Log for #openttd on 19th March 2007:
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00:00:15  <smithj> bummer
00:00:23  <Eddi|zuHause3> ah... dead bios battery = no HDD entry
00:00:28  <Eddi|zuHause3> i can fix that ;)
00:00:29  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9308 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/ (main.nut regression.nut regression.txt
00:00:29  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Change: make the regression scripts run without any user intervention; not manual enabling and disabling of AIs
00:00:29  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Update: the regression outcome because the AI isn't chosen random anymore.
00:03:58  <Eddi|zuHause3> wow, i did not touch that thing in over 5 years
00:04:12  <smithj> wow!
00:04:20  <Eddi|zuHause3> 486SX33 ... those were the times :p
00:04:49  <smithj> my first laptop was 386 w/ 60MB HDD and 8MB RAM
00:04:59  <Eddi|zuHause3> i remember how i installed win95 from the CD, without CD drive ;)
00:05:14  <smithj> :)
00:05:55  <Eddi|zuHause3> i had two 3.5" diskettes, formatted to 1.7MB, copying the files back and forth ;)
00:06:22  <smithj> oh the lost art of disk swapping :P
00:06:56  <Eddi|zuHause3> oh, and i could not get it to run with 4MB RAM, until i installed the memory manager from novell dos :)
00:07:21  <Eddi|zuHause3> then, when i first tried the cable connection, it said it needed at least 8MB
00:07:26  <smithj> it probably still runs faster than Vista
00:08:08  <Eddi|zuHause3> the laptop is fine... only the battery is dead, so i can't really use it...
00:08:30  <Eddi|zuHause3> i think it has a 9" LCD (B/W) display
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00:09:14  <smithj> you could use it as some sort of router or something...?
00:09:23  <Eddi|zuHause3> and an enormous 200MB HDD
00:09:33  <Eddi|zuHause3> router of what?
00:09:40  <Eddi|zuHause3> i don't have any ethernet cards
00:09:42  <smithj> 200MB, how will you fill that? ;)
00:09:56  <Eddi|zuHause3> like i said, i installed win95 :p
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00:10:04  <smithj> doesnt it have some PCMCIA sockets..?
00:10:13  <Eddi|zuHause3> yes, but i don't have cards...
00:10:57  <Eddi|zuHause3> other than that, i have WordPerfect (6.1), Sim City 200, Civ 2 and TT (Original) on it
00:11:14  <smithj> some great old games you have there
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00:11:48  <Eddi|zuHause3> i even compressed the HD, i think
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00:12:27  <smithj> oh those were the days
00:12:56  <Eddi|zuHause3> hm, it says i have 560MB on the drive...
00:14:16  <Eddi|zuHause3> back on topic... parallel cable...
00:15:48  <smithj> from my understanding, you should be able to make a transfer using terminal and minicom
00:15:56  <smithj> or laplink if you have a copy
00:16:18  <Eddi|zuHause3> i have laplink on the laptop, the linux side is my problem
00:16:53  <smithj> i'd suggest minicom and kermit, but it has been so long since i used kermit
00:17:45  <Sacro|Laptop> Eddi|zuHause3: ftp?
00:17:59  <smithj> I'm not sure that would work
00:18:08  <smithj> unless you gave the PLIP a try
00:18:18  <Eddi|zuHause3> i'd say the easiest part would be to provide SAMBA services...
00:19:18  <smithj> can this be done over parallel...?
00:19:49  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: truelight * r9309 /branches/noai/src/ai/ai_factory.hpp: [NoAI] -Fix: stdup the AI name, as else it can do weird things from SQ (glx)
00:20:17  <Eddi|zuHause3> it could be done with the windows program, i am sure it is possible under linux as well, just not sure if anyone ever made the effort to program (or document) that
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00:21:06  <GhostBear> y0! :D
00:21:09  <GhostBear> Who alive? :D
00:23:25  <GhostBear> I know serious bug with what i can make money FROM NOTHING ^^
00:23:33  <GhostBear> It was even in original TT :X
00:23:47  <GhostBear> Now i'm gonna rock the world :>
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00:26:28  <Sacro|Laptop> oh?
00:26:31  <Rubidium> and what would that be?
00:26:42  <GhostBear> hehe
00:26:57  <GhostBear> One Regal Bus gaining 17k for ONE arrive ;)
00:27:02  <Sacro|Laptop> hmmm
00:27:04  <GhostBear> Image what Aircrafts do :D
00:27:12  <GhostBear> 1-2 millions for one arrive :D
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00:27:24  <Sacro|Laptop> deleting the source station?
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01:31:36  <Eddi|zuHause3> this is cool... i have now found PLIP for DOS on the net, and now i need to copy that to the laptop :o
01:31:54  <Eddi|zuHause3> "Wenn der Topf aber nu ein Loch hat" :p
01:32:22  <Eddi|zuHause3> i guess i should just look for a diskette ;)
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02:00:11  <Eddi|zuHause3> hm, my floppy drive could be broken, it says "mount: /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device"
02:01:17  <Sacro|Laptop> lolman: im home if you hadnt noticed
02:01:28  <Sacro|Laptop> Eddi|zuHause3: is there anything in it?
02:02:25  <Smoovious> is the disk formatted?
02:03:15  <Eddi|zuHause3> yes, all disks i tried worked in the other drive
02:03:27  <Sacro|Laptop> hmm
02:03:30  <Sacro|Laptop> drive borked then
02:05:01  <Smoovious> probably needs a head-cleaning disk run through it if you hardly ever used it even before all the shelf-time
02:05:42  <Eddi|zuHause3> i never used the disk drive since i bought this PC
02:08:09  * Smoovious nods.
02:08:23  <Smoovious> heads have probably accumulated gunk then
02:13:45  <Eddi|zuHause3> that never happened tome before ;)
02:13:53  <Smoovious> and?
02:14:46  <Eddi|zuHause3> (imagine scene 'boy and girl alone in a room' :p)
02:20:20  <Sacro|Laptop> Eddi|zuHause3: imagine? i got the mpeg
02:21:04  <Digitalfox_Home> Sacro|Laptop: Lol mpeg
02:24:11  <Digitalfox_Home> Anyone here form manchester united?
02:24:23  <Digitalfox_Home> *from
02:24:43  <Sacro|Laptop> i doubt it
02:25:28  <Eddi|zuHause3> very interesting, this looks like some kind of linux boot diskette, but i have no idea where it comes from...
02:26:17  <Smoovious> someone's linux installation would be my first guess...
02:29:27  <Eddi|zuHause3> yeah, but nobody but me ever installed a linux
02:29:49  <Eddi|zuHause3> and it's from 2004
02:30:58  *** Eddi|zuHause2 [] has joined #openttd
02:31:21  <Eddi|zuHause2> having the disk drive downstairs really sucks, if you have to go back and forth :p
02:32:20  <Smoovious> its a laptop isn't it? take it with you
02:32:42  <Digitalfox_Home> How nice would be, if there were less newgrf set's projects, and more newgrf set's finished, authors should first finished every set they start before starting another project and another and another, etc.. Then all Openttd and patch comunity would enjoy some great set's that are actually finished and not months if not years in development :|
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02:33:50  <Digitalfox_Home> in grafics section of path in tt forums there are so many projects and actually just a couple almost finished or finished :\
02:34:23  <Eddi|zuHause2> if it only was that easy :p
02:36:19  <Digitalfox_Home> Eddi|zuHause2, the problem i see is that, authors start one project, them they lose interest, and begin another, then someone invites them to another project and another set abandoned, grafics section is full of this :\ I apreciate there work, but would be much nice if they only work on one or to at the time :|
02:37:25  <Digitalfox_Home> And so we have a lot of specifications set's with gracfis done, but no coding or any grf..
02:37:36  <Digitalfox_Home> *grafics
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02:39:16  <Digitalfox_Home> Í like Purno he is a great guy, but he is always posting new graphics but no set becames reality ( or almost none )... :\
02:44:43  <Sacro|Laptop> Digitalfox_Home: graphics
02:45:05  <Digitalfox_Home> Sacro|Laptop: yeah :)
02:45:07  <Smoovious> grafix
02:45:18  <Sacro|Laptop> Smoovious: graphics
02:45:25  <Smoovious> grfx
02:45:28  <Digitalfox_Home> So grafix or graphics?
02:45:46  <Smoovious> personal taste... graphics is the correct form
02:45:54  <Sacro|Laptop> gfx is the most common shortening
02:46:00  <Smoovious> the rest are more personal style
02:46:24  <Digitalfox_Home> ok will start using graphics and gfx :)
02:46:47  <Smoovious> the rest are equally wrong, so it doesn't matter which wrong way you use :)
02:49:14  <Eddi|zuHause2> hm... now we have a real problem... "Insert Disk 'Windows 95 Diskette 18'"
02:49:36  <Smoovious> what file is it asking for?
02:49:57  <Digitalfox_Home> I don't remember, but how many Diskettes windows 95 was?
02:50:11  <Eddi|zuHause2> something like 27
02:50:20  <Smoovious> what file is it asking for?
02:50:32  <Digitalfox_Home> 27.... God bless the Cd and DVD
02:51:04  <Eddi|zuHause2> i don't know... i only used 2 diskettes
02:51:26  <Smoovious> so it didn't throw up another window beneath it trying to copy a file, and then throw Insert Disk on top of it?
02:51:59  <Eddi|zuHause2> the question is, which ones are formatted to 1.7MB
02:52:14  <Smoovious> hopefully neither
02:52:18  <Smoovious> 1.44 is the standard size
02:52:21  <Eddi|zuHause2> i have no program to reformat them
02:52:38  <Eddi|zuHause2> and the win95 .cabs are 1.7MB
02:52:47  * Smoovious nods.
