Log for #openttdcoop on 29th May 2009:
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00:11:48  *** PeterT has joined #openttdcoop
00:12:13  <PeterT> sup
00:12:16  <PeterT> !password
00:12:16  <PublicServer> PeterT: holdup
00:12:24  <PeterT> !playercount
00:12:24  <PublicServer> PeterT: Number of players: 1
00:12:32  <PeterT> oh great :)
00:12:36  <PeterT> !players
00:12:38  <PublicServer> PeterT: Client 521 is FiCE, a spectator
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06:31:48  <PublicServer> *** FiCE has left the game (connection lost)
06:32:51  *** FiCE has quit IRC
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08:50:51  *** damalix has joined #openttdcoop
08:51:00  <damalix> !password
08:51:00  <PublicServer> damalix: altars
08:51:29  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
08:55:39  *** Myaz has quit IRC
09:00:44  *** damalix has quit IRC
09:00:45  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
09:03:48  *** damalix has joined #openttdcoop
09:04:13  <damalix> !password
09:04:13  <PublicServer> damalix: nudest
09:04:58  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
09:13:57  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
09:13:58  *** themroc has joined #openttdcoop
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09:16:15  *** damalix has joined #openttdcoop
09:16:31  *** themroc has joined #openttdcoop
09:16:34  <damalix> !players
09:16:36  <PublicServer> damalix: There are currently no clients connected to the server
09:16:52  <damalix> !password
09:16:52  <PublicServer> damalix: frigid
09:17:08  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
09:22:50  *** themroc- has quit IRC
09:37:21  *** Scotchy has joined #openttdcoop
09:37:30  <Scotchy> Hey there
09:37:52  <Scotchy> !build
09:37:56  <Scotchy> !help
09:37:56  <PublicServer> Scotchy:
09:38:22  *** theholyduck_ has joined #openttdcoop
09:43:52  <damalix> Hey
09:45:11  *** theholyduck has quit IRC
09:55:53  <Scotchy> !nightly
09:55:57  <Scotchy> Hmm
09:56:20  <Scotchy> Where do I get the Debian build the public server is currently running ?
09:56:36  <Scotchy> Seems that OpenTTD's website only offers the lastest nightly
10:01:16  <SineDeviance> !version
10:01:16  <PublicServer> SineDeviance: Autopilot AP+ 3.0 Beta (r699M)
10:02:30  <SineDeviance> Scotchy, !download
10:02:33  <SineDeviance> !download
10:02:33  <PublicServer> SineDeviance: !download autostart|autoupdate|lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
10:02:40  <Scotchy> Thx
10:02:40  <SineDeviance> so, like this
10:02:44  <SineDeviance> !download lin
10:02:44  <PublicServer> SineDeviance:
10:02:50  <SineDeviance> there ya go :D
10:03:04  <Scotchy> =)
10:03:37  <SineDeviance> i dunno why they dont just go to 0.7 stable
10:03:43  <SineDeviance> nothing wrong with it as far as i can tell
10:05:26  *** Kangoo has joined #openttdcoop
10:05:39  <Kangoo> !password
10:05:40  <PublicServer> Kangoo: galley
10:06:02  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
10:06:36  *** Progman has quit IRC
10:06:44  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has joined spectators
10:06:49  <PublicServer> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
10:07:26  <PublicServer> *** Scotchy joined the game
10:08:02  <PublicServer> *** Scotchy has left the game (leaving)
10:08:02  <PublicServer> *** Scotchy has left the game (connection lost)
10:10:13  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has joined company #1
10:12:25  *** Polygon has quit IRC
10:12:50  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has joined company #1
10:12:50  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
10:13:03  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
10:13:03  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
10:13:43  <damalix> !password
10:13:43  <PublicServer> damalix: minion
10:13:51  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
10:14:02  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has joined spectators
10:14:03  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
10:14:03  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
10:14:05  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has joined company #1
10:14:05  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
10:14:35  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
10:14:35  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
10:14:37  *** duckzor has joined #openttdcoop
10:15:27  <PublicServer> *** Damalix joined the game
10:15:37  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has joined company #1
10:15:38  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
10:16:24  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
10:16:25  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
10:17:02  <Kangoo> !password
10:17:02  <PublicServer> Kangoo: minion
10:17:07  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
10:17:41  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
10:18:02  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> hm - unstable connection today..
10:18:09  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yep, me too*
10:21:09  *** theholyduck_ has quit IRC
10:28:58  *** theholyduck_ has joined #openttdcoop
10:35:39  *** duckzor has quit IRC
10:39:03  *** ODM has quit IRC
10:40:12  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
10:40:13  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
10:40:28  <Kangoo> !password
10:40:29  <PublicServer> Kangoo: decree
10:40:36  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
10:40:42  <PublicServer> <Damalix> There's a big jam
10:40:51  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
10:41:01  <PublicServer> <Damalix> caused by some misfitted wagons
10:41:47  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> think some of it was caused by too many trains waiting at penington mines. removed two - it should clear up no i hope..
10:41:54  *** Strixer has joined #openttdcoop
10:41:59  <Strixer> !password
10:41:59  <PublicServer> Strixer: decree
10:42:09  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> *now
10:42:09  <PublicServer> *** Strix joined the game
10:42:19  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yes, but this was because trains had full load orders (and not one type full load)
10:42:55  <PublicServer> <Damalix> and a couple of coal wagons
10:43:05  <PublicServer> <Damalix> so they waited for coal
10:43:10  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ah
10:43:23  <PublicServer> <Damalix> and piled up
10:43:32  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> so its cleard now?
10:43:37  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yep
10:43:52  <PublicServer> <Damalix> 4 trains should be enough for this station anyway
10:44:18  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> yes - thats what I figyred out as well..
10:45:04  <PublicServer> <Damalix> We'll have some pile up until our ratings come up again,and it'll be fixed
10:45:05  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ML seems congested at SLH02 though...
10:45:41  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ah- nvmind. It will clear up
10:46:09  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yep, the pennington jam went up to there !
10:48:21  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> profit graph finally rising again ;)
10:48:27  <PublicServer> <Damalix> ^^
10:52:00  <Killian> !dlin
10:52:11  <Killian> !download
10:52:11  <PublicServer> Killian: !download autostart|autoupdate|lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
10:52:17  <Killian> !download lin
10:52:17  <PublicServer> Killian:
10:53:20  <Killian> !grf
10:53:21  <PublicServer> Killian: (Version 7.3)
10:54:16  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
10:55:01  <Killian> !ip
10:55:01  <PublicServer> Killian:
10:56:28  *** Kangoo_ has joined #openttdcoop
10:56:32  <Kangoo_> !password
10:56:32  <PublicServer> Kangoo_: rookie
10:56:53  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
10:58:50  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
10:59:09  <Killian> !password
10:59:09  <PublicServer> Killian: rookie
10:59:32  <PublicServer> *** Killian joined the game
10:59:54  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
11:00:44  *** Kangoo has quit IRC
11:01:19  <PublicServer> *** Strix has left the game (leaving)
11:01:19  <PublicServer> *** Strix has left the game (connection lost)
11:02:15  <PublicServer> *** Killian has left the game (connection lost)
11:02:45  *** seandasheep has joined #openttdcoop
11:03:05  <seandasheep> !password
11:03:05  <PublicServer> seandasheep: rookie
11:03:23  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep joined the game
11:03:32  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> hi
11:03:37  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Hi
11:05:12  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> this game is too cpu intensive for me now
11:05:33  <PublicServer> <Damalix> It's becoming to be the same for me
11:05:38  *** Strixer has quit IRC
11:05:59  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> trying not to zoom out too much.. ;)
11:06:04  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> trains are travelling the whole screen in a single frame :/
11:06:19  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> I'm fully zoomed in too
11:06:24  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has left the game (connection lost)
11:06:50  <seandasheep> hmm, ah well. Looks like I can't play :/
11:07:57  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> cross your fingers for all primarys to be connected soon, so that this BBH mayhem can be ended... lol
11:08:19  <seandasheep> good luck connecting them :)
11:08:25  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> bah
11:08:36  <PublicServer> <Damalix> We still need SLH05
11:08:48  *** ^Spike^ has joined #openttdcoop
11:08:54  <seandasheep> where is that supposed to go?
11:09:07  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> to the north or south?
11:09:18  <^Spike^> !password
11:09:18  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: rookie
11:09:21  <seandasheep> i meant between which BBJ's
11:09:28  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
11:09:30  <seandasheep> *BBH's
11:09:44  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> BBH11 and Lumber dropoff it seems..
11:10:04  <seandasheep> oh, where the pax line meets the BBH
11:10:53  <seandasheep> I think my computer is still recovering from the game, 0.7.0 isn't loading :/
11:10:53  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> somewhere around there I guess
11:11:45  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> heh - system is probably still shocked..
11:12:48  <seandasheep> anyway, I have to go now. good luck guys
11:13:00  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> byw
11:13:17  <damalix> cya*
11:13:24  *** seandasheep has quit IRC
11:15:38  <Xaroth> !players
11:15:39  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 592 (Orange) is Damalix, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
11:15:39  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 604 (Orange) is Kangoo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
11:15:39  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 607 is ^Sp1ke^, a spectator
11:18:52  <PublicServer> <Damalix> I'll try to reduce a little BBH11 so it'll give a little space
11:19:12  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (leaving)
11:19:12  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
11:20:01  *** KenjiE20 has joined #openttdcoop
11:20:01  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
11:20:18  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> Ive never built 4-way SLH before though....
11:20:49  <Seppel> !password
11:20:49  <PublicServer> Seppel: fronts
11:21:07  <PublicServer> *** Sepp joined the game
11:25:20  <PublicServer> <Damalix> You are building non E-rail
11:25:25  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> saw that
11:25:49  <PublicServer> *** Sepp has left the game (leaving)
11:25:49  <PublicServer> *** Sepp has left the game (connection lost)
11:26:14  <damalix> @tunnel 8 14
11:26:14  <Webster> Usage of tunnels command: tunnels <TrainLength> <TunnelLength>
11:26:28  <damalix> @tunnels 8 14
11:26:28  <Webster> damalix: 2
11:27:05  *** themroc has quit IRC
11:27:10  <damalix> @tunnels 12 14
11:27:10  <Webster> damalix: 2
11:31:34  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
11:31:34  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
11:31:42  <Kangoo_> !password
11:31:42  <PublicServer> Kangoo_: demean
11:31:46  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
11:32:02  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
11:33:46  <PublicServer> <Damalix> I move the southest lane of the ML 1 tile south
11:34:05  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ok
11:35:00  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Should solve the CL issue in the middle
11:40:17  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
11:45:30  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Very tight !
11:45:35  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> for sure
11:46:04  *** Scotchy has left #openttdcoop
11:46:22  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> The only solution I see for my self is leaving it up to you! lol
11:46:33  <PublicServer> <Damalix> xD
11:50:07  <PublicServer> <Damalix> A non e-Rail tile causing the jam
11:50:22  <PublicServer> <Damalix> on SL02
11:51:20  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> fixed it?
11:51:27  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yup
11:51:45  <PublicServer> <Damalix> should flow again in a short while
11:59:42  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> SLOH02 seems somewhat congested...
12:00:13  <PublicServer> <Damalix> The prios makes it take time to go back normal
12:00:48  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ok - so its just a result of jam causing wave of trains from factory..?
12:01:08  <PublicServer> <Damalix> I think so
12:01:22  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> sounds likely
12:12:44  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> Desync, but we'll worry about that later.. ;)
12:12:49  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yep
12:15:53  *** theholyduck_ has quit IRC
12:17:03  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Half done :)
12:17:10  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> yay!
12:17:24  <PublicServer> <Damalix> with single bridges and desync
12:17:27  <PublicServer> <Damalix> :(
12:17:46  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> but is double really needed at SL?
12:18:09  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Depend on how busy it will be
12:18:21  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> it probably wont be very heavily trafficated..
12:18:32  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> time will tell...
12:19:44  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Do we really do it 4-way or do we take ways from the south to go north ?
12:20:16  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> 4-wat will be very hard to fit in i think...
12:20:21  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> *way
12:22:45  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> or in other words - should it be?
12:22:53  <PublicServer> <Damalix> it should
12:23:24  <PublicServer> <Damalix> But I think I'll redo it 3-ways and make an arm go to the north
12:23:50  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> probably not a bad idea
12:25:02  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> remove everything?
12:25:17  <PublicServer> <Damalix> If I have to do it, I'll do it back from scratch
12:25:19  *** DJNekkid has joined #openttdcoop
12:25:37  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> ok - I'll help demolishing!
12:26:00  <DJNekkid> !password
12:26:00  <PublicServer> DJNekkid: clacks
12:26:08  <PublicServer> *** DJ Nekkid joined the game
12:27:21  <PublicServer> <DJ Nekkid> wow, never thought one would use the V150 like that...
12:27:33  <PublicServer> <Damalix> ^^
12:32:25  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> It would be possible to double the space between ML at SLH5....
