Log for #openttd on 25th February 2006:
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20:22:14  <SpComb> there
20:22:17  <SpComb>
20:22:24  <SpComb> fast enough, orudge?
20:22:55  <SpComb> fancy a stats page too?
20:23:06  <orudge> Up to you
20:23:06  *** iridium is now known as iridium`nh
20:23:08  * SpComb still hasn't made a nice script for the irssi-side bit of stats generation
20:23:08  <orudge> why not, eh?
20:25:51  <SpComb> running pisg is starting to take quite a while
20:26:05  <SpComb> :P
20:26:24  <SpComb> next update at 08:00 GMT+02
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20:30:07  <SpComb> so now hurry up guys and beef up those logs
20:30:18  <SpComb> so you get some decents stats in 10 hours
20:30:21  <BurtyB> moo moo moo moo moo
20:30:25  <SpComb> yeah, good
20:30:31  <SpComb> that would look awsome in the random quote
20:30:55  * Kuja^ wants to be famous - in stats :p
20:34:02  <SpComb> at the rate you are talking , you might get a honourable mention
20:34:28  <Kuja^> heh
20:34:29  <hylje> quite short timeline with stats
20:35:11  <SpComb> yup, just started them
20:35:15  <Kuja^> is it supposed to be that the game is stuck @ yaer 2090?
20:35:38  *** Pulec [n=Pulcoj@] has joined #openttd
20:35:50  <Kuja^> its bad when i can't start a new game on a server bevcause i don't know the rcon passwd :p
20:36:12  <hylje> haxor it
20:36:25  *** Lord^^Pas is now known as PAStheLoD
20:36:41  <Kuja^> dunno how :p
20:36:52  <hylje> with mad skillz
20:37:11  <Kuja^> don't have stgh. like this
20:37:55  <Kuja^> "how do i haxx0r a computer? - do rm -rf /" :p (yeah bad joke i know :p )
20:38:39  <Eddi|zuHause2> Kuja^: actually, that would be "read mail really fast" ;)
20:39:28  <Kuja^> heh i don't knew this one :D
20:39:28  <hylje> sudo rm -rf /
20:44:29  <Bjarni> *	Kuja^ wants to be famous - in stats :p <-- I didn't even try to be famous... it just happened
20:44:37  <Bjarni> life is cruel sometimes :(
20:46:14  <Kuja^> that why i said in stats :D
20:46:47  <Bjarni> I don't think you will meet people you don't know that talks about your stats
20:46:52  <Bjarni> that makes a big difference
20:47:57  <hylje> :<
20:48:59  <Bjarni> I have to say that it was an odd moment when I was at uni and I heard people that I have never seen before talking to each other about OpenTTD
20:49:15  * SpComb wonders how to make people remember the url for the #openttd logs & stats
20:49:29  <SpComb> heh, I can imagine that
20:49:46  * SpComb heard some talk about openttd here at this school when he came
20:50:05  <SpComb> they were asking for openttd to become part of the image that the windows computer are installed with every so often
20:50:09  <Bjarni> also I didn't say anything, so they didn't know that I know the game
20:50:42  <Bjarni> which makes you wonder: how many times are you within 5 meters of people, who publish great stuff online without knowing it
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20:57:39  <Bjarni> actually that have happened to me
20:58:06  <Bjarni> I found some software where I saw the name of the coder and thought "hey I know that guy"
20:59:17  <hylje> SpComb: knowing päivölä, i dont wonder why..
20:59:50  <Bjarni> hehe
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21:23:34  <SpComb> how about a link to the #openttd logs/stats somewhere?
21:23:46  <SpComb> they are quite useful things, you know
21:24:32  <SpComb> !
21:24:54  <SpComb> png images, useful is forum signatures, observe my sig
21:25:27  <CIA-5> bjarni * r3674 /trunk/ (Makefile os/macosx/Makefile os/macosx/Makefile.setup):
21:25:27  <CIA-5> -Feature: [OSX] Added support for tripple binaries (binaries optimised for G3, G5 and i686)
21:25:27  <CIA-5>  G4 have no problems using G3 code while G5 can, but really benefit from getting their own optimised code (Apple: G5 is not just a fast G4)
21:25:27  <CIA-5>  Also changed FAT_BINARY to UNIVERSAL_BINARY since Apple removed most (all?) references to fat binaries on their homepage two days after I added FAT_BINARY
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21:26:22  <SpComb> hmm, I think someone is going to win in the stats ^^
21:26:53  <Bjarni> win what?