02:54:34  <Smoovious> so it won't let you cancel past them, and choose to look for the file in a different location?
02:55:19  <Eddi|zuHause2> it used to do that on the second try, i am not there yet...
02:56:02  <Eddi|zuHause2> "capacity 1.744.384 Bytes", i think i found one ;)
02:56:26  <Smoovious> well, those use a proprietary format to make the disks
02:56:27  <Eddi|zuHause2> next problem, win95 cd
02:56:36  <Smoovious> want a .torrent for one?
02:57:08  <Eddi|zuHause2> i used VGACopy386 back then
02:57:17  <Eddi|zuHause2> that must be 15 years ago :p
03:01:24  <Eddi|zuHause2> i know i've seen the CD somewhere... damn
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03:10:03  <Digitalfox_Home> Any good wireless routers review site?
03:11:46  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
03:12:26  <Eddi|zuHause2> damn, i found the XP cd, and the ME cd, but not the 95 CD... maybe tomorrow
03:12:39  <Smoovious> want a .torrent for one?
03:13:08  <Eddi|zuHause2> no, i have more important things to devote my bandwidth to :p
03:13:21  * Smoovious shrugs.
03:18:24  <Eddi|zuHause2> oh, and i found a WfW 3.11 CD :)
03:19:01  <Sacro|Laptop> cd? nice
03:19:11  <Eddi|zuHause2> PS: the file i'm missing is "msodisup.vxd"
03:19:28  <Eddi|zuHause2> (in
03:20:08  <Smoovious> hang on
03:20:58  <Eddi|zuHause2> and "odihlp.exe", but i don't think that is essential ;)
03:21:07  <Smoovious> ok
03:21:57  <Eddi|zuHause2> but i should really go to bed now...
03:22:35  <Smoovious> extracting them now
03:23:46  <Smoovious> did it say what cab the exe was in?
03:30:46  <Smoovious> there ya go
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04:35:39  <GhostBear> Hi there
04:35:46  <GhostBear> Please answer is somebody alive! :)
04:36:42  <GhostBear> I have question!! :D
04:36:56  <GhostBear> Please say something if somebody alive ^^
04:39:34  <Digitalfox> I'm alive :)
04:39:40  <GhostBear> nice ^^
04:39:45  <GhostBear> Hello! :D
04:39:49  <Digitalfox> Hi:)
04:39:52  <Digitalfox> :)
04:40:03  <GhostBear> How can i play in multiplayer game with computer players? :>
04:40:20  <Digitalfox> For what i know, no!!
04:40:28  <GhostBear> o-O
04:40:31  <GhostBear> What do you meant?
04:40:45  <Digitalfox> But AI is being worked on right noe..
04:41:01  <Digitalfox> And you will have costumized AI..
04:41:10  <GhostBear> Brbrbrbrbrbr >.<
04:41:14  <GhostBear> @_@
04:41:18  <GhostBear> What do you mean?
04:41:32  <Digitalfox> Well you can play in multiplayer with the other human players..
04:41:37  <GhostBear> Ye
04:41:40  <GhostBear> With only one :(
04:41:47  <GhostBear> And it bocome boring after an hour
04:41:51  <Digitalfox> No with 8 players
04:42:08  <GhostBear> I have no ability for internet play :(
04:42:25  <GhostBear> Or have no big local network :C
04:42:52  <Digitalfox> Wait, you can't play on a Internet Openttd Server?
04:43:01  <Digitalfox> Or you don't want?
04:43:09  <GhostBear> I theoretically can
04:43:17  <GhostBear> But i'm paying for Megabites
04:43:18  <GhostBear> I mean
04:43:23  <GhostBear> I'm from Russia and bla bla
04:43:27  <GhostBear> So internet here sux
04:43:31  <GhostBear> And costs alot :(
04:43:31  <Digitalfox> ok i got the point
04:43:59  <GhostBear> And ping is terrible and i only can play with my friend :/
04:44:03  <GhostBear> though lan
04:44:08  <Digitalfox> So what you want is to have a game with a local friend and AI players for making it for fun
04:44:10  <Smoovious> GhostBear... um...
04:44:14  <GhostBear> ye
04:44:26  <Smoovious> why do you want to be in a multiplayer game, if you can't do internet play?
04:44:38  <GhostBear> [11:43:22] <GhostBear> I'm from Russia and bla bla
04:44:39  <GhostBear> [11:43:26] <GhostBear> So internet here sux
04:44:39  <GhostBear> [11:43:30] <GhostBear> And costs alot :(
04:45:02  <Smoovious> just play a normal game, go into the difficulty settings menu, set # of players to 7... go into patches menu, under competitors, and enable the AI
04:45:05  <Digitalfox> Smoovious: He wants to play in a LAN with another friend and have some AI players
04:45:17  <Smoovious> oh
04:45:25  <Smoovious> same instructions, but start a LAN game instead
04:45:33  <GhostBear> Playing only with friend boring. After a hour there lots of money and no troubles :(
04:45:41  <GhostBear> yes
04:45:51  <GhostBear> I setted all things in "Configure"
04:46:05  <GhostBear> 7 comps
04:46:11  <GhostBear> Immedeately
04:46:14  <GhostBear> and so on =\
04:46:17  <Smoovious> did you enable the AI players in the Patch settings?
04:46:23  <Smoovious> well, set to 6 comps
04:46:27  <GhostBear> Patch? :o
04:46:30  <Smoovious> so you leave 1 slot for your friend
04:46:35  <Digitalfox> But GhostBear can you play in lan with you friend, and the problem is you can't enable AI players?
04:46:43  <Smoovious> yeah... right below the difficulty settings menu item?
04:46:46  <GhostBear> Yes it is
04:48:01  * GhostBear remembers how he was shocked when known what there is remake of his favourite game in internet ^^
04:48:20  <Smoovious> did you find the patch settings yet?
04:48:32  <GhostBear> Pathes
04:48:36  <GhostBear> Competitors
04:48:37  <Digitalfox> I don't use multiplayer, so i'm not the right person to help you, but Smoovious seems to know what he is talking about :)
04:48:41  <GhostBear> "Enable AI"
04:48:52  <Smoovious> yeah, I use the AI's in multiplayer often
04:49:09  <Smoovious> like to have 1 or 2 just to keep generating road vehicles for me to blow up :)
04:49:10  <GhostBear> It says bla bla AI in beta version and only ride fkking buses :(
04:49:11  <Smoovious> yes, that one...
04:49:11  <Digitalfox> GhostBear: Good luck..
04:49:18  * Digitalfox goes to bed
04:49:38  <Smoovious> that's ok... turn off the advanced AI, to go back to the old AI... it doesn't play as well, but you'll get more types of routes
04:50:30  * GhostBear glad what it will works so much ^^
04:50:45  <Digitalfox> GhostBear: Don't forget to thank Smoovious after everything is working ;)
04:50:51  <Smoovious> a small group is working on a different AI system
04:50:54  <Smoovious> naw, don't thank me
04:50:56  <Smoovious> I only take money
04:51:05  <Smoovious> thank the coders
04:51:17  <Digitalfox> GhostBear: Please send me money and i will pay Smoovious..
04:51:23  <GhostBear> lool
04:51:29  <Smoovious> yeah, what he said
04:51:40  <GhostBear> Mh... Still no AIs >,>
04:51:50  * Digitalfox gets the money and disappears
04:52:02  <Smoovious> GhostBear... be patient... they'll come out once a route is found
04:52:09  <GhostBear> huh?
04:52:11  <Digitalfox> bye people :)
04:52:11  <GhostBear> rly? :o
04:52:15  <GhostBear> Bye Bye!
04:52:21  <Smoovious> it checks random routes while the game is going, and once it finds one to build, they'll appear
04:52:23  <Smoovious> wave
04:53:04  <GhostBear> nize
04:53:43  <GhostBear> I do not understand why nobody want to make diagonal railroad drag'n'drop able o.O
04:54:22  *** Osai^2 [] has quit [Quit: Osai^2]
04:54:35  <Smoovious> they are
04:54:47  <Smoovious> use the auto-track tool... the one that looks like a rail crossing
04:55:04  <Smoovious> you can drag and drop straight track in any direction with it
04:56:39  <GhostBear> :o
04:56:49  <GhostBear> Wow! xD
04:56:51  <GhostBear> Thx! ^^
04:57:25  <Smoovious> always good to keep checking the wiki... and re-read stuff you think you already read before
04:57:38  <GhostBear> Question ¹2: When i'm paying town (Attract citize... bla bla bla) my reputation in town are going up?
04:58:40  <GhostBear> Or just there becomes more passangers? :o
04:58:50  <Smoovious> sorry, on that I'm not exactly sure what each of the individual effects are... I know you have to plant trees to bring up your rating to mediocre... but that's as far as you can bring it up that way
04:59:26  <Smoovious> (btw, that was question #3)
04:59:38  <GhostBear> It will be now %)
05:00:06  <GhostBear> When train is longer then station sometimes he stays very long at station with state: Loading/Unloading and doing nothing
05:00:43  <GhostBear> Then "Train is Lost" message appears it doing it's deals and just then starting moving :/
05:01:48  * GhostBear seeing: still not AI :/
05:04:08  <Smoovious> that's #4
05:04:43  <Smoovious> a train longer than the station, loads/unloads slower than if the whole thing fits in the station... just make the station longer
05:05:04  <Smoovious> as for the train is lost messages, that is a known bug that is already being addressed
05:05:18  <Smoovious> unless it really is lost
05:05:46  <GhostBear> And money cheat bug still not fixed %(
05:06:25  <Smoovious> that will probably be taken care of with something else
05:06:30  <Smoovious> also a known issue
05:06:54  <GhostBear> But... Why it loading longer?
