Log for #openttd on 9th January 2007:
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00:00:09  <Darkvater> +for (disk = 65;; disk++) { /* for libc - start at ascii 65 = A */
00:00:11  <Rubidium_> Bjarni: rather replace the 90 with 0112 :)
00:00:11  <Darkvater> disk = 'A'
00:00:54  <Darkvater> orudge: I see with __INNOTEK_LIBC__ you get different path seperators
00:00:55  <orudge> I don't know why he didn't do 'z' (Paul did the gcc stuff)
00:01:00  <orudge> Indeed, Darkvater
00:01:09  <Darkvater> please use PATH_SEP
00:01:21  <orudge> Ah, right, in os2.c
00:01:23  <orudge> that would make more sense, yes
00:01:25  <Darkvater> and take care of '/' '\' in the define for PATH_SEP
00:01:41  <Nigel> Brianetta: hmmm PPCIS looks interest (just had a look, was intrigued by what it was ;))
00:01:48  <Nigel> *interesting
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00:01:55  <Darkvater> looking at last chunk of diff there's already a PATHSEP defined :)
00:02:08  <Darkvater> otherwise: nice and small diff
00:02:50  <Darkvater> OGD why are users so stupid?
00:03:06  <Darkvater> the crash window tells them to send us crash.dmp...and what do they do?
00:03:10  <Darkvater> just attach crash.log
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00:05:36  <glx> many users don't see extensions in explorer
00:05:54  <caladan> it's Bill's fault...
00:06:01  <Darkvater> what I am supposed to do with such idiots
00:07:47  <caladan> Stay calm and dont read bugs they post? :>
00:07:59  <Rubidium_> Darkvater: that OS/2 diff contains some space(ing) issues; line 162 has a tab too much, 303-307 have a space before the first tab
00:08:34  <Darkvater> Rubidium_: I'm not at a state yet to be picky about spacing :)
00:11:38  <Rubidium_> I'm just telling what looked odd to me, but yes there are a lot of other issues
00:12:35  <Darkvater> we'll take care of that when committing :)
00:14:24  <Digitalfox> why are there somewhat old branches still in svn?? Like branch map... Last modification 16-03-2006..
00:15:44  <Digitalfox> coopetition is another that never was worked on
00:16:32  <Digitalfox> I'm just saying that some cleaning could be done when someone had time
00:18:18  <Rubidium_> dejavu :)
00:19:48  <Darkvater> gn people :)
00:20:05  <Rubidium_> night Darkvater
00:20:24  <Rubidium_> hmm, why do I always want to try to tab-complete words like night etc?
00:21:26  <Darkvater> I do the same; it's addiction
00:21:27  <Darkvater> gn Rubidium_
00:22:06  <caladan> good night :-)
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05:09:49  <Zoney> HeLoL!
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07:22:25  <CIA-1> miham * r7986 /trunk/src/lang/ (3 files in 2 dirs):
07:22:25  <CIA-1> WebTranslator2 update to 2007-01-09 08:20:27
07:22:25  <CIA-1> brazilian_portuguese - 72 changed by fukumori (72)
07:22:25  <CIA-1> hungarian - 2 fixed by miham (2)
07:22:25  <CIA-1> slovenian - 191 fixed by Necrolyte (191)
07:24:38  <CIA-1> miham * r7987 /trunk/src/lang/ (slovenian.txt unfinished/slovenian.txt): [Translations] Slovenian is no longer unfinished (no bad strings)
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09:04:02  <peter1138> morning
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09:16:50  <Nigel> peter1138: morning
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09:28:33  <CIA-1> celestar * r7988 /branches/cpp/src/ (6 files in 2 dirs): [cpp] - Codechange: Move all windowmessage specific information and windows numbers to int, instead of a mix between int and unsigned int
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10:42:52  <CIA-1> celestar * r7989 /branches/cpp/src/ (console_cmds.cpp network/network.cpp): [cpp] - committed too much in previous revision
10:46:44  * Purno pokes Darkvater
10:47:33  <CIA-1> celestar * r7990 /branches/cpp/src/station_cmd.cpp: [cpp] - Use INVALID_STATION instead of -1
10:48:41  <Purno> I need to talk to a dev, since Darkvater seems to be away...
10:49:06  <peter1138> what's up?
10:49:17  <blathijs> There are more devs than just DV :-)
10:51:19  <Purno> blathijs , I know
10:51:26  <Purno> but I talked to DV yesterday
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11:36:15  <CIA-1> celestar * r7991 /branches/cpp/src/ (9 files in 2 dirs): [cpp] - Do not use "-1" to inizialize a(n unsigned) variable to its maximum value. Use the defines from limits.h instead. Also, do not assign negative values to an unsigned char (byte), use signed char.
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11:49:00  <CIA-1> celestar * r7992 /branches/cpp/src/ (main_gui.cpp misc_cmd.cpp misc_gui.cpp): [cpp] - Change the coding of the money cheat. No longer pass a negative value to an unsigned variable and cast it around later on
11:54:53  * Zr40 pokes blathijs
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12:16:45  <Darkvater> morning
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12:17:51  * Darkvater waves to Purno
12:17:56  <Purno> hi
12:17:59  <Purno> I created the topic
12:18:04  <Purno> I couldn't find one from you
12:18:17  <Darkvater> it got lost last night
12:18:31  <Darkvater> thanks for it. is it in openttd general?
12:19:12  <Purno> yeah
12:19:15  <Purno> check it please
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12:23:38  <Purno> hmm... is it correct one cannot place oil riggs in the scenario editor in arctic?
12:24:35  <Darkvater> I think oil-rigs are temperate only or something
12:24:43  <Purno> ah ok
12:24:45  <Purno> shame...
12:25:40  <Darkvater> wb KUDr_wrk
12:26:33  <KUDr_wrk> thanks
12:27:16  <Darkvater> yea it's temperate only
12:27:22  <Purno> ok
12:29:45  <Eddi|zuHause2> hm... looking at the current state of my game, i am never gonna find enough space for 8-tile stations, to let double-ICE3 run between them
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12:33:37  <Zr40> hey Darkvater
12:39:53  <Darkvater> hi Zr40
12:39:59  <Darkvater> Purno: ok, good post, edited it a bit
12:40:03  <Zr40> you might want to check out issue 527 :)
12:40:33  <Darkvater> do I?
12:40:42  <Purno> ok
12:40:53  <Darkvater> Zr40: I didn't pick anyone, the topicposter did
12:40:57  <Darkvater> but he, ;p
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12:42:11  <Zr40> he did? :)
12:42:17  <Darkvater> yeah
12:42:20  <Darkvater> but I removed you onw :)
12:43:01  <Zr40> it still says assigned to me :)
12:43:31  <Darkvater> there
12:43:52  <Zr40> thanks :)
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12:47:18  <Celestar> what kind of crash report is that?
12:47:40  <Darkvater> that's an idiot's crash report
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12:48:15  <CIA-1> maedhros * r7993 /branches/newhouses/src/ (newgrf.c newgrf_house.c): [NewHouses] -Fix (r6844): Calculate the length of each animation frame properly.
12:51:23  <Eddi|zuHause2> hmm... there's some oddity in the physics patch... full trains never seem to reach their top speed, always top speed - 1
12:59:29  <blathijs> Zr40: hmm?
12:59:40  <Zr40> blathijs: never mind :)
13:01:16  <Brianetta> Celestar: If you want a company, I'll murder one for you...
13:01:33  <Celestar> Brianetta: I wish I had time :(
13:01:48  <Brianetta> The next scenario's going to be fun
13:01:52  <Brianetta> I made a dam (:
13:01:57  <Brianetta> It looks good, too
13:02:05  <Brianetta> you'll have to pop on and see it
13:02:28  <Brianetta> Well, actually, I suppose its technically a dyke, because it keeps water out, not in
13:02:48  <Brianetta> there's some farmland in a polder behind it
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13:07:32  <Eddi|zuHause2> in and out are topologically equivalent
13:13:26  <Brianetta> yes, but not geographically (:
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13:39:22  <Bjarni> o_O
13:39:33  <Bjarni> Zr40 ended up as a developer to be assigned to bugs?
13:40:25  <Bjarni> and it's not even a crash. It's a "vrash"
13:40:31  <Zr40> if I remember correctly, I was in the 'Regular Patchers' group
13:40:39  <Zr40> which is still wrong :)
13:40:56  <Bjarni> you are?
13:40:57  <Bjarni> hmm
13:41:08  *** mode/#openttd [+v Zr40] by Bjarni
13:41:17  <Bjarni> now we need to see some more patches
13:41:57  <Zr40> and this is wrong :) you can assign a new task to anybody when doing anonymously, but not when logged on
13:42:42  <Bjarni> only developers should be allowed to assign people to tasks
13:43:11  <Zr40> I can even set the priority, due in version and status when not logged in
13:44:06  <Darkvater> flyspray is fucking buggy
13:44:22  <Bjarni> I think it's a setup issue
13:47:29  <Bjarni> hmm
13:48:05  <Bjarni> there isn't any way to set this up. If you can open a task, you appear to be able to set up everything when opening it
13:48:15  <Bjarni> MiHaMiX
13:48:52  <Bjarni> we should not allow everybody to assign people to tasks, set due date and so on
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13:56:32  <Eddi|zuHause2> it is sometimes really hard to set the (PBS) signalling up for a junction, so it does not lock up
13:57:45  *** Sacro [~Ben@adsl-213-249-225-220.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
13:57:46  <Bjarni> PBS signals are removed from any supported source and because of that, we do not support it (surprisingly enough)
13:58:45  <Eddi|zuHause2> and Bjarni wins the first price for the art of stating the obvious
13:59:08  <Bjarni> :D
13:59:24  <Bjarni> how much?
13:59:37  <Bjarni> and when should I expect to see the money?
13:59:44  <Eddi|zuHause2> i'd say a wet handshake, but i could not fulfill that
14:00:00  <Bjarni> I wouldn't want that
14:00:15  <Eddi|zuHause2> that's your choice ;)
14:00:27  <Bjarni> because wet do not indicate anything about what is on your hand
14:00:48  <Bjarni> could be something gross
14:03:16  <Celestar> Bjarni: can I remove the "makefile/" branch?
14:03:33  <Bjarni> yes
14:03:35  <Celestar> good
14:03:38  <Bjarni> I said so yesterday
14:03:42  <Bjarni> I didn't change my mind :)
14:03:53  <Bjarni> that is, if you are talking about the branch
14:06:16  <Eddi|zuHause2> well... in the traditional meaning, it is supposed to be spit...
