Log for on 1st November 2013:
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13:24:35  <planetmaker> Taede, I got an idea how to start to use soap seriously: let's start a new server, '#openttdcoop nightly'
13:24:46  <planetmaker> it runs always 24h. Then updates with new map automatically
13:24:49  <planetmaker> What do you think?
13:26:27  <planetmaker> Taede, for extra fun, one could provide a number of configs which could be chosen from randomly (in order to allow for some variety and not always have vanilla)
13:27:01  <planetmaker> Alternatively #openttdcoop.goal
13:27:39  <planetmaker> And we offer a small selection of goals which are rotated on a daily basis. E.g. silicon valley etc. It could also generate nice statistics on those GS :-)
17:34:16  <Taede> how are maps generated, pool of pregenerated maps, or generate map from a pool of newgrf-presets?
17:54:01  <Taede> i can certainly get soap to output company statistics to file
17:54:21  <Taede> which some web-page can then parse into fancy gfx
17:55:18  <Taede> in fact i think i saw someone on forums do something like that
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21:35:34  <Taede> !auto
21:35:45  <Taede> !whoami
21:35:45  <devserver> Taede: Taede
21:35:47  <Taede> !apconnect
21:35:47  <devserver> Already connected!!
21:35:49  <Taede> !pause
21:35:50  <devserver> *** Game still paused (manual, number of players)
21:35:53  <Taede> !auto
21:35:54  <devserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
22:01:23  <Taede> !cpu
22:01:23  <devserver> Taede: I have taken 72.17 seconds of user time and 8.33 seconds of system time, for a total of 80.50 seconds of CPU time. My children have taken 1.79 seconds of user time and 0.47 seconds of system time for a total of 2.26 seconds of CPU time. I'm taking up 16316 kB of memory.
23:50:29  <planetmaker> Taede, my idea would be to generate maps from a set of newgrf-presets (or rather complete config presets)

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