05:07:00  <GhostBear> What the matters of this?
05:07:04  <GhostBear> "Realistic"?
05:07:07  <GhostBear> Or what?
05:07:30  <Smoovious> it is loading longer because the train is too long to fit in the station...
05:07:38  <GhostBear> -.-
05:07:40  <GhostBear> And what?
05:07:52  <GhostBear> What matter of this?
05:08:02  <Smoovious> yeah, more realistic, but the same behavior happened in the original TTD too
05:08:10  <GhostBear> o-O
05:08:13  <GhostBear> :o
05:08:14  <Smoovious> we just didn't notice it as much cuz the trains weren't so long
05:08:41  <Smoovious> look in your patches under competitors... you have Enable new AI turned off, and Allow AI's in multiplayer, turned on?
05:09:07  <GhostBear> "AI's in multiplayer" ON
05:09:13  <GhostBear> "Enable new AI" ON
05:09:34  <GhostBear> I got only AI
05:09:35  <Smoovious> if you want the AI to also make trains and airplanes, turn "enable new AI" off...
05:09:37  <GhostBear> It does nothing
05:09:50  <GhostBear> And new AIs will come more?
05:09:59  <Smoovious> give it time... it takes time for the AI's to find a route to build
05:10:29  <Smoovious> they should
05:10:33  <Smoovious> in time
05:11:15  <Smoovious> just cuz you have them starting immediately in the difficulty settings, doesn't mean they'll all start immediately,.. just that they'll start looking for routes... the other AI's will start up in time
05:11:30  <Smoovious> the difficulty setting, is just to set the minimum amount of time between new AI's coming out
05:12:12  <GhostBear> mh
05:12:12  <GhostBear> k
05:12:27  <GhostBear> But, if i will turn OFF "Enable new AI" they will still coming?
05:12:29  <GhostBear> Or what?
05:13:18  <Smoovious> no
05:13:37  <Smoovious> if you turn off "Enable new AI"... you just turn off the new AI... it'll use the old AI instead
05:13:46  <GhostBear> ah
05:13:47  <GhostBear> k
05:13:52  <Smoovious> there are 2 AI's in 0.5.0
05:14:01  <GhostBear> i see
05:14:25  <GhostBear> But before i waited long and not got anyone with "Enable new AI" turned OFF before game start :o
05:14:27  <Smoovious> there is a group of people working on yet another AI subsystem... probably take them a while, but from the snippets I've seen so far in their commit messages, it should be pretty good, and flexible
05:14:35  <GhostBear> I see why they doing nothing =\ It is 1935 =\
05:14:39  * Smoovious sighs.
05:15:34  <Smoovious> Enable new AI... doesn't mean you won't get new computer played companies... it means you won't use the newer AI system, the one that only has road vehicles... you'll use the older AI system... the one that isn't as good, but has all of the vehicle types
05:16:15  <Smoovious> (but keep the AI ships disabled... ships will drag the game down depending on the pathfinding you're using... I'm not sure which is wich)
05:16:19  <Smoovious> +h
05:17:00  <GhostBear> [12:15:33] <Smoovious> Enable new AI... doesn't mean you won't get new computer played companies... it means you won't use the newer AI system, the one that only has road vehicles... you'll use the older AI system... the one that isn't as good, but has all of the vehicle types
05:17:06  *** ThePizzaKing [] has joined #openttd
05:17:21  <GhostBear> Last game i NOT enabled it and not got any AIs =\
05:17:28  <GhostBear> But "AI's in multiplayer" was ON
05:17:43  <GhostBear> But now i started with both ON
05:17:48  <GhostBear> And AI apeears
05:17:49  <Smoovious> AI in multiplayer has to be on for AI's to come out in multiplayer
05:18:01  <GhostBear> It was ON always :\
05:18:10  <GhostBear> Fkk
05:18:11  <GhostBear> Damn
05:18:14  <GhostBear> Forget then :P
05:18:16  <Smoovious> dunno what to tell you then... I always got AI's
05:18:48  <Smoovious> try turning it off for a few game-days, and back on again
05:18:50  *** roboman [] has joined #openttd
05:19:41  <GhostBear> okay :P
05:19:46  <GhostBear> Thanks for help! ^^
05:20:28  <Smoovious> k
05:20:47  <GhostBear> Well... I thinking atm should i stay on channel
05:21:30  <GhostBear> Because i'm already participiating on 3 servers and ~30 :O
05:21:35  <GhostBear> ~30 channels :P
05:29:41  *** GhostBear [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
05:57:58  *** GhostBear [~b@1305.DialWorld.Pool.Kuzbass.Net] has joined #openttd
05:58:00  <GhostBear> :>
05:58:03  <GhostBear> I'm back ^^
06:01:28  *** BFM [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox]]
06:09:47  * GhostBear listening >Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication<
06:17:04  *** imaginner [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:29:06  *** Zuu [] has joined #openttd
06:46:49  *** lolman [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
06:47:10  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
06:52:07  *** HMage [~HMage@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
06:58:39  *** GhostBear [~b@1305.DialWorld.Pool.Kuzbass.Net] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:01:11  *** mikl [] has quit [Quit: In the end, all that matters is your relation with God...]
07:03:41  *** mikl [] has joined #openttd
07:15:50  *** GhostBear [~b@1305.DialWorld.Pool.Kuzbass.Net] has joined #openttd
07:15:50  *** lolman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:15:53  <GhostBear> ^^
07:15:54  *** Zuu [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:17:45  <GhostBear> Damn! :D OpenTTD rocks! ^^
07:17:52  <GhostBear> Even my mother(!!!) playing it! :D
07:22:09  <Ailure> lol
07:22:20  <Ailure> Well that's a good sign :P
07:25:15  <peter1138> wait until we put the violence, swearing and pornography into it
07:25:28  <GhostBear> lol
07:27:33  <GhostBear> Before it she maxiammly played Solitair and Minesweeper =\ And this shitty Zuma =X
07:28:30  <peter1138> maxiammly?
07:30:02  <GhostBear> I mean what this was games she played mostly
07:32:46  *** XeryusTC [] has joined #openttd
07:35:27  <GhostBear>
07:35:32  <GhostBear> Colors 1 and 2 are equal :D
07:37:03  <peter1138> gradients, feh
07:37:16  <GhostBear> :>
07:37:39  *** maad [~emade@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
07:45:38  *** |2rB [~Twofish@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:46:52  *** TinoM [] has joined #openttd
08:05:47  *** maddy [~maddy@] has joined #openttd
08:15:38  *** PandaMojo [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.74 [Firefox]]
08:28:44  <GhostBear> OpenTTD forever! \o/
08:29:10  <GhostBear> I'm dreaming to play online ^^
08:32:59  <Ailure> Online gameplay is the main reason I prefer openTTD over TTDpatch :P
08:33:18  <Ailure> Though I wish some limits weren't there <<
08:33:24  <Ailure> such as the eight company one I keep hitting
08:34:14  <Ailure> the player limit is fine though ironically as the players on my server tends to not play at the same time
08:34:37  *** TinoM| [] has joined #openttd
08:34:51  *** DaleStan_ [] has joined #openttd
08:35:20  *** DebolazY [] has joined #openttd
08:35:22  <GhostBear> After all i'm still dream to play online :>
08:35:38  <GhostBear> I wanna try my skills against other players ^^
08:35:46  <GhostBear> I'm big veteran in TTD :>
08:36:01  <Ailure> ah
08:36:07  <Ailure> never played online before then?
08:36:30  <Sionide> heh, it's a whole new game once you find out how other people play it
08:37:01  <Ailure> There's severeal styles yeah
08:37:06  <Ailure> There's the player going for realism
08:37:17  <Ailure> and the one who always play for max profit
08:37:25  <Ailure> and people somewhat inbetween, like me. >_>
08:37:34  <Sionide> same, i'm more inbetween i guess
08:37:42  <Ailure> I tend to go for profitting stuff,  but I don't make it too unrealistic. :P
08:38:07  <Ailure> So I tend to avoid ruthless terraforming
08:38:33  <GhostBear> Mmmm... Now i want to play online even more!
08:38:40  <Sionide> do it then
08:38:42  <GhostBear> But i'm not allowed ;'(
08:38:49  <GhostBear> Traffic costs alot :(
08:39:07  <GhostBear> And 'm already overused month limit and will pay alot at 25th March :0
08:39:10  <Ailure> what are the traffic costs?
08:39:25  <Ailure> openTTD isn't much of a high bandwidth game <_<
08:39:27  <Sionide> yet you're on ~30 IRC channels...?!
08:39:29  *** kdr_ [] has joined #openttd
08:39:39  <GhostBear> Yes i'm have 2 mIRC's open
08:40:00  <Sionide> get a better ISP
08:40:00  <Ailure> eh
08:40:03  <GhostBear> 4 servers (including this) on first mIRC and 1 server on other mIRC
08:40:06  <Ailure> I dare to say
08:40:13  <Ailure> that IRC protocol
08:40:17  <Ailure> or rather
08:40:20  <Ailure> your mIRC clients
08:40:24  <Sionide> Ailure, if we both flood loads into the channel, GhostBear will have to pay for it.. heheh
08:40:27  <Ailure> waste more bandwidth than a isngle game would
08:40:38  <GhostBear> mh...
