Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 27th June 2009:
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01:36:41  <Brot6> Backup done! (Usage: 60M)
01:36:42  <Brot6> I am NOT a nut....
06:12:49  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #279: make fails on mac @ (by planetmaker)
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07:16:46  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #279: make fails on mac @ (by planetmaker)
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08:00:25  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Revision 79: Change: add the directory for the nightly version to the ignore list @ (by planetmaker)
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08:18:34  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #279 (Rejected): make fails on mac @ (by planetmaker)
08:19:18  <planetmaker> hehe... created, commented and rejected my own bug without any other interference...
08:21:04  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #279: make fails on mac @ (by planetmaker)
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09:32:05  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12478: (svn r16671) -Doc: Documenting Sprite structure. @ (by alberth)
09:32:55  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12479: Merge: trunk up to r16671 @ (by Hirundo)
10:04:05  <Brot6> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
10:04:18  <Brot6> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
10:28:36  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12480: [IS] Fix: move a comment to the appropriate location. @ (by Hirundo)
10:28:36  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12481: [IS] Codechange: remove some superfluous newlines. @ (by Hirundo)
10:28:36  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: Infrastructure Sharing - Revision 12482: [IS] Fix: Only sell ships that are *stopped* in a depot ... @ (by Hirundo)
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11:55:51  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #280: standard signals @ (by Ammler)
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13:51:06  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #77: town building misalignment @ (by foobar)
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14:04:04  <Brot6> is2: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
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16:18:02  <Brot6> OpenGFX: update from r77 to r79, starting nightly compile
16:18:32  <Brot6> OpenGFX: nightlies compile finished with 2 errors:
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16:49:22  <Ammler> planetmaker: <-- fixeable?
16:51:13  <planetmaker> let me look
16:52:18  <planetmaker> isn't it
16:53:50  * Ammler checks...
16:55:11  <Ammler> he, your makefile seems awesome :-)
16:55:51  <planetmaker> thanks. But it's far from perfect :)
16:57:11  <Ammler> " -w 141 " shouldn't be in default config
16:57:44  <planetmaker> well... dunno anymore what it means. But it makes sense afaik
16:58:50  <Ammler> yeah, it makes sense to use it
16:59:08  <Ammler> well, if it is the only one, it might be fine
16:59:17  <Ammler> don't have error like on that report
16:59:28  <planetmaker> on which report?
17:00:17  <Ammler> hmm, where is the final nfo?
17:00:35  <planetmaker> I wonder, too :)
17:00:48  <Ammler> :-)
17:01:56  <Ammler> rm sprites/ogfxi_logos.nfo sprites/ogfxc_arctic.nfo sprites/ogfxt_toyland.nfo sprites/ogfxh_tropical.nfo sprites/ogfx1_base.nfo sprites/ogfxe_extra.nfo
17:04:40  <Ammler> you see, the Makefile is already too complicated :P
17:09:49  <planetmaker> hehe :P
17:09:52  <planetmaker> where's that rm?
17:14:28  <planetmaker> I've no bloody clue where that rm is... :S
17:15:37  <Ammler> hehe
17:15:44  <Ammler> MAGIC
17:18:11  <planetmaker> Yes. Found it. Magic indeed.
17:18:25  <planetmaker> Or stupid, well hidden error.
17:18:33  <planetmaker> Or not knowing how syntax works
17:19:03  <Ammler> well, I will see the patch :-)
17:21:32  <Ammler> planetmaker: btw.
17:21:33  <planetmaker> yes. It's one line.
17:21:38  <planetmaker> Probably could be shorter even.
17:21:50  <planetmaker> And I ADDED one line :)
17:21:53  <Ammler> I am still not able to make a versioned bundle with unversioned folder, am I?
17:22:15  <planetmaker> you mean like opengfx-0.5 in an unversioned bundle?
17:22:44  <Ammler> I would like to change the opengfx from tar to zip
17:23:01  <Ammler> well, no hurry anyway...
17:23:33  <planetmaker> well. You can do that...
17:23:35  <Ammler> well, it is a special opengfx case anyway.
