and links from header/index to them
19:18:46  <TrueBrain> okay, only thing left is browser-detection
19:18:49  <TrueBrain> not sure that has any priority :D
19:19:37  <TrueBrain> and what I dont really like, is that the download-folders don't have an index.html
19:19:41  <TrueBrain> but that is minor too
19:20:25  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/website] TrueBrain updated pull request #7:  Add: downloads pages, and links from header/index to them
19:20:51  <andythenorth> someone approve TB's PR :P
19:21:01  * andythenorth is disassembling christmas right now and can't
19:21:27  <nielsm> I read that as "disapprove" at first and was confused
19:21:33  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: no rush :)
19:21:34  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/website] TrueBrain updated pull request #7:  Add: downloads pages, and links from header/index to them
19:21:39  <TrueBrain> I would love a look from LordAro anyway too
19:24:14  <Samu> AroAI uses autorenew, interesting
19:24:43  <Samu> ChooChoo
19:25:00  <Samu> Chopper
19:25:02  <Samu> CPU
19:25:10  <Samu> i see several ais using autorenew, hmm
19:33:07  <LordAro> TrueBrain: i'll get to it :p
19:33:20  <LordAro> Samu: iirc, it's a single line of code to turn it on, so...
19:33:33  <TrueBrain> LordAro: cool, tnx :)
19:33:37  <TrueBrain> was not sure you read my request :D
19:34:07  <LordAro> :)
19:36:51  <Samu> looking at choochoo reports
19:36:53  <Samu>
19:37:19  <Samu> seems to be an error caused by ... *cough*... autorenew *cough* :p
19:37:37  <Samu> 	local name = AIVehicle.GetName(vehicle);
19:37:37  <Samu> 	if (name.find("X") == null) {
19:37:45  <Samu> name is NULL
19:37:53  <Samu> because vehicle is null
19:38:11  <Samu> amirite?
19:39:25  <Samu> wish i could prove
19:44:30  <Samu> is trying to get the name of a vehicle == 11 which no longer exists~
19:44:52  <Samu> how can i prove this
19:48:16  <Samu> it was managing events, vehicle being unprofitable, it got the vehicle id there
19:48:44  <Samu> converted = AIEventVehicleUnprofitable.Convert(e);
19:48:52  <Samu> vehicle = converted.GetVehicleID();
19:48:58  <Samu> and then Cull(vehicle) is called
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20:05:54  <Samu> I'm creating api functions. Can you help me with the naming? ScriptVehicleList_Station_UnitNumber
20:06:07  <Samu> ScriptVehicleUNList_Station ?
20:06:21  <Samu> ScriptVehicleUIDList_Station?
20:06:54  <Samu> ScriptVehicleUnitNumberList_Station, ScriptVehicleList_UnitNumber_Station?
20:07:02  <Samu> which name is better?
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20:47:08  <Samu> :(
20:55:12  <Samu> glx,
21:00:25  <nielsm> argh
21:00:45  <nielsm> sketchup's default isometric view is not quite the right angle
21:01:07  <andythenorth> don't you need dimetric? o_O
21:01:27  <nielsm> what?
21:01:52  * andythenorth looks for docs
21:02:46  <andythenorth>
21:03:12  <Eddi|zuHause> @calc arctan(1/2)
21:03:12  <DorpsGek> Eddi|zuHause: Error: 'arctan' is not a defined function.
21:03:15  <Eddi|zuHause> @calc atan(1/2)
21:03:15  <DorpsGek> Eddi|zuHause: 0.463647609001
21:03:20  <Eddi|zuHause> @calc atan(1/2)*180/pi
21:03:20  <DorpsGek> Eddi|zuHause: 26.5650511771
21:03:31  <Eddi|zuHause> that's the "right" angle
21:03:44  <Eddi|zuHause> isometric is 30°
21:04:23  <glx> Samu: install 8.1 SDK
21:04:58  <andythenorth> not sure what this means, but eh
21:05:46  <Samu> oh, i thought it was a problem on openttd's side
21:06:02  <andythenorth>
21:10:17  <Eddi|zuHause> that thread doesn't look quite right
21:12:33  <nielsm> andythenorth that helped, I think
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21:13:12  <andythenorth> it's either 30 or 26.5 probs
21:13:44  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: how do I trigger fetching the downloads data?
21:14:00  <andythenorth> just is safe to run?
