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12:27:05  <Luukland> Could someone maybe help with installing MinGW? I dont get questions after executing; ./
12:27:13  <Luukland>
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12:30:25  <Luukland> [: /home/Luuk: binary operator expected
12:30:39  <Luukland> is some of the output I get when exececuting it
12:30:53  <Luukland> but no questions for continuing the installation process
12:35:52  <Luukland> Ah found the error, it doesn't like spaces in the "computer user name"
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14:26:24  <Ammler> Luukland: this is a game channel :-)
14:26:39  <PeterT> No server though
14:27:02  <Ammler> you get better support in #openttd(coop)
14:27:35  <Ammler>
14:28:52  <Ammler> Quote: "Don't install in C:\Program Files as a path with spaces in it might cause problems."
14:29:41  <Luukland> I see
14:30:23  <Luukland> That was obvious though, yet the installation on MYSYS written in the OpenTTD wiki isn't working properly, I keep getting new errors now :(
14:31:04  <Ammler> the wiki howto worked well, last time I used it
14:31:18  <Ammler> you just need to read it very properly
14:31:38  <Luukland> Let me start over again then :)
14:33:06  <Ammler> and PeterT is specialist for compiling according his signature ;-)
14:33:32  <Lillefix> Is there any design documents or such, which shows the structure of the program (code-wise)?
14:33:35  <Lillefix> Are*
14:34:42  <Luukland> No file to patch.  Skipping patch.
14:34:57  <Luukland> This error do I get when executing ./
14:35:24  <Luukland> Well in that case, PeterT? Are u available mate?
14:36:24  <PeterT> yes, Luukland?
14:36:30  <PeterT> Ammler: lol :-)
14:37:14  <Luukland> I am following the MSYS guide, but it keeps getting errors...
14:37:23  <PeterT> What are you trying to do?
14:37:32  <Luukland> Installing according to the wiki >_
14:37:55  <PeterT> what version?
14:38:03  <PeterT> trunk?
14:38:03  <Luukland> like in the wiki
14:38:13  <Luukland> No no, no trunk, I am not even close to patching
14:38:35  <Luukland> I am installing MSYS for patching purposes, yet the wikiguide does not suffice
14:38:39  <PeterT> I'm curious, how did you manage to patch and compile your server (bots) without knowing how to compile MSYS
14:38:46  <Luukland> I can't code
14:38:53  <Luukland> Didn't you know that?
14:39:04  <PeterT> then how the f did you make your servers?
14:39:18  <Luukland> It are not mine servers :P
14:39:22  <Luukland> Fugas compiled them
14:39:27  <PeterT> anyway, if you are just patching, you can skip all that "compiling this" "compiling that"
14:39:37  <PeterT> go right to getting the source
14:39:49  <PeterT> svn checkout svn://
14:39:53  <PeterT> then
14:39:55  <PeterT> cd trunk
14:40:03  <PeterT> patch -p0 -i filename.diff
14:40:17  <Luukland> I have the source, I have the patch, I can apply the patch on the source, but I can't compile on Windows
14:40:24  <PeterT> oh
14:40:26  <Luukland> I just want to compile :P
14:40:40  <PeterT> you said otherwise here: <Luukland> I am installing MSYS for patching purposes, yet the wikiguide does not suffice
14:40:51  <Luukland> Hmmm, bad English
14:40:58  <Luukland> for compiling I meant ....
14:41:35  <PeterT> Ok
14:41:37  <PeterT> what error?
14:41:47  <Luukland> I belive it goes wrong on step cp wget.exe /usr/local/bin
14:41:56  <Luukland> Where the msys doesn't give output
14:42:23  <Luukland> ./ gives then when executed this error: No file to patch.  Skipping patch.1 out of 1 hunk ignored
14:42:26  <PeterT> can I connect to your computer via TeamViewer?
14:42:37  <PeterT>
14:42:38  <Webster> Title: TeamViewer Download (at
14:42:50  <Luukland> I can just upload images to imageshack if you dont mind?
