Log for on 28th March 2010:
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01:08:41  <KenjiE20> hehe fonsinchen
01:08:45  <fonsinchen> hi
01:09:14  <fonsinchen> so, I couldn't upload the save via web. I uploaded it with ssh now
01:09:21  <KenjiE20> hm
01:09:23  <fonsinchen> to save/uploads/start.sav
01:09:39  <fonsinchen> how do we proceed?
01:09:49  <KenjiE20> oh I see
01:09:53  <KenjiE20> it borks
01:09:55  <KenjiE20> nvm
01:10:22  <KenjiE20> ah, perms
01:11:13  <fonsinchen> How do I start the game now?
01:11:19  <KenjiE20> good, fixed, for next time :)
01:11:43  <KenjiE20> see screen
01:11:54  <fonsinchen> OK, nice
01:12:12  <KenjiE20> oops
01:12:38  <KenjiE20> chug chug
01:12:51  <fonsinchen> oh, doesn't it pause while no one is connected?
01:12:59  <KenjiE20> it does/should
01:13:06  <fonsinchen> what's the address, btw?
01:13:07  <KenjiE20> it's still starting
01:13:33  <KenjiE20> or broken
01:13:40  <KenjiE20> maybe broken
01:14:00  <fonsinchen> we could connect and see what it's doing
01:14:05  <KenjiE20> are those big strings from dist?
01:14:17  <KenjiE20> it should be on the advertise list
01:15:01  <fonsinchen> I think it's the title string in the menu window
01:15:11  <KenjiE20> [2010-03-28 03:14:58] Game is already paused. <--
01:15:21  <fonsinchen> but I haven't checked. I haven't seen any visual problems
01:15:36  <KenjiE20> there's a lot of whatever those strings are
01:15:43  <fonsinchen> Ah, yes, I have checked ... but I have forgotten what it was.
01:15:49  <KenjiE20> good thing it's not logging :P
01:16:16  <fonsinchen> so, how can I connect?
01:16:17  <KenjiE20> whatever they are, it seems to be breaking AP+
01:16:25  <fonsinchen> ouch
01:16:38  <KenjiE20> hence Tycoon not being here
01:17:25  <KenjiE20> it is on the master list though
01:17:28  <fonsinchen> I could find that debug message and raise its level
01:17:40  <fonsinchen> then we won't see it anymore
01:18:15  <KenjiE20> shall we shut it off for now?
01:18:20  <fonsinchen> There are other debug messages, though
01:18:35  <fonsinchen> OK
01:19:42  <Ammler> <-- maybe this?
01:20:05  <Ammler> oh, ups, 1 hour stolen :-(
01:20:07  <KenjiE20> I checkedout 747
01:20:24  <Ammler> it isn't in svn, afaik
01:20:24  <KenjiE20> how weird is that btw
01:20:30  <KenjiE20> oh
01:20:48  <Ammler> it is a workaround only
01:21:28  <KenjiE20> okay, so cp autopilot.tcl ->dist/autopilot then
01:22:14  <KenjiE20> nope
01:23:14  <KenjiE20> svn diff is blank after the copy too, so it must be in svn
01:23:35  <KenjiE20> dunno
01:24:35  <Ammler> hmm?
01:24:43  <KenjiE20> oh, its in the libs
01:24:43  <Ammler> what is dist?
01:24:46  <KenjiE20> nvm
01:24:59  <Ammler> ok :-)
01:25:36  <KenjiE20> hmmm
01:25:41  <KenjiE20> still not joining
01:25:52  <Ammler> enable irc_debug
01:26:05  <KenjiE20> plus those spam strings are a little mad
01:26:56  <KenjiE20> 'ircsend: 'NICK'' <- lol
01:27:26  <fonsinchen> It's from GameLogRevision() some buffer is only 16 bytes long and thus cannot save all of "g5b3732ce-cargodist"
01:27:27  <fonsinchen> silly
01:27:41  <KenjiE20> hehe
01:27:49  <Ammler> client_name?
01:28:03  <KenjiE20> client_name = Tycoon
01:28:53  <KenjiE20> it's essentially the same cfg from IS2
01:29:08  <KenjiE20> only edited
01:32:41  <KenjiE20> oh wait
01:32:48  <KenjiE20> I think I changed the wrong line
01:32:50  <KenjiE20> lol
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01:33:42  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
01:33:42  <Tycoon> Loading savegame: '{} Cargodist'
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01:33:48  <Tycoon> Server closed down by admin
01:33:52  <Tycoon> Server has exited
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01:33:57  <KenjiE20> mmmmm, log spam
01:34:00  <KenjiE20> works now though
01:34:54  <fonsinchen> but now it is stopped?
01:34:55  <KenjiE20> fonsinchen, Ammler ; should we change that 'string too long' thing, or just launch?
01:35:16  <fonsinchen> if it doesn't hurt anymore we can as well start it
01:35:17  <Ammler> no idea about :-)
01:36:07  <fonsinchen> Is it still causing problems?
01:36:09  <KenjiE20> it's not nice, but it Should'nt hurt... I hope
01:36:36  <Ammler> ah, the version string is too long?
01:36:46  <fonsinchen> yes, more than 15 bytes
01:36:50  <fonsinchen> very silly
01:37:14  <fonsinchen> it doesn't matter though, because the last 4 bytes don't contribute anything
01:38:02  <Ammler> well, I should sleep, good night :-
01:38:28  <KenjiE20> it just spams the console a bit
01:38:31  <fonsinchen> I can change the warning message and hack the build system to still show the same version.
01:38:40  <KenjiE20> meh
01:38:42  <fonsinchen> But I don't think it's worth the hassle
01:38:55  <KenjiE20> we'll manage for now
01:38:56  <fonsinchen> Changing the buffer length would be far more evil
01:39:00  <fonsinchen> OK
01:39:08  <KenjiE20> fix it next time or something
01:39:25  <fonsinchen> I'll suppress that warning next time
01:39:25  <KenjiE20> I'll fire the thing up
01:39:30  <fonsinchen> OK, thanks
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01:39:32  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
01:39:32  <Tycoon> Loading savegame: '{} Cargodist'
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01:39:39  <KenjiE20> !info
01:39:47  <KenjiE20> no callback >_>
01:40:05  <KenjiE20> !ip
01:40:05  <Tycoon> KenjiE20:
01:40:10  <KenjiE20> that works though
01:40:11  <Ammler> yes, the custom commands might be missing...
01:40:12  <KenjiE20> :)
01:40:17  <KenjiE20> meh
01:40:28  <KenjiE20> we can sort that in the morning
01:42:01  <KenjiE20> sleepy bed things is probably wise now though
01:42:19  <fonsinchen> I'll go to sleep, too
01:43:23  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (leaving)
01:44:15  <fonsinchen> good night
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09:28:29  <fonsinchen> shall we start the game?
09:32:40  <fonsinchen> !help
09:33:15  <fonsinchen> Is there a manual for autopilot?
09:36:29  <fonsinchen> !ip
09:36:29  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
09:37:18  <planetmaker> fonsinchen: not much of a manual... but some on our wiki. Let me look
09:37:57  <planetmaker>
09:38:09  <fonsinchen> Ammler said the "custom commands" were missing and Kenji said they'd sort out things in the morning ...
09:38:30  <fonsinchen> I'm wondering what those "custom commands" are and if we really need them.
09:38:43  <planetmaker> which is not much of a manual.
09:39:05  <planetmaker> oh, custom commands. I guess those are our !download, !trains and alike things
09:39:27  <planetmaker> !info
09:40:02  <planetmaker> oh, and yes, obviously !ip and !help, too ;-)
09:40:37  <fonsinchen> !ip works, !help doesn't
09:40:37  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
09:40:38  <planetmaker> <-- still true for ap+. But got some hints on starting
09:41:45  <planetmaker> btw, do you see the server's output?
09:41:57  <planetmaker> [2010-03-28 11:41:31] dbg: [misc] String too long for destination buffer
09:42:08  <fonsinchen> I can connect and I can see the console output in terminal
09:42:31  <planetmaker> that's what I meant, yeah. It's flooded with those messages
09:42:32  <fonsinchen> that "String too long" is because the version string is longer than 15 bytes.
09:42:43  <planetmaker> oh.
09:43:14  <fonsinchen> I'll just rename the cargodist branch to "cd" or something.
09:43:23  <fonsinchen> but it's too late now.
09:43:32  <fonsinchen> next time
09:43:37  <planetmaker> for this try: yes. Next time indeed :-)
09:44:01  <planetmaker> !info
09:44:19  <planetmaker> oh, there's now an svn-cargodist?
09:44:33  <planetmaker> that's the dir it is run from?
09:44:37  <planetmaker> or which?
09:44:44  <fonsinchen> yes
09:47:24  <fonsinchen> I'll create a version that suppresses this message and still keeps the same version string; then we don't have to watch the spam ...
09:47:35  <planetmaker> good idea
09:47:40  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (leaving)
09:47:52  <planetmaker> !fish
09:47:52  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Todays fish is shark with a taste of Kenji a la crème. Enjoy your meal.
09:47:59  <planetmaker> so. Custom commands there :-)
09:48:01  <planetmaker> !grf
09:48:05  <planetmaker> hm... or not
09:48:10  <planetmaker> !info
09:48:10  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:1(Pink) Company Name: 'Unnamed'  Year Founded: 1920  Money: 100000  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
09:48:16  <planetmaker> !password
09:48:24  <planetmaker> !screen
09:48:33  <planetmaker> !download
09:48:33  <Tycoon> planetmaker: !download autostart|autottd|autoupdate|lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
09:48:41  <planetmaker> !download win32
09:48:41  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
09:48:51  <planetmaker> hm... osx won't work, I guess
09:48:53  <planetmaker> !download osx
09:48:53  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
09:49:12  <planetmaker> !tell planetmaker about rubish
09:49:12  <Tycoon> planetmaker: unknown command "rubish"
09:49:18  <planetmaker> !tell planetmaker about !tell
09:49:18  <Tycoon> planetmaker: !!tell <nick> [about] <command> [<options>]
09:49:26  <planetmaker> !trains
09:49:26  <Tycoon> planetmaker: !trains <integer>: set value of max_trains
09:49:33  <planetmaker> !screen
09:49:42  <planetmaker> !grf
09:50:13  <planetmaker> !uptime
09:50:13  <Tycoon> planetmaker:  11:50am  up 21 days  6:02,  2 users,  load average: 0.33, 0.20, 0.19
09:50:46  <Ammler> planetmaker: do not forget the callbacks
09:50:52  <Ammler> on_join specially
09:51:02  <planetmaker> ah
09:51:31  <fonsinchen> nice
09:51:38  <Ammler> oh
09:51:45  <Ammler> and good morning :-)
09:51:58  <planetmaker> :-) good morning
09:52:23  <planetmaker> callbacks also copied. Something else than scripts/irc and scripts/callback ?
09:52:32  <planetmaker> game and global?
09:52:47  <Ammler>
09:53:04  <Ammler> and screen needs a patched server
09:53:12  <planetmaker> ah, ok
09:53:12  <Ammler> and patched ap
09:53:22  <planetmaker> well. irrelevant
09:53:52  <Ammler> if we use bananas only, !grf is irrelevant too
09:54:25  <planetmaker> :-)
09:54:34  <planetmaker> becoming more and more deprecated. I like that
09:54:52  <planetmaker> ok, scripts/*/*tcl copied
09:55:28  <planetmaker> !help
09:55:31  <planetmaker> hm...
09:55:36  <planetmaker> does it need re-load?
09:55:39  <planetmaker> I guess, eh?
09:55:41  <planetmaker> !save
09:55:41  <Tycoon> Saving game...
09:55:43  <Ammler> !reload config
09:55:43  <Tycoon> Ammler: config reloaded
09:55:44  <planetmaker> !exit
09:55:49  <Ammler> !reload all
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09:55:49  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
09:55:51  <planetmaker> :-D
09:56:11  <Ammler> !help
09:56:26  <Ammler> help is a repsonse
09:56:34  <Ammler> defined in the cfg
09:56:44  <planetmaker> ah
09:57:06  <planetmaker> I thought it's help.tcl in scripts/game
09:57:36  <Ammler> well, game means, it is available only ingame
09:57:55  <fonsinchen> now we need to restart it so that the spam reduction takes effect
09:58:11  <planetmaker> a
09:58:23  <planetmaker> !exit
09:58:25  <Ammler> we could silence that debug level?
09:58:29  <fonsinchen> I have
09:58:48  <planetmaker> why doesn't !exit work?
09:58:49  <fonsinchen> I mean, previously the message appeared on debug_misc 0
09:58:52  <planetmaker> @op
09:58:58  <planetmaker> @whoami
09:58:58  <Webster> planetmaker: planetmaker
09:59:02  <Ammler> exit never existed afaik
09:59:05  <Ammler> !rcon exit
09:59:05  <fonsinchen> which I think you cannot silence
09:59:05  <Tycoon> Server has exited
09:59:05  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
09:59:12  <planetmaker> :-) ty
09:59:17  <fonsinchen> now I have changed that to 1
09:59:37  <Ammler> but !rcon exit != console exit
09:59:55  <Ammler> as you don't get a save
10:00:22  <planetmaker> Ammler: but there's a difference between exit and quit: exit = with save, quit = without save. IIRC
10:00:39  <planetmaker> any cfg changes required now? Or just restart ap?
10:00:51  <fonsinchen> I don't need config changes
10:00:56  *** Tycoon has joined
10:00:56  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
10:00:56  <Tycoon> Loading default savegame
10:00:56  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
10:01:04  <planetmaker> well then :-)
10:01:30  <planetmaker> what a nice silence on the server's console ;-)
10:01:40  <planetmaker> ups. I broke it :-P
10:01:59  <fonsinchen> What's wrong?
10:02:04  *** KenjiE20 has joined
10:02:04  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o KenjiE20
10:02:10  <planetmaker> nothing :-) All is fine
10:02:15  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen joined the game
10:02:32  <planetmaker> broke as in "broke the silence" :-)
10:03:15  <fonsinchen> How many ppl need to join for it to unpause?
