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12:05:25  <supermop_Home_> quiet 23 hours
12:05:45  <Eddi|zuHause> and you broke it
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12:15:13  <_dp_> this game is dead!!
12:21:51  <argoneus> it's amazing how this game is like 23 years old technically
12:22:13  <argoneus> and there still isn't any other game that captures the feel of ttd
12:22:29  <argoneus> though i haven't played train fever so maybe that one is
12:22:36  <argoneus> but people don't seem to like it much (?)
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14:49:17  <Eddi|zuHause> argoneus: more like 26
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15:18:19  <argoneus> well same point
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15:29:44  <longtomjr> Good day all. Is there a way to load a large amount of data into a variable (or the global table) using gamescripts?
15:30:22  <longtomjr> I am trying to alter world generation (spesicfically tree generation) using a gamescript. Is there other ways I can go about this?
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15:42:44  <Eddi|zuHause> i'm not quite sure what you're actually asking
15:49:24  <longtomjr> I have an array of coordinates on the map that I would like to place either 1, 2, 3, or 4 trees.
15:49:51  <longtomjr> current treemap is ~ 2k*4k
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15:53:59  <longtomjr> I already have a way to load the data, but it takes too long and times out
15:55:18  <longtomjr> I have a script that generates a squirrel array with all the coordinates, and then I require that file. However, the game fails to load if I require it during the init loop
15:55:25  <longtomjr> since the gs takes too long to load
15:55:59  <longtomjr> Is there a way to override that temprorarily somehow, force the game to wait untill everything has been loaded?
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16:12:30  <glx> don't do it in init loop then
16:13:47  <glx> you can do it once in the main loop
16:23:00  <longtomjr> Tried that, it still times out
16:23:06  <longtomjr> or gives up loading it rather
16:28:26  <Eddi|zuHause> next step would be splitting up into multiple files, and loading them in subsequent loops. or injecting the data in chunks through the admin port
16:29:10  <Eddi|zuHause> or increasing the AI/GS ticks in the .cfg
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16:35:11  <nielsm> how are the data stored in the squirrel script? as an actual squirrel array of static data, or as a string?
16:35:36  <nielsm> I think perhaps if you store it as a single huge string and parse that string after init it can work
16:47:25  <Timberwolf> Train/Transport Fever are quite fun, but they don't capture that same "I have 300 trains using this station" late-game TTD feeling.
16:49:07  <longtomjr> Eddi|zuHause, I am busy doing Run Length Encoding on the data, and then I can split it and require it on different ticks
16:49:33  <Timberwolf> I prefer their passenger model to cargodist ;), although it still leaves a little to be desired - IMO a blanket "passengers will travel for 20 minutes max, find them destinations" misses out on the crazy long-distance routes.
16:50:00  <longtomjr> also, how do I increase the ticks? If I can make it large enough just for generation I can then set it back afterwards.
16:51:14  <longtomjr> nielsm, Currently storing it as a squirrel array. I can try a string as well and see if that has any benefit. afaik the string is just a char []
16:53:22  <Timberwolf> I hit similar problems with Villages Is Villages, not found anything so big where loading the raw data exceeds the tick count but it only processes the town array once it's up and running.
16:54:54  <Timberwolf> Could you use something like a sparse quadtree rather than a 2D array? (not sure what kind of tree effect you're going for, that might work if you want a few clusters and none elsewhere)
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16:56:52  <longtomjr> Timberwolf, The data is from a PNG that looks like a heightmap
16:57:37  <longtomjr> but it is a treemap, so I have a script that converts it into a squirrel array
16:59:54  <longtomjr> So what I am going to try to do now is have several runs with the RL encoded data for each tree level, and see if that loads
17:00:18  <longtomjr> The only other concern is the overhead of inflating the array again
17:00:34  <longtomjr> and if that can run quickly enough
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17:45:51  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DorpsGek pushed 1 commits to master
17:45:51  <DorpsGek_III>   - Update: Translations from eints (by translators)
18:12:49  <longtomjr> update on my treemap situation. dP added the feature to citimania client :)
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19:19:25  <nielsm> oh they left, was just about to suggest the real crazy solution: send the treemap data to the GS via admin port
19:20:12  <_dp_> I'll pass it to him on discord xD
19:20:18  <_dp_> though it's kinda solved already
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19:40:50  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: i said that
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21:49:18  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] michicc opened pull request #8277: Fix: [CMake] Don't strip final newline from regression output.
22:04:55  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jostephd opened pull request #8278: Feature: decitiles/day velocity unit
22:16:52  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh commented on pull request #8278: Feature: decitiles/day velocity unit
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22:44:17  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jostephd commented on pull request #8278: Feature: decitiles/day velocity unit
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23:44:58  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] techgeeknz opened pull request #8279: Port GUI rendering improvements from JGRPP
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