Log for #coopetition on 6th June 2009:
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16:54:18  <Webster> Latest update from h2h: Sync with trunk (to r16521) <> || (svn r16521) -Fix [FS#2946] (r13945): Do not access 'compatible_railtypes' for road vehicles. (causing invalid reads since r16391/16392) <> || (svn r16520) -Fix [NoAI]: Make sure AIBridge::BuildBridge returns what the documentation says it does (r16244 for AIBridge) <> || (svn r16519) -Add: Prevent hiding of a window titlebar behind the status bar. <> || (svn r16518) -Update: WebTranslator2 update to 2009-06-04 16:25:41 <> || (svn r16517) -Codechange: Switched intro-screen and town directory window to nested widget trees. <> || (svn r16516) -Codechange: Added click and drag handling for nested widgets. <> || (svn r16515) -Codechange: Added scrollbar handling for nested widgets, and finding widgets by type or position in the tree. <> || (svn r16514) -Codechange: Add widget flags, and drawing and invalidating. <> || (svn r16513) -Codechange: Add nested widgets root and array to Window, and NWidgetBase::FillNestedArray() to fill the array. <>
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