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14:42:56  <juzza1> planetmaker: have you tested this xcftools which also has a xcf2png converter?
14:43:14  <juzza1> i replaced gimp script with it, opengfx compile time went from 5m 30s to 40s
15:14:15  <planetmaker> juzza1: when I started with the gimp scripting I did - without much success really
15:14:21  <planetmaker> maybe it's time to re-visit it again
15:16:07  <juzza1> one "bug" i have noticed so far, is that if image has a layer that goes out of bounds, the output image will be resized to this size, resulting in transparency and non-indexed palette
15:16:18  <juzza1> happened with terrain.xcf in opengfx
15:16:35  <juzza1> the GroundDesert layer is too big, but resizing that to image size fixed it
15:16:37  <planetmaker> which is about one of two files which are really important ;)
15:16:46  <planetmaker> hm :)
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15:21:03  <juzza1> hacked together some sort of patch
15:22:25  <juzza1> in that I also commented some stuff in the gfx section of Makefile, as they seemed deprecated since a separate Makefile_gfx is created
15:26:55  <planetmaker> it's years ago, I looked at gimp vs. xcf2png. maybe one consideration was also easy availability.
15:27:23  <planetmaker> for different platforms. I.e. is it available as packages for debian, centos, fedora? And can windows users obtain it?
15:29:13  <planetmaker> seems debian: yes
15:30:50  <juzza1> looks like fedora has it too
15:30:59  <planetmaker> fedora as well, yes
16:06:31  <planetmaker> juzza1, I don't find any xcftools for windows, do you know whether it exists?
16:06:52  <planetmaker> anyhow, would you care to pimp the patch to make it an option?
16:07:06  <planetmaker> First checking for xcftools. And if that is not found, checking for gimp?
16:07:16  <planetmaker> so first trying the fast way, and fallback to the slow one?
16:12:56  <juzza1> planetmaker: i didnt find it for windows either, only found the source files + the repos (probably doesnt exist)
16:13:28  <juzza1> and sure, ill update the patch later today to check if it exists
16:14:00  <planetmaker> well, no worries
16:14:08  <planetmaker> err... yes, please :)
16:17:32  <planetmaker> I probably should look to install xcftools also on CF :)
16:18:01  <planetmaker> juzza1, did you check whether it simply works by setting the $GIMP variable to the path to the xcf2png binary?
16:19:54  * planetmaker tests
16:20:22  <juzza1> no, xcf2png only takes output image, input image and layers as argument, but gimp takes a .scm file which defines the layer splitting functions etc. for each file separately
16:20:41  <planetmaker> ah, ok
16:22:19  <DevZone> Project Japanese Buildings build #160-nightlies: SUCCESS in 16 sec:
16:22:38  <planetmaker> but speed-up by a factor of 6 is nice :)
16:26:09  <juzza1> yep, really shows on big sets like opengfx
16:27:57  <planetmaker> opengfx has a bit special Makefile due to being a base set. I didn't care or dare to update it to the state make-nml is in
16:28:31  <planetmaker> pota-ghat is a project which uses make-nml unchanged. And it takes also ages :)
16:28:34  <juzza1> yeah, i only replaced the gfx part of makefile for my tests
16:29:06  <juzza1> frissrails also takes ages, it will probably get a nice speedup too
16:31:48  <planetmaker> <-- takes 30 minutes ;)
16:32:28  <juzza1> :)
16:33:14  <planetmaker> basically 8bpp + 32bpp for most landscape tiles. :)
16:34:08  <DevZone> Project Finnish Rail Infrastructure - Rails build #274-nightlies: SUCCESS in 8 min 5 sec:
16:34:19  <juzza1> yeah, its crazy how many variations there are... i only recently noticed even the rocks and stuff have sprites for all the angles
16:35:28  <planetmaker> yeah
16:35:41  <planetmaker> well, I can recommend you the files from opengfx+landscape. Or pota-ghat
16:35:54  <planetmaker> it has basically every landscape sprite generated from a single source file
16:35:59  <planetmaker> and road/rail sprites from another
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16:36:11  <planetmaker> easy to adopt or add additional layers. If you need it
16:36:38  <planetmaker> opengfx+landscape is most complete. More than anything else wrt to those terrain sprite generation
16:37:01  <planetmaker> btw, the DevZone CF now has xcftools
16:41:37  <DevZone> Project road-hog build #124-nightlies: SUCCESS in 34 sec:
16:42:33  <juzza1> nice :)
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16:48:33  <DevZone> Project Iron Horse build #749-nightlies: SUCCESS in 1 min 30 sec:
16:51:33  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #253-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 59 sec:
16:52:42  <DevZone> Project Dutch Trainset build #120-push: SUCCESS in 1 min 8 sec:
16:55:35  <DevZone> Project xussrset - Trains from Russia build #254-push: SUCCESS in 2 min 53 sec:
16:58:39  <DevZone> Project OpenGFX+ Trains build #31-push: SUCCESS in 11 min:
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21:33:18  <juzza1> planetmaker:
21:33:33  <juzza1> _should_ work
21:34:21  <juzza1> also noticed that the unmodified version doesnt show the correct error message if Gimp is not found, didn't get it working for that one either
21:34:34  <juzza1> the makefile syntax is something else
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