21:27:00  <Bjarni> how do you win?
21:27:05  <SpComb> CIA-5
21:27:07  <SpComb> he spams a bit
21:27:27  <Bjarni> it's not spam
21:27:49  <Bjarni> he is making you aware of my new great achievements
21:28:18  <SpComb> yes, but it'll inflate his line count in the stats
21:29:07  <Bjarni> now with optimised cocoa video driver and G5 optimised code, the G5 can really run really large games before caring about lag
21:29:51  *** Celestar is now known as Celaway
21:30:32  <Bjarni> bye Celaway
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21:45:05  <Bjarni> ok now this is getting scary
21:45:19  <Bjarni> I have been the only one committing in the last 25 hours
21:45:50  <Bjarni> which means the mac port improved a lot, the makefile got a bugfix and nothing else happened
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21:46:44  <Bjarni> if I had done other stuff, nothing would have happened at all
21:46:47  <Bjarni> this is not good
21:53:02  <guru3> Oo
21:58:58  <Bjarni> yeah
21:59:15  <Bjarni> it's like unless you do it yourself, nothing gets done
21:59:26  <Bjarni> #openttd have become the real world
21:59:27  <Bjarni> :(
22:00:11  <Darkvater> <- back
22:00:25  <Bjarni> hi Darkvater
22:00:32  <Bjarni> I have been busy today
22:00:56  <Bjarni> and it appears that you have been busy too, just with something completely different
22:01:17  <Darkvater> :)
22:01:18  <Bjarni> Darkvater: I fixed the bug regarding the config version that overwrote settings
22:01:26  <Darkvater> hehe ever busy with the makefile I see :)
22:01:34  <Bjarni> and then I did a whole lot of mac specific stuff
22:02:51  <Darkvater> yeah, I saw the commit logs
22:03:38  <CIA-5> bjarni * r3675 /trunk/os/macosx/Makefile.setup: -Fix: [OSX] made the default gcc names for building universal binaries into the newest gcc for each target instead of hardcoding it for 4.0.0
22:03:51  <Bjarni> now I think I'm done with the makefile for today
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22:04:24  <Darkvater> :)
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22:04:49  <Bjarni> hmm
22:04:52  <Bjarni> what to do next...
22:06:29  <Bjarni> Darkvater: btw I fixed my HD speed issue. Now I can compile just as fast as I used to be able to :D
22:06:57  <Darkvater> :)
22:07:17  <Bjarni> turned out to be fragmentation in the directory storage, so it had to search for ages to learn about what folders were available and then where to find the files
22:07:32  <Darkvater> looks like you got a bad file-system there
22:07:38  <Darkvater> FAT32_MAC? :P
22:07:44  <Bjarni> I have no idea how it happened all of a sudden
22:08:06  <Bjarni> actually it's journaled HFS+
22:08:22  <Bjarni> it should prevent such incidents unless it's forced to do so
22:08:43  *** tokai|ni [] has joined #openttd
22:08:54  <Darkvater> did you force it you naughty boy? :P
22:09:12  <Bjarni> now it will likely never happen again. I just had to be bothered with it until I learned what caused it and now that I know so I can fix it quickly, it will be gone forever
22:09:16  <Bjarni> we all know that it works like that
22:09:47  <Bjarni> like you bring an umbrella just in case it rains and then just because you did, it will not rain
22:09:55  <Bjarni> but if you didn't bring it, it will rain
22:11:10  <Darkvater> I wonder when SUSE 10.1 final is gonna be out
22:11:22  <Darkvater> I'm in a serious need of updating my aging 9.3 :)
22:11:32  <hylje> get gentoo.
22:11:33  <hylje> 8)
22:11:49  * Darkvater kicks hylje
22:11:57  <Darkvater> do not ever do that again
22:12:08  * hylje instructs Darkvater to get gentoo.
22:12:49  <Darkvater> is he pushing it or what?
