Log for #openttdcoop.stable on 30th August 2012:
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00:00:11  <Stablean> <V453000> purple is an interesting person.
00:00:36  <Stablean> <V453000> the signals are some next generation stuff
00:00:52  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> the wrong kinda crazy
00:01:19  <Stablean> <V453000> it isnt wrong we just cant understand the level of this deep logic
00:01:24  <Stablean> <V453000> 1way somewhere, 2way elsewhere
00:01:27  <Stablean> <V453000> god tier
00:01:33  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> -_-
00:01:35  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> logic works right?
00:01:41  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> so why doesnt this?
00:01:41  <Stablean> <V453000> :D
00:02:01  <Stablean> <V453000> LOL
00:02:05  <Stablean> <V453000> Hopetoun Mines
00:02:11  <Stablean> <V453000> which noob made that double bridge :D
00:02:13  <Stablean> <V453000> :P
00:02:29  <Stablean> *** V453000 has started a new company (#9)
00:02:37  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> probably me
00:02:47  <Stablean> <V453000> :p
00:02:49  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> although I don't know which one you mean
00:03:03  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> ah, that
00:03:05  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, not me
00:03:12  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> must'v been Dom
00:03:18  <Stablean> <V453000> yeah I dont recall you building this kind of overflow .)
00:03:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, I'm not that trained with overflows
00:03:40  <Stablean> <V453000> also you could have a signal at !signal to make it faster because a train fits there
00:03:50  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> still don't see the use of double bridges much
00:04:08  <Stablean> <V453000> yeah that is another point I wanted to talk about :D
00:04:14  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> like that?
00:04:20  <Stablean> <V453000> yeah
00:04:30  <Stablean> <V453000> could even be signals everywhere as it is a reliable waiting bay
00:05:20  <Stablean> <V453000> lol white pixel error on wagons :d
00:05:38  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you're in a very lolly mood today
00:05:44  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> :)
00:05:54  <Stablean> <V453000> how many times did I say that shitty word
00:06:00  <Stablean> <V453000> once!
00:06:10  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> must' ve been the smilies
00:06:16  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I'm sorry :(
00:06:18  <Stablean> <V453000> I spam that shit all the time
00:06:20  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I'll leave then ;)
00:06:34  <Stablean> <V453000> I was just surprised you have "lolly" as general mood category instead of me writing that shit :D
00:07:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> well, kinda came to me
00:07:23  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> since in my language it just means lollipop, so a lolly mood is not making much sense
00:07:33  <Stablean> <V453000> yes I know :)
00:07:55  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> excellent... excellent... (rubbing hands)
00:09:01  <Stablean> <V453000> why dont you bastards build on the public server anyway
00:09:07  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> we're bastards
00:09:49  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I only started here again quite recently
00:09:51  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> had a busy time
00:10:05  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I was on the PS a lot earlier, with a pax game
00:10:08  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> no, not true
00:10:15  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I was trying to add more trains
00:10:21  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> train max reached
00:10:32  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> then tried a few days later, (or perhaps just a day)
00:10:38  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> still on max
00:10:52  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it was the game we played, trying to max out all connected industries
00:11:15  <Stablean> <V453000> ah yes
00:11:17  <Stablean> <V453000> while back
00:11:23  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> indeed
00:11:31  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> have been a bit busy since
00:11:38  <Stablean> <V453000> got a game on pz now so .. :)
00:11:39  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> even got a little rusty since
00:12:07  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> whatcha doin' there?
00:12:13  <Stablean> <V453000> madness
00:12:23  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> same ol' same ol' ;)
00:12:37  <Stablean> <V453000> sort of that yes
00:12:51  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> and the general idea?
00:12:53  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> pax?
00:12:59  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> stuff?
00:13:01  <Stablean> <V453000> stuff
00:13:05  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> trying anything new?
