Log for on 20th February 2014:
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17:46:07  <coopserver`> Connected to #openttdcoop - ProZone Server ( (Version r26354)
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19:54:04  <planetmaker> !version
19:54:05  <coopserver> planetmaker: The current (running) version of this Supybot is  The newest version available online is
19:54:09  <planetmaker> !revision
19:54:09  <coopserver> planetmaker: Game version is r26354. Use Download <os-version> to get a direct download link.
19:54:13  <planetmaker> !playercount
19:54:13  <coopserver> planetmaker: The server is empty, noone is connected. Feel free to remedy this situation
19:54:34  <planetmaker> !rcon save_pzg23
19:54:35  <coopserver> ERROR: command not found
19:54:42  <planetmaker> !rcon save pzg23
19:54:43  <coopserver> Saving map...
19:54:44  <coopserver> Map successfully saved to pzg23.sav
19:54:47  <planetmaker> !rcon save pzg23_final
19:54:49  <coopserver> Saving map...
19:54:50  <coopserver> Map successfully saved to pzg23_final.sav
19:54:51  <planetmaker> !update
19:54:52  <coopserver> Starting update...
19:55:07  <coopserver> Game saved. Shutting down server to finish update. We'll be back shortly
19:55:07  <coopserver> Game successfully updated
19:55:08  <coopserver> Server Shutting down
19:55:08  <coopserver> Disconnected from #openttdcoop - ProZone Server (
19:55:28  <coopserver> Server is starting
19:57:17  <Taede> !apconnect
19:57:17  <coopserver> Connecting...
19:57:18  <coopserver> Now playing on #openttdcoop - ProZone Server ( (Version r26358)
19:57:39  *** frosch123 has joined
19:58:18  <Taede> !dl
19:58:18  <coopserver> Taede: !download lin|lin64|osx|ottdau|source|win32|win64|win9x
19:58:19  <coopserver> Taede:
19:58:50  <frosch123> the topic names the wrong revision?
19:58:56  <frosch123> does the bot not update that?
19:59:17  *** Taede changes topic to "#openttdcoop ProZone | PZG23 (r26358) | STAGE: make new game | visit"
19:59:21  <Taede> not yet anyway
19:59:55  *** andythenorth has joined
20:00:02  <planetmaker> !getsave,%2004-01-1950.sav
20:00:02  <coopserver> Starting download...
20:00:03  <coopserver> planetmaker: Invalid directory in Please configure it accordingly
20:00:09  <Taede> hm
20:00:10  <planetmaker> hm
20:01:13  <Taede> try again
20:01:18  <Taede> typo in dirname
20:01:27  <andythenorth> I always forget the compile farm link for nightly
20:01:30  <andythenorth> ...
20:01:33  <Taede> !dl
20:01:33  <coopserver> Taede: !download lin|lin64|osx|ottdau|source|win32|win64|win9x
20:01:34  <coopserver> Taede:
20:01:45  *** Alberth has joined
20:01:55  <andythenorth> ta
20:02:10  <planetmaker> --2014-02-20 20:01:59--  (try: 6),%2004-01-1950.sav
20:02:10  <planetmaker> Connecting to" target="_blank"> (" target="_blank">||:443... connected.
20:02:10  <planetmaker> WARNING: cannot verify's certificate, issued by `/C=IL/O=StartCom Ltd./OU=Secure Digital Certificate Signing/CN=StartCom Class 2 Primary Intermediate Server CA':
20:02:10  <planetmaker>   Issued certificate has expired.
20:02:11  <planetmaker> HTTP request sent, awaiting response... No data received.
20:02:13  <planetmaker> Retrying.
20:02:17  <planetmaker> hm... ^ andythenorth ?
20:02:26  <andythenorth> huh? :)
20:02:28  <frosch123> try without ttps?