12:32:43  <PublicServer> <Damalix> yes it would
12:33:26  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> If it helps ou I can do it.. Should free up space..
12:33:37  <PublicServer> <DJ Nekkid> why not a double normal duplex? 1500 capacity
12:34:07  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Well I'm not even sure I'd manage with more space, but we can try
12:34:22  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Nekkid: they toggled it for speed reasons
12:34:33  <PublicServer> <DJ Nekkid> oh :)
12:34:39  <PublicServer> <Damalix> but our trains are struck behind fret most of the time
12:34:41  <PublicServer> <DJ Nekkid> i just joined, so i were just wondering :)
12:37:27  *** Ammler has quit IRC
12:38:23  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Actually I don't even see how to do this
12:42:20  *** Ammler has joined #openttdcoop
12:42:21  *** Webster sets mode: +o Ammler
12:42:54  *** Ammler is now known as Guest623
12:45:26  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Good luck with SLH05
12:45:27  <PublicServer> <Damalix> BB
12:45:31  <PublicServer> <Damalix> Cya
12:45:40  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> heh - tnx
12:45:44  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> will take som time....
12:45:50  <damalix> !players
12:45:52  <PublicServer> damalix: Client 592 (Orange) is Damalix, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
12:45:52  <PublicServer> damalix: Client 611 (Orange) is Kangoo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
12:45:52  <PublicServer> damalix: Client 613 (Orange) is DJ Nekkid, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
12:46:03  *** damalix has quit IRC
12:46:04  *** Guest623 is now known as Ammlller
12:46:18  <PublicServer> <Damalix> You'll get it ;)
12:46:24  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (leaving)
12:46:24  <PublicServer> *** Damalix has left the game (connection lost)
12:46:27  *** Ammlller is now known as Ammler
12:46:40  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
12:46:40  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
12:46:47  *** Auscroc has joined #openttdcoop
12:47:33  <PublicServer> *** FiCE has left the game (connection lost)
12:48:34  <Auscroc> !password
12:48:34  <PublicServer> Auscroc: jumble
12:48:52  <PublicServer> *** FiCE joined the game
12:54:23  *** Polygon has joined #openttdcoop
12:54:52  *** Auscroc is now known as FiCE
12:58:15  *** Wurzel49 has joined #openttdcoop
12:59:09  *** mixrin has joined #openttdcoop
13:03:14  <PublicServer> <FiCE> wow overcrowding to the extreme near SLH02
13:03:47  <ODM> !players
13:03:49  <PublicServer> ODM: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:03:49  <PublicServer> ODM: Client 611 (Orange) is Kangoo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:03:49  <PublicServer> ODM: Client 613 (Orange) is DJ Nekkid, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:03:55  <ODM> DJ!
13:04:23  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> has happened at times earlier after other jams causing waves of trains from factory... Dont know is this is the cause now though...
13:04:33  <^Spike^> !password
13:04:33  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: aplomb
13:04:49  <ODM> and hey spike kangoo
13:04:53  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
13:05:00  <^Spike^> .. :)
13:05:02  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> hi
13:05:09  <PublicServer> <FiCE> somewhere near BBH09
13:05:15  <PublicServer> <FiCE> towards BBH01
13:05:19  <PublicServer> <FiCE> is the cause it seems
13:05:36  <PublicServer> <FiCE> the tunnels?
13:05:44  <ODM> how goes?
13:05:48  <PublicServer> <FiCE> see SLOW!!!
13:06:21  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has joined company #1
13:06:29  <KenjiE20> it won't be the tunnel/brdige splits, it's just a side affect that you get stopped trains on them
13:06:34  <KenjiE20> bridge*
13:06:53  <KenjiE20> the tailback will be cause by something else further up the line
13:07:53  <ODM> !password
13:07:53  <PublicServer> ODM: aplomb
13:08:03  <ODM> ah darn grfs
13:08:08  <KenjiE20> heh
13:08:40  <PublicServer> *** 0DM joined the game
13:08:43  <ODM> wait a minute
13:08:53  <ODM> i made this map.. how did i get grf issues:P
13:08:54  <KenjiE20> think I'll go find some noodles and finally get caught up on another ep of 24
13:09:02  <KenjiE20> rofl
13:09:07  <PublicServer> <0DM> hmm im through my series of big bang theory
13:09:18  <PublicServer> <0DM> huge trains are huge
13:09:25  <KenjiE20> yep
13:09:31  <Ammler> :-)
13:09:33  <PublicServer> <0DM> looks kinda neat though
13:09:42  <KenjiE20> bbh01 is fun
13:09:45  <KenjiE20> 5 way BBH
13:09:56  <PublicServer> <0DM> that way madness lies
13:09:59  *** SineDeviance has quit IRC
13:10:12  <KenjiE20> s'been working quite well, I'll admit
13:11:00  *** [alt]buster has joined #openttdcoop
13:11:04  <PublicServer> *** DJ Nekkid has left the game (leaving)
13:11:04  <PublicServer> *** DJ Nekkid has left the game (connection lost)
13:11:26  <KenjiE20> hmm yea right, food
13:11:56  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (leaving)
13:11:56  <PublicServer> *** 0DM has left the game (connection lost)
13:14:42  *** Godde has joined #openttdcoop
13:14:48  <Godde> !password
13:14:48  <PublicServer> Godde: dulled
13:15:01  <PublicServer> *** Godde joined the game
13:16:34  <KenjiE20> right, now what ep was I on?
13:17:12  <ODM> 24?
13:17:13  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
13:17:13  *** [alt]buster is now known as [com]buster
13:17:32  <KenjiE20> yea, looks like I'm on s07e21
13:18:17  <KenjiE20> aparrantly I fell a bit behind, that and the last two was a doublebill
13:18:49  <PublicServer> <FiCE> can we make the factory exit also send trains the other way on the ML?
13:18:54  <PublicServer> *** Godde has left the game (leaving)
13:18:54  <PublicServer> *** Godde has left the game (connection lost)
13:18:56  *** Godde has quit IRC
13:19:05  <PublicServer> <FiCE> towards BBH11
13:19:25  <ODM> wdf 7 series?
13:19:28  <ODM> ripoffz:D
13:19:45  <ODM> do you know when a new series of qi will start btw?
13:20:08  <KenjiE20> no idea, probably either very soon, or not till autumn
13:20:33  <KenjiE20> speaking of new series, new Top Gear soon iirc
13:21:31  <KenjiE20> *sluurp nomnom*
13:21:57  <KenjiE20> right, gonna watch this ep
13:22:17  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
13:22:22  <Kangoo_> !password
13:22:22  <PublicServer> Kangoo_: dulled
13:23:02  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
13:23:44  <ODM> yeah soon
13:34:16  *** el_B has joined #openttdcoop
13:34:18  <el_B> !password
13:34:18  <PublicServer> el_B: cellos
13:34:36  <PublicServer> *** Kalaidos joined the game
13:34:44  <PublicServer> <Kalaidos> hi
13:34:51  <Xaroth> !players
13:34:53  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:34:53  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 625 (Orange) is Kangoo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:34:53  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 627 (Orange) is Kalaidos, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:34:53  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 618 (Orange) is ^Sp1ke^, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
13:35:25  <PublicServer> <Kalaidos> I see jams
13:35:28  <PublicServer> <Kalaidos> : o
13:35:40  <PublicServer> <FiCE> overcrowded for 2 lanes
13:35:44  <PublicServer> <FiCE> need 3 I guess
13:37:49  *** Mucht has quit IRC
13:41:43  <Xaroth> what's the mapsize btw, 512x512?
13:42:00  <ODM> yes
13:42:12  <Xaroth> k
13:44:33  * Xaroth goes build a map
13:52:07  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
13:52:28  <Kangoo_> !password
13:52:28  <PublicServer> Kangoo_: thrill
13:52:51  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
13:53:01  <PublicServer> *** Kalaidos has left the game (leaving)
13:53:01  <PublicServer> *** Kalaidos has left the game (connection lost)
13:54:46  <Xaroth> let's see if i can make this a hard one
13:55:28  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
13:57:59  *** Ganan has joined #openttdcoop
14:00:47  *** Ganan has quit IRC
14:00:51  *** Ganan has joined #openttdcoop
14:00:55  <Ganan> !password
14:00:55  <PublicServer> Ganan: thrice
14:01:04  <PublicServer> *** Ganan joined the game
14:06:47  *** Ganan has left #openttdcoop
14:09:07  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
14:12:24  <PublicServer> *** Ganan has left the game (leaving)
14:12:24  <PublicServer> *** Ganan has left the game (connection lost)
14:12:25  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
14:12:48  *** [com]buster has joined #openttdcoop
14:12:48  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o [com]buster
14:31:42  *** Zorni has joined #openttdcoop
14:31:53  <Xaroth> thar, small 'map' thing
14:32:00  <Xaroth>
14:32:44  <KenjiE20> first sign recent -> Recent
14:32:50  <Xaroth> meh, details :P
14:33:02  <KenjiE20> considdered -> -d
14:33:16  <Xaroth> KenjiE20: yer not petern.. :P
14:33:21  <KenjiE20> :P
14:33:37  <KenjiE20> looks good
14:33:46  <KenjiE20> liking the floodplain plan section
14:33:52  <Xaroth> :)
14:34:02  <Xaroth> no landbridges will make it hard though
14:34:26  <KenjiE20> yea, what about the 'undersea tunnel' workaround
14:34:52  <Xaroth> heh, i'll leave that to whoever does the network plan
14:35:01  <Xaroth> also note, there are 0 factories
14:35:12  <Xaroth> which means that people get another level of freedom
14:35:14  <KenjiE20> mind you theres only 2 islands so it shouldn't be that though
14:35:44  <KenjiE20> looks like fun
14:35:47  <Xaroth> nah, and Slendingworth falls has some landmass to do normal bridges over
14:35:49  *** Progman has quit IRC
14:36:18  <KenjiE20> I know, I was refering to the northeasern isle
14:36:18  <Xaroth> was a pain to get those industries in
14:36:21  <Xaroth> yeh
14:36:44  <Xaroth> pressing 'many random industries' basically tries to put 400 industries where there's realisiticly only room for 50 :/
14:36:52  <KenjiE20> hehe
14:36:57  <ODM> yeah
14:37:02  <ODM> it puts a fixed amount of each
14:37:11  <ODM> like 40 steel mills etc
14:37:26  <KenjiE20> it should really work off the difficulty setting for indys
14:37:39  <Xaroth> my point exactly
14:37:50  <ODM> and you should be able to prospect single industries!
14:38:07  <KenjiE20> anyway good map
14:38:12  <Xaroth> :)
14:39:00  <ODM> ooh you made a map? neat!
14:39:03  *** Zorn has quit IRC
14:39:11  <Xaroth> ODM: link 1 screen up :)
14:39:24  <KenjiE20> hehe, ODM, on the ball as usual :P
14:39:31  <Xaroth> !players
14:39:32  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
14:39:32  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 632 (Orange) is Kangoo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
14:39:32  <PublicServer> Xaroth: Client 618 (Orange) is ^Sp1ke^, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
14:39:35  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ #1 has left the game (connection lost)
14:39:53  <ODM> what ball?
14:40:05  <KenjiE20> lol
14:42:52  <ODM> what did you mean?:O
14:43:32  <KenjiE20> @udict on the ball
14:43:32  <Webster>
14:44:00  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (leaving)
14:44:00  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
14:44:32  <KenjiE20> okay, wtf is up with my ConTEXT, everytime I hit carriage return it goes to the first file tab
14:44:50  <KenjiE20> and no it works again
14:44:52  <KenjiE20> now*
14:44:55  <KenjiE20> WTF?!
14:45:21  <ODM> i still dun get it:D
14:45:38  * KenjiE20 would slap ODM, but is not being violent today
14:46:14  <ODM> you mean me taking care of mapsor me suddenly waking up in a convo
14:46:53  <KenjiE20> you getting involved in a convo about his map and mapping, without noticing his map
14:49:26  *** Kangoo_ has quit IRC
14:49:38  <ODM> i noticed the map
14:49:41  <ODM> just didnt download it yet:P
14:49:54  <KenjiE20> [15:38] <@ODM> ooh you made a map? neat! <---
14:51:24  <ODM> ssht:P
14:51:32  <ODM> neat as in neat you made one
14:51:36  <ODM> not neat as in neat its great:D
14:52:09  <Xaroth> pff
14:53:43  <ODM> playing orms, will check later
14:55:32  <KenjiE20> WA?
14:56:24  <ODM> yeah
14:57:01  <KenjiE20> cool, I never figured out why that one was the most popular
14:57:13  <KenjiE20> I found WWP the most fun
14:57:29  <KenjiE20> then again, I never really played WA
14:57:45  <ODM> not sure, i have wa so i play it
14:58:03  <KenjiE20> guess that's probably it tbh, it sold the most :P
14:58:55  <KenjiE20> I keep a copy of lying around incase the other group on ETG ever play
14:59:18  <ODM> hehe
14:59:24  <ODM> we use the patched version thingy
14:59:30  <ODM> just like the 1.20 version of warcraft
14:59:33  <ODM> pure for lans
14:59:55  <KenjiE20> yea that's what is, was the last beta afaik
15:02:48  *** [com]buster has quit IRC
15:06:28  <ODM> yeah
15:09:06  *** el_B has quit IRC
15:12:42  *** Venxir` has joined #openttdcoop
15:12:42  *** Venxir has quit IRC
15:18:03  <Ammler> <-- someone likes to help?
