Log for #openttd on 15th August 2006:
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00:00:42  <Sacro> mplayer dvd://1 -hardframedrop -alang en -vc dummy -vo null -ao pcm:file=audiopipe \
00:00:42  <Sacro> -af volume=10db,resample=44100 :D
00:00:46  <Eddi|zuHause2> some newgrfs are just graphic replacements, not gameplay changes, they can usually be used network safe... like roadset (without bridge replacement), or catenary
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00:01:17  <JohnUK89> Nice command there Sacro :P
00:01:53  <Sacro> f me :) its working!
00:01:57  <Eddi|zuHause2> newstations are not just graphical
00:02:22  <Eddi|zuHause2> other sets are not network safe at all, since they are generally designed for TTDPatch
00:02:42  <Eddi|zuHause2> which does not know that kind of multiplayer problems
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00:03:11  <Eddi|zuHause2> US Stations has been reported to cause desyncs
00:03:23  <Sacro> OGM is a nice format
00:03:43  <Sacro> ?
00:04:09  <Eddi|zuHause2> then there can be MiniIN patches who have not fully been tested on multiplayer, so they can also be causes of desyncs
00:04:32  <Eddi|zuHause2> daylength might be a candidate for that
00:04:40  <Sacro> Eddi|zuHause2: lies!
00:04:51  <Sacro> thats a damn near perfect patch
00:04:52  <jp> does someone play on the MiniM servers?
00:05:10  <Sacro> jp: yes
00:05:15  <Eddi|zuHause2> and some desyncs are actually trunk bugs
00:05:28  <jp> could u give me the grf used plz?
00:05:29  <Sacro> Eddi|zuHause2: like woodlice?
00:05:45  <Sacro> jp: depends which server
00:06:02  <jp> [TTDLX HQ] 1 [ch/at/de] []
00:06:03  <Eddi|zuHause2> if you could hunt them down, you are welcome to post details to
00:06:57  <jp> [TTDLX HQ] 2 [ch/at/de] []
00:07:13  <Eddi|zuHause2> that's probably in german, jp
00:07:21  <jp> i know
00:07:31  <jp> i have to change the language?
00:07:31  <Sacro> does anyone here have access to oreos?
00:07:56  <Eddi|zuHause2> no, languages are multiplayer agnostic ;)
00:08:09  <Eddi|zuHause2> or the other way round
00:08:40  <jp> ok
00:10:39  <Eddi|zuHause2>
00:10:55  <Eddi|zuHause2> that should explain the grfs used
00:11:06  <Eddi|zuHause2> server 1 with that list
00:11:09  <Eddi|zuHause2> server 2 without grfs
00:17:23  <jp> thx
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00:21:17  <jp> stil sync err....:-(
00:21:37  <jp> how to set max debug level?
00:22:35  <Eddi|zuHause2> you also need the correct patch settings
00:22:42  <Eddi|zuHause2> (the picture linked in the post)
00:25:05  <jp> stil sync err....:-(
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00:35:55  <Eddi|zuHause2> you read that daylength is set to 1 (opposing to the picture)?
00:36:25  <Sacro> bah, daylength should be at least 21
00:36:27  <Sacro> *32
00:37:13  <Eddi|zuHause2> well, it is not my server ;)
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00:40:37  <Timmaah> hey
00:40:43  <Timmaah> anyone know when the maglev trains come out?
00:40:54  <Timmaah> monorail just came out in 1998
00:41:07  <Eddi|zuHause2> also, try to use the grfs from the archive linked from the post
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00:41:36  <Eddi|zuHause2> Timmaah: 2020 or so
00:42:17  <Timmaah> thanks
00:42:23  <Timmaah> game only lasts 100 years right?
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00:43:07  <Eddi|zuHause2> depends on settings
00:43:17  <Eddi|zuHause2> with alternate grfs you can start in 1920
00:43:23  <JohnUK89> Timmah: it finishes in 2050, when it starts depends on settings
00:43:52  <Eddi|zuHause2> and the game can go till 2090 (and loop in 2090 forever)
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00:44:12  <JohnUK89> Yeah, but the rating is put to the high scores in 2050
00:48:17  <Sacro> humm, its almost 2am
00:48:29  <Timmaah> ah k thanks
00:48:47  <JohnUK89> Sacro: yeah,  kinda late lol
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00:50:00  <Eddi|zuHause2> 2? better make that 3 ;)
00:50:15  <JohnUK89> Eddi|zuHause2: we're in the UK ;-)
00:50:32  <Eddi|zuHause2> no, "we" are not ;)
00:51:03  <JohnUK89> Me and Sacro are :)
00:58:16  * Sacro yawns
00:58:27  * JohnUK89 doesn't
00:59:05  <JohnUK89> I just go to bed when I get tired :-D
00:59:29  <Sacro> me too
00:59:42  <JohnUK89> And I'm nearly there, actually
01:01:53  <Sacro> yeah
01:02:24  <JohnUK89> In fact I'm gonna go now, cya later :)
01:05:24  <Sacro> night, im going too i reckon
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01:28:45  <glx> Darkvater: it's a very old patch :)
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01:43:54  <mikk36> mmyeah
01:44:09  <mikk36> just downloaded an old classic tiberian sun :) (sry for piracy)
01:44:16  <mikk36> looks gorgeous @ 1280x1024
01:58:14  <GoneWacko> D:
01:58:19  * GoneWacko owns that game twice
01:58:24  <mikk36> :)
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01:59:58  <mikk36> why twice ?
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03:18:40  <BFM> I'm playing Homeworld 2, tis fun ^_^
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07:24:54  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: ping --urgent
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07:26:51  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX: rep
07:28:16  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: msg
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07:38:54  <Darkvater> a bit out
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08:01:11  <peter1138> hello
08:01:16  <guru3> domo
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08:32:00  <Bjarni> hi Dong
08:32:03  <Bjarni> *Doug
08:37:26  <Burgundavia> Bjarni: hmm, funny story at work about Dong/Doug. Seems one of my ex workmates had 500 business cards printed up with Dong instead of Doug. And then he spent an entire tradeshow handing them out
08:38:20  <Bjarni> :D
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08:38:48  <MeusH> hey
08:38:57  <Bjarni> Alltaken once got a Pizza where the name was written "Dong" :-D
08:39:00  <Bjarni> hi MeusH
08:39:17  <Alltaken> LOL yes i did
08:39:49  <Alltaken> i didn't get the recipt though :(
08:39:57  <Alltaken> and hi Bjarni
08:40:24  <MeusH> Alltaken: I see brilliant sprite renderings made by users, but is there any progress with the 32bpp code?
08:40:24  <Bjarni> <Alltaken>	i didn't get the recipt though :( <-- sue the pizza house
08:40:50  <Bjarni> MeusH: ask egladil for progress on the 32 bit graphic engine
08:41:04  <Bjarni> Alltaken is "just" an artist
08:41:17  <Bjarni> a good one, but he is not coding the display engine ;)
08:41:24  <Burgundavia> Alltaken: have you collected the .blend files somewhere?
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08:41:51  <Wolf01> hi
08:42:01  <MiHaMiX> Alltaken: hi :)
08:42:58  <MeusH> hello Wolf01
08:43:10  <Alltaken> Ummm egladil  just got a new computer (blew up a water-cooling thing on the old one) so can start coding again
08:43:27  <Bjarni> yeah
08:43:31  <Alltaken> but he lost the CPU, RAM, Vid card, TVcard, and Mobo on the old one.
08:43:36  <Alltaken> which is a whole new computer
08:43:48  <MeusH> but HDDs are allright?
08:43:49  <Bjarni> he used regular water as cooleant to save money.... bad idea when it leaks
08:43:52  <Alltaken> so that is what is happening with the 32bpp coding
08:43:53  <Bjarni> and it will leak
08:44:18  <Alltaken> and no i never collected any files...... i would love someone to though
08:44:27  <Burgundavia> yes
08:44:30  <Alltaken> i could perhaps set up an Email address to collect them all
08:44:42  <Burgundavia> I can see all this effort up in smoke becuase a few people disappear
08:44:50  <Alltaken> yeah so can i
08:45:03  <Alltaken> i would love a place online that people can upload to, incase i disapear
08:45:06  <Burgundavia> also lay out the licensing conditions for the .blend files themselves (I like GPL because other project can use it)
08:45:14  <Burgundavia> what about straight into SVN?
08:45:18  <Bjarni> you know, some railroad companies use regular water as cooling water (no antifreeze) to cool the diesel engines because it's not a question of if they leak, but how much they leak
08:45:42  <Bjarni> and that antifreeze stuff is highly toxic and expensive
08:46:18  <Bjarni> so it can be cheaper just to avoid stopping the diesel engines during the winter
08:47:57  <peter1138> if you want a blend file web-based repository, one can be made
08:49:37  <JohnUK89> Morning all :)
08:49:49  <Burgundavia> as a non-developer, non-artist, I see nothing wrong with subversion
08:49:58  <Burgundavia> the existing repo, that is
08:51:06  <Bjarni> I know of stuff, that's wrong with the trunk
08:51:15  <Bjarni> that's why we commit to it all the time ;)
08:51:55  <Darkvater> yaay, got a reply from KUDr :)
08:52:06  <Bjarni> :D
08:52:41  <Darkvater> I won't paste cause of possible NDA problems, but he's ok, but unfortunately very busy
08:52:46  <Darkvater> hopes to get back to us soon
08:53:27  <peter1138> he's done a hackykid?!
08:53:59  <peter1138> what is it with potential pbs developers....
08:54:24  <MeusH> maybye there is a... curse of pbs
08:54:39  <MeusH> a monster without eyes comes to pbs developers at night
08:54:47  <MeusH> and eat their fingers
08:54:53  <MeusH> so they can't input the code
08:56:27  <Bjarni> 	<peter1138>	he's done a hackykid?! <-- not really. He said that he got work to do and that he will return when he gets time
08:59:28  <stillunknown> Darkvater: he put a NDA on a conversation?
08:59:42  <Darkvater> behold
08:59:42  <Darkvater> Please tell my greetings on the channel. Hopefully back soon.
08:59:42  <Darkvater> thanks
08:59:43  <Darkvater> KUDr
08:59:45  <Darkvater> :)
08:59:53  <Bjarni> Darkvater: have you learned the answer to "why did you replace the name LDFLAGS with LIBS?"?
09:00:03  *** Diesel [~opera@] has joined #openttd
09:00:12  <Bjarni> I have yet to figure that one out myself
09:00:31  <Bjarni> ahh
09:00:36  <Bjarni> free fuel :D
09:00:45  <Darkvater> Bjarni: he, I assigned it to you because as far as makefile's go I'm 0
09:00:47  <Bjarni> showing up all by itself
09:01:05  <Darkvater> peter1138: he's gone your way a bit ;)
09:01:15  <Bjarni> Darkvater: well, that change is... well, I don't see the reason
09:01:23  <Bjarni> I don't think it will break anything though
09:01:40  <stillunknown> some systems do use LDFLAGS
09:01:45  <Wolf01> how much "d" in shadow?
09:02:26  <Darkvater> Bjarni: question was about DIETLIBC mostly, if that can be added. Thought you were the makefile man here ;)
09:02:52  <Bjarni> I don't know DIETLIBC at all
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09:03:41  * Bjarni is waiting for TrueLight to get back
09:03:51  <Darkvater> hehe
09:04:25  <Rubidium> Bjarni: that will be a long wait
09:05:21  <Bjarni> oh right
09:05:24  <Bjarni> hmm
09:05:33  <Bjarni> maybe I can do without him then
09:05:54  <Bjarni> or find somebody else knowing DIETLIBC
09:06:00  <Bjarni> Rubidium: do you know DIETLIBC?
09:06:10  <Bjarni> Google: do you know DIETLIBC?
09:06:53  <Rubidium> Bjarni: no I don't
09:07:23  <Bjarni> ahh, found the official homepage
09:08:00  <Bjarni> "The dietlibc is a C standard library. It was developed by Felix von Leitner with the goal to compile and link programs to the smallest possible size." ... "It is mainly used in embedded devices"
09:08:12  <MeusH> may I ask for a code style advice?
09:08:13  <MeusH> 			heightdiff == 0
09:08:13  <MeusH> 			? GuiShowTooltips(STR_MEASURE_LENGTH, display_y)
09:08:13  <MeusH> 			: GuiShowTooltips(STR_MEASURE_LENGTH_HEIGHTDIFF, display_y, heightdiff);
09:08:33  <MeusH> do you think it is allright to split ?: into three lines?
09:09:03  <Bjarni> yes, since they are so long. It have been done elsewhere as well
09:09:29  <MeusH> thanks
09:13:17  <peter1138> has
09:13:51  <Darkvater> that function isn't even valid
09:14:04  <Darkvater> GuiShowTooltips #1 has 2 arguments, #2 has 3
09:15:58  <MeusH> it is valid
09:16:22  <MeusH> some time ago you and peter1138 helped me with that function so it can get any number of arguments
09:16:28  <MeusH> or... up to 5 arguments
09:17:00  <Darkvater> ah, argv
09:17:01  <Darkvater> ok
09:17:10  <peter1138> heh
09:17:14  <peter1138> magic params
09:17:35  <MeusH> who is the author of autorail btw?
09:18:03  <Darkvater> ludde/dominik
09:19:06  <MeusH> allright. that isn't good
09:19:35  <MeusH> Autorail is pretty messy and I can't find a way to distinguish "diagonal" 2x1 from "normal" 2x1
09:24:04  <Bjarni> then clean it up and/or add comments :)
09:25:38  <MeusH> well thanks, but the problem is with understanding the code
09:26:38  <Bjarni> once you understand it, then ensure that other people will understand it as well
09:26:54  <peter1138> eah
09:26:56  <peter1138> +y
09:27:03  *** JohnUK89 [~john@] has joined #openttd
09:32:36  <MeusH> "* (see ASCII art in autorail.h for a visual interpretation) */"
09:32:44  <MeusH> does anyone know what happened to autorail.h?
09:32:51  <MeusH> was it merged into some rail.h?