00:13:08  <Stablean> <V453000> is a good way to put it I guess
00:13:11  <Stablean> <V453000> no not really
00:13:34  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> V, question
00:13:44  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> we have some CL2 corners here,
00:13:51  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> but trains go through them at 177 kph
00:14:01  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> while trains are like TL 2.8 or something
00:14:24  <Stablean> <V453000> I was told that short wagons travel through curves faster
00:14:30  <Stablean> <V453000> but I know shit how that works really
00:14:36  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> hmm
00:14:40  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> that's unusual
00:14:42  <Stablean> <V453000> I am not even sure if that always worked that way, but probably did
00:14:44  <Stablean> <V453000> im really confused by it
00:14:47  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> since when do you believe hear0say
00:14:53  <Stablean> <V453000> I was told that the amount of vehicles matters
00:15:04  <Stablean> <V453000> but I have no clue wtf
00:15:27  <Stablean> <V453000> if it is smaller vehicle then hell, they should be in bigger numbers and slow even more accodring to my logic
00:15:36  <V453000> !wiki curve
00:15:42  <V453000> @wiki curve
00:15:49  <Webster> V453000: I didn't find anything for "curve", but here's the result for "Max Curve Speed":
00:15:50  <V453000> @wiki curve length
00:15:51  <Webster> V453000:
00:15:52  <Webster> V453000: The speed a normal rail curve allows can be calculated using the following formula:
00:15:54  <Webster> V453000: I didn't find anything for "curve length", but here's the result for "Ruleset":
00:15:55  <Webster> V453000:
00:15:56  <Webster> V453000: Rules are used to ease the cooperative gameplay. Do not think of rules as laws, being punished if you don't follow them, but rules as a cornerstone to play together.
00:16:04  <V453000> @blog curve
00:16:06  <Webster> Search Result for curve at #openttdcoop -
00:16:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> the odd thing is
00:16:35  <Stablean> <V453000> According to my interpretation of the code, it doesn’t use tiles as a unit in any way. Instead, it uses the number of vehicles between a curve as unit of measurement. So, trains with shorter wagons should be able to navigate corners faster. It may be worth the effort to do some testing in this regard.
00:16:41  <Stablean> <V453000> hirundo, 2009
00:16:41  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it only works on straight parts of CL2 curves
00:16:47  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> not the diagonal parts
00:17:01  <Stablean> <V453000> that is because each of them has different speed
00:17:11  <Stablean> <V453000> for example nuts superstrong has so called CL1.5
00:17:17  <Stablean> <V453000> CL1 on straight, CL2 on diagonals
00:17:32  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> ah, right
00:17:46  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you "abused" that part to have it go full speed through corners
00:17:53  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> even though full speed is still slow
00:18:15  <Stablean> <V453000> many nuts trains do that
00:18:37  <Stablean> <V453000> in fact CL allowances are one of the main factors in train speeds
00:19:55  <Stablean> <V453000> but yeah it is somehow related to the number of vehicles
00:20:05  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> CB pointed out to me, you gave me some credit for NUTS
00:20:08  <Stablean> <V453000> it doesnt apply to standard length trains like NUTS or original trains
00:20:14  <Stablean> <V453000> yes I did, of course
00:20:17  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I appreciate it
00:20:39  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> even though I don't know what I did specifically
00:20:40  <Stablean> <V453000> and I appreciate you giving me feedback, so we are quit .)
00:20:43  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> k
00:21:37  <Stablean> <V453000> WHAT
00:21:43  <Stablean> <V453000> x2 weight multiplier
00:21:45  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> y
00:21:47  <Stablean> <V453000> what the fuck is this map
00:21:49  <Stablean> <V453000> jesus christ
00:22:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> had some starting difficulties too
00:22:03  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> inflation on
00:22:09  <Stablean> <V453000> seriously?
00:22:15  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> not standard PBS settings and stuff
00:22:17  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yeah
00:22:19  <Stablean> <V453000> oh god
00:22:21  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> Ammler changed that
00:22:33  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> it surprised you that much?
00:22:47  <Stablean> <V453000> well this map is like everything wrong upside down
00:22:49  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> you were upset about 1024x1024 as well...
00:22:58  <Stablean> <V453000> so yes
00:23:13  <Stablean> <V453000> well a bigger map is understandable, but if you add non-bananas newgrfs to allow less people in .............