20:02:33  <frosch123> only http
20:03:07  <planetmaker> hm ,yes
20:03:18  <planetmaker> !rcon ls
20:03:19  <coopserver> 0) .. (Parent directory)
20:03:20  <coopserver> 1) autosave/ (Directory)
20:03:21  <coopserver> 2) uploads/ (Directory)
20:03:22  <coopserver> 3) MP fun, 04-01-1950.sav
20:03:23  <coopserver> 4) pzg23_final.sav
20:03:24  <coopserver> 5) pzg23.sav
20:03:25  <coopserver> 6) post_desync.sav
20:03:28  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
20:03:30  <coopserver> Starting new game
20:03:30  <coopserver> Now playing on #openttdcoop - ProZone Server ( (Version r26358)
20:03:30  <coopserver> ERROR: Game Load Failed, NewGRF mismatch
20:03:30  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:03:33  <andythenorth> gah
20:03:35  <planetmaker> !content
20:03:37  <coopserver> Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
20:03:38  <Taede> !contentupdate
20:03:39  <coopserver> Taede: Performing content update
20:03:40  <coopserver> Content server connection established
20:03:46  <andythenorth> I probably forgot something
20:03:46  <Taede> !content
20:03:47  <coopserver> Downloading 3 file(s) (351737 bytes)
20:03:49  <planetmaker> !dl lin64
20:03:49  <coopserver> planetmaker:
20:03:49  <andythenorth> but let's play
20:03:59  <Taede> !content
20:04:01  <coopserver> Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
20:04:05  <Taede> !rcon load 3
20:04:06  <coopserver> Starting new game
20:04:06  <coopserver> Now playing on #openttdcoop - ProZone Server ( (Version r26358)
20:04:08  <coopserver> ERROR: Game Load Failed, NewGRF mismatch
20:04:08  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:04:09  *** Rubidium has joined
20:04:27  <frosch123> !password
20:04:27  <coopserver> frosch123: picked
20:04:41  <frosch123> wrong?
20:04:47  <coopserver> Content server connection closed
20:04:51  <Rubidium> wrong for me too
20:04:55  <frosch123> !password
20:04:55  <coopserver> frosch123: picked
20:04:57  <Taede> !content
20:04:58  <coopserver> Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
20:05:21  <Taede> !contentupdate
20:05:21  <coopserver> Taede: Performing content update
20:05:22  <coopserver> Content server connection established
20:06:07  <Taede> !content
20:06:09  <coopserver> Downloading 0 file(s) (0 bytes)
20:06:24  <coopserver> Content server connection closed
20:06:28  * planetmaker doesn't dare interfere with taded
20:06:35  <andythenorth> !password
20:06:35  <coopserver> andythenorth: picked
20:06:40  <Taede> odd, all newgrfs of the game are on bananas, right?
20:06:53  <frosch123> you cannot trust andy with such things
20:07:41  <frosch123> i think andy uploaded the wrong save
20:07:48  <frosch123> it only has narrow gauge track types
20:08:17  <planetmaker> but seems like there is all newgrf available
20:08:19  <frosch123> hmm, no, that was the one i was missing
20:09:02  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
20:09:02  <andythenorth> I thought all grfs were on bananaas?
20:09:02  <coopserver> Starting new game
20:09:03  <coopserver> Now playing on #openttdcoop - ProZone Server ( (Version r26358)
20:09:03  <coopserver> ERROR: Game Load Failed, NewGRF mismatch
20:09:03  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:09:18  <frosch123> egrvts looks fishy
20:09:38  <planetmaker> !rescan
20:09:38  <coopserver> planetmaker: Scanning content directories
20:09:41  <coopserver> planetmaker: Rescan completed
20:09:43  <planetmaker> !rcon load 3
20:09:45  <coopserver> Starting new game
20:09:45  <coopserver> Now playing on #openttdcoop - ProZone Server ( (Version r26358)
20:09:45  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:09:48  <planetmaker> there :)
20:10:05  <frosch123> oh, there are two on bananas
20:10:16  <andythenorth> !password
20:10:16  <coopserver> andythenorth: picked
20:10:28  <andythenorth> wrong password?
20:11:18  <Alberth> apparently, or it doesn't do what we think
20:11:30  *** Knogle has joined
20:11:43  <Taede> i always seem to forget rescan
20:12:00  <planetmaker> I just recalled by watching my local output here  :)
20:12:01  <Alberth> make it automagic :p
20:12:10  *** Pikka has joined
20:12:11  <andythenorth> one day we will set up a game in less than 1 hour :)
20:12:13  <andythenorth> maybe today
20:12:16  <planetmaker> I bet that just went onto the todo list :D
20:12:18  <Pikka> maybe not
20:12:29  <Knogle> heh
20:12:35  <planetmaker> !rcon password ""
20:12:37  <coopserver> ERROR: command not found
20:12:42  <planetmaker> !rcon set password ""
20:12:44  <coopserver> 'password' is an unknown setting.
20:12:50  <Taede> !rcon client_password *
20:12:51  <coopserver> ERROR: command not found
20:13:22  <frosch123> server_password ?