10:03:30  <planetmaker> usually two.
10:03:32  <KenjiE20> config was 1
10:03:34  <planetmaker> !unpause
10:03:34  <Tycoon> *** planetmaker has unpaused the server. (Use !auto to set it back.)
10:03:40  <planetmaker> will change that :-)
10:03:55  <planetmaker> !auto
10:03:55  <Tycoon> *** planetmaker has enabled autopause mode.
10:03:59  <KenjiE20> !rcon min_active_clients
10:03:59  <Tycoon> KenjiE20: ERROR: command not found
10:04:04  <KenjiE20> !rcon set min_active_clients
10:04:04  <Tycoon> KenjiE20: Current value for 'min_active_clients' is: '2' (min: 0, max: 255)
10:04:15  <KenjiE20> fine
10:04:17  <KenjiE20> :P
10:04:34  <fonsinchen> OK, I'll announce it in the Cargodist thread now
10:04:35  <KenjiE20> pm; fyi that !fish is in [responses]
10:04:56  <planetmaker> !svn
10:05:00  <planetmaker> !dl svn
10:05:00  <Tycoon> planetmaker: unknown option "svn"
10:05:05  <planetmaker> hm
10:05:10  <planetmaker> !download osx
10:05:10  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:05:56  <planetmaker> ^^ Is that link correct?!!
10:06:06  <KenjiE20> probably not
10:06:17  <KenjiE20> fon asked rub to push to coop space
10:06:54  <planetmaker> yes. They won't host on their space as it's no official binary.
10:07:01  <planetmaker> Which is fine
10:07:01  <KenjiE20> also, exit is 'our' command, quit is OpenTTDs iirc
10:07:46  <KenjiE20> I forget when the change has to be for urls
10:09:22  <KenjiE20> I'd look but I'm still feeding caffeine via a mug of tea
10:11:19  <fonsinchen> Yes, that URL is wrong
10:11:25  <fonsinchen> !ip
10:11:25  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
10:11:31  <planetmaker> I changed the dl URL.
10:11:35  <fonsinchen> !dl
10:11:35  <Tycoon> fonsinchen: !dl autostart|autottd|autoupdate|lin|lin64|osx|win32|win64|win9x
10:11:41  <fonsinchen> !dl win32
10:11:41  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
10:11:48  <planetmaker> !reload config
10:11:48  <Tycoon> planetmaker: config reloaded
10:11:54  <planetmaker> !download osx
10:11:55  <Tycoon> planetmaker: unknown option "osx"
10:11:55  <fonsinchen> there
10:11:57  <KenjiE20> !re yea
10:12:02  <planetmaker> !download lin
10:12:02  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:12:04  <planetmaker> yup
10:12:11  <fonsinchen> there's an extra "trunk" in there
10:12:26  <planetmaker> where?
10:13:19  <fonsinchen> !dl win32
10:13:19  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
10:13:24  <planetmaker> ah, you were too quick :-)
10:13:36  <planetmaker> hm... strange
10:13:37  <fonsinchen> !dl lin
10:13:38  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
10:13:53  <planetmaker> oh. !dl != !download?!
10:14:01  <fonsinchen> !download lin
10:14:01  <Tycoon> fonsinchen:
10:14:12  <KenjiE20> <-- should be the dir
10:14:26  <KenjiE20> not 3faM
10:14:32  <fonsinchen> OK, with "!download" you get the wrong basedir
10:15:01  <fonsinchen> with "!dl" you get "openttd-trunk-<version>-cargodist-<platform>"
10:15:18  <fonsinchen> the "trunk" is wrong
10:15:21  <planetmaker> you're right, KenjiE20
10:15:24  <planetmaker> will fix that
10:17:04  <planetmaker> !reload config
10:17:04  <Tycoon> planetmaker: config reloaded
10:17:08  <planetmaker> !dl lin
10:17:08  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:17:13  <planetmaker> !dl win32
10:17:13  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:17:18  <planetmaker> !download lin
10:17:18  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:17:22  <planetmaker> !dl osx
10:17:22  <Tycoon> planetmaker: unknown option "osx"
10:17:25  <planetmaker> ok?
10:17:48  <KenjiE20> no extra cargodist
10:18:11  <KenjiE20> openttd-cargodist-g5blah-OS
10:18:41  <planetmaker> !revision
10:18:42  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Game version is g5b3732ce-cargodist
10:18:55  <planetmaker> hm...
10:19:14  <KenjiE20> yes, that's it's tag, no, it's not in the filename, yes, it's silly
10:19:20  <KenjiE20> :)
10:19:37  <planetmaker> that's not straight forward working with ap's vars.
10:20:32  <planetmaker> !reload config
10:20:32  <Tycoon> planetmaker: config reloaded
10:20:37  <planetmaker> !dl lin
10:20:37  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:20:44  <planetmaker> ^ ?
10:21:06  <KenjiE20> yay a save dialog
10:21:18  <fonsinchen> OK, I've posted in the cargodist thread. Maybe we should also write a blog post at
10:21:19  <planetmaker> :-)
10:21:28  <planetmaker> fonsinchen: sure :-)
10:21:29  <KenjiE20> or twitter it
10:21:32  <planetmaker> or both
10:21:32  <KenjiE20> or something
10:21:51  <KenjiE20> well blog would just go "Blogged: Post Title"
10:21:55  <KenjiE20> on twits
10:22:02  <fonsinchen> Do I have access to that blog?
10:22:09  <KenjiE20> not a clue
10:22:13  <planetmaker> fonsinchen: if you register, you'll have :-)
10:23:43  <fonsinchen> OK, I'll register then
10:24:35  <KenjiE20> Dev Server is up
10:24:36  <KenjiE20> Using: g5b3732ce-carg
10:24:38  <KenjiE20> ^ heh
10:25:07  <planetmaker> :-P too long version string
10:25:33  <planetmaker> interesting where that propagates
10:28:03  <planetmaker> fonsinchen: when you have registered at the blog, drop me a note. I'll give you then publishing rights
10:28:33  <fonsinchen> Yes, I'm waiting for the password mail.
10:29:30  <KenjiE20> we seriously need to do a major web shake up at some point in the future
10:30:10  <planetmaker> KenjiE20: most interesting would be a common login IMHO. Even though the OpenID somewhat works for that.
10:30:20  <KenjiE20> I've been thinking about that
10:30:46  <planetmaker> WordPress announces that it wants an update
10:30:47  <KenjiE20> I reckon I could pull something off, given a decent OpenID framework and DB access
10:31:13  <KenjiE20> pm; it's been like that way for ages
10:31:31  <KenjiE20> no ones brave/stupid enough to update :P
10:31:34  <planetmaker> maybe. I just noticed. Most probably again, but I always forgot or read over it ;-)
10:32:51  <KenjiE20> fonsinchen: you might want to try again, SABRE is crapping up as per usual
10:33:44  <planetmaker> I could create an account ;-)
10:33:47  <fonsinchen> ERROR: Missing password.
10:33:48  <fonsinchen> ERROR: Invalid letter.
10:34:00  <planetmaker> interesting
10:34:01  <KenjiE20> yea, that's all we get on the other end too
10:34:03  <fonsinchen> but at the same time it says it has sent me a password
10:34:07  <KenjiE20> it's useless
10:36:32  <Ammler> openid doesn't work anymore
10:36:55  <KenjiE20> it never worked for me :(
10:37:05  <KenjiE20> like I say, could use an overhaul
10:37:21  <planetmaker> it worked for me. But it didn't really pose an advantage. The same time it needs to enter a pw, I can enter the OpenID...
10:38:21  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (connection lost)
10:38:42  <fonsinchen> ouch, I got disconnected ...
10:39:02  <Ammler> well, if openid would work, you can remove the requirement of the url
10:39:17  <Ammler> just a link "login" which automatically gets it from the provider
10:39:32  <KenjiE20> requirement of the url <-- what?
10:40:38  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen joined the game
10:41:54  <planetmaker> fonsinchen: did you change the server string or just the debug level?
10:42:07  <planetmaker> The latter from what you said... just checking, though :-)
10:42:22  <fonsinchen> I only changed the debug level
10:42:40  <planetmaker> oh lovely... :-(
10:42:50  * KenjiE20 is grabbing a build
10:43:17  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (leaving)
10:44:22  <planetmaker> !dl svn
10:44:22  <Tycoon> planetmaker: unknown option "svn"
10:44:29  <planetmaker> !dl source
10:44:29  <Tycoon> planetmaker:
10:44:46  <KenjiE20> hmmm, win32 build reports g5b3732ceM-cargodist
10:45:27  <fonsinchen> that's the problem, not the short/long thing
10:45:38  <fonsinchen> the compile farm has built a "modified" version
10:56:49  <fonsinchen> can we restart the server? I have put the new binary in place
10:57:24  <planetmaker> sure we can
10:57:43  <planetmaker> but I truely would advocate to not add just an 'M' but to use the 'proper' binaries
10:58:46  <fonsinchen> How can the compile farm modify my code?
10:58:48  <fonsinchen> It cannot
10:59:15  <fonsinchen> it must be bogus.
11:03:49  <planetmaker> fonsinchen: <-- that's what we used for IS2 in order to get a proper version string for releases there.
11:04:20  <planetmaker> that patch is 4 months old now and I didn't recently test. But in principle it should work
11:05:44  <fonsinchen> I did a slightly different thing, but to the same effect
11:05:53  <fonsinchen> We should restart the server
11:07:16  <Tycoon> Server closed down by admin
11:07:16  <Tycoon> Saving game...
11:07:20  <Tycoon> Server has exited
11:07:20  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
11:07:38  <planetmaker> I dunno with which binary, though ;-)
11:07:51  <fonsinchen> I have already exchanged the binaries
11:07:56  <fonsinchen> look at console 0
11:08:18  <fonsinchen> just restart the new file in the same place
11:09:57  <planetmaker> did you make bundle and cp -r bundle/* ~/svn-cargodist/autopilot ?
11:09:57  <fonsinchen> I'll do it myself
11:10:01  <fonsinchen> yes
11:10:14  *** Tycoon has joined
11:10:14  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
11:10:14  <Tycoon> Loading savegame: '{} Cargodist'
11:10:14  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
11:10:20  <planetmaker> !revision
11:10:20  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Game version is g5b3732ceM-cargodist
11:10:57  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen joined the game
11:11:01  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
11:11:01  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
11:11:12  <Tycoon> *** Player has changed his/her name to Kenji
11:11:16  <fonsinchen> see, works
11:11:31  <Tycoon> <Kenji> can't say that till unpause really
11:11:38  <Tycoon> <Kenji> but yea, version doesn't mismatch
11:11:55  <fonsinchen> the code hasn't changed on either side
11:12:03  <Tycoon> <Kenji> also, wow, I see why it took so long for the save to be  uploaded now
11:12:11  <fonsinchen> hihi
11:12:20  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined company #1
11:12:31  <KenjiE20> !rcon unpause
11:12:39  <KenjiE20> ¬auto
11:12:41  <KenjiE20> !auto
11:12:41  <Tycoon> *** KenjiE20 has enabled autopause mode.
11:13:29  <Tycoon> <Kenji> lol @ Auxerre
11:13:35  <Tycoon> <Kenji> hinthinthint
11:14:20  <Tycoon> *** planetm4ker joined the game
11:14:31  <Tycoon> <planetm4ker> wow :-)
11:14:58  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu joined the game
11:15:16  <Tycoon> *** planetm4ker has left the game (connection lost)
11:15:22  <Tycoon> <Kenji> heh, despite that massive blockade at fons
11:15:32  <Tycoon> <Kenji> I bet there'll be trains in there by the end
11:15:34  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Intresting map
11:16:14  <planetmaker> hm, I guess uploading stuff and playing doesn't work here
11:16:41  <KenjiE20> uploading should work
11:16:52  <KenjiE20> I fixed the perms last night
11:16:56  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu has started a new company (#2)
11:17:56  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has joined spectators
11:17:57  <planetmaker> @topic change -4 s/32ce/32ceM/
11:17:57  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - Cargo Distribution | | STAGE: Down | Tag/Revision: g5b3732ceM-cargodist | Binaries: !download | This isn't about Developing ;-) | this is REALLY not about developing, just playing developing versions :-P"
11:19:06  <planetmaker> psst:
11:21:34  <Tycoon> *** Kenji has left the game (leaving)
11:26:55  <Tycoon> *** planetm4ker joined the game
11:29:35  <Tycoon> *** planetm4ker has left the game (leaving)
11:31:44  *** OwenS has joined
11:32:54  <OwenS> fonsinchen: Is it really still down? :P
11:46:35  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Oh, sometimes you *need* more than one engine. Now my previous 5-tile train took the hill :-)
11:47:31  <OwenS> @stage Running
11:47:31  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop patch test channel - Cargo Distribution | | STAGE: Running | Tag/Revision: g5b3732ceM-cargodist | Binaries: !download | This isn't about Developing ;-) | this is REALLY not about developing, just playing developing versions :-P"
11:47:38  <OwenS> !players
11:47:41  <Tycoon> OwenS: Client 4 (Purple) is fonsinchen, in company 1 (Weed Traffick)
11:47:41  <Tycoon> OwenS: Client 9 (Red) is Zuuu, in company 2 (Zuuu Transport)
11:47:59  <OwenS> !git
11:48:05  <OwenS> Hmm :-(
11:49:48  *** Pirate87 has joined
11:50:29  <V453000> do we have pax cargodist or also industries?
11:50:42  <fonsinchen> everything
11:51:21  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Btw, is there an IRC channel and what is the name of it?
11:51:22  <OwenS> fonsinchen: Couldn't you have a git:/ git repo? :p
11:51:29  <OwenS> Zuu:
11:51:33  <KenjiE20> Zsee the server name
11:51:39  *** Zuu has joined
11:51:57  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> I tried with #dev.openttdcoop yesterday.
11:52:19  <KenjiE20> heh
11:52:19  <OwenS> Wrong way round :p
11:52:27  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I should configure a git:// repository, yes
11:52:30  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> well, that's the domain name.
