Log for #openttdcoop.devzone on 9th June 2013:
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09:59:22  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Bug #5927 (Closed): palette mix-up XplanetmakerX @
09:59:22  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Bug #5927 (Closed): palette mix-up XandythenorthX @
09:59:22  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Revision 250:381493143f09: Fix: convert all sprites to DOS palette (closes #5927... XandythenorthX @
10:00:23  <andythenorth> planetmaker: Alberth ^ does it fix the issue?
10:00:34  <planetmaker> dunno yet :-)
10:01:01  * planetmaker builds
10:01:09  <Alberth> you're here longer than me :)
10:02:11  <Alberth> I don't even have a chips clone :)
10:02:21  <andythenorth> hmm
10:02:28  <andythenorth> the palette is still windows when compiling
10:02:30  <Alberth> hi andy
10:02:30  <andythenorth> need to fix that
10:02:34  <planetmaker> :-)
10:02:49  <andythenorth> the makefile sets the palette?
10:03:20  <andythenorth> maybe action 14 is doing it
10:03:49  <planetmaker> action14 sets palette
10:03:51  <Alberth> sounds much more likely than the makefile
10:04:20  <planetmaker> (psst, I said so in the issue :-P )
10:05:09  <andythenorth> oh yes ;)
10:06:09  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Revision 251:84172d31348f: Fix: change palette to DOS in action 14 (#5927) XandythenorthX @
10:08:19  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Bug #5924 (Closed): stray grey pixels at the bottom of the docks XAlberthX @
10:08:19  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Bug #5924 (Closed): stray grey pixels at the bottom of the docks XandythenorthX @
10:08:47  <planetmaker> good, now I also have animated water at the docks base
10:08:52  <planetmaker> works, andythenorth , thanks
10:09:17  <andythenorth> sillly mistake :P
10:09:20  <Alberth> animated water at the docks is VERY nice, andy
10:09:23  <planetmaker> :-)
10:09:31  <planetmaker> you cannot make that mistake with NML. That's why
10:09:43  <andythenorth> I used to be more careful
10:09:52  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Revision 252:a4ea18737ea4: Docs: update changelog for 1.2.1 release XandythenorthX @
10:09:53  <Alberth> grfcodec is bad at giving warnings :)
10:10:01  <andythenorth> automated fixing enables my bad habits to survive :P
10:10:38  <Alberth> yeah, automagic makes people less smart at what they do :)
10:10:43  <Brot6> chips: update from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 done -
10:11:06  <Brot6> CHIPS Station Set - Revision 253:5776b5f4a141: Added tag 1.2.1 for changeset a4ea18737ea4 XandythenorthX @
10:11:48  <planetmaker> Alberth, that's one way to put it. Another is "it enables people to focus on the important aspects" :P
10:12:04  * planetmaker hides now ;-)
10:13:54  <Alberth> oh, if implemented carefully, it's not a problem. However, I tend to want to use devices just a tad differently, and then the automagic starts working aginst you :)
10:14:09  <planetmaker> :-)
10:14:29  <planetmaker> you have to know that there's automagic, yes. And know a way to disable it
10:14:33  <andythenorth> NML palette automagic is fine, except if you ever have to work with grfcodec
10:14:42  <planetmaker> otherwise it's a PITA, agreed
10:14:46  <andythenorth> and 'one and only one way' would be better here...except hysterical raisins
10:15:02  <andythenorth> gee, someone downloaded it already from bananas
10:15:05  <andythenorth> quick work
10:15:13  <andythenorth> bananas seems pretty busy atm
10:15:15  * Alberth is not guilty
10:15:24  <andythenorth> despite the game is dying :P :D
10:15:28  * planetmaker isn't guilty either
10:15:45  <andythenorth> my grfs seem to get around 1k / week or so
10:15:45  <planetmaker> but the "upgrade all existing" button might have done that trick for one or another
10:16:00  <planetmaker> sounds like a good download rate really
10:16:29  <andythenorth> we must have a lot of players (possibly casual players)
10:16:47  <planetmaker> my guestimate is 100k or so
10:16:56  <planetmaker> including all casual ones
10:17:11  <andythenorth> sounds about right
10:17:14  <planetmaker> give or take a factor of 2
10:17:32  <andythenorth> I think it's about 25k active at any one time
10:17:37  <andythenorth> based on bananas
10:17:41  <andythenorth> pure guessing though
10:17:46  <andythenorth> we should put spyware in openttd
10:18:03  <planetmaker> phone back. report OS+version and sell it as auto-update
10:18:11  <andythenorth> anonymised
10:18:16  <andythenorth> meh
10:18:23  <andythenorth> I should finish that bloody ship set
10:18:31  <andythenorth> but I am going away for most of June
10:18:53  <planetmaker> they won't sink till after your holiday or whatever trip
10:19:29  <Alberth> the blood will stop the water from coming in :)
10:20:37  <andythenorth> drawing building sets is much easier than drawing vehicle sets
10:20:46  <andythenorth> CHIPS and FIRS get more done better faster :P
10:21:54  <planetmaker> yeah, I believe so.