15:19:42  <KenjiE20> I had a testing sandbox with bunched up indys you could base it off
15:20:19  <Ammler> indys?
15:20:26  <KenjiE20> industries
15:20:31  <KenjiE20> too much EVE
15:20:48  <ODM> eveil
15:20:59  *** TinoM has joined #openttdcoop
15:22:06  <KenjiE20> has all the usual coop grfs, except no train grfs
15:22:16  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
15:22:16  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
15:22:25  <^Spike^> !password
15:22:25  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: stigma
15:22:28  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
15:22:37  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
15:22:43  <KenjiE20> and all the primaries, secondaries and tertiarties grouped together
15:22:47  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
15:24:47  <KenjiE20> woah, I've actually taken my avg running torrents from 4 to 2, I've gotten through so many lately
15:25:10  <KenjiE20> although that might have something to do with no 24 or house to grab anymore
15:26:49  <tneo> helle
15:27:48  <tneo> !password
15:27:48  <PublicServer> tneo: ablest
15:28:09  <PublicServer> *** tneo joined the game
15:34:05  <KenjiE20> there, YARRSTE, now has configurable default template and content settings :)
15:43:51  *** theholyduck has joined #openttdcoop
15:51:53  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (connection lost)
15:57:42  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (leaving)
15:57:42  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
15:57:42  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
15:58:49  <theholyduck> !password
15:58:49  <PublicServer> theholyduck: frauds
15:59:25  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
15:59:34  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck joined the game
15:59:54  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i see jams
15:59:57  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> lots of jams
16:01:24  *** Mark has joined #openttdcoop
16:01:29  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mark
16:01:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> it still jams!
16:01:46  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> but whatever
16:01:48  <PublicServer> <FiCE> fixing
16:02:07  <PublicServer> <FiCE> there was a problem with signalling at SLH04
16:02:18  <PublicServer> <FiCE> that meant trains would go north (wrong way)
16:02:23  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> thus holding up EVERYTHING else?
16:02:52  <PublicServer> <FiCE> so I fixed that, and found that the ML from BBH06=>01 is overcapacity
16:03:09  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
16:03:10  <PublicServer> <FiCE> so trains would never leave SLH04 (they couldn't merge)
16:03:29  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hehe
16:03:41  <PublicServer> <FiCE> so yeah, it's better broken :)
16:03:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wow - things have gotten worse
16:03:53  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> yeah
16:04:02  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> more trains with no real design improvements
16:04:05  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i just joined
16:04:10  <PublicServer> <FiCE> wait now it  is the other problem
16:04:25  <PublicServer> <FiCE> BBH06=>BBH01 is overcapacity in both directions
16:05:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I was going to bridge the river near lumber mill, but SLH05 is totally in the way now
16:05:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> or, at least, I can't find where the ML would extend through the SLH
16:06:10  <PublicServer> <FiCE> yeah lots of spaghetti there :)
16:06:27  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> lol at the oil drop thingy
16:06:30  <PublicServer> <FiCE> SLH05 is needed though
16:06:32  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> the nortmoast oil station
16:06:46  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> it cant exit because factorycant exit because everything is cjammed
16:07:14  <PublicServer> <FiCE> haha it's clearing up again
16:07:19  <PublicServer> <FiCE> give it a few minutes
16:07:37  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i think i'll go back to try and make a good openttd map
16:08:47  <PublicServer> <FiCE> we really need that link from SLH05 to SLH03/BBH04 (in between)
16:09:20  <PublicServer> <FiCE> which would require a massive rework of BBH11 I imagine
16:09:51  <PublicServer> <FiCE> and it'd need the factory to allow a north exit
16:11:37  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> almost all the slh's are jammed up due to the traffic on the mainline :P
16:12:31  <PublicServer> <FiCE> should be cleared up in a few seconds
16:14:07  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> meh, i'll go do something else
16:14:12  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (leaving)
16:14:12  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (connection lost)
16:14:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> grr...
16:14:49  <Razaekel> !password
16:14:50  <PublicServer> Razaekel: limped
16:15:04  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` joined the game
16:17:58  *** mixrin has quit IRC
16:18:40  *** Misza has quit IRC
16:18:51  *** mixrin has joined #openttdcoop
16:29:25  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
16:29:47  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
16:34:09  <^Spike^> !password
16:34:09  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: seaman
16:34:40  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
16:34:53  *** [1]Mark has joined #openttdcoop
16:34:55  *** Mark has quit IRC
16:34:56  *** [1]Mark is now known as Mark
16:34:58  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mark
16:36:49  <Mark> evening folks
16:37:00  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> howdy
16:37:17  <Mark> !password
16:37:17  <PublicServer> Mark: seaman
16:37:18  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> mark
16:37:23  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> look at this trainwreck
16:37:29  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
16:37:36  <PublicServer> <Mark> where?
16:37:40  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> the entire network
16:38:14  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has joined company #1
16:38:29  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> SLHs are lacking prios
16:38:32  <PublicServer> <Mark> was to be expected with these rediculous TGVs
16:38:43  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> and there's so many level crossings im not gonna count them all
16:39:13  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's a mess ineed
16:39:15  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> it's a disaster
16:39:16  <PublicServer> <Mark> indeed
16:39:43  <PublicServer> <Mark> laggy already
16:39:54  <PublicServer> <Mark> ah got rct3 running
16:39:59  <PublicServer> <Mark> might explain
16:40:00  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
16:40:16  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> for one thing, i think the Pax trains should be placed on their own network
16:40:36  *** macee has joined #openttdcoop
16:41:11  <tneo> well that is not in the plan I made :)
16:41:22  <PublicServer> <Mark> poorly balanced BBHs seem to cause lots of problems
16:41:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> tneo: the plan you made doesn't exist any more....
16:41:55  <PublicServer> <FiCE> yeah it does
16:42:04  <PublicServer> <FiCE> see south of kinn
16:42:09  <PublicServer> <FiCE> above BBH01
16:42:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> nope - it's been modified pretty well
16:42:14  <PublicServer> <FiCE> oh ok :)
16:42:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the lumber mill area changed, the central island changed
16:42:21  <tneo> no it died because it was to difficult apparently
16:42:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> think we lost 1 -3 BBHs
16:42:31  *** mixrin has quit IRC
16:42:46  <PublicServer> <FiCE> and went with a 5 way BBH lol
16:42:50  *** mixrin has joined #openttdcoop
16:43:03  <PublicServer> <FiCE> effectively *everything* in the map goes through BBH01 now
16:43:30  <PublicServer> <Mark> we should have done either oneway loops or a single backbone
16:43:33  <tneo> the 5 way was intended
16:43:36  <macee> !password
16:43:36  <PublicServer> macee: folksy
16:43:41  <tneo> know what
16:43:47  <PublicServer> *** macee joined the game
16:44:02  <tneo> kill the fucking map already
16:44:08  <PublicServer> <FiCE> well the 5 way is holding well for now :)
16:44:17  <PublicServer> <Mark> tneo: i'm not blaming you
16:44:23  <PublicServer> <Mark> i also voted for you
16:44:34  <PublicServer> <Mark> not all plans work out
16:44:41  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> i didnt vote for anybody
16:44:48  <PublicServer> <Mark> at least one of mine also failed badly
16:44:52  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> thus, i can complain
16:44:58  <PublicServer> <Mark> it couldn't even be built
16:45:05  <PublicServer> <Mark> anyway, dinner time
16:45:06  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (leaving)
16:45:06  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
16:45:07  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> which one was that?
16:45:19  <tneo> well should have picked shorter trains
16:45:23  <Mark> it's not archived
16:45:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I think the whole problem could have been resolved by keeping the ML loop around the town, and maybe adding a new BBH on the NW corner of the town island
16:45:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that would have provided a different route than through BBH01
16:46:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and if the factory allowed both directions, that might have helped with congestion also
16:46:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> (and the plan had specified it should be 2-way)
16:46:32  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> factory is roro
16:46:33  <KenjiE20> that's probably the real big issue
16:46:35  <tneo> the adjusted plan asked for a 2 way station at the city island, but that has been rebuild to a 1 way by some
16:46:44  <gleeb> !linux
16:46:50  <gleeb> !dl linux
16:46:50  <PublicServer> gleeb: unknown option "linux"
16:46:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wow - didn't even notice that change
16:46:53  <gleeb> !dl lin
16:46:53  <PublicServer> gleeb:
16:46:54  <KenjiE20> factory inevitably gets the most traffic
16:46:56  <gleeb> ¬_¬
16:47:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> when I left yesterday, it was still a two-way town drop
16:47:18  <tneo> that can be rebuild to 2 way
16:48:07  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> actually, it needs to be 3 seperate stations
16:48:12  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> 2 for goods drop each direction
16:48:15  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> one for pax
16:48:21  <PublicServer> *** macee has left the game (connection lost)
16:48:35  *** FooBar_ has joined #openttdcoop
16:48:55  <tneo> no should be 2 way and should have been 2 stations
16:49:04  <tneo> 1 goods 1 pax :)
16:49:18  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> well
16:49:22  <tneo> that is in the plan even marked that way
16:49:24  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> right now it's 24 plats for 2 lines
16:49:25  <macee> !password
16:49:25  <PublicServer> macee: folksy
16:49:33  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> and pretty full
16:49:36  <PublicServer> *** macee joined the game
16:49:41  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> hmm
16:50:20  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> oh well
16:50:25  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> im not rebuilding that
16:51:14  <PublicServer> *** macee has left the game (leaving)
16:51:14  <PublicServer> *** macee has left the game (connection lost)
16:51:28  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (connection lost)
16:51:33  *** macee has left #openttdcoop
16:51:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wow - we're adding 5 more goods trains to lumber mill?
16:51:41  <tneo> !password
16:51:41  <PublicServer> tneo: folksy
16:51:47  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (connection lost)
16:52:09  <PublicServer> *** tneo joined the game
16:53:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> Wrunpool Transfer have enough trains?
16:53:29  <gleeb> !password
16:53:30  <PublicServer> gleeb: folksy
16:53:36  <PublicServer> <tneo> let's make Kinningley 2 way again
16:53:46  <PublicServer> *** Gleeb joined the game
16:55:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we can make it2-way, but who's coming from the northeast?
16:55:15  <PublicServer> *** Gleeb has left the game (connection lost)
16:55:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> just Bundinghattan?
16:55:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and maybe Lentburg
16:55:47  <PublicServer> <tneo> pax orderrs should have been 3 cities only
16:55:52  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> oil, lumber, factory, and other pax towns are all west
16:55:54  <PublicServer> <tneo> west 3
16:55:59  <PublicServer> <tneo> and 3 east
16:56:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> there are 5 towns listed in pax orders by plan
16:56:13  <PublicServer> <tneo> yes
16:56:29  <PublicServer> <tneo> and the plan says to service 3 cities per train
16:56:35  <PublicServer> <tneo> so 2x 3
16:56:42  <PublicServer> <tneo> both ending at Kinningley
16:56:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> actually - I don't see that listed anywhere any more
16:57:16  <PublicServer> <tneo> no somebody changed the orders :-((((
16:57:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yup...told you it wasn't your plan any more :)
16:57:36  <PublicServer> <tneo> idiots
16:59:23  <PublicServer> <tneo> idea was to service Bundinghattan > Lentburg > Kinningley and Fort Drunninghead Cross > Larfinghill City > Kinningley
16:59:48  <PublicServer> <tneo> that is why I thought of 2 way at Kinningley and it would divide traffice about the bbh's
17:00:01  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that's still possible, but the west trains will still have to go through center of map
17:00:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> bbh04 > bbh06 > bbh01
17:00:24  <PublicServer> <tneo> as it says on the plan
17:00:44  <PublicServer> <tneo> enter Kinningley from bbh04 then exit at bbh01 and vice versa
17:01:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> what I'm saying is that the congestion is worst through bbh06 > bbh01 > bbh11, which the western pax trains would use
17:01:40  <PublicServer> <tneo> hmmm
17:01:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we almost need a new BBH northwest of kinningley
17:02:06  <PublicServer> <tneo> 2 way factory as you said would help
17:02:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that way, goods trains could bypass 04>06>01 and go straight to 11
17:02:31  <PublicServer> <tneo> yes
17:02:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> or, we could finish the connector in the northeast
17:02:51  <PublicServer> <tneo> reroute the goods trains to enter from west
17:02:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> between SLH03 and SLH05
17:03:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that would provide an even better route, and would make use of the steel mill area of the ML better
17:03:18  <PublicServer> <tneo> where is that ?