11:52:47  <KenjiE20> most of our stuff is #openttdcoop.thing
11:52:51  <OwenS> fonsinchen: Or just have cron push it somewhere like Gitorious :p
11:52:52  <KenjiE20> wrong
11:52:59  <KenjiE20> dev.openttdcoop is the DevZONE
11:53:10  <KenjiE20> not the dev test server
11:53:13  <OwenS> Which is #openttdcoop.devzone. for maximum confusion.
11:53:20  <KenjiE20> ^
11:53:50  <KenjiE20> /list coop , usually works nicely
11:57:10  * OwenS make -j5
12:03:45  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
12:03:45  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
12:04:33  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
12:07:08  <OwenS> !ip
12:07:08  <Tycoon> OwenS:
12:07:28  <OwenS> Hmm
12:07:34  <OwenS> I have no M :-S
12:08:10  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> and it works?
12:08:15  <OwenS> No
12:08:17  <OwenS> Version mismatch
12:08:18  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> did you build yourself?
12:08:23  <OwenS> Yes
12:08:24  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> where did you get the binary?
12:08:36  <Zuu> OwenS:
12:08:40  * OwenS grumbles and downloads it
12:08:44  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> just change the version string in rev.cpp
12:09:18  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
12:09:52  <Tycoon> *** Owen joined the game
12:09:53  <Tycoon> *** vok joined the game
12:10:00  <Tycoon> <Owen> Whoa, aquaducts?
12:11:48  <Tycoon> * Owen ponders all the radio towers
12:12:15  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> Le Fons is well protected
12:12:33  <Tycoon> <Owen> And no aircraft XD
12:12:47  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> There will be ships later on
12:12:50  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> and aircraft
12:13:04  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> and of course it is possible to build trains there
12:13:10  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> just very hard
12:13:16  <Tycoon> <Owen> mmm
12:13:58  <Tycoon> *** vok has started a new company (#5)
12:15:53  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
12:16:49  <Tycoon> *** Player #1 has left the game (connection lost)
12:18:43  <Tycoon> *** Roujin joined the game
12:18:52  <Tycoon> <Roujin> greetings
12:18:57  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Hello Roujin
12:18:59  <Tycoon> <Owen> Greetings indeed
12:20:32  <Tycoon> <Roujin> this is an interesting map :D
12:20:34  <Tycoon> * Owen thinks people will find the aquaduct unprofitable :p
12:20:51  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> maybe ... but then it still looks funny
12:20:51  <Tycoon> <Roujin> yeah, that's what I was thinking..
12:20:52  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
12:20:53  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
12:21:17  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Especially since you can probably tunnel under the fence at OpenTTD north.
12:21:19  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
12:21:31  <Tycoon> <Roujin> should I give it a try (the aqueduct) and go bankrupt? :P
12:21:39  <Tycoon> <Owen> No ships yet :P
12:22:06  <Tycoon> <Roujin> ah yes, pre-1950
12:22:24  <Tycoon> <Owen> Crap! Ctrl instead of shift
12:22:50  <Tycoon> <Owen> >_< I demolished water rather than investigating how much it would cost :p
12:23:01  <Tycoon> <Roujin> aww
12:23:09  <Tycoon> <Owen> In any case: Lots :p
12:23:31  <Tycoon> <Roujin> lots lost
12:24:30  <Tycoon> <Roujin> wtf, four banks in one town?
12:24:44  <Tycoon> <Roujin> are we in swiss, or what?
12:24:58  <Tycoon> <Roujin> *switzerland
12:25:12  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> that's probably on the border, actually we are in france
12:26:02  <Tycoon> <Owen> Le Creusot has 5 water towers. 4 of them next to each other
12:26:44  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> the random industry placement does funny things at times
12:32:40  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm
12:32:47  <Zuu> Is it something to borther about if you get cargo that want to go to "any station"?
12:32:49  <Tycoon> <Owen> Perhaps a more powerful loco may be in order
12:33:11  <Tycoon> <Roujin> train 3, eh?
12:33:33  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> if cargo goes to "any station" it either hasn't been included into the flow calculation yet or some link has broken done
12:33:35  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yeah :p
12:33:37  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> down
12:33:39  <Tycoon> <Owen> And 2
12:33:39  <Tycoon> <Roujin> Tycoon: that's normal for a while, until destination is computed
12:34:01  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> and there'll be more engines soon
12:34:15  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Okay, it is a rather new long link so it could be because it is too new.
12:35:01  <Tycoon> <Roujin> owen:
12:35:18  <Tycoon> <Roujin> owen: when empty, it's not as hard on the loco, right?
12:35:55  <OwenS> Correct
12:36:19  <Tycoon> <Owen> The little one works fine on the LCH -> GE run, because it only climbs emptuy
12:36:29  <Tycoon> <Owen> O.M.G.
12:36:29  <Tycoon> <Owen> Stuck again
12:36:47  <Tycoon> <Roujin> shorter train, then :P
12:37:41  <Tycoon> <Owen> Or use a less climby route :p
12:37:50  <Tycoon> *** Arie joined the game
12:38:29  <Tycoon> <Roujin> is terrain modification disallowed / limited?
12:38:43  <Tycoon> <Owen> Expensive :p
12:38:57  <Tycoon> <Roujin> I know, but only 1k more expensive than the tunnel would cost me
12:39:19  <Tycoon> <Arie> omfg, so i'm here to help testing cargodist
12:39:34  <Tycoon> <Arie> but just started laughing at the huge aquaduct
12:39:38  <Tycoon> <Arie> wtf!
12:39:56  <Tycoon> <Owen> fonsinchen working to make companeis unprofitable :p
12:40:24  <Tycoon> <Roujin> erm, so what about terraforming?
12:40:35  <Tycoon> <Owen> BTW: Why does OpenTTD have no auatunnels? :P
12:40:39  <Tycoon> <Owen> Allowed I think
12:41:21  <Tycoon> <Owen> I wish I could get back the money I spent on accidentally demolishing ocean :p
12:41:21  <Tycoon> <Roujin> because no one implemented it..? That's the ultimate answer to all of these questions :P
12:41:43  <Tycoon> <Owen> :P
12:43:13  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm... playing impeded by cat
12:44:52  <Tycoon> *** Roujin has left the game (connection lost)
12:45:25  <Tycoon> *** Roujin joined the game
12:45:32  <Tycoon> <Roujin> hmm, just got kicked
12:45:51  <Tycoon> <Owen> "Connection lost"
12:46:33  <Tycoon> <Owen> OpenTTD aquaducts look silly...
12:46:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> No depth to them
12:47:25  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
12:47:26  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
12:48:41  <Tycoon> <Player> I would like to, where do i do that?
12:48:59  <Tycoon> <Owen> Player: Press the key to the left of 1 on your keyboard, then type "nick newnick"
12:49:34  <Tycoon> <Roujin> some keyboard layouts require pressing the key twice..
12:49:36  <Tycoon> * Owen makes a long term investment :p
12:49:40  <Tycoon> <Player> mmh, i get an ERROR  kommand not found
12:49:50  <Tycoon> <Owen> Name sorry
12:49:54  <Tycoon> *** Player has changed his/her name to RF
12:50:06  <Tycoon> <RF> ah, k, it worked^^
12:50:38  <Tycoon> * Owen thinks he may now have a monopoly on economical transport to Le Fons
12:50:57  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> who?
12:51:00  <Tycoon> <Owen> me :p
12:51:38  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> what did you do?
12:51:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> I bought the only land on which one can build a feasible tunnel
12:51:58  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> :)
12:52:59  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
12:52:59  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
12:53:16  <Tycoon> <Roujin> heh heh heh
12:53:42  <Tycoon> <Roujin> stalemate :P
13:00:17  <Tycoon> <Owen> Grr Roujin :p
13:00:19  <Tycoon> <Owen> Damn you! :P
13:00:30  <Tycoon> <Roujin> stalemate :P
13:00:44  <Tycoon> <Roujin> oh you actually want to build it?
13:00:51  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yes :p
13:00:57  <Tycoon> <Owen> Though... hmm...
13:01:03  <Tycoon> <Roujin> okay, you get the rightmost four
13:01:05  <Tycoon> <Owen> Gah. Can't buy your shares yet :p
13:01:08  <Tycoon> <Roujin> I the leftmost :P
13:01:11  <Tycoon> <Roujin> deal?
13:01:13  <Tycoon> <Owen> Deal
13:01:21  <Tycoon> <Roujin> done
13:01:40  <Tycoon> <Owen> Now its a duopoly :p
13:03:36  <Tycoon> <Owen> Now I just need to wait for a while to be able to afford everything :p
13:03:58  <Tycoon> <Roujin> well, why did you terraform in the water there?
13:04:04  <Tycoon> <Roujin> oh I see
13:04:07  <Tycoon> <Roujin> hmm
13:04:17  <Tycoon> <Owen> Actually... should have just gone around >_<
13:04:23  <Tycoon> <Owen> Still have my #ottdc hat on
13:04:49  <Tycoon> <Owen> Bad day fonsinchen?
13:04:53  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> ouhc
13:05:17  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> That was the result of messing up the signaling at Bergerac Mines
13:05:39  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> Now I just need to wait a little to be able to afford everything
13:05:41  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> ;)
13:05:59  <Tycoon> <Owen> I need to wait 2 years to afford a tunnel. ONE MEASLY TUNNEL.
13:07:17  <Tycoon> <Arie> ah damn, not used to play with reverse at stations off
13:07:24  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
13:07:32  <planetmaker> Rubidium: you may now want to sync your mirrors.
13:07:40  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> someone's got a plan ...
13:07:42  <planetmaker> wrong channel :-P
13:08:10  <Tycoon> <Owen> And now... I wait for cash
13:08:42  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmm it seams things are a bit more expensive than i'm used to
13:08:52  <Tycoon> <Arie> train runnings are higher than my profits :(
13:08:54  <Tycoon> <Owen> I wait for 134k cash
13:09:16  <Tycoon> *** RF has left the game (leaving)
13:10:01  <Tycoon> <Owen> rofl at all of us still being worthless
13:10:11  <Tycoon> <Owen> First ship is here ^^
13:12:53  <PeterT> Game already!
13:12:58  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm... Its a shame Cargodist doesnt allow cargo to hop between companies
13:13:16  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> you need an oil rig for that
13:13:18  <PeterT> You mean CargoDist+IS
13:13:22  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> or IS
13:13:29  <PeterT> I've merged them, haven't released it though
13:13:46  <Tycoon> <Owen> Sorry to hear of your troubles Arie
13:13:57  <PeterT> !players
13:14:00  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 19 (Orange) is Owen, in company 4 (Owen Transport)
13:14:00  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 4 (Purple) is fonsinchen, in company 1 (Weed Traffick)
13:14:00  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 17 (Green) is vok, in company 5 (vok Transport)
13:14:00  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 9 (Red) is Zuuu, in company 2 (Zuuu Transport)
13:14:00  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 32 (Blue) is Roujin, in company 6 (Roujin Transport)
13:14:02  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 30 (White) is Arie, in company 7 (Arie Transport)
13:14:02  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Hehe, do someone have enough money to buy Arie? :-p
13:14:04  <PeterT> !date
13:14:04  <Tycoon> PeterT: 16 Apr 1928
13:14:06  <Tycoon> <Owen> You have available loan :p
13:14:13  <Tycoon> <Owen> Zuuu: I have £13k available total
13:14:32  <Tycoon> <Owen> And Im not in the business of buying unprofitable companies :p
13:14:42  <Tycoon> <Arie> lol :)
13:15:06  <PeterT> !companies
13:15:09  <Tycoon> PeterT: Company 1 (Purple): Weed Traffick
13:15:09  <Tycoon> PeterT: Company 2 (Red): Zuuu Transport
13:15:09  <Tycoon> PeterT: Company 3 (Pink): Player Transport
13:15:09  <Tycoon> PeterT: Company 4 (Orange): Investor AB
13:15:09  <Tycoon> PeterT: Company 5 (Green): vok Transport
13:15:10  <Tycoon> PeterT: Company 8 (Yellow): RF-Transporte
13:15:51  <PeterT> !ip
13:15:51  <Tycoon> PeterT:
13:16:08  <Tycoon> *** Peter joined the game
13:16:16  <Tycoon> <Arie> i'd never played a game with changed costs :(
13:16:26  <Tycoon> <Peter> Can I join somebody?
13:16:46  <Tycoon> *** alberth joined the game
13:16:50  <Tycoon> <Owen> Is 8 the max companies? :s
13:16:52  *** Fuco has joined
13:17:08  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> sure, join me
13:17:23  <Tycoon> *** Peter has joined company #1
13:17:31  <Tycoon> * Owen curses his earlier water demolition
13:17:33  <Tycoon> <Peter> lol @ company name
13:17:36  <Tycoon> <Arie> it couldn't go worse with my company if you joined here ;)
13:18:23  <Tycoon> <Peter> oh lord, I have the minimap set to purple
13:18:54  <Tycoon> <Arie> ah, forgot all about the service percentage depending on the coverage of the network
13:19:32  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm, how do the graphs work?
13:19:59  <Tycoon> <Peter> shows how the cargo flows
13:20:06  <Tycoon> <Arie> the capacity
13:20:09  <Tycoon> <Peter> and something about cargo capacity
13:20:11  <Tycoon> <Arie> and the actual usage
13:20:33  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> capacity = white, planned flow = red. The rectangles overlap. The one in the back is larger
13:20:39  <Tycoon> *** Peter has left the game (leaving)
13:20:55  <Tycoon> <Owen> Roujin: going bankrupt too?
13:20:58  <PeterT> fonsinchen: thanks
13:21:36  <Tycoon> <Owen> Oh well, thats good, I can regain monopoly status
13:21:50  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> oh, someone's got cash
13:22:08  <Tycoon> <Arie> looks like my network just turned profitable :D
13:22:26  <Tycoon> <Owen> vok Transport
13:22:40  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Looks like it is only me that is stupid enough to trying to transport over the mountain :-p
13:23:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> Everyone's netwroksa re more extensive than mine :p
13:24:21  <Tycoon> <alberth> not very busy map, room for one newbie?