14:42:54  <PeterT> Ok
14:42:58  <PeterT> Do that then
14:43:02  <Luukland> Ok
14:43:10  <PeterT> include the directory /home
14:43:34  <PeterT> where you were suppoesd to place wget-[...].tar.bz2
14:45:05  <Luukland>
14:45:40  <PeterT> Luukland, can you please type "pwd" and tell me the output?
14:46:03  <Luukland> ./home/wget-1.9.1/mingwPORT
14:46:35  <PeterT> type "cd" then "pwd" again and tell me the output
14:46:56  <Luukland> ./home/Luuk Orlando
14:47:11  <Luukland> Luuk Orlando = my name with spaces :P
14:47:45  <PeterT> ok, now "cd /home/wget-1.9.1/mingwPORT
14:47:54  <PeterT> and "./"
14:47:55  <PeterT> again
14:48:02  <PeterT> I'm not sure this will do anything, but worth a try
14:49:31  <Luukland>
14:50:10  <Luukland> "answered all questions with y"
14:50:22  <PeterT> that's the wrong part, then
14:50:31  <PeterT> You answer by pressing the ENTER key
14:50:58  <PeterT> try ./ again and answer with ENTER
14:51:11  <PeterT> I beleive the wiki states that :-)
14:51:23  <Luukland> Answer the questions by pressing enter
14:51:26  <PeterT> yes
14:51:26  <Luukland> Damnot
14:51:47  <PeterT> I'll stay right here while you finish the rest of the guide...
14:51:54  <Luukland> Certainly
14:51:59  <Luukland> thx anyhow!
14:52:50  <PeterT> I'm editing the wiki so that instruction is in bold
14:52:57  <PeterT> I remember when I did the guide, I missed that too
14:54:00  <Luukland> Ghe ghe ghe
14:54:16  <PeterT> Ok, Done
14:54:19  <Luukland> Yeah, when someone asks me a question where I must answer y/n I say y/n :P
14:54:25  <Luukland> not "Enter" :p
14:54:26  <PeterT> reload your page, and you will see them
14:58:28  <Luukland> nice :)
14:59:20  <PeterT> everything working, Luukland?
14:59:43  <Luukland> I think so
14:59:46  <Luukland> so far no errors
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15:00:24  <Luukland> [15:59] <Luukland> I think so
15:00:24  <Luukland> [15:59] <Luukland> so far no errors
15:00:57  <PeterT> Ok
15:01:00  <PeterT> sorry
15:01:03  <PeterT> xchat froze up
15:01:12  <PeterT> (Windoes)
15:01:26  <Luukland> you know where VISTA stands for?
15:02:20  <Luukland> Virusses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans and Adware
15:03:37  <PeterT> Lol
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15:07:26  <Luukland> Compiling now
15:07:30  <Luukland> Praying time starts
15:09:08  <Luukland> Hmmm, this compiling takes ages... And that for a game of only 10MB
15:11:26  <PeterT> lol
15:11:38  <PeterT> it should compile FINE if you followed instructions
15:11:42  <PeterT> you're doing pretty well, actually
15:12:00  <PeterT> it took me countless hours and the help of the certain OpenTTD Developer named Yexo
15:12:35  <Luukland> Yeap, all done ok :)
15:12:45  <Luukland> Now testing of this patch :)
15:13:36  <Luukland> well, I must admit, due to the fact that cd and ls are used in OpenTTD console
15:13:43  <planetmaker> [15:47]	<Luukland>	Luuk Orlando = my name with spaces :P <-- if it works fine. But there are certain cases at least where spaces fail or at least annoy majorly
15:13:43  <Luukland> I knew my way around the folders
15:14:06  <PeterT> Luukland: What patch are you testing?