17:03:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> Plennbury
17:03:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> near lumber mill
17:03:57  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> then trains could head NORTH at bbh04 to get back to lumber/factory
17:04:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and not have to travel through 06/01
17:04:50  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> another issue
17:04:57  <PublicServer> <tneo> hmmm
17:05:01  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> it seems that 2 engines is not enough for a fully loaded goods train
17:05:31  <PublicServer> <tneo> can we start first with rerouting goods from factory?
17:06:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> where do you want to re-route them?
17:06:25  <PublicServer> <tneo> to enter from the west
17:06:38  <PublicServer> <tneo> and exit east
17:07:32  <PublicServer> <tneo> that would  divide traffic more about the ml
17:07:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> why not both directions?
17:07:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> like the steel mill?
17:07:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> make it a double-ended terminus
17:07:46  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> we're getting jammed
17:08:05  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> SLH02
17:08:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> getting?  we've been jammed
17:08:10  <PublicServer> <tneo> yes that is good Thraxian|Work
17:08:30  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> SLH02 will stay jammed - all factory trains exit that direction
17:08:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and with priorities (required), there will never be an opening
17:09:51  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> off for lunch
17:09:52  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` has left the game (leaving)
17:09:53  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` has left the game (connection lost)
17:10:24  <Suisse`> !password
17:10:24  <PublicServer> Suisse`: boxers
17:10:39  <PublicServer> *** Suisse joined the game
17:11:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ok - how do we want to proceed?
17:11:30  <PublicServer> <tneo> pffff
17:11:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> or do we?
17:12:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I especially like how the factory is a ML connected station
17:13:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> there are 18 places where the factory exits from the ML track
17:14:36  <PublicServer> <tneo> 18??
17:14:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yup
17:14:48  <PublicServer> <tneo> clearing slh 2
17:14:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I can number them for you :)
17:15:26  <PublicServer> <tneo> pls do
17:16:13  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> signed
17:16:53  <PublicServer> <tneo> right
17:17:10  <PublicServer> <tneo> well it is nice directly on the ml
17:20:52  <PublicServer> <tneo> bbh01 needs balancing as well
17:21:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> to be honest, with such long train lengths, we probably should have more (and longer) tunnels
17:21:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> especially at major stations - if you're having a long platform approach (or departure), make it underground!
17:21:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> more room for wide turns or crossing tracks
17:22:12  <PublicServer> <tneo> shooc
17:22:26  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wow - backup to steel mill now
17:22:27  *** KenjiE20 has quit IRC
17:22:51  *** KenjiE20 has joined #openttdcoop
17:22:51  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
17:23:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> why do trains at BBH05 _insist_ on using the western track?
17:24:29  <PublicServer> <tneo> maybe a piece of non e-rail
17:26:27  *** Misza has joined #openttdcoop
17:26:35  *** Wurzel49 has quit IRC
17:26:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> no the track is fine, they just like to wait behind a stopped train rather than use the open track
17:27:19  *** Polygon has quit IRC
17:29:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> If I were to title this map, it would be "Why we use Load Balancers"
17:29:55  <PublicServer> <tneo> hehe
17:33:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> my bad
17:33:46  <PublicServer> <tneo> ;)
17:34:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> trying to add some PBS, and screwed i tup
17:35:04  <PublicServer> <tneo> know the feeling
17:35:59  <PublicServer> *** Suisse has left the game (connection lost)
17:41:46  <PublicServer> <tneo> afk dinner
17:45:26  *** Zorni has quit IRC
17:47:05  *** phatmatt has joined #openttdcoop
17:49:23  <phatmatt> !password
17:49:23  <PublicServer> phatmatt: swiped
17:49:27  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
17:49:31  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
17:49:38  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
17:49:59  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt joined the game
17:55:32  <theholyduck> Thraxian|Work. or why we dont cover the entire map in bbhs'?
18:05:15  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
18:05:26  <^Spike^> !password
18:05:26  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: rosier
18:05:39  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
18:05:56  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
18:13:14  *** avdg has joined #openttdcoop
18:13:31  <avdg> :) disconnection bug solved
18:13:40  <avdg> oh srr for my welcome msg :p
18:13:58  <avdg> !players
18:13:59  <PublicServer> avdg: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
18:13:59  <PublicServer> avdg: Client 671 (Orange) is phatmatt, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
18:13:59  <PublicServer> avdg: Client 645 (Orange) is Thraxian|Work, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
18:13:59  <PublicServer> avdg: Client 658 (Orange) is tneo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
18:24:16  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
18:24:41  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
18:25:28  *** Zarenor has quit IRC
18:35:14  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> anyone else around?
18:35:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> holy backup batman
18:39:38  <avdg> ?
18:39:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> factory drop blocked the ML - again
18:40:08  <Ammler> KenjiE20: around?
18:40:16  <Ammler> what save did you speak of?
18:45:53  <PublicServer> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
18:46:47  * avdg is trying to finish his tasklist
18:48:17  <DJNekkid> !ip
18:48:17  <PublicServer> DJNekkid:
18:48:56  <PublicServer> *** DJ Nekkid has left the game (connection lost)
18:49:51  <PublicServer> <tneo> back
18:49:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wb
18:50:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> got a sec to look at the bypass?
18:50:34  <PublicServer> <tneo> where?
18:50:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> south of lumber mill
18:51:33  <PublicServer> <tneo> looks good
18:51:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> having trouble with the last 2 parts
18:51:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> bbh04 > slh05
18:51:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and finding the mainline where the lumber mill joins it
18:53:33  <PublicServer> <tneo> placed signs on where the ml is
18:53:57  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> see "extends here?"
18:54:16  <PublicServer> <tneo> yes
18:54:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'm thinking SLH05 needs to be rebuilt
18:54:42  <PublicServer> <tneo> yes and moved perhaps
18:54:49  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> help me get rid of it?
18:54:59  <PublicServer> <tneo> hold on
18:55:15  <Xaroth> Ammler: did ye see the map i made? :o
18:55:24  <PublicServer> <tneo> see !slh05
18:55:24  <PublicServer> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
18:55:29  * avdg is cming
18:55:39  <PublicServer> <tneo> is that a good spot?
18:55:42  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> possibly....
18:55:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> not much space there
18:56:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I think once we clean up the lumber mill exit and the current SLH05, there will be LOTS of space
18:56:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> some of SLH05 is CL12, which is unnecessary
18:56:39  <PublicServer> <tneo> let's see what we can get by cleaning
18:56:50  <Ammler> Xaroth: ?
18:56:56  <Ammler> whcih map?
18:57:29  <PublicServer> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
18:57:44  <Xaroth>
18:58:24  <KenjiE20> Ammler: ^ that one
18:58:26  <KenjiE20> :P
18:58:27  <^Spike^> !password
18:58:28  <PublicServer> ^Spike^: divers
18:58:43  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ joined the game
18:59:12  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has joined company #1
18:59:23  <PublicServer> <tneo> was it even used?
19:00:00  * theholyduck is working on a more islandy and eyecandyishly map
19:00:31  <Xaroth> more islandy than mine? :)
19:00:40  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> cleaner this way
19:00:41  <KenjiE20> you're in the wrong place then :P
19:00:52  <PublicServer> *** avdg joined the game
19:01:21  <PublicServer> <avdg> hum... do the ships have better pathfinders now?
19:01:25  <PublicServer> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
19:01:51  <theholyduck> Xaroth, well maybe
19:02:01  <theholyduck> i'm not entirely sure yet
19:02:31  <PublicServer> <avdg> wtf... big jam :(
19:03:01  <PublicServer> <tneo> i am wip there
19:03:19  <theholyduck> avdg, the ships in use pretty much only have 100% straight lines to go
19:03:21  <PublicServer> <tneo> but was helping Thraxian|Work for a minute
19:03:31  <theholyduck> soo there is no real pathfinding going on
19:03:52  <KenjiE20> ships PF every square in all dir's regardless
19:04:16  <KenjiE20> doesn't matter if the path is a straight line or not
19:04:39  <PublicServer> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
19:06:22  <PublicServer> <avdg> im new in this game, i dont know what todo
19:09:53  *** Progman has quit IRC
19:10:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> looking for where to put that other bridge?
19:10:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I was thinking between the southbound ones
19:11:01  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> or west of them
19:11:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but where do we split the ML to use the bypass?
19:11:26  <PublicServer> <tneo> which ones do you mean
19:11:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> BBH04 -> SLH05
19:14:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> brb
19:15:03  <PublicServer> <tneo> OK
19:16:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> i'll solve that mess a bit @ wip/avdg
19:17:32  <PublicServer> <tneo> ok
19:18:10  *** De_Ghosty has joined #openttdcoop
19:22:22  <PublicServer> *** avdg has left the game (connection lost)
19:22:22  *** avdg has quit IRC
19:23:08  *** avdg has joined #openttdcoop
19:23:08  <avdg> !password
19:23:08  <PublicServer> avdg: darken
19:23:12  <avdg> :(
19:23:27  <PublicServer> *** avdg joined the game
19:25:09  *** ODM has quit IRC
19:25:31  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop
19:25:31  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
19:26:28  <PublicServer> <avdg> ok that jam is solved
19:29:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> back
19:29:11  <PublicServer> <tneo> wb
19:29:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ok - still need to figure out "?Where do we split for bypass?"
19:30:40  <PublicServer> <tneo> can you place a sign
19:30:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> already did
19:30:50  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> it's the text that I just wrote in quotes
19:32:11  <PublicServer> <tneo> evil site
19:32:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah
19:32:16  <PublicServer> <avdg> ?
19:32:25  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> thinking about moving that northern rail further north....
19:33:23  <PublicServer> <tneo> that could give you several tiles
19:34:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> gr...gotta run, be back in 30 minutes or so (I hope)
19:34:39  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (leaving)
19:34:39  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
19:37:51  <PublicServer> <avdg> :/ so a mess with bridging @!here
19:41:09  <PublicServer> *** AmmIer has left the game (connection lost)
19:43:06  <PublicServer> <avdg> :( the good trains are making much mess
19:43:47  *** Zarenor has joined #openttdcoop
19:44:50  <Zarenor> !players
19:44:52  <PublicServer> Zarenor: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
19:44:52  <PublicServer> Zarenor: Client 671 (Orange) is phatmatt, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
19:44:52  <PublicServer> Zarenor: Client 679 (Orange) is ^Sp1ke^, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
19:44:52  <PublicServer> Zarenor: Client 658 (Orange) is tneo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
19:44:52  <PublicServer> Zarenor: Client 686 (Orange) is avdg, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
19:45:03  <PublicServer> <tneo> bad 4 >2  merger
19:45:08  <PublicServer> <avdg> where?
19:45:28  <Zarenor> Anyone know why I'm being looked for?
19:45:30  <PublicServer> <avdg> oh my !here?
19:45:44  <PublicServer> <avdg> i readded :p
19:45:45  <PublicServer> <tneo> yes that one
19:45:48  <PublicServer> <avdg> just removed
19:46:03  <PublicServer> <avdg> that single track cant handle the traffic
19:47:18  *** Bennythen00b has joined #openttdcoop
19:47:39  <Bennythen00b> Hey, folks.
19:47:47  <PublicServer> <avdg> im adding a 2nd track
19:47:57  <PublicServer> <tneo> hey ben
19:48:01  <PublicServer> <tneo> ok avdg
19:48:04  <Bennythen00b> It's been a while. ^^
19:48:08  <KenjiE20> o/
19:48:11  <PublicServer> <avdg> for me too :)
19:48:19  <Bennythen00b> :)
19:48:28  <Bennythen00b> How late in game are we?
19:48:34  <PublicServer> <avdg> pretty far
19:48:39  <Bennythen00b> Crap
19:48:39  <KenjiE20> very
19:48:40  <PublicServer> <avdg> but its not going well
19:48:45  <PublicServer> <tneo> jam fixing late
19:48:59  <Bennythen00b> I suppose I can have a look anyways.
19:49:06  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
19:49:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> back
19:49:11  <Bennythen00b> !download win32
19:49:11  <PublicServer> Bennythen00b:
19:49:18  <PublicServer> <tneo> wb
19:49:24  <Bennythen00b> Hey, Thraxian
19:49:25  <KenjiE20> @stage "jam fixing late"
19:49:25  *** Webster changes topic to "Welcome to #openttdcoop, the Cooperative OpenTTD | PSG #143 (r16381) | STAGE: jam fixing late | | Use !help for IRC-commands | InfrastructureSharing at | Client record: 24 | looking for latest save of PSG #135 - please make it available to us, if you played | Screenshots: | Looking for ZarenorDarkstalker !"
19:49:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hey benny
19:49:29  <KenjiE20> :P
19:49:49  <PublicServer> <avdg> :)
19:49:51  <Bennythen00b> GODDAMMIT!! I needa brush my teeth!!!!