13:24:28  <Tycoon> <Owen> yeah
13:25:32  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> cargo ship is there
13:25:51  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> let's see if anyone uses the aquaduct ...
13:26:06  <Tycoon> <Owen> Oh silly train! Why are you spending money servicing
13:27:06  <Tycoon> *** alberth has started a new company (#6)
13:27:47  *** Progman has quit IRC
13:27:58  <Tycoon> <Owen> Roujin: How is life as a part of the Vok conglomorate? :p
13:33:27  <Tycoon> <Roujin> meh, was away and got bought up :P
13:33:33  <Tycoon> <Owen> lol
13:33:43  <Tycoon> <Owen> You went bankrupt :p
13:33:49  <Tycoon> <Arie> you were offered for 112000
13:33:53  <Tycoon> <Roujin> oops
13:33:56  <Tycoon> <Owen> I got offered to purchase you but couldnt afford it by a long shot :p
13:34:47  <Tycoon> <Roujin> bad luck if you have a girlfriend that orders you to go wash the dishes ><
13:35:01  <Tycoon> * Owen wishes he had more cash >_<
13:35:14  <Tycoon> <alberth> I must also do the dishes, but no gf :)
13:35:42  <planetmaker> that's even worse ;-)
13:36:27  <OwenS> planetmaker: You gonna join? :p
13:36:41  <planetmaker> Maybe later today.
13:36:51  <planetmaker> Got a few exams I have to correct till tomorrow
13:36:54  <OwenS> You're invited to join my trainwreck if you wish ;-)
13:37:32  <planetmaker> at least I fulfilled my main OpenTTD - related job schedules for today ;-)
13:37:53  <planetmaker> everything else today in that area is 'extra' :-)
13:38:13  <Tycoon> <Roujin> god dammed desert people don't want to travel ><
13:38:24  <Tycoon> <Roujin> passenger service is so unprofitable ><
13:38:46  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Indeed
13:39:08  <Tycoon> <Owen> So going for cargo was a wise move then :-)
13:39:14  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Even though I scraped my feeders and cheated with bus stations I still make very little from it.
13:39:21  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmm i  though i was making a profit, aperantly not :(
13:40:11  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm
13:40:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> I make 20k profit a year
13:40:16  <Tycoon> <Owen> This is gonna take a while
13:40:38  <Tycoon> <Owen> OK, a bit more if I stop compulsively fiddling :p
13:41:41  <Tycoon> <Roujin> well, I gotta go.. maybe I'll check back in later. see you guys :)
13:41:47  <Tycoon> <Owen> bye
13:42:33  <Tycoon> <alberth> loading mail at a diamond mine is not going to make much money ;)
13:42:47  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> hehe :-)
13:42:49  <Tycoon> <Owen> rofl
13:43:03  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> same as loading maze at iron ore mines :-)
13:43:33  <Tycoon> *** Roujin has left the game (leaving)
13:44:12  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
13:44:22  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (connection lost)
13:45:05  *** Coco-Banana-Man has joined
14:00:28  <OwenS> Its official
14:00:30  <OwenS> Im going bankrupt :p
14:01:18  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Hmm, but your budget should be at least on + if you don't invest in anything.
14:01:27  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
14:01:39  <Tycoon> <Owen> Except for a locked up network problem :p
14:02:29  <Tycoon> <Owen> If I fix up the lockups I am profitbale however
14:02:45  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (connection lost)
14:02:59  <Coco-Banana-Man> ...
14:03:31  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yay, in the black (In OpenTTD, white?
14:04:23  <Tycoon> <Arie> i think i'm heading for a bankruptcy as well :(
14:13:17  <Tycoon> *** BlueEagle_NL joined the game
14:13:21  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> hmm
14:13:21  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
14:13:34  <PeterT> hey BlueEagly
14:13:37  <PeterT> *BlueEagle
14:13:41  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> Hi Peter
14:13:43  <PeterT> Coco-Banana-Man: Managed to connect?
14:13:48  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> Just dropping in for a short while tho ;)
14:13:50  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> it seems that after setting "OpenMSX" as default music set, the game went extremely laggy..
14:14:18  <Tycoon> <alberth> hmm, are two routes to the same bank not seen as equally useful?
14:14:21  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (connection lost)
14:14:31  <Tycoon> <alberth> apparently not :)
14:14:58  <Coco-Banana-Man> hmm, must be another reason -.-
14:16:34  <Tycoon> <alberth> when does 'diamonds to any station' happen?
14:16:52  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> That happens at new links
14:17:00  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> that's initial cargo creation... Before the system really knows where the link links to ;)
14:17:06  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Before the link graph has been recalculated or something like that.
14:17:06  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> when either your link has broken down or the linkgraph hasn't seen it yet
14:17:22  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yay
14:17:24  <Tycoon> <Owen> I have a little money
14:17:27  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> xD
14:17:41  <Tycoon> <alberth> ok, just set up a new link. didn't expect that to happen in such a case
14:18:23  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> it doesn't hurt, the cargo will go wherever you take it in that case
14:18:54  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> but cargo with a destination will always be taken first, I noticed... At least in prev. builds
14:19:12  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> yes, that's right
14:20:36  <Tycoon> *** BlueEagle_NL has started a new company (#7)
14:23:20  <Tycoon> *** Arie has started a new company (#9)
14:25:36  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> Out for a while, be back later
14:25:53  <PeterT> bye
14:28:59  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
14:29:14  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (connection lost)
14:30:07  <Coco-Banana-Man> after clicking the multiplay-button, the game gets stuck every few seconds for a few seconds...
14:31:08  <Coco-Banana-Man> and when leaving the multiplayer game, it's even doing that in title screen
14:33:19  <Tycoon> <Owen> Haha fonsinchen, LeFons Docks? :p
14:33:34  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I'll be the king of rubber
14:33:40  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> once I can afford ships
14:33:42  <Tycoon> <Owen> Until I get a train in :p
14:34:08  <Tycoon> <Owen> Which is in about 50k time :p
14:34:22  <Tycoon> <Owen> Which, going by my performance, is about 2 years from now
14:37:09  <Tycoon> *** RF joined the game
14:40:42  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm
14:40:45  <Tycoon> <Owen> Waiting trains turn around is on =(
14:40:54  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
14:42:03  <Tycoon> <Owen> fonsinchen: Got boat money yet? :p
14:42:13  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> no
14:42:23  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> deleted some invalid servers from the list - it seems to work now :)
14:42:38  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> but I have to change some loks as they're too weak for hauling water
14:42:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> Aah
14:42:51  <Tycoon> <Owen> Ive had the same issue
14:42:53  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has joined company #8
14:44:25  <Tycoon> <Owen> Ive delayed my construction as well for some network upgrades
14:46:29  <Tycoon> <Owen> My oil wells are declining :S
14:47:08  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> it's hard to keep production up as you have to connect to many destinations to get a decent rating
14:47:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yeah
14:47:32  <Tycoon> <Owen> Cargo destinations is IMO somewhat annoying; means I need lots of trains. Which I cant afford :p
14:47:51  <Tycoon> <Owen> pax dest of course is always welcome
14:47:57  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> You don't *need* to use transfers :-)
14:48:05  <Tycoon> <Owen> Zuuu: No, but without you dont get the full cargo :p
14:48:11  <Tycoon> <Arie> i guess this testing server is to find acceptable settings and robustness testing etc?
14:48:25  <Tycoon> <Owen> Mainly robustness testing
14:48:39  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I've set all cargo to be automatically routed
14:48:50  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> we can try with only pax and mail next time
14:49:42  <Tycoon> <alberth> does that 'to any station' happen before cargo from the new link has arrived at the station?
14:49:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> yes
14:50:14  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> it happens before the first link graph component including your new station has run
14:50:38  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> or if a link has broken down and no alternative was available
14:50:58  <Tycoon> <alberth> don't understand it, tbh
14:51:20  <Tycoon> <alberth> I add a new link elsewhere in the network
14:51:34  <Tycoon> <Owen> OK
14:51:44  <Tycoon> <Owen> I am a 7k away from a tunnel! XD
14:52:32  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> you add a link, then it takes some time before the link graph component for the new link is recalculated
14:52:46  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> those calculations run asynchronously and only at certain times
14:52:52  <Tycoon> <Owen> Then trains will be able to make an awesomely long journey, including a 29 tile tunnel and 50 tile wooden bridge, to transport goods :-)
14:53:10  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> before it is run we don't know where the cargo will be going
14:53:48  <Tycoon> <alberth> sure, but why make cargo at another station that was already routed before, go to any destination, 2 hops further downstream?
14:54:19  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> maybe your link is so infrequently serviced that it broke down
14:55:01  <Tycoon> <alberth> ships are simply not that fast :)
14:55:41  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmm lol, i have the habit of saving regularly
14:55:44  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> where is that problem?
14:55:50  <Tycoon> <Arie> not necessary of course :)
14:56:04  <Tycoon> <alberth> st brieuc forest
14:56:31  <Razaekel> cargodest?
14:56:39  <Tycoon> <Owen> fonsinchen: You should probably have turned on "disable servicing when breakdowns set to none"
14:57:05  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> at st brieuc forest there is no cargo to any station
14:57:09  <Razaekel> !dl win64
14:57:09  <Tycoon> Razaekel:
14:57:23  <Tycoon> <alberth> not any more, perhaps because the ships are loading
14:57:29  <Tycoon> <Owen> Also, whats with !these? :P
14:57:44  <Tycoon> <alberth> shall send them away
14:58:22  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> you can watch the "planned" cargo at st brieux docks
14:58:36  <Tycoon> <alberth> it happened when I added a train at the other end, at alencon mines
14:58:42  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> if one of the destinations disappears you know that the link has broken down
14:59:13  <Tycoon> <alberth>  will keep an eye on it
15:00:30  <Razaekel> who
15:00:31  <Razaekel> whoa
15:00:36  <Razaekel> what's with all the companies?
15:00:44  <OwenS> Razaekel: It's a competitive server
15:00:55  <Razaekel>
15:00:56  <Tycoon> *** Razaekel joined the game
15:01:08  <OwenS> Razaekel: Its a patch test server, not necessarily patch test coop :p
15:01:46  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> what's with the longass waterbridge?
15:01:56  <Tycoon> <alberth> Zuuu: welcome to st brieuc
15:02:02  <Tycoon> <Owen> fonsinchen's idea of funny :p
15:02:05  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> actually
15:02:09  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> wtf is with this map
15:02:23  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> there's water on the slope
15:02:25  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> I like this map
15:02:49  <Tycoon> <Owen> Razaekel: Streams have been in for ages
15:02:55  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> not that
15:03:02  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> the hills around Le Fons
15:03:05  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yes
15:03:07  <Tycoon> <Owen> Streams
15:03:09  <Tycoon> <Razaekel> the outside slopes are water tiles
15:03:36  <Tycoon> <Owen> WHEE! Le Fons Tunnel in!
15:03:52  <Pirate87> !dl win32
15:03:52  <Tycoon> Pirate87:
15:04:39  <Tycoon> *** Razaekel has left the game (leaving)
15:05:55  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
15:05:55  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
15:06:56  *** Razaekel has quit IRC
15:06:57  *** Razaekel has joined
15:08:16  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (leaving)
15:10:23  <Tycoon> <alberth> again!
15:10:26  <Tycoon> <Owen> ?
15:10:49  <Tycoon> <alberth> unrouted cargo
15:10:52  <Tycoon> <Owen> heh
15:10:56  <PeterT> What does "c:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\grep.exe: writing output: Invalid argument
15:10:56  <PeterT> " mean when compiling?
15:11:08  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> strange
15:11:12  <OwenS> Something invoked grep wrong
15:11:14  <PeterT> That was a major error in the CF
15:11:25  <OwenS> Hmm... hang on.. old grep
15:11:28  <PeterT>
15:11:31  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> obviously that's the cargo meant to brieuc docks
15:14:21  <Tycoon> <Owen> Goods train on move ^^
15:14:47  <Tycoon> <Owen> Im surprised Vok hasn't joined me in there :s
15:14:53  <Tycoon> <alberth> shouldn't st brieuc forest not get balanced more?
15:15:38  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> it is pretty balanced
15:15:41  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> 1:1
15:15:55  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> between ship and trucks
15:16:21  <Tycoon> <alberth> yeah, but ships have capacity left, unlike trucks
15:16:47  <Tycoon> <Owen> Im gonna go bankrupt before my goods train brings in money I fear :S
15:17:13  <Tycoon> <alberth> note: do not load diamonds next to a farm :p
15:17:31  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> the sent number is very small all the time
15:17:47  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> maybe on such short distances the balancing doesn't work
15:18:13  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I guess I have to increase the minimum length for moving averages
15:20:09  <Tycoon> <Owen> Profit! Phew!
15:20:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> And I just got bought XD
15:25:46  <Tycoon> <Owen> Arie: trouble again?
15:26:01  <Tycoon> <Arie> haha no
15:26:07  <Tycoon> <Arie> finally making some money
15:26:11  <Tycoon> <Owen> I was =(
15:26:17  <Tycoon> <Owen> Then I had a long spell with no deliveries =(
15:26:23  <Tycoon> <Arie> but should pay some more attention to my finances
15:26:41  <Tycoon> <Arie> keep them above -1.000.000 a bit better
15:26:44  <Tycoon> <Owen> Then an oil well closed
15:27:12  <Tycoon> <Arie> actually make almost 400k a year with trainrunnings 150k
15:28:23  <Tycoon> <Owen> vok now appears to be having trouble :P
15:29:06  <Tycoon> <Arie> nah downt think so
15:29:28  <Tycoon> <Arie> income 300k, runnings 150k
15:29:34  <Tycoon> <Owen> Well, we are making money, but perpeptually red :p
15:29:40  <Tycoon> <Arie> yep :)
15:30:20  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmm not too long before my computer becomes the bottleneck :(
15:30:24  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
15:30:24  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
15:30:26  <Tycoon> <Player> hi
15:30:32  <Tycoon> <Arie> ah no
15:30:35  <Tycoon> <Arie> not that bad
15:30:42  <Tycoon> <Arie> pfew
15:31:21  *** PeterT_ has joined
15:32:16  <Ammler> !dl
15:32:16  <Tycoon> Ammler: !dl autostart|autottd|autoupdate|deb.etch|deb.lenny|lin|lin64|source|win32|win64|win9x
15:32:33  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> Zuuu?