20:13:24  <planetmaker> !rcon set server_password fish
20:13:36  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:13:37  <coopserver> *** f123000 has joined
20:13:38  <coopserver> *** planetm4ker has joined
20:13:38  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:13:45  <Taede> need to change that too, seems to hiccup after gameload
20:13:51  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:13:55  <coopserver> *** Knogle has joined
20:13:55  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:13:56  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:13:57  <coopserver> *** andythen0rth has joined
20:13:58  <coopserver> *** alb3rth has joined
20:13:58  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:13:59  <andythenorth> yay
20:14:04  <Knogle> :)
20:14:04  <planetmaker> yippieh :)
20:14:14  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients, number of players)
20:14:16  <coopserver> *** Strontium has joined
20:14:16  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (number of players)
20:14:16  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:14:20  <coopserver> *** Strontium has joined spectators
20:14:20  <coopserver> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:14:21  <coopserver> *** andythen0rth has joined company #1
20:14:21  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:14:31  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> goals are probably unachievable :)
20:14:32  <frosch123> oh my, measuring alcohol in m³
20:14:33  <planetmaker> should we first decide
20:14:34  <planetmaker> ?
20:14:37  <planetmaker> !rcon pause
20:14:38  <coopserver> *** Game paused (manual)
20:14:54  <planetmaker> (!auto will continue)
20:14:59  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> pax is on cdist
20:15:07  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> other cargos manual
20:15:11  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> pax for money?
20:15:19  <frosch123> diamonds is likely impossible :p
20:15:35  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> you wanted 20k :)
20:15:39  <planetmaker> ok.... diamonds, sugarcane and alcohol
20:15:43  <planetmaker> good combination
20:15:45  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> fund mines...
20:15:46  <frosch123> so, we need eng supplies for diamons
20:15:47  <planetmaker> alcohol and diamonds :P
20:15:50  <planetmaker> I feel so decadent
20:16:01  <planetmaker> with a bit of sugared caipirinha
20:16:22  <frosch123> money via cheeseworth <-> jellyhead?
20:16:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> engsp come free from Ports
20:16:36  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> deliver stuff for more ENGSP
20:16:51  <planetmaker> @op frosch123
20:16:55  <planetmaker> @op andythenorth
20:17:00  <planetmaker> brb
20:17:07  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> planetm4ker: agreed on money route
20:17:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> only 4 diamond mines
20:17:34  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we'll get killed :)
20:17:44  <frosch123> planetmaker: @op doesn't seem to work :p
20:17:47  <coopserver> <Strontium> I'll start with sugar cane then ;)
20:17:50  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> fortunately Iron Horse costs are broken
20:17:56  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> so all trains make stupid money
20:18:06  *** Taede sets mode: +oo frosch123 andythenorth
20:18:11  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> someone press go?
20:18:13  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (manual, connecting clients)
20:18:17  <coopserver> *** Strontium has joined company #1
20:18:20  <Taede> !auto
20:18:21  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (connecting clients)
20:18:22  <coopserver> *** Pikka has joined
20:18:23  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:18:37  <Taede> game will unpause once 2 ppl are in the company
20:19:04  <coopserver> <Pikka> trams!
20:19:09  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> planes!
20:19:21  <coopserver> <Pikka> automajiggers!
20:19:29  <coopserver> *** f123000 has joined company #1
20:19:40  <coopserver> <Pikka> and every time I say something I get highlighted in irc, how annoying
20:19:56  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> p1kka
20:19:56  <Taede> Pikka, ignore highlighting from coopserver
20:20:06  <Taede> it does the same to me
20:20:07  <coopserver> <Pikka> true
20:20:18  <coopserver> *** Pikka has joined company #1
20:20:40  <Taede> or !name p1kka works
20:21:07  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> totally
20:22:01  <planetmaker> @whoami
20:22:01  <Webster> planetmaker: I don't recognize you.
20:22:03  <planetmaker> ah ja
20:22:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> make money
20:22:34  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> build diamond mines
20:23:06  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> passangars
20:23:12  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> and station walking
20:23:59  <planetmaker> ok, any detailed plan?
20:24:25  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> electric rails?
20:24:27  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> :o
20:25:00  <Alberth> snoozeville brewery (north) seems most useful, although fruit plantages are quite far away
20:25:38  <Alberth> in the south they are much together, but the brewery is at another island
20:25:41  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I don't know
20:25:46  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> what did I do? :)
20:25:52  <planetmaker> far away fruit plantages are not bad
20:26:22  <Alberth> sleepypool fruit as collection point?