19:49:54  <Bennythen00b> brb
19:51:16  <Ammler> Heya "stilTheNoob" :-)
19:51:28  <PublicServer> <avdg> :) change is cming
19:51:32  <Ammler> +l
19:51:40  <PublicServer> <avdg> BennyTheExpert
19:52:06  <KenjiE20> n00bTheExpertBenny
19:52:24  <KenjiE20> n00bExpertTheBenny
19:52:38  <PublicServer> <avdg> nah :p BennyThePro
19:52:46  <KenjiE20> ExpertTheBennyn00b
19:52:54  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (leaving)
19:52:54  <PublicServer> *** phatmatt has left the game (connection lost)
19:52:56  <Bennythen00b> I'm concidering "Benny West", "Benjamin West" or "Benjamin Vestly"
19:52:57  <Zarenor> !dl win64
19:52:57  <PublicServer> Zarenor:
19:53:01  *** phatmatt has quit IRC
19:53:09  <KenjiE20> Ben00by
19:53:13  <Bennythen00b> ^^
19:53:15  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol
19:53:39  <KenjiE20> anyway new HIGNFY on in 5
19:53:40  <PublicServer> <tneo> padawanben
19:53:41  <PublicServer> <avdg> sounds famous... but i dont know from where
19:54:12  <tneo> star wars ;)
19:54:29  <Bennythen00b> O_o
19:54:36  <Ammler> Noob Stars
19:54:40  *** Bennythen00b is now known as Benny
19:54:45  <Benny> :D :D :D
19:54:45  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol
19:55:02  <Benny> It's already taken on the forums, though..
19:55:08  <PublicServer> <avdg> indeed, noob wars
19:55:13  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmm
19:55:28  <Benny> I'm not a newbie dammit!
19:55:38  <Benny> I'm a new veteran!
19:55:44  <Benny> Newteran!
19:55:46  <PublicServer> <avdg> Bennytheoldnoob
19:55:51  <Benny> Bennytheneweran
19:56:03  <Benny> Bennythenewteran.
19:56:18  <PublicServer> <avdg> bennythestopcallinmenoob
19:56:33  <Benny> Uh, no serious.. That sounds f***** up.. o_O
19:56:35  <PublicServer> <avdg> *calling
19:56:47  <PublicServer> <avdg> :p
19:57:28  <Zarenor> !password
19:57:28  <PublicServer> Zarenor: maxims
19:57:40  <PublicServer> <avdg> oh dammit
19:57:46  <PublicServer> <avdg> im just moving the jam :(
19:57:47  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker joined the game
19:57:48  <Ammler> at least, it is nick, which attents a lot
19:58:09  <PublicServer> <avdg> brb
19:58:43  <theholyduck> !password
19:58:44  <PublicServer> theholyduck: maxims
19:58:58  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck joined the game
19:59:20  <PublicServer> * theholyduck takes a look around
19:59:35  <Benny> HOLY FUCK!! Oh, sorry.. I meant HOLY DUCK!!
19:59:41  <Benny> ^^,
19:59:45  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol
19:59:47  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> stil congested eh?
19:59:50  <PublicServer> <avdg> holy ducky
19:59:53  <PublicServer> <avdg> ncis
20:00:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> fuck is just 1 letter away from duck
20:00:05  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> same goes for suck
20:00:11  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and dick
20:00:27  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> on the keyboard aswell
20:00:28  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol holy *ucky
20:00:54  <hylje> hence duck is an inherently funny word
20:00:58  <hylje> duck duck duck duck duck
20:01:00  <hylje> laughing yet?
20:01:07  <PublicServer> <avdg> no
20:01:09  <Benny> I saw a fuck yestOHNOESSORRY I meant DUCK! yes, I saw a duck yesterday. ^^
20:01:30  <Benny> Har har har.
20:01:35  <PublicServer> <avdg> pls dont call me avg :)
20:02:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> oh, somebody, has been bussy fixing the stuff us newbies so generously screwed up
20:02:02  <Benny> !password
20:02:02  <PublicServer> Benny: maxims
20:02:36  <PublicServer> *** Benny joined the game
20:02:45  <PublicServer> * avdg starts wip
20:02:54  <PublicServer> <Benny> Nie eyecandy! :D
20:03:13  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so where specifically needs work?
20:03:14  <PublicServer> <Benny> Nice*
20:03:18  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> that was me and seans attemt at being useless
20:03:28  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> we added docks all over the place
20:03:28  <PublicServer> <avdg> :) benny === eyecandy (even with type check!)
20:03:37  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> And why am I being looked for, according to the topic?
20:04:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> instead of fixing the network
20:04:40  <PublicServer> <Benny> WTF is up with the roads?
20:05:07  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> eyecandy?
20:05:14  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or rather, wich roads in particular?
20:05:19  <PublicServer> <Benny> Not what I meant.
20:05:39  <PublicServer> <Benny> They are the >1950 ones. o_O
20:06:10  <PublicServer> <avdg> damm i forgot always ctrl+bridge
20:07:04  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hmm, apparently, we've hit the veichle limit?
20:07:14  <PublicServer> <Benny> AMMLER!
20:07:17  <PublicServer> <avdg> its needed at least
20:07:24  <PublicServer> <avdg> pls fix the jams first
20:07:39  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> well yeah
20:07:45  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i was just looking around
20:07:50  <PublicServer> <Benny> Where are they?
20:07:53  <PublicServer> <Benny> the jams
20:08:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> used to be everywhere
20:08:15  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> BBH 04 and 05 are in the middle of a continuous one
20:08:17  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> but then some pros came and fixed it
20:08:20  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> a
20:08:25  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> atleast SOME of them
20:08:39  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> like at one point kinningly was blcking itself
20:08:49  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> through 4 junctions
20:09:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> wait
20:09:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i found a major issue..
20:09:29  *** mixrin has quit IRC
20:09:45  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> lol
20:09:48  <PublicServer> <avdg> ?
20:09:49  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> they are all waiting for free paths
20:09:52  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> just turn them around
20:09:59  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> thats the DISADVANTAGE to pbs
20:10:06  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> if a train turns, weird shit happens
20:10:14  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ahhh
20:10:21  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> then someone needs to change the turnaround interval
20:10:31  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> who can oncole that?
20:10:32  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or make it never turn around
20:10:51  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *console
20:11:42  <PublicServer> <avdg> :)
20:11:52  <PublicServer> <avdg> work finished
20:12:03  <PublicServer> <avdg> :(
20:12:31  <PublicServer> <avdg> i hate bridges
20:13:57  <PublicServer> <avdg> :) factory has transported more goods
20:14:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> why do we even NEED 2 way at kinningly?
20:14:06  <PublicServer> <avdg> or less :(
20:14:16  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> no trains ever come from the north east
20:14:31  <Ammler>  Benny ?
20:14:37  <PublicServer> <Benny> Yes?
20:14:56  <Ammler> yes?
20:15:06  <Ammler> yhm
20:15:29  <PublicServer> <Benny> Increase vehicle limit.
20:15:49  <Ammler> !players
20:15:50  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and fix signal turnaround time
20:15:51  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:51  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 690 (Orange) is ZarenorDarkstalker, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:51  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 688 (Orange) is Thraxian|Work, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:51  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 679 (Orange) is ^Sp1ke^, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:51  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 658 (Orange) is tneo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:53  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 686 (Orange) is avdg, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:53  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 692 (Orange) is theholyduck, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:55  <PublicServer> Ammler: Client 694 (Orange) is Benny, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:15:55  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i accidentally the veichle limit?
20:16:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we're working on that now
20:16:09  <PublicServer> <avdg> too many good trains :)
20:16:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the kinningly thing, not the vehicle limit
20:16:26  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> getting trains to come from both sides?
20:16:26  <PublicServer> <tneo> Kinningley now partly 2 way
20:16:38  <Ammler> benny, enough members online
20:17:07  <PublicServer> <Benny> wat
20:18:10  <PublicServer> <tneo> add where you think they should go
20:18:39  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> tneo at who?
20:18:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmmm
20:18:51  *** Muxy has joined #openttdcoop
20:18:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> need some help, north side of BBH04
20:19:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the bypass question?
20:19:42  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the  "no merge before split"
20:19:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and the "split for bypass"
20:20:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> hm
20:20:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and how to balance the current west exit with the  additional traffic from the bypass
20:20:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> so we need a way for the bypass to get thrpough, and the to west to be properly accessible?
20:21:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and then load balancing?
20:21:58  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> why not move !this a but south?
20:22:04  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *bit
20:22:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we can do that
20:22:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and then bridge over to prevent merge before split
20:22:45  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> show me?
20:22:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm thinking
20:23:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> also have to worry about "balancing these"
20:23:12  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> We need what TL? 12?
20:23:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah
20:23:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> we could probably do that with a good presignaling...
20:23:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> lots of goods through here (I hope)
20:23:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but i'd have to think on it...
20:23:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but we have 4 lines coming in (2 current + 2 bypass)
20:24:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> something along those lines
20:24:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it shouldn't double-s
20:24:44  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> you know, i almost feel like digging out my 256mb ram, 1.2ghz celeron laptop
20:24:45  *** Muxy has quit IRC
20:24:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and try playing this game on it
20:24:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol
20:24:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> CRASH
20:25:06  <PublicServer> <Benny> BBH01 is kinda fucked
20:25:06  <PublicServer> <avdg> :p my 512 mb ram laptop is also doing strange things
20:25:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> could do that too
20:25:19  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i mean even my quad core seems to be chugging a bit
20:25:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> though we needed. something differently
20:25:37  <PublicServer> <Benny> OpenTTD uses 1 core
20:25:41  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ah
20:25:44  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> exactly
20:25:47  <PublicServer> <avdg> i have only 1,66ghz dual core
20:25:55  <PublicServer> <Benny> I haz 2 Ghz!
20:25:58  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> thus my tiny lesser core is struggeling
20:26:05  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> really, they should add some threading
20:26:19  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> would let you whore even more trains
20:26:22  <PublicServer> <avdg> some major problems with the syncs :(
20:26:24  <PublicServer> <tneo> i'm going to split the pax routes to intended plan, is that ok?
20:26:42  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> tneo, well the original plan was to hook up 5 cities, but pax between only 3?
20:26:45  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or something.
20:26:53  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> would that work?
20:26:56  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what did i miss here thrax?
20:27:03  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> thats how it was in the oriignal draft anyway
20:27:07  <PublicServer> <Benny> Noort ML @ voting board needs another line?
20:27:08  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thought we needed west connected to both lines
20:27:12  <PublicServer> <Benny> North*
20:27:31  <PublicServer> <tneo> theholyduck: west and east service for pax thah service 3 cities each
20:27:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i could be wrong, i just got here, haven't started understanding the plan very well yet
20:27:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmmm...
20:28:01  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> but i thourt we needed...
20:28:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> got an idea
20:28:14  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> tneo, hmm, i cant remember seeing that
20:28:17  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> here to there
20:28:19  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> but that does sound ok
20:28:29  <PublicServer> <tneo> someone changed it on the plan :-(
20:28:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> maybe....
20:28:35  <PublicServer> <avdg> :( love jam is a big problem now
20:28:47  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the east line goes straight
20:28:52  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the western split is for BBH04
20:28:58  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> love jam?
20:29:07  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> ah, the jam t triangle of love?
20:29:12  <PublicServer> <avdg> yeah
20:29:17  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i love it when people start using the names i made
20:29:21  <PublicServer> <avdg> :p
20:29:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> see that?
20:29:34  <PublicServer> <avdg> the sync works perfect
20:29:44  <PublicServer> <avdg> till a train is joining between the mass
20:29:55  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> ritgh, wait.. one sec
20:30:02  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *right
20:30:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> only now, 3 lines are using east merge, and only 1 is using west
20:30:44  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol, making my 2 lines into 3?
20:30:58  <PublicServer> <Benny> Who, what where?
20:31:05  <PublicServer> <avdg> before !temp
20:31:14  <PublicServer> <Benny> Yes, thats me
20:31:17  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> tneo, i still think you went a bit overboard with the number of bbh's
20:31:20  <PublicServer> <avdg> :(
20:31:27  <PublicServer> <avdg> was it jamming?
20:31:28  *** seandasheep has joined #openttdcoop
20:31:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> how about that?
20:31:36  <PublicServer> <Benny> No but its overloading
20:31:39  <seandasheep> !players
20:31:39  <PublicServer> <avdg> i recently doubled it
20:31:40  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:40  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 690 (Orange) is ZarenorDarkstalker, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:40  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 688 (Orange) is Thraxian|Work, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:40  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 679 (Orange) is ^Sp1ke^, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:41  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 658 (Orange) is tneo, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:41  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 686 (Orange) is avdg, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:43  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 692 (Orange) is theholyduck, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:31:43  <PublicServer> seandasheep: Client 694 (Orange) is Benny, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
20:32:10  <PublicServer> <avdg> check at the love junction :(
20:32:11  <seandasheep> !password
20:32:11  <PublicServer> seandasheep: sharks
20:32:15  <PublicServer> <avdg> the jam is bigger now
20:32:27  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep joined the game
20:32:30  <PublicServer> <avdg> hi seanda
20:32:34  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> bbh11 that is
20:32:37  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> hi guys
20:32:52  <PublicServer> <avdg> love mess :(
20:32:53  <PublicServer> <Benny> Hi, sheep.