15:14:49  <Luukland> Some new competition algoritm regarding the use of 2 stations at 1 coal mine
15:15:05  <planetmaker> Luukland: something which would be pretty cool if you guys would not secretly hack your OpenTTD files for the servers but provide decent patches for that end
15:15:24  <planetmaker> Then actually there'd be a chance the whole community could profit from it and possibly a few things would make it into trunk
15:16:19  <Yexo> planetmaker: this one can't be kept secret
15:16:30  <Yexo> all clients will need to know about a new competition algorithm
15:16:36  <Luukland> Yeap
15:16:39  <Yexo> and he isn't allowed to distribute client binaries without the source
15:16:43  <Luukland> Correct
15:16:53  <planetmaker> Yexo: yes. But also others like the stats patches are in principle interesting.
15:17:01  <Yexo> I agree
15:17:46  <Luukland> We just connected OTTD to a MYSQL database
15:17:46  <planetmaker> also a good server is defined by the admin coverage and scenarios. Not by the amount of server-side patches ;-)
15:18:16  <Luukland> If you have questions, shoot :) Now that I am here :P
15:18:46  <PeterT> Yexo: What happens if you distribute binaries and upon the request of source, you don't hand out the source?
15:19:08  <planetmaker> nothing in particular. It was a general remark. I find it sad to kinda keep it all secret in an open source community. No chance for you to improve on the basis of feedback. And others need to re-invent the wheel.
15:19:22  <planetmaker> Like probably you did with your servers, given there were Kurt's previous attempts
15:19:25  <Yexo> PeterT: nothing per se, but then I could sue you
15:19:40  <PeterT> Would you really go to that trouble?
15:19:54  <planetmaker> Why not. It doesn't cost _me_
15:20:16  <Yexo> probably not, but if someone started selling a modified version of openttd without providing any source maybe
15:21:02  <Luukland> Ghe ghe, we didn't use anything from Kurt, that was OHG's project, which stranded and died
15:21:15  <planetmaker> See, Luukland that's what  I mean.
15:21:30  <PeterT> providing a source, that would defeat the point of selling the modified version
15:21:42  <PeterT> then all you would be paying for is some guy to compile it
15:21:55  <planetmaker> PeterT: there's nothing wrong about that idea.
15:21:57  <Yexo> that's why I like the gpl :)
15:22:08  <planetmaker> Redhat, Novel etc live well on that - and the service around that
15:22:11  <planetmaker> As does Sun
15:23:50  <Luukland> This new algoritm works like a charm :)
15:24:09  <Luukland> if rating station 1 = rating station 2 -> devide resources 50,50 :)
15:25:47  <Hirundo> Is the patch available online somewhere?
15:26:16  <Luukland> online is a big word :P
15:26:23  <Luukland> But yes it is online
15:26:55  <PeterT> at your site?
15:27:22  <Luukland> At private area yeah
15:28:04  <Luukland> so concluded, it is not yet available, because it is not yet finished
15:28:08  <Luukland> some nasty bugs are in it
15:31:56  <Luukland> time to compile again >_<
15:32:23  <PeterT> please upload a diff
15:33:49  <Luukland> I will when it will be upon the website
15:33:59  <PeterT> ok
15:41:22  <Luukland> Whahahaa, suddently 1.200 coal appears :P
16:33:01  <Luukland> PeterT, how to enable debug patching?
16:33:04  <Luukland> make -d?
16:33:18  <PeterT> ./configure --enable-debug
16:33:22  <PeterT> then normal 'make'
16:33:32  <Luukland> rgr
16:33:49  <PeterT> also take a look at ./configure --help
16:33:52  <PeterT> @stats
16:33:52  <Webster> PeterT: I have 14 registered users with 15 registered hostmasks; 1 owner and 5 admins.
16:33:56  <PeterT> @devstats
17:06:03  <Luukland> Mr. PeterT? How can I disable this debug again?
17:06:15  <PeterT> ./configure
17:06:16  <PeterT> make
17:06:20  <Luukland> Ah, doh :P
17:06:21  <Luukland> Thx
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