08:40:53  <Ailure> My internet connection is totally free
08:40:55  <Ailure> ironically
08:40:58  <GhostBear> In a fact 6 mb per day if almost not opening sites(except mail)
08:41:00  <Ailure> 10 mbit both directions
08:41:11  <Ailure> then I live in a student complex
08:41:12  <GhostBear> But... I have one server what i can turn off
08:41:19  <Ailure> So I lose it as soon I get out of college D:
08:41:24  <GhostBear> Really, better clean auto-join list :>
08:41:32  <Sionide> Ailure, had that last year.. lucky shit, now i'm living off campus, got my own broadband
08:41:51  *** Netsplit <-> quits: CIA-2, DaleStan, TinoM, DebolazX, boekabart_, kdr
08:41:51  *** DaleStan_ is now known as DaleStan
08:41:53  <GhostBear> Haha, you know what speed i got year ago(till got this DSL)?
08:41:55  <GhostBear> Split ^^
08:42:09  <GhostBear> 3kb/sec and 30roubles(~1 euro) for hour
08:42:31  <GhostBear> Hello from Sibiria! \o/
08:42:50  <GhostBear> Well, i'm gonna fuck off from PC now :P
08:42:58  *** GhostBear is now known as GhostBear[Off]
08:43:12  <Sionide> umm.. why not close your mIRC to save bandwidth costs?? :/
08:44:49  *** Netsplit over, joins: boekabart_, CIA-2
08:46:35  *** maad [~emade@] has joined #openttd
08:49:28  <Ailure> mIRC isn't that dangerous to have up
08:49:31  <Ailure> just not 30 channels
08:49:35  <Ailure> so have just a select few :P
08:51:21  *** stillunknown [] has quit [Quit: Words get written, words get twisted, old meanings change in the drift of time.]
08:55:16  *** ammler [] has joined #openttd
08:56:53  *** stillunknown [] has joined #openttd
09:00:57  <Ailure> ok
09:01:01  <Ailure> wtf is with this flood of tram topics
09:06:20  *** ammler [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
09:13:22  *** Tino|R152 [Tino@52N.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has joined #openttd
09:16:10  *** blathijs_ is now known as blathijs
09:31:21  *** Tino|Home [] has joined #openttd
09:32:35  *** Purno [] has joined #openttd
09:33:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: celestar * r9310 /branches/gamebalance/src/ (town.h town_cmd.cpp):
09:33:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [gamebalance] -Feature: Player performance now influences the wealth level of a
09:33:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: town (albeit only on a small scale). This is the first feedback effect that the
09:33:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: player has on the local and global economy. Please refrain from using the AI too
09:33:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: much for the time being because it'll trash the ratings most likely.
09:33:35  *** mikk36[EST] [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
09:33:54  *** mikk36 [] has joined #openttd
09:36:06  <Ailure> hmm intresting
09:38:43  *** TinoM| [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:38:55  *** mikk36 [] has quit [Quit: The pedestrian had no idea which way to run, so I ran over him.]
09:43:39  *** Maedhros [] has joined #openttd
09:51:25  <Ailure>
09:51:27  <Ailure> CigWin
09:51:35  <Ailure> is that some kind of tobacco brand? :o
09:55:36  <valhallasw> :D
09:56:46  <peter1138> heh
09:57:02  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: maedhros * r9311 /branches/newhouses/src/newgrf.cpp: [NewHouses] -Fix: Testing for and then trying to use a negative value in an unsigned integer isn't going to work...
09:57:18  *** mikk36 [] has joined #openttd
09:57:28  <peter1138> hee
10:02:46  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has joined #openttd
10:08:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9312 /branches/noai/ (3 files in 2 dirs): [NoAI] -Codechange: add IsValidCargo.
10:08:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: maedhros * r9313 /branches/newhouses/src/newgrf.cpp: [NewHouses] -Fix (r9311): Use int8 so the value can actually be negative.
10:09:18  *** tokai [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:12:45  *** tokai [] has joined #openttd
10:12:46  *** mode/#openttd [+v tokai] by ChanServ
10:24:16  *** Frostregen_ [] has joined #openttd
10:29:51  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:29:56  *** Frostregen_ is now known as Frostregen
10:32:16  *** setrodox [] has joined #openttd
10:40:34  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: maedhros * r9314 /branches/newhouses/src/ (32 files in 4 dirs): [NewHouses] -Sync with trunk r9273:9313
10:40:38  <GhostBear[Off]> wtf?
10:40:45  <GhostBear[Off]> What(Who) is CIA-2? oO
10:40:56  <GhostBear[Off]> Bot i think :o
10:41:05  <GhostBear[Off]> Why he reporting this shht?
10:42:03  <Maedhros> because that's what it's there for?
10:42:06  <ThePizzaKing> so the American government knows exactly what's going on
10:42:35  <GhostBear[Off]> o_O
10:42:45  <GhostBear[Off]> It ropers something like plugins?
10:42:50  <GhostBear[Off]> Explain plz :o
10:43:27  <ThePizzaKing> whenever the OpenTTD code changes, CIA posts the change log to the channel
10:43:44  *** ChrisM87 [] has joined #openttd
10:43:44  <Tino|R152>
10:43:56  <ThePizzaKing> so everyone in the channel can go 'ooo, nice change etc etc'
10:44:19  <GhostBear[Off]> nize :]
10:44:20  <GhostBear[Off]> thx
10:53:30  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has quit []
10:54:43  *** PandaMojo [] has joined #openttd
10:57:29  *** |2rB [~Twofish@] has joined #openttd
11:00:57  *** GhostBear[Off] [~b@1305.DialWorld.Pool.Kuzbass.Net] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
11:02:52  <Mucht> now they set his bandwith to zero
11:06:38  *** setrodox_ [] has joined #openttd
11:07:39  *** GhostBear[Off] [] has joined #openttd
11:11:08  *** setrodox [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:14:55  *** Tino|R152 [Tino@52N.UNI-MUENSTER.DE] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
11:20:03  *** setrodox [] has joined #openttd
11:26:18  *** setrodox_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:27:35  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: maedhros * r9315 /trunk/ (28 files in 5 dirs):
11:27:35  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Merge: The newhouses branch. With this merge comes almost complete support for
11:27:35  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: the newhouses grf specs, so all newhouses grfs will be playable in the game.
11:27:35  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: Many thanks to everyone who contributed code and ideas, and all the testers
11:27:35  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: who found things we missed.
11:27:55  <ThePizzaKing> :o
11:27:59  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has joined #openttd
11:32:51  *** smithj [] has joined #openttd
11:33:05  <smithj> hello
11:38:46  *** setrodox_ [] has joined #openttd
11:40:10  *** TheMask96 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
11:41:25  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: maedhros * r9316 /trunk/src/ (openttd.cpp saveload.cpp): -Fix (r9315): Bump the savegame version for the newhouses merge.
11:41:42  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
11:44:05  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: maedhros * r9317 /branches/newhouses/: [NewHouses] -Remove the newhouses branch since it was merged in r9315.
11:45:26  *** setrodox [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:48:36  *** setrodox_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:01:42  *** antichaos [] has joined #openttd
12:08:16  *** TinoM| [] has joined #openttd
12:11:43  <antichaos> I've just tried to compile the gamebalance branch with MSVC and got a load of errors.  First guess would be a problem with the project files.  Anyone been able to make it work?
12:15:08  *** Tino|Home [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:15:08  *** TheMask96 [] has joined #openttd
12:15:47  <SpComb> Logs:
12:15:47  <TheMask96> !logs
12:16:58  *** TinoM| is now known as TinoM
12:20:03  *** setrodox [] has joined #openttd
12:20:47  *** Vikthor [~Vikthor@] has joined #openttd
12:23:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9318 /branches/noai/src/ai/api/ (6 files):
12:23:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Add: added new param in ModeCallback: costs
12:23:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Add: added the instance of the mode too, so you can store things per instace for modes
12:23:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [NoAI] -Change: changed all the AIObject methods to statics, as that is what they really are, and how they should be handeled
12:25:19  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9319 /branches/noai/ (4 files in 3 dirs): [NoAI] -Add: added AITransactionMode, which allows you to record commands and execute it later on.
12:25:19  *** roboman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
12:26:01  *** valhalla1w [] has joined #openttd
12:30:09  *** Sacro|Laptop [~Ben@] has joined #openttd
12:30:14  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9320 /branches/noai/src/ai/api/ (4 files): [NoAI] -Fix: added some doxygen comments to make doxygen happy
12:32:34  <Sacro|Laptop> does OpenTTD use linked lists?
12:32:35  *** valhallasw [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33:52  <peter1138> yeah
12:35:01  <Biff> Sacro|Laptop: the patent doesnt apply to all linked lists
12:35:15  <Sacro|Laptop> Biff: heh, thats true
12:35:28  <Sacro|Laptop> actually, we might have prior art...
12:36:11  <peter1138> way too much prior art for that to stick
12:37:14  <Biff> it was only double-linked lists
12:37:14  <antichaos> ok, I've searched the logs and found nothing about it.
12:37:15  <boekabart_> ANyway nobody will sue OTTD project for this.... better focus on a party WITH money
12:37:28  <Biff> but i think there is alot of prior art for that
12:37:54  <Biff> i'm glad they get all these patents approved
12:38:03  <Biff> because it shows how defunct the system is
12:38:18  *** green-devil [] has joined #openttd
12:38:33  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: celestar * r9321 /branches/gamebalance/ (305 files in 19 dirs): [gamebalance] -Sync: r9025:9314 from trunk
12:40:54  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: peter1138 * r9322 /trunk/src/ (aircraft_cmd.cpp train_cmd.cpp water_cmd.cpp): -Codechange: Use cargo class to count crash/flood victims
12:41:22  <antichaos> ooh sync - let's try this again...