15:32:36  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> YEp
15:32:38  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> ?
15:32:44  <Tycoon> <RF> mmh, it's because, if your company gets worthier, i can sell the 75% for more money... unluckily i can't own 100%...
15:32:47  <Tycoon> *** Player #1 joined the game
15:32:47  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
15:32:48  <Ammler> don't think, auto* tools work here
15:32:48  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> your train 11 seems quite useless now :)
15:32:52  <Tycoon> <RF> ^
15:32:55  <Tycoon> <RF> ^^
15:33:09  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Thanks
15:33:13  <Ammler> !dl lin
15:33:13  <Tycoon> Ammler:
15:33:24  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> also 15/20
15:33:32  <Tycoon> <Owen> God damn. I build a station next to a factory. Then it closes
15:33:46  <PeterT> That's OpenTTD for you.
15:33:46  <Tycoon> <RF> thats life^^
15:34:00  <Tycoon> <Owen> Also Vok, do you talk, or is this a faceless conglomorate? :P
15:34:06  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> 15 + 20 are not useless
15:34:17  <Tycoon> <vok> i'M here
15:34:25  <Tycoon> <Owen> Oh, so we do have a face :p
15:34:28  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> It's a oil mixing station :-)
15:34:32  <Tycoon> <vok> ;)
15:34:34  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> ah, ok...
15:35:04  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
15:35:14  <Ammler> why M?
15:35:16  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Hmm And alberth is clever, don't transport money as mail :)
15:35:19  <Tycoon> *** Kogut joined the game
15:35:30  <Tycoon> <Coco-Banana-Man> didn't see it is a distant station ^^
15:35:30  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er joined the game
15:35:32  <Tycoon> <Kogut> hi
15:35:43  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> heh ok
15:35:51  <Tycoon> <Kogut> funny map - that canal across everything
15:35:57  <Tycoon> <alberth> Zuuu: didn't try that one yet :)
15:36:05  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> You didn't?
15:36:11  <Tycoon> <Amm1er> he, what a map :-)
15:36:13  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Maybe it was someone else.
15:36:20  *** PeterT_ has quit IRC
15:36:35  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Indeed, an intresting map.
15:37:31  <Ammler> !url
15:37:32  <Tycoon> Ammler:
15:37:45  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> fonsinchen: My ship route has been there for quite long now and still it has passengers to "any station".
15:38:03  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> which one is that?
15:38:05  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Long = 2-3 years
15:38:11  <Ammler> KenjiE20: server page doesn't show, which comp is free to join
15:38:13  <Ammler> !info
15:38:13  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:1(Purple) Company Name: 'Weed Traffick'  Year Founded: 1920  Money: -4412  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:17, R:13, P:0, S:0) unprotected
15:38:13  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:2(Red) Company Name: 'Zuuu Transport'  Year Founded: 1920  Money: 73913  Loan: 500000  Value: 255858  (T:27, R:14, P:0, S:2) protected
15:38:13  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:3(Pink) Company Name: 'Player Transport'  Year Founded: 1923  Money: 61699  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
15:38:13  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:4(White) Company Name: 'Kogut Transport'  Year Founded: 1938  Money: 99617  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) protected
15:38:13  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:5(Green) Company Name: 'vok Transport'  Year Founded: 1924  Money: 11943  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:14, R:34, P:0, S:0) protected
15:38:15  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:6(Blue) Company Name: 'alberth Transport'  Year Founded: 1929  Money: 36118  Loan: 360000  Value: 1  (T:9, R:12, P:0, S:2) protected
15:38:15  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:7(Yellow) Company Name: 'BlueEagle_NL Transport'  Year Founded: 1932  Money: 52906  Loan: 30000  Value: 35119  (T:1, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
15:38:17  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:8(Cream) Company Name: 'Coco Co.'  Year Founded: 1930  Money: 3058  Loan: 250000  Value: 1  (T:4, R:0, P:0, S:0) protected
15:38:17  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:9(Orange) Company Name: 'Arie Transport'  Year Founded: 1933  Money: 13549  Loan: 490000  Value: 1  (T:16, R:0, P:0, S:0) protected
15:38:19  <Tycoon> Ammler: #:10(Light Blue) Company Name: 'RF Transport'  Year Founded: 1934  Money: -118  Loan: 480000  Value: 1  (T:6, R:17, P:0, S:0) protected
15:38:19  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> I only have one ship route.
15:38:24  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Eg, check at Aubusson
15:38:28  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> (town)
15:38:31  <KenjiE20> Ammler: no, no it doesn't
15:38:43  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> OK, well two ships along such a long route got to cause trouble
15:38:46  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er has joined company #1
15:39:02  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> that's just too little
15:39:07  <Tycoon> *** Spike joined the game
15:39:08  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> fonsinchen: would more ships solve it?
15:39:18  <Tycoon> <alberth> try it
15:39:26  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> yes, more frequent service prevents the link from breaking down
15:39:32  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> you can see that in the smallmap
15:39:44  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> probably atm there is no link between your docks
15:39:59  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm... no rubber tanker/truck?
15:40:05  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> ouch
15:40:07  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> There is a link in the small-map
15:40:26  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> But then there is currently one pax with a destination as well.
15:40:26  <Tycoon> <Owen> Two concurrent bankrupcies?
15:40:40  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> I've also just added a third ship.
15:40:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> fonsinchen: Is it just that the rubber trucks havent arrived yet?
15:41:06  <Tycoon> *** Player #1 has left the game (leaving)
15:42:06  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I strongly suspect there has been a point where the link from st brieux to rodez was down
15:42:24  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> at that point all the unrouted pax have appeared
15:42:47  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I should stop debugging and keep my trains running instead ... :)
15:42:57  <Tycoon> <Owen> Ooh, im blind, found it :p
15:43:15  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> :-) @ fonsinchen
15:43:26  <PeterT> Kogut?
15:43:34  <Tycoon> <Kogut> ?
15:43:37  <PeterT> Hey!
15:43:48  <PeterT> Never seen you anywhere but the forums
15:44:12  <Tycoon> <Kogut> Yes, I played citymania some time age
15:44:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> woops, forgot to refit >_<
15:44:56  <Tycoon> <Kogut> And at that time I tried to make AI
15:45:04  <Tycoon> <Kogut> But I failed
15:45:06  <PeterT> You should join IRC
15:45:19  <Tycoon> <Kogut> I should download IRC client
15:45:30  <Tycoon> <Kogut> what is good for windows 7?
15:45:41  <PeterT> XChat
15:45:54  <PeterT>
15:45:55  <Webster> Title: X-Chat 2 for Windows (at
15:46:38  <PeterT> Kogut: Make sure you don't install any of the scripting plugins though
15:46:47  <PeterT> They are known to cause problems with missing dlls
15:47:39  <KenjiE20> Kogut; 'good' is quite subjected
15:47:45  <KenjiE20> subjective*
15:47:53  <KenjiE20> @wiki irc
15:47:56  <Webster> IRC - #openttdcoop Wiki -
15:48:00  <KenjiE20> ^ has some good suggestion
15:48:55  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er has joined company #7
15:48:59  <Tycoon> *** RF has left the game (leaving)
15:50:57  <PeterT> KenjiE20: oh em gee, pidgin isn't there
15:52:46  <KenjiE20> I said 'good suggestions'
15:53:16  <PeterT> Pidgin isn't good/
15:53:25  <Tycoon> * Zuuu likes pidgin
15:53:27  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er has left the game (connection lost)
15:53:27  <KenjiE20> pidgin's IRC is there for completeness sake, by their own addmission, pretty much
15:53:32  <KenjiE20> -d
15:53:46  <KenjiE20> I like pidgin, but the IRC is so basic
15:53:50  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> well, maybe not for IRC, for IRC I use xchat.
15:54:04  <Tycoon> <Owen> KDE! Konversation! Kopete! :-P
15:54:23  <Ammler> OwenS: KDE users don't need such discussions ;-)
15:54:24  <PeterT> That's true
15:54:31  <PeterT> Well, I put it at the bottom of the list
15:54:51  <OwenS> Ammler: True. KDE has, generally, one app which does something and does it well
15:55:05  <OwenS> I think the exception is music, where there is awesome Amarok and crappy JuK
15:57:42  <Tycoon> *** Spike has left the game (leaving)
15:58:18  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmm i'm not doing to bad it seems
15:58:32  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> shit
15:58:34  <Tycoon> <Arie> it's just hard to expand your network reasonable
15:59:03  <KenjiE20> OwenS: don't forget buggy Amarok too
15:59:06  <KenjiE20> :P
15:59:37  <OwenS> Amarok buggy? Never had it crash
15:59:49  <Tycoon> <Kogut> what happened with irc?
15:59:57  <KenjiE20> Amarok2 got worse for quite a while
16:00:07  <OwenS> If you're refering to the alphas, sure...
16:00:14  <KenjiE20> even the stab;es
16:00:17  <KenjiE20> stables*
16:01:06  <Ammler> OwenS: what you use for videos?
16:01:16  <OwenS> Ammler: mplayer or VLC
16:01:25  <OwenS> VLC normally, and its a nice Qt app :-)
16:01:32  <Ammler> smplayer
16:01:39  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> When does the hover crafts come?
16:01:43  <KenjiE20> bleh vlc
16:01:43  <PeterT> thanks KenjiE20 for fixing the IRC page
16:01:50  <KenjiE20> broken codecs ftl
16:02:07  <OwenS> KenjiE20: Which codecs?
16:02:23  <KenjiE20> most of them
16:02:46  <Tycoon> <Owen> Again, never had a VLC issue...
16:03:02  <KenjiE20> well perhaps not so much codecs as the filters
16:06:33  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> nooooo, built an expansive road bridge where I wanted a rail bridge :-p
16:07:08  <OwenS> loool
16:07:20  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Thankfully I make enough money that it is not a big problem
16:08:24  <Tycoon> * Owen invests in moar rubber trains
16:10:34  <Tycoon> * Kogut constructed useless bus route {;)}
16:11:00  <Tycoon> <Kogut> what happened with IRC?
16:11:06  <Tycoon> <Owen> Nothing happened?
16:11:11  <KenjiE20> wat?
16:11:24  <Tycoon> <Kogut> X chat says that no one is connnected to openttdcoop channel
16:11:39  <OwenS> #openttdcoop has traffic, has this traffic
16:11:45  *** TD has joined
16:11:47  <OwenS> You sure you're on
16:11:47  <KenjiE20> you are in the wrong place
16:12:01  <Tycoon> <Kogut> I followed instructions in wiki
16:12:04  <KenjiE20> oftc  -- | Kogut: No such nick/channel
16:12:16  <Tycoon> <Kogut>
16:12:27  <Tycoon> <Kogut> and #openttdcoop
16:12:31  <KenjiE20> what?
16:12:53  <OwenS> Where did you read that, cause never have we used ""
16:12:58  <KenjiE20> "Channel: #openttdcoop + Server: / irc://"
16:15:38  <Tycoon> <Kogut> In X chat I need to choose network. Which one is correct?
16:15:49  <planetmaker>
16:15:53  <Tycoon> <Zuuu>
16:16:08  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> You might have to create it yourself I don't know if it is in the long list.
16:16:14  <Tycoon> <Kogut> ok
16:16:15  <planetmaker> it's in there
16:16:15  <KenjiE20> it should be
16:16:24  <Zuu> Ok, I've created my own :-)
16:17:16  <Tycoon> <Arie> hey planes!
16:17:16  <KenjiE20> heh, 2600net is essentially a hacker community
16:18:21  <Zuu> I built a plane to replace 2-3 ships because they were so slow.
16:18:40  <Zuu> Oh, Kogut has copied the PAXLink style of building airports :-p
16:18:42  <KenjiE20> also silverx has the single worst website font in history
16:18:54  <OwenS> With a name like 2600 would you expect anything else?
16:19:02  <KenjiE20> yes, Atari
16:19:05  <KenjiE20> :P
16:19:27  <OwenS> Meh. I was thinking 2600Hz. Phone phreaking...
16:19:49  *** TD has quit IRC
16:19:52  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> Back...
16:19:59  <KenjiE20> yea, that's that that networks about though
16:20:14  <KenjiE20> top 2 channels, #2600 and #telepheak
16:20:21  <KenjiE20> +r
16:20:48  <KenjiE20> note to self; never ever go near Fontin or Museo700 fonts
16:20:54  *** BlueEagle_NL has joined
16:22:18  <KenjiE20> @invite Kogut
16:22:19  <Webster> KenjiE20: The operation succeeded.
16:30:32  <Tycoon> <Arie> diner
16:30:34  <Tycoon> <Arie> later!
16:30:48  <Tycoon> <Arie> if anyone wants to use this company it's OK
16:31:22  <Tycoon> <Arie> i just started building a line from the bottom left to the middle (maize & fruit) to the central factory i'm using
16:31:28  <Tycoon> *** Arie has left the game (connection lost)
16:32:26  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (leaving)
16:33:56  <Tycoon> <Owen> fonsinchen: Still not going well?
16:34:14  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> still too many too weak engines getting stuck everywhere
16:34:33  <Tycoon> <Owen> GAAH train turned arround
16:35:25  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has joined spectators
16:37:01  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has started a new company (#8)
16:41:05  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> ouch
16:41:12  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> wha?
16:41:26  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> seems I'm bankrupt
16:41:29  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> ai...