14:07:23  <Bjarni> for all I know, you might pee on your hands in such cases...
14:08:15  <Eddi|zuHause2> hm... now the junction does not lock up, but it seems it has not enough capacity
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14:20:33  <CIA-1> celestar * r7994 /branches/ (bridge/ makefile/ makefile_rewrite/ pbs/ tfc_newmap/):
14:20:33  <CIA-1> [branches] - Removed unused branches:
14:20:33  <CIA-1> -tfc_newmap: much of these ideas are in trunk meanwhile
14:20:33  <CIA-1> -pbs: will be re-implemented differently (newsignalling)
14:20:33  <CIA-1> -bridge: has been merged
14:20:34  <CIA-1> -makefile/makefilewrite: has been merged
14:20:47  <CIA-1> KUDr * r7995 /branches/cpp/src/ (airport.cpp airport.h build_vehicle_gui.cpp window.h): [cpp] - Codechange: one anonymous enum turned into AcceptPlanes enum, its byte-sized version AcceptPlanesByte used in structures instead of byte.
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14:22:50  <Brianetta> Is there any way to make a scenario all not-zoomed-out when you start?
14:23:56  <Digitalfox> Celestar what about branch map?? Still needed?
14:25:06  <CIA-1> KUDr * r7996 /branches/cpp/src/misc_cmd.cpp: [cpp] - Codechange: one VC8 warning eliminated (something about that unsigned stays unsigned even after negation)
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14:27:05  <Brianetta> Can one change screenshot format from the console?
14:27:30  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: ?
14:28:38  <Bjarni> MiHaMiX: on flyspray, somebody posted a bug report without logging in and assigned it to a regular user. This should not be possible
14:28:56  *** Osai [] has quit [Quit: Osai]
14:29:09  <Bjarni> in fact, it would be nice if only developers are able to change assignments and due dates and other stuff like that
14:29:11  <Darkvater> Brianetta: it's not
14:29:22  <Brianetta> oh well
14:29:34  <Brianetta> Is that stored int eh saved game?
14:29:41  <Brianetta> resolution, to
14:29:43  <Brianetta> too
14:29:59  <Brianetta>
14:30:11  <Brianetta> Another thing I dislike is that scenarios, when loaded, are zoomed out
14:30:19  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: hehh, someone must have changed the project settings
14:30:21  <Brianetta> and I can't change zoom on the dedicated server
14:30:51  <Darkvater> Brianetta: it's not, but there is no command for it yet
14:30:52  <Bjarni> MiHaMiX: most likely, but I didn't figure out how to change it back to developers only
14:30:59  <Brianetta> ok
14:31:46  <Darkvater> Brianetta: if the scenario is zoomed-in when you save it, it'll be in zoomed-in position
14:31:50  <Darkvater> when loaded
14:32:21  <Brianetta> ah
14:33:35  <CIA-1> KUDr * r7997 /branches/cpp/src/console_cmds.cpp: [cpp] - Fix: warning: 'signed unsigned comparison'
14:35:05  *** Sacro [~Ben@adsl-213-249-225-220.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
14:35:18  <MiHaMiX> Bjarni: will do that later on, ok? just keep me bugging, but I'm BUSY right now
14:36:59  <Darkvater> MiHaMiX: FIX IT
14:37:06  * Darkvater pokes MiHaMiX
14:37:17  <MiHaMiX> Darkvater: szünj meg :D
14:37:24  * MiHaMiX calls ~Darkvater() :D
14:37:47  <Darkvater> void ~Darkvater() {Darkvater A = new Darkvater();}
14:37:57  <MiHaMiX> :P
14:38:03  <MiHaMiX> bbl
14:38:59  <ln-> Darkvater: trying to assign a pointer to non-pointer.
14:39:25  <tokai> c++ is so ugly.
14:39:36  <CIA-1> KUDr * r7998 /branches/cpp/src/graph_gui.cpp: [cpp] - Fix: warning: 'comparison between different enum types'
14:39:36  <KUDr_wrk> yes, it is
14:40:10  <Digitalfox> almost 8000 revisions.. :)
14:40:26  <Digitalfox> You guys don't stop..
14:40:40  <KUDr_wrk> should we?
14:40:54  <Digitalfox> no.. Keep the goo work ;)
14:40:56  <Digitalfox> good
14:41:31  <Darkvater> ln-: :)
14:43:53  *** Sacro [~Ben@adsl-213-249-225-220.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:47:10  <Brianetta> [misc]savegame_format =
14:47:14  <Brianetta> interesting
14:48:15  <CIA-1> KUDr * r7999 /branches/cpp/src/network/ (network.cpp network_client.cpp network_server.cpp): [cpp] - Fix: few more warnings about different types
14:48:43  <CIA-1> rubidium * r8000 /trunk/src/network/core/udp.c:
14:48:43  <CIA-1> -Codechange: drop UDP packets when their internal size does not match the
14:48:43  <CIA-1> received size. If that is the case, the packet was not received in one piece (or
14:48:43  <CIA-1> got somehow mangled with another packet), which will cause us to drop the packet
14:48:43  <CIA-1> later on because we are (for example) trying to read beyond the end of the
14:48:44  <CIA-1> packet.
14:49:43  <Brianetta> resolution = 410,199
14:49:47  * Brianetta logs that
14:51:12  *** Digitalfox [] has quit [Quit: Bye Bye...]
14:53:08  <Eddi|zuHause2> oh damn... i just wanted to pause video playback by pressing F1 ...
14:56:00  <peter1138> :D
14:56:32  <Darkvater> he, I forgot, what do the diagonal moving bars mean in the 'new aircraft' window for the planeset?
14:56:36  <Darkvater> liveries?
14:56:56  <peter1138> nothign much
14:57:00  <peter1138> yeah
14:57:45  <Brianetta> It's a guide to how many mushrooms the pilot requires each year
14:58:13  <Brianetta> It's the only time I've ever seen animation in a build window
14:58:32  <Darkvater> I never liked it; it looks like some graphical bug
14:58:51  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8001 /branches/cpp/src/ (newgrf_spritegroup.cpp newgrf_station.cpp): [cpp] - Fix: warnings: one 'negative value->unsigned type assignment' and one 'incompatible types in conditional expression'
14:59:49  <Darkvater> peter1138: doesn't the newgrf list file filter out doubles?
15:00:08  <Darkvater> I have 'container freight sation and harbour' twice but it's the same file just with a different name
15:00:17  * Bjarni bugs MiHaMiX
15:00:22  <Bjarni> as requested
15:00:31  <Rubidium_> Darkvater: also the same MD5 checksum?
15:00:42  <Darkvater> yes
15:00:48  <Darkvater> I wouldn't mention it otherwise
15:01:09  <glx> it only prevent duplicate when you add them
15:02:15  <MiHaMiX> ~Bjarni() has been called!
15:02:20  <peter1138> not the file list
15:03:59  <Bjarni> why?
15:04:10  <Bjarni> you want me to join the army?
15:04:16  <Darkvater> hmm
15:04:29  <Darkvater> I'm having a look at av8 and colour scheme
15:04:38  <Darkvater> the colours don't change when I change it for airplanes
15:04:45  <Darkvater> they only do if I do it globally for the 'manager'
15:05:21  <Darkvater> or am I missing something totally?
15:08:34  <Smoovious> if I try to join a networked game, and I have a few GRF's loaded, and the server doesn't, will my GRF's be ignored automatically, or do I have to manually disable them?
15:09:04  <Darkvater> they'll be ignored
15:09:18  <Smoovious> ok cool. :) (saves me some work)
15:20:18  <Brianetta> If you have a strictly cosmetic grf, you can enable it for multiplayer with the static-newgrf section
15:20:53  <Smoovious> thanky
15:21:17  <Darkvater> hmm
15:21:31  <Darkvater> Brianetta: did you say -n #255 failed for you when connecting to a dedicated servver?
15:21:42  <Darkvater> cause I can join just fine in trunk/
15:22:00  <Rubidium_> Darkvater: the bug that caused that was never in trunk
15:22:12  <Darkvater> oh yeah, the grf thing
15:24:45  <Brianetta> Celestar commited a fix to 0.5 branch
15:25:31  <Celestar> and to the tags :S
15:25:32  <Celestar> :P
15:26:46  <CIA-1> rubidium * r8002 /trunk/ -Change: do not copy lang/english.txt when it is not needed.
15:27:35  <Smoovious> can I change how long messages stay on the screen before they dissapear? (chat messages)
15:27:44  <Darkvater> 10 days
15:28:01  <Smoovious> ?
15:28:12  <Darkvater> they stay for 10 days and you cannot change that
15:28:17  <Bjarni> 10 days is an interesting answer to a yes/no question
15:28:31  <Darkvater> I was anticipating his next question ;p
15:28:47  <Smoovious> no, they're dissapearing faster than that... too fast perhaps unless you're constantly looking at them
15:29:02  <Bjarni> maybe 10 days pass too fast for you
15:29:24  <Smoovious> maybe
15:29:35  * Smoovious writes up another feature request.
15:29:41  <hylje> hehehe
15:29:46  <hylje> daylength patch
15:29:50  <Darkvater> peter1138: pb_ukrs refit is not perfect yet ;)
15:29:52  <Smoovious> no
15:29:55  <hylje> zomg! who took my chat messages!
15:30:16  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8003 /branches/cpp/src/ (news_gui.cpp openttd.cpp): [cpp] - Fix: warnings: 'ambiguous extern' and 'potentially uninitialized variable used'.
15:30:30  <Smoovious> being able to set how long messages remain on the screen, in real-time seconds
15:30:35  <glx> Smoovious: you can still see messages in the console
15:30:53  <Smoovious> yeah, but the console chops out game-play area...
15:40:05  <Darkvater> o_O look at THOSE trees
15:40:06  <Darkvater>
15:41:09  <Belugas> heheh :)
15:41:11  <Belugas> VERY nice
15:47:34  *** Tron_ [] has joined #openttd
15:47:58  <peter1138> Darkvater: why not?
15:48:26  <Bjarni> heh, the first thing I noticed was the road vehicles, then the bridges
15:48:32  <Bjarni> and then the trees
15:49:05  <Bjarni> those railroad bridges with the freight train on them look rather nice
15:49:23  <peter1138> Darkvater: i've not had any complaints from pikka...
15:49:37  <peter1138> well, i did a while ago but i fixed it ;p
15:49:57  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8004 /branches/cpp/src/news_gui.cpp: [cpp] - Fix: (r8003) unresolved external symbol _get_news_string_callback. It probably needs one declaration (with extern) and then definition.