09:34:10  <Bjarni> hmm
09:34:12  <Bjarni> investigating
09:35:49  <Bjarni> I can't find it
09:36:47  <Bjarni> the only ASCII thing I can find regarding rails is on rail_cmd.c
09:37:00  <Bjarni> but I'm not sure that is what you are looking for
09:37:08  *** Diesel [~opera@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:38:54  <MeusH> thanks, I'll take a look at that
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09:44:41  <Maedhros> MeusH: autorail.h is in the table/ directory :)
09:45:04  <MeusH> thanks :)
09:45:42  *** Diesel [~opera@] has joined #openttd
09:51:11  <Wolf01> suggestion: giant screenshot of 2048x2048 and use google earth to see it
09:58:58  <Bjarni> hmm
09:59:02  <Bjarni> what format do google earth use?
09:59:33  <Wolf01> wait
10:00:26  <Wolf01> a .dat file, i think they put all images there
10:00:34  <MeusH> how about NASA WorldWind?
10:02:53  <Wolf01> if i remember right WW uses jpegs
10:05:49  <Wolf01> oh i got a new idea: double zoom level
10:06:05  *** Belugas_Gone [~Jfranc@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:06:08  <MeusH> I will be feature of 32bpp graphics
10:06:28  <MeusH> current "max zoom" will be half of the future "max zoom"
10:06:28  <Bjarni> YOU will be a feature of 22bpp graphics???
10:06:32  <Wolf01> you will be a feature?
10:06:34  <Wolf01> lol
10:06:38  <MeusH> sorry, s/I/It :D
10:06:47  <Bjarni> *32
10:06:49  <Wolf01> 22?
10:07:00  <MeusH> 16?
10:07:13  <Bjarni> why not 1 bit?
10:07:18  <Trenskow> when is 0.5 to be due ?
10:07:21  <Wolf01> black & white
10:07:30  <Bjarni> that would be single minded XD
10:07:49  <JohnUK89> Trenskow: when it's done ;-)
10:08:12  <Trenskow> well, then how far is it getting along ?
10:08:29  <Wolf01> 2022
10:08:30  <Bjarni> Trenskow: maybe in 2-3 months... it depends on unknown factors such a developer time, bugs yet unknown and stuff like that
10:08:39  <Bjarni> so in reality, it's a least 6 months into the future :P
10:08:46  <Trenskow> Bjarni, nice :D
10:08:54  <Bjarni> Wolf01: you want our children to release it?
10:09:01  <Wolf01> :)
10:09:24  <Wolf01> eh, magic bridges in 2022, new map array too, why not 32bpp?
10:09:31  <Trenskow> and it'll feature the new map array, 32bit gfx ?
10:09:47  <MeusH> 32bit per pixel map array lol ;)
10:09:49  <Bjarni> no
10:10:58  <Bjarni> the current plan (subject to change without notice) is UTF-8, TGP, Bridges, PBS in addition to what the trunk contains
10:12:04  <Bjarni> oh and likely the new path thing
10:12:30  * peter1138 delegates PBS to bjarni
10:14:14  <Bjarni> that's part of the (subject to change without notice) thing
10:14:45  <Bjarni> oh one more likely feature: discontinued support for OSX 10.2
10:14:59  <JohnUK89> May I ask what Bridges actually contains? I haven't been able to look at it yet :)
10:15:09  <Bjarni> that is if nobody bothers to find out how to get the trunk to compile on 10.2 again
10:15:49  <Bjarni> JohnUK89: search the forum for the bridges over a lot of stuff tread. I think it's in the general OTTD forum
10:16:15  <JohnUK89> Bjarni: okies, will do when this apt-get (bloody things) finishes
10:17:53  <peter1138> Bjarni: you're the only os x developer...
10:18:30  <JohnUK89> peter1138: the question is, does he run OSX 1-.2?
10:18:41  <JohnUK89> 10.2*
10:20:26  <peter1138> he can
10:20:33  <peter1138> spare harddrive, switch it over...
10:20:51  <JohnUK89> Do you think he can be bothered though? Lol
10:21:04  <peter1138> probably not
10:21:04  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by sortepeer]
10:21:07  <peter1138> he doesn't do much at all really
10:22:16  *** Burgundavia [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
10:22:17  <Bjarni> <peter1138>	spare harddrive, switch it over... <-- well, that's not the issue. It fails to compile
10:22:22  <JohnUK89> brb...need food
10:22:44  <Bjarni> for some reason it stops at the line "#include <new>"
10:22:46  <Bjarni> don't ask me why
10:22:53  <Bjarni> I haven't bothered to investigate it
10:23:27  <peter1138> lazy
10:23:34  <peter1138> 's just a c++ header
10:24:09  <Bjarni> I mean I haven't investigated why it works on 10.3 and newer, but not on 10.2
10:25:11  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has joined #openttd
10:25:51  <Wolf01> where is default zoom saved?
10:26:02  <Wolf01> s/saved/set
10:27:05  <Bjarni> the default value in settings.c I guess
10:27:35  <Wolf01> why i forget every time about settings.c?
10:27:50  <Bjarni> we don't mind that
10:27:54  <Bjarni> it's not your fault
10:27:59  <Bjarni> you are Italian after all
10:28:05  * Bjarni hides
10:28:36  <Bjarni> yapf/yapf.hpp:33:15: error: new: No such file or directory <-- this is the issue I haven't bothered to investigate
10:29:03  <Wolf01> i think is not called _default_zoom_level
10:29:49  <Bjarni> the string I use to compile for 10.2 is the same as for 10.3, except for the part about what version to target
10:30:07  <Patrick`> well, there's a #include <new> on that line
10:30:17  <Bjarni> I know that
10:30:27  <Patrick`> so, yeah, is that something OSX should have or what
10:30:31  <Bjarni> but I don't get why it works on 10.3, but not 10.2
10:30:41  <Patrick`> maybe it's "new" on 10.3
10:31:02  <Wolf01> oh is in gui.h
10:31:02  <Bjarni> well, I have considered that
10:31:14  <Bjarni> and if it is, then I will not bother to backport it to 10.2
10:31:23  <Patrick`> the file itself claims to be part of GCC
10:31:34  <Wolf01> enum {
10:31:35  <Wolf01> 	ZOOM_IN = 0,
10:31:35  <Wolf01> 	ZOOM_OUT = 1,
10:31:35  <Wolf01> 	ZOOM_NONE = 2, // hack, used to update the button status
10:31:35  <Wolf01> };
10:31:35  <Wolf01> what the hell?
10:31:42  <Bjarni> hmm
10:31:45  <Bjarni> and I use the same GCC file...
10:31:57  <Bjarni> err
10:31:59  <Bjarni> g++, that is
10:32:06  * blathijs just updated his working copy nearly a thousand revisions...
10:32:13  <blathijs> Has been a while, it seems :-)
10:32:31  <Patrick`> the contents are simple
10:32:43  <Patrick`> you could copy/paste and see if it compiles then
10:32:51  <Bjarni> so far the 10.2 binary for 10.2 (0.4.8) got 9 downloads and at least one of them is a test to see if the upload worked
10:33:05  <Patrick`> that's still more than zero
10:33:08  <Bjarni> the other OSX file got 196 downloads
10:33:18  <Patrick`> doesn't sourceforge have a big renderfarm for this sort of thing?
10:33:43  <Patrick`> it seems that all that new does is warn about using obsolete headers
10:33:45  <Bjarni> I should not have any problems compiling this
10:33:56  <Patrick`> what happens when you remove the line?
10:34:05  <Patrick`> (and anything that depends on it)
10:34:24  <Bjarni> I got a full set of headers for 10.2 when I installed the crosscompiling tools from Apple
10:35:09  * Bjarni decides to reinstall the headers
10:35:16  <Patrick`> hmm, so it's not actually being built on 10.2 but on a crosscompiling kit
10:35:21  <Bjarni> maybe something went wrong in the last update or something
10:35:34  <Bjarni> this computer can't boot in 10.2
10:36:33  <Bjarni> but that should not matter
10:38:04  <Bjarni> the crosscompiler is much better than regular crosscompilers because it's OSX compiling for another OSX target. They are kind of similar and Apple did a big thing out of it so it's easy to make software, that works on old systems as well
10:38:17  <Bjarni> except I don't really know what happened in this case
10:38:43  <Bjarni> I have been crosscompiling all releases since 0.4.0 or something and it didn't act up until now
10:38:45  *** TinoM [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
10:39:27  <Bjarni> the only other time it had problems was then 10.2 itself failed to compile as well and I think that is also the case here
10:39:51  <MeusH> bbl
10:39:54  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
10:45:28  *** TinoM [] has joined #openttd
10:46:06  <Bjarni> no, reinstalling the libs didn't change anything (I didn't really expect it to, but you never know)
10:49:20  *** MeusH [] has joined #openttd
10:49:24  <MeusH> back
10:49:41  <JohnUK89> Back as well
10:49:44  <peter1138> Bjarni: you appear to be confusing OS X with Windows...
10:49:44  <Gonozal_VIII> what is the difference between debug and release build?
10:49:53  <peter1138> one is a debug build
10:49:58  <peter1138> one is a release build
10:50:30  <Gonozal_VIII> so what's the difference except the name?
10:50:37  <Tefad> ARGH
10:50:45  <JohnUK89> The debug one tends to be more buggy :P
10:50:47  <Tefad> debug is usually slower and has information to help people fix bugs.
10:51:10  <Tefad> however, sometimes there are bugs that are based on memory locations, and one bug may affect one and not another.
10:51:17  * Tefad shrugs
10:51:26  <JohnUK89> (I don't actually know, so ignore me) :)
10:51:29  <peter1138> we don't have bugs
10:51:33  <peter1138> we have 'features'
10:52:12  <Gonozal_VIII> would a debug build help to find out why the multiplayer desyncs sometimes?
10:52:26  <peter1138> not really
10:55:26  <Gonozal_VIII> i often play openttd miniin with a friend and we get desynct quite often... part of it seemed to be caused by the usstations newgrf but no idea what causes the rest
10:56:35  <Wolf01> why in the zoom function there are some controls with ZOOM_ and other with the number directly?
10:57:21  <Rubidium> because they are probably not converted yet to ZOOM_...
10:58:15  <Bjarni> <peter1138>	Bjarni: you appear to be confusing OS X with Windows... <-- what???
10:59:25  <Gonozal_VIII> some disconnects occured while building a bridge over water, others when there was a big trafic jam on the main line but we got also desynct without doing anything
10:59:41  <Bjarni> oh the reinstalling thing... well short of investigating the problem, it was a 5 click thing to do, so I didn't really lose anything when trying
11:03:09  <Gonozal_VIII> we both have 2mbit dsl with ping reply around 20-30 ms so the connection should be more than good enough its also exactly the same game version/newgrf order in cfg etc..
11:05:38  *** Prof_Frink [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:06:46  <blathijs> what happened to CIA?
11:06:53  *** Belugas_Gone [~Jfranc@] has joined #openttd
11:07:13  <Rubidium> it's still in the queue to be transfered to here, I guess
11:07:23  <JohnUK89> blathjis:he's still on freenode
11:08:18  *** Belugas_Gone is now known as Belugas
11:08:21  *** Belugas is now known as Belugas_Gone
11:11:11  *** Prof_Frink [] has joined #openttd
11:13:51  <blathijs> JohnUK89: ah, right :-)
11:20:31  *** dupier [] has joined #openttd
11:21:20  *** KUDr_wrk [~KUDr@] has joined #openttd
11:28:31  *** Zahl [] has joined #openttd
11:30:49  *** roboboy [] has joined #openttd
11:31:04  *** roboman [] has joined #openttd
11:31:04  *** BJH2 [] has joined #openttd
11:31:35  *** XeryusTC [] has joined #openttd
11:36:19  <ln->
11:37:46  <hylje> how witty
11:47:55  <MeusH> bbl
11:47:57  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
11:48:59  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by sortepeer]
11:50:16  <Wolf01> mmm i don't know why i'm trying to put another zoom out instead another zoom in
11:50:25  *** OwenS [] has joined #openttd
11:52:54  *** UE|sleepingtiem [] has joined #openttd
11:57:19  *** UserErr0r [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:57:58  <roboman> gnight
11:58:04  *** roboman is now known as robobed
12:02:38  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-83-100-154-35.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
12:02:47  * Wolf01 hides
12:04:09  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has joined #openttd
12:04:39  * JohnUK89 runs
12:04:53  * Eddi|zuHause2 walks calmly
12:05:44  * XeryusTC puts on a helmet and ducks
12:06:07  *** tron_ [] has joined #openttd
12:09:19  <Sacro> XeryusTC: hehe, you look silly with ducks on
12:09:43  <XeryusTC> yes, but they do protect me :)
12:10:59  <JohnUK89> Right, I'm going to attempt to install the nvidia drivers again lol
12:11:14  *** MeusH [] has joined #openttd
12:11:17  *** KUDr_wrk [~KUDr@] has quit []
12:11:37  <JohnUK89> OpenGL is too slooooow without then :-X
12:11:58  <JohnUK89> them*
12:12:14  <Wolf01> mmm i have a great problem with the zoom
12:13:01  *** Gorre` [] has joined #openttd
12:13:08  <Gorre`> morning ..
12:13:27  <JohnUK89> Gorre`: morning (afternoon) :P
12:14:36  <Gorre`> Hi John
12:14:54  <Gorre`> Im planning a "great announcement" (chicht) of my newest blender job, the water supply ... when its uploaded ...
12:16:51  <JohnUK89> Lol, how long's that gonna take
12:17:30  <Gorre`> Well ...
12:17:34  <Eddi|zuHause2> "until it's done"
12:17:43  <Eddi|zuHause2> why do you even bother asking that question? ;)
12:18:02  <JohnUK89> Eddi|zuHause2: because I'm a n00b ;-)
12:18:13  <Eddi|zuHause2> well... that explains it ;)
12:18:24  <Gorre`> I need one more hour to render three 1024x previews (construction phases incl.)
12:19:19  <XeryusTC> Gorre`: why do you want such big previews?
12:19:44  <Gorre`> Big? Well, actually, that preview is scalled down four times.