21:14:38  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: that depends on what angle you're measuring
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21:15:17  <Eddi|zuHause> the 26.5° angle is in the resulting image, the 30° angle is how you need to position the camera to produce this angle
21:15:22  <Eddi|zuHause> as far as i understand
21:15:25  <andythenorth> ok that makes sense
21:15:48  <andythenorth> FTR my calculation was same as yours atan(1/2)
21:16:37  <nielsm> yep this looks right:
21:16:56  <nielsm> dark blue overlay is 3x2 ttd tiles
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21:17:54  <Eddi|zuHause> you might have to look for rounding errors at the border or something
21:18:45  <nielsm> this is good enough, I'm not going to use it as-is, really just as a template to paint over
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21:21:55  <peter1138> Sounds like more work
21:24:58  <andythenorth> hmm
21:25:11  <andythenorth> I connect a few pax stations and cdist wrecks my network :P
21:25:12  <andythenorth> again
21:25:56  <Eddi|zuHause> that's what it does, if you don't provide enough capacity
21:26:09  <Eddi|zuHause> and no amount of capacity is ever enough
21:27:45  <andythenorth> it is if you demolish enough of the city
21:28:05  <Eddi|zuHause> or you could try out one of those passenger generation patches
21:28:20  <andythenorth> so I could
21:28:49  <andythenorth> 1k pax waiting, rating is 'Very Good'
21:29:02  <andythenorth> can't even get the rating to nerf the generation :P
21:29:40  <Eddi|zuHause> the first thing i'd try is increase the "effect of distance on demand"
21:29:52  <andythenorth> that wrecks supplies delivery :)
21:29:54  <Eddi|zuHause> but that might destroy your cargo networks
21:29:56  <andythenorth> I have it set to 0
21:30:14  <Eddi|zuHause> yeah, you can't have both :)
21:30:59  <andythenorth> I could add high-cap pax trains
21:31:12  <andythenorth> highest currently in my game year is 320 for 16/8 length
21:31:35  <andythenorth> but only 55mph, so throughput per tile length might be more on faster smaller trains
21:31:38  <Eddi|zuHause> that's still like 4 times more than default game
21:32:05  *** Progman has joined #openttd
21:32:15  <andythenorth> @calc (36/6) * 16
21:32:15  <DorpsGek> andythenorth: 96
21:32:27  <andythenorth> 96 at 90mph or 320 at 55mph
21:32:32  <andythenorth> 320 has it I think
21:32:50  <andythenorth> but I don't know about dwell times
21:32:54  <andythenorth> the 320 might load very slowly
21:33:11  <andythenorth> also I don't know the acceleration factor
21:35:00  <Eddi|zuHause> @calc 55*1.6
21:35:00  <DorpsGek> Eddi|zuHause: 88
21:35:18  <Eddi|zuHause> @calc 90*1.6
21:35:18  <DorpsGek> Eddi|zuHause: 144
21:45:55  <Samu> glx, I have another issue
21:46:11  <Samu> how to run .sh files
21:46:19  <glx> you don't
21:46:32  <glx> unless you have mingw installed
21:46:58  <Samu> can't autogenerate the api files
21:47:01  <Samu> t.t
21:47:32  <Samu> mingw
21:47:52  <glx> oh right, we may need to add a vbs for that
21:47:58  <LordAro> are there not equivalent vbs- oh
21:48:45  <Samu> i've been editing them manually so far, takes a while to get it right though
21:52:40  <glx> but converting these sh/awk scripts to vbs will not be easy
21:55:27  <Samu> Uh Oh, I'm delving into Valuate territory
21:55:55  <Samu> vehicleUNStationList.Valuate(AIVehicle.GetRoadType);
21:56:11  <Samu> looks like I need a GetRoadType_UnitNumber
21:56:41  <Samu> AIVehicle.GetRoadType_UnitNumber, horribad name
21:57:17  <Samu> and im gonna need everything changed from current behaviour
21:58:08  <Samu> I need a better naming scheme, plz help
21:58:27  <Samu> AIVehicleU.GetRoadType would be ideal
21:58:39  <Samu> or i dunno
21:58:50  <andythenorth> FIRS Hot Country makes no sense
21:58:53  <andythenorth> srsly
21:58:59  <andythenorth> can I be arsed to fix it?