15:50:16  <peter1138> probably hehh
15:50:53  <KUDr_wrk> i really dunno
15:51:45  <Darkvater> peter1138: I was just testing it. For example a pendolino I could build some goods wagons to it, in ttdp you can only add passengers
15:52:07  <Darkvater> and their monorail/maglev (philips) rail thing...we don't have that :(
15:52:17  <peter1138> Darkvater: that's nothing to do with refit...
15:52:38  <hylje> trunk ottd limits passenger trains to light cars already
15:52:44  <hylje> given the grf supports that
15:53:11  <Darkvater> peter1138: well ottd also has more refit options for some engines
15:53:36  *** Tron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:54:14  *** HMage [~HMage@] has joined #openttd
16:01:22  <peter1138> hylje: well, there are ways around it, heh
16:01:32  <peter1138> and what's that about maglev?
16:01:41  <peter1138> the two maglev engines are available
16:01:45  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
16:02:05  <Darkvater> in ttdp it's monorail, but I don't get them in RC3
16:02:16  <hylje> :o
16:02:27  <peter1138> they're maglev
16:02:48  *** scia [] has joined #openttd
16:02:54  <peter1138> in ttdp it's whatever option you've set it to
16:03:00  <peter1138> but of course we don't need that option
16:03:09  <Darkvater> in ottd I get the default maglev engines
16:03:47  <peter1138> resetengines? :P
16:03:51  <Darkvater> it's a new game
16:04:21  <peter1138> on a new game, i get Siemens 'Transrapid' and MTrak 'Coelacanth'
16:04:32  <peter1138> maybe you have some other grf conflicting
16:04:54  * Darkvater tests again
16:05:20  <Darkvater> on UK Reneval Train Set loaded
16:05:29  * Darkvater udpates grf just to make sure
16:05:38  <peter1138> v3.03 is the latest
16:06:27  <Darkvater> :s
16:06:32  <Darkvater> I was using pb_brmini.grf
16:06:37  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:06:37  <peter1138> lol
16:06:42  <Darkvater> that also says UK Renewal Train Set
16:06:46  <peter1138> that's pretty damn ancient
16:07:03  <peter1138> pre version 1 :)
16:07:22  <Darkvater> my grf folder is such a mess ;s
16:08:05  <hylje> :>
16:08:25  <Darkvater> peter1138: sorry about that :O
16:08:27  * Darkvater hides in shame
16:08:33  *** Ailure [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:08:37  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
16:09:05  <SpComb> Logs:
16:09:05  <Digitalfox> !logs
16:13:44  <CIA-1> celestar * r8005 /branches/cpp/src/saveload.cpp: [cpp] - Use SIZE_MAX instead of -1 to set a variable of (size_t) to its maxmium value
16:14:41  *** Ailure [] has joined #openttd
16:17:19  <CIA-1> celestar * r8006 /branches/cpp/src/saveload.cpp: [cpp] - Revert the previous commit, because it is non-standard
16:20:35  *** orudge [~orudge@] has joined #openttd
16:20:37  *** mode/#openttd [+o orudge] by ChanServ
16:22:02  *** luckz [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:24:00  *** Progman [] has joined #openttd
16:27:28  <CIA-1> peter1138 * r8007 /trunk/src/ (vehicle.c vehicle.h): -Codechange: Change _vehicle_position_hash from VehicleID to Vehicle*. This removes the need for look ups by index. Also declare the array static.
16:29:00  *** luckz [] has joined #openttd
16:36:56  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8008 /branches/cpp/src/ (order.h order_cmd.cpp station_cmd.cpp vehicle.cpp): [cpp] - Fix: some more type related warnings. Incompatible types OrderTypes (enum) and OrderType (byte) are now compatible types OrderType (enum) and OrderTypeByte (byte).
16:38:32  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has joined #openttd
16:47:12  * Brianetta steps over the pile of discarded negative-ones
16:47:26  * Brianetta hands Rens2Sea a -1
16:47:27  <Brianetta> hi
16:47:40  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:47:45  <Brianetta> That's a genuine -1 that served its time in the openTTD source (:
16:47:52  * Rens2Sea slaps Brianetta around a bit with a large trout
16:47:54  *** KUDr|wrk [~KUDr@] has joined #openttd
16:47:55  <Rens2Sea> hi
16:47:57  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
16:48:21  *** KUDr_wrk [~KUDr@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:48:39  *** KUDr|wrk is now known as KUDr_wrk
16:57:06  *** MeusH [] has joined #openttd
16:57:13  <MeusH> heyah
16:59:09  <XeryusTC> !openttd commit 7960
16:59:11  <_42_> Commit by KUDr :: r7960 /branches/cpp/src/ship_cmd.cpp (2007-01-07 13:03:54 UTC)
16:59:13  <_42_> [cpp] - Fix: [OPF] ship pathfinding broken (stillunknown)
16:59:20  <XeryusTC> OPF is back?
16:59:54  <KUDr_wrk> OPF was always there
17:00:35  <XeryusTC> :o
17:00:47  <XeryusTC> i thought it only existed in TTD/TTDP
17:01:07  <Eddi|zuHause2> this is what one calls legacy...
17:01:14  <glx> XeryusTC: used for signals too
17:01:18  <KUDr_wrk> still available for ships and RVs (if YAPF and NPF are both off)
17:01:27  <XeryusTC> hmm, ok
17:01:58  <CIA-1> celestar * r8009 /branches/cpp/src/ (saveload.cpp saveload.h): [cpp] - Add the SIZE_MAX again and define it ourselves
17:02:18  <MeusH> could you please tell me forms of "read", like "write wrote written"?
17:02:33  <Eddi|zuHause2> read read read i believe
17:02:34  <Darkvater> read read read
17:02:47  <Eddi|zuHause2> but spoken differently
17:02:57  <MeusH> thank you
17:03:00  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
17:04:01  <Eddi|zuHause2> german has only like 6 irregular verbs...
17:04:46  <Eddi|zuHause2> (instead it has two forms of regular verbs ;))
17:04:57  *** scia [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
17:05:28  <MeusH> gehen ging gegangen, sehen sah gesehen, sind war se...something... I'm sure it has more than 6 irregular verbs
17:05:39  <XeryusTC> Eddi|zuHause2: i think i had to learn more then 6 :s
17:05:42  <Eddi|zuHause2> gewesen ;)
17:05:46  <MeusH> Once i've been told to learn all of them, a full A4
17:05:51  <MeusH> yep :)
17:05:59  <Eddi|zuHause2> "sehen sah gesehen" is regular
17:06:24  <MeusH> hmm
17:06:27  <MeusH> maybye to you, germans
17:06:36  <MeusH> but I've been told this is an irregular form
17:06:44  <MeusH> because of e>a I think
17:06:59  <Eddi|zuHause2> there's two regular forms... 'strong' and 'weak'
17:07:05  <Eddi|zuHause2> the strong ones change the vowel
17:07:25  <XeryusTC> Eddi|zuHause2: that is not irregular
17:07:31  <XeryusTC> that is just normal gramar afaik
17:07:47  <XeryusTC> as every verb fits in one of those categories :P
17:08:10  <Eddi|zuHause2> well... "sein" actually IS irregular
17:08:33  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8010 /branches/cpp/src/ (strgen/strgen.cpp strings.cpp): [cpp] - Fix: warnings about two different enum types in one conditional expression when both were string IDs.
17:10:59  <Eddi|zuHause2> the real fun are verbs that fit into both categories, depending on meaning ;)
17:16:09  <KUDr_wrk> yes
17:16:21  <KUDr_wrk> oops
17:16:26  <KUDr_wrk> wrong window
17:18:28  <CIA-1> celestar * r8011 /branches/cpp/src/ai/trolly/pathfinder.cpp: [cpp] - Do not compare signed and unsigned stuff
17:18:40  *** ufoun [] has joined #openttd
17:19:00  <caladan> Really fun is chineese or polish :D
17:19:06  <caladan> Real*
17:19:27  *** ufoun [] has quit []
17:20:47  *** Osai is now known as Osai^Kendo
17:21:34  *** asdfas [] has joined #openttd
17:23:57  *** Ailure [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:24:00  <peter1138> mmm, chinese food
17:27:05  <MeusH> oczojebne kolory
17:27:35  <caladan> lol, MeusH, you Polish or just remembered that?
17:27:47  <Eddi|zuHause2> MeusH is polish
17:27:48  <caladan> ah, polish, ok :D
17:27:58  <MeusH> I'm polish :)
17:28:05  <MeusH> lol you too :)
17:28:13  <caladan> yeah, from warsaw
17:28:30  <MeusH> I'm from Kraków
17:28:39  <caladan> Student of AGH?
17:29:33  <peter1138> ah, you can argue over the polish translation
17:29:48  <MeusH> nope
17:29:52  <MeusH> I'm in liceum
17:30:01  <caladan> oh, so im old :>
17:30:07  <MeusH> so you're a student?
17:30:11  <caladan> What translation?
17:30:32  <caladan> Polibuda Warszawska - Warsaw University of Techology (WUT <- LOL)
17:30:47  <peter1138> ottd's
17:30:50  <MeusH> haha
17:31:01  <caladan> huh, it suxx, i dont play polish version...
17:31:16  <caladan> it's not a damn university ;]
17:31:17  <MeusH> I didn't, too
17:31:22  <MeusH> before I became a translation :p
17:31:42  <MeusH> no
17:31:44  <MeusH> translator*
17:32:15  <MeusH> what are the requirements to get to the wut?
17:32:16  <caladan> the main problem is hmm, with the declination in polish, it's hard to make good translation..
17:32:27  <caladan> Hmm, dunno exactlyu
17:32:33  <caladan> Math and PHysics exam
17:32:37  <caladan> i mean nowa matyra
17:32:39  <caladan> matura*
17:32:45  <MeusH> rozszerzona?
17:32:49  <caladan> probably
17:33:00  <MeusH> about translation, cases-przypadki and genders are fixed
17:33:10  <MeusH> well, there's a small bug you won't notice :)
17:33:36  <caladan> lol... and what about (liczebniki) hmmm
17:33:51  <MeusH> works :)
17:34:02  <caladan> if you say so...
17:34:16  <MeusH> for example 4 tony w?gla
17:34:34  <caladan> so i had like 90% from my phisics and like 60% from math, thou i could get like 80% if i had not that stupid idea
17:34:40  <MeusH> what do you do at wut by the way?