00:23:13  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> apparently something's gone right
00:23:21  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> otherwise, you wouldn't be surprised
00:23:24  <Stablean> <V453000> CB just made a map, nuff said
00:23:34  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I know he did :)
00:23:45  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> made the previous one as well
00:24:07  <Stablean> <V453000> think I did that but idk, not sure
00:24:21  <Stablean> <V453000> got quite a lot of stuff to take care about lately so dont know
00:24:23  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> same problems with the inflation and PBSsettings
00:24:37  <Stablean> <V453000> that is just improper config that is somewhat undertandable
00:24:43  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I'll refrain from enquiring
00:24:54  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yeah, but the thing is
00:25:00  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I mentioned that earlier
00:25:08  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> he already said he had shitty config
00:25:18  <Stablean> <V453000> myeah
00:25:22  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> but didn't change it for this map
00:25:34  <Stablean> <V453000> I wouldnt expect any else tbh but .. :)
00:26:20  <Stablean> <V453000> either way, I wanted to go sleep early, so I guess 2.30 am is a good time to figure I could go already
00:26:23  <Stablean> <V453000> soo good night :D
00:26:29  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> yeah, gn
00:26:39  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> I'll leave too
00:26:43  <Stablean> *** V453000 has left the game (leaving)
00:26:47  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> need to catch some sleep too
00:26:49  <Stablean> <Troy McClure> so bye, Dom
00:26:52  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has joined spectators
00:27:00  <Stablean> *** Troy McClure has left the game (leaving)
00:30:59  *** Stablean has quit IRC
00:31:13  *** Stablean has joined #openttdcoop.stable
00:31:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v Stablean
00:31:13  <Stablean> Autopilot engaged
00:31:14  <Stablean> Loading savegame: '{#openttdcoop} Welcome Server ('
00:31:14  *** Webster changes topic to "#openttdcoop Welcome to OpenTTD Server | 1.2.2 | Admin channel (ask for op) | IF you prepare map, read | run !setdef after loading a new game |"
00:48:46  <BiG_MeEcH> !players
00:48:49  <Stablean> BiG_MeEcH: Client 2474 (Blue) is Dom, in company 2 (Circle Lines Inc.)
00:49:54  <BiG_MeEcH> hi V453000 =)
01:03:45  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
01:03:46  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
01:34:06  <Stablean> *** Gabra joined the game
01:35:10  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
01:35:43  <BiG_MeEcH> hi Phillip
01:35:43  <BiG_MeEcH> ltns
01:35:51  <Stablean> <Phillip> Hi Big Meech.
01:36:23  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined company #5
01:36:23  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
01:42:28  <Stablean> *** Gabra has started a new company (#8)
01:55:03  *** LoPo has quit IRC
02:22:36  <Stablean> *** Gabra has left the game (leaving)
02:23:36  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (leaving)
02:23:36  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
02:25:23  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
02:42:12  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
02:42:13  <Stablean> *** Gabra joined the game
05:03:20  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
05:03:23  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> hi
05:03:29  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has joined company #7
05:03:34  <Stablean> <Gabra> hi
05:16:20  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (leaving)
05:43:35  <Stablean> *** Matt joined the game
05:45:04  <Stablean> *** Matt has left the game (leaving)
05:58:14  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (processing map took too long)
05:58:14  <Stablean> *** Diablo has left the game (connection lost)
06:15:23  <Stablean> *** Gabra has left the game (leaving)
06:15:23  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
08:33:54  *** BiG_MeEcH has quit IRC
09:56:17  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
09:56:41  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has joined company #7
09:56:44  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:00:34  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (leaving)
10:00:40  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:00:51  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
10:00:51  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
10:01:20  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (leaving)
10:01:24  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
10:01:36  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
10:02:11  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (leaving)
10:04:57  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
10:12:40  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
10:13:04  <Stablean> <Dom> hi
10:16:38  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
10:20:50  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
10:45:27  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
10:47:09  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined company #2
10:47:10  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
11:11:39  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
11:11:40  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
11:14:50  *** Dom_ has joined #openttdcoop.stable
11:26:50  *** TWerkhoven has quit IRC
12:16:51  <Dom_> !players
12:16:59  <Stablean> Dom_: There are currently no clients connected to the server
12:26:10  <Dom_> !players
12:26:14  <Stablean> Dom_: There are currently no clients connected to the server
12:26:49  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
12:26:50  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
12:36:58  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
12:37:05  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
13:38:19  <Stablean> *** power600 has left the game (processing map took too long)
13:38:19  <Stablean> *** power600 has left the game (connection lost)