12:20:07  *** Alltaken_ [] has joined #openttd
12:20:16  <Gorre`> Its a factory, dont expect that factory would be two times bigger then common family house.
12:21:05  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has quit [Quit: Read error: Connection reset by sortepeer]
12:22:32  <Wolf01> who want to help me a little with zoom levels?
12:24:55  <Sacro> Wolf01: move your head closer to the object
12:25:22  <JohnUK89> Sacro: Lol
12:25:30  <JohnUK89> What if he wants to zoom out? :P
12:25:47  <Sacro> JohnUK89: duh, move further away
12:25:54  *** Alltaken [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:26:05  <JohnUK89> You never told him that
12:26:07  *** Alltaken_ is now known as Alltaken
12:26:30  <Sacro> humm, the intynut is missing
12:27:31  <Wolf01> sacro, thank you, i never thought about it
12:28:03  <Gorre`> Ok, my graphics sux, no one would ever like to just a single factory has a size of 7mb in png. :-(
12:28:35  <Tefad> shrink i then?
12:28:55  <XeryusTC> Gorre`: you're rendering it in 32 bit right?
12:29:40  <Gorre`> Im using alltaken's lights settings
12:30:12  <Sacro> Wolf01: :)
12:30:24  <Sacro> $me->work(':(');
12:30:31  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-83-100-154-35.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:32:56  <Bjarni> <-- I'm on qdb in a quote I didn't know about....
12:32:56  <Bjarni> how did that happen?
12:33:28  <Bjarni> well, I can remember this episode, but not that it ended up on qdb
12:35:23  <Wolf01> search for sacro on qdb
12:35:35  <MeusH> * Sorry, your search query returned no results.
12:36:04  <Bjarni> I'm there in more than one quote
12:36:21  <Wolf01> no, search for all, not approved only
12:37:18  <MeusH> Bjarni is in 4 approved
12:37:19  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: lol :D
12:37:25  <MeusH> Bjarni's a celebrity!
12:37:50  <Bjarni> hahaha
12:38:08  <XeryusTC> someone should tell Bjarni to get a life :P
12:38:29  <Bjarni> When I typed Sacro, it ended up as sa and it showed savant as the word I might be typing :D
12:38:39  <Bjarni> in case you don't know it, savant is the name of the condition Rainman got
12:39:30  <MeusH> who is Rainman?
12:39:32  *** roboboy [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:39:32  *** robobed [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:39:45  <Bjarni> ...
12:39:45  * Bjarni slaps MeusH
12:40:21  <Bjarni> Haven't you watched Rainman with Tom Crouse and Dustin Hoffman?
12:40:28  <Eddi|zuHause2> Rainman is Sacro light ;)
12:40:52  <MeusH> Rayman
12:40:55  <Bjarni> where Dustin is some sort of special guy, who can't really interact with other people, lives in a special home and can't forget anything
12:40:59  <MeusH> I know
12:41:06  <MeusH> IIRC he's rayman
12:41:18  <Bjarni> Raymond ;)
12:41:28  <Bjarni> hmm
12:42:07  <MeusH> arrggh
12:42:08  <Bjarni> the guy they used to base Rainman on is now known as the real life Rainman. He lives in Salt Lake City.... Vorcinous lives in Salt Lake City.....
12:42:28  * MeusH wonders why is the "Rainman" movie title translated to "Rayman" in Polish
12:42:28  <Wolf01> ok, now there isn't sacro, i can ask again: who want to help me a little with zoom levels?
12:42:29  <Bjarni> we got a famous visitor :D
12:42:53  <MeusH> I may help you, depending on what do you need
12:43:09  <Wolf01> i'm trying to add another zoom in level
12:43:14  <Bjarni> MeusH: because Polish translators don't know about rain in sunny California?
12:43:15  <Wolf01> and maybe another zoom out level
12:43:29  <Wolf01> (for bigger maps)
12:43:36  *** Guest56 [] has joined #openttd
12:43:46  *** Darkvater [] has left #openttd []
12:43:46  *** Darkvater [] has joined #openttd
12:43:46  *** mode/#openttd [+o Darkvater] by ChanServ
12:43:46  <MeusH> I'll try to help you when I'm back
12:44:06  <MeusH> cya guys
12:44:08  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:45:46  <Bjarni> <-- I like this one. It was a random line from Sacro and I just picked it up :D
12:48:45  <JohnUK89> Haha
12:49:12  <Darkvater> :O
12:49:20  <Darkvater> I got an email from the editor of Gamestar Hungary
12:49:41  <Darkvater> well, we did :)
12:50:22  *** Gonozal_VIII [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:50:24  <Bjarni> forward it to me please
12:50:30  <Darkvater> no
12:50:39  <Darkvater> it's in Hungarian
12:51:10  <Bjarni> and while I wait for it, I will try to figure out what Gamestar Hungary is ;)
12:51:17  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: than forward to me :D
12:51:40  <Darkvater> game-magazine
12:51:42  <Bjarni> oh
12:51:54  *** Alltaken [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:51:56  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: and we are mentioned in gamestar? :D
12:52:24  <Darkvater> no, he just tells us he loves ottd, but has some bugs he'd like sorted out :)
12:52:39  <Bjarni> well, I presume you might understand the contents of it, so you can tell what it is about then
12:53:48  <Bjarni> well
12:53:48  <Bjarni> could be worse ;)
12:54:39  <Bjarni> so will you open bug reports for those bugs, so we can deal with them?
12:56:18  <Darkvater> 2 are no bugs, 1 is a feature request ;)
12:56:29  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: no, he'll reserve the exclusive rights to deal with them :D
12:56:35  <Rubidium> Darkvater: r5906 introduced an assertion; and change the signals direction
12:56:54  <Darkvater> great, I sent tron_ to hunt for a savegame like that ;)
12:56:58  <Bjarni> you are trying to steal my fame???
12:57:24  <Bjarni> you leave me no choice but to do this
12:57:28  * Bjarni condemns Darkvater
12:57:55  *** Bjarni was kicked from #openttd by Darkvater [out you go]
12:57:55  *** Bjarni [] has joined #openttd
12:57:58  *** mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
12:58:19  <Bjarni> wtf
12:58:25  <Bjarni> I got autoreconnect on?
12:58:33  <Bjarni> didn't knew that
12:58:34  <Patrick`> Pfft, vornicus isn't the rain man
12:58:58  <Bjarni> he isn't?
12:59:01  <Bjarni> :(
12:59:09  <Bjarni> hmm
12:59:23  <Bjarni> then how do we make it look like we got famous people in here
12:59:24  <Patrick`> yeah, there's more than one dsl connection in salt lake city
12:59:35  <Patrick`> invite sid meir
12:59:41  <Bjarni> Utah got DSL?
12:59:50  <Patrick`> ok, morse code
13:00:08  <Bjarni> hmm
13:00:21  <Bjarni> and why would we invite Sid Meier?
13:00:24  <Bjarni> and why would he come here?
13:00:57  <Eddi|zuHause2> IP over morse code? sounds fun ;)
13:01:08  *** JohnUK89 [~john@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:01:17  <OwenS> 0 = dot 1 = dash :P
13:01:38  <Bjarni> well
13:01:38  <Eddi|zuHause2> OwenS: that is not morse code
13:01:54  <Bjarni> morse code is the lowest two layers. You can always add TCP/IP on top of that
13:02:15  <OwenS> Lowest 1
13:02:30  <Bjarni> actually morse code is only the link layer
13:02:32  <OwenS> Layer 2 is switch
13:02:34  <OwenS> Yep
13:02:53  <Eddi|zuHause2> i always thought IP was already on layer 2
13:02:59  <Eddi|zuHause2> and TCP on layer 3
13:03:20  <OwenS> Cat5e is L1, Ethernet is L2, IP is L3, apps are L4
13:03:22  <Bjarni> IP is the 3rd layer, right?
13:03:35  <Bjarni> app are L5
13:03:50  <Eddi|zuHause2> it was 7 layers, or not?
13:04:06  <Eddi|zuHause2> bah... networking class was sooo long ago
13:04:06  <Bjarni> that depends on if you want the model with the session layer or not
13:04:13  *** Alltaken_ [] has joined #openttd
13:04:15  *** Alltaken_ is now known as Alltaken
13:04:20  <Eddi|zuHause2> and 90% of the time we were just chatting ;)
13:04:30  <Bjarni> 7 with the session layer and 5 without it
13:04:30  <Bjarni> I forgot the name of the other "extra" layer
13:04:32  <Bjarni> never used it
13:05:01  <tron_> Eddi|zuHause2: Please Do Not Throw Salami Pizza Away
13:05:14  <Bjarni> app, transport, network, link, physical
13:05:43  <Bjarni> app, presentation, session, transport, network, link, physical <-- if you want 7 layers
13:05:44  <Eddi|zuHause2> tron_: how could you even imply such blasphemy?
13:06:35  <tron_> Eddi|zuHause2: it's mnemonic for the 7 ISO/OSI layers
13:06:52  <Eddi|zuHause2> i am never good with mnemonics
13:07:04  *** Belugas_Gone is now known as Belugas
13:07:22  <tron_> Please Do Not Throw Salami Pizza Away
13:07:39  <tron_> Physical, Data link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application
13:07:58  *** stillunknown [] has joined #openttd
13:07:59  <Eddi|zuHause2> i find that mnemonics are harder to remember than the things they describe
13:08:12  <Bjarni> nice one
13:08:14  <Bjarni> I need to remember that one :)
13:08:40  <tron_> Bjarni: i won't tell the german version of it (;
13:08:47  <Bjarni> :(
13:08:57  <Bjarni> why not?
13:09:19  * Bjarni kicks everybody under 18
13:09:32  <Bjarni> tron_: now you can tell it ;)
13:10:02  *** Diesel [~opera@] has left #openttd []
13:16:23  <Alltaken> Ottdsmut
13:18:32  <Darkvater> ok peeps, very serious question
13:18:51  <Darkvater> you all remember the industry directory window, where you can sort industries by, amongst others, %of transportation
13:19:08  <Darkvater> right now those are sorted by the average of both cargos
13:19:29  <Darkvater> eg a farm is somewhere on the list by (%wheat + %livestock)/2
13:19:44  <Darkvater> now do we prefer this method, or just taking the MINIMUM of %cargo
13:19:51  *** exe [] has joined #openttd
13:20:55  <Belugas> or maybe making it an option?  Min, Max or average?
13:20:59  <stillunknown> avarage with a warning color if the transportation is uneven
13:21:45  <Eddi|zuHause2> minimum with one sort order, and maximum with the reverse order ;)
13:21:47  <tron_> not more options for something like this
13:21:57  <tron_> stillunknown: the % are pretty much always unequal
13:22:01  <Eddi|zuHause2> pleases everyone ;)
13:22:29  <stillunknown> or maybe a warning colour if one resource is not transported at all
13:22:44  <tron_> this wasn't the question
13:22:59  <tron_> Eddi|zuHause2: it's not a reverse order then
13:23:04  <Darkvater> of course any other sorting criteria, WITH argumentation
13:23:12  <Eddi|zuHause2> or ad a button... the current one sorts for first cargo, and the new one sorts for last cargo (if any)
13:23:14  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX: kuldom :)
13:23:40  <Darkvater> Eddi|zuHause2: that is what Belugas said basically
13:24:09  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX: mar valaszoltam neki mind a harom pontban
13:24:19  <stillunknown> maybe a 60%/95% notation
13:34:18  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: a 3. javaslat nem is rossz :)
13:34:24  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: a 2. mar reg megvan
13:34:42  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: az 1. pedig nem bug :) es afaik konnyen modosithato
13:34:51  <Darkvater> tum
13:35:03  <MiHaMiX> tum?
13:35:21  <Darkvater> tudom
13:35:23  <Darkvater> ;)
13:35:30  <Tefad> what a weird mix of languages
13:36:01  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: az inkabb 'tom', nemde? :D
13:36:16  <MiHaMiX> Tefad: it's hungarian :)
13:36:16  <Darkvater> nekem csak tum
13:36:25  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: de akkor nem vagy kompat velem:-(
13:36:30  <Tefad> with an english acronym.
13:37:09  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX: please upgrade your software
13:37:11  <Darkvater> ;p
13:37:20  <tron_> Darkvater, MiHaMiX: if you want to talk hungarian, do it by pm
13:37:59  <MiHaMiX> tron_: if you want to shut the fuck up, please do so now :P
13:38:16  <Tefad> burn
13:38:49  *** wolfy [] has joined #openttd
13:40:16  *** thys [] has quit []
13:40:50  <tron_> MiHaMiX: it's VERY impolite to talk in a foreign language in the presence of others, so YOU better STFU
13:41:18  <OwenS> :( the CIA bot still sits in the Freenode chanel
13:41:27  <OwenS> (Yeah, I just noticed)
13:42:02  *** Born_Acorn [] has joined #openttd
13:42:49  <MiHaMiX> tron_: i think we didn't do as much noise with Darkvater in the last few minutes as you did with this "don't do this" thread...
13:43:15  <MiHaMiX> tron_: beside this, it's not usual from us to speak in hungarian here...
13:43:29  <Darkvater> guys are you done yet?
13:43:32  <Darkvater> jezus
13:43:42  <MiHaMiX> tron_: so I don't think you should instruct us
13:43:50  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: ?
13:43:55  *** Wolfensteijn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:44:16  <tron_> MiHaMiX: i just said EXACTLY one line that you should do it per PM, you're making it a drama
13:44:23  <Darkvater> there was absolutely no need to be so rude in the first place
13:45:31  <tron_> darkvater: i was not rude in any way, he told me to "shut the fuck up"
13:45:42  <Darkvater> that was directed to MiHaMiX
13:46:04  <tron_> and no, the ":P" doesn't make it funny
13:48:10  <MiHaMiX> tron_: but.. at least I was replied in english :P
13:48:19  <Darkvater> ok, this is totally gay
13:48:27  <Born_Acorn> :o
13:48:43  <Darkvater> the tunnel crashes because GetVehicleOutOfTunnelTile() is not called with the front engine...