12:49:35  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9323 /branches/noai/ (75 files in 8 dirs): [NoAI] -Sync r9205:9321
12:49:58  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: celestar * r9324 /branches/gamebalance/ (32 files in 5 dirs): [gamebalance] -Sync: r9314:932 from trunk (newhouses)
12:51:37  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9325 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/regression.txt: [NoAI] -Update r9323: because of trunk changes, regression-test output changed
12:52:20  <antichaos> peter1138, I think your changes are causing problems in MSVC
12:52:53  <antichaos> I'm getting a lot of this: src\cargotype.h(62) : error C2220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated
12:52:53  <antichaos> src\cargotype.h(62) : warning C4800: 'int' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning)
12:53:26  *** guru3 [] has joined #openttd
12:54:10  <peter1138> -       return GetCargo(c)->classes & cc;
12:54:10  <peter1138> +       return (GetCargo(c)->classes & cc) != 0;
12:54:11  <peter1138> do that
12:54:21  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9326 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/regression.txt: [NoAI] -Fix r9325: somehow I fucked up the regression.txt update
12:54:23  <Biff> lately in new games i havent seen any oil refinerys beeing built
12:54:41  *** mikk36 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:55:44  <Maedhros> you could try upping the distance they can be built from the coast
12:55:54  <Maedhros> it's in the configure patches windows somewhere, i think
12:56:56  <Biff> i thought about that
12:56:58  <antichaos> yep, that's done the trick
12:57:13  <Biff> but that is a bit borked, because with the default values you get no oil
12:57:15  <Biff> :x
12:58:46  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: peter1138 * r9327 /trunk/src/cargotype.h: -Fix (r9301): Fix warning on MSVC
13:00:57  *** glx [] has joined #openttd
13:01:00  *** mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
13:01:06  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9328 /branches/noai/ [NoAI] -Add: 'make regression', which executes the regression for you
13:06:03  *** glx is now known as glx|away
13:09:04  *** Vikthor [~Vikthor@] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
13:14:22  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9329 /branches/noai/src/ (ai/ai_squirrel.cpp squirrel_helper.hpp): [NoAI] -Fix: add AIRoad() for Squirrel
13:15:33  *** mikk36 [] has joined #openttd
13:16:22  <Belugas> hello
13:17:15  <peter1138> mr belugas
13:17:51  <Maedhros> hey Belugas :)
13:18:15  <antichaos> Nice job on newhouses btw :)  What's next?
13:18:37  <peter1138> industries!
13:19:04  <GhostBear[Off]> new houses? :o
13:19:21  <GhostBear[Off]> Wow! I'm good at pixel art ^^ What stuff you may need? ^^
13:23:17  *** coronel [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:29:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9330 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/ [NoAI] -Add: added -r as param for regression script to start the game, so you can check if it build what we expected him to for yourself
13:29:34  <Belugas> yeah... newindustries....
13:29:38  <Belugas> that would be nice :)
13:29:42  <Belugas> that will be nice
13:29:51  <Belugas> would we need a branch for that?
13:31:01  <GhostBear[Off]> newindustries <- ZOMG! xD That would be ultra cool xD
13:31:12  <GhostBear[Off]> btw
13:31:21  <GhostBear[Off]> How many traffic OpenTTD eats for hour?
13:31:26  <GhostBear[Off]> And it depends on map size?
13:31:46  <guru3> depends on how many people connect to the server
13:31:52  <guru3> the more connections the more map downloads and the more bw
13:31:58  <guru3> actually game bw usage isn't too bad
13:33:47  <GhostBear[Off]> :>
13:33:49  <GhostBear[Off]> thx
13:33:53  <GhostBear[Off]> [off]
13:34:25  *** coronel [] has joined #openttd
13:35:06  <antichaos> is cargo packets on anyone's todo list?
13:36:36  <Rubidium> not really
13:43:28  <antichaos> I have all these ideas for economy tweaks, but they all depend on knowing the exact industry/town that created the cargo :(
13:49:31  *** HMage [~HMage@] has joined #openttd
13:52:25  *** smithj [] has quit []
13:59:02  <Frostregen> hmm, on msys/mingw i get a warning:
13:59:03  <Frostregen> f:/stuff/openttd/EYE_SRC/src/fontcache.cpp: In function `void LoadFreeTypeFont(const char*, FT_FaceRec_**, const char*)':
13:59:04  <Frostregen> f:/stuff/openttd/EYE_SRC/src/fontcache.cpp:65: warning: 'font_path' might be used uninitialized in this function
14:00:37  <peter1138> it is spurious
14:01:32  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9331 /branches/noai/src/ai/api/ai_road.cpp: [NoAI] -Fix: AIRoad() had most directions wrong, should be okay now
14:05:10  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: celestar * r9332 /branches/gamebalance/src/ (newgrf_house.cpp road_cmd.cpp town.h town_cmd.cpp): [gamebalance] -Codechange: Make TownGetRadiusGroup a method of towns and give it the option to ignore the "fund buildings" option later on
14:07:00  <Frostregen> yeah.. i don't really get why it is there
14:15:45  *** mikk36[EST] [] has joined #openttd
14:17:29  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9333 /branches/noai/src/ai/api/ai_road.cpp: [NoAI] -Add: added DC_AUTO for DoCommand in AIRoad() to avoid building over existing structures we can remove
14:19:20  *** Vikthor [~Vikthor@] has joined #openttd
14:22:08  *** mikk36 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:22:27  *** Zuu [] has joined #openttd
14:24:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9334 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/regression.cfg: [NoAI] -Fix: added some other things in regression.cfg, like disable auto-save and disable full-animation
14:25:11  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9335 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/ (regression.nut regression.txt): [NoAI] -Update: added AIRoad() regression test
14:25:11  <Ailure> :o
14:25:12  <Ailure> ooh
14:25:32  *** ammler [] has joined #openttd
14:25:59  <Ailure> I was just adding noai to my highlight list xD
14:27:38  <antichaos> is there a speed limit to the fast forward option?  Ie would it be possible to add a 'super fast forward' which had minimal animation etc?
14:28:08  <Ailure> hmm
14:28:13  <Ailure> I could check that later xD
14:28:33  <Ailure> there's probably a limit though
14:28:42  <Ailure> otherwise openTTD would have taken 100% CPU usage when I do it
14:29:00  *** Bjarni [] has joined #openttd
14:29:00  *** mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
14:29:30  <Ailure> woah i'm really behind SVN wise xD
14:29:56  <Ailure> I only have the source for my own messing around though
14:30:59  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9336 /branches/noai/src/ai/api/ (10 files): [NoAI] -Fix: remove 'flags' for AI DoCommand and detect its value automaticly
14:31:25  <Ailure> Hmm I better eat something
14:31:39  <Ailure> as soon Win32 support is done, and binaries are out I probably mess with the AI branch. :p
14:31:44  <Ailure> bbl
14:32:20  *** Osai^zZz [] has joined #openttd
14:34:07  *** maad_ [~emade@] has joined #openttd
14:35:28  * Zuu messed some with the noai yesterday, but postponed it untill there is better means to test your code (no a few minutes of wait for AI-companies)
14:35:42  <Zuu> However what had been done yet is nice.
14:36:40  *** maad [~emade@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:37:02  <Rubidium> Zuu: just set the AI to start immediatelly and force-set your AI using the -a command line option
14:37:03  <boekabart_> Ailure: AFAIK, FF is no-sleep FF, so maximum possible. If you don't get 100% cpu, probably you have a HyperThread or N-core processor?
14:37:39  <boekabart_> one could make a patch that stops all 'playfield' drawing, maybe that would speed up things even more.
14:38:01  <boekabart_> or draw once every N frames... interesting,.... on it!!
14:38:26  *** maad_ [~emade@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:41:19  *** mikk36[EST] is now known as mikk36
14:42:43  *** Born_Acorn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:52:18  *** skidd13 [] has joined #openttd
14:53:28  <skidd13> Hi, I get a segmentation with the current trunk. It seems to happen when I use the scroll-wheel
14:53:38  <skidd13> can anyone confirm such a behavior?
14:53:41  *** maad [~emade@] has joined #openttd
14:54:17  *** Osai^zZz is now known as Osai
14:55:56  *** TinoM| [] has joined #openttd
14:57:47  *** Osai is now known as Osai^away
14:59:35  *** skidd13 [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
14:59:39  *** TinoM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:11:14  *** setrodox_ [] has joined #openttd
15:12:26  <Frostregen> does just zoom as always
15:12:49  <Frostregen> maybe check the "scroll wheel usage" patch-setting?
15:13:06  *** Thomas[NL] [] has joined #openttd
15:15:06  *** ammler [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:17:02  <Ailure> ah
15:17:04  <Ailure> yeah I do get 50%
15:17:05  <Ailure> ahahaha
15:17:10  <Ailure> I mean
15:17:14  * Smoovious blinks.