20:26:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> oh alignments are all fucked :)
20:27:45  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> look!
20:27:47  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> money
20:27:59  <frosch123> hmm, diamond mine -> trading post is quite far
20:28:04  <frosch123> with lots of water inbetween :p
20:28:04  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> planes
20:28:09  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we have planes...
20:28:16  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> it's even :o realistic
20:29:10  <coopserver> *** planetm4ker has joined company #1
20:29:11  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> meh
20:29:12  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> money
20:29:50  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> with these maps two screens are nice. If news would not pop up in the centre :P
20:30:16  <Taede> change the location of the bars to either left or right?
20:31:05  <planetmaker> indeed :)
20:32:02  <frosch123> who uses news?
20:32:24  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> goal messages
20:32:43  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> where is money :o
20:32:47  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> autsch. we're in debt
20:32:53  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> ha
20:33:13  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> I think we should coordinate a bit the spending till we have sufficient
20:33:28  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> we need get money first and not 10 started projects w/o revenue
20:33:35  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> Pikka, set chat to 'all' ;)
20:33:59  <coopserver> <Pikka> but then I get highlighted
20:34:14  <V453000> !dl win64
20:34:14  <coopserver> V453000:
20:34:16  <Alberth> close the irc? :)
20:34:25  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> ooh trams
20:34:31  <planetmaker> change ingame name to P1kka? or Pikk4 :P
20:34:55  <V453000> or ze bird
20:35:11  <V453000> evening gentlemen
20:35:19  <frosch123> hmm, what was so expensive that we spent 500k on?
20:35:27  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> elrails?
20:35:36  <coopserver> <Strontium> the locomotives of the train are 160k
20:35:45  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> oh yes :)
20:35:49  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> costs are...
20:35:50  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> :-O expensive
20:35:53  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> ...not finished
20:36:09  <V453000> !password
20:36:09  <coopserver> V453000: chippy
20:36:21  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:36:23  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined
20:36:24  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:36:25  <coopserver> <V453000> hy :D
20:36:28  <coopserver> <V453000> frosch <3
20:36:34  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we are screwed :D
20:36:56  <coopserver> <V453000> so show me your newest stuff andy :D
20:37:04  <coopserver> <V453000> aint seen it yet
20:37:06  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> look for yourself ;)
20:37:15  <coopserver> <V453000> Type is awesome
20:37:40  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I might leave it that way
20:37:46  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> or randomise it on compile
20:37:49  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> maybe it could tell jokes
20:37:54  <coopserver> <V453000> :D it is nice to see you have system in it :D :P
20:37:54  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> quick!
20:37:58  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> spend the money
20:38:18  <coopserver> <V453000> btw playability hint, stats are always better to be higher, costs to be lower in testing :)
20:38:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> herp
20:38:34  <coopserver> <V453000> if you find it is too strong, better than useless, and better cheap than unaffordable :)
20:38:46  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> V453000: feel free to fix the costs ;)
20:38:46  <frosch123> sounds like a starcraft strategy :p
20:38:49  <coopserver> *** planetm4ker has left the game (Leaving)
20:38:55  <frosch123> start with overpowered, then nerf :p
20:38:56  <coopserver> <V453000> GG
20:39:00  <coopserver> <V453000> :D
20:39:07  <coopserver> <V453000> andythen0rth: hm! :D
20:39:38  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> there is a formula from pikka
20:39:42  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I will tweak it
20:39:51  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> in my game, costs weren't a problem :I
20:40:06  <planetmaker> !password
20:40:06  <coopserver> planetmaker: chippy
20:40:12  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:40:14  <coopserver> *** planetm4ker has joined
20:40:14  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:40:15  <coopserver> <f123000> i thought there was a storybook in newer ncg?
20:40:25  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> maybe I have old ncg
20:40:35  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I love how we have 0% done :)
20:40:41  <coopserver> <V453000> :D
20:40:44  <coopserver> <V453000> optimistic
20:40:49  <coopserver> <f123000> it says 4% for me
20:41:29  <coopserver> <f123000> so, what's the money status?
20:41:34  <coopserver> <f123000> anyone still building vehicles?