13:48:46  * Darkvater goes to ponder
13:49:22  * Belugas goes to coffee
13:51:46  <Rubidium> Darkvater: GetVehicleOutOfTunnelTile used to have for(init;;update) if (condition) break, now it is init; do {update} while (condition)
13:52:34  <Darkvater> Rubidium: getvhe.. ALWAYS returned v->tile
13:54:36  <Bjarni> there is a town called Coffee in Canada?
13:54:46  <Bjarni> oh btw, if you missed last night, here is the "log"
13:54:46  <Bjarni>
13:54:48  <Bjarni>
13:54:50  <Bjarni> that's more or less what happened ;)
13:55:54  <Eddi|zuHause2> Bjarni: you left out the lollypop part :p
13:56:10  <Bjarni> hahaha. I connected to freenode, but didn't connect to any channels at all
13:56:12  <Bjarni> now I flooded out it :D
13:56:13  <Darkvater> Rubidium: I mean what use is a function that always returns v->tile?
13:56:18  <Bjarni> it was not suitable for public display
13:56:45  <Bjarni> then again, nothing on qdb is suitable for public display
13:57:33  <Darkvater> Rubidium: I mean you agree that's nonsense?
13:57:43  <hylje> nonsense nonsense nonsense
13:57:50  * Darkvater slaps hylje
13:58:10  *** jp [] has joined #openttd
13:59:58  * hylje counterattacks with a hammer
14:00:43  * Bjarni picks up a toothpick
14:00:52  * Bjarni stabs hylje
14:00:55  <Bjarni> no fighting in here
14:00:59  * hylje absorbs the attack
14:01:03  <Rubidium> returning always v->tile does not seem ok
14:01:14  <hylje> godmodding ftw.
14:01:31  * Bjarni picks up a large trout
14:01:38  <Born_Acorn> The bad grammar and punctuation in #64207 made it more like it was something from MSN!
14:01:44  * Bjarni slaps hylje with the large trout
14:02:32  <hylje> it is?
14:02:57  <hylje> ok, the 4chan random box. current bid at 50 million $
14:03:03  <hylje> what the fuck, seriously.
14:03:16  <XeryusTC> Bjarni: how's your stomach today? :P
14:04:56  <Darkvater> great, revision 1 crap :s
14:10:25  <Rubidium> <- this does NOT always return v->tile and seems to solve the assertion
14:11:50  <Darkvater> so check the first tile as well?
14:11:52  <Darkvater> hmm
14:12:36  <Rubidium> yes
14:14:41  <Darkvater> well it does always return v->tile :)
14:14:52  <Darkvater> at least in the test-cases with assertion
14:15:09  <Bjarni> <XeryusTC>	Bjarni: how's your stomach today? :P <-- better than yesterday, but not perfectly alright
14:15:26  <Darkvater> ugh, shit
14:15:30  <Darkvater> forgot #if ;p
14:16:02  <peter1138> grumble
14:16:11  <peter1138> colleague appears to have "no woman no cry" on repeat, or something
14:16:38  * peter1138 ponders something with which to retaliate
14:16:55  <Darkvater> Rubidium: doesn't work, cause a roadvehicle now can't find the depot when told so from inside a tunnel with yapf off
14:16:58  * XeryusTC is off to update FC5 to the latest stable
14:17:00  *** jp [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.75 [Firefox]]
14:17:09  <Rubidium> hmm...
14:17:17  *** XeryusTC [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:17:32  * peter1138 ponders art of noise
14:18:26  *** MeusH [] has joined #openttd
14:18:29  <Darkvater> hmm but it does find the end of the tunnel
14:18:35  <MeusH> hi again
14:18:47  <peter1138> is there a light?
14:18:57  <Darkvater> ;0
14:19:14  <Belugas> might be a train...
14:23:21  <Darkvater> Rubidium: ok, it seems to work. Get it in and let's see who else bitches about it
14:23:48  <Wolf01> hi MeusH, can you help me with zoom levels now?
14:23:59  <MeusH> I think so
14:24:18  <stillunknown> isn't autoreplacing a diesel engine with an electric engine possible?
14:24:26  <Rubidium> Darkvater: ok
14:25:11  *** ChrisM87 [] has joined #openttd
14:25:13  <Wolf01> ok, i found the code a little incomprensible:
14:25:14  <Wolf01> 0 to zoom in
14:25:14  <Wolf01> 1 to zoom out
14:25:14  <Wolf01> 2 to not zoom
14:25:14  <Wolf01> that's right?
14:25:52  <Bjarni> it is
14:25:54  <Bjarni> stillunknown: you are like the 24524th guy, who failed to click the pulldown menu :p
14:26:25  <hylje> that means that the pulldown menu isnt apparent enough
14:26:45  <MeusH> stillunknown, it is
14:26:45  <MeusH> however, the depot must be electrified
14:27:20  <Bjarni> yeah, that as well
14:27:34  *** Zoiah [] has joined #openttd
14:27:45  <Bjarni> you see, the game prevents you from getting electric engines on a non-electrified line ;)
14:28:21  <stillunknown> been a while since i played openttd, i think i even used that menu in the past :-)
14:29:41  <Wolf01> ZOOM_IN/OUT/NONE are also the 3 current zoom levels, aren't they?
14:29:54  <MeusH> yes
14:30:06  <MeusH> but I don't get it
14:30:12  <Wolf01> gui.h
14:30:12  <MeusH> is it in settings.c?
14:30:15  <MeusH> okay
14:30:16  <MeusH> thanks
14:30:40  <Wolf01> ok, now i want: ZOOM_IN_MAX/IN/NONE/OUT/OUT_MAX
14:31:03  <Wolf01> ZOOM_IN should be the current max zoom level
14:31:19  <Wolf01> and ZOOM_NONE the current middle zoom level
14:32:01  <MeusH> take a look at DoZoomInOutWindow in main_gui.c
14:32:05  <MeusH> it says more
14:32:14  <Wolf01> yes i'm here
14:33:19  <MeusH> I understand it that way: ZOOM_NONE is the most far away camera
14:33:30  <MeusH> and ZOOM_OUT is closer to "earth" than ZOOM_NONE
14:34:19  <Wolf01> yes, NONE is wrong i think
14:35:35  <MeusH> so you want to make additional two zoom levels?
14:35:38  <MeusH> brb
14:35:39  <Wolf01> yes
14:37:22  <MeusH> I'm back but I'm leaving now
14:37:34  <MeusH> take a look at how is zoom out handled
14:37:43  <MeusH> and try to add additional zoom out
14:37:51  <MeusH> since it seems to be easier to do
14:37:59  <Wolf01> i already done that, at least for buttons
14:38:05  <MeusH> the naming should be changed
14:38:13  <Wolf01> now i get asserts everywhere
14:38:16  <MeusH> because now ZOOM_OUT and ZOOM_NONE are wrong
14:38:32  <MeusH> hmm I'll be back in 1,5 hours I think, so cya later
14:38:35  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:39:50  *** Spoco [] has quit []
14:42:08  *** Gorre` [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:42:22  <Darkvater> wtf's wrong with CIA? Even the website is down
14:42:24  <Darkvater> but not anymore
14:42:25  <Darkvater> he
14:42:29  <hylje> broken shit!
14:43:14  <OwenS> Isn't CIA-5 still sitting in the old channe;?
14:43:24  <Darkvater> wtf
14:43:29  <Darkvater> it isn't even requested here
14:43:41  *** Spoco [] has joined #openttd
14:43:57  <Darkvater> at least the stats don't show
14:44:12  * Darkvater tries to request l'bot
14:44:22  <Darkvater> peter1138:
14:44:24  <Rubidium> TrueLight: said he had requested the change
14:44:43  <Darkvater> yes, but the site says otherwise :s
14:45:26  <Darkvater> ah micah seems to be away or something
14:45:43  * Darkvater retries
14:46:32  *** Eddi|zuHause2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:47:42  *** Eddi|zuHause2 [] has joined #openttd
14:48:44  <Darkvater> there, mail sent
14:49:08  <Darkvater> peter1138: ping, pm, flags&important_T
14:49:20  <peter1138> uh huh
14:50:02  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has joined #openttd
14:50:04  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has quit []
14:50:56  *** exe [] has left #openttd []
14:55:45  *** Gorre` [] has joined #openttd
14:58:11  <Gorre`> (Im annoyed that nobody has seen my new blender at the forums :,( )
14:59:35  *** lws1984 [] has joined #openttd
15:00:17  <Darkvater> Gorre`: people HAVE seen it, it's been downloaded over 20 times it seems
15:00:47  <Darkvater> he, I like the new-old oil rig
15:01:04  *** KritiK [] has joined #openttd
15:01:28  * Darkvater starts drolling at construction #c
15:01:54  <Darkvater> haha
15:02:02  <Darkvater> Gorre`: that looks more like an oil-refinery ;p
15:02:13  <Belugas> very good job Gorre` :)
15:02:18  <Darkvater> stunning though
15:02:22  <Belugas> and i have to agree with Darkvater
15:02:45  <Belugas> the helipad helps thinking that way ;)
15:03:14  <Darkvater> the funny thing is, all water supplies I have seen up until now were just a big green grassy field with a single small shed
15:03:22  *** Tobin [] has joined #openttd
15:03:28  <Darkvater> so I have no idea where the concept of ttd's water supply comes from
15:04:53  <peter1138> desalination plant, perhaps
15:05:04  <peter1138> but they should be near sea water...
15:05:05  *** JohnUK89 [~john@] has joined #openttd
15:05:08  <peter1138> (i think)
15:05:29  <Gorre`> Well, thats because I used my old oil rig blend file ...
15:05:35  <Gorre`> thanks anyway
15:05:36  <JohnUK89> Ello :)
15:06:50  <Bjarni> 	<Darkvater>	peter1138: <-- looks ok to me
15:06:52  <Bjarni> I planned on doing that once peter1138 finished that road refit command
15:06:54  <Bjarni> at least, that was my plan when I wrote this in the first place ;)
15:08:49  <Gorre`> Well, Im calling it a water supply, not an oil rig because somebody told me there (xy months ago) that it doesnt look like an oil rig (despite of the material laying on the ground).
15:09:46  <Bjarni> hi JohnUK89
15:09:48  <Gorre`> His argument was that 95% of oil rig is built on the shore and then transported and placed on the pillars, which is true and doesnt fit my concept.
15:09:54  <JohnUK89> Bjarni: ello
15:09:59  <Bjarni> haven't I seen you before?
15:10:09  <Bjarni> or are you new to this channel?
15:10:11  <JohnUK89> I don't know, think you have
15:10:17  <Bjarni> hi JohnUK89
15:10:22  <JohnUK89> May have seen me on Freenode...
15:10:36  <Bjarni> nahh
15:10:39  <JohnUK89> You said hi twice ;-)
15:10:41  <Bjarni> I don't end up on places that sucks so much
15:10:57  <JohnUK89> I dunno I know you?
15:11:25  <Bjarni> how should I know what goes on in YOUR head?
15:11:44  <JohnUK89> You shouldn't :P
15:11:47  <lws1984> Romulan mind probes!
15:11:57  <JohnUK89> Would be a mind reader if you did :)
15:12:10  <JohnUK89> lws1984: nah I'm not into Star Wreck ;-)
15:12:14  <Bjarni> or telepathic
15:12:21  <lws1984> wreck?
15:12:27  <JohnUK89> Bjarni: same difference
15:12:27  <lws1984> ooh, you mean trek.
15:12:36  <lws1984> NOT the same diffrence.
15:12:36  <JohnUK89> lws1984: yes
15:12:50  <Bjarni> lws1984:
15:13:10  <JohnUK89> Hehe
15:13:21  <lws1984> aah yes, star wrck
15:13:33  <lws1984> gah, my keyboard is wrecking
15:14:03  * JohnUK89 refuses to let Live For Sped habits come into #openttd
15:14:05  <JohnUK89> Speed*
15:15:09  <Bjarni> JohnUK89: well, since you are new to this channel, I will give you a warning instead of a ban. You are not allowed to sell speed or any other drugs in here
15:15:22  <JohnUK89> Bjarni: I wasn't planning to ;-)
15:15:48  <JohnUK89> Live For Speed is a car racing simulator :-D
15:19:52  *** JohnUK89 is now known as lolman
15:20:22  <lolman> Felt like a change of name :P
15:22:44  *** Tobin [] has quit [Quit: Tobin]
15:28:50  *** GoneWack1 [] has joined #openttd
15:30:43  <Bjarni> we really need CIA to be here to tell us about the commits
15:30:53  <Bjarni> either that or DorpsGek should take over
15:31:41  *** Mucht [] has joined #openttd
15:32:24  <tron_> it unbelievable that moving a damn bot takes more than three days
15:32:46  <Bjarni> well
15:33:13  <lolman> Bjarni: since CIA-5 is taking so long, I reckon DorpsGek should take over...not up to me though :)
15:33:33  <blathijs> DorpsGek?
15:33:53  <Bjarni> lolman: only issue is that if DorpsGek needs to take over, then TrueLight needs to add that to his bot code and he is away until Friday :p
15:34:06  <Bjarni> !seen blathijs
15:34:06  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, please look a bit closer at the memberlist of this channel.
15:34:13  <Bjarni> that one
15:34:15  <lolman> Bjarni: well that doesn't help...
15:34:28  <blathijs> ah
15:34:51  <Bjarni> !seen darkssh
15:34:52  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, I found 3 matches to your query: Darkvater, DarkSSH, Darkvaer. Darkvater ( was last seen joining #openttd 2 hours 51 minutes ago (15.08. 12:43). Darkvater is still there.
15:35:18  <Bjarni> Darkvaer?
15:35:39  *** Eer [~bla@] has joined #openttd
15:35:40  <Bjarni> !seen lolman
15:35:40  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, please look a bit closer at the memberlist of this channel.
15:35:46  <lolman> Hehe
15:35:46  <Eer> hiya
15:35:48  *** GoneWacko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:35:51  *** Eer is now known as BobRoss
15:35:51  <Bjarni> !seen johnuk89
15:35:53  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, JohnUK89 (~john@ was last seen changing his/her nick to lolman on #openttd 16 minutes ago (15.08. 15:19). lolman is still there.