22:13:04  <hylje> no, just because you apparently got annoyed
22:13:12  <Darkvater> ah
22:13:17  <Darkvater> you might not want to do that
22:13:27  <hylje> yes i might
22:13:34  <hylje> :]
22:13:44  * Darkvater gives up
22:13:50  <hylje> ty
22:14:43  * Bjarni kicks hylje
22:16:38  * XeryusTC suggests Fedora Core
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22:20:58  <Bjarni> Darkvater: use windows :p
22:21:19  * Bjarni wanted to say something as silly as hylje
22:22:25  <Bjarni> hehe, the modular design thread is a bit funny. "Unix don't support threading since it didn't 12 years ago"
22:23:12  <Noldo> hm?
22:23:44  <Bjarni> I don't know if it were true for all linux/unix 12 years ago either
22:23:53  <Darkvater> anyone seen Tron ?
22:24:11  <Bjarni> but I know that they support it now, so that's what we should consider when coding ;)
22:24:43  <Bjarni> Darkvater: apart from you showing up now and orudge briefly showed up due to forum problems, I have been the only developer in here today
22:24:51  <orudge> Hello
22:25:01  <Darkvater> hi orudge
22:25:04  <Bjarni> it was great idle day today
22:25:10  <Bjarni> hi again orudge
22:25:10  *** bp0 [] has joined #openttd
22:25:17  <Darkvater> orudge: have youtested the watcom rdtsc thing?
22:25:41  <orudge> Not yet, sorry, the Watcom version has stopped compiling strgen for some reason related to some map macros
22:25:46  <orudge> I haven't yet had time to investigate it fully
22:26:03  <Darkvater> ah good
22:26:10  <Bjarni> ...
22:26:13  <Darkvater> we can finally drop os/2 support then :)
22:26:14  <Bjarni> that's not good
22:26:18  <Bjarni> oh
22:26:19  <Bjarni> hehe
22:26:27  <orudge> No, it just means that something has confused it
22:26:36  <orudge> well, it's looking for an import in map.c
22:26:36  <orudge> that it shouldn't even be thinking about
22:26:42  <orudge> due to some macro that uses it or something :s
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22:36:51  <XeryusTC> does someone know a good music player (mp3, ogg, cds) for linux except mplayer and xmms
22:36:54  <XeryusTC> ?
22:37:35  <Eddi|zuHause2> if these are already good, why search for other ones?
22:38:02  <ln-> xmms isn't good, mplayer is not very good as a music player.
22:39:14  <Bjarni> mplayer is a movie player, not a music player
22:39:21  <XeryusTC> Eddi|zuHause2: they aren't good enough
22:39:34  <Bjarni> well, sort of. I think you mean a specific mp3 player
22:39:36  <Darkvater> there's Realplayer :)
22:39:54  <XeryusTC> realplayer doesnt work too :(
22:40:05  <ln-> "either", not "too"
22:40:56  <XeryusTC> english isnt my native language
22:41:04  *** stefan [] has quit [Connection timed out]
22:41:14  <Bjarni> none of got it as our native language
22:41:19  <Bjarni> but we know it anyway
22:41:29  <Darkvater> that excludes Bjarni
22:41:35  <Bjarni> :p
22:41:39  <Darkvater> ^
22:42:16  <ln-> XeryusTC: i figured that out, but does it mean you can't improve your skills by learning from your mistakes?
22:46:04  *** thgergo [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
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22:46:17  <ln-> is that a 'no'?
22:46:24  *** futyoke [] has joined #openttd
22:46:28  *** stefan [] has joined #openttd
22:46:30  <futyoke> hi
22:46:41  <Darkvater> hi futyi
22:46:59  <futyoke> ize
22:47:17  <futyoke> kene nekem 1 link ahonnan le tom szedni az origi ttd-t
22:47:19  <futyoke> mac-re
22:47:22  <futyoke> nemtudcc?