20:41:38  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> hm, openttd / SDL has some issues with re-adjusting to sizes. Probably SDL not totally working as it should, though
20:41:39  <coopserver> <V453000> im not doing anything :D
20:41:40  <coopserver> <f123000> or can i build more track?
20:41:55  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I need a plane
20:41:59  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> a cheap one
20:42:05  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> there's no money really to build... so I haven't build anything yet
20:42:07  <Alberth> trading post at the sleepy pool island?
20:42:11  <coopserver> <f123000> planetm4ker: with maximize window?
20:42:22  <Alberth> euhm itchypool trading post
20:42:33  <coopserver> <V453000> andythen0rth: copy costs from nuts :D if you go even further, everything could be free like birds!
20:42:36  <coopserver> <V453000> or unicorns
20:43:00  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> Pikka: finall!
20:43:03  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> antonov!
20:43:06  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> in a game!
20:43:14  <coopserver> <Pikka> hooray
20:43:16  <coopserver> <f123000> pff bridges are so expensive that planes are not that bad :p
20:43:21  <coopserver> *** V453000 has left the game (connection lost)
20:43:21  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> he trading post, alberth?
20:43:48  <Alberth> yep, there is a diamonnd mine at the fruit plantage
20:43:56  <Alberth> and I need supplies :)
20:44:10  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> ah, there, on the island
20:44:43  <V453000> the f
20:44:45  <V453000> I just got a crash
20:45:21  <coopserver> <f123000> we should at least build a tram route from the brewery to the shop
20:45:27  <coopserver> <f123000> else the alcohol is wasted
20:45:31  <Alberth> good point
20:45:31  <coopserver> <f123000> which will offend V
20:45:34  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> +1
20:45:45  <V453000> LOL
20:45:51  <V453000> you win
20:46:35  <Alberth> if we make it long enough :p
20:47:04  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we could build fewer elrails :P
20:47:06  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> expensives
20:47:44  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> elrails for steam is not exactly needed either
20:47:54  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> the narrow gauge might be cheaper
20:47:55  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> dunno
20:48:02  <Alberth> elrails is not the problem i think
20:48:09  <coopserver> <f123000> 50 per tile, makes 5000 per 100 tiles
20:48:14  <coopserver> <f123000> do you think that really matters?
20:48:16  <V453000> Crash reason:  Exception: E1212012  Location:  000007FEFD5A940D  Message:   NOT_REACHED triggered at line 131 of ..\src\thread\thread_win32.cpp
20:48:18  <V453000> report?
20:48:18  <coopserver> <f123000> a train costs 150k
20:48:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> ha ok
20:48:41  <Taede> sounds related to the report i filed a few days ago V
20:49:12  * Alberth wonders why the fruit train was only 20k
20:49:13  <frosch123> V453000: windows user!
20:49:21  <V453000> EVUL!
20:49:39  <coopserver> <Pikka> you think we'll make 10%? On anything? :D
20:49:42  <V453000> Alberth which one is that?
20:49:52  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> NCG stops?
20:49:57  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we can't keep playing?
20:49:58  <Alberth> 0-6-0 ramsbottom
20:50:21  <V453000> I meant  which report :D
20:50:21  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I just sold a train
20:50:22  <Taede>
20:50:35  <frosch123> andythenorth: you enabled infrastructure cost
20:50:38  <V453000> aha that wasnt Alberth
20:50:40  <V453000> god I cant read
20:50:41  <frosch123> it's that stupid airport that ruins us
20:50:42  <V453000> thanks Taede
20:50:48  <frosch123> so: sell the plane, kill the airport?
20:50:52  <frosch123> or disable infracost?
20:50:55  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> oh ffs
20:51:02  <V453000> Taede: suppose it isnt so fixed :0
20:51:07  <V453000> IF it is related
20:51:08  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> disable it ?
20:51:08  <Taede> yup
20:51:23  <frosch123> !rcon set economy.infrastructure_maintenance 0
20:51:24  <Taede> though it ran for quite a while with frosch's fix
20:51:46  <frosch123> well, it's experimental coding :p
20:51:51  <coopserver> <Pikka> there is a parameter in av8 which reduces the airport costs, if you want infrastructure costs on but small airports to be usable for flying supplies :P
20:52:01  <Taede> its nightly for a reason
20:52:14  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> so many things to remember when setting up a game :P
20:52:16  <Taede> better to find out here than when it is 1.x.x
20:53:28  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> demolished 2 airports
20:53:39  <coopserver> <f123000> i disabled it :p
20:53:40  <V453000> !password
20:53:41  <coopserver> V453000: gained
20:54:25  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
20:54:27  <coopserver> *** V453000 has joined
20:54:27  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
20:54:33  <coopserver> <V453000> crashes cant stop me!