17:35:03  <caladan> is Faculry Of Electronics and Information Technology - also known as Elka :D
17:35:09  <caladan> *Faculty
17:35:13  <caladan>
17:35:21  <MeusH> thanks
17:35:29  <caladan> and then, im electronic
17:35:42  <caladan> with specialization in computer engineering and electronics
17:36:07  <caladan> and now my istitute is institute of radioelectronics, but im really dealing with acoustics :D
17:36:18  <MeusH> great :)
17:37:10  <caladan> we have our own recording studio :-)
17:37:32  <MeusH> that's nice. what do you do there, for example?
17:37:43  <Bjarni> make sounds for OTTD?
17:37:46  *** [gen2]niki [] has joined #openttd
17:37:48  <Bjarni> to replace
17:37:53  <hylje> yesplz
17:38:00  <caladan> And how i could record train? :D
17:38:08  *** mode/#openttd [+v caladan] by Bjarni
17:38:12  <hylje> 1. find a train
17:38:21  <hylje> 2. get a recorder
17:38:28  <Bjarni> he already got a recorder
17:38:30  <hylje> 3. use 'record' on said recoder near said train
17:38:31  <caladan> hmm, studio is indoors :>
17:38:32  <Bjarni> he got plenty
17:38:32  <hylje> 4. ???
17:38:35  <hylje> 5. profit!!
17:38:50  <caladan>
17:38:53  <Bjarni> open the window to the nearby railroad
17:38:55  <MeusH> move studio to the railway station
17:39:02  <MeusH> build a tent!
17:39:34  <MeusH> are you a musican? or is this your hobby, or moonlighting?
17:39:35  <caladan> lol, the studio has no windows and it;s walls are 1meter width, to isolate from enviroment :-)
17:39:37  *** KritiK [] has joined #openttd
17:39:50  <pv2b> find a train
17:39:51  <pv2b> take it apart
17:39:56  <caladan> I'm electronic and i like music :D
17:40:01  <hylje> assemble it in the studio
17:40:01  <pv2b> take the parts into the studio again
17:40:03  <pv2b> yeah
17:40:08  <Bjarni> you record in a nuclear bunker?
17:40:33  <caladan> Something like that, it's addon to the building, with thick walls and ceiling
17:40:36  <Bjarni> actually you will not have to bring the entire train
17:40:43  <Bjarni> just the compressor and the horn
17:41:17  <Bjarni> if you borrow it during the night, nobody will notice
17:41:21  <caladan> I could do some recording, if I only had the source....
17:41:36  <Bjarni> except for the sucker, who fails to notice an incoming train due to lack of horn
17:41:46  <Bjarni> and the driver will be charged for not using the horn
17:42:06  <Bjarni> then again, maybe that wasn't such a good idea to borrow it
17:42:07  <peter1138> wtf
17:42:10  <peter1138> still compiling :P
17:42:26  <Bjarni> caladan: I see your problem
17:42:30  <MeusH> Bjarni: he can borrow a wheel, too, to ensure train won't get away without a horn
17:42:30  <Bjarni> the sources are outside
17:42:33  <Bjarni> and you are not
17:42:42  <Bjarni> MeusH: LOL
17:42:45  *** [gen2]niki [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
17:42:50  <Bjarni> ever moved the wheels of a train?
17:42:59  <Bjarni> I mean, without engine power
17:43:01  <caladan> yeah, that's well, problem, a little, its all designed for instruments...
17:43:06  <MeusH> he's a Pole :D it's possible
17:43:31  <caladan> Nope, never been pushing train ;-)
17:44:13  <Bjarni> MeusH: good point
17:44:22  <caladan> You see, most diplomas are now made as simulations... And i didnt want to do all in computer, and see results only on screen....
17:44:44  <caladan> So i was told, that in that institute they DO real devices
17:44:46  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
17:44:49  <Bjarni> so you use a computer to make sounds and listen to them?
17:44:49  <caladan> so i went there  :D
17:45:01  <caladan> No, its not like that
17:45:14  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@adsl-83-100-162-38.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
17:45:22  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@adsl-83-100-162-38.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit []
17:45:26  <caladan> Hmm, we design Integrated Circuits in computer
17:45:33  <caladan> Makin them really is extremly expensive
17:45:45  <Wolf01> ello
17:46:13  <caladan> We design medica equipement, but i dont like that
17:46:33  <caladan> we design antenas, TV's, robots and so on
17:46:43  <caladan> and only one branch is recording and so on
17:46:51  <MeusH> hello Wolf01
17:46:58  <caladan> So we have professional equipement and so on
17:47:03  <caladan> And we can record, that's all
17:47:08  <MeusH> caladan: like hear enchancers (aparat s?uchowy)?
17:47:41  <caladan> yeah
17:48:10  <caladan> lately there was an experiment to distinguish bugs in wood by the sound they make
17:48:34  <caladan> we design speakers and measure them
17:49:15  <MeusH> cool :p
17:49:23  <MeusH> I've had one bug somewhere in my room
17:49:42  <MeusH> and he like died, after two years of making strange noises
17:49:55  <caladan> huh :D
17:50:04  <caladan> And there's something called DSP for example
17:50:11  <caladan> and we learn how to make digital filters
17:50:24  * Bjarni will use a DSP in a moment
17:50:30  <Wolf01> !rev 7994
17:50:33  <Wolf01> mmm
17:50:38  <Wolf01> howto?
17:50:43  <caladan> and now it's one of my projects to design guiter effect :-)
17:50:44  <Bjarni> I use it to catch a weak TV signal
17:50:46  <caladan> *guitar
17:50:52  <Wolf01> ok, tortoise
17:51:02  <MeusH> !openttd commit 7994
17:51:04  <Bjarni> !openttd commit 7994
17:51:06  <_42_> Commit by celestar :: r7994 (none) (2007-01-09 14:20:22 UTC)
17:51:08  <_42_> [branches] - Removed unused branches:
17:51:10  <_42_> -tfc_newmap: much of these ideas are in trunk meanwhile
17:51:12  <_42_> -pbs: will be re-implemented differently (newsignalling)
17:51:14  <_42_> -bridge: has been merged
17:51:16  <_42_> -makefile/makefilewrite: has been merged
17:51:18  <_42_> Commit by celestar :: r7994 (none) (2007-01-09 14:20:22 UTC)
17:51:20  <_42_> [branches] - Removed unused branches:
17:51:22  <_42_> -tfc_newmap: much of these ideas are in trunk meanwhile
17:51:24  <_42_> -pbs: will be re-implemented differently (newsignalling)
17:51:26  <_42_> -bridge: has been merged
17:51:28  <_42_> -makefile/makefilewrite: has been merged
17:51:30  <Bjarni> wow
17:51:32  <Wolf01> lol XD
17:51:32  <Bjarni> double up
17:52:04  <caladan> and what is that DSP of yours? :D
17:52:17  <peter1138> spam :/
17:52:29  <MeusH> define DSP
17:52:33  <MeusH> in polish please :)
17:52:42  <Bjarni> MeusH: Digital Signal Processor
17:52:58  <Belugas> c[12:51] <+caladan> and now it's one of my projects to design guiter effect :-)  <---- I want to be a tester!!!
17:52:59  <Bjarni> it's a CPU for calculating stuff on analogue signals
17:53:02  <MeusH> thanks Bjarni
17:53:29  <Bjarni> now it needs to be translated to Polish
17:53:31  <Bjarni> :P
17:54:24  <stillunknown> KUDr: if you want an updated diff for what i gave you yesterday, then ask
17:54:34  <Bjarni> caladan: well, I don't know for sure. It's the one in my TV tuner. Works great btw. When it's turned off, I lose packages (digital TV signal) and when it's on, I get a perfect reception :D
17:54:51  <caladan> Huh, thats not DSP :>
17:55:10  <Bjarni> it is
17:55:16  <Bjarni> they placed a DSP inside the tuner
17:55:20  <caladan> But not audio
17:55:22  <stillunknown> Digital Sound Processor
17:55:29  <caladan> it;s not sound
17:55:30  <caladan> but signal
17:55:39  <Bjarni> Digital SIGNAL Processor
17:55:51  <glx> sound is a signal
17:55:58  <caladan> it is, but you can do DSP on video
17:56:05  <Bjarni> while they are good for sound, they can actually also work on other sine shaped signals
17:56:15  <Bjarni> it works on the carrier wave
17:56:38  <caladan> You must be joking....:>
17:56:48  <Bjarni> getting signals from two antennas and filter out noise before the analogue to digital processing takes place
17:56:54  <Bjarni> something like that
17:57:09  <peter1138> the tv tuner *is* the filter... heh
17:57:09  <caladan> I tell you...
17:57:22  <caladan> It is, but the part that demodulates signal is purely analog...
17:57:32  <caladan> For you have signal with freq like few GHz
17:57:50  <caladan> And you shift that into few MHzs
17:57:54  <caladan> and that CAN be processed
17:58:01  <Bjarni> TV carrier signals are not in the GHz area. They are in the MHz area
17:58:15  <caladan> Satelite?
17:58:22  <Bjarni> no
17:58:46  <Bjarni> just old fashioned TV with digital signals
17:59:14  <caladan> you see, you cannot make a faster ADC than like 100MHz
17:59:35  *** BJH2 [] has joined #openttd
17:59:39  <caladan> and the carrier signals are much "faster" than the signal itself
18:00:16  <Bjarni> good point
18:00:19  <Bjarni> didn't think of that
18:00:21  <Bjarni> hmm
18:00:27  <Bjarni> I wonder what the DSP actually does
18:00:38  <caladan> Probably something like demultiplexing and so on...
18:01:05  <caladan> like volume
18:01:10  <caladan> balance
18:01:13  <caladan> equalizer
18:01:14  <Bjarni> you see, for some (very good) reason, they are not willing to give detailed info on the internals
18:01:28  <caladan> true, cause there;s something that decodes signal
18:01:32  <caladan> cause its coded as you know
18:02:13  <Bjarni> well, what it does is that it gets input from two different antennas (not allowed to be placed too close to each other) and output is the whole DVB multiplex
18:02:25  *** Ailure [] has joined #openttd
18:02:35  <Bjarni> unmodified
18:03:58  <caladan> hmm, you cant hmmm
18:04:14  <caladan> put signal of such freqw into DSP
18:04:16  <Bjarni> somehow they use the two signals as input to the DSP and output is the same as with one antenna and no DSP, except that the signal quality is higher than even the signal from the best antenna
18:04:17  <ln-> apple is indeed bringing a phone to the market.