15:35:59  <hylje> lolman!
15:36:07  <hylje> where you left omgman?
15:36:09  <lolman> hylje!
15:36:22  <Bjarni> yeah, I gave him that name
15:36:23  <lolman> I dunno! he ran off!
15:36:28  <lolman> !seen omgman
15:36:28  <DorpsGek> lolman, omgman? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember omgman.
15:36:33  <Bjarni> somehow it appeared to fit him well
15:36:39  <lolman> Nope! he's gone lol
15:36:43  <Bjarni> !tits
15:37:01  <Bjarni> !seen tits
15:37:02  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, I don't remember seeing tits.
15:37:09  <Bjarni> !seen babes
15:37:10  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, babes? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember babes.
15:37:12  <lolman> hehe
15:37:36  <Bjarni> it's IRC aright
15:37:51  <lolman> Bjarni: I'm still getting used to IRC :P
15:37:58  <Bjarni> !seen porn
15:38:00  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, I don't remember seeing porn.
15:38:15  <Bjarni> and he is on the internet???
15:38:27  <lolman> Bjarni: lolol
15:38:30  <lolman> -ol
15:38:43  <lolman> dunno how me fingers hit ol twice :-\
15:39:03  <Bjarni> you should have a "lol" key on your keyboard
15:39:19  <Bjarni> then it would be lollol though
15:39:25  <lolman> Bjarni: is there a program to make keyboard macro under Linux? :)
15:39:37  <Bjarni> hmm
15:39:40  <Bjarni> I guess so
15:39:49  <lolman> +s
15:39:51  <lolman> lol
15:39:53  <Bjarni> but don't ask me how to get it
15:40:07  <lolman> Oh well, just a thought :)
15:41:23  *** glx [] has joined #openttd
15:41:24  *** mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
15:41:34  * lolman hides
15:41:51  * lws1984 puts a large neon sign over lolmanm
15:42:02  <lws1984> *lolman
15:42:17  <lolman> Oh bugger
15:43:28  * lws1984 creats a large glowing arrow and points it at lolman
15:44:24  <lolman> hopefully brb...
15:44:28  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Quit: leaving]
15:49:14  <Bjarni> well, this time he did a better job at hiding
15:49:18  <Bjarni> !seen lolman
15:49:20  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, lolman (~john@ was last seen quitting #openttd 4 minutes ago (15.08. 15:44) stating "Quit: leaving" after spending 39 minutes there.
15:49:34  <Bjarni> !seen johnuk89
15:49:36  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, I found 3 matches to your query: lolman, JohnUK89, john. lolman (~john@ was last seen quitting #openttd 5 minutes ago (15.08. 15:44) stating "Quit: leaving" after spending 39 minutes there.
15:49:51  <lws1984> !seen my_life
15:49:52  <DorpsGek> lws1984, I don't remember seeing my_life.
15:49:54  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
15:50:00  <lws1984> it's not yours, it's MINE!
15:50:05  <SpComb> !seen DorpsGek
15:50:06  <DorpsGek> SpComb, please look a bit closer at the memberlist of this channel.
15:50:13  <Bjarni> :D
15:50:15  <lws1984> !seen lws1984
15:50:16  <DorpsGek> lws1984, do you have a split personality? *eg*
15:50:18  <SpComb> what a silly message
15:50:19  <lws1984> hehe
15:50:26  <SpComb> not nearly as good as patchbot
15:50:26  <lws1984> !seen Bjarni
15:50:28  <DorpsGek> lws1984, please look a bit closer at the memberlist of this channel.
15:50:34  <Bjarni> !seen developers
15:50:34  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, you know that the length of nicks is limited, don't you?
15:50:38  <lws1984> no, DorpsGek has got attitude
15:50:39  <SpComb> !seen lws1984
15:50:40  <DorpsGek> SpComb, please look a bit closer at the memberlist of this channel.
15:50:44  <SpComb> wait, that's just silly
15:50:49  <SpComb> it should say when they last spoke...
15:50:55  <lws1984> I'm right here, you loon!
15:50:55  * SpComb lunches on DorpsGek
15:51:09  <SpComb> !seen izhirahider
15:51:10  <DorpsGek> SpComb, Hum... don't you think this nick is a bit long? ^_^
15:51:12  <Bjarni> !seen devs
15:51:14  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, devs? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember devs.
15:51:23  <Bjarni> I'M RIGHT HERE!!!!
15:51:28  <SpComb> !seen me
15:51:28  <Bjarni> stupid bot :p
15:51:30  <lws1984> !seen my_boss_cheating_on_his_wife_with_his_secretary
15:51:31  <DorpsGek> SpComb, I don't remember seeing me.
15:51:33  <DorpsGek> lws1984, you know that the length of nicks is limited, don't you?
15:51:39  <SpComb> !seen Rexxie
15:51:41  <DorpsGek> SpComb, if you can't see Rexxie here right now, you probably need new glasses. ^_^
15:51:46  <lws1984> err. actually, I have seen that, and it's a dreadful sight
15:52:08  <Rexxie> that's not very nice :p
15:52:11  <SpComb> DorpsGek is rather silly
15:52:26  <lws1984> he was, until you lunched on him
15:52:31  <lws1984> now he's rather digested!
15:52:35  * SpComb likes patchbot more
15:52:43  <Bjarni> it's a new script, that is more or less coded in an afternoon
15:52:55  <Bjarni> he will improve when TrueLight gets back
15:53:43  <hylje> what language
15:53:45  <Bjarni> btw it got a nice feature. If you use !seen and the guy you search for is not in the channel, but online, then it will tell what channels to go search for him in
15:53:56  <Bjarni> hylje: TCL
15:54:02  <hylje> oh noes
15:54:17  <Bjarni> ?
15:55:41  <SpComb> well, that's not new, but the "there were these matches" thing is somewhat useful
15:55:53  <SpComb> !seen on
15:55:55  <DorpsGek> SpComb, I don't remember seeing on.
15:56:00  <SpComb> hmm... perhaps not
15:56:04  <orudge> !seen yer_maw
15:56:05  <DorpsGek> orudge, yer_maw? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember yer_maw.
15:56:08  <SpComb> !seen om
15:56:09  <DorpsGek> SpComb, om? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember om.
15:56:09  * orudge spys eggdrop
15:56:10  <lws1984> !seen yer_mum
15:56:11  <DorpsGek> lws1984, yer_mum? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember yer_mum.
15:56:12  <orudge> *spies
15:56:19  <SpComb> !seen oM
15:56:20  <peter1138> so is this about openttd, or about a fucking bot?
15:56:21  <DorpsGek> SpComb, I don't remember seeing oM.
15:56:23  <lws1984> !seen eggdrop
15:56:23  <DorpsGek> lws1984, I don't remember seeing eggdrop.
15:56:29  <SpComb> peter1138: playtesting a bot
15:56:39  <peter1138> playtest it elsewhere?
15:56:41  <orudge> It's eggdrop!
15:56:44  <orudge> What else does it do, then?
15:56:46  <orudge> It seems most boring.
15:56:59  <SpComb> peter1138: it doesn't seem to be on any other channel
15:57:13  * lws1984 drops an egg
15:57:21  <orudge> Anyway
15:57:22  * orudge breakfast
15:57:37  <glx> !stats
15:57:39  <DorpsGek>
15:57:51  <orudge> You've just copied SinnerBot now, haven't you?
15:58:07  <orudge> I daresay you're using mel for the logging, and PISG fo the stats
15:58:09  * orudge sighs :p
15:58:26  <Bjarni> I think his plan is to copy, include as much as possible, that already works
15:58:28  <orudge> Although I bet this bot doesn't do !cake or !hug
15:58:35  <Bjarni> waste of time not to do so
15:58:43  <OwenS> 5  OwenS  3301366248  today  "We need the new map array first"
15:58:43  <OwenS> Aww, that quote is boring
15:58:55  <orudge> Aargh, the evil OwenS!
15:59:00  * orudge growls
15:59:01  <orudge> p
15:59:02  <orudge> :p
15:59:03  <OwenS> :P
15:59:29  <Bjarni> hehe, JohnUK89 got quoted for saying lol
15:59:33  <Bjarni> go figure
15:59:38  <lws1984> !hug
16:00:24  <OwenS> Hehe 5  OwenS  64  Wolf01 (Most referenced nicks)
16:00:28  <OwenS> I bet thats changed now :P
16:00:37  <OwenS> Or should have...
16:01:06  *** hylje is now known as the
16:01:09  *** the is now known as hylje
16:01:31  <Bjarni> JohnUK89 is a very aggressive person. He/She attacked others 3 times.
16:01:32  <Bjarni> For example, like this:
16:01:32  <Bjarni>      * JohnUK89 slaps phone
16:01:32  <Bjarni> hehe
16:02:10  <OwenS> Hehe, ive worked out a brilliant way to filter spam ^^
16:02:19  <OwenS> Delete mail which arrives at both of my addresses
16:02:29  <hylje> sigh, oftc nickserv doesnt remember nicks ive been registered in
16:02:33  <Bjarni> the 6th most used word in this channel is.... linux
16:02:35  <hylje> so i have to reidentify
16:02:54  <hylje> and the easiest way to do _that_ is..
16:02:55  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has joined #openttd
16:02:55  <Bjarni> it even beats openttd, which is the 7th most used word
16:03:03  *** hylje [hylje@] has quit [Quit: lololol]
16:03:04  *** hylje [hylje@] has joined #openttd
16:05:06  <OwenS> ;P
16:05:06  *** mikl [] has joined #openttd
16:05:06  <OwenS> I should also filter email claiming to come from my address.
16:11:41  *** jailbreaker [] has quit [Quit: gpf]
16:12:14  <mikl> Arrrrrrrr, 0.4.8 is out - why didn't anyone tell me?
16:12:19  <mikl> ;)
16:14:53  <glx> you didn't ask :)
16:15:47  <stillunknown> 0.4.8 is pretty old from a trunk perspective
16:15:49  <mikl> in fact, my evil package-system installed it, without me noticing :D
16:16:19  <OwenS> O_O
16:16:40  <OwenS> "  US professor Barry Popkin said all countries - both rich and poor - had failed to address the obesity boom.
16:16:40  <OwenS>  He told the International Association of Agricultural Economists the number of overweight people had topped 1bn, compared with 800m undernourished."
16:16:40  <OwenS> (From BBC news,
16:17:10  *** MeusH [] has joined #openttd
16:17:14  <MeusH> hello
16:17:20  <MeusH> hey Wolf01
16:17:25  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:17:49  <Wolf01> here
16:18:05  <MeusH> how's the zooming?
16:18:14  <Wolf01> same as before
16:18:19  *** BobRoss [~bla@] has quit []
16:19:32  <Wolf01> i can't figure the asserts on viewport.c
16:20:34  <OwenS> Dell recalls 4m laptop batteries -> Not AGAIN!
16:21:02  <MeusH> hmm
16:21:03  <MeusH> brb
16:21:06  <MeusH> I'll be back
16:21:07  <MeusH> really
16:21:19  <Bjarni> you didn't see that one?
16:21:20  <Bjarni> I knew it all day
16:21:33  <OwenS> Im just checking the news now
16:25:09  *** tron_ [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
16:29:18  <Darkvater> michi_cc: ping
16:32:26  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
16:32:32  <lws1984> lolman!
16:32:42  <lolman> lws1984!
16:33:13  <Bjarni> Bjarni!
16:33:22  <lolman> Bjarni!
16:33:29  <lws1984> Bjarni!
16:33:33  <lolman> Bjarni! Bjarni! Bjarni!
16:33:35  <lolman> .me chants
16:33:37  <lolman> grrr
16:33:38  <lolman> lol
16:33:44  <Bjarni> I won
16:33:45  <lws1984> Bjar-ni! Bjar-ni!
16:33:46  *** UE|sleepingtiem [] has quit [Quit: if at first you dont succeed, you fail.]
16:33:55  <Bjarni> I got the most references :D
16:33:59  * Bjarni slaps lws1984
16:34:17  <Bjarni> now you didn't refer to me in the stats
16:34:17  * lolman slaps Bjarni
16:35:24  <Bjarni> MeusH: do you need a job?
16:36:18  <lolman> I could be moving in 13 days :P
16:36:46  <Darkvater> < away yet again, only one pc, too much users
16:36:48  <Bjarni> I said MeusH, not lol
16:36:59  <Bjarni> s/much/many
16:37:24  <Darkvater> <away
16:37:44  <Darkvater> damn too many windows open :S
16:37:54  <Darkvater> stop messaging me!
16:37:55  *** stillunknown [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:38:30  <lolman> Bjarni: I know :)
16:41:21  <lolman> Just thought you may want to know the fact I may be moving :P
16:41:56  <Bjarni> to Denmark?
16:41:59  <lolman> Nah
16:42:04  <lolman> Leeds
16:42:09  <Bjarni> didn't think so
16:43:17  *** Zavior [] has joined #openttd
16:43:30  * lolman slaps Ubuntu's forum
16:43:33  <lolman> too slow
16:44:09  <Bjarni> !seen Ubuntu
16:44:09  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, I don't remember seeing Ubuntu.
16:44:39  <Bjarni> lolman: he was not even here, so how can you message him right after he left?
16:44:40  * lolman slaps Bjarni for being so pedantic
16:44:43  <MeusH> Bjarni: maybye
16:44:52  *** Cybertinus [~cybertinu@] has joined #openttd
16:44:55  <Cybertinus> hello
16:44:55  <lws1984> pedanticisim!
16:45:09  * MeusH kills lolman
16:45:18  *** lolman is now known as deadlolman
16:45:21  * MeusH makes lollipops of lolman
16:45:34  * MeusH gives Bjarni a lolman lollipops
16:45:55  <lws1984> ooh! can I have one?
16:45:59  <Bjarni> MeusH: you want a job?
16:46:15  * MeusH opens a lollipop shop
16:46:23  * MeusH gives lws1984 two lollipops
16:46:27  <Bjarni> they are hiring Polish people as paperboys in Copenhagen
16:46:31  <MeusH> Bjarni: I already have a shop
16:46:37  <MeusH> a lollipop shop
16:46:41  <MeusH> but I can have two jobs
16:46:47  <MeusH> what's up dude?