20:54:41  <V453000> also
20:54:55  <planetmaker> cI need 30k
20:55:01  <planetmaker> s/cI/I/
20:56:36  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> tram bought
20:56:39  <coopserver> <Strontium> those trams don't really have much capacity by the looks of it
20:57:06  <coopserver> <V453000> bad newgrf
20:57:07  <coopserver> <V453000> who made it
20:57:09  <coopserver> <Pikka> 1%, go the antonovs
20:57:10  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> 225 is not too little
20:57:23  <coopserver> <V453000> indeed, 225 isnt small
20:57:52  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> it needs the right tram and right refit, though
20:58:01  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> (Henningsforf)
20:58:13  <coopserver> <V453000> anyway, enjoy your time guys
20:58:15  <coopserver> <V453000> me is off
20:58:20  <coopserver> *** V453000 has left the game (Leaving)
20:59:41  <coopserver> <f123000> we could have had 350k more :p
20:59:48  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> money?
20:59:50  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> :(
20:59:51  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> sorry
21:00:00  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> there's always some fricking setting we screw up
21:00:21  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> could do with an automated test of settings for MP :P
21:02:31  <coopserver> <Pikka> doooooomed
21:03:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I dunno
21:03:34  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> 1%
21:03:38  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> not bad
21:04:05  <coopserver> <Pikka> why did the antonovs turn into dragons?
21:04:10  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> faster
21:04:13  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> but not as good :(
21:04:19  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I chose poorly
21:05:22  <coopserver> <Pikka> I'm just dumping passengers from cheeseworth at the sugar farm D:
21:06:26  <coopserver> <Pikka> 2%!
21:06:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> winning
21:06:32  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> winner is us
21:07:29  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> oh well
21:07:31  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> we're slowly getting money
21:07:35  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we can at least admire the scenery
21:07:47  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> Pixiewick Bulk Terminal is nice, no?
21:08:12  <coopserver> <Pikka> very shiny
21:09:01  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> yup :)
21:09:45  <frosch123> yay transporting alcohol in open wagons
21:10:32  <Taede> wont that spill all the precious alcohol?
21:10:36  <Taede> !dl lin64
21:10:37  <coopserver> Taede:
21:10:44  <coopserver> <Pikka> evaporation may be an issue
21:11:36  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> oh, we will win big time :P
21:11:41  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> dunno why that big open car is even showing up
21:11:46  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> bug :)
21:11:55  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> 4% on diamonds!
21:12:01  * planetmaker learns about auto-separation
21:12:39  *** ODM has quit IRC
21:12:44  <frosch123> what?
21:12:46  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> this ship will let us make the goal!
21:12:49  <frosch123> why did my fruit delivery fail
21:12:58  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> where?
21:13:00  <Taede> !password
21:13:00  <coopserver> Taede: memset
21:13:11  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:13:13  <coopserver> *** Taede[L] has joined
21:13:14  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:13:30  <coopserver> <Pikka> sugarcaneplane
21:13:35  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> lol
21:13:47  <frosch123> ah, it was just missing station acceptance due to missing vehicles
21:13:54  <coopserver> <Pikka> why doesn't the brewery accept sugar?
21:14:02  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I has disappearing wagons
21:14:06  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> train 11
21:14:08  <frosch123> Taede: i found teh solution
21:14:10  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I shoudl fix that
21:14:15  <frosch123> open wagons with alcohol are invisible
21:14:18  <coopserver> <Pikka> stealth train
21:14:24  <frosch123> check train 11
21:14:25  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> saves on drawing sprites
21:14:35  <planetmaker> yeah, open alcohol... better hide it. V is near
21:14:52  <Taede> so i see
21:14:57  <Alberth> 11 doesn't carry alcohol
21:15:01  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> 5%
21:15:09  <coopserver> <Pikka> andy where does sugar go to, if not the brewery?