18:04:17  <KUDr> [18:53:28] <stillunknown> KUDr: if you want an updated diff for what i gave you yesterday, then ask << now we have no warnings at all so yes, later (if it comes to trunk)
18:04:41  <MeusH> ln- yep, and its name will start with I, for sure
18:04:41  <Bjarni> ln-: yeah... it's even running OSX, so I wonder about OTTD :D
18:05:16  <KUDr> stillunknown: but you can give me link (but please not the site that will tranlate it into text)
18:05:17  *** Sacro [Ben@adsl-213-249-225-220.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
18:05:31  <KUDr> stillunknown: or you can try DCC to me
18:05:46  <Bjarni> ln-: what is your source
18:05:55  <Bjarni> I get some text feed, no video :s
18:06:34  <ln-> Bjarni: mostly
18:06:41  <Bjarni> same here
18:06:42  <hylje> is quite nice
18:06:48  <stillunknown> KUDr: i still have to find out what ports DCC uses :-)
18:06:50  <stillunknown>
18:06:55  <Bjarni> looks like they gave up on the live feed
18:06:56  *** scia [] has joined #openttd
18:07:05  <Bjarni> most likely due to being overloaded
18:07:09  <KUDr> stillunknown: 59 by default i think
18:07:16  *** Sacro [Ben@adsl-213-249-225-220.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
18:07:17  <hylje> nah
18:07:18  *** asdfas [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:07:23  <hylje> no giving up
18:07:26  <hylje> it updates just nice
18:10:38  *** Zaviori [] has quit [Quit: ( :: NoNameScript 4.02 :: )]
18:17:25  *** Osai^Kendo [] has quit [Quit: Osai^Kendo]
18:20:35  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:22:42  <KUDr> stillunknown: Accepting send
18:22:50  <KUDr> but nothing happened
18:23:50  <stillunknown> KUDr: ok
18:24:01  *** mikl [] has joined #openttd
18:24:59  *** Zaviori [] has joined #openttd
18:28:32  <ln-> does intel have processors suitable for phones?
18:29:22  <caladan> yeah
18:29:29  <caladan> xscale i quess
18:29:31  <caladan> guess*
18:29:37  <caladan> these are modified arms
18:31:22  <ln-> are they big endian or little endian?
18:31:31  *** raimar2 is now known as McHawk
18:32:05  <Bjarni> that phone looks like a battery killer to me
18:32:07  <caladan> hmh, that i dont know
18:32:38  <pv2b> yeah. they claim it runs OS X too.
18:32:38  <Bjarni> intel tend to use little endian. ARM is little endian (I think)
18:33:07  <pv2b> that's not really a problem though. OS X runs on platforms of both endinannesses.
18:33:36  <Bjarni> in theory if it got some intel instruction set and is little endian, it could be possible to make it run normal OSX apps and games, given they don't demand too much
18:33:44  <caladan> ARM is probably big endian....
18:33:49  <caladan> it was not designed by intel...
18:34:10  <Bjarni> I think I was told that it's little endina
18:34:13  <Bjarni> *endian
18:34:18  <Bjarni> not that it matters much
18:34:37  <Bjarni> for all we know, it could be a PPC 405
18:34:46  <Bjarni> they work pretty well on battery
18:38:50  <stillunknown> KUDr: so when do you think it will merge?
18:40:14  <KUDr> heh
18:40:17  <KUDr> i dunno
18:40:24  <KUDr> it will not depend on me
18:40:35  <KUDr> we must agree if/when
18:41:18  <KUDr> my mission is accompished
18:41:26  *** Sacro [~Ben@adsl-213-249-225-220.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
18:43:01  <stillunknown> i think it will wait until 0.5 is done
18:43:19  <caladan> The x86 architecture is little endian. Many ARM processors support either mode, but usually are used in little endian mode.
18:45:07  <KUDr> stillunknown: i don't think it needs to wait for 0.5 << 0.5 is complete. Only few bugs can be fixed there in the future, but they can be backported easily
18:46:31  <KUDr> the only problem could be laziness of some people who don't want to bother to learn C++ or some performance issues or so
18:56:16  <Digitalfox> But KUDr branch cpp is finished?? Just bug fixing now?? I hope it be merged soon so new features are implemented.. :)
18:56:43  <Digitalfox> But i know for some c++ can be hard.. :)
18:56:58  <Digitalfox> So i'll just hope the merge is done: )
18:58:45  <KUDr> Digitalfox: warnings fixed, no known bugs yet (needs more testing)
18:59:15  <Digitalfox> But at any time if the whole team agree it can be merged right?
19:00:14  *** Wolf01 [] has quit [Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Wolf01|AFK))]
19:00:14  *** Wolf01|AFK [] has joined #openttd
19:00:26  *** Wolf01|AFK is now known as Wolf01
19:01:06  <KUDr> yes
19:01:08  <Belugas> i'm confident KUDr will decide of the faith of cpp branch when he feels it will be appropriate.
19:03:30  <Smoovious> I so far have yet to desync from a network game, so good job to all the guys who tracked them down
19:04:00  *** mode/#openttd [-v caladan] by Darkvater
19:04:17  <Darkvater> Smoovious: tell that to Brianetta; his game desyncs all the time
19:04:49  <Smoovious> ahh
19:04:50  <scia> Darkvater: not with this revision yet
19:05:07  <Smoovious> what build is he using?
19:05:08  <scia> s/revision/release candidate
19:05:15  <scia> RC3
19:06:50  <Smoovious> huh
19:08:12  <scia> 0.5.0-RC3 if that is what you mean
19:09:57  <Smoovious> ya
19:21:18  *** Digitalfox [] has quit [Quit: Bye Bye...]
19:24:22  <Brianetta> Darkvater: Not since RC3
19:24:55  <Darkvater> seriously?
19:25:00  <Brianetta> Seriously.
19:25:02  <Brianetta> Not one desync.
19:25:03  <Darkvater> well that's good news
19:25:07  * Darkvater knocks on wood
19:25:25  <caladan> what version?
19:25:26  <KUDr> SetSignalOnBothDirs() ?
19:25:37  <caladan> since rc3?
19:25:40  <Brianetta> yes
19:25:40  * Darkvater looks through svn log to find the cause
19:25:48  <Belugas> #Tonigh tonight tonight hoo hooooooo...
19:25:52  <Brianetta> Darkvater: Has the save or load code changed?
19:25:54  <caladan> hmm,nice, it was getting on my nerves
19:26:59  <Darkvater> !openttd comit 7957 7946
19:27:06  <Darkvater> just these two I can think of
19:27:43  <Darkvater> ther'es also 7952 but that should not be a desync-issue. Also the newgrf fixes were only becoming more lenient and not strict
19:29:24  *** pecisk [] has joined #openttd
19:36:00  *** HMage [~HMage@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:40:43  <stillunknown> how do you guys test the performance of specific parts of the game?
19:40:56  <stillunknown> I've seen it mentioned a few times.
19:43:30  <KUDr> profiler
19:43:57  <CIA-1> miham * r8012 /trunk/src/lang/ (7 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed)
19:43:57  <CIA-1> WebTranslator2 update to 2007-01-09 20:43:03
19:43:57  <CIA-1> bulgarian - 3 fixed, 68 changed by groupsky (71)
19:43:57  <CIA-1> danish - 45 changed by ThomasA (4), MiR (41)
19:43:57  <CIA-1> finnish - 2 fixed by pallokala (2)
19:43:58  <CIA-1> frisian - 2 changed by talzaroff (2)
19:43:58  <CIA-1> greek - 40 fixed, 1 changed by Kesnar (41)
19:44:14  <stillunknown> is that a part of ottd?
19:47:36  <caladan> stillunknown: there's a type of soft called profiler, it measures such things
19:48:32  <caladan>
19:48:40  <caladan> dont know which is used here
19:48:43  <Eddi|zuHause2> there are TIC and TOC macros, that give you some timing information
19:53:28  <McHawk> gprof
19:53:33  <McHawk> callgrind
19:53:40  <McHawk> are two start pointers
19:53:43  *** PandaMojo [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]]
19:53:59  *** sergey [] has joined #openttd
19:57:25  <pv2b> also shark on mac os x
19:57:59  <KUDr> ok, basic MP test of [cpp] branch (server linux/trunk, clients linux/cpp, win32/cpp) succeeded
19:58:50  *** Zahl [] has joined #openttd
19:59:56  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:08:56  <Brianetta> Error: !invalid string id 0 in GetString
20:08:57  <Brianetta> openttd: openttd.c:88: error: Assertion `0' failed.
20:08:57  <Brianetta> Aborted
20:09:04  *** mikk36[EST] [] has joined #openttd
20:09:12  <Brianetta> I was clicking on the message bar to look at news articles
20:10:59  <scia> hah
20:11:01  <scia> me too
20:11:02  <scia> :p
20:11:02  <Darkvater> ah maaaan, not again :s
20:11:06  <Darkvater> RC3?
20:11:30  <Darkvater> I was sure I fixed it...
20:11:47  <scia> hmm
20:11:59  <Brianetta> yes, RC3
20:12:04  <scia> well it actually is the branches/0.5
20:12:09  <Brianetta> and bang, I lsot touch with my server
20:12:13  <Brianetta> again
20:12:37  <Darkvater> anyone using windows that had a crash?
20:14:15  <scia> I just clicked on the newsbar until it asserted
20:14:50  <scia> are the assertion not disabled in the binaries or is that for the release only?
20:15:03  <Darkvater> windows binaries don't have assertions
20:15:21  <Brianetta> I thought they did
20:15:26  <Brianetta> I thought they did a dialogue
20:15:33  <scia> I have had assertions on windows indeed
20:15:56  *** mikk36 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:16:08  <Darkvater> you cannot have assertions on the windows releases as those are removed
20:16:12  <scia> back in the days when I was using integrated nightlies :)
20:16:19  <Darkvater> (th nightlies have assertions)
20:16:37  <scia> oh right
20:17:23  <Darkvater> so nobody using windows?
20:17:29  * Darkvater joins Brianetta's server
20:17:36  <Darkvater> hmm wait, I'd need acompany
20:17:38  <Darkvater> nvm
20:17:41  <Brianetta> 20:13 <sarah_pilot> Brianetta: Alex: Are you in Windows?
20:17:46  <Brianetta> I think he's afk
20:18:11  <Brianetta> Darkvater: Borrom Sacro's
20:18:14  <Brianetta> Borrow
20:18:22  <Brianetta> He only has 16 trains
20:18:26  <Brianetta> practically a pauper
20:18:36  <Darkvater> pw?