16:41:31  <Tycoon> <Owen> And it seems we may be too soon
16:42:13  <Tycoon> <alberth> just surviving is a major challenge already :)
16:42:20  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> And there went my zero pound shares in fonsinchens company ... :-p
16:42:26  <Tycoon> <Owen> lol
16:42:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> If you own 75% shares you should get some influence in the company :p
16:43:00  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I shouldn't have crashed 4 trains and I shouldn't have bought the weakest engine al l the time
16:43:30  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Oh, Alberth's shares has droped to zero-value. :-p
16:44:00  <Tycoon> <alberth> too bad I cannot buy them :p
16:44:00  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> What does my shares cost?
16:44:14  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined spectators
16:44:23  <Tycoon> <alberth> 280 000 / 4
16:44:29  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> € 140324
16:45:30  <Tycoon> *** Owen has started a new company (#1)
16:47:06  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> btw, no 90° turns allowed ...
16:47:16  <Tycoon> <Owen> heh
16:48:00  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined spectators
16:48:20  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined company #1
16:48:28  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined spectators
16:48:37  *** Kogut has joined
16:48:44  <Tycoon> *** Owen has started a new company (#10)
16:48:48  <Tycoon> <Owen> Muhahah
16:48:49  <Kogut> it is correct?
16:48:53  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yes
16:49:19  <Tycoon> <Kogut> finally
16:57:10  <Tycoon> <Kogut> Owen?
16:57:32  <Tycoon> <Kogut> Can you improve bridge?
16:57:52  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
16:57:52  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
16:58:16  <Tycoon> *** Player has changed his/her name to DJ Nekkid
16:58:22  <Tycoon> <Kogut> HI
16:58:24  <Tycoon> <DJ Nekkid> much better :P
16:58:25  <BlueEagle_NL> hi DJ
16:58:33  <Tycoon> <Kogut> 1
16:58:55  <Tycoon> <DJ Nekkid> this isnt coop is it? :P
16:59:25  <Tycoon> *** DJ Nekkid has left the game (leaving)
17:00:53  <Tycoon> *** DJ Nekkid joined the game
17:01:01  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> back again, DJ?
17:01:07  <Tycoon> <BlueEagle_NL> ;)
17:01:25  <Tycoon> <DJ Nekkid> any company to join?
17:01:39  <Tycoon> <Kogut> mine is absolutely stupid
17:02:05  <Tycoon> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
17:02:14  <Tycoon> <alberth> want to have mine?
17:02:27  *** BlueEagle_NL has left
17:02:40  <Tycoon> <DJ Nekkid> nah... footballmatch currently ...
17:02:52  <Tycoon> <DJ Nekkid> were just checking in :)
17:02:58  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Oh, someone bought a company with nothing but a loan and no cash. :-)
17:03:20  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> sounds stupid
17:03:39  <Tycoon> *** DJ Nekkid has left the game (leaving)
17:03:45  <Tycoon> <alberth> oeh taking a bridge at 1km/h :)
17:04:00  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> underpowered engine
17:04:06  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> use a bigger one
17:04:44  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> that ED1 is really weak
17:05:28  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has started a new company (#1)
17:11:13  <Tycoon> *** Fab joined the game
17:11:26  <Tycoon> <Fab> Hi
17:11:32  <Tycoon> <alberth> hai
17:11:44  <Tycoon> <Kogut> hi
17:13:16  <Tycoon> <Fab> is it possible to disp link of player (as a spectator) ?
17:13:35  <Tycoon> <Fab> I mean in the map, you know the cargo stuff
17:14:36  <PeterT> Hey Kogut
17:14:43  <PeterT> I see you got a client
17:14:46  <Kogut> yes
17:15:09  <PeterT> why are you in
17:15:15  <Kogut> i play for frist time since 10 months
17:15:31  <Kogut> .dev
17:16:01  <PeterT> Yes, but why are you in
17:16:22  <Kogut> I don't know
17:16:37  <Zuu> PeterT: Do you have a problem with people being in chanels? ;-)
17:16:50  <Kogut> no
17:16:51  <PeterT> yes, huge problem
17:16:55  <Kogut> ?
17:17:05  <PeterT> Kogut: It's a joke
17:17:13  <Tycoon> <alberth> PeterT wants a channel all for himself :)
17:17:21  <PeterT> lol
17:17:39  <planetmaker> I guess the point is: is... not an official #openttdcoop channel :-)
17:17:49  <planetmaker> but well... who cares :-)
17:17:53  <Tycoon> *** Fab has started a new company (#11)
17:17:59  <planetmaker> !info
17:17:59  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:1(Pale Green) Company Name: 'fonsinchen Transport'  Year Founded: 1944  Money: 54420  Loan: 340000  Value: 1  (T:3, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
17:17:59  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:2(Red) Company Name: 'Zuuu Transport'  Year Founded: 1920  Money: -1002  Loan: 500000  Value: 164803  (T:33, R:14, P:1, S:1) protected
17:18:00  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:3(Pink) Company Name: 'Player Transport'  Year Founded: 1923  Money: 45791  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
17:18:00  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:4(White) Company Name: 'Random stuff'  Year Founded: 1938  Money: 137514  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:8, R:33, P:3, S:0) unprotected
17:18:00  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:5(Green) Company Name: 'vok Transport'  Year Founded: 1924  Money: 31291  Loan: 400000  Value: 438785  (T:24, R:29, P:0, S:0) protected
17:18:01  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:6(Blue) Company Name: 'alberth Transport'  Year Founded: 1929  Money: 73010  Loan: 300000  Value: 151422  (T:19, R:12, P:0, S:2) protected
17:18:01  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:7(Light Blue) Company Name: 'BlueEagle_NL Transport'  Year Founded: 1932  Money: 21224  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:13, R:3, P:1, S:3) protected
17:18:03  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:8(Brown) Company Name: 'Airline'  Year Founded: 1942  Money: 3648  Loan: 450000  Value: 1  (T:5, R:0, P:0, S:0) protected
17:18:03  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:9(Orange) Company Name: 'Arie Transport'  Year Founded: 1933  Money: 122227  Loan: 440000  Value: 1  (T:20, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
17:18:05  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:10(Purple) Company Name: 'Adams & Co.'  Year Founded: 1943  Money: 88933  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:2, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
17:18:05  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:11(Grey) Company Name: 'Fab Transport'  Year Founded: 1945  Money: 100000  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) protected
17:18:07  <planetmaker> !playercount
17:18:07  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Number of players: 7
17:18:12  <PeterT> What fun, Tycoon...
17:18:15  <planetmaker> hm... 11 companies and 7 players
17:18:20  <KenjiE20> alberth; he had one, it was empty :)
17:18:20  <PeterT> !players
17:18:21  <Tycoon> <Kogut> white
17:18:23  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 82 (Grey) is Fab, in company 11 (Fab Transport)
17:18:23  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 4 (Pale Green) is fonsinchen, in company 1 (fonsinchen Transport)
17:18:23  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 17 (Green) is vok, in company 5 (vok Transport)
17:18:23  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 9 (Red) is Zuuu, in company 2 (Zuuu Transport)
17:18:23  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 50 (Light Blue) is BlueEagle_NL, in company 7 (BlueEagle_NL Transport)
17:18:25  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 41 (Blue) is alberth, in company 6 (alberth Transport)
17:18:25  <Tycoon> PeterT: Client 70 (Brown) is Kogut, in company 8 (Airline)
17:18:27  <Tycoon> <Kogut> is dead
17:18:30  <Tycoon> <Kogut> and better than current
17:18:59  <Ammler> PeterT: why do you add pidgin, if you don't use it yourself?
17:19:10  <PeterT> KenjiE20: Remember that? Yeah, it has three servers and a supybot now. And some other users
17:19:23  <PeterT> Ammler: Because it's a useful client
17:19:49  <Ammler> well, the fact you don't use it doesn't support that statement
17:20:21  <Ammler> the homepage tells it is a IM client
17:20:45  <Zuu> It supports IRC, but myself I don't use it for that.
17:20:47  *** Pe1erT has joined
17:20:56  <Pe1erT> I have it installed
17:21:17  <Ammler> kopete could irc too
17:21:26  <OwenS> Indeed it can
17:21:32  <Ammler> a lot clients can do it, but that page tries to recommend "good" clients
17:21:54  <OwenS> Oh no it cant, theyve removed that
17:22:03  <Pe1erT> I would call this a good client
17:22:19  *** kenji has joined
17:22:25  <kenji> uch
17:22:32  <kenji> I forgot how annoying this is
17:22:35  *** kenji has left
17:22:43  <Ammler> was this kopete?
17:22:47  <Ammler> or pidgin?
17:22:48  <KenjiE20> pidgin
17:23:00  <KenjiE20> you connect, but get nothing
17:23:05  <Pe1erT> It's an easy-to-use client
17:23:09  <KenjiE20> so you have to start a convo window up
17:23:27  <Pe1erT> KenjiE20: You have to press Ctrl + C
17:23:31  <Tycoon> <alberth> setting up the first connection is annoying, I think
17:23:32  <Pe1erT> or Buddies -> Start a chat
17:23:39  <Pe1erT> Alberth: Indeed
17:23:43  <Ammler> PeterT: I disagree, I might also get the feeling, that irc is like IM
17:23:47  <KenjiE20> and you still don't get a server window
17:23:59  <Ammler> and then user start to query...
17:24:02  <KenjiE20> and every server service becomes a chat
17:24:06  <KenjiE20> it's not great
17:24:33  <KenjiE20> I'd end up with about 40 tabs like that
17:26:18  *** Pe1erT has left
17:26:45  *** Pe1erT has joined
17:26:57  *** Pe1erT has left
17:29:00  <Tycoon> <Kogut> finally, second line
17:30:24  <Ammler> [19:21] <OwenS> Oh no it cant, theyve removed that <-- he, maybe they found out, how stupid it is to use kopete for irc, if you have konversation
17:30:45  <PeterT> Ugh, koversation...
17:31:03  <PeterT> It's a good neat client but the alerts suck ass
17:31:25  <Ammler> I never really tried KDE apps on windows
17:31:48  <PeterT> It's not on Windows
17:31:58  <PeterT> *I'm not talking about Konversation on Windows
17:32:10  <Ammler> which alerts?
17:32:18  <Tycoon> *** RF joined the game
17:32:27  <PeterT> Highlights, PMs
17:32:36  <Ammler> eveything configureable
17:32:43  <PeterT> Topic changes (the whole reason I join #openttd.notice)
17:32:52  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
17:33:00  <Tycoon> *** Arie joined the game
17:33:13  <PeterT> !playercount
17:33:13  <Tycoon> PeterT: Number of players: 9
17:33:16  <Ammler> on such channels, I disable highlights
17:39:23  <PeterT> KenjiE20: <-- You're in the screenshot :-D
17:39:31  <Tycoon> *** vok has left the game (leaving)
17:39:32  <PeterT> I guess you are pretty popular in #weechat
17:40:43  <PeterT> !tell Paul2 !revision
17:40:44  <Tycoon> PeterT: unknown command "revision"
17:41:10  <Paul2> !version
17:41:10  <Tycoon> Paul2: Autopilot AP+ 3.0 Beta (r747M)
17:41:14  <Paul2> ahhh
17:41:24  <PeterT> No, !revision
17:41:28  <Paul2> !revision
17:41:28  <Tycoon> Paul2: Game version is g5b3732ceM-cargodist
17:41:31  <PeterT> There
17:50:05  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
17:50:05  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
17:53:55  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmmm bummer
17:54:01  <Tycoon> <Arie> comming back from dinner
17:54:15  <Tycoon> <Arie> seeing that my profit changed to being a loss
17:54:37  <Tycoon> <alberth> you can take over my company if you want
17:54:43  <Tycoon> <Arie> apperantly i should have protected the factory important to my little economy better :(
17:55:43  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
17:56:09  <Tycoon> <Arie> hmm no thanks
17:56:23  <Tycoon> <Arie> have to do some stuff for my study anyways
17:56:29  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
17:56:31  <Tycoon> <alberth> ok
17:56:54  <Tycoon> <Arie> i'll try to fix it, but probobly 'll be bankrupt next year
17:57:02  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
17:57:02  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
17:58:17  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
17:58:39  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
17:58:52  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
17:59:01  <Tycoon> <Arie> btw: where what is the "break van"'s purpse
17:59:15  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Oh, I could actually buy Arie transport, but it seems to not make profit and my own profit margin needs some work..
17:59:21  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> it looks "realistic"
17:59:30  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook joined the game
17:59:39  <PeterT> !playercount
17:59:40  <Tycoon> PeterT: Number of players: 9
17:59:42  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook has joined spectators
17:59:59  <Tycoon> <Arie> well, i can't seem to figure out where it went wrong, probably because not all food produced by that factory is going to my own trains
18:00:09  <Tycoon> <Arie> but i do not have the money to fix that
18:00:41  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
18:00:43  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I'm also done with. This time I've bought too powerful trains
18:00:47  <Tycoon> * fonsinchen is a noob
18:00:49  <Tycoon> <Arie> bummer for the company which destroyed my profits: if i'm bankrupt, the food factory will stop producing food as my trains don't deliver anymore
18:00:55  <Tycoon> <Arie> ok bye!
18:01:01  <Tycoon> <alberth> bye
18:01:04  <Tycoon> <Arie> i'm bankrupt :(
18:01:06  <Tycoon> <Fab> bye
18:01:16  <Tycoon> <Tsjook> bye
18:01:19  <Tycoon> <Kogut> bye
18:01:29  <Tycoon> *** Arie has left the game (leaving)
18:01:56  <Tycoon> *** Owen joined the game
18:02:03  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> I don't know if that was a good idea ...
18:02:11  <Tycoon> <alberth> neither do i
18:02:34  <Tycoon> <Owen> Oh dear god Le Fons is getting ridiculous
18:02:43  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook has left the game (connection lost)
18:04:03  <Tycoon> <Kogut> wtf?
18:04:09  <Tycoon> <Kogut> crash with PBS
18:04:19  <Tycoon> <Owen> You fiddled with a PBS block. dont do that
18:04:19  <Tycoon> <Kogut> and withou ignore signals
18:04:25  <Tycoon> <RF> a very rare spectacle
18:04:39  <Tycoon> <Kogut> fiddled=?