21:15:12  <Taede> doesnt stop the spillage though
21:15:14  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> err
21:15:20  <coopserver> <Strontium> some huge trading post thing
21:15:23  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> bulk terminal
21:15:25  <coopserver> <Strontium> very very very far away
21:15:26  <coopserver> <Pikka> o
21:15:27  <Alberth> oh, sorry, wrong train :)
21:15:32  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> export economy innit
21:15:33  <coopserver> *** Pikka has left the game (connection lost)
21:15:39  <Pikka> you broke it
21:16:58  <Pikka> !password
21:16:58  <coopserver> Pikka: memset
21:17:16  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:17:20  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> well, I think we're doing ok
21:17:24  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we might make it
21:17:30  <coopserver> *** Pikka has joined
21:17:30  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:17:39  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> oh sorry
21:17:43  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I was just smoking crack
21:17:55  <coopserver> <f123000> anyone prepared supplies? :p
21:17:57  <Alberth> maybe you're playing a different game :p
21:18:16  <coopserver> <Pikka> andy: export economy, but still, rum.
21:18:20  <Alberth> sleepypool fruit has suppiles
21:18:41  <Alberth> but it's all eaten by that plantage :p
21:19:17  <coopserver> *** Pikka has joined company #1
21:19:34  <planetmaker> I don't pick it up with the circle trams either :)
21:19:56  <Alberth> it looks good :)
21:20:42  <Alberth> make the train transfer supplies to the fruit, and pick it up with the trams?
21:20:45  <coopserver> *** Taede[L] has left the game (Leaving)
21:20:51  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> planes!
21:21:20  <coopserver> <f123000> the trains already transport alcohol in the other direction
21:21:32  <coopserver> <f123000> unless you are talking about a different line :)
21:21:47  <Alberth> sleepy pool, in the north
21:22:00  <coopserver> <f123000> remind me: why is there still no adv setting to disable vehicle previews?
21:22:22  <Alberth> you can set the number of vehicles to 0 :p
21:22:53  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> hm... so how do I force the autoseparation to actually work?
21:23:02  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> autoseparation?
21:23:02  <coopserver> <f123000> hmm, i recall changing it so it only offers vehicle types you use
21:23:14  <coopserver> <f123000> yeah, what is auto-separation?
21:23:42  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> I
21:23:47  <coopserver> *** Pikka has left the game (connection lost)
21:23:54  <Pikka> crashed again
21:24:00  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> I ctrl+clicked the 'start date' in the time table window after I had the table auto-filled
21:24:10  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> surely that's all just magic?
21:24:12  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> and expected that to have the effect of distributing the vehicles
21:24:13  <coopserver> <f123000> ah, that thing
21:24:15  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> it's never going to work
21:24:16  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> is my expectation wrong?
21:24:24  <coopserver> *** Game paused (connecting clients)
21:24:34  <coopserver> <f123000> planetm4ker: you need a complete timetable first
21:24:37  <coopserver> *** Pikka has joined
21:24:38  <coopserver> *** Game unpaused (connecting clients)
21:24:42  <coopserver> <planetm4ker> I do and did
21:24:46  <Alberth> and add a bit of slack
21:24:49  <coopserver> <f123000> which vehicle?
21:24:55  <coopserver> <Strontium> planetmaker: if the vehicles can't overtake and the order of the start dates is "wrong", then they'll keep bunching together
21:25:01  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> tick tock tick tock...
21:25:12  <coopserver> <f123000> at least we have money now :p
21:25:30  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> shall we pay off our debts?
21:25:41  <coopserver> <f123000> for the next game?
21:25:46  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> yes
21:25:50  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> we don't want bad credit
21:25:52  <coopserver> <f123000> arey you worried we will get no loan anymore?
21:26:21  <coopserver> <Strontium> the setting tries, more or less intelligently, to guess the order of the vehicles, but that's not always known so it ends up setting the start dates so that vehicles are given a time table not "in sync" with their actual ordering in the circle
21:26:26  <coopserver> <f123000> 1200m³ alcohol
21:26:26  <coopserver> *** Game paused (game script)
21:26:31  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> sad times :(
21:26:37  <coopserver> <andythen0rth> I really thought we'd win
21:26:53  <coopserver> *** Strontium has left the game (Leaving)
21:26:55  <coopserver> *** andythen0rth has left the game (Leaving)
21:26:58  <coopserver> <Pikka> 42%, better than might have been
21:27:02  <andythenorth> hrmm
21:27:02  <coopserver> <f123000> well, you would likely have suceeded with sugarcane
21:27:07  <andythenorth> 5k next time? :P
21:27:10  <coopserver> <f123000> if we started without infra cost
21:27:24  <coopserver> *** alb3rth has left the game (Leaving)
21:27:24  <coopserver> <f123000> we did nothing in first 2 years
21:27:27  <Rubidium> maybe use cargodist for cargos as well
21:27:39  <Rubidium> that makes spreading the supplies much easier
21:27:39  <coopserver> *** Pikka has left the game (Leaving)
21:27:40  <andythenorth> cdist is horrible with FIRS
21:27:45  <Alberth> it saves setting of transfer services :p
21:27:48  <andythenorth> although I may just be doing it wrong
21:27:59  <planetmaker> how would cdist have helped?