13:38:47  <Stablean> *** power600 has left the game (processing map took too long)
13:38:47  <Stablean> *** power600 has left the game (connection lost)
14:24:45  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
14:24:46  *** Dom_ has joined #openttdcoop.stable
14:36:08  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
14:37:40  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined company #5
14:37:41  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
14:38:28  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined spectators
14:38:29  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
14:38:30  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (leaving)
14:39:27  *** LoPo has joined #openttdcoop.stable
14:39:29  *** Webster sets mode: +o LoPo
14:45:14  *** Dom has joined #openttdcoop.stable
14:45:51  *** Dom is now known as Guest5023
14:49:45  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
15:09:13  <Guest5023> !players
15:09:16  <Stablean> Guest5023: There are currently no clients connected to the server
15:09:31  *** Guest5023 is now known as Dom_
15:17:02  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
15:19:16  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined company #2
15:19:16  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:37:14  <Dom_> !players
15:37:19  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
15:37:19  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
15:37:29  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
15:37:42  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined company #2
15:37:42  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:41:17  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
15:41:24  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> hi
15:41:24  <Stablean> <Dom> hi
15:41:26  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has joined company #7
15:43:24  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> Dom you stop all train ore jam?
15:43:36  <Stablean> <Dom> i am rebuilding a bbh
15:47:35  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (leaving)
15:47:38  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
15:47:38  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
15:47:52  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:47:54  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
15:47:56  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has joined spectators
15:47:56  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
15:48:00  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
15:48:00  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
15:48:02  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has joined company #7
15:50:50  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> what is this lag?
15:50:57  <Stablean> <Dom> i think to many trains :D
15:51:03  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> aa no
15:51:10  <Stablean> <Dom> we've got 450
15:51:13  <Stablean> <Dom> and max is 500
15:51:24  <Stablean> <Dom> what i want to reach :D
15:51:35  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> coop servers dont lag
15:55:53  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (general timeout)
15:55:55  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (connection lost)
15:55:55  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (general timeout)
15:55:56  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (connection lost)
15:55:56  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:01:14  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:01:36  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali joined the game
16:02:52  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
16:05:26  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined company #2
16:06:28  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined spectators
16:10:07  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
16:10:15  <Stablean> <[FR]Syl59> Hello
16:10:25  <Stablean> <Dnz-Ali> hi
16:13:48  <Stablean> *** Dnz-Ali has left the game (leaving)
16:22:18  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
16:22:20  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:22:34  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:22:35  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
16:22:38  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (general timeout)
16:22:38  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (connection lost)
16:24:40  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
16:24:42  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:24:59  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:25:00  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
16:26:36  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
16:26:36  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
16:27:55  *** ODM has joined #openttdcoop.stable
16:27:55  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o ODM
16:28:14  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
16:28:16  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} joined the game
16:29:17  *** Jam35 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
16:32:28  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
16:32:31  <Stablean> <[FR]Syl59> wb
16:32:35  <Stablean> <Dom> hi
17:16:13  <Stablean> *** {[FR]Syl59} has joined spectators
17:16:13  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
17:16:17  <Stablean> *** [FR]Syl59 has left the game (leaving)
17:33:27  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined company #2
17:33:28  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
17:42:38  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined spectators
17:42:38  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
17:49:39  *** Jam35 has left #openttdcoop.stable
17:49:59  *** Jam35 has joined #openttdcoop.stable
17:51:53  *** Chris_Booth has joined #openttdcoop.stable
17:57:36  <Chris_Booth> hi
17:57:54  <Stablean> <Dom> hi
17:59:04  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth joined the game
17:59:47  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> wow busy network Dom!
17:59:53  <Stablean> <Dom> yep :)
18:00:01  <Stablean> <Dom> only 50 trains to max
18:00:03  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> mainly Troy?
18:00:21  <Stablean> <Dom> ?