20:18:57  <Darkvater> his company has a pw
20:19:11  <Brianetta> oh
20:19:16  <Brianetta> normally he forgets
20:19:35  <scia> that particular newspaper has already disappeared methinks
20:19:45  <scia> I had to click quite a few times already
20:20:05  <Brianetta> scia: The newspaper queue is empty when you join
20:20:14  <scia> ...
20:20:17  <scia> aha
20:20:17  <Darkvater> I really hoped I fixed it cause I had a look through all newsitems when you delete a vehicle
20:20:22  <scia> now I get it
20:20:39  <Darkvater> eg the problem only happens when there is a vehicle that gets deleted and it has a newsitem in the queue
20:20:49  <Darkvater> but I debugged it for a whole day and finally it worked
20:20:54  <Darkvater> apparently not :s
20:22:37  <Brianetta> [1]+  Killed                  ./openttd -n
20:22:45  <Brianetta> Something killed my process!
20:22:55  <Brianetta> Denied!
20:26:58  <Ailure> hmm
20:26:58  <Ailure> argh
20:27:10  <Ailure> I wish I could force the game to load this savegame D:
20:27:21  <scia> another crash... but it was just an airplane this time
20:27:23  * scia hides
20:27:27  <Ailure> I replaced a GRF file
20:27:50  <Ailure> now it looks for the old one whenever I try to load the savegame D: Before openTTD at least loaded it anyway when you changed GRF's
20:28:34  <Darkvater> Ailure: load the save with the old grf, open the grf settings window, delete grf there, add new one there, apply changes and save
20:30:19  <Ailure> Now if I still had the old GRF xD
20:30:36  <Ailure> eh it's probably still there in another folder
20:30:43  <Ailure> since I have severeal openTTD installations
20:33:40  <DaleStan> Darkvater: THAT is  the approved method of upgrading GRF files mid-game?
20:34:06  <Darkvater> atm :(
20:34:20  * Darkvater points at pecisk
20:34:24  <Darkvater> peter1138 ^
20:34:37  <Darkvater> DaleStan: come, on, rant; I know you want to :)
20:36:05  <stillunknown> KUDr: do you still have those map ideas somewhere?
20:36:30  <KUDr> i forgot it already
20:36:44  <DaleStan> I think that procedure stands by itself, no rant required.
20:36:46  <KUDr> i will do something if cpp gets merged
20:36:57  <Darkvater> DaleStan: yeah, you're right
20:37:56  * Maedhros should really think about changing newhouse grfs in game - currently i think openttd will just crash
20:37:57  <stillunknown> KUDr: forgot the ideas or were you put the files?
20:38:07  <KUDr> both
20:38:14  <KUDr> i am old and senile
20:38:16  <Eddi|zuHause2> we should have a database of known newgrfs and their compatibility
20:38:29  <Eddi|zuHause2> (including upgrade paths)
20:38:34  <stillunknown> KUDr: already senile?
20:38:39  <KUDr> yes
20:38:50  <Darkvater> DaleStan: what do you know about the file?
20:39:09  <Darkvater> DaleStan: if I tell you the good one is 1,571KB and one that I have problems with is 1,216KB
20:39:16  <Darkvater> would you say it was from the demo version?
20:39:28  *** HMage [~HMage@] has joined #openttd
20:39:48  <stillunknown> someone talked about newpools at some point, was that future talk?
20:40:20  <DaleStan> Darkvater: I know that there's a binary available somewhere that can unpack it, but that's about it. It might be from the demo, or from a different Microprose game.
20:40:25  <KUDr> blathijs has his pools ready
20:41:00  <Darkvater> DaleStan: ah, another game as well ey; let's see
20:41:59  <Darkvater> hmm could be another game altogether
20:43:05  <sergey> how use BOLD FONT in config.cfg small_font=??????????? in windows
20:43:21  <Darkvater> small_font=???????????
20:43:26  <Darkvater> what font do you want?
20:44:26  <blathijs> stillunknown: I'm probably gonna see what happens with cpp first, since the pools can be a lot cleaner in cpp
20:44:35  <sergey> ariav bold
20:44:39  <sergey> arial bold
20:44:43  <stillunknown> an empty or tree tile, what properties will be accessed often?
20:45:17  <Darkvater> just type small_font = arial bold
20:45:23  <stillunknown> ignore my question
20:45:32  <sergey> small_font=arial  -------- ok, but small_font = arial bold NOT WORK
20:46:15  <stillunknown> does m1 only contain an owner?
20:46:39  <Darkvater> sergey: then you don't have that font
20:47:03  <Rubidium_> sergey: what OS?
20:47:08  <sergey> windows
20:47:21  <Darkvater> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts
20:47:28  <Darkvater> look here (registry) for what fonts you have
20:49:17  <Brianetta>
20:50:12  <stillunknown> blathijs: will your pools be less magic than oldpools?
20:50:29  <Darkvater> templates !
20:50:44  <sergey> Darkvater: thanks
20:51:18  <Darkvater> sergey: if you don't have a font installed you can also use the path to it
20:51:26  <Darkvater> eg c:\sergey\arialbd.ttc
20:51:56  <Darkvater> only with ttf's (fonts that contain multiple fonts) it won't work; the path will always pick the first one
20:52:45  <sergey> path that is better way
20:53:00  <glx> Darkvater: isn't ttf 1 font and ttc many ?
20:53:15  <Darkvater> TrueType Collection
20:53:16  <Darkvater> yeah
20:53:17  <Darkvater> :)
20:53:25  <Darkvater> arialbd.ttf
20:54:39  <sergey> good-good-good now i can check&test my translation!
20:54:58  * Darkvater windoes why sergey doesn't have arial bold by default
21:00:03  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
21:00:21  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@adsl-83-100-162-38.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
21:00:21  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@adsl-83-100-162-38.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit []
21:00:32  <SpComb> Logs:
21:00:32  <Digitalfox> !logs
21:00:54  <stillunknown> DIgitalfox: are you a bot?
21:01:11  <stillunknown> *Digitalfox
21:01:22  <Bjarni> yeah
21:01:25  <Bjarni> let's ban it
21:01:37  <Bjarni> only ops are allowed to place bots in here
21:01:54  <Bjarni> or rather, you need permission from an op to place a bot in here
21:02:00  * Eddi|zuHause2 wonders which op let SpBot in here
21:02:02  *** DJ_Mirage [] has quit [Quit:]
21:02:25  <Bjarni> I placed it here
21:02:32  <Eddi|zuHause2> and i believe there's also a robobot
21:02:34  <Bjarni> now you figure out why
21:02:46  <Darkvater> ladies and gentlemen!
21:02:57  <Darkvater> It is my pleasure to announce the arrival of yet another developer among us.
21:03:10  <Darkvater> He has been deeply involved (and still is) with newhouses, and has developed a few other
21:03:17  <Darkvater> interesting patches.
21:03:25  <Darkvater> May his work (current and future) contribute to a better OpenTTD.
21:03:39  <Darkvater> Let me give you....Maedhros!
21:03:50  <Darkvater> *audience gives a standing ovation*
21:03:50  * Eddi|zuHause2 applauds
21:03:52  * Maedhros bows, shyly
21:03:59  * scia congratulates Maedhros
21:04:05  *** mode/#openttd [+o Maedhros] by Darkvater
21:04:20  <scia> :o +o
21:04:27  * scia runs
21:04:46  <KUDr> oooh big Maedhros! welcome!
21:04:49  *** dextro [~dextro@] has joined #openttd
21:04:51  *** scia [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:04:58  <dextro> hello guys
21:05:04  <Maedhros> thanks guys :-D
21:05:17  <dextro> What's happening?
21:05:20  <Darkvater> now get to work slave!
21:05:24  <Maedhros> hehe
21:05:38  <Bjarni> dextro: we are catching new slaves to work for us
21:05:44  <stillunknown> Maedhros: Let's not forget girls, if they exist here.
21:05:47  <dextro> (and yes it's me and I'm finnaly back... better yet I finally know C :D)
21:06:07  <dextro> uhhh girls? girls? where? where? :P
21:06:07  * Wolf01 hope that one day he will be like Maedhros
21:06:19  <Bjarni> dextro: we moved away from C in the meantime :P
21:06:46  <Eddi|zuHause2> this is actually funny ;)
21:07:04  <Darkvater> lol@bjarni
21:07:25  <Wolf01> [...]if they exist here. <- they will be forced to leave the forum
21:07:28  <dextro> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
21:07:29  *** BFM [] has joined #openttd
21:07:57  <KUDr> dextro: now learn Java!
21:08:20  <dextro> ok can I kill someone when openttd blocks my comp?
21:08:22  <dextro> JK JK :P
21:08:51  <stillunknown> target locked on KUDr, fire torpedo
21:09:01  <KUDr> :))
21:09:22  <Bjarni> a torpedo with laughing gas?
21:09:25  <Belugas> Congrat's Maedhros :D
21:09:32  *** pecisk [] has quit [Quit: J?iet prom]
21:09:37  <KUDr> torpedo missed its target and turned around back to its origin
21:09:41  <Eddi|zuHause2> N2O is probably very explosive
21:10:21  <dextro> btw are you pulling my leg? :P
21:10:34  <Bjarni> a bit
21:10:40  <Bjarni> because it's not java
21:10:41  <dextro> great :D
21:10:45  * dextro trips and falls
21:10:55  <Bjarni> it's C++
21:11:07  <stillunknown> blathijs: consider looking a boost, before reinventing the wheel
21:11:14  <KUDr> dextro: /branches/cpp
21:11:32  <dextro> Bjarni what's the main diference from c?
21:11:44  <dextro> (I know I asked this a couple of dozen times btw :P)
21:11:59  <KUDr> dextro: main improvement is weird syntax
21:12:22  <dextro> At least it's not lisp :P
21:12:24  <KUDr> and something to learn
21:12:33  <Biff> main improvement is that a guy named Bjarne created C++
21:13:14  <dextro> and I was thinking openttd would finally make me toast :(
21:13:16  * Digitalfox says he is a bot with the mission of exterminating all openTTD team and stillunknown for speaking of my existence!!
21:13:34  * Digitalfox says he is a bot with the mission of exterminating all openTTD team and stillunknown for speaking of my existence!!
21:13:54  <Digitalfox> Ops bot error with duplication
21:14:42  <Digitalfox> ;)
21:14:49  <dextro> so... is PBS in trunk these days? :P
21:14:55  <glx> no
21:14:58  <dextro> pity :(
21:15:12  <dextro> but is it developing at least?
21:15:16  <glx> but you can build bridges over a lot of things instead
21:15:35  <dextro> but with no PBS networks become huge :P
21:17:17  <Rubidium_> as if they don't become huge with PBS?