21:28:12  <andythenorth> so 5 years is about 70 mins
21:28:21  <andythenorth> is that the right play time?
21:28:23  <planetmaker> a year is 13.5 minutes or so
21:28:29  <Alberth> excluding startup time :)
21:28:34  <planetmaker> it is the right playtime for me actually, yes
21:28:37  <andythenorth> I can still do some work now
21:28:43  <planetmaker> could do 6 years
21:28:43  <andythenorth> and you can all go to bed not too late
21:28:49  <andythenorth> important not to go to bed late...
21:28:53  *** Rubidium has left
21:28:56  <planetmaker> could also do 8 years
21:29:10  <planetmaker> and we definitely should do this more often, please :)
21:29:21  <coopserver> *** f123000 has left the game (Leaving)
21:29:21  <coopserver> *** Game still paused (game script, number of players)
21:29:25  <Taede> shall i set up nightly then?
21:29:29  <planetmaker> please :)
21:29:36  <planetmaker> if you you feel like
21:29:40  <andythenorth> we need a checklist of things not to fuck up
21:29:48  <andythenorth> does coop have one already?
21:29:49  <planetmaker> otherwise I'll not have much problem to (ab)use this server
21:29:55  <andythenorth> infrastructure costs shafted us in that game
21:29:59  <andythenorth> also goals were too high
21:30:08  <andythenorth> and Iron Horse is....unfinished :D
21:30:12  <planetmaker> that's a difficult thing to come up with. And we don't have that with GS
21:30:41  <andythenorth> I think about 1k / year is a good rule of thumb with NCG
21:31:22  <frosch123> andythenorth: did you check the wiki?
21:31:27  <Taede> ill set it up during the weekend
21:31:28  <andythenorth> nah :)
21:31:29  <frosch123> we made 120k in 7 years with some cargo
21:31:51  <frosch123> but first years are slow
21:31:54  <andythenorth> did we :)
21:32:02  <frosch123> so if you make the game shorter you have to decrease the amount
21:32:23  <frosch123> and if you use expensive vehicles or airports, it's even shorter
21:32:28  <frosch123> we played a 3 year game basically :p
21:32:39  <andythenorth> yeah agreed
21:32:54  <andythenorth> it's quite challenging balancing newgrfs
21:33:05  <andythenorth> single player has very different balance to a game with 10 people collaborating
21:33:33  <Alberth> only after getting enough money :p
21:33:40  <andythenorth> in my single player Iron Horse game, the costs are no problem, and I have all the money I can spend
21:33:44  <Alberth> otherwise you're just stuck waiting for cash
21:33:54  <andythenorth> anyway, I'll need to adjust
21:34:09  <Alberth> I think it would be fine here too, if you drop the infra costs
21:34:35  <planetmaker> yeah. The only 'problem' is really the absolute beginning: you can spend n times as much money than alone
21:35:17  <andythenorth> infra costs were added as a solution to 'too much money'? o_O
21:35:22  <andythenorth> or something else?
21:35:44  <Alberth> perhaps for "the game is too easy"
21:36:13  <coopserver> *** planetm4ker has left the game (Leaving)
21:36:37  <Alberth> but I don't care much for games with such limits :p
21:36:48  <Alberth> anyways, good night
21:38:00  <planetmaker> yes, was a "too easy" fix
21:38:03  <planetmaker> "fix"
21:38:07  <planetmaker> good night, Alberth
21:38:13  *** Alberth has left
21:39:31  <andythenorth> I think fixing 'too easy' is proving 'too hard'
21:39:36  <andythenorth> might not be a valid goal tbh
21:40:33  *** Pikka has left
21:43:11  *** andythenorth has left
21:43:18  <coopserver> *** Knogle has left the game (Leaving)
21:56:16  *** Pikka has joined
21:56:43  *** Pikka has left
22:05:38  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
22:42:28  *** Progman has quit IRC

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