18:00:39  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I was aking how much of it was built by Troy
18:00:57  <Stablean> <Dom> some
18:01:24  <Stablean> <Dom> oil stations machine shop stations  and some of the slh03 and Lime Kiln Hub
18:01:26  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> some sections need 3 lines now
18:01:36  <Stablean> <Dom> i know
18:01:50  <Stablean> <Dom> well the most jamming things are the sl hubs
18:03:38  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> If we kill Eureka we can expand
18:03:52  <Stablean> <Dom> ok
18:12:41  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
18:16:06  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined company #5
18:16:07  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
18:16:15  <Stablean> <Phillip> hi?
18:16:21  <Stablean> <Dom> hi
18:16:24  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> hi Phillip
18:17:14  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has joined company #2
18:21:15  <Stablean> <Dom> hey gtgo i'll be back in an hour or so
18:21:17  <Stablean> <Dom> bb
18:21:19  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> bb
18:39:15  <Stablean> *** Matt joined the game
18:39:54  <Stablean> *** Matt has left the game (leaving)
18:42:09  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> shi
18:42:11  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> shit
18:42:57  <Stablean> <Phillip> aw hardly any wood on my island.
18:43:07  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> hardly any money in my company
18:43:25  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> can you lend me some?
18:43:51  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> thank Phillip
18:43:57  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I had a visible depot
18:43:57  <Stablean> <Phillip> gotta save some for mine
18:49:15  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (leaving)
18:49:17  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I think I fixed my jamming issue
19:11:59  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
19:12:44  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> thanks
19:13:19  <Stablean> <Phillip> saw your finances, it was at 0,000, then I gave 5 mil to you
19:13:38  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I am replacings trains
19:14:05  <Stablean> <Phillip> to the fastest train
19:14:16  <Stablean> <Phillip> the strongest train
19:14:40  <Stablean> <Phillip> and with more T.E. than any other...
19:21:44  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> lol
19:21:50  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> but it is expensive
19:21:53  <Stablean> <Phillip> yeah
19:22:28  <Stablean> <Phillip> my network doesn't deserve it
19:22:38  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> it does
19:22:49  <Stablean> <Phillip> and it might drive my company back into one with a loan
19:23:07  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> it will
19:23:22  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I spent more than 0million on trains
19:23:32  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> and not even half way yet
19:23:50  <Stablean> <Phillip> 0,000,000+
19:24:04  <Stablean> <Phillip> I'm only at 19 million
19:24:18  <Stablean> <Phillip> in cash right now
19:24:22  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> lol
19:24:34  <Stablean> <Phillip> in this company with a boring name
19:25:44  <Stablean> <Phillip> That includes 20 trains and 10 rvs built in a basic way.
19:25:50  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I had issues with someone who built a depot on the ML and all trains wanted to go to it
19:25:56  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> which caused a big jam
19:26:06  <Stablean> <Phillip> I do that to but not right now.
19:26:17  <Stablean> <Phillip> and depots at a station.
19:26:28  <Stablean> <Phillip> even worse
19:26:30  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I try to tell people to build them behind terminus stations
19:30:28  <Stablean> <Phillip> The MGR wagons and the Welded Tank wagons existed when I started building.
19:30:35  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> yes
19:30:42  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> this set has very few wagons
19:30:48  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> but it isn't a finished set
19:30:50  <Stablean> <Phillip> I sill use the same old one wagons.
19:31:04  <Stablean> <Phillip> thanks, i didn't know that yet.
19:31:16  <Stablean> <Phillip> back in 1974 and now in 2140
19:32:02  <Stablean> <Phillip> My stone drop never got rebuilt also.
19:32:16  <Stablean> <Phillip> Still shows that same date back in 1974.
19:32:22  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> lol
19:32:49  <Stablean> <Phillip> Grassy Lime Kiln built on Sep. 1st, 1974.
19:33:19  <Stablean> <Phillip> Also for Fuast Quarry but thanks to the RV station.
19:33:26  <Stablean> <Phillip> It has 2087 on it.