21:17:38  <Bjarni> no, PBS networks aren't in the game when there aren't any PBS, so it's useless to talk about their size
21:17:45  <Bjarni> missing a "," :P
21:18:12  <dextro> Bjarrny but they once where in-game :P
21:18:33  <Bjarni> ...
21:18:39  <Bjarni> Bjarrny....
21:18:42  <Bjarni> wtf?
21:18:47  <dextro> Ei my beryl locked up :S
21:19:07  <dextro> strangely enough I couldn't see what I was writing... :|
21:19:22  <Bjarni> and you hit enter anyway?
21:19:30  <Bjarni> also... how could you type so wrong?
21:19:42  <dextro> It's called 4 hours of sleep :D
21:19:59  <Bjarni> that should be plenty
21:20:08  <Bjarni> during school
21:20:16  <dextro> not before a calculus exam
21:20:55  <Bjarni> is it in binary?
21:21:01  *** eQualizer [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:21:01  * dextro notices that his dvd-drive probably fried... motor isn't working at least
21:21:20  <Bjarni> stop using it as a cup holder
21:21:23  <blathijs> stillunknown: The new pool.c begins with two pages of documentation :-)
21:21:28  <dextro> no, that's Friday
21:21:28  <Bjarni> ahh, too late :P
21:21:53  <dextro> loool, actually I think it fried because of my last PSU that also fried...
21:21:56  <blathijs> stillunknown: And we have some specific needs with regard to indexing, though there might be stuff available in C++ that isn't in C
21:22:22  <Bjarni> got crappy hardware?
21:22:54  <Bjarni> we tend to call those "PCs made out of bamboo" or something like that
21:22:58  <dextro> crappy PSU and a Crappy dvd drive
21:23:09  <dextro> everything else survived but the DVD drive fried
21:23:29  <dextro> note to self: never spare on the PSU...
21:24:10  <Bjarni> I know a guy, whose power supply got hit by lightning. PC was connected and the PSU, CPU, motherboard, RAM, DVD drive and so on died
21:24:17  <Bjarni> oddly enough the HD survived
21:24:29  <Bjarni> now that's lucky
21:24:30  *** mikl [] has quit [Quit: In the end, all that matters is your relation with God...]
21:24:42  <Bjarni> since he lost everything in a computer except his data
21:24:46  <Darkvater> and another pebkac problem fixed
21:25:12  <Darkvater> ugh
21:25:13  <Darkvater> OS/2
21:25:20  <CIA-1> Darkvater * r8013 /trunk/src/ (gfxinit.c music_gui.c openttd.c settings.c unix.c win32.c):
21:25:20  <CIA-1> -Codechange (r6921, rUnknown): Show the error message of corrupt or missing (own) files
21:25:20  <CIA-1>  through a ShowInfo(F). This way windows users also see this message and bugs such as
21:25:20  <CIA-1>  FS#528 will not happen anymore. Put ShowInfo(F) error output to stderr and not stdout.
21:25:40  <Darkvater> ah good
21:25:44  <Darkvater> a no-care
21:28:30  <Bjarni> hmm
21:28:37  * Bjarni wonders what goes on outside
21:28:45  <Bjarni> I heard a loud boom a moment ago
21:29:25  <Bjarni> and now I heard sirens from some emergency vehicle/police in that direction
21:29:39  <Bjarni> what just blew up?
21:30:11  <Darkvater> they're coming for you
21:30:57  <Bjarni> that's the oldest joke ever
21:31:02  <Smoovious> sorry... >hits his fist against his chest<... I needed to burp
21:31:05  <Bjarni> and I'm actually serious
21:31:18  <Bjarni> do it outside
21:31:26  <Bjarni> I don't want any explosions in here
21:31:39  <caladan> some extremists? :>
21:32:01  <Bjarni> well, "	<Darkvater>	they're coming for you" was said on a daily basis when I went to a school, that was on the same road as a hospital
21:32:12  *** ChrisM87 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:32:34  <Bjarni> after a "short" while, it became boring, yet I heard people saying that for years
21:32:51  <Darkvater> it was probably boring for you :)
21:33:26  <Bjarni> I once saw 4 ambulances with police escort. Looked like something nasty happened
21:35:57  *** Mucht_ [] has joined #openttd
21:36:47  *** sergey [] has left #openttd []
21:37:56  <Bjarni> heh. That logo map on the forum... it could be fun to include
21:40:44  <Digitalfox> Maedhros you there?
21:40:54  <Digitalfox> Found a bad bug in newhouses
21:41:14  <Digitalfox> In scenaria creator deleting a tow makes openttd crash with no msg
21:41:20  <Digitalfox> scenario
21:41:28  <Digitalfox> town
21:42:20  *** MUcht [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:42:42  <Belugas> that's bad :(
21:43:16  <Wolf01> demote Maedhros!
21:43:27  * Wolf01 hides
21:43:36  <CIA-1> maedhros * r8014 /trunk/src/ (clear_map.h terraform_gui.c tree_cmd.c):
21:43:36  <CIA-1> -Codechange (r7573): When a tile is cleared, empty the general purpose bits in
21:43:36  <CIA-1> extra as well, unless they are (or could be) used for bridges. This means these
21:43:36  <CIA-1> bits don't have to be cleared seperately when non-bridgeable tiles are removed.
21:44:56  <Digitalfox> Using build 7965 windows
21:44:56  <Maedhros> Digitalfox: hmm. i'll have a look :)
21:45:00  <Digitalfox> ok :)
21:47:43  <Maedhros> it works fine here... what exactly had you done before deleting the town?
21:48:35  *** Purno [] has quit [Quit: Life is a game of pick-up-sticks, played by fucking lunatics.]
21:48:49  <Digitalfox> By the way this was a map created for just seeing how new builings look like.. And make that town ( only one ) be very big with 60,000 persons.. I've use ttrs 3.01..
21:49:07  <Digitalfox> Just had erased some buildings and aplied several times expand
21:49:49  <Belugas> and now...
21:49:50  *** Belugas is now known as Belugas_Gone
21:49:53  <Belugas_Gone> bye bye
21:50:02  <Maedhros> bye Belugas_Gone
21:51:24  <MeusH> bye Belugas_Gone
21:51:43  <Digitalfox> Got now an asserton
21:52:07  <Maedhros> yeah, i think this is known, and should be fixed by the commit i just made to trunk :)
21:53:45  *** eQualizer [] has joined #openttd
21:55:38  <Digitalfox> Maedhros please receive the assertion i had
21:58:29  *** Osai [] has joined #openttd
22:00:00  *** tudor [] has left #openttd []
22:02:17  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:10:18  <stillunknown> blathijs: could i see that patch (curious)?
22:13:45  <Darkvater> bah
22:13:51  <Darkvater> why can't I get this regexp to work?
22:13:54  <Darkvater> \}[^{]+\{
22:14:19  <Darkvater> this when it finds a } looks for the { on the second line if it cannot be found on the same :(
22:20:13  <caladan> hmm, it searches for } and then one or more {'s
22:20:32  <Darkvater> yes but shouldn't it abort on a newline?
22:20:44  <caladan> hmm, should
22:20:55  <caladan> so maybe add [^\n]
22:21:08  <Darkvater> it's ultraedit though; so who knows
22:21:23  *** Progman [] has joined #openttd
22:21:29  <blathijs> stillunknown: /branches/mempools (or something) should have the code
22:21:39  <blathijs> stillunknown: look in pool.h
22:22:07  <Darkvater> it doesn't even care...
22:22:12  <caladan> huh...
22:22:23  <blathijs> stillunknown: hmm, no, haven't commited it yet
22:22:26  <Rubidium_> blathijs: you didn't do anything in there except branching
22:22:49  <caladan> Darkvater: that { inside [] doesnt need escaping?
22:22:54  <blathijs> Rubidium_: I did a few tries, kept changing my mind in what order would be best :-)
22:23:35  <Darkvater> no change
22:24:01  <blathijs> stillunknown:
22:24:57  *** BJH2 [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7.12/20050915]]
22:31:01  * Sacro walks in and scratches
22:35:52  <Bjarni> <--- damn, how could they reject that one???
22:40:43  <Ailure> lol
22:40:52  <Ailure> I see lame ones about niggers all the time
22:40:56  <Ailure> and yet this one dosen't pass
22:41:24  <Ailure> (I mean, some jokes at the quote databases are playing on lame sterotypes than just being fun)
22:41:45  <Noldo> Just because you aren't paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you
22:41:56  <MeusH> that's a great quote
22:42:01  <MeusH> bad qdb moderators
22:42:11  <MeusH> Bjarni, when will we discuss politics?
22:42:15  <MeusH> is MVC here?
22:42:23  <Noldo> what kind of politics?
22:42:48  <MeusH> wars laws and stuff
22:43:07  <Noldo> I had a very political day today. We had to comment this proposal about uniting some parts of our universitu with local lower grade school
22:43:16  *** KritiK [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:44:04  *** hylje [hylje@] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
22:44:08  <Bjarni> the best part is that he really meant what he said
22:44:24  <CIA-1> KUDr * r8015 /branches/cpp/ (49 files in 8 dirs): Sync with trunk (r7961:8013)
22:44:32  <Bjarni> MeusH: whenever somebody makes a political statement that we disagree on
22:44:42  <Sacro> strange swedes
22:44:46  <MeusH> yup :)
22:44:49  <KUDr> ufff, manual sync, grrr
22:44:56  <MeusH> Sacro, you're wrong!
22:45:09  <Sacro> MeusH: have you READ the article?
22:45:21  <MeusH> haha nice town
22:45:27  <MeusH> I'm reading it
22:45:36  <Maedhros> hmm, fun
22:45:41  <Bjarni> <--- hmm... looking at what they keep, I wonder why they discarded this one as well
22:46:16  <dextro> relocating a town!?!?! :|
22:46:16  <Maedhros> create a town in the scenario editor, use the query tool on one of the buildings, keep the query window open and delete the town. => SEGFAULT
22:46:21  <Bjarni> ahh, Kiruna
22:46:24  <dextro> Someone's been playing openttd xD
22:46:25  <Bjarni> homeland of the Dm3
22:46:32  <Sacro> dextro: yes... relocating it
22:46:50  <dextro> I read the article, crazy :|
22:47:09  <Bjarni> you know, since they had iron ore trains there since the steam era, they moved pretty much iron and well... looks like they digged out too mcuh
22:47:17  <Bjarni> *much
22:47:28  <Bjarni> I read the two first lines and then I knew the story
22:47:32  <Bjarni> you see, I already knew that
22:47:40  <MeusH> nice story, but I've got to go
22:47:40  <MeusH> goodnight
22:47:47  *** MeusH [] has quit [Quit: bye - quit]
22:47:51  <Bjarni> now it's time for politics
22:47:57  <Bjarni> is it right to mine so much?