20:33:19  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> holy crap, what went wrong here, why is it jamming like that?
20:33:39  <KenjiE20> everything?
20:33:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lol
20:33:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> pretty much
20:33:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> im trying to reset that stuff
20:34:09  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> next time imvoting for a plan with much tinyer tl's
20:34:20  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> yh, like mine :p
20:35:05  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> jams at bbh5 and 4
20:35:31  <PublicServer> <avdg> and 11
20:35:34  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> :D
20:35:36  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> lesee if i can trace it
20:36:12  *** Zorn has joined #openttdcoop
20:37:09  *** StarLite has joined #openttdcoop
20:37:09  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o StarLite
20:37:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> clog at 4 and 5 traces all the way back to 11
20:37:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i'll see if i can band-aid 4 or 5, but 11 it currently the problem is what it looks like
20:38:07  *** PeterT has joined #openttdcoop
20:38:23  *** valhalla1w has joined #openttdcoop
20:38:28  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm... im thinking about adding rails at bbh 11
20:38:35  <PeterT> !password
20:38:35  <PublicServer> PeterT: sharks
20:38:43  <PeterT> !playercount
20:38:43  <PublicServer> PeterT: Number of players: 9
20:38:48  *** Kangoo has joined #openttdcoop
20:38:52  <Kangoo> !password
20:38:52  <PublicServer> Kangoo: sharks
20:38:56  <PublicServer> <avdg> the 2 tracks to the station is overloaded
20:38:58  <PeterT> wow, 9 players
20:39:05  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
20:39:05  <PublicServer> <avdg> :
20:39:09  <PublicServer> <avdg> check the record
20:39:17  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
20:39:25  <PeterT> hey
20:39:36  <PublicServer> *** Peter joined the game
20:39:48  <PublicServer> <avdg> welcome ingame
20:39:57  <PublicServer> <Peter> hello all
20:40:02  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> hi
20:40:10  <PublicServer> <Benny> BBH01 flowing nicely again
20:40:13  <PublicServer> <Benny> Hi
20:40:16  <PublicServer> <Peter> factory pickup is beutiful
20:40:29  <KenjiE20> is it two way yet?
20:40:37  <PublicServer> <Peter> can i help in any way?
20:40:45  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> no, i dont think factory was ever supposed to be 2 way
20:40:48  <PublicServer> <tneo> no kenji
20:40:57  <KenjiE20> then it's not :P
20:41:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> peter, we got alot of jams
20:41:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> haha!
20:41:07  <PublicServer> <Peter> where
20:41:08  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> find out why and how to fix it :D
20:41:08  <PublicServer> <Benny> Just don't fuc** up, Peter. =)
20:41:15  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> everywhere
20:41:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> almost done :)
20:41:17  <PublicServer> <Peter> :(
20:41:23  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> bbh11, 04, 05
20:41:23  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> etc
20:41:29  <PublicServer> <Peter> ok
20:41:40  <PublicServer> <Benny> GAH! I OVERKILLED BBH01!
20:41:43  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or trains that cant exit slh's due to all the trafic on the mainlines
20:41:49  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> 4 and 5 trace to 11.. amd then the can't sent this traffic to BBH01 sign
20:41:50  <PublicServer> <avdg> and 11 ...
20:42:12  <KenjiE20> that's normal duck
20:42:25  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> well like. for hours :P
20:42:29  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
20:42:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> i mean literally, i watched a train for 2 minutes
20:42:34  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> that couldnt get out
20:42:37  <PublicServer> <Peter> paused?
20:42:40  <PublicServer> <avdg> yeah
20:42:43  <PublicServer> <Peter> pause on join is on???
20:42:44  <PublicServer> <avdg> kangoo is joining
20:42:46  <PublicServer> <Peter> X(
20:42:49  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
20:42:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> i think only on connecting
20:43:08  <KenjiE20> hah, no one would get on without pause on join
20:43:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> well if you somehow massivly redesigned how openttd worked
20:43:33  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> they might
20:44:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> now where is that 56k modem so i can spend all ages connecting!
20:44:02  <PublicServer> <avdg> :p in shooters you can join without pause
20:44:05  <KenjiE20> they only way you could do it is with map streaming
20:44:07  <PublicServer> <Benny> Freight and pax on same lines=!
20:44:12  <PublicServer> <Benny> ?!*
20:44:17  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> avdg, cause they are designed diffrently
20:44:19  <PublicServer> <Benny> PHAIL!
20:44:20  <KenjiE20> but that would mean going from 1.2kb/s to about 30
20:44:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'm about ready to enable the bypass :)
20:44:22  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> benny, blame tneo
20:44:28  <PublicServer> <Benny> WHAT!?
20:44:37  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> its his plan
20:44:39  <PublicServer> <Benny> A PRO (!) wanted that!?
20:44:43  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> we're just following it
20:44:43  <PublicServer> <Peter> so manny farms aren't connected
20:44:51  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> we dont have more trains
20:44:54  <PublicServer> <avdg> pls dont connect
20:44:55  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or line capacity
20:44:58  <PublicServer> <avdg> too much jam
20:44:58  <PublicServer> <Peter> the farms?
20:45:00  <PublicServer> <Peter> ok
20:45:04  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
20:45:08  <Kangoo> !password
20:45:09  <PublicServer> Kangoo: cooler
20:45:14  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm...
20:45:18  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> so we're about to connect the open heart bypass?
20:45:22  <PublicServer> <avdg> why is bbh 11 emty
20:45:24  <PublicServer> <avdg> empty
20:45:24  *** valhallasw has quit IRC
20:45:28  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> avdg, it happens :P
20:45:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> trains fluctuate
20:45:34  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo joined the game
20:45:36  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> it jams in 1 place, then later in another
20:45:47  <PublicServer> <Peter> look at steel mill drop
20:45:47  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> I think it could be the penalties I added, trains only take the inner track from kiiningley
20:46:08  <PublicServer> <avdg> grrr
20:46:20  <PublicServer> <avdg> i see :(
20:46:39  <KenjiE20> wait? what? penalties on a bbh?
20:46:56  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has left the game (connection lost)
20:46:58  <PublicServer> <avdg> check !wtf?
20:47:01  <PublicServer> <Peter> .....
20:47:16  *** Brianetta has joined #openttdcoop
20:47:16  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Brianetta
20:47:44  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> sorry avdg, i never removed that track
20:47:58  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> the slit was causing backups, so i bandaided it
20:48:04  <seandasheep> yeh, the route they were taking cut off basically a whole BBH, while the one they are taking now is longer
20:48:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> *split
20:48:14  <seandasheep> !password
20:48:15  <PublicServer> seandasheep: cooler
20:48:31  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep joined the game
20:48:36  <PublicServer> <Peter> why are you guys using transfer system in kinningley? why not station walk?
20:48:38  <KenjiE20> eh?
20:48:45  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> longer waiting space helps keep some traffic flowing.. and then i band-aided another conn farther down that was causing problems
20:48:47  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> peter, lulz and profit i think
20:48:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> mostly lulz
20:49:00  <PublicServer> <avdg> now is love in trouble again :p
20:49:03  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> actually, its using both
20:49:15  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> the entire city is stationwalked + bus transfer
20:49:22  <PublicServer> <Peter> oh
20:49:38  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> dont ask me why
20:50:00  <PublicServer> <avdg> i dont want to wide open bbh11 now :(
20:50:12  <PublicServer> <Peter> which bbh has jams?
20:50:25  <PublicServer> <avdg> 11
20:50:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'm looking at 5...
20:50:32  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> all of them really :P
20:50:47  <KenjiE20> I was gonna say I could say 1 - 12 and still be right
20:50:52  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> maybe, if you swap the entrance for goods tpickup at the factiory, you will avoid jams. and you can work a bit on BBH 11
20:50:54  <PublicServer> <Benny> Just upgrade!!
20:51:03  <PublicServer> <Benny> UUPPGGRRAADDEE!!
20:51:13  <PublicServer> <Benny> More lines.
20:51:14  <PublicServer> * avdg is sleeping...
20:51:24  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> more lines == more effort
20:51:29  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> and i am laaazeh
20:51:39  <PublicServer> <Benny> More lines=No jam and more fun.
20:51:45  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmm
20:51:55  <PublicServer> <avdg> you can have 500 lines
20:51:58  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> why not call thiscuse losst and get a new map for free?
20:52:04  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> pr, a mass send to depot order :p no jams + upgrade freely
20:52:07  <PublicServer> <avdg> but still jam if there is a piece with only 1 track
20:52:17  <PeterT> @wiki load balance
20:52:20  <Webster> Search results - #openttdcoop Wiki -
20:52:28  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> but what when BOTH tracks are jammed full?
20:52:31  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> add a third?
20:52:32  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> :p
20:52:38  <PublicServer> <Benny> YES!! GOD YES!
20:52:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmmmm
20:52:47  <KenjiE20> <theholyduck> why not call thiscuse losst and get a new map for free? <-- because that's not how coop does things?
20:52:48  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> something's not working right
20:52:49  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> in what space?
20:53:02  <PublicServer> <avdg> @tunnel
20:53:07  <PublicServer> * theholyduck likes his defeatist attitude
20:53:13  <avdg> @tunnel
20:53:13  <Webster> Usage of tunnels command: tunnels <TrainLength> <TunnelLength>
20:53:29  <KenjiE20> I should change that
20:53:43  <PublicServer> <Peter> @tunnel
20:53:48  <avdg> @tunnel 7 5
20:53:48  <Webster> Usage of tunnels command: tunnels <TrainLength> <TunnelLength>
20:53:53  <PublicServer> <Benny> WTF!!!??
20:53:58  <avdg> @tunnels 7 5
20:53:58  <Webster> avdg: 2
20:54:02  <KenjiE20> @tunnel
20:54:02  <Webster> (depreciated try !tunnels) Usage of tunnels command: tunnels <TrainLength> <TunnelLength>
20:54:03  <PublicServer> <Peter> can someone explain load balancing please?
20:54:05  <KenjiE20> there
20:54:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> not mine
20:54:10  <Suisse`> you can have 500 lines > one line per train ---->
20:54:14  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> hmm
20:54:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> let's fix that
20:54:18  <avdg> lol
20:54:19  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> who the hell did build that?
20:54:25  <avdg> what?
20:54:25  <PublicServer> <Peter> build what?
20:54:32  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> at !WTF!!??
20:54:58  <PublicServer> <Peter> idk
20:55:01  <PublicServer> <avdg> what the what the fuck?
20:55:15  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> JAM on kinningley bypass!
20:55:27  *** ODM has quit IRC
20:55:37  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> no
20:55:45  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> maybe not, I'm lost
20:55:51  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm...
20:55:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> single bridge and an evil X
20:56:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> there is a simlar problem right besides !WTF?!!??
20:56:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmmm
20:56:22  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> that's the casue of it
20:56:23  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> it was added i GUESS as a way to turn
20:56:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> bypass is majorly overloaded
20:56:26  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> but really
20:56:27  <PublicServer> <avdg> add a rail
20:56:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i have to go
20:56:40  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> is it just me
20:56:41  <PublicServer> <avdg> 2 rails are to heavy loaded
20:56:43  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> or did thinks jam up MORE
20:56:46  <PublicServer> <Peter> SLH 06 has major backups
20:56:48  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> after we added a bypass?
20:56:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll be back in a bit, and will add a rail if i can fit one when i get back
20:56:58  <PublicServer> <Peter> what does SLH mean?
20:57:01  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> sidel ine hub
20:57:04  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hmmm...load balancing not working properly
20:57:05  <PublicServer> <Peter> ok
20:57:12  <PublicServer> <Peter> what is that?
20:57:24  <PublicServer> <Benny> Love jam is GOEN!! D:
20:57:28  <PublicServer> <Benny> GONE*
20:57:31  <PublicServer> <Peter> i dont see how backwards presignals help your trains?
20:57:37  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (connection lost)
20:57:42  <PublicServer> <Benny> WTF happened!?
20:57:42  <KenjiE20> they're penalties
20:57:43  <theholyduck> PeterT, its called priorities
20:57:50  <KenjiE20> they're penalties <--
20:57:50  <PublicServer> <Peter> teach me
20:58:03  <PublicServer> <Benny> What happened to ML!?
20:58:05  <PeterT> !define priorites
20:58:14  <PublicServer> <Benny> BBH01 ->BBH11
20:58:18  <PeterT> @wiki priorities
20:58:22  <Webster> Priorities - #openttdcoop Wiki -
20:58:34  <PublicServer> <Benny> <JAm
20:58:36  <PublicServer> <Benny> JAM*
20:58:39  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> someone built a bypass, all trains use that now
20:58:45  <PublicServer> <Benny> NOOES
20:58:54  <PublicServer> <tneo> why keep those trains wait at Kinningley 2 way section ?
20:59:16  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> found a backwards signal
20:59:30  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> there we go
20:59:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that should help immensely
21:00:10  <PublicServer> <Benny> Goddammit! We're screwed..