10:22:19  <planetmaker> I'll have to leave shortly... free open-air classical concert ahead this afternoon in the park :-)
10:22:44  <planetmaker> Volkswagen pais it all :-P
10:22:57  <Alberth> if the weather is like it is here, you 'll have a warm sunny concert :)
10:27:32  <planetmaker> yeah, that's what it will be. It's mostly sunny. But it's warm, so ... very good :-)
10:28:50  <planetmaker> should you be bored, Alberth, you could translate opengfx+ landscape. You have then the chance to have Dutch be one of three languages present 100% in 1.0 of that NewGRF ;-)
10:29:14  <planetmaker> translation response from when I asked earlier still is 0% :-P
10:29:49  <Alberth> make dummy translations, for all strings "your translation could have been shown here" :p
10:31:14  <planetmaker> :D
10:34:33  <andythenorth> should I translate English? o_O
10:34:45  <^Spike^> Somebody doing stuff @ dev? (the website)
10:35:10  * ^Spike^ needs to restart mysql db and wants to be sure he doesn't kill stuff of ppl :)
10:35:48  <Alberth> dangerous stuff, dying because of a reboot at an unlucky moment :p
10:35:54  <^Spike^> :)
10:36:54  <^Spike^> you know what i mean :D
10:37:06  <Alberth> andythenorth: yes please, from english to dutch would be great :D
10:37:29  <Alberth> ^Spike^: yeah, and only andy was busy here
10:37:38  <andythenorth> I'm done
10:37:47  * ^Spike^ realized he neglected updates on the MySQL server... :)
10:37:50  <andythenorth> time to go do other stuff ;)
10:37:51  <andythenorth> bye
10:37:53  <Alberth> bye
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10:40:13  <^Spike^> why do i always check AFTER i hit enter if i did reboot on the right machine....
10:41:46  <Alberth> it's not often enough the machine you work on?
10:41:53  <Rubidium> same reason you realise you mistyped your password but still pressed enter?
10:42:40  <^Spike^> :)
10:42:52  <^Spike^> well i had once that i hit reboot on a production machine of a customer....
10:42:54  <^Spike^> cause of lag
10:42:58  <^Spike^> cause i wanted to run something else
10:43:04  <^Spike^> i pressed ctrl-c like crazy.
10:43:07  <^Spike^> and it didn't reboot
10:43:11  <^Spike^> nor shutdown any process at all :D
10:47:28  <^Spike^> but what did i hate the person who was killing the VPN @ office...
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12:44:19  <Brot6> Industrial Stations Renewal - Revision 200:d46822442cb8: Fix: Correct road marking alignment on road... Xmart3pX @
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16:43:30  <Alberth> planetmaker: I added a dutch translation to the forum thread
16:43:39  <planetmaker> nice, thanks
17:21:27  <Brot6> chips: compile of r253 failed -
17:24:48  <Brot6> isr: update from r198 to r200 done -
17:49:59  <Brot6> OpenGFX+ Landscape - Revision 211:4e5da9efc429: Add: Dutch translation (Alberth) XplanetmakerX @
17:50:22  <Alberth> oh, you're just committing :)
17:51:11  <planetmaker> :-)
17:51:38  <planetmaker> I still need to finalize the rail tunnels... that'll take a bit still... and I guess OpenGFX needs to get story icons first...
17:51:46  <planetmaker> and thus NML telling about them... :D
18:57:11  <Brot6> NewGRF Meta Language - Revision 2085:95dd4370c1d0: Add: OpenTTD GUI sprites from r25344 XplanetmakerX @
19:00:40  <Brot6> GRFCodec / NFORenum - Revision 961:9b9f8bb5d56d: Change: Update sprite count for action 5, type 15 t... XplanetmakerX @
19:00:43  <planetmaker> Zuu, ^ GUI sprites need grfcodec change :-)
19:02:53  <Zuu> planetmaker: Newer than 6.0.2?
19:03:15  <planetmaker> yes... the GUI sprite account needs to be accurate for nforenum warnings
19:03:29  <planetmaker> well. see the commit. That's what was needed :-)
19:03:38  <planetmaker> not much really
19:03:54  <Zuu> You mean that future GUI sprites need a new grfcodec or that I did something wrong?
19:03:55  <planetmaker> it compiles of course :-)
19:04:18  <planetmaker> No... not wrong. But nforenum will (incorrectly) warn about too many GUI sprites, if grfcodec is not updated
19:05:22  <planetmaker> I just meant it as a friendly prod to remember grfcodec... or it will grow stale and compile openttd only with warnings :-)
19:06:17  <planetmaker> Before the next major stable 6.0.3 will need releasing
19:06:57  <planetmaker> Of course I only talk to make myself unneeded :-P
19:20:30  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 1015:456ae060fc88: Add: GUI sprites for story book (2006TTD, frosch, Ben_Robbins_... XplanetmakerX @
19:43:33  <Rubidium> planetmaker/Zuu: OpenTTD's makefile even actively ignores that nforenum warning under the premise that openttd is more likely right than nforenum
19:44:48  <planetmaker> oh :-)
19:45:13  <Rubidium> though, grfcodec (read nforenum) needs to be updated anyhow
19:45:43  <planetmaker> well. I guess I can do that... need to update NML and opengfx anyway after each such commit to openttd
19:47:19  <Rubidium> I ignore that error in openttd also to prevent keeping updating the configure script for higher versions of grfcodec for each added image (and thus the graphics not compiling anymore because you forgot to update grfcodec)
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19:48:12  <Alberth> good night
19:48:15  <planetmaker> yes, that makes sense
19:48:17  <planetmaker> good night, Alberth
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19:49:42  <planetmaker> now I also updated newgrf wiki...
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19:58:22  <Brot6> OpenGFX - Revision 1016:a9083561696f: Fix: Some missing attribution XplanetmakerX @
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20:29:29  <Brot6> SuperLib - Revision 97:915df152fe23: Version 29: new StoryPage helpers XZuuX @
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