22:47:40  <Darkvater> english please
22:47:50  <futyoke> ok:D
22:47:54  <futyoke> sry:D
22:48:10  <futyoke> i need url to donwload the original ttd for mac osx
22:48:14  <Darkvater> I could've said hungarian please as well cause that wasn't it
22:48:56  <Darkvater> 1. the data files of TTD are still copyrighted so we don't have a download-link
22:49:23  <futyoke> but where are they
22:49:24  <ln-> 2. the original ttd was released at least 5 years before anyone had even heard of Mac OS X
22:49:25  <Darkvater> 2. look around at or even google to come up with some interesting results
22:49:26  *** XeryusTC [] has joined #openttd
22:49:40  <Darkvater> 3. the data files are general, you just need the windows version
22:50:33  <Bjarni> futyoke: use the nightly build of OpenTTD. It have improved speed ALOT since 0.4.5
22:50:46  <Bjarni> and AFAIK no new bugs have been added
22:51:30  <futyoke> kk
22:51:33  <futyoke> tx
22:51:42  <Bjarni> oh btw I got an Email asking for the next release. The 1000% speed increase in the cocoa video driver should be enough to make a new release.... at least that is what the email writer thought
22:52:19  <Bjarni> Darkvater: what do you say? Should we have a new release in a week or so?
22:52:41  <ln-> Darkvater: making the data files available for download could  1) make people's lives easier,  2) help in the process of trying to find the current copyright holder.
22:52:48  <Bjarni> release early, release often
22:53:00  <Darkvater> there are a few things to fix before that, mainly
22:53:04  <Darkvater> and Celestar's MS fix
22:53:23  <Bjarni> <-- we all remember to update this one, right?
22:53:47  <Darkvater> well I hope somebody is :)
22:54:55  <Bjarni> I update the stuff I have committed myself
22:55:00  <Darkvater> got a bug for ya Bjarni :)
22:55:05  <Darkvater>
22:55:05  <Bjarni> good
22:55:10  <Bjarni> since I was wondering what to do
22:55:14  <futyoke> but i dont know where can i get these files     List of the required files:
22:55:14  <futyoke> 91
22:55:14  <futyoke> 92 	trg1r.grf
22:55:14  <futyoke> 93 	trgcr.grf
22:55:14  <futyoke> 94 	trghr.grf
22:55:14  <futyoke> 95 	trgir.grf
22:55:16  <futyoke> 96 	trgtr.grf
22:55:39  <Bjarni> I was doing something when I started working on the cocoa video driver and now I have forgotten what it was :(
22:56:37  <futyoke> i need these files to completly paly with openttd?!
22:57:35  * ThePizzaKing points futyoke towards the following forum topic:
22:57:45  * Darkvater looks the other way
22:58:40  <futyoke> kk..
23:00:19  <ln-> Darkvater: how much money would you personally invest in TTD data files, if there was a chance to buy the copyright to them? (and make them Free)
23:00:25  <ln-> or others
23:00:51  <Darkvater> I don't have any money
23:01:19  <Bjarni> Darkvater: err, that bug... the guy didn't read the text file telling how to install and the actual bug is due to his settings that was made before the quicktime midi player was added. He is requesting the code as it is now ;)
23:01:36  <Darkvater> but if you search the forums you might find a post where eis-os I think asked if the rights to the game could be purchased. The answer was along the lines of "it's not for sale"
23:01:53  <Darkvater> Bjarni: good. Tell him and close :)
23:02:06  <Bjarni> now that was a quick bug fix
23:02:14  <ln-> Darkvater: who did he ask from?
23:02:22  * Darkvater points at the forums
23:02:29  <Darkvater> ln-: sorry I really can't remember anymore
23:05:02  *** XeryusTC [] has quit ["So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish"]
23:05:46  <ln-> i remember someone here mentioning having been in contact with the graphics artist, but clearly the artist is not the copyright holder in this case.
23:05:55  <Darkvater> yeah
23:06:54  <Darkvater>
23:06:56  <Darkvater> there you go
23:07:12  <ln-> thnks
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23:09:08  *** XeryusTC [] has joined #openttd
23:09:37  <ln-> Darkvater: that one was about buying the source code, though. who knows if they'd be more willing to sell just the graphics.
23:10:15  <ln-> although ottd's legal position would be a lot better if the source code was bought, too.
23:13:02  *** Nubian [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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23:16:43  <ln-> if a thousand people would be willing to donate EUR10, would that be enough?