18:04:46  <Tycoon> <Owen> =modified
18:04:52  <Tycoon> <Kogut> ok
18:05:02  <Tycoon> <Kogut> now it should be ok?
18:05:26  <Tycoon> <Owen> Yes
18:06:01  <Tycoon> <alberth> can I simply quit, or should I do something else first?
18:06:11  <Tycoon> <Owen> Set a company password maybe?
18:06:19  <Tycoon> <alberth> it has one
18:06:29  <Tycoon> <Owen> Then you should be fine
18:06:42  *** Yexo has quit IRC
18:06:43  <Tycoon> <alberth> ok, have fun everybody
18:06:49  <Tycoon> <alberth> bye
18:06:58  *** Yexo has joined
18:06:58  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Yexo
18:07:11  <Tycoon> <Kogut> bye
18:07:13  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> bye
18:07:17  <Tycoon> <RF> bye
18:07:18  <PeterT> see ya
18:07:29  <Tycoon> *** alberth has left the game (connection lost)
18:09:06  <Tycoon> *** BlueEagle_NL has left the game (desync error)
18:09:08  <Tycoon> *** Fab has left the game (desync error)
18:09:08  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu has left the game (desync error)
18:09:12  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has left the game (desync error)
18:09:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> Ooh
18:09:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> Not good
18:09:28  <Tycoon> *** Kogut joined the game
18:09:32  <Tycoon> <Kogut> WTF?
18:09:40  <PeterT> Big desync
18:09:40  <Tycoon> <Owen> Game desynchronized
18:09:40  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu joined the game
18:09:50  <PeterT> question is, why didn't everyone desycn
18:09:52  <PeterT> *desync
18:10:14  <Tycoon> <Owen> Everyone, what platform?
18:10:25  <Tycoon> <Kogut> windows 7
18:10:27  <Tycoon> <Kogut> 32
18:10:51  <planetmaker> !players
18:10:53  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Client 98 (Brown) is Kogut, in company 8 (Airline)
18:10:53  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Client 4 (Blue) is fonsinchen, in company 6 (alberth Transport)
18:10:53  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Client 100 (Red) is Zuuu, in company 2 (Zuuu Transport)
18:10:53  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Client 84 (Yellow) is RF, in company 12 (RF Transport)
18:10:54  <Tycoon> planetmaker: Client 96 (Purple) is Owen, in company 10 (Adams & Co.)
18:10:55  <Tycoon> <Owen> Zuuu, fab, BlueEagle?
18:10:58  <Tycoon> <RF> Windows xp, 32 (even though i stood synced...)
18:11:04  <planetmaker> not everyone
18:11:12  <Tycoon> <Owen> Hmm, so that probably eliminates 32-bit or platform issue
18:11:18  <Tycoon> *** Owen has left the game (wrong company in DoCommand)
18:11:18  <Tycoon> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
18:11:23  <OwenS> O_O
18:11:34  <PeterT> ...
18:11:37  <Tycoon> *** Owen joined the game
18:12:19  <planetmaker> Owen must be a cheatah ;-)
18:12:21  <Tycoon> <Kogut> shit
18:12:39  <OwenS> planetmaker: Nah, I'm a tiger
18:13:07  <PeterT> OwenS: I'm guessing you don't have CopyPaste installed Client-side?
18:13:13  <Tycoon> <Owen> I notice the bits that Vok inherited from me broke
18:13:21  <OwenS> PeterT: No. I downloaded a binary
18:14:30  <Tycoon> <Kogut> not so bad
18:15:38  <Tycoon> *** RF has left the game (leaving)
18:19:08  <Tycoon> *** Fab joined the game
18:21:08  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined spectators
18:21:36  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined company #10
18:25:47  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook joined the game
18:27:03  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook has joined company #13
18:35:53  <Tycoon> *** BlueEagle_NL joined the game
18:36:13  <Tycoon> *** RF joined the game
18:36:50  <Tycoon> *** BlueEagle_NL has left the game (connection lost)
18:37:02  <Tycoon> *** RF has left the game (leaving)
18:37:21  <Tycoon> <Fab> I need help
18:37:41  <Tycoon> <Kogut> with?\
18:37:50  <Tycoon> <Fab> can anybody tell me why my Train3 is not loading
18:37:54  <Tycoon> *** RF joined the game
18:38:02  <Tycoon> <Fab> it still at 0%
18:38:14  <Tycoon> <Fab> it's supposed to load goods, no ?
18:38:32  <Tycoon> <Tsjook> Is it going to a place that accepts goods?
18:38:48  <Tycoon> <Kogut> yes
18:38:50  <Tycoon> <Tsjook> If yes, is that place competing with other places?
18:38:50  <Tycoon> <Fab> I will transfer (later)
18:39:09  <Tycoon> <Kogut> it is factory without incoming cargo
18:39:37  <Tycoon> <Fab> arggg!!! I counted on that to earn a litle money
18:39:43  <Tycoon> <Fab> I lost my investment
18:41:30  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
18:42:37  <Tycoon> *** Roujin joined the game
18:42:40  <Tycoon> <Kogut> hi
18:42:44  <Tycoon> <Owen> hi
18:42:50  <Tycoon> <Fab> hi
18:42:56  <Tycoon> <Roujin> cheers
18:43:27  <Tycoon> <Owen> Voks northern most section is ... broken :p
18:43:36  <Tycoon> <Roujin> where?
18:43:46  <Tycoon> <Owen> The bits up to Le Fons
18:44:01  <Tycoon> <Owen> That he bought off of me :p
18:44:29  <Tycoon> <Kogut> is anyone interested in company?
18:44:47  <Tycoon> <Owen> Why? Going bankrupt? :p
18:44:58  <Tycoon> <Kogut> no, going to church
18:45:15  <Tycoon> <Roujin> hmm, what's broken there?
18:45:22  <Tycoon> <Roujin> can't really see anything wrong
18:45:32  <Tycoon> <Owen> Trains keep reversing waiting to go over the bridge :p
18:45:38  <Tycoon> <Kogut> :) I am the best!
18:46:06  <Tycoon> <Owen> And then as its PBS it jams
18:46:16  <Tycoon> *** Roujin has left the game (connection lost)
18:46:48  <Tycoon> *** Roujin joined the game
18:47:06  <Tycoon> *** Roujin has left the game (connection lost)
18:47:28  <Tycoon> *** Roujin joined the game
18:50:28  <Tycoon> <Roujin> there, now it should be better
18:56:16  <Tycoon> <Owen> fuuuuuuuu
18:56:19  <Tycoon> <Owen> I just comitted suicide
18:56:27  <Tycoon> <Owen> Apparently the edge of the map is considered to be water
18:56:49  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined spectators
18:57:13  <Tycoon> *** Owen has joined company #10
18:57:23  <Tycoon> *** Owen has left the game (connection lost)
18:59:38  <Tycoon> <Kogut> my new route is one big fail
19:02:08  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> OK, I'm off for a while
19:02:18  <Tycoon> <fonsinchen> maybe someone wants to take over ...
19:04:11  <Tycoon> *** Roujin has left the game (leaving)
19:06:15  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #1
19:06:48  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu has left the game (desync error)
19:06:49  <Tycoon> *** Fab has left the game (desync error)
19:06:52  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has left the game (connection lost)
19:06:53  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (desync error)
19:06:53  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook has left the game (desync error)
19:06:53  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
19:07:03  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
19:07:05  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu joined the game
19:07:07  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has left the game (connection lost)
19:07:17  <Tycoon> *** Kogut joined the game
19:07:23  <Tycoon> *** Fab joined the game
19:07:35  <Tycoon> <RF> LOL I am the only one who did not ... ?
19:07:36  <planetmaker> <-- fonsinchen
19:07:44  <planetmaker> :-O
19:08:10  <planetmaker> fonsinchen, oh, and right now ^
19:08:24  <Kogut> ?fonssinchen=?
19:08:27  <fonsinchen> I guess I have some debugging to do
19:08:28  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:08:35  <Kogut> ;)
19:08:38  <Kogut> player
19:08:44  <Kogut> not sth useful
19:09:08  <Kogut> fonso == fonssinchen?
19:09:40  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined spectators
19:09:48  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:10:25  <fonsinchen> Oh, there was another one at 14:00
19:10:29  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #1
19:10:57  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:10:59  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined spectators
19:11:04  <Tycoon> *** RF has started a new company (#4)
19:11:16  *** Progman has joined
19:11:42  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:12:02  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
19:12:18  <Tycoon> <Kogut> bye
19:12:37  <Tycoon> <Fab> bye
19:12:51  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has left the game (connection lost)
19:13:40  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:14:50  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen joined the game
19:15:45  <fonsinchen> What is that company "Bigwig &co"?
19:15:53  <fonsinchen> Sounds like an AI ...
19:16:03  <planetmaker> fonsinchen, you might want to set an IRC highlight to "desync" ;-)
19:16:13  <Ammler> hehe
19:16:14  <planetmaker> !info
19:16:14  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:1(Purple) Company Name: 'Bigwig & Co.'  Year Founded: 1950  Money: -37244  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:7, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:16:14  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:2(Red) Company Name: 'Zuuu Transport'  Year Founded: 1920  Money: 30430  Loan: 500000  Value: 339873  (T:36, R:25, P:1, S:1) protected
19:16:14  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:3(Pink) Company Name: 'Player Transport'  Year Founded: 1923  Money: 27199  Loan: 100000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:16:14  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:4(Dark Blue) Company Name: '^^'  Year Founded: 1953  Money: 9533  Loan: 10000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:16:14  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:5(Green) Company Name: 'vok Transport'  Year Founded: 1924  Money: 170874  Loan: 0  Value: 517847  (T:23, R:29, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:16:15  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:6(Blue) Company Name: 'alberth Transport'  Year Founded: 1929  Money: 118479  Loan: 220000  Value: 292926  (T:29, R:16, P:0, S:2) unprotected
19:16:15  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:7(Light Blue) Company Name: 'BlueEagle_NL Transport'  Year Founded: 1932  Money: 86007  Loan: 490000  Value: 1  (T:12, R:6, P:2, S:2) unprotected
19:16:17  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:8(Brown) Company Name: 'Airline'  Year Founded: 1942  Money: 203092  Loan: 0  Value: 1224053  (T:32, R:0, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:16:17  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:11(White) Company Name: 'Fab Transport'  Year Founded: 1945  Money: 2869  Loan: 360000  Value: 1  (T:4, R:8, P:4, S:0) unprotected
19:16:19  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:12(Yellow) Company Name: 'RF Transport'  Year Founded: 1946  Money: -1050  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:6, R:47, P:3, S:0) protected
19:16:19  <Tycoon> planetmaker: #:13(Cream) Company Name: 'Tsjook Unlimited'  Year Founded: 1947  Money: 365155  Loan: 500000  Value: 1  (T:0, R:9, P:0, S:0) unprotected
19:16:34  <Ammler> !url might also be helpful
19:16:34  <Tycoon> Ammler:
19:16:39  <Tycoon> <RF> mmh, according to the things built, you can think its an AI^
19:17:00  <fonsinchen> That could explain the desync, too.
19:17:15  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
19:17:18  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook joined the game
19:17:34  <Tycoon> *** Tsjook has left the game (connection lost)
19:18:09  <Tycoon> *** Arie joined the game
19:18:38  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:18:58  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
19:20:08  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (connection lost)
19:20:27  *** Kogut has quit IRC
19:21:25  <Tycoon> *** Arie has left the game (leaving)
19:22:27  <OwenS> fonsinchen: Or someone who already had a company created a new one
19:23:03  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:23:21  <planetmaker> we don't have AIs...
19:23:29  <planetmaker> or shouldn't have.
19:27:47  *** fonsinchen has quit IRC
19:31:04  <planetmaker> folks, mind if I restart the server (not the game) right now? I'd like to turn on desync debugging
19:31:23  <planetmaker> !save
19:31:23  <Tycoon> Saving game...
19:31:27  <Tycoon> <RF> if it has to be done^
19:31:33  <Zuu> Sure go ahead
19:31:35  <planetmaker> !exit
19:31:42  <planetmaker> !rcon exit
19:31:42  <Tycoon> Server has exited
19:31:42  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
19:31:57  <PeterT> he?
19:32:12  <PeterT> oh, backlog
19:34:04  *** Tycoon has joined
19:34:04  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
19:34:04  <Tycoon> Loading default savegame
19:34:04  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
19:34:05  *** Tycoon has quit IRC
19:34:37  *** Tycoon has joined
19:34:37  <Tycoon> Autopilot engaged
19:34:37  <Tycoon> Loading default savegame
19:34:37  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Tycoon
19:34:44  <planetmaker> hm... then it doesn't work with ap+ :-(
19:35:21  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
19:35:22  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu joined the game
19:35:24  <Tycoon> *** RF joined the game
19:35:27  <Ammler> planetmaker: ap+ does disalbe debug output
19:35:35  <Ammler> you might comment out that line
19:35:53  <planetmaker> hm. Dunno where :-)
19:36:03  <planetmaker> I tried to modify the command line for openttd, but that failed
19:36:57  <Ammler> ::ap::game::console "debug_level \"[::ap::config::get autopilot debug_level]\"\r"
19:37:11  <Ammler> you need to set debug_level in the cfg
19:37:37  <planetmaker> interesting
19:38:13  <Ammler> open in screen 2
19:38:22  <planetmaker> yeah :-)
19:39:18  <planetmaker> <-- though that tells otherwise, Ammler :-)
19:39:32  <PeterT> screen allows multiple clients? interesting...
19:39:51  <planetmaker> PeterT, that's the whole point
19:40:08  <planetmaker> (and that you can log off without closing things)
19:40:11  <PeterT> I thought it was so you can run programs even when you disconnect
19:40:55  <OwenS> planetmaker: And you can open multiple things over one connection
19:41:12  <Ammler> planetmaker: tell what otherwise?
19:41:39  <planetmaker> Compile the server with ./configure --enable-desync-debug=1 and let one client try to desync.