21:00:17  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm... i think that the factory needs a redesign
21:00:29  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> we have TOO MANY GOODS TRAINS
21:00:33  <PublicServer> <avdg> :)
21:00:37  <PublicServer> <avdg> train is cming
21:00:39  <PublicServer> <Benny> You dont say?
21:00:54  <PublicServer> <avdg> :(
21:00:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> 2 more cming
21:01:00  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> are we going to remove some or just build a milion extra tracks for them?
21:01:03  <PublicServer> <avdg> =)
21:01:03  <PublicServer> <Benny> Everything is the plan's fault!
21:01:21  <KenjiE20> guess why the plan had two stations at kinningly for
21:01:29  <PublicServer> <Benny> Freight + pax = FAIL
21:01:54  <PublicServer> <avdg> i do some fixed to avoid good train jam
21:02:17  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmm
21:02:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> no - keep those signals there
21:02:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> why have such a big space if not for waiting trains?
21:02:45  <PublicServer> <avdg> no
21:02:49  <PublicServer> <avdg> too less length
21:02:57  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> I think part of the problem is that I designed that station to be used the other way
21:02:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> it's perfect length
21:03:11  <PublicServer> <avdg> nop
21:03:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> except when they reverse
21:03:27  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol
21:03:39  <Razaekel> !password
21:03:39  <PublicServer> Razaekel: juiced
21:03:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> easy enough to fix - make it one longer :)
21:03:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hehe :)
21:03:54  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` joined the game
21:04:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> should I disable that bypass?
21:04:49  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> yh, all it has done is out the same amount of trains onto a smaller track :/
21:05:03  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> disable entire bypass?  or just one section of it?
21:05:18  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> all, or they will just use other track
21:05:24  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmm whats the plan @ factory?
21:05:39  <PublicServer> <avdg> i think we need 4 tracks
21:05:42  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> only one line still connected
21:06:03  <PublicServer> <Benny> Well.. I'll play some IV. I can't take this any more.
21:06:06  <PublicServer> <Benny> See ya.
21:06:08  <PublicServer> <Peter> by
21:06:11  <PublicServer> *** Benny has left the game (leaving)
21:06:11  <PublicServer> *** Benny has left the game (connection lost)
21:06:12  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> bye
21:06:12  <PublicServer> <avdg> bye
21:06:15  <PublicServer> <Peter> im playing sa
21:06:18  <PublicServer> <avdg> too late :p
21:06:20  <PublicServer> <Peter> i think sa is the best
21:06:22  *** Benny has quit IRC
21:06:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> bypass disabled (towards factory)
21:06:31  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> sa?
21:06:32  <PublicServer> <Peter> i haven't had the chance to play IV
21:06:37  <PublicServer> <Peter> san andreas
21:06:42  <PublicServer> <Peter> grand theft auto san andreas
21:06:48  <PublicServer> <avdg> grrr... too much traffic
21:06:50  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> west -> east still connected
21:06:50  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> oh, best game EVER
21:07:00  *** Benny has joined #openttdcoop
21:07:03  <PublicServer> <Peter> i just "bought" it again, since i lost the original copy
21:07:04  <PublicServer> <avdg> we are screwed!
21:07:29  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> I still have my original xbox copy :D
21:07:32  <Benny> Guess, I can stay in chat though..
21:07:38  <PublicServer> <Peter> hey benny
21:07:42  <Benny> Sheep: of what?
21:07:43  <PublicServer> <Peter> do you like SA?
21:07:48  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> sa
21:07:50  <Benny> Yes
21:08:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> Penington is a result of clogged bypass
21:08:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> it's in clearing stages now
21:08:27  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> back
21:08:32  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> one min while i catch up
21:08:33  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm...
21:08:55  <PublicServer> <Peter> g2g
21:08:58  <PublicServer> <Peter> have to install something
21:09:00  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> ok, bye
21:09:01  <PublicServer> *** Peter has left the game (connection lost)
21:09:07  <PeterT> later!
21:09:13  *** PeterT has quit IRC
21:09:14  <Benny> L8r
21:09:19  <Benny> Dammit..
21:09:22  <Benny> 2late
21:09:30  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> ??
21:09:49  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and this is why we use prios, dear children :)
21:09:54  <Benny> He left before I got to say bye *cry*
21:10:05  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> where did we not use prios?
21:10:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> factory exit
21:10:37  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> wtf is going on at SLH04
21:10:37  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> oh f*ck, my station
21:10:41  <PublicServer> <avdg> :p i've added "many jams! many jobs!"
21:13:06  <PublicServer> <seandasheep> gtg, got to be up at 6.30 again :(
21:13:17  <PublicServer> <avdg> :(
21:13:18  <Benny> =(
21:13:19  <PublicServer> <avdg> bye
21:13:24  <Benny> Bya
21:13:26  <PublicServer> *** seandasheep has left the game (connection lost)
21:13:27  <Benny> Bye
21:13:34  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> later
21:13:38  <seandasheep> bye guys
21:13:41  *** seandasheep has quit IRC
21:13:52  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> what's the problem at !!problem?
21:14:00  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmm how do we have to solve all bottlenecks?
21:14:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> no clue - might be an old sign
21:15:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I have an (ugly) idea that might help alleviate some congestion....
21:15:03  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> can i kill it then?
21:16:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> make factory work in both directions
21:16:30  <PublicServer> <avdg> drop?
21:16:35  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> that's an old idea, thrax
21:16:38  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> at the very least, yes
21:16:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> old, but yet to be implemented :)
21:16:48  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> and that's the way it was SUPPOSED to  have been done
21:17:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> keep in mind that ALL wood, grain, livestock, and factory/sawmill goods use the TWO lines from BBH01 to BBH11
21:17:24  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> add another line
21:17:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> bandaid solution
21:17:39  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i was gonna say, why not simply add a line?
21:17:48  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> adding another line is a valid solution
21:18:00  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> as long as it is added to all of the hubs
21:18:14  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> if yer just making a shortcut, that is not a valid solution
21:18:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> yeah, downmixing would be hard
21:18:31  <Xaroth> !password
21:18:32  <PublicServer> Xaroth: snares
21:18:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> and a bandaid, definitely..
21:18:46  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth joined the game
21:19:27  <PublicServer> <tneo> i'm off
21:19:36  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (leaving)
21:19:37  <PublicServer> *** tneo has left the game (connection lost)
21:20:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> maybe we could add train sorter to separate the goods trains from the cargo ones?
21:20:22  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> and BBH 11 is badly done
21:20:23  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and split those lines a bit earlier?
21:20:24  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> inbound?
21:20:30  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> that would help
21:20:39  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> have goods trains on one track, and PAX on a separate
21:20:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> i like that solution
21:20:50  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that would be harder to split, since goods and pax are same length
21:20:59  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> but grain/livestock/wood split from pax/goods
21:21:05  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> not in the plan
21:21:12  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> besides, you dont need a sorter for that
21:21:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> no, but if you're adding lines, it makes sense to split them a bit earlier
21:21:19  <PublicServer> <avdg> at the factory, all lines should be at least 4 :(
21:21:26  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> you can just add seperate tracks from each pax station
21:21:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> seen lots of times where goods trains blocked the station drop entrance
21:21:32  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> both in factory and lumber
21:21:33  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> just separate drop and pickup ear;lier
21:21:34  <PublicServer> <avdg> good trains, steel trains and feeder trains :(
21:21:41  <PublicServer> <avdg> + passing trains
21:21:54  <PublicServer> <Kangoo> is the jam at SLH04 intentional..?
21:22:15  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wrunpool transfer always had too many coal trains
21:22:22  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> i already said SLH04 was bad
21:22:29  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I'll work on that a bit more
21:22:35  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and somebody downsized station from 4 to 3 plats
21:22:36  <PublicServer> <avdg> im too lazy now
21:22:41  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> and DONT make a bandaid
21:22:43  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it improved it before we cleared other jams
21:23:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> 25 trains, some making less than 30k last year
21:23:46  <tneo> night all
21:23:49  <Xaroth> nn
21:23:57  <Benny> night'
21:23:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> gn
21:24:41  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> next time PAX trains should have a different length than normal trains :P
21:24:55  <PublicServer> <avdg> and factory should have more lines
21:25:29  <PublicServer> <avdg> normally we split goods and steel with the other trains
21:25:29  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> knocked wrunnley down to 16
21:26:02  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> 15 now
21:27:04  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> 14
21:27:22  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> there were WAY too many trains on wrunpool
21:28:02  <PublicServer> <avdg> =( its hopeless
21:29:06  <Benny> :D
21:29:10  <PublicServer> <avdg> delete and rebuild
21:29:27  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> too late for that
21:29:50  <PublicServer> <avdg> :p that joke works better if you are making statues from stones :p
21:30:41  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> curious - would it help distribute trains a bit if we disabled the north -> east tracks at BBH11?
21:30:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> force lumber/goods through BBH09?
21:31:04  <PublicServer> <avdg> it works better if all trains are ghost
21:31:19  <PublicServer> <avdg> 1 track for 2way xd
21:32:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that would take 73 trains off of the BBH01>BBH11 rails
21:32:13  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> the N->E/W tracks at BBH11 just need a rebuild
21:32:24  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> not all tracks go either way
21:32:48  <PublicServer> <avdg> raz: all tracks from and to factory need a rebuild
21:33:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> :( im too lazy now
21:34:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> anyone mind if I try disabling those tracks temporarily?
21:34:35  <PublicServer> * avdg dont care, even not this game
21:34:48  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` has left the game (connection lost)
21:35:04  <PublicServer> <avdg> srr thrax
21:35:12  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> disabled
21:35:44  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm... i send 7 good trains to the depot
21:36:23  <PublicServer> <avdg> better a low rate, then jam
21:36:45  <Mark> !password
21:36:46  <PublicServer> Mark: busted
21:36:55  <PublicServer> *** Mark joined the game
21:36:57  <PublicServer> <Mark> evening
21:36:59  <PublicServer> <avdg> oh ty god
21:37:00  <Razaekel> mark
21:37:04  <PublicServer> <avdg> hi mark
21:37:06  <KenjiE20> lol
21:37:11  <Razaekel> that password describes this network perfectly
21:37:18  <Mark> heh
21:37:25  <avdg> lol
21:37:33  *** FooBar_ has quit IRC
21:37:48  <PublicServer> <Mark> we could still seperate pax and cargo
21:37:49  <Razaekel> unfortunately, we cant change the map until either tneo gives up or we manage to fix this network
21:37:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I think that might have helped a bit....
21:37:54  <Razaekel> as impossible as that sounds
21:37:57  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> tneo gave up long ago :)
21:38:01  <PublicServer> <Mark> it's not like we're sticking to the plan anyway
21:38:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wait -  there's a plan?
21:38:12  <Razaekel> oh ok, if we're not sticking to the plan
21:38:18  <Razaekel> let's seperate pax and cargo
21:38:27  <Razaekel> and add another line between the heaviest BBHs
21:38:32  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (leaving)
21:38:32  <PublicServer> *** ^Sp1ke^ has left the game (connection lost)
21:38:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> BBH01 -> BBH11 seeing lighter traffic now
21:38:50  <PublicServer> <avdg> im removing 7 good trains
21:39:06  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> avdg: you ought to remove the bad ones, though
21:39:06  <Razaekel> !busted
21:39:09  <Razaekel> !password
21:39:10  <PublicServer> Razaekel: busted
21:39:13  <PublicServer> <avdg> where?
21:39:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> where what?
21:39:24  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` joined the game
21:39:26  <Razaekel> he was joking
21:39:32  <Razaekel> you said good trains
21:39:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> you said you were removing good trains.  I said, why not remove the bad ones?
21:39:38  <Razaekel> yea
21:40:03  <PublicServer> <avdg> hmmm the good pickup is still buzy
21:40:23  <PublicServer> <avdg> im too lazy
21:41:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> 267 trains use
21:41:35  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> Bundinghattan is generating tons of mail?
21:43:03  <PublicServer> <avdg> even with 7 less trains, the factory is served fine
21:43:38  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (leaving)
21:43:38  <PublicServer> *** Kangoo has left the game (connection lost)
21:43:44  *** Kangoo has quit IRC
21:43:50  <PublicServer> <avdg> till now :p
21:44:16  <PublicServer> <avdg> now i wish there was ccleaner for openttd
21:44:21  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> lol
21:44:40  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> i'm gonna put the PAX trains on a scenic route
21:44:41  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> ccleaner?
21:44:48  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> if i can
21:44:49  <PublicServer> <avdg> crap cleaner
21:45:01  <KenjiE20> @google ccleaner
21:45:02  <Webster> KenjiE20: Search took 0.15 seconds: CCleaner - Home: <>; CCleaner - Download: <>; Download CCleaner 2.20.920 - <>; CCleaner - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET <>
21:45:07  <KenjiE20> ^there
21:45:08  <PublicServer> <Xaroth> ah
21:45:09  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> Mark, any idea why it says I'm being searched for in the topic?