19:34:15  *** Mazur has quit IRC
19:34:33  *** Mazur has joined #openttdcoop.stable
19:34:33  *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Mazur
19:37:41  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> just got over the 50% mark now
19:38:07  <Stablean> <Phillip> and about 30 mil spent
19:39:23  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> More like  millon
19:39:29  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> just worked it out
19:40:07  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> and it is going to take another 8.5 years to replace all my trains
19:41:23  <Stablean> <Phillip> It might not be easy to put a farm supplies drop onto a tiny island.
19:42:13  <Stablean> <Phillip> It's happening to me right now.
19:42:19  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> what?
19:42:33  <Stablean> <Phillip> Alhambra Forest.
19:42:39  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> oh
19:43:09  <Stablean> <Phillip> It's like the only forest close to me.
19:44:43  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> Black Forest isn't that far
19:54:55  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> Openttd, Beer, Cake and Prunes some might call this 'The Life', but I could sure get used to this
20:00:16  *** Jam35 has quit IRC
20:05:35  *** Speedy has quit IRC
20:05:36  *** Speedy` has joined #openttdcoop.stable
20:05:44  *** Speedy` is now known as Speedy
20:19:34  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (general timeout)
20:19:35  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
20:22:56  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (leaving)
20:22:57  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:23:18  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (general timeout)
20:23:18  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (connection lost)
20:23:19  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
20:23:24  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined company #5
20:23:24  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:24:38  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (leaving)
20:24:39  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
20:28:58  <Stablean> *** Dom joined the game
20:31:14  <Stablean> *** Dom has joined company #2
20:31:14  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
20:32:24  <Chris_Booth> Dom I almost went bankrupt
20:32:36  <Stablean> <Dom> hi
20:32:38  <Stablean> <Dom> xD how come
20:32:52  <Chris_Booth> someone left a depot on the ML
20:33:08  <Chris_Booth> I replaced and the ML jammed
20:33:10  <Stablean> <Dom> mega ultra jam?
20:33:15  <Chris_Booth> yes
20:33:24  <Stablean> <Dom> where on the ml was it
20:33:30  <Stablean> <Dom> it may be mine ups sry
20:33:51  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth joined the game
20:34:11  *** ODM has quit IRC
20:37:59  <Stablean> <Dom> do we need a third?
20:38:21  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> kinda
20:38:39  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> to slh 02/03
20:39:33  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> but that funyy slh thing at St. Eleanor needs work more
20:39:43  <Stablean> <Dom> yep
20:40:05  <Stablean> <Dom> wouldn't it be easier to redo the whole thing?
20:40:17  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> yes
20:40:28  <Stablean> <Dom> and make it into an all to all bbh
20:40:46  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> money is the limiting factor now
20:41:20  <Stablean> <Dom> the problem is many of the chemicals trans going to the timber yard have to go all around the lake to reach the refinery
20:41:32  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> yes
20:42:48  <Stablean> <Dom> btw max trains is 500
20:43:14  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> we can raise that
20:43:26  <Stablean> <Dom> only 50 to go :)
20:45:32  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> you know 50 trains is 10% more and the ML would jam with 10%
20:45:42  <Stablean> <Dom> true
20:46:00  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> if we improve the ML I will ask for the limit to be increase to 600
20:46:18  <Stablean> <Dom> will the map stay for so long?
20:47:52  <Stablean> <Dom> but first we need money :D
20:47:58  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> yes
20:51:08  <Stablean> <Dom> my kingdom for a magic dozer xD
20:51:27  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> lol
20:52:29  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> toon army
20:57:12  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I have moded Hopetoun Height entrance to improve it
21:04:43  <Stablean> <Dom> new ML @ !here ?
21:05:33  <Stablean> <Dom> oh i meant the whole network xD
21:05:35  <Stablean> <Dom> ok
21:05:37  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> oh
21:05:45  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I meant only the west
21:06:10  <Stablean> <Dom> slh 02/03 and st eleanor
21:06:12  <Stablean> <Dom> ?
21:06:15  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> yes
21:06:23  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> to Eureka
21:06:29  <Stablean> <Dom> ok
21:06:35  <Stablean> <Dom> the fun part then :D
21:09:42  <Stablean> <Dom> with or without foothills?