23:17:06  <Darkvater> probably not
23:17:35  *** Forexs [] has joined #openttd
23:17:43  *** Fujitsu [] has joined #openttd
23:19:02  <ln-> well i don't think the graphics artist has profited that much for his graphics.
23:19:04  *** Coder`TuX [n=codertux@] has quit ["Windows, the best game ever: Try to see how many blue screens you can get per hour and then try to beat that record!"]
23:19:44  <Bjarni> about bugs: "...and some might occur only in the first half of every hour! (I've actually seen one of these.)"
23:19:52  <Bjarni> now that's a nasty one to reproduce
23:22:01  <peter1138> *yawn*
23:22:09  <Darkvater> hiya peter1138
23:22:40  <Bjarni> hi peter1138
23:22:40  <peter1138> hello
23:22:46  <Bjarni> ok it's past midnight
23:22:49  <Bjarni> it's official
23:22:56  *** BJH_ [] has quit ["Chatzilla 0.9.68a [Mozilla rv:1.7.3/20040910]"]
23:23:01  <Bjarni> nobody but I committed yesterday
23:23:03  <peter1138> no, it's half eleven
23:23:23  <Bjarni> half eleven = 23:30?
23:23:26  <peter1138> oh, we're just waiting for you to catch up
23:23:26  <peter1138> yes
23:23:44  <Bjarni> half eleven in Danish means 22:30 :p
23:23:56  <Bjarni> a bit confusing when the same means something different
23:24:13  <Darkvater> wtf
23:24:19  <Darkvater> my clock's off?
23:24:22  <Darkvater> 23:56 < Darkvater> my clock's off?
23:24:33  <Darkvater> yet I look next to me and it says 00:24
23:24:41  <Bjarni> haha
23:25:11  <Bjarni> you mean IRC reads the time wrong from your computer?
23:25:22  <Bjarni> or your computer got the wrong time?
23:25:24  <Darkvater> it's not my computer :)
23:25:34  <Fujitsu> Darkvater, your clock is completely stuffed.
23:25:38  <Darkvater> [tfarago@tin 23:57 ~] > date
23:25:38  <Darkvater> Sat Feb 25 23:57:49 CET 2006
23:25:41  <Darkvater> definitely off
23:26:02  <Bjarni> Darkvater: you picked up that computer in a coffee shop where time stood still?
23:26:17  <Darkvater> :)
23:26:21  <Fujitsu> Hahahhah.
23:26:27  <Fujitsu> 32 minutes off...
23:26:33  *** futyoke [] has quit ["Leaving"]
23:26:45  <Bjarni> o_O
23:26:57  <Bjarni> now that's a funny way to say bye
23:27:07  <Fujitsu> 32 minutes off.../
23:27:10  <Fujitsu> *?
23:27:23  <Bjarni> lol
23:27:24  <Fujitsu> How on earth did that 32 minutes off.../ get there!?
23:27:33  <Darkvater> *magic*
23:27:36  * Fujitsu is mystified.
23:27:52  <Bjarni> I read <Fujitsu>	32 minutes off... and then Fu.... quits
23:28:12  <Fujitsu> <Fujitsu> Hahahhah.
23:28:13  <Fujitsu> <Fujitsu> 32 minutes off...
23:28:13  <Fujitsu> <-- futyoke has quit ("Leaving")
23:28:13  <Fujitsu> <Bjarni> o_O
23:28:13  <Fujitsu> <Bjarni> now that's a funny way to say bye
23:28:13  <Fujitsu> <Fujitsu> 32 minutes off.../
23:28:15  <Fujitsu> <Fujitsu> *?
23:28:22  <Fujitsu> <Bjarni> lol
23:28:22  <Fujitsu> <Fujitsu> How on earth did that 32 minutes off.../ get there!?
23:28:22  <Fujitsu> <Darkvater> *magic*
23:28:23  <Fujitsu> * Fujitsu is mystified.
23:28:25  <Fujitsu> <Bjarni> I read <Fujitsu> 32 minutes off... and then Fu.... quits
23:28:57  <Darkvater> bash!
23:28:59  <Bjarni> and now we add to the confusion
23:29:15  <Mukke> I don't see what you're all confused about?