21:45:20  <KenjiE20> ah, game135
21:45:35  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I don't have 135
21:45:38  <KenjiE20> I forget who added that
21:45:53  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> I thought i did, but I didn't.. that was months ago...
21:46:19  <KenjiE20> ah fair enough
21:46:20  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> And I mostly fixed the SLH04 problems, should work fine now
21:46:24  <KenjiE20> @topic remove -1
21:46:25  *** Webster changes topic to "Welcome to #openttdcoop, the Cooperative OpenTTD | PSG #143 (r16381) | STAGE: jam fixing late | | Use !help for IRC-commands | InfrastructureSharing at | Client record: 24 | looking for latest save of PSG #135 - please make it available to us, if you played | Screenshots:"
21:47:05  <PublicServer> <avdg> :) turbobus
21:47:14  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> no
21:47:18  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol
21:47:23  <PublicServer> <avdg> i was just looking
21:48:14  <PublicServer> <avdg> i am more and more asking why not to make them 1way
21:48:22  <PublicServer> <avdg> factory to south
21:48:34  <PublicServer> <avdg> and bbh1 to 11 north
21:48:41  <PublicServer> <avdg> but thats not the plan :p
21:49:31  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> who cares about the plan anymore
21:49:37  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> tneo gave up, we get to have fun
21:49:38  <PublicServer> <avdg> lol
21:49:49  <PublicServer> <avdg> for me its more easy to control
21:50:14  <PublicServer> <avdg> the 2 tracks are pretty close, so i think, why not
21:50:38  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> mark, could you rcon the PBS backoff interval?
21:50:47  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> it seems to be set to not-1
21:54:18  *** Progman has joined #openttdcoop
21:55:02  <PublicServer> <avdg> srr im off
21:55:23  <PublicServer> <avdg> my accu is empty
21:55:29  <PublicServer> <avdg> human accu
21:55:40  <PublicServer> *** avdg has left the game (leaving)
21:55:40  <PublicServer> *** avdg has left the game (connection lost)
21:57:33  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
21:57:41  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (leaving)
21:57:41  <PublicServer> *** Xaroth has left the game (connection lost)
21:57:48  *** Benny has quit IRC
21:57:50  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
21:58:03  <Mark> !setdef
21:58:03  <PublicServer> *** Mark has disabled wait_for_pbs_path, wait_twoway_signal, wait_oneway_signal, enabled no_servicing_if_no_breakdowns and set path_backoff_interval to 1
21:58:09  <PublicServer> *** Mark has joined spectators
21:58:30  <PublicServer> <ZarenorDarkstalker> thanks mark
21:59:10  <PublicServer> *** ZarenorDarkstalker has left the game (connection lost)
21:59:36  <Zarenor> Okay then.. perfect timing, it's almost dinner time.. i may or may not bbl
21:59:41  <Zarenor> ater guys
21:59:45  <Zarenor> *later
22:02:02  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> anyone still around?
22:02:10  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> me
22:02:11  <PublicServer> <Mark> more or less
22:02:17  <avdg> me, but not ingame
22:02:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> working on BBH11 to factory
22:02:24  <avdg> :)
22:02:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> need another set of eyes, possibly
22:02:37  <avdg> not now srr
22:02:41  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC
22:02:52  <avdg> je suis fatigée :p
22:03:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> is that syntactically correct?
22:03:20  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I though the french "had fatigue"
22:03:23  <avdg> idk
22:03:30  <avdg> long time ago :p
22:03:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> like "j'ai faim", not "je suis faim"
22:03:55  <avdg> no, je suis taderadie
22:04:07  <avdg> :p im thinking about rob again
22:04:26  <avdg> he created a tvprogram to make robland
22:05:25  <avdg> i hope there is an english version
22:09:11  <avdg>
22:09:12  <Webster> Title: YouTube - J'aime j'aime Durbuy - FULL & ORIGINAL VERSION ! (at
22:10:53  <avdg> too bad that its too much for flemish people :p
22:22:38  *** Godde has joined #openttdcoop
22:22:50  <Godde> !players
22:22:52  <PublicServer> Godde: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
22:22:52  <PublicServer> Godde: Client 716 (Orange) is Thraxian|Work, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
22:22:52  <PublicServer> Godde: Client 715 (Orange) is Razaekel``, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
22:22:52  <PublicServer> Godde: Client 714 is Mark, a spectator
22:22:55  <Godde> network jam?
22:23:09  <avdg> big jam i think :p
22:23:14  <Godde> !password
22:23:14  <PublicServer> Godde: billed
22:23:41  <PublicServer> *** Godde joined the game
22:26:19  <avdg> much jam?
22:26:29  <PublicServer> <Godde> not yet
22:26:34  <PublicServer> <Godde> might evolve
22:26:52  <PublicServer> <Godde> lots of trains trying to get onto one single track
22:27:01  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> where?
22:27:04  <PublicServer> <Godde> added a penalty to see if things will balance
22:27:10  <PublicServer> <Godde> bbh 09
22:28:28  <Mark> Godde:
22:28:29  <Mark> :P
22:28:52  <avdg> nice :p
22:28:53  <Godde> *excited applause*
22:29:25  <avdg> wich game is that?
22:29:31  <Mark> rct3
22:29:32  <PublicServer> <Godde> riding that thing for real would scare the living shit outta me xD
22:29:40  <Razaekel> that looks like fun
22:29:49  <Razaekel> roller coaster tycoon 3
22:29:51  <Mark> they're pretty intense
22:30:09  <Mark> especially the brown one
22:30:30  <Razaekel> take videos
22:30:33  <Razaekel> and post them
22:31:01  <KenjiE20> I should re-inst that
22:31:35  <KenjiE20> I should probably clean up my games drive first
22:31:37  <Mark> so, who can tell what slide i built first avd what last? :P
22:31:41  <Mark> i hope you can't
22:31:42  <PublicServer> <Godde> the version i downloaded did not have the patch that fixed "terrain lvling under constructions"
22:32:04  <KenjiE20> 1st green last yellow ?
22:32:13  <Mark> meh :P
22:32:20  <Mark> last yellow is correct
22:32:28  <Mark> green was second though
22:32:33  <Mark> first purple
22:32:35  <KenjiE20> purple first then
22:32:37  <KenjiE20> lol
22:32:43  <Razaekel> brown third
22:32:53  <Mark> Razaekel: safe guess
22:33:08  <Razaekel> and green is second
22:33:09  <KenjiE20> haha, you win -1 for that :P
22:33:35  <PublicServer> <Godde> the joiners keep overflowing due to PAX trains having to slow down for slower goods trians
22:33:58  <PublicServer> <Godde> network with 2 different train speeds = fail imo
22:34:00  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> ahaha
22:34:04  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> one sec
22:39:13  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> now i really wish we had diagonal bridges
22:40:31  *** StarLite has quit IRC
22:42:40  *** theholyduck has quit IRC
22:46:21  *** Progman has quit IRC
22:50:07  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> is my new factory approach overkill, you think"?
22:50:18  <PublicServer> <Godde> where?
22:50:27  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> i dunno - factory maybe?
22:50:33  <PublicServer> <Mark> lol
22:51:23  <PublicServer> *** Godde has left the game (leaving)
22:51:23  <PublicServer> *** Godde has left the game (connection lost)
22:51:33  <Godde> mark - got any other cool rct3 pics? :)
22:51:52  <Mark> not atm
22:52:03  <Mark> trying to learn using custom scenery
22:52:12  <Godde> ah
22:52:16  <Godde> not that hard, really
22:52:29  <Mark> well using it isn't
22:52:33  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> OKEDOKE
22:52:41  <Mark> there are lots of sets though
22:52:43  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> the PAX west loop is all alone now
22:52:56  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'm thinking about halting the factory trains for a sec to hook up this new entrance
22:53:23  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> that's a beeping big entrance
22:53:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> can't do much more with the trains in the way
22:53:33  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> we can move factory plats east a bit, then
22:53:37  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> just delete some tracks
22:53:44  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> or reproduce it further west once the trains are out of the way
22:54:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> with all the trains (and the major lag I'm getting), it's hard to much more
22:54:29  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> and still need to put the ML through there too (I guess)
22:57:26  <PublicServer> *** Mark has left the game (connection lost)
23:02:33  <Godde> im off :)
23:02:46  <Godde> keep those pics coming mark! ^^
23:02:49  *** Godde has quit IRC
23:02:59  *** avdg has left #openttdcoop
23:04:01  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ok - I'm shutting down the factory to get this entrance done
23:04:09  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> unless someone objects, of course :)
23:04:37  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> just get it over with
23:10:54  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> lag monkey
23:11:08  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> gee whiz....
23:11:28  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I can't do anything right now
23:11:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> always when I've destroyed something....
23:11:54  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> lol
23:11:58  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> hurry it up
23:12:16  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:12:24  <Razaekel> oh jeezus
23:12:45  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
23:14:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> here we go again....
23:14:46  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:15:01  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
23:19:17  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> why?  that squiggle is ugly
23:19:31  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> fine
23:21:22  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> hang one
23:23:10  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> holy shit
23:23:17  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> the entire ML is frozen
23:23:48  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> awesome
23:24:21  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> penalties?
23:24:42  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> nah
23:24:51  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> yeah - we need a couple
23:25:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> penalties added
23:25:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ready for a test drive?
23:25:47  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> unjam the ml
23:25:50  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wait
23:25:55  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> last 2 plats need connection
23:26:30  *** theholyduck has joined #openttdcoop
23:26:36  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> do we need LB on exit?
23:26:42  * theholyduck is leback
23:27:06  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> skip the LB for now
23:27:24  <theholyduck> !password
23:27:24  <PublicServer> theholyduck: arider
23:27:34  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck joined the game
23:27:50  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> now, lets see how this plays on my old dual core laptop
23:28:09  <PublicServer> <theholyduck> oh lawd
23:28:18  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I'm agging
23:28:24  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (leaving)
23:28:24  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:28:37  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
23:28:40  <theholyduck> lol
23:28:43  <theholyduck> my cleint is almost locked up
23:28:47  <theholyduck> it cant handle the load..
23:28:53  <theholyduck> i think i might have to return to my desktop
23:28:58  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> too much construction at once - I can't stay sync'd
23:29:00  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> this is either epic win or epic fail
23:29:10  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> start the trains!
23:29:11  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> that or duck is causing us all to lag....
23:29:12  <theholyduck> time to kill openttd
23:29:21  <PublicServer> *** theholyduck has left the game (connection lost)
23:29:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> ready for factory trains?
23:29:24  <theholyduck> killed it
23:29:26  <theholyduck> did that help=?
23:29:28  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> do it
23:29:39  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> here they come
23:29:59  <theholyduck> hmm, time to boot my mighty desktop of doom, i wanna play openttd coop on linux for once :P
23:30:05  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> still need to figure out how the ML gets through....
23:30:33  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> leave that to me
23:31:01  <theholyduck> !Players
23:31:04  <theholyduck> hm
23:31:11  <theholyduck> so, its the revenge of the pro's?
23:31:19  <theholyduck> fixing up all the issues us beginners made?
23:31:27  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> we'll see
23:33:10  *** theholyduck has quit IRC
23:33:19  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the bridges on south side of BBH11 need doubling, methinks
23:33:34  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> the 4 lines are compressed to 2, then expanded back to 4
23:33:36  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> they are doubled
23:33:43  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> that's true
23:33:54  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> it's actually the other way around
23:34:10  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> there's 5 lines
23:34:17  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> cut down to 4
23:34:20  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> then to 2
23:34:23  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> then i dont know
23:34:24  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> I could 4 near !servicing station
23:34:37  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> look at BBH1
23:34:43  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> there's 5 lines exiting to the north
23:34:46  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> once they hit the bridges, they're just fine
23:34:49  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> getting there is slow though
23:35:06  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> at the !slh05 is trouble
23:35:10  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> if you're counting the eastbound ones, then there are 6
23:35:13  <PublicServer> <Razaekel``> it merges 4 lines into 2
23:36:43  *** Venxir` has quit IRC
23:37:02  *** themroc has joined #openttdcoop
23:38:15  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:38:30  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
23:38:37  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> wow - now I crash when just watching....
23:52:05  *** theholyduck has joined #openttdcoop
23:52:43  <PublicServer> <Thraxian|Work> freed up a bunch of space for more bridges
23:54:37  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` has left the game (leaving)
23:54:37  <PublicServer> *** Razaekel`` has left the game (connection lost)
23:55:13  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:55:14  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
23:55:17  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
23:55:28  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
23:55:57  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work has left the game (connection lost)
23:55:58  <PublicServer> *** Game paused (not enough players)
23:56:08  <PublicServer> *** Game unpaused (enough players)
23:56:16  <PublicServer> *** Thraxian|Work joined the game
23:58:04  <Razaekel> !players
23:58:05  <PublicServer> Razaekel: Client 617 (Orange) is FiCE, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
23:58:05  <PublicServer> Razaekel: Client 727 (Orange) is Thraxian|Work, in company 1 (OpenTTDCoop Ltd.)
23:58:43  <KenjiE20> thrax you got news on?

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