21:10:00  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> that is your choice
21:10:10  <Stablean> <Dom> idc :D
21:10:21  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> you are the boss this time
21:10:32  <Stablean> <Dom> :D
21:11:02  <Stablean> <Dom> the eureka hub also needs a total rebuild then
21:11:09  <Stablean> <Dom> if we move the ml there
21:11:52  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I guess we will get a new map tomorrow
21:11:58  <Stablean> <Dom> yep
21:12:00  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> so not much point
21:12:11  <Stablean> <Dom> we could bridge one of the lines
21:12:17  <Stablean> <Dom> true
21:12:17  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> you want to learn anything new next game
21:12:29  <Stablean> <Dom> sure
21:12:35  <Stablean> <Dom> always :D
21:12:45  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> anything you seen in the blog you want to do?
21:13:15  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> or you can pick a word from my list of skills
21:13:33  <Stablean> <Dom> well i did a srnw a couple of times never a multi cargo, and yeah i done pax never done ice or tgv
21:13:40  <Stablean> <Dom> and cargo many times :)
21:13:46  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (general timeout)
21:13:46  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
21:14:06  <Stablean> <Dom> idk what are the possibylities
21:14:22  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth joined the game
21:14:26  <Stablean> <Dom> wb
21:14:34  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> lol
21:14:44  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> my little netbook is finidng this hard now
21:15:07  <Stablean> <Dom> xD well server has been slow all day also on the wiki site
21:15:29  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> the wiki is not on the same server as the games
21:15:43  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> unless someone is a mega noob
21:15:45  <Stablean> <Dom> ok but still it was slow :)
21:15:49  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> lol
21:16:08  <Stablean> <Dom> anyways idk what we could do
21:17:02  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I should have loaded a set with better wagons
21:17:28  <Stablean> <Dom> aslong there is no dutch train set xD
21:17:38  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> there is
21:17:40  <Stablean> <Dom> swiss and austrian trains rock
21:17:50  <Stablean> <Dom> i know but i never liked it xD
21:17:52  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> I am sure we have a dutch set
21:18:02  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> oh that is different
21:18:16  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> it is a shame we do not have a french set
21:18:20  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> we have a german set
21:18:28  <Stablean> <Dom> we do have tgv or?
21:18:42  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> we have TGV in 2CC
21:19:01  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> we have EuroStar and Thayls in other sets
21:19:25  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> we have ICE and ERT in sets
21:19:31  <Stablean> <Dom> is there a yugoslavian set?
21:19:41  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> not that I know of
21:19:53  <Stablean> <Dom> we played a serbian set once i think
21:20:19  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> yes
21:20:25  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> US set
21:20:31  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> Australian
21:20:37  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> South african
21:20:48  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> Cezch
21:20:54  <Stablean> <Dom> russian?
21:21:01  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> USSR set
21:21:05  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> not really russian
21:21:07  <Stablean> <Dom> nice :D
21:21:26  <Stablean> <Dom> a russian winter map :D
21:21:32  <Stablean> <Chris Booth> Japanese
21:22:02  <Stablean> <Dom> japanese is nice for pax
21:27:54  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (general timeout)
21:27:54  <Stablean> *** Chris Booth has left the game (connection lost)
21:29:29  *** Chris_Booth has quit IRC
21:41:39  <Stablean> *** Dom has left the game (leaving)
21:41:39  <Stablean> *** Game paused (number of players)
22:39:44  *** LoPo has quit IRC
22:49:52  *** Dom_ has quit IRC
22:54:46  <Stablean> *** Gabra joined the game
22:59:39  <Stablean> *** Gabra has joined company #8
22:59:39  <Stablean> *** Game unpaused (number of players)
23:25:50  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (processing map took too long)
23:25:50  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (connection lost)
23:26:34  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (processing map took too long)
23:26:34  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (connection lost)
23:27:06  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (processing map took too long)
23:27:06  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (connection lost)
23:28:41  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game
23:28:52  <Stablean> *** Phillip has joined company #5
23:39:07  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (general timeout)
23:39:07  <Stablean> *** Phillip has left the game (connection lost)
23:46:54  <Stablean> *** Phillip joined the game

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