Log for #coopetition on 1st June 2009:
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11:50:47  <Webster> Latest update from h2h: Added tag coopetition for changeset dd4775856bce <> || Update todo list <> || Scroll to the HQ when joining a company. When there is no hq, just act like before (scroll to position of server. <> || Display land-own signs at the borders of the areas <> || Sync with trunk (to r16499) <> || (svn r16399) -Fix (r4540): Don't treat pointer values as integer. <> || (svn r16398) -Feature: make NewGRF callbacks work again; honouring the 'features' of, which was released only 5 years ago. <> || (svn r16397) -Codechange: move GetVehicleOrder/GetLastVehicleOrder into Vehicle <> || (svn r16396) -Codechange: split NewGRF spritegroup into multiple subclasses instead of using a big union <> || (svn r16395) -Fix (r16379): max sign ID can be higher than total number of signs <>
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