16:46:52  *** Wolfensteijn [] has joined #openttd
16:47:18  <Bjarni> <MeusH>	what's up dude? <-- <Bjarni>	they are hiring Polish people as paperboys in Copenhagen
16:47:32  <lws1984> thanks MeusH
16:47:32  <MeusH> so that's the offer?
16:47:45  <Bjarni> well
16:47:48  <MeusH> man, lollipops are equal to $$$
16:47:54  <MeusH> I'm not a paperboy
16:48:00  <MeusH> I'm a lollidude
16:48:02  <Bjarni> it's possible to come to a nice country and earn money at the same time
16:48:52  * deadlolman waits for someone to respawn him
16:49:14  <Bjarni> you are a guy lolita?
16:49:19  * MeusH gathers his lollypowers
16:49:37  * MeusH uses his resurrect_a_lollipop power on deadlolman
16:49:44  <deadlolman> Bjarni: I wouldn't say lolita
16:49:47  <MeusH> here you are, new and shiny
16:49:47  *** deadlolman is now known as lolman
16:50:24  * Bjarni casts slay living on lolman
16:50:40  * MeusH casts frenzy on Bjarni
16:50:42  * Bjarni watches lolman die in agony
16:51:00  <Bjarni> die you bastard. DIE
16:51:06  <MeusH> Bjarni is in state of violent mental agitation
16:51:21  <Bjarni> why can't you just die?
16:51:37  * Bjarni kicks lolman's dying body
16:52:21  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
16:52:25  * OwenS shoives knife into Bjarni's throat
16:52:30  * Bjarni casts fireball on lolman
16:52:31  <Bjarni> and then he died
16:52:35  <Bjarni> finally :D
16:52:39  <|Jeroen|> pfft yet another network to connect to
16:52:43  * Bjarni casts raise dead on lolman
16:52:58  <OwenS> Erm, I just sliced your throat O.o
16:53:18  <Bjarni> see, it was ok to resurrect him. He just needed to lose a constitution point ;)
16:53:23  <Bjarni> death penalty
16:53:39  * Bjarni takes his sword and beheads OwenS
16:53:46  *** OwenS is now known as DeadOwenS
16:53:47  *** wolfy [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:53:53  <Bjarni> o_O
16:53:56  <lws1984> He's Dead, John!
16:54:00  <lws1984> :p
16:54:08  * DeadOwenS 's goast waits patiently for someone to use a Phoenix Down on him...
16:54:09  <lolman> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
16:54:10  <Bjarni> I think I was too powerful with the sword
16:54:14  <DeadOwenS> A defribulator works also :)
16:54:21  <lws1984> not in beheading!
16:54:22  <DeadOwenS> Wait.. No
16:54:30  <Bjarni> I killed both OwenS and wolfy in one blow
16:55:14  <Bjarni> well
16:55:19  <DeadOwenS> Yeah, you kinda hit him with the sword
16:55:24  <DeadOwenS> Phoenix down me already someone!
16:55:34  <DeadOwenS> Else I will haunt you all :P
16:55:39  *** lws1984 is now known as lws|Lunch
16:55:49  * DeadOwenS haunts you all
16:55:51  <Bjarni> now DeadOwenS learned the hard way that I don't like people assaulting me
16:55:55  * DeadOwenS haunts you all
16:56:05  <Bjarni> good
16:56:13  <Bjarni> then haunt lolman
16:56:21  * DeadOwenS haunts Bjarni
16:56:22  *** lws|Lunch is now known as lws1984
16:56:29  <Bjarni> quick lunch
16:56:43  *** lws1984 is now known as lws|Lunch
16:56:43  * DeadOwenS pushes Bjarni's monitor(s) on the floor
16:56:50  <MiHaMiX> hmm
16:56:54  <Bjarni> maybe we made him lose his appetite when talking about killing people with melee weapons
16:57:09  *** ced-2 [] has joined #openttd
16:57:20  *** lws|Lunch is now known as lws1984
16:57:44  <glx> DeadOwenS: you can't touch things, you're a ghost
16:57:51  <DeadOwenS> Ghosts can haunt :P
16:58:13  <Bjarni> DeadOwenS: LOL, that reminds me of Steward or whatever his name was. He decided to type "/me hugs Bjarni" and then the next line was "shit, I just fell off the chair", "it fucking hurts"
16:58:29  <MeusH> lolman, seems to be dead, doesn't he?
16:58:38  <Bjarni> so, it's dangerous to go against me on IRC
16:58:39  * DeadOwenS steals and uses Bjarni's Phoenix Down on himself :P
16:58:42  *** DeadOwenS is now known as OwenS
16:58:45  <OwenS> Much better...
16:59:24  * Bjarni casts fireball on OwenS
16:59:33  * Bjarni raises OwenS as a lich
16:59:34  * OwenS pours a bucket of water on himself
17:00:01  * orudge grumbles at this highlight
17:00:04  * Bjarni decides that this have gone far enough
17:00:18  <OwenS> It hasn't for me!
17:00:18  <Bjarni> orudge: you got highlighted?
17:00:32  * OwenS pulls out SC20k with Shotgun Attachment and pops off Bjarni's head
17:00:47  * Bjarni got protection from normal missiles
17:00:49  <orudge> Bjarni: Yes
17:00:51  <orudge> "Owen" highlights me
17:00:53  <orudge> It's annoying
17:00:56  <Bjarni> haha
17:00:59  <MeusH> bye
17:01:16  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:01:23  <Bjarni> then there is only one thing to do
17:01:51  <Bjarni> OvenS: how dare you to do such a crude attempt on my life.... you will fail
17:02:21  * OwenS peppers some more sniper bullets at Bjarni
17:02:32  <Bjarni> you can't oppose the great god of #openttd
17:02:34  * lolman fires ICBM at Bjarni
17:02:36  * lws1984 draws a phaser rifle
17:02:48  * OwenS aims SC-20K
17:02:49  * lws1984 finishes and chucks the pencil at lolman
17:03:06  * OwenS puts on radiation suite
17:03:07  <Bjarni> I'm immortal and can't be harmed by normal weapons
17:03:10  * lolman dodges
17:03:29  * lws1984 attaches a disruptor to the phaser
17:03:34  <Bjarni> bah
17:03:40  * Bjarni goes away
17:03:46  * lolman whistles, and waits for alien invasion force to arrive
17:03:46  * OwenS casts Mortality :P
17:04:03  * OwenS fires another bullet at now mortal Bjarni's head :P
17:04:19  <Bjarni> children of #openttd: I don't want you to fight each other
17:04:24  <Bjarni> Fight MS instead
17:04:33  <lolman> Good idea
17:04:36  <lws1984> yay!
17:04:43  * lws1984 phasers Redmond
17:04:43  * lolman reroutes ICBM to Redmond
17:05:00  * lws1984 grabs several weapons and drives in after the ICBM strikes
17:05:43  * lolman blows the door off Bill's bunker
17:05:51  * OwenS does a Sam Fisher-esque entry into Redmond and sneaks into Balmer's room
17:05:59  * OwenS aims pistol
17:06:01  * OwenS fires
17:06:36  * lolman drives in with tank, to clean up what still remails
17:06:39  <lolman> remains*
17:07:11  *** stillunknown [] has joined #openttd
17:07:53  <lolman> Now, where's that stillunknown person...he needs dealing with...
17:08:18  *** Cannon [] has joined #openttd
17:08:53  <stillunknown> very funny lolman
17:09:05  <lws1984> ooh, a Cannon!
17:09:11  <lws1984> that could be quite useful
17:09:30  * lws1984 does a Kramer-esque entry and kidnaps the Vista source code
17:10:00  <lolman> lws1984: fancy doing an m68k build? :P
17:10:11  <lolman> Of Vista, that is
17:10:15  <lws1984> *snicker*
17:10:15  <lolman> :-D
17:10:30  <lws1984> I wouldn't even want to compile this for PowerPC!
17:11:03  * lws1984 burns the flashdrive(s) he had Vista on
17:11:18  <lolman> LOL
17:12:03  <lolman> Hmm, how do you disable hardware in Debian based distros?
17:12:26  <stillunknown> permanently?
17:12:39  <lolman> Yeah
17:12:47  <lolman> I can't remove it though
17:19:03  <stillunknown> depending on the age of the kernel, you have to convince udev or coldplug not to load the driver for the piece of hardwarw
17:19:08  <stillunknown> *hardware
17:19:25  <stillunknown> how, that's something i don't know :-)
17:20:54  <lolman> Damn lol
17:21:15  <stillunknown>  /etc/hotplug/blacklist might be what you need
17:21:44  <stillunknown> irc didn't send because it had a trailing /
17:22:03  <lolman> Doesn't exist lol
17:22:11  <lolman> udev does :)
17:22:40  <stillunknown> does the folder exist?
17:22:53  <lolman> No, but I found udev
17:23:00  *** webfreakz [~Ronald@] has joined #openttd
17:23:34  <stillunknown> you could try making the folder
17:23:38  <stillunknown> and file
17:23:52  <stillunknown> you just need to put the undesired module in there
17:23:53  <lolman> I'll try it with udev first
17:25:06  <stillunknown> my file contains stuff, which i didn't, so i assume it works with udev
17:25:18  <stillunknown> but i'm not sure
17:25:25  <stillunknown> and it can be distro dependent
17:26:30  <lolman> Well I'll have a look
17:26:52  <stillunknown> arch linux does it by specifying: MODULES="!module"
17:26:57  <stillunknown> in /etc/rc.conf
17:27:05  <stillunknown> so it's definately distro dependent
17:27:26  *** Cannon [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:27:39  <stillunknown> MODULES=(!module)     i mean
17:31:52  <stillunknown> maybe /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist is the file you need
17:33:44  <webfreakz> what does he need?
17:33:57  *** RoMmM [] has joined #openttd
17:34:11  <RoMmM> hi
17:34:12  <lolman> stillunkown: it was what I needed, thanks :)
17:35:04  <lolman> stillunknown*
17:35:33  <lolman> Ok I'll need to reboot for that to take effect, bbs :)
17:35:42  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:38:42  *** Apach [] has joined #openttd
17:39:20  <Apach> hello all
17:39:25  <webfreakz> hi
17:39:31  <Apach> i want to ask about server commands
17:39:42  <Apach> if there is some welcome msg ?
17:40:01  <Apach> can i set something like this ?
17:42:28  <webfreakz> AFAIK you can't?
17:43:05  <Apach> what?
17:43:05  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
17:43:26  <lolman> Module disabled :)
17:43:30  <OwenS> You cank't set a welcome message with the server
17:43:51  <Apach> okey and something like add ?
17:44:14  <OwenS> ?
17:44:50  <Apach> some command to advertise site of the serwer
17:44:54  <Apach> server
17:45:06  <webfreakz> nope
17:45:09  <webfreakz> you can't advertise
17:45:29  <Apach> okey thanks guys :)
17:48:46  *** Apach [] has quit [Quit: Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.]
17:58:17  *** UserErr0r [] has joined #openttd
18:07:56  *** sayno [] has joined #openttd
18:10:12  *** GoneWack1 is now known as GoneWacko
18:23:06  *** DaleStan_ is now known as DaleStan
18:26:50  *** ced-2 [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:28:46  <lolman> Ello :)
18:29:08  <lws1984> ellllllllooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
18:29:11  <webfreakz> hi
18:29:28  <lolman> lws1984: elloooooooooo! lol
18:29:32  <lolman> webfreakz: ello
18:33:58  *** abhdua [] has joined #openttd
18:36:30  <RoMmM> byebye
18:36:38  *** RoMmM [] has quit []
18:38:16  <Darkvater> bah, my laptop has been kidnapped :O
18:39:14  <Gorre`> i told you, nuke'em, i told you that many times ...
18:39:41  <Darkvater> it's my sister
18:40:29  <Gorre`> ok, nevermind
18:40:42  <Darkvater> hehe
18:40:45  <lolman> Nuke 'em anyway! :P
18:41:20  <lolman> Either that or password the laptop :P
18:41:37  <Darkvater> he, well she has her own login
18:41:38  <Darkvater> :)
18:42:03  <webfreakz> what does she say about linux?
18:42:09  <webfreakz> KDE/GNOME?
18:42:44  <Bjarni> <Darkvater>	it's my sister <-- universal excuse
18:42:51  <webfreakz> lol
18:42:52  <Darkvater> she says: does it have Opera? Good, then I don't care
18:43:03  * Darkvater hugs his sister
18:43:07  <webfreakz> rofl
18:43:30  <Bjarni> I will presume that Darkvater will say that it's his sister if he ever make statements he don't mean to
18:43:37  <Bjarni> like "I like guys"
18:43:48  <Darkvater> no
18:43:55  <Darkvater> then I would say: "bjarni forced me"
18:44:11  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
18:44:17  <Bjarni> you mean your sister doesn't like guys?
18:44:25  <hylje> "oops, a cat ran over my keyboard"
18:44:40  <lws1984> hey, that's my line!
18:44:41  <Bjarni> how mean were you to her when she developed her sense of genders?
18:45:24  <Darkvater> very
18:45:27  <Darkvater> *evil grin*
18:45:33  <Darkvater> so
18:45:34  <Darkvater> !seen cia
18:45:35  <DorpsGek> Darkvater, I don't remember seeing cia.
18:45:42  <Darkvater> fuck
18:45:44  <Bjarni> !seen police
18:45:45  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, I don't remember seeing police.
18:45:48  <Bjarni> good
18:45:53  <Bjarni> Darkvater: give me all your money
18:46:02  * Darkvater gives bjarni all his money
18:46:22  <Darkvater> HA, you weren't counting on that now were you?
18:46:23  <Bjarni> hey, it worked :D
18:47:08  <Bjarni> too bad it ended up as only EUR0.05
18:47:18  <Darkvater> why do you think I gave so freely ;)
18:47:21  <webfreakz> isn't that enough to pay your rent? ;)
18:47:38  <Bjarni> it would be in Hungary, but not here
18:48:18  <Born_Acorn> I'm Hungry.