15:17:14  <Ailure> That's 100% on a core
15:17:21  <Ailure> but 50% in total
15:17:28  <Ailure> Thing is, I made a assumption above
15:17:30  <Ailure> but oh my god
15:17:39  <Ailure> fast forward is really fast on my comptuer
15:18:07  <Tefad> : x
15:18:30  *** setrodox [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:18:33  <Smoovious> try disabling full animation/detail, and watch it really take off
15:18:51  <Ailure> ok
15:19:20  <Ailure> well
15:19:25  <Ailure> the diffrence were only very slight
15:19:25  <Ailure> <_<
15:19:42  <Ailure> full animation is a bit wrong name though
15:19:52  <Ailure> since the 'animation' is mostly palette cycling from what I know
15:20:05  <Smoovious> that's exactly what it is
15:20:21  <Ailure> infact
15:20:25  <Ailure> some things that truly animates
15:20:29  <Ailure> such as the radar on airports
15:20:32  <Ailure> keeps animating
15:20:35  <Ailure> when animation is off
15:20:35  <Ailure> xD
15:20:52  <Tefad> right.. 'full animation'
15:20:58  <Tefad> vs some animation ; )
15:21:20  <Ailure> :P
15:21:24  *** Peakki [] has joined #openttd
15:21:42  <Ailure> I belive the palette cycling
15:21:48  <Ailure> is slower on openTTd than on orginal game or something
15:22:04  <Ailure> then heh
15:22:10  <Ailure> some windows ports of some maxis games
15:22:16  <Ailure> had awful palette cycling
15:22:34  <Ailure> rather, it didn't really refresh every 'cycle'
15:22:46  <Ailure> or glitched up in some way
15:23:52  <peter1138> our tick is longer than the original, anyway
15:24:15  <Ailure> any reason for that? <<
15:24:39  <peter1138> who knows
15:24:52  *** carwe [] has joined #openttd
15:25:15  <boekabart_> palette cycling IS expensive when your desktop in 32bpp, since it (win32/sdl) basically has to reblit the screen 8-to-32 using a new palette.
15:26:04  <Ailure> heh
15:26:17  <Ailure> reminds me how some old games complains if you run in anything else but 256 colours mode
15:26:26  *** HMage [~HMage@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:27:09  <Ailure> maybe I should try running openTTD on my 486 xD
15:28:24  *** Digitalfox [] has quit [Quit: Bye Bye...]
15:28:29  <Ailure>
15:28:40  <Ailure> is that a christmas three or what?
15:29:40  <Ailure> I personally avoid cloverleaf like junctions
15:29:51  <Ailure> or junctions in that style :/
15:29:57  <Ailure> or 4way junctions in general
15:30:25  *** setrodox [] has joined #openttd
15:30:31  <Ailure> I rather do two 3-way junctions than a big 4-way junction
15:30:33  <boekabart_> with current trunk, you can make them more efficient when the main line is N-S / E-W instead of in tile direction
15:30:42  <Ailure> and yeah
15:30:47  <Ailure> bridges over anything helps alot
15:30:53  <Ailure> especially if you're like me and prefer it compact :)
15:31:05  <Ailure> (compact but effecient, I hate doing harsh curves)
15:31:40  <Ailure> custom bridgeheads and rail over tunnels would help as well :/
15:32:05  <Smoovious> that could be part of why original TTD cycled faster.. in 256color mode, a lot of the animation (like the flames) was handled through palette-cycling... which was an advantage of 256color modes
15:36:22  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9337 /trunk/src/order_cmd.cpp: -Fix [FS#542]: assert() when you removed the orders of a shared list while having the shared order vehicle list open.
15:36:27  *** _Ben_ [~Ben@] has joined #openttd
15:37:25  *** setrodox_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:43:43  *** Sacro [Ben@] has joined #openttd
15:44:06  <Ailure> heh
15:44:14  <Ailure> I remember the game advertsing 16 bit graphics or something xD
15:44:43  <Ailure> when it's 8 bit but with a custom and changing pallete
15:45:12  <Ailure> reminds me of a bug in TTO
15:45:13  *** ammler [] has joined #openttd
15:45:14  <Sacro|Laptop> hmm
15:45:18  <Sacro|Laptop> thats what the amiga did though
15:45:20  <Ailure> if you changed from Mars to Orginal
15:45:23  <Ailure> or the other way around
15:45:29  <Smoovious> probably when the windows version came out... a 256color viewport on a 16bit desktop can't color cycle
15:45:29  <Ailure> and have animations off
15:45:30  *** Sacro|Laptop [~Ben@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:45:35  <Ailure> the water will be of the wrong color
15:45:53  <Ailure> which is kinda funny as the mars 'water' is red
15:53:09  <Thomas[NL]> maybe a stupid question, but how do you set parameters for grf's? In which format do I have to enter them?
15:54:12  <Smoovious> Thomas[NL]... the format depends on the individual grf... have to look at the grf's readme
15:54:23  <Thomas[NL]> hmm ok ty
15:54:25  <Ailure> and in the newGRF window
15:54:28  <Smoovious> as for setting parameters... you gotta click the 'set parameters' button in the grf list
15:54:29  <Ailure> you use the "set parameters" button
15:54:31  <Ailure> yeah
15:55:09  <Ailure> heh
15:55:17  <Smoovious> most of the time you can just leave them at default behavior... the parameters are mainly for forcing the behavior into something else
15:55:19  <Ailure> one annoying thing with the newGRF interface
15:55:29  <Ailure> newGRF's you have
15:55:32  <Smoovious> like the av8 grf... you'd set the parameter to 1 to make the sprites bigger
15:55:33  <Ailure> can only be added one at a time
15:55:49  <Ailure> oh really?
15:55:51  <Ailure> *tries that*
15:55:59  <Smoovious> if you leave it alone, they'll be the more normal size like the rest of the planes
15:56:15  <Ailure> ahaahaha
15:56:25  <Ailure> and I thought they already were huge
15:56:31  * Smoovious grins.
15:56:56  <Smoovious> yeah, watch one of the zepps trying to squeeze into that little hangar
15:57:16  <Ailure> that was first unti I trid
15:57:28  <Ailure> I don't see that much diffrence with aircraft such as Boeing 747 though
15:57:29  <Ailure> hmm
15:58:27  <Thomas[NL]> ah, I didn't put spaces between the parameters, that's it -.-
15:58:31  <Smoovious> they aren't going to be huge differences with some of the craft
15:58:39  <Smoovious> most, in fact
15:59:25  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9338 /trunk/src/order_cmd.cpp: -Fix: close the Shared Order Vehicle List if you remove the shared link with only 2 vehicles
16:00:58  <Ailure> yeah I noticed that
16:01:07  <Ailure> mostly makes a diffrence on some obviously shrinkd down aircraft
16:01:09  <Ailure> such as teh zeppelin
16:01:21  <Belugas> would this be noted as a safe absolute function ? "static inline int absolutized(int i) {  return i >= 0 ? i : -i; }"
16:02:18  <Smoovious> don't see any reason why not
16:02:53  <Smoovious> tho
16:03:22  <Smoovious> do you only need 'return' on the first argument? wouldn't you need it on all 3 to distinguish the following i variables from the supplied one?
16:03:44  <Smoovious> nevermind
16:03:59  <Smoovious> looks ok
16:04:24  * Smoovious waits for someone who actually knows what he's talking about to give his assessment. :)
16:04:59  <peter1138> Belugas: what's wrong with using abs() ?
16:05:49  * Smoovious grins.
16:07:18  <Belugas> peter1138, what is wrong is my lack of knowledge of its existence :)
16:07:23  <Belugas> thanks ;)
16:07:52  <Rubidium> Belugas: -2^31 doesn't become 2^31 (assuming 32 bits ints) ;)
16:08:05  <Smoovious> I wasgoing to suggest it too, but figured, well, he knows the programming environment more than I do, if he's asking about it, it must not have an abs function...
16:08:06  <Zuu> Rubidium: Even if I set AI to start immediatelly it did took some time before the first AI apeard. But when I tried to reproduce it apeard only after ~10 seconds on fast-forward. Could not get -a to work on r9275, but might be a to old revison.
16:08:54  <Rubidium> Zuu: the fun of random functions
16:10:17  <Zuu> :)
16:11:08  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
16:12:07  <_Ben_> hi, I need some help/advice in relation to this thread >
16:12:51  <_Ben_> the outcome seems to be that it is required for multiple roation angles, as well as longer viecles.  If these arn't available ever then just shrunking the trains, or splitting the trains to bits is the answer
16:13:14  <peter1138> shrunking :D
16:13:31  <_Ben_> Would the enabling of extra angles, and/or longer trains be feesable within a time period that its worth modelling/rendering to that scale?
16:13:38  <Belugas> thanks for the answer, peter1138 and Rubidium
16:13:51  <Belugas> if abs() exists, abs() i will use :)
16:22:08  *** e1ko [] has joined #openttd
16:25:50  *** Ben_1 [~Ben@] has joined #openttd
16:26:39  *** ammler [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:29:44  <peter1138> _Ben_: it is possible, but for time frames... "nobody's working on it"
16:32:06  *** _Ben_ [~Ben@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:32:24  <Ben_1> peter1138: on the asumption that graphics are just made to a set scale and therefore frequently exceed 1/2 tile lenth, is it likely it would be worked on, or is it just too larger job? (either of them)
16:32:37  *** Ben_1 is now known as _Ben_
16:34:29  <peter1138> i can't say. i know of no plans at the moment
16:37:43  *** ammler [] has joined #openttd
16:38:29  <_Ben_> what would be the size of the job? is it a large request?  (refering to both 'angles' and 'longer trains' combined)?
16:40:05  *** e1ko [] has quit [Quit: bye, Im going off]
16:40:46  *** Tron_ [] has joined #openttd
16:45:14  *** HMage [~HMage@] has joined #openttd
16:46:52  *** maddy [~maddy@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:46:54  *** Tron [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:48:47  *** ln- [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:48:47  *** HMage [~HMage@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:48:54  *** ln- [] has joined #openttd
16:53:59  *** Sacro|Laptop [~Ben@adsl-83-100-138-251.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
16:55:48  *** Bjarni [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
16:57:23  *** Renacor [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:58:07  *** ln- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:01:54  *** ln- [] has joined #openttd
17:08:20  *** Renacor [] has joined #openttd
17:08:57  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9339 /trunk/src/settings.cpp:
17:08:57  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Codechange: disable shares by default as the sharing system is broken (abusable) and should therefor not be used in multiplayer games.
