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03:20:29  <Brot6> Britrains (BROS based on CETS) - Revision 44:64a72a429d8d: Feature: Temporary graphics for BR blue 1... (oberhuemer) @
03:36:14  <Brot6> britrains: update from r43 to r44 done (10 warnings) -
04:13:39  <Brot6> Britrains (BROS based on CETS) - Revision 45:9c9233a05e9e: Fix: Head and tail switched on BR blue 10... (oberhuemer) @
04:34:47  <Brot6> britrains: update from r44 to r45 done (10 warnings) -
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12:38:39  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Feature #3937 (Feedback): Mat'54-56 (Voyager1) @
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17:08:55  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Revision 545:bc82a0a4ed11: Fix (r519): sprite alignment of Mat'54 ELD4 (closes #393... (foobar) @
17:08:55  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Feature #3937 (Closed): Mat'54-56 (foobar) @
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19:23:25  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Revision 546:e9a52a6da931: Codechange: prepare railtypetable for standardized railt... (foobar) @
19:23:25  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Revision 547:0dc7f9102a0e: Feature: standardized railtype labels for steamers (issu... (foobar) @
19:23:25  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Revision 548:4804c610115e: Feature: standardized railtype labels for diesels (issue... (foobar) @
19:23:27  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Revision 549:ee620c8bbb39: Feature: standardized railtype labels for metros (issue ... (foobar) @
19:23:31  <Brot6> Dutch Trains 2 - Revision 550:37a96a9ddd2b: Feature: standardized railtype labels for electrics (iss... (foobar) @
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19:42:43  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 469:2372f140786d: Update: New render to reduce file size and use new ligh... (Xotic750) @
19:43:56  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Trains - Revision 470:e9462f0b8de9: Update: Post-processed sprites, using new light and mat... (Xotic750) @
20:04:59  <Xotic750> planetmaker: the new renders are up, they now crop the sources during the render process, saving about 50% of the original file size. Hope that helps some.
20:05:55  <planetmaker> :-) What light direction does it now use?
20:06:53  <Xotic750> same light direction as original, just adjusted materials considerably so that they have different light properties
20:07:34  <planetmaker> original = TTD = 4 ... 4:30h?
20:07:36  <Xotic750> I have a much larger scale of adjustment, either darker or lighter available to me now
20:08:13  <Xotic750> the original template from EZ project, lighting at 15:30 with elevation of 60 degrees to the groung
20:08:40  <planetmaker> #gm hm... tbh, I don't like that. Michi's argument that 60% is shadows is very valid. It's a stupid decision
20:09:03  <planetmaker> this game is known for its crisp colours and nice contrast
20:09:38  <Xotic750> I did some rendering with the light where he suggested and the results were awful
20:10:05  <planetmaker> how?
20:10:12  <Xotic750> try the new sprites, they are much crisper
20:10:14  <planetmaker> I mean... do you have comparable shots?
20:10:36  <planetmaker> s/shots/sprites/
20:10:41  <planetmaker> for the different light directions?
20:10:50  <planetmaker> I honestly can't imagine it being "horrible"
20:11:01  <Xotic750> I do, but not on this pc
20:11:51  <planetmaker> And I seriously think, it's a thing to be decided *now* before more and more sprites are rendered with *whatever* light setting and direction
20:12:45  <Xotic750> sure, I agree. I f we change the lighting position then all other renders will need to do the same
20:13:03  <Xotic750> as the shadow fall difference is huge
20:13:31  <planetmaker> Honestly I don't see that as a big issue. Either they exist as model - then it's "only" some computation time. Or they don't exist as model. Then it's stuff w/o source
20:13:45  <planetmaker> But the "damage" by going a wrong way now, could be huge
20:14:31  <Xotic750> I would render a set with the other light setting, but it just took me 3 days to re-render this lot :)
20:15:49  <planetmaker> For discussion purposes a single vehicles totally sufficient, I think
20:16:56  <Xotic750> I could create a repository on github or google code to upload a vehicle lit by the suggested lighting
20:17:11  <michi_cc> Xotic750: Just to be clear, I'm arguing for more light on the "bottom" side (bottom as in image bottom). I'm not saying anything about *how* to achieve that so I have no problems believing that simply moving a single light source doesn't look good.
20:19:13  <Xotic750> sure, I understand your argument. We can give more light using fill in and better materials, without moving the main light. And for me it's really no big issue as I have the source to all my models, the big issue is all the other models out there
20:21:37  <Xotic750> Anyway, I'm happy to render a vehicle with an altered sun position and post it somewhere if you want to see it. Just drop it in the project and compile it.
20:23:07  <Xotic750> but also take a look at the changes that I have made so far and see if you think that they are better, I still have plenty of adjustment available to me
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20:40:33  <michi_cc> Yes, e.g. is definitely better than
20:41:08  <michi_cc> Purely from these images the CC still looks quite dark to me, but I didn't look in-game, so after the remap it might be okay.
20:41:51  <Xotic750> I'm going to post screenshots in a few moments, so you will be able to see
20:44:35  <Xotic750> Ok, screenshots are now in in the development thread on the forum
20:46:12  <Xotic750> just noticed that I missed a couple of mask files in the recent changes :P
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21:08:19  <michi_cc> Yeah, CC looks better in-game than raw.
21:10:31  <Xotic750> at the moment, I have not added any extra lamps, or changed the main lamp in any way. The changes have been purely material
21:11:06  <michi_cc> Xotic750: Is the UU 37 somehow misaligned or am I being tricked by a different wheel height?
21:12:02  <Xotic750> trick of the eye  due to wheel height. It has the same dimensions as all the other vehicles and uses the same template
21:12:29  <michi_cc> Probably wheel height (or better floor height), but on the first glance it seems to be somehow a bit more right (driving direction right).
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21:14:37  <Xotic750> I could change the floor height, but in real life the vehicle is quite "stocky" and we would lose that feeling of "stockyness" by doing so. Otherwise it is the same as all the others
22:02:17  <Brot6> DevZone Help Center - Bug #3969: Corrupt OpenGFX+ Trains repository (r468) (oberhuemer) @
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