18:48:45  <Bjarni> then you came to the wrong place
18:48:56  <Bjarni> try #food or #recipes
18:49:28  <Born_Acorn> Both are empty. Like my tum.
18:50:00  <Bjarni> then go somewhere else
18:50:05  <Bjarni> like your kitchen
18:50:05  <webfreakz>
18:50:12  <webfreakz> get a pizza!
18:50:19  <Bjarni> or your neighbour's kitchen
18:50:21  <Born_Acorn> (19:50:37) * You were kicked from #food by Born_Acorn (You smell)
18:50:23  <Born_Acorn> :(
18:50:30  *** bruce89 [] has joined #openttd
18:50:45  *** Born_Acorn was kicked from #openttd by Bjarni [You smell]
18:50:50  *** Born_Acorn [] has joined #openttd
18:50:53  <Born_Acorn> How uncouth
18:50:53  <webfreakz> rofl
18:51:19  * Born_Acorn tells the BBC.
18:51:26  <Bjarni> well
18:51:40  <Darkvater> keke
18:52:09  <Bjarni> if they can make a TV show about "England's worst toilet", then they can surely make one of "England's smelliest person on the internet"
18:52:37  <Born_Acorn> It wouldn't be me.
18:52:47  <Bjarni> are you sure?
18:52:47  <Born_Acorn> I smell with my nose!
18:52:47  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
18:52:55  <Born_Acorn> I'm not in England, so no.
18:52:57  <Born_Acorn> :p
18:52:59  <lolman> YAY! :-D :P
18:53:07  <Bjarni> you just got kicked from two channels in less than a minute for smelling
18:53:27  <webfreakz> doesn't that start you thinking?
18:53:36  <Born_Acorn> I smell a lot of things. Right now I smell food cooking.
18:53:38  <lws1984> aye, take a shower for god's sake!
18:53:41  <Bjarni> ok, then "Britain's smelliest person on the internet"
18:53:44  * lolman finally got the nvidia drivers working, and I was right in my assumption that it was the onboard graphics that were screwing it all up
18:54:01  <Born_Acorn> Disable the onboard graphics first thing!
18:54:18  <lolman> Born_Acorn: it is in BIOS
18:54:36  <Born_Acorn> :o
18:54:56  <lolman> It was screwing it up from beyond the grave :o
18:55:04  <Bjarni> anybody got a hint to why opengl displays wrong colours with a nVidia video card? (win 2k)
18:55:24  <OwenS> O.o why are they wrong?
18:55:34  <Bjarni> that's what I would like to know
18:55:49  <glx> wrong drivers I guess
18:56:00  <Bjarni> it's like it uses a wrong colour bitmap in all ogl apps/games
18:56:06  <lolman> Bjarni: a crap OpenGL implementation in your drivers
18:56:22  <Bjarni> I tried every single driver. Some completely fails to show anything
18:56:40  *** KritiK_ [] has joined #openttd
18:56:47  <lolman> Would it happen to be an Intel integrated chipset?
18:56:57  <Bjarni> can't remember
18:57:06  <Bjarni> and can't check it (the computer is not here)
18:57:13  <lolman> Aah right
19:00:22  *** KritiK [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:00:24  *** KritiK_ is now known as KritiK
19:00:59  <Bjarni> but why did you ask if it is an Intel chipset?
19:01:10  <Bjarni> are they nasty when it comes to graphics or something?
19:02:36  <lolman> Bjarni: I'm not convinced that they have very good drivers
19:03:25  <Bjarni> ok
19:12:46  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:13:38  *** webfreakz [~Ronald@] has quit [Quit: bye]
19:14:49  <stillunknown> has rick67 been around lately?
19:15:44  <Born_Acorn> He went to a better place.
19:16:04  <Born_Acorn> (He isn't here, so he must be)
19:23:42  <Bjarni> !seen richk67
19:23:44  <DorpsGek> Bjarni, RichK67 (~RichK67@ was last seen quitting #openttd 2 days 16 hours 57 minutes ago (13.08. 02:26) stating "Quit: RichK67" after spending some time there.
19:24:08  <Bjarni> we got a bot. Use it
19:25:00  <Belugas> peter1138 would say "we have a bot" ;)
19:25:21  <Wolf01> belugas, don't be so sacro ;)
19:25:28  <Belugas> heheh
19:25:36  <stillunknown> i think the bot should be renamed to VillageIdiot for consistency
19:25:38  <hylje> whats wrong in being sacro? :(
19:28:17  <Bjarni> nothing
19:28:31  <Bjarni> if you are mentally unstable and a professional slacker
19:30:41  *** bruce89 [] has left #openttd []
19:31:05  *** BJH2_ [] has joined #openttd
19:33:54  *** BJH2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:34:39  *** dupier [] has quit []
19:46:19  *** Cybertinus [~cybertinu@] has quit [Quit: bye]
19:55:06  *** scia [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
19:57:27  *** lws1984 [] has quit [Quit: Bye]
19:58:32  *** netgert [] has quit []
19:59:57  *** XeryusTC [] has joined #openttd
20:04:21  *** Csendes_Mark [] has joined #openttd
20:04:27  <Csendes_Mark> hi all
20:05:42  <Csendes_Mark> i have a problem:
20:06:11  <Csendes_Mark> I wannt make an OTTD server
20:07:28  <Csendes_Mark> One of my friend has a server with 100MBit net speed
20:08:27  <OwenS> Your problem is?
20:08:34  <Csendes_Mark> the server's opsystem is Debian 3.1
20:08:38  <OwenS> And?
20:08:55  <Csendes_Mark> I dont know how can I start the server
20:09:08  <Csendes_Mark> (sorry, but i am noob in linux)
20:09:16  <OwenS> Run it as you would run any normal app in the same directory
20:09:48  <Csendes_Mark> what have i download
20:10:04  <OwenS> Huh?
20:10:30  <Csendes_Mark>
20:10:35  <Csendes_Mark> fron here?
20:10:41  <Csendes_Mark> from
20:10:49  <OwenS> Source
20:10:54  <hylje> sauce
20:11:03  <OwenS> (I sincerely doubt he would give you root)
20:11:29  <OwenS> ((And if he does hes being stupid - No offence to you, just you shouldn't guve anyone but yourself root ;) ))
20:12:00  <OwenS> You need the GRFs aswell remember
20:12:23  <Csendes_Mark> GRF?
20:12:37  <OwenS> You know, the files in the data folder
20:12:45  <OwenS> The ones from the original TTD
20:13:10  <Csendes_Mark> thats OK
20:14:13  *** bruce89 [] has joined #openttd
20:28:40  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
20:29:47  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:31:14  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
20:31:27  <lolman> Hmm me keyboard layout's borked
20:31:42  *** BJH2__ [] has joined #openttd
20:31:59  *** Wombles [] has joined #openttd
20:32:43  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:33:44  *** MeusH [] has joined #openttd
20:33:51  <MeusH> hi
20:33:52  <MeusH> hey Wolf01
20:38:52  *** BJH2_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:40:00  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
20:44:03  *** Gonozal_VIII [] has joined #openttd
20:44:32  <lolman> argh
20:44:39  <lolman> freetype died on me :'(
20:46:06  <Bjarni> <lolman>	Hmm me keyboard layout's borked <-- trying to get a lol key?
20:46:07  <lolman> Now I gotta uninstall 200-odd packages to reinstall the bugger :-\
20:46:29  <lolman> Bjarni: nah it was hiding a much bigger problem, as shown above
20:46:57  <lolman> Least I still have a working copy of kde :-\
20:47:07  <Bjarni> I haven't paid much attention to the channel tonight
20:47:26  <Bjarni> <lolman>	Least I still have a working copy of kde :-\ <-- for as long as it lasts :p
20:47:42  <lolman> Bjarni: lol yeah
20:47:57  <Bjarni> I knew you would reply with a lol
20:48:08  <lolman> Well I am lolman :P
20:48:54  *** Guest56 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:49:18  <lolman> ARGH!!!
20:49:28  <hylje> lol key heh
20:49:39  <hylje> unicode could use one such key
20:49:51  <lolman> How I'm I'm in GNOME still I dunno lol
20:49:55  <lolman> -I'm
20:50:26  *** Alltaken [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]]
20:50:46  * lolman reminds himself NOT to logout
20:51:14  <Bjarni> hehe
20:51:23  <hylje> how do i shot web
20:51:25  * SpComb reminds everyone to use screen
20:51:27  * Bjarni plans on cutting lolman's power supply
20:51:44  <MeusH> lolman, do you know I can change colors on my screen?
20:51:45  * lolman will hit Bjarni hard if he does
20:51:50  <MeusH> Alt+F4
20:52:02  <lolman> MeusH: I'm not stupid ;-)
20:52:03  <MeusH> and I can write funny stuff after Ctrl+Alt+Del
20:52:06  <Bjarni> hylje: I made up the lol key thing and I also got the idea of the name lolman
20:52:09  <MeusH> baotnaetonbatoenb. see?
20:52:20  <Bjarni> it fits a guy, who says lol every 3rd line
20:52:24  <hylje> hehehh
20:52:36  <Bjarni> even the stats quote him for a line where he says lol
20:52:44  <lolman> Heh
20:52:49  <lolman> !stats
20:52:49  <DorpsGek>
20:53:00  <hylje> someone has already made(, ok, photoshopped) a keyboard which has all the words you could need in the internets
20:53:22  <lolman> The stats have changed Bjarni :P
20:53:24  <Bjarni> oh, it updated
20:53:48  <Bjarni> and now I got quoted for saying that openttd is the 7th most used word in this channel
20:53:59  <lolman> I'm the second most talkative person in here :)
20:54:00  <Bjarni> the 6th word is linux
20:54:02  <hylje> lolol
20:54:07  <hylje> linux linux linux linux
20:54:17  <Bjarni> no
20:54:27  <Bjarni> linux dropped to the 8th place
20:54:33  <OwenS> 419ers (Or whatever are funny
20:54:41  <OwenS> "Good day,
20:54:41  <OwenS> I am a Dog Breeder, My husband and I live in the United Kingdom. Recently my
20:54:41  <OwenS> Dog gave Birth and we have four wonderful puppies. The (shih tzu) Puppy is
20:54:41  <OwenS> Licensed, and has Health Certificate."
20:54:42  <OwenS> Hmm?
20:54:48  <OwenS> That doesn't correlate with this:
20:54:56  <OwenS> "From: Gloria Jones <>"
20:55:04  <Bjarni> we used the word "openttd" more than the word "which"
20:55:07  <bruce89> there there there
20:55:31  <MeusH> Bjarni is a very aggressive person. He/She attacked others 4 times.
20:55:31  <MeusH> For example, like this:
20:55:31  <MeusH>      * Bjarni slaps lws1984
20:55:31  <MeusH> lolman can't control his/her aggressions, either. He/She picked on others 3 times.
20:55:33  <MeusH> lol
20:55:35  <Bjarni> OwenS: I get stuff like that all the time
20:55:38  * MeusH loves
20:55:49  <OwenS> Yeah, I just like lauging at the stupidity
20:56:14  <OwenS> XD I love that Bjarni's quote is a quote about the page...
20:56:22  <bruce89> how do these stats get made, is it automatic
20:56:39  <Bjarni> I liked it when it said that MiHaM iX (no highlight) was the happiest person in the channel and also the saddest
20:56:41  <lolman> Just noticed...I'm on the most lines stats twice xD
20:56:44  <Bjarni> is that a one man channel?
20:57:37  <Bjarni> bruce89: DorpsGek is a bot collecting intelligence on you
20:57:42  <Bjarni> and everybody else in here
20:58:12  <OwenS> Haha "orudge is also a sad person, crying 5.0% of the time."
20:58:14  <bruce89> it's not 1984 is it>
20:58:18  <OwenS> Probably about my highlight :P
20:58:24  <Bjarni> <OwenS>	XD I love that Bjarni's quote is a quote about the page... <-- yeah. Also how # 2 and 3 URLs are to
20:58:35  <OwenS> Hehe
20:59:13  <Bjarni> <OwenS>	Probably about my highlight :P <-- yeah, you stole a special name
20:59:22  <OwenS> OpenTTD is greater than Linux now :(
20:59:36  <Bjarni> ChanServ donated 17 ops in the channel...
20:59:37  <OwenS> Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Linux! Get back above it :P
20:59:38  <Bjarni> nice guy
20:59:41  <OwenS> Haha
21:00:02  <Bjarni> JohnUK89 always lets us know what he/she's doing: 40 actions!
21:00:02  <Bjarni> For example, like this:
21:00:05  <Bjarni>      * JohnUK89 laughs out loud
21:00:06  <Bjarni> go figure
21:00:12  <lolman> Typical :P
21:00:14  *** Spoco [] has quit []
21:00:28  <lolman> It catches an expanded lol
21:00:43  <lolman> Bjarni talks to him/herself a lot. He/She wrote over 5 lines in a row 5 times!
21:00:56  <Bjarni> that makes 25 lines
21:01:07  <lolman> Yeah :)
21:01:08  <MeusH> Bjarni is a special kind of jedi
21:01:17  <bruce89> ah, but that is linux with a ! on the end
21:01:42  <OwenS> It probably removes all structural info :P
21:01:44  *** Belugas is now known as Belugas_Gone
21:01:49  <Bjarni> I like in the old channel where the stats said that the saddest persons were CIA bots because the commit messages contains ):
21:02:02  <bruce89> there is only 0.7% swearing here at worstr
21:02:02  <OwenS> Hehe
21:02:19  <Belugas_Gone> bye guys
21:02:23  <MeusH> what an evil
21:02:24  <Bjarni> bye Belugas_Gone
21:02:26  <MeusH> bye Belugas_Gone
21:03:10  <bruce89> bye
21:03:14  <Bjarni> hylje has quite a potty mouth. 0.7% words were foul language.
21:03:15  <Bjarni> hmm
21:03:40  * MeusH slaps hylje
21:03:43  <Bjarni> hylje: are you here?
21:03:45  * MeusH slaps himself
21:03:53  * MeusH got slapped by MeusH
21:04:09  <MeusH> enough slapping!