17:08:57  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Codechange: make default maximum distance from the edge for oil refineries a little higher, so the chance that you get oil refineries is a little better.
17:13:35  *** Prof_Frink [] has joined #openttd
17:15:47  <peter1138> frinK!
17:15:59  <Prof_Frink> peteR!
17:16:52  *** Sacro|Laptop [~Ben@adsl-83-100-138-251.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:18:10  <peter1138> frrrrrnk
17:18:35  <Prof_Frink> ptttttttr
17:20:46  <Patrick> frrrrrrrrrrrrack
17:21:26  <peter1138> frak
17:21:37  <Prof_Frink> frell
17:21:41  <Patrick> I reckon it's frack
17:21:47  <Patrick> frak reads wrong
17:21:58  <Patrick> of course, the scripts will be the decider
17:22:11  <peter1138> !
17:22:12  <Patrick> or some in-film grafitti
17:22:13  <peter1138> frak!
17:26:00  *** maad_ [~emade@] has joined #openttd
17:26:00  *** maad [~emade@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:27:59  *** scia [] has joined #openttd
17:36:01  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
17:36:12  <Wolf01> hello
17:36:36  <Wolf01> well done with newhouses
17:36:50  *** HMage [~HMage@] has joined #openttd
17:39:50  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@] has joined #openttd
17:39:51  *** BobingAbout [~BobingAbo@] has quit []
17:42:20  *** mikl [] has quit [Quit: In the end, all that matters is your relation with God...]
17:45:29  <HMage> Rubidium: - how about this?
17:49:28  <HMage> er, you edited that already :)
17:49:39  <MiHaMiX> HMage: looks good enough :)
17:50:10  * HMage thinks how to make that note smaller
17:50:34  <MiHaMiX> HMage: insert explicit line breaks into the note template
17:51:10  <HMage> like how?
17:52:46  <MiHaMiX> HMage: err... lemme se
17:52:47  <MiHaMiX> +e
17:57:11  *** Digitalfox [] has quit [Quit: Bye Bye...]
17:59:02  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
18:00:39  <MiHaMiX> HMage: ok, I found an elegant solution
18:02:48  <HMage> hmm... it didn't become smaller (as in display space it takes from the content). Thanks anyway.
18:02:51  *** Thomas[NL] [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
18:03:17  <MiHaMiX> HMage: then what do you mean under "smaller"? :)
18:03:21  <MiHaMiX> HMage: btw, I centered
18:03:53  <HMage> need to scroll down so much to be taken to actual article
18:04:30  <MiHaMiX> ahh, I can't really help on that, sorry :-(
18:05:55  <HMage> np, thank you :)
18:14:23  *** lugo [] has joined #openttd
18:16:27  <HMage> "STR_NEWGRF_ERROR_AFTER_TRANSLATED_FILE                          :the GRF file it was designed to translate" - anyone knows which context is that?
18:18:13  <Rubidium> newgrfs can translate strings added by other newgrfs
18:19:51  <HMage> so basically it's most of the time "blablabla.grf must be loaded after lalala.grf" and "blablabla.grf must be loaded after the GRF file it was designed to translate"?
18:21:11  *** llugo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:22:47  *** Digitalfox_Home [] has joined #openttd
18:22:59  <Rubidium> yes
18:26:03  *** nairan [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:29:11  *** GhostBear[Off] is now known as GhostBear
18:37:26  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9340 /trunk/configure: [Config] -Fix: on some systems $_ was set to /usr/bin/make; filter for this (tnx peter1138)
18:45:30  *** Scarzzurs [] has joined #openttd
18:45:33  <Scarzzurs> Lo :-)
18:46:42  <Scarzzurs> I've just installed OpenTTD. But then i remember back when i used TTDPatch and you had all kinds of gfx files that you could install. Does such "mods" exist for openTTD, or is that TTDPatch only?
18:46:52  <peter1138> yes
18:47:06  <peter1138> quite a few of them work with openttd
18:47:12  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9341 /branches/0.5/ (5 files):
18:47:12  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r8943, r8955, r8976, r8999, r9009):
18:47:12  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: NewGRF support for vehicle variable 48 (r8943)
18:47:12  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: crash on loading savegames with GRFs that do not have their GRF info/name set (r8955)
18:47:12  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: reinitialize all engines after grf files have been reloaded/changed (r8976)
18:47:14  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: do not select a disabled platform length/number of track count when going out of drag-drop mode (r8999)
18:47:16  <Smoovious> some grf files don't work yet... like the custom cargoes, for instance
18:47:16  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: play the correct engine sound based on the engine type instead of the sprite (r9009)
18:48:07  <Scarzzurs> Hmmm, kewl, i guess. Would you guys have a link to some that work? :-)
18:48:18  <peter1138> yeah, :p
18:48:29  <Scarzzurs> Perhaps a mod that introduces some difficulty, increasing over time hopefully?
18:48:45  <peter1138> Smoovious: < yeah
18:48:58  <peter1138> don't think any do that
18:49:06  <peter1138> pb_build.grf makes it hard, but that's from the start
18:49:53  <Scarzzurs> Too bad, cause i think that is what TTD really needs: Increasing difficulty, a lot like many other games...
18:50:00  <Belugas> "yet"
18:50:12  <Scarzzurs> As far as i can recall even sim city has it...
18:50:33  <Scarzzurs> Yeah, well, "yet" won't do me any good... "yet" :-)
18:50:47  <Belugas> "soon" then?
18:50:49  <Smoovious> want it sooner, code it up
18:50:50  <Belugas> :P
18:50:55  <Belugas> impatient one :S
18:51:03  *** Tron_ is now known as Tron
18:51:46  <Scarzzurs> I know... But i have my own games to code right now :P
18:53:27  <Scarzzurs> btw. What is YAPF?
18:54:04  <Smoovious> Yet Another Path Finder
18:54:41  * Smoovious is waiting for TPFTRAPF
18:54:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9342 /branches/0.5/ (industry_gui.c road_cmd.c settings.c):
18:54:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r8980, r9065, r9339):
18:54:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: the industry list should also be (re)set when the number of industries is 0 (r8980)
18:54:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: possible dereference of NULL pointer (r9065)
18:54:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Codechange: disable shares by default and increase the default maximum distance from edge for oil refineries (r9339)
18:56:32  <Scarzzurs> What is this CIA-2 is spamming?
18:56:45  <peter1138> snigger
18:56:49  <Smoovious> peter1138... is that a patch screenshot?
18:56:57  <Smoovious> Scarzzurs... code change commits
18:57:05  <peter1138> does patch have fast forward?
18:57:13  <Smoovious> I don't know
18:57:14  <peter1138> as a button :p
18:57:15  <peter1138> heh
18:57:25  <peter1138> or all our extra depot buttons
18:57:31  <Smoovious> I don't know
18:57:36  <Smoovious> I don't use the patch
18:57:51  <peter1138> *sigh*
18:57:53  <peter1138> no it's not
18:58:04  <Smoovious> anyways, I tried using some cargo-path GRF's, and had no luck with them... what GRF did you use?
18:58:40  <peter1138> that one is uk renewal industries
18:58:57  <Smoovious> k... may give it a try out tonight
18:59:10  <GhostBear> You planning make new industry? :]
18:59:10  <peter1138> well
18:59:16  <peter1138> it won't give you this result
18:59:20  <peter1138> cos you need a patch
18:59:38  <Smoovious> so it is a patch screenshot... :D
18:59:42  <Smoovious> :P
19:00:43  <Smoovious> !!!
19:00:51  <Smoovious> they got container cars that stack 3 high?
19:01:17  <peter1138> hmm?
19:01:39  <Smoovious> look in the bottom of that vehicle window... 3x Freightliner Container Rake...
19:02:18  <peter1138> oh
19:02:18  <peter1138> no
19:02:23  <peter1138> you just get 3 of them
19:02:43  <Smoovious> I dunno... the graphics sure look 3-high
19:03:05  <Smoovious> ok, well...
19:03:10  <Belugas> [14:59] <Smoovious> so it is a patch screenshot... :D  <--- it is a screenshot of A patch...
19:03:12  <Smoovious> gonna go hunt that grf down
19:03:16  <peter1138> that's ukrs
19:03:28  <Belugas> patch screenshot is missleading :P
19:03:34  * Smoovious grins.
19:06:42  <Digitalfox_Home> Using last windows nightly ( from today ) the mouse wheel scrooling doesn't work for Zoom in or out
19:08:45  <Digitalfox_Home> Forget about that, i didn't notice the new patch config for mouse wheel..
19:09:28  <peter1138> with no config it should default to zoom
19:09:34  <peter1138> if not, bjarni's stuffed it up
19:09:54  <Digitalfox_Home> no it was default for map
19:10:15  <Digitalfox_Home> Scrool map
19:10:24  <Digitalfox_Home> scroll
19:11:47  <peter1138> just tested, it default to zoom :)
19:11:51  <peter1138> +s
19:12:11  <Digitalfox_Home> with it didn't.. It used the scroll map
19:12:11  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:12:24  <Digitalfox_Home> And what does scroll map does
19:13:20  *** Frostregen [] has joined #openttd
19:15:00  <Smoovious> scrolls the map?