23:29:22  <Mukke> which.. ironically confuses me..
23:29:29  <Bjarni> haha
23:30:14  <Darkvater> you guys are weird
23:30:37  <XeryusTC> rofl
23:30:51  *** DJ_Mirage [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
23:31:47  <Bjarni> Darkvater: we are missing one thing. How can it be that you use a crap computer with a clock that's off and it's not your computer, but you got your own
23:32:20  <Darkvater> now don't confuse me
23:32:33  <Diablo-D3> don knotts is dead
23:33:40  <Eddi|zuHause2> must one know this guy?
23:33:50  <Fujitsu> Good question, Eddi.
23:33:52  <Bjarni> who?
23:34:08  <Diablo-D3> barnie fife damnit
23:34:18  <Eddi|zuHause2> who?
23:34:18  <Bjarni> barnie died?
23:34:22  <Bjarni> :(
23:34:28  <Bjarni> who is Barnie?
23:34:39  <Bjarni> err
23:34:44  <Bjarni> who WAS Barnie?
23:34:46  <Darkvater> play dead
23:35:00  <Diablo-D3> bjarni must not watch tv.
23:35:11  <Bjarni> I do
23:35:22  <Bjarni> I learned that 60 minutes is fucked up
23:35:33  <Diablo-D3> google don knotts then
23:35:41  <Eddi|zuHause2> so, do we get a long version of the explanation?
23:37:26  *** stavrosg [] has joined #OpenTTD
23:37:42  <Bjarni> even after reading about him on IMDB I fail to know who he was
23:37:51  <Diablo-D3> Bjarni: you fail at life
23:38:02  <Bjarni> besides according to IMDB, he is not dead
23:38:12  <Diablo-D3> he died today
23:38:17  <Diablo-D3> imdb is a little behind
23:38:21  <Bjarni> which reminds me of Monty Python "I'm not dead"
23:38:46  *** Mukke [] has quit []
23:38:50  <Fujitsu> I'm not dead yet!
23:39:00  <Bjarni> don't worry
23:39:04  <Bjarni> we can fix that
23:39:42  <Kuja^> lol
23:39:56  <Kuja^> the easiest bugfix ever? :p
23:40:40  <Bjarni> no that's the bug report about the guy, who had problems for not bothering to open the text file :)
23:40:52  <Bjarni> I closed that bug report today
23:41:10  *** AmiX2 [] has joined #openttd
23:41:29  <Kuja^> lol
23:41:40  <Bjarni> Diablo-D3: I got a question for you. Did you see 60 minutes like a week ago about Denmark?
23:41:52  <Diablo-D3> Bjarni: no, but I bet it was full of bullshit
23:41:58  <Bjarni> yeah it was
23:41:59  <Diablo-D3> 60 minutes is yellow journalism
23:42:35  <Bjarni> it blamed Denmark for the cartoon thing and used a certain Muslim as a source to make it trustworthy
23:42:53  <Fujitsu> Great.
23:42:54  <Fujitsu> Sounds fair.
23:42:57  *** Turulo [] has joined #openttd
23:43:18  <Turulo> hi
23:43:21  <Bjarni> today that guy went public and said that USA is likely to be behind the suicide bombing in that mosque in Iraq
23:43:36  <Turulo> someone wanting to help me¿
23:43:42  <Bjarni> that depends
23:43:49  <Bjarni> what is your problem?
23:43:51  <Turulo> im testing networking for psp
23:43:55  <Turulo> i just want
23:44:02  <Darkvater> TO DONate one? :)
23:44:03  <Turulo> one or two people connecting
23:44:21  <Bjarni> why?
23:44:27  <Darkvater> Bjarni has free time, he was bored anyways
23:44:31  <Turulo> lol
23:44:31  <Darkvater> right Bjarni? ;)
23:44:32  <Bjarni> :p
23:44:40  <Turulo> just wanting some connecting to a server
23:44:45  <Turulo> and playing with me
23:44:51  <Bjarni> now you are really reading that very freely :p
23:44:56  * Darkvater sets mode +18
23:45:05  <Bjarni> ...