21:59:48  <andythenorth> probably 'nope'
22:04:18  <andythenorth> nearly all the cargo goes to ports
22:04:28  <andythenorth> but ports have capped maximum production
22:04:38  <andythenorth> so delivering more in doesn't get more out
22:07:06  <glx> hmm looking at I wonder if it still works since the github move
22:07:40  <glx> especially     for api in `find -type d | cut -b3- | grep -v '\.svn\|/'`; do
22:07:56  <LordAro> i noticed a few of those
22:08:48  <glx> and of course all the svn calls
22:10:47  <glx> so nice there is an external awk script and a internal generated awk script
22:13:33  <LordAro> nice.
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22:22:40  <nielsm> so awful :D
22:22:56  <nielsm> obv. lots of shading missing
22:23:26  <glx> toyland oilrigs ?
22:23:35  <nielsm> kinda-sorta
22:24:09  <nielsm>
22:25:26  <Samu>
22:25:48  <Samu> new function working
22:25:50  <Samu> local vehicleUNStationList = AIVehicleList_Station_UnitNumber(AIStation.GetStationID(this.m_stationFrom), AIVehicle.VT_ROAD);
22:25:58  <Samu> method?
22:27:06  <andythenorth> nielsm: commit, ship :P
22:27:11  <andythenorth> I've done worse
22:27:22  <Samu> ScriptVehicleList_Station_UnitNumber::ScriptVehicleList_Station_UnitNumber(StationID station_id, ScriptVehicle::VehicleType vehicle_type)
22:28:05  <Samu> AIVehicleList_Station_UnitNumber is too long
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22:34:05  <crem1> Here is what I find when I search for my ipv6 address at google: !
22:34:08  *** crem1 is now known as crem
22:37:40  <LordAro> ha
22:37:56  <glx> of course join/part are in the logs
22:41:53  <glx> and google takes all images linked in the logs
22:43:31  <Eddi|zuHause> "luckily" i don't have a fixed ip?
22:44:01  <glx> ipv6 is usually not fixed, there's a random part in it
22:44:40  <dwfreed> IPv6 is not always random
22:45:07  <dwfreed> only if you're using some sort of temporary address generation, like privacy extensions
22:45:22  <Eddi|zuHause> glx: a sufficiently long prefix is as good as fixed
22:46:17  <nielsm>  the perils of rail on street
22:51:27  <andythenorth> oof
22:51:36  <andythenorth> beep beep
22:59:42  <Samu> another "list" function method api done
23:00:19  <Samu>
23:00:40  <Samu> local vehicleUNDepotList = AIVehicleList_Depot_UnitNumber(this.m_depotTile, AIVehicle.VT_ROAD);
23:03:59  *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
23:07:39  <Samu> perhaps i don't need the vehicle type in this function
23:08:17  <Samu> i can take it from the depot tile
23:08:37  *** Thedarkb-T60 has joined #openttd
23:09:11  <Thedarkb-T60> Why why why why whywhywhyWHY?
23:09:38  <Thedarkb-T60> Does OpenTTD still need obsolete libicu and libpngs
23:10:13  <Samu> it's an obsolete game? i dunno
23:10:40  <Thedarkb-T60> I'm starting to get that impression.............
23:10:44  *** nielsm has quit IRC
23:10:45  <Thedarkb-T60> I've been bitching about this for years.
23:12:38  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] thedarkb opened issue #7008: The Debian builds all depend on shockingly out of date libicu and libpng packages.
23:16:28  <andythenorth> do a PR to fix it? o_O
23:16:53  <andythenorth> as it stands that issue is likely to get closed
23:17:48  <Thedarkb-T60> I don't need to.
23:17:54  <Thedarkb-T60> It's the build farm.
23:18:16  <Samu> local vehicleUNDepotList = AIVehicleList_Depot_UnitNumber(this.m_depotTile);
23:18:20  <Samu> now without vehicle type
23:18:22  <Samu> it works!
23:18:24  <planetmaker> libpng is not an issue really...
23:18:33  * andythenorth doesn't know how deb is packaged
23:18:44  <andythenorth> but 'shockingly out of date' is unlikely to prompt a fix
23:18:52  <andythenorth> because people
23:20:45  <planetmaker> <-- please contribute so that it can be resolved satisfactorily
23:22:11  <andythenorth> such bed
23:22:12  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
23:27:46  <glx> and as already mentionned it's not a simple upgrade ICU problem
23:28:58  <glx> because we still use stuff removed in recent ICU
23:37:57  *** chomwitt has quit IRC
23:41:04  <Samu> ScriptVehicleList_SharedOrders is a problem
23:41:37  <Samu> it mixes vehicle types
23:41:42  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
23:43:17  <Samu> oh wait, it does not! wow, that's a relief

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