21:04:12  <MeusH> no! not yet!
21:04:21  <MeusH> slap slap slap
21:04:25  *** thgergo [] has joined #openttd
21:04:29  <Bjarni> *	MeusH slaps himself <-- that counts towards aggressive
21:04:30  * lolman slaps MeusH
21:04:38  * lolman slaps some other people too
21:04:57  * MeusH slaps a gay
21:05:03  <MeusH> oh no I touched him
21:05:08  * MeusH faints
21:05:12  <Bjarni> you touched yourself?
21:05:15  <Wolf01> question: is the viewport zoom limited in any way?
21:05:16  <MeusH> NO
21:05:20  * lolman kicks MeusH for being so stupid :-D
21:05:33  <MeusH> I don't like narrow lemons
21:05:39  <glx> Wolf01: yes, 3 levels
21:05:41  <Bjarni> how can you manage not to touch yourself?
21:05:41  <lolman> Hmm I'm staring at a reinstall here...
21:05:50  <Wolf01> glx i added 2 more
21:06:17  <Bjarni> besides I didn't give any time parameters in that question except it was past tense, so it goes from when the question was asked and all the way back to when you were born
21:06:23  <Bjarni> and you didn't touch yourself?
21:06:32  <Bjarni> I don't believe that
21:06:38  <MeusH> I'm not permitted to do so
21:06:44  <Bjarni> oh
21:06:45  <MeusH> I'm only selling lollipops
21:06:56  <MeusH> I have a shop :)
21:07:05  <bruce89> lolman, why
21:07:07  <lolman> noooooo
21:07:22  <Bjarni> you were one of those, who should put their hands on top of the blanket when sleeping "to avoid bad dreams"
21:07:33  <MeusH> Bjarni, you have no understanding of me
21:07:39  <lolman> bruce89: my entire gnome is borked, and the bluetooth stuff has just gone and uninstalled itself, I'm lucky to still be connected
21:07:44  <MeusH> you think I'm gay
21:07:51  <Bjarni> I didn't say that
21:07:52  <MeusH> but touching myself doesn't mean anything
21:07:54  <Bjarni> you said that
21:08:00  <MeusH> I'm like snearing my nose
21:08:09  <MeusH> * MeusH slaps a gay
21:08:10  <MeusH> <MeusH> oh no I touched him
21:08:10  <MeusH> * MeusH faints
21:08:10  <MeusH> <Bjarni> you touched yourself?
21:08:28  <MeusH> I'm aware you shouldn't have played with bells in your child hood :)
21:08:32  <Bjarni> totally unrelated :p
21:08:42  <Bjarni> err
21:08:45  <Bjarni> bells?
21:08:56  <MeusH> yes
21:09:00  <MeusH> the bells that ring
21:09:04  <Bjarni> also childhood is one word
21:09:09  <lolman> I bet I can reinstall and get back online in 15 minutes flat...
21:09:11  <glx> press the button the run ?
21:09:17  <MeusH> ringing may be disastrous for some
21:09:17  <glx> *then
21:09:23  <MeusH> sorry
21:09:52  <Bjarni> I have no idea of what you are talking about
21:09:55  <Darkvater> el toros
21:09:59  <MeusH> me either
21:10:02  <lolman> Ello Darkvater :)
21:10:08  <MeusH> hello Darkvater
21:10:09  <Darkvater> ola
21:10:10  <lolman> right
21:10:21  <MeusH> left
21:10:36  <Bjarni> MeusH: you are left handed?
21:10:56  * lolman has gone to reinstall...back in 15 minutes (and if I'm not, I'll slap meself :P)
21:10:58  <MeusH> no he isn't
21:11:23  <Darkvater> sweet Hitachi says that 1TB drives are coming out this year
21:11:37  <Bjarni> so...
21:11:46  <Bjarni> now I have to replace my HDs again?
21:12:08  <Darkvater> hehe a 4TB NAS *D
21:12:16  <MeusH> I don't think drives like these are reliable
21:12:20  <Wolf01> i want to buy an external box with 1TB HDD for this X-mas
21:12:32  <MeusH> it's cool to say to a friend "hey I have a 1TB drive"
21:12:44  <Wolf01> and a 160GB 2,5" for my laptop
21:12:46  <Bjarni> I have seen a 2 TB drive
21:12:47  <MeusH> but it isn't any better
21:13:01  <Bjarni> I think it contained 4 500 GB raided HDs though
21:13:12  <Bjarni> it was kind of big and external
21:13:33  <MeusH> Bjarni: even 8 250 GB drives would be better IMO
21:13:36  <blathijs> just make it big and stack more platters, right? :-)
21:16:17  <Wolf01> search for Lacie Ethernet Hdd 2tb
21:16:57  <Bjarni> the one I saw was a firewire 800 box
21:17:55  <bruce89> lolman, which distro
21:18:08  <Wolf01> glx, about the zoom levels, do you know something i don't?
21:18:20  <glx> Wolf01: not really
21:18:57  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:19:26  <Bjarni> will we ever see him again?
21:19:28  <Wolf01> i mean something like "how to set the default zoom level"
21:21:53  <Bjarni> hehe, I heard a noise outside and though "oh no, thunder again". It turned out to be a jet plane
21:23:21  *** Eddi|zuHause2 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:23:50  *** Csendes_Mark [] has quit []
21:24:38  *** Eddi|zuHause [] has joined #openttd
21:31:23  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
21:31:46  <lolman> damnit 3 minutes late...all thanks to grub barfing installing itself :-\
21:31:49  * lolman slaps self
21:32:08  <bruce89> how was that thenb
21:32:44  <lolman> bruce89: it said it had finished installing, but when it rebooted grub didnt work lol
21:32:56  <lolman> I had to go back into rescue mode and install it again
21:33:00  <Eddi|zuHause> hey... can i change the output terminal of a running process?
21:33:51  <bruce89> 2 installs?
21:34:05  <bruce89> that was rather quick
21:34:09  <Eddi|zuHause> i had a wget running in a Konsole, then i had to kill X, and now wget is still running, but without output...
21:34:14  <lolman> bruce89: one install of the whole OS
21:34:35  <lolman> Two installs of the bootloader
21:34:40  <bruce89> oops, i see what you mean
21:34:44  <stillunknown> lolman: what were you installing?
21:35:06  <lolman> stillunknown: Ubuntu...again
21:35:15  <lolman> I buggered it up
21:35:37  <bruce89> how?
21:35:38  <stillunknown> i've not broken my linux install (enough) in a year
21:36:02  <lolman> bruce89: I tried to do too much for a newbie :P
21:36:59  *** thgergo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:37:04  <stillunknown> i can still remember the 80 page manual and the 24 hour install time, but it was worth it
21:37:28  <lolman> stillunknown: aah this is a 15 minute install...if it all goes according to plan
21:37:29  <stillunknown> (~24 hours until it booted into a console)
21:38:16  <bruce89> 1994?
21:38:29  <stillunknown> 2005
21:38:39  <Maedhros> gentoo, by any chance? ;)
21:38:43  <stillunknown> yes
21:38:55  <bruce89> well, that's asking for i
21:39:16  <bruce89> if you want breaking (sort of) try Edgy
21:39:34  <stillunknown> i love gentoo and ubuntu would probably drive nuts
21:39:34  <lolman> Nah
21:39:36  <lolman> Lol
21:39:47  <bruce89> it's what i'm in just now, evolution is broken
21:39:50  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:40:04  <lolman> bruce89: I was saying nah to trying edgy ;-)
21:40:13  <Maedhros> it didn't take me long for ubuntu to drive me crazy and for me to go back to gentoo
21:40:35  <Darkvater> I concur, ubuntu was really sucky
21:40:42  <lolman> Well I'm a n00b, and Ubuntu is a good n00b distro :P
21:40:44  <Darkvater> I finally picked suse and am pretty happy with it
21:40:51  <bruce89> thats your choice, i assume your long standing linux users
21:40:53  <stillunknown> also after 2 year of windows only gentoo was just what i need to get familiar again
21:40:56  <Darkvater> no, ubuntu is a terrible noob distro
21:41:04  <bruce89> huh
21:41:24  <bruce89> not as bad as freespire et al
21:41:49  <Darkvater> imho, if you're a new user, go with suse
21:41:51  <Darkvater> like me ;)
21:42:04  <stillunknown> i used some suse and red hat several years ago, my first computer is single boot gentoo from the day it saw daylight
21:42:32  <stillunknown> i was pretty much a new user, but i wanted something "good"
21:42:43  <stillunknown> something i didn't have to reinstall every year
21:43:02  <Darkvater> waaah, I can't reproduce the TGP binary I did for truelight :P
21:43:04  <Darkvater> :O
21:43:22  <Darkvater> gaah
21:43:27  * Darkvater hits head against wall
21:43:33  <Darkvater> go to r5818, not HEAD
21:43:54  <stillunknown> i remember suse from a few years ago and it was a hell for the few things i tried to compile in it
21:43:55  <lolman> As soon as I move (about 2 weeks from now hopefully) I can get sorted out with updates etc :)
21:44:01  <bruce89> ahh, enough arguing about distros
21:44:03  <Eddi|zuHause> i got suse, and it has some strange problems that i cannot track down...
21:44:41  <Darkvater> only problem I have is that Konqueror is unstable as hell. I open 7-8 windows and it crashes
21:44:48  <Eddi|zuHause> like... some program is switching off DMA all of a sudden...
21:44:50  <Darkvater> but Opera works like a charm >D
21:44:53  <stillunknown> kde, the horror
21:45:01  <Eddi|zuHause> and YAST is acting up
21:45:02  <bruce89> or DE's !!!!!!!
21:45:12  <lolman> I have to admit I am a fan of GNOME
21:45:12  <Darkvater> gnome :s
21:45:21  <bruce89> why
21:45:22  <stillunknown> i love openbox, but that's only a wm
21:45:24  <Darkvater> I do agree yast is being really sucky lately
21:45:25  <Eddi|zuHause> i do not have problems with Konqueror
21:45:34  <stillunknown> (away)
21:46:05  <Darkvater> it also happened to me back on 9.3. Donnu what it is
21:46:07  <glx> I used suse 7.0, but rapidly switch to mandrake
21:46:08  <Darkvater> just gave it up
21:46:11  <bruce89> for the record, i use epiphany
21:46:17  <Darkvater> oh, mandrake was fun :)
21:46:48  <Darkvater> I do have to say that I am back on windows a lot. Nothing beats VS2003/VS2005 as a developing environment
21:46:53  <Eddi|zuHause> oh, and flash got no sound in konqueror, but in firefox
21:47:19  <lolman> I have a copy of Mandriva One here, but it can't pick up me SATA drive, so I'm not going to install it :P
21:47:26  <Eddi|zuHause> which is strange, because all internet forums i searched, the problem was the other way round
21:47:34  <bruce89> MonoDevelop>
21:47:52  <bruce89> i have no flash, AMD64
21:48:03  <blathijs> yes, nasty stuff that
21:48:18  <Eddi|zuHause> but i was impressed how good hardware detection was
21:48:19  *** Rohan [] has joined #openttd
21:48:22  <blathijs> bruce89: You could run ia32 firefox in a chroot though :-)
21:48:34  <bruce89> i realise that
21:48:43  <bruce89> just cant be arsed to do all tha
21:50:38  <MeusH> goodnight
21:50:44  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:51:00  <bruce89> oh
21:52:41  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:54:28  <Wolf01> 'night all
21:54:30  *** byq [] has joined #openttd
21:54:31  <lolman> bruce89: oh?
21:54:34  <byq> hi
21:54:35  *** Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: e ricordate, per la legge di avogadro non esiste cazzo quadro]
21:54:42  <lolman> byq: ello
21:55:02  <bruce89> bye, what?
21:56:09  *** MrFitz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:59:40  <Naksu> haha
21:59:41  <Darkvater> < sleep
21:59:44  <Darkvater> good night all
22:00:46  <lolman> Night Darkvater
22:02:54  *** Maedhros [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
22:10:01  *** Brianetta [] has joined #openttd
22:10:54  <OwenS> Hes sitting here on Lilonet...
22:10:59  *** byq [] has left #openttd []
22:11:16  <OwenS> Woops, wrong channel :P
22:11:51  *** Rohan [] has quit [Quit: Rohan]
22:15:08  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has joined #openttd
22:15:48  <lolman> brb
22:15:50  *** lolman [~john@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
22:18:12  <bruce89> bye
22:18:13  *** bruce89 [] has left #openttd []
22:21:17  *** lolman [~john@] has joined #openttd
22:21:20  *** Trenskow [~outlet@] has quit [Quit: ]
22:23:19  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit [Quit: -]
22:30:02  *** Bjarni [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:31:58  *** DaleStan_ [] has joined #openttd
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22:41:56  *** Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
22:43:49  *** Gorre` [] has quit [Quit: Glory be to Thee, O Gorre! <k!15b8>]
22:54:05  *** BJH2__ [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.12/20050915]]
22:54:22  <Mucht> <- small bug in the budget
22:56:39  <Patrick`> woah
22:56:44  <Patrick`> I should have noticed that
22:56:47  <Patrick`> I use clone constantly
22:58:19  *** exe [] has joined #openttd
23:04:25  *** PAStheLoD [] has joined #openttd
23:08:18  *** WorkLite [] has joined #openttd
23:08:43  *** StarLite [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:13:13  *** krzysiek [] has joined #openttd
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23:15:22  *** blathijs [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:20:45  *** blathijs [] has joined #openttd
23:22:26  <lolman> blathjis: wb
23:23:40  *** TinoM [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
23:31:58  *** valhalla1w [] has joined #openttd
23:38:43  *** valhallasw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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23:43:30  *** Mucht|zZz [] has joined #openttd
23:47:19  *** lolman is now known as JohnUK89
23:47:27  *** JohnUK89 is now known as lolman
23:47:44  <lolman> oops :P
23:48:17  *** Mucht [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:48:56  *** Mucht|zZz is now known as Mucht
23:55:14  *** Mucht is now known as Mucht|zZz
23:56:05  *** Mucht|zZz is now known as Mucht
23:56:22  *** Mucht is now known as Mucht|zZz

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