23:45:12  <Bjarni> I'm not into that
23:45:17  <Turulo> to test if psp works fine with multiple players on a server
23:45:25  <Darkvater> 00:17 <@Bjarni> now you are really reading that very freely :p <-- this tells otherwise *D
23:45:32  <Turulo> currently im alone playing and works almost fine
23:45:35  <Darkvater> s/tells/says/g
23:46:19  * Bjarni got the feeling that Turulo missed what everybody else read in his request
23:46:35  <Darkvater> :>
23:46:53  *** XeryusTC [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:46:54  <Turulo> i dont need a skilled player
23:46:55  <Turulo> lol
23:47:00  <Darkvater> rofl
23:47:07  <Turulo> just contructing some simple shit is enough
23:47:08  <Turulo> lol
23:47:14  <Darkvater> Turulo: you're the best thing that happened to this channel this night
23:47:40  <Turulo> yes, maybe saturday night isnt the best to seek for help
23:47:41  <Turulo> lol
23:48:04  <Darkvater> Bjarni: you want to give him a hand?
23:48:09  <Bjarni> ...
23:48:18  <Turulo> just opening openttd
23:48:27  <Bjarni> I guess I can test endian stuff
23:48:27  <Turulo> contruct 2 stations
23:48:33  <Turulo> and let it on background please
23:48:43  <Bjarni> by creating a TCP/IP connection
23:48:50  <Bjarni> no not any other connections :p
23:48:59  <Bjarni> head revision?
23:49:14  <Turulo> 0.4.5
23:49:51  <AmiX2> hello
23:49:52  <Bjarni> ok
23:49:57  <Turulo> hiz
23:49:57  <Bjarni> what server?
23:50:04  <Bjarni> hi AmiX2
23:50:04  <Turulo>
23:50:08  <Turulo> is announced at server list
23:50:09  <Turulo> as
23:50:10  <AmiX2> just wondering.. i miss highways in openttd :)
23:50:20  <Turulo> OpenTTD for PSP players USA
23:50:30  <Buggi> lol
23:50:31  <Turulo> we can play on european server if you preffer
23:50:54  <AmiX2> openttd for nintendods?
23:50:57  <AmiX2> :)
23:51:11  <Turulo> i dont own a ds sorry ;(
23:51:41  <Turulo> someone here was trying to port it to ds, or i think so..
23:51:42  <AmiX2> oki
23:52:05  <AmiX2> that would be so cool
23:52:10  *** XeryusTC [] has joined #openttd
23:52:21  <AmiX2> with touch screen building :)
23:52:28  <Turulo> anyway gui hacking would be a pain for DS
23:52:35  <Turulo> due to small resolution and 2 screens
23:52:41  <Bjarni> Turulo: I can't find your server
23:52:45  <Darkvater> gui hacking is a pain for any handheld
23:53:02  <Turulo> Bjarni add manually
23:53:05  <AmiX2> Turulo: Opera browser is comming for NintendoDS
23:53:05  <Turulo>
23:53:06  <Turulo> please
23:53:18  <Darkvater> taht is not listed on the master-server
23:53:38  <Bjarni> not responding
23:53:42  <Turulo> yes it is
23:53:44  <Turulo>
23:54:00  <Turulo> im currently paying there connected from spain
23:54:07  <Darkvater> that doesn't say nixgeneration
23:54:12  <Turulo> sorry
23:54:17  <Darkvater> OpenTTD for PSP players USA
23:54:18  <Turulo>
23:54:18  <Darkvater>
23:54:18  <Darkvater> 	1 / 10
23:54:18  <Darkvater> 	1 / 8
23:54:19  <Darkvater> 	0.4.5
23:54:30  <AmiX2> openttd works like a dream on morphos
23:54:32  <Turulo> and resolves to that addr
23:55:15  <Darkvater> Turulo: that might well be but when poor Bjarni here is looking for your server on the list he sees 'OpenTTD for PSP players USA'
23:55:18  <Darkvater> not nixgeneration
23:55:24  <Turulo> Bjarni sorry i cannot write from psp
23:55:24  <Turulo> lol
23:55:35  <Turulo> ok sorry
23:58:31  *** Brianetta [] has quit ["Tschüß"]
23:59:35  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]

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