22:48:02  <Bjarni> lol
22:48:12  <Bjarni> it was MeusH, who wanted to talk about politics :P
22:48:17  <dextro> Bjarni it's for the good of the economy, progress and mankind :P
22:48:55  <Bjarni> if they didn't do it, they would have no use of the Dm3, and then we would not have it in the grf
22:49:04  <Bjarni> so, in a way, we benefit from it
22:49:36  *** hylje [hylje@] has joined #openttd
22:49:38  <dextro> that's the spirit! And we like relocating so much that we actually do that in our openttd games
22:50:07  <dextro> at least I push towns away for my railway :P
22:50:26  *** wonea [] has joined #openttd
22:50:41  <Darkvater> orudge: can you udpate the OS/2 patch?
22:52:33  <orudge> OK, I'll see if I can do that soon then
22:53:09  <Bjarni> <-- here it is. Kiruna ore terminal with a Dm3
22:53:22  <Bjarni> and a whole lot of iron ore cars
22:53:36  <Darkvater> orudge: today?
22:53:43  <Darkvater> it really shouldn't be much work
22:53:46  <Darkvater> it's just that I can't test it
22:54:18  <Rubidium_> Maedhros: nice bug :)
22:55:05  <Bjarni> <-- here on the line moving away the foundation of the town
22:55:17  <Ailure> I did something earlier today
22:55:28  <Ailure> I took the cheapest train engine in the UKRS set
22:55:31  <orudge> Darkvater: well, at the moment I'm currently trying to sort an issue with the servers by migrating 8000 subscribers of a mailing list to mailman
22:55:34  <Ailure> then assembled a one long train
22:55:35  <orudge> but once I've done that, then yes :p
22:55:38  <Ailure> with as many engines as possible
22:55:45  <Wolf01> 'night all
22:55:48  *** Wolf01 [] has quit []
22:55:53  <Ailure> talk about not being enviromen tfriendly train xD
22:55:57  <Ailure> god the smoke XDDD
22:56:33  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has quit []
22:57:58  <Bjarni> Ailure: steam?
22:58:23  *** HMage [~HMage@] has quit [Quit: HMage]
22:58:37  <Bjarni> you know, modern steam claims to pollute less than diesel when you compare engines delivering the same power
22:59:06  <Ailure> hehe well
22:59:18  <Ailure> even electrical trains would be not enviroment friendly
22:59:23  <Ailure> if you put a really big train together of just engines
22:59:25  <Ailure> that dosen't do anything else
22:59:32  <Ailure> and I know about that
22:59:36  <Ailure> i read about it on uhm
22:59:46  <Ailure> I forgot the name of that train
22:59:50  <Ailure> but it's in the UKRS set
23:00:21  <Bjarni> deltic?
23:00:27  <Ailure> and I think it's really cool and is probably my favorite non electrical freight train
23:00:34  <Bjarni> oh electric
23:00:51  <Bjarni> I was thinking of a diesel that smokes worse than a steam locomotive
23:01:08  <Bjarni> known to always have fires in the exhaust pipes
23:01:30  <Ailure> Wardale 5AT
23:01:44  <Ailure> In a game I even used it's futuristic variant
23:01:56  <Ailure> as I managed to forgot about the existance of electrical trains XD
23:02:06  <Ailure> oh
23:02:07  <Ailure> heh
23:03:10  <Ailure> besides it's kind of neat having a steam engine running around 2020 :p
23:03:53  <Bjarni> <-- dips on NOT standing on the bridge
23:04:16  <Bjarni> ok, it appears that this engine is not 100% ok though
23:04:20  <Bjarni> but they used it anyway
23:05:09  <Smoovious> ya think?
23:05:33  <Smoovious> the rear engine is hurting.. the front one is in better shape
23:05:43  <Ailure> hmm
23:05:57  *** TinoM [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:05:58  <Ailure> I wish maglevs didn't look so wierd when you use them on UKRS
23:06:03  <Bjarni> it used 2 two-stroke deltic diesel engines. It turned out that they could spray diesel past the pistons without igniting it and then it burned in the exhaust pipes
23:06:07  <Ailure> especially when you chain the transrapid trains
23:06:12  <Smoovious> maybe they just put a diesel shell around a steamer power plant
23:06:16  <Ailure> it works, but it looks ugly
23:06:22  *** TinoM [] has joined #openttd
23:06:46  <Smoovious> Bjarni... now that might look cool at night if the trains were flying down the rails, shooting flame into the air
23:06:50  <Ailure> I usually wind up using maglev in UKRS just for goods
23:07:11  <Ailure> since I play with wagon speed limits
23:07:25  <Ailure> and therefore winds up with seperate rails for long lines of fast cargo types
23:07:35  <Bjarni> Smoovious: like this one?
23:07:45  *** wonea [] has left #openttd [Leaving]
23:08:21  <Sacro> Bjarni: nice pic
23:08:34  <Sacro> local too
23:09:06  <Bjarni> steam electric.... the idea is good. However they had leaking boilers (like all steam boilers at that time) and with electric traction underneath the boiler...
23:09:11  <Bjarni> they were never mass produced
23:09:17  <Bjarni> and had a short life
23:09:50  <Ailure> nice blue sparks
23:09:58  <Bjarni> <-- I like this one though. It actually worked
23:10:22  <Smoovious> yeah, already saw that one... love how many axles it has
23:11:30  <Bjarni> 2 more than GG1
23:11:35  <Bjarni> and they are all powered
23:11:54  <Bjarni> it's like two diesels built together into one
23:12:28  <Bjarni> <-- tip, this picture is of a locomotive.... if you look closely, you will notice it below the smoke
23:12:50  <Sacro> niiiiiiice
23:12:55  <Sacro> thats burning a bit rich
23:13:14  <Bjarni> and then you wonder about why people claimed Big Boy to use too much coal...
23:13:48  <Bjarni> it was able to crush coal into dust before burning it and then the really powerful draft could take it out the funnels
23:13:50  <Bjarni> unburned
23:13:56  <Bjarni> I think that is what's happens here
23:14:00  <Bjarni> and gives the colour
23:14:32  <Bjarni> that and the fireman just gave it too much coal compared to air
23:15:20  <Bjarni> heh, I'm not going to print this picture. I would use a month worth of black on it
23:16:28  <Digitalfox> When using maglev with ttr3 the roads that have maglev track appear like old ones ( the original ones )
23:16:47  <Digitalfox> is that a problem of ttrs 3.01 or newhouses?
23:17:14  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:18:19  <Rubidium_> hmm, Land Area Information window should to be updated on modifications to that tile; how to implement that in a nice way? A callback on every SetTileType/SetOwner, or maybe just getting the information every time the window is drawn?
23:18:38  <Maedhros> Digitalfox: probably ttrs3 doesn't have any sprites for road / maglev crossings, but i haven't decoded it (yet) to see
23:18:47  <Digitalfox> ok
23:19:02  <Digitalfox> Should i post in ttrs-3 topic about this?
23:20:07  <Maedhros> not until i make sure it is a problem with ttrs3 and not openttd :)
23:20:27  <Digitalfox> ok
23:20:49  <Digitalfox> I'll wait until you decode ttrs 3.01
23:24:04  <Ailure> Or why not testing it in ttdpatch?
23:24:18  <Ailure> or why not post in that thread and they might bark if it works in ttdpatch
23:24:20  <Ailure> :p
23:26:04  <Digitalfox> I don't use the patch or have any patch directory for tests
23:26:18  <Ailure> then I would post and ask
23:26:26  <Ailure> It's not like they bite you for a stupid question >_>
23:26:45  <Ailure> and thousans of puppies and kittens are killed becuse of your atrocity
23:26:54  <Digitalfox> Are you sure they don't bite?? lol
23:27:40  <Digitalfox> Ailure i'll make an insurance before.. ;)
23:28:04  <Digitalfox> But i'll wait a bit for Maedhros test :)
23:28:11  <Maedhros> well, looks like you'd be ok this time, as ttrs3 doesn't have level crossing sprites for anything except normal railways
23:29:02  <Digitalfox> ah ok
23:29:12  <Digitalfox> so i'll post in ttrs topic :)
23:29:47  <Maedhros> :)
23:30:11  <Maedhros> Rubidium_: would it be much more expensive to get the information every time the window is drawn?
23:31:42  <Rubidium_> well, probably not as the window is not very often redrawn and changes to the tiles are more often (think of dieing trees, new trees, towns expanding)
23:32:08  <Darkvater> dying ;)
23:32:25  <Rubidium_> <- solves the bug
23:32:28  <BFM> I wish I could justify watching this 45 minute video at work :(
23:32:29  <BFM> Pretty funny from the first couple of secs :D
23:32:54  <Darkvater> Rubidium_: I don't mind an outdated landinfo window. You got a snapshow of that window
23:33:05  <Darkvater> after it's open there is no real relationship between it and the tile itself
23:33:21  <Ailure> well
23:33:25  <Rubidium_> Darkvater: well, there is...
23:33:36  <Ailure> alot of newstations have bad support for stuff that isn't railways
23:33:48  *** Digitalfox [] has quit []
23:33:56  <Ailure> xD such as the coal mine station
23:34:02  <Ailure> where it looks like the maglev tracks is covered by dirty
23:34:02  <Rubidium_> it is the cause of the segmentation fault that Maedhros described about 45 minutes ago
23:34:12  <Maedhros> Rubidium_: does it solve the case where there is only one town, so removing it means ClosestTownFromTile() returns NULL?
23:35:28  <Rubidium_> yes, because when the town gets removed, the landdata info gets updated
23:35:38  <Darkvater> he
23:36:01  <Maedhros> ok, cool
23:36:55  <Rubidium_> hmm, though checking for NULL in GetNameOfOwner might be better
23:39:53  <Rubidium_> nope, it isn't, as it still dereferences the town later on
23:45:52  <Rubidium_> hmm, nice: "Small block of flats, Owner: someone, ..." for a cleared tile :)
23:46:37  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
23:46:51  <SpComb> Logs:
23:46:51  <Digitalfox> !logs
23:48:21  <Rubidium_> <- another fix for the 'problem'
23:56:40  *** Digitalfox is now known as Digitalfox_Away

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