17:23:54  <planetmaker> make bundle_zip
17:23:59  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Revision 80: Fix: don't delete renumbered nfo files when not cleaning @ (by planetmaker)
17:24:03  <planetmaker> should do the trick... I *think*
17:24:33  <planetmaker> and with version you have make release_zip
17:24:50  <planetmaker> so you should have everything you need.
17:25:00  <planetmaker> E.g. no version in paths, if bundle or install.
17:25:13  <planetmaker> use release_* for version in paths and tar filename
17:25:26  <Ammler> yes, but I would like to have both
17:25:33  <planetmaker> you have.
17:25:38  <Ammler> a versioned zip with unversioned bundle :-)
17:25:48  <planetmaker> yes. The filename is versioned of the zip
17:26:00  <Ammler> well, we need discuss that with foobar sometime
17:26:29  <planetmaker> because the filename of the zip is irrelevant for the game. So it's easy to make it bear the version
17:26:38  <planetmaker> But hell. Just test it :)
17:26:42  <planetmaker> It does all that
17:26:57  <planetmaker> test what the single targets do and you see it :)
17:27:41  <planetmaker> And it was discussed ad nauseam IMO
17:28:54  <Ammler> he theoretically, now, someone could modify the make to "rm / -Rf"
17:29:11  <Ammler> kinda dangerous, isn't?
17:29:23  <planetmaker> why?
17:29:35  <planetmaker> Anyone with write access to a repo can do such things
17:30:09  <Ammler> yeah, but if if run them on the farm
17:30:18  <Ammler> maybe I should "chroot" that
17:30:48  <planetmaker> hm... yes. run it as a different user :)
17:30:51  <planetmaker> that's true
17:30:53  <Ammler> or is that level of trust?
17:31:24  <planetmaker> give it group access to the repo dirs and to the install dir
17:31:33  <planetmaker> and then have it execute the make
17:31:52  <planetmaker> so worst could happen then is deleting the whole farm. Still bad.
17:31:58  <planetmaker> But nothing else of ottdc
17:32:18  <Ammler> I guess, I take a look in chroot
18:04:06  <Brot6> opengfx: Backup push to ssh:// initiated.
19:10:35  <planetmaker> <-- indeed. The signals are hardly visible... :S
19:21:23  <Ammler> planetmaker: did you test your commit?
19:22:18  <planetmaker> yes
19:22:33  <planetmaker> doesn't it work?
19:24:06  <Ammler> still don't have nfos here
19:24:15  <planetmaker> hm...
19:24:20  <planetmaker> Let me check
19:24:34  <planetmaker> may take a bit. I'm compiling gcc :P
19:24:42  <planetmaker> slows down computer quite a bit :)
19:24:55  <Ammler> and with make clean, the bak files are still there
19:25:03  <planetmaker> yes, I noticed that.
19:26:15  <Ammler> I don't get your commit anyway
19:26:38  <planetmaker> it was basically a line which should make sure that not make clean is executed...
19:26:53  <planetmaker> hm... but I might have had some oddities going on...
19:30:41  <Ammler> planetmaker: that isn't clean
19:30:52  <Ammler> it does only delete the nfos, that is kinda strange
19:32:28  <planetmaker> yes. you're right.
19:36:41  <planetmaker> I wasn't thinking properly.
19:37:38  <Ammler> unimpossible
19:39:01  <planetmaker> :P
20:10:52  <planetmaker> Ammler: if you do "make clean && make ogfxe_extra.grf". Does it delete the corresponding nfo file?
20:14:33  <Ammler> planetmaker: yes
20:14:45  <planetmaker> hm. Always?
20:14:51  <planetmaker> Or is it statistically?
20:14:59  <Ammler> he?
20:15:05  <planetmaker> I'm not sure anymore what happens here...
20:15:08  <Ammler> always, I would say
20:15:19  <planetmaker> or whether once this, once that.
20:39:55  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Bug #281: nfo files are (still) deleted during (after?) build process @ (by planetmaker)
21:30:00  <Ammler> planetmaker: if you run make
21:30:06  <Ammler> then make bundle
21:30:11  <Ammler> why does it again compile?
21:35:24  <Brot6> ::DevZone:: OpenGFX - Code review: #5(Closed) @ (by Ammler)

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