19:41:41  <Ammler> I have actually no idea, how you configure it
19:41:48  <Ammler> that is for compiling
19:42:00  <planetmaker> yes, but it might make sense, no?
19:42:17  <Ammler> but I assume, you have done that already?
19:42:22  <planetmaker> well. Actually not. We first need it reproducable
19:42:24  <Ammler> nothing to do with ap+
19:42:32  <Tycoon> <RF> is it only me or does any other one have a "dia-show"?
19:42:32  <planetmaker> _I_ didn't compile anything.
19:42:52  <planetmaker> That was all fonsinchens doing
19:43:07  * Ammler has never done successfully desync debugging
19:43:22  <Ammler> so I am no expert :-P
19:43:26  * planetmaker neither
19:43:42  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> "dia-show"?
19:43:50  <Ammler> lags
19:43:57  * planetmaker is off for dinner
19:44:03  <Ammler> än guete
19:44:13  <Ammler> quite late thought
19:44:22  <PeterT> planetmaker: enjoy
19:44:24  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> It lags a little bit, and sometimes I get a larger lag when I'm scrolling around.
19:44:37  <PeterT> That's CargoDist for ya
19:44:44  <Tycoon> <RF> yes, i ment leags^^
19:45:32  <Ammler> afaik, you can do desync debug also client side
19:45:58  <PeterT> As said in the wiki link planetmaker posted
19:46:22  <PeterT> !ip
19:46:22  <Tycoon> PeterT:
19:47:09  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er joined the game
19:47:28  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
19:48:08  <Tycoon> *** Peter joined the game
19:48:40  <Tycoon> <Peter> Ammler: That name bug is still present
19:48:46  <Tycoon> <Peter> {}
19:48:57  <Ammler> yes
19:49:08  <Ammler> it is a bug with new tcl
19:49:20  <OwenS> Out of curiosity, what server is mz.? The "old" one?
19:49:20  <Ammler> we don't have a fix
19:49:21  <PeterT> can it be fixed?
19:49:26  <PeterT> ah
19:49:33  <PeterT> mz = member zone
19:49:37  <Ammler> yes
19:49:46  <OwenS> PeterT: Im aware of that. I meant which physical server
19:49:49  <Ammler> the same server as the devzone
19:49:55  <Tycoon> *** Peter has left the game (leaving)
19:49:58  <Ammler> so it can get oom :-)
19:50:36  <Ammler> sponsored by pm and me
19:51:32  <OwenS> 2560 IN     SOA 2009111401 40000 20000 1500000 86400 <-- Germany I see
19:53:04  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:53:32  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
19:53:37  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #12
19:53:49  <Tycoon> *** RF has joined company #4
19:55:47  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu has left the game (desync error)
19:55:47  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er has left the game (desync error)
19:55:48  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
19:56:01  <Tycoon> *** Game unpaused (not enough players)
19:56:01  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu joined the game
19:56:42  <Ammler> hmm
19:57:01  <PeterT> Yikes
19:57:35  <Ammler> OwenS: vserver
19:58:13  <OwenS> And yet hes not here :s
19:59:24  <OwenS> Ugh... Virtuozzo
19:59:53  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er joined the game
20:00:26  <OwenS> (At least, thats what I guess.. I don't speak german :P )
20:01:35  <OwenS> (You see, the thing with Virtuozzo, when they say "1GB of RAM", it could actually be "256MB of RAM and 768MB of host swap")
20:02:31  <Ammler> we have 750MB  of RAM and the rest of the 2gig is such host swap
20:03:15  <Ammler> but cpu power is quite awesome
20:03:34  <Ammler> so for gaming or compiling, it is nice
20:03:38  <OwenS> Hmm, true, I've never benchmarked my Linode's CPU
20:04:13  <Ammler> but we might switch to a real dedicated server next fee period
20:07:12  <OwenS> How much more would it be?
20:08:08  <planetmaker> 5 .. 10€ / months or so
20:08:25  <OwenS> Hmm... Not too bad then
20:08:45  <planetmaker> Root servers sell for 40€ / month upward
20:08:58  <OwenS> Unfortunately for me my hosting costs have increast proportionally to the pounds decline...
20:09:08  <planetmaker> :-D
20:09:23  <OwenS> Im paying
20:09:27  <OwenS> ~33% more now
20:09:46  <planetmaker> :-(
20:15:44  <Tycoon> *** Progman joined the game
20:17:56  <Tycoon> *** Amm1er has left the game (leaving)
20:18:15  <Ammler> no desync ^
20:18:16  <Tycoon> *** Progman has left the game (connection lost)
20:18:36  <Ammler> !players
20:18:38  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 4 (Yellow) is RF, in company 4 (^^)
20:18:38  <Tycoon> Ammler: Client 13 (Red) is Zuuu, in company 2 (Zuuu Transport)
20:19:44  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (received strange packet)
20:19:44  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (connection lost)
20:19:46  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
20:20:06  <Coco-Banana-Man> ..?
20:20:20  <Coco-Banana-Man> what was wrong now?
20:20:29  <PeterT> received strange packet
20:20:51  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man joined the game
20:21:46  <planetmaker> wow. strange packets. packets as wrong company. All kind of weired messages today
20:22:11  <PeterT> definately not ready for trunk
20:22:23  <PeterT> shall I post this in the CargoDist topic, or will someone remind him tommorow?
20:26:42  <Tycoon> *** Fab joined the game
20:26:43  <planetmaker> can be anything. could also be a network error. That's what the message is for.
20:27:04  <planetmaker> without package logs it's not worth much...
20:27:54  <planetmaker> Maybe all this is part of the desync. Who knows.
20:29:02  <Tycoon> *** RF has left the game (leaving)
20:34:32  <Tycoon> *** Player joined the game
20:34:33  <Webster> Player, please change your in game nick
20:39:22  *** Kogut has joined
20:39:43  <Tycoon> *** Kogut joined the game
20:39:59  <Tycoon> *** Fab has left the game (leaving)
20:40:07  <Tycoon> <Kogut> hi
20:40:21  <Tycoon> <Kogut> 5M money ;)
20:40:40  <PeterT> hey Kogut
20:41:02  <Tycoon> *** Player has left the game (connection lost)
20:43:00  <Tycoon> *** xahodo joined the game
20:44:58  <Tycoon> <xahodo> Hello
20:45:01  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Hello
20:45:29  <PeterT> hi xahodo
20:46:31  <Tycoon> <xahodo> Can I join some company to (hopefully) help it out a bit?
20:46:41  <Tycoon> <Kogut> yes
20:46:43  <PeterT> hehe :-)
20:50:34  <Tycoon> *** Coco-Banana-Man has left the game (leaving)
20:54:14  *** xahodo has joined
20:59:30  <Tycoon> *** Fab joined the game
20:59:46  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Fab: Do you need the road bit next to your HQ?
21:00:06  <Tycoon> <Fab> hum, wait a sec
21:00:32  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Thanks
21:00:32  <Tycoon> <Fab> removed
21:01:10  <Tycoon> *** xahodo has started a new company (#9)
21:02:26  <Tycoon> *** Gathers joined the game
21:03:46  <Zuu> If you buy out someone, do you get their loan limit added to your loan limit?
21:07:22  <planetmaker> Zuu: afaik not. But you get their debt unharmed by your loan limit
21:09:39  <Tycoon> *** Kogut has left the game (connection lost)
21:14:23  <Tycoon> *** Gathers has left the game (leaving)
21:21:00  *** Kogut has quit IRC
21:28:46  <Tycoon> *** Arie joined the game
21:31:38  <Tycoon> *** Arie has left the game (leaving)
21:35:54  <OwenS> When I looked at companies finances after getting bought out, they seemed to have no higher than max loan
21:50:44  <Zuu> Not let's hope my rubber train can climb the hill :-)
21:51:09  <Zuu> A third engine would be good :-)
21:53:04  *** fonsinchen has joined
21:53:04  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v fonsinchen
21:57:18  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen joined the game
22:01:11  <Zuu> lol, an heliport get into the normal holding pattern of the small airport if the runway is bussy :-p
22:01:17  <Zuu> helicopter*
22:01:47  <fonsinchen> have there been more desyncs while I was away?
22:02:06  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> I think there was 2 in total (maybe 3)
22:02:17  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Not sure how many you've seen.
22:02:35  <fonsinchen> I've seen one around 8 and one around 9
22:03:22  <fonsinchen> and it seems there was one around 2
22:03:44  <fonsinchen> This will be hard to reproduce
22:03:52  <Tycoon> <Fab> hey ?! thereare no plan to transport rubber ?!
22:04:14  <PeterT> yes, fonsinchen
22:04:17  <PeterT> @logs
22:04:17  <Webster> Logs:
22:04:55  <Tycoon> <Fab> I spent 100k to buy two airport for that... please tell me how I can refit to rubber ? which plane ?
22:10:49  <Zuu> If it is not available as an option in the refit menu I don't think there is any aircrafts that accept rubber.
22:11:25  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> In the buy menu you see which cargos the aircrafts can be refited to.
22:11:39  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> If there is no aircraft that can be refited to rubber, then you can't do that.
22:12:11  <fonsinchen> so the desyncs all started when alberth left and I took over his company
22:12:19  <fonsinchen> very interesting ...
22:12:37  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> You might note that aircrafts don't take the most heavy type of cargo.
22:12:48  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> fonsinchen: So it's all your fault ;-)
22:13:15  <Tycoon> <Fab> life is hard
22:13:45  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> In the meanwhile I made 150 000 during our talk :-)
22:16:06  <fonsinchen> even more interestingly that was about 1 Minute after he bought my company.
22:16:30  <fonsinchen> and between that there was the mysterious train crash
22:17:07  <Zuu> So we should make company buyouts with train crashes to get you some more data? ;-)
22:17:23  <Tycoon> <Fab> please can anybody give me 50k money to help me finishing my line ?
22:17:36  <fonsinchen> That "crash with PBS" at 18:01, was it fully understood?
22:18:13  <xahodo> heh... I could use some money too (barely surviving).
22:18:30  <Tycoon> <Fab> I'm -21k now
22:18:55  <xahodo> I'm at 2k
22:18:58  <Tycoon> <Fab> I need about 30k to build reminding part of the line.
22:19:24  <Tycoon> <Fab> that's because I buy two big aireport 51k each
22:19:27  <Zuu> I barely survived for many hours. This map have some good settings. Keep a good eye of your profit margin and you'll get forward.
22:19:35  <Tycoon> <Fab> for nothing becase of no plan for rubber
22:20:00  <Tycoon> <Fab> thank you.
22:20:14  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> you're welcome
22:20:24  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> xahodo: You got the same amount as well :-)
22:21:07  <xahodo> thanks! that'll help in keeping me adrift.
22:26:38  <Tycoon> <Fab> ??????????
22:26:52  <Tycoon> <Fab> why ?
22:26:55  <Zuu> You were for sale for a while because you had red money
22:26:59  <Tycoon> <Fab> every thing is deleted?
22:27:21  <Tycoon> <Fab> for sales ?
22:27:58  <Zuu> You need to stay above zero balance. If you are below long enough you'll be offered to be bough up by competitors and if nobody buys you then you will be closed down.
22:28:46  <Zuu> This map is by no means easy to survive on and keeping an eye on the economy is important.
22:29:30  <Tycoon> <Fab> yeah that's true I was in red, but that's because I made big investment, it's takes time to build the big line I finaly build... I didn't have time to see first train arrived....
22:30:07  <Tycoon> <Fab> ok, so. I leave. settings were too hard for me. good game, bye
22:30:16  <Zuu> bye Fab
22:30:35  <Tycoon> <Fab> congrat to survivors :P
22:31:01  <Tycoon> *** Fab has left the game (leaving)
22:31:03  <Zuu> Hehe, took me about 9-11 hours to get to a state where the economy were no longer that important.
22:33:01  <xahodo> Well, I made several mistakes in the beginning, which cost me a lot of money. Won't be amazed if my company sinks.
22:34:29  <Zuu> xahodo: The problem you have is that you have higher running costs than vehicle income.
22:34:47  <xahodo> I'll take a look
22:35:12  <Zuu> Unless you do anything against that you'll eventually get bankrupt.
22:35:30  <xahodo> Guess that's farewell to the food line :(
22:36:06  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> You pay quite a lot in property maintanence. Each station cost about 500 pounds a year in 1950.
22:36:21  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> That is 500 per transport mode that each station offers.
22:36:39  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> So a small bus station costs the same as a big big trainstation or airport.
22:37:09  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> ah, sorry those 10 000 was the loan interest
22:37:17  <xahodo> whoa! that's unbabalanced
22:37:25  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> It's only about 6 000 on maintanence.
22:38:05  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Yep, that's indeed quite a big drawback for using many bus stops.
22:41:09  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Your train 5 has a too weak engine
22:41:44  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> The max TE is usually more important than the power for taking hills.
22:43:00  *** Coco-Banana-Man has quit IRC
22:44:01  <xahodo> I had a signal in the wrong place.
22:44:19  <xahodo> The train was basically parked on a hill... no wonder it had trouble accalerating.
22:45:12  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> That's probably a much cheaper solution indeed to move the signal.
22:47:05  <xahodo> Rubber actually proves profitable :)
22:47:12  <xahodo> yay
22:47:31  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> nice
22:48:21  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> Oh, there is one more powerfull electric engine for my climb the wall trains :-)
22:57:15  <Tycoon> *** fonsinchen has left the game (connection lost)
23:01:33  *** ^Spike^ has quit IRC
23:04:20  *** fonsinchen has quit IRC
23:23:52  <xahodo> Well, I'm off to bed.
23:23:55  <xahodo> gn
23:23:57  *** xahodo has quit IRC
23:24:02  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> night
23:24:06  <Tycoon> *** xahodo has left the game (leaving)
23:24:08  <Tycoon> *** Game paused (not enough players)
23:24:10  <Tycoon> <Zuuu> ouch a train for 250 000 :-p
23:26:06  <Tycoon> *** Zuuu has left the game (leaving)

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