19:15:05  <Smoovious> :D
19:15:26  <Digitalfox_Home> well with me it doesn't do anything that's why i asked
19:19:06  <peter1138> i think that only works on os x
19:22:14  *** KritiK [] has joined #openttd
19:22:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9343 /branches/0.5/ (7 files in 2 dirs):
19:22:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9000, r9001, r9097, r9137):
19:22:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: new locomotive names were not announced in the news, it said "new railway locomotive available - railway locomotive" (r9000, r9001)
19:22:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Feature: add an extra news group for opening and closing of industries (r9097)
19:22:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: when all news-setting buttons are 'full', make the for-all button show 'full' too (r9137)
19:23:52  *** carwe [] has quit []
19:24:32  <Smoovious> Rubidium... have you had a chance to check FS532 lately?
19:24:37  *** antichaos [] has left #openttd []
19:25:04  *** Bjarni [] has joined #openttd
19:25:05  *** mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
19:26:43  *** boekabart [] has joined #openttd
19:28:42  <Rubidium> Smoovious: nope
19:30:35  <Smoovious> k
19:30:46  * Ailure stretches
19:31:40  * peter1138 tightens the rack a notch
19:31:57  <Wolf01> is possible to change on the fly the running cost of the vehicles?
19:32:11  <Wolf01> without using a multiplier variable
19:32:26  <GhostBear> Difficulty settings only?
19:32:54  <Wolf01> that's already coded
19:33:15  <GhostBear> it was even in TTD :>
19:33:18  <GhostBear> I mean
19:33:24  <GhostBear> Global running costs :P
19:34:03  *** Renacor [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 3.2.5 Anomalies]
19:34:08  <Wolf01> int32 cost = AircraftVehInfo(v->engine_type)->running_cost * _price.aircraft_running / 364;
19:34:08  <Wolf01> i mean this, now i use a variable to multiply the running cost value because daylength
19:34:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9344 /branches/0.5/ (5 files):
19:34:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9027, r9038, r9061, r9071):
19:34:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: desync caused by buffer overflow (r9027)
19:34:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Feature: kick inactive initial network connections after some time (r9038, r9061)
19:34:47  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: take over companies properly in multiplayer games (r9071)
19:34:48  <Wolf01> i want to change _price.running_cost directly with a function in another place
19:35:11  <GhostBear> ah
19:35:22  <GhostBear> i'm not able to help then %P
19:35:23  <Mucht> ottdcoop@sarah ~/svn-sandbox/bin$ svn up -r 9340
19:35:23  <Mucht> At revision 9340.
19:35:23  <Mucht> ottdcoop@sarah ~/svn-sandbox/bin$ ./openttd --version
19:35:23  <Mucht> OpenTTD r9339
19:35:31  <Mucht> is anyone experienced with svn? :-P
19:36:14  <blathijs> little
19:36:19  <blathijs> why?
19:37:10  <Mucht> what is my problem above?
19:37:15  <Mucht> I fail to see a reason for this
19:37:42  <Rubidium> because openttd's version number is retrieved from the last modification to anything in the src directory
19:37:44  <rane> it'd be nice feature if you could order a train to make changes to it's wagons next time it goes in servicing
19:37:59  <Smoovious> and r9340 wasn't in ./src
19:38:04  <rane> single trains, that is
19:38:13  <Mucht> ok then
19:38:29  <Ailure> I'm amused at this guy though
19:38:37  <Smoovious> ?
19:38:45  <Ailure> The one saying that openTTD sourcecode is spaghetti code
19:38:49  <Ailure> and made a fork of a old revision
19:38:52  <Ailure> becuse C++ sucks
19:38:54  <Ailure> xD
19:39:08  <Ailure> Dosen't C code tend to result into spaghetti code easily?
19:39:36  <Ailure> I mean, part of the point with object-oriented programming is to prevent that. :/
19:39:41  <Smoovious> got a URL to the thread?
19:39:46  <peter1138> rane: you can, but only refitting them
19:39:54  <Ailure>
19:39:56  <Ailure> here you go
19:39:59  <Smoovious> thnx
19:40:00  <rane> peter1138: refitting?
19:40:40  <Mucht> anyone knowing the parameter for making my openttd-buil look like r9340?
19:40:42  <peter1138> changing the cargo type they carry
19:41:01  <peter1138> Mucht: none. why would you want to?
19:41:32  <Mucht> read some 20 lines above
19:41:37  <peter1138> yes, so?
19:41:38  <Maedhros> Mucht: ./configure --revision rXXXX (as the script says, USE WITH CARE)
19:42:07  <Mucht> thx Maedhros
19:42:43  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9345 /branches/0.5/ (order_cmd.c train_cmd.c):
19:42:43  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9277, r9337, r9338):
19:42:43  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: shared orders got messed up when the 'first' trains got removed in the depot (r9277)
19:42:43  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: assert() when you removed the orders of a shared list while having the shared order vehicle list open (r9337)
19:42:43  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: close the Shared Order Vehicle List if you remove the shared link with only 2 vehicles (r9338)
19:43:20  <rane> peter1138: i mean like something where you can easily order the train to increase or reduce the amount of the wagons
19:43:28  <peter1138> ah. no.
19:43:40  <peter1138> hmm
19:43:54  <peter1138> sort of simulated shunting
19:44:36  <rane> hm?
19:45:51  <Mucht> peter1138: I built revision r9339 from tunk with the source of 9340. Now, a user tells me he can't login with his precompiled nightly r9340
19:46:54  <peter1138> heh
19:48:05  <Mucht> how to solve that?
19:49:27  <peter1138> bug in the nightly system :p
19:50:02  <peter1138> Mucht: if you had said "the nightly is r9340" at the start then i wouldn't have questioned you
19:50:09  <peter1138> ne'er mind
19:50:33  <Mucht> so configure with --revision is ok?
19:52:29  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: KUDr * r9346 /branches/gamebalance/ (5 files in 2 dirs): [gamebalance] -Fix: some MSVC fatal warnings (unary minus on unsigned, forcing int to bool), and errors (missing CDECL, missing file in MSVC projects)
19:52:39  <peter1138> yeah
19:52:43  <Mucht> ~/svn-sandbox$ ./configure -D --revision r9340
19:52:43  <Mucht> Unknown option --revision
19:52:44  <Mucht> oO
19:52:46  <peter1138> heh
19:52:50  <peter1138> guess not :p
19:53:29  <Mucht> -r is working
19:53:50  <Mucht> no :-/
19:53:59  <Maedhros> bah, it seems you actually need --revision=r9340
19:54:10  <Maedhros> the = is normally optional
19:54:18  <Mucht> hehe yeah
19:56:07  <Ailure> grah
19:56:12  <Ailure> I hate the fact that aircraft
19:56:18  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9347 /branches/0.5/ (6 files in 2 dirs):
19:56:18  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9019, r9076, r9077):
19:56:18  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: use <> for system-headers (r9019)
19:56:18  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: the intercontinental airport used 'T-junction' runway sprites when there is no exit in the middle of the runway as in the city airport (r9076)
19:56:18  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: the wrong catenary wires were drawn for tunnel entrances (r9077)
19:56:24  <Ailure> have no running cost/cargo capacity view D:
19:57:05  <peter1138> ?
19:59:42  <GhostBear>,char(58),passwd)+FROM+%3Cbr%20/%3Etblmembers+WHERE+membername/*
19:59:44  <Ailure> heh
19:59:47  <GhostBear> Muhahaha! xD pwned xD
20:00:23  <GhostBear> oh
20:00:25  <GhostBear> sorry :(
20:00:27  <GhostBear> wrong :(
20:00:54  <GhostBear>,char(58),passwd)+FROM+tblmembers+WHERE+membername/*
20:00:57  <GhostBear> This is correct :>
20:01:07  <hylje> sql injection day?
20:01:09  <peter1138> lies
20:01:22  <GhostBear> Just another fkking site =\
20:01:39  <Ailure> ah SQL injection
20:02:12  <hylje> hello, my name is "; DROP DATABASE users; --
20:02:19  *** _Ben_ [~Ben@] has left #openttd [Leaving]
20:02:29  <GhostBear> :>
20:03:27  <GhostBear> better so:
20:04:09  <GhostBear> My name is: "+AND+1=0+UNION+DROP+DATABASE+users/*
20:04:13  <GhostBear> If going this way ;D
20:05:19  <peter1138> *yawn*
20:05:34  <GhostBear> Stupid admin still not answered my letter about errors and holes in him damn site -.-
20:05:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9348 /branches/0.5/ (stdafx.h video/dedicated_v.c video/win32_v.c):
20:05:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r8974, r8994, r9074):
20:05:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: support compilation with the Vista Platform SDK (r8974)
20:05:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: resolution doubled in cfg file when fullscreen mode used (r8994)
20:05:51  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: win32 dedicated console now doesn't need an extra 'enter' to fully quit (r9074)
20:05:53  <Ailure> lol
20:05:58  <Ailure> reminds me about some guy who like
20:06:00  <hylje> let me guess, php?
20:06:01  <Sacro> rename his db
20:06:04  <Ailure> hacked some big companies site here in Sweden
20:06:05  <Sacro> rather than drop it
20:06:10  <Rubidium> GhostBear: and that gives you the right to make that information public?
20:06:24  <GhostBear> nobody will not have use of it -.-
20:07:21  <Ailure> I actually hacked sites in past xD
20:07:23  <Ailure> well hacked
20:07:37  <Ailure> <<
20:07:38  <GhostBear> hack means up a root rights
20:07:38  <hylje> sql injecting php sites is pathetic
20:07:55  <Ailure> although mind you, it was someone who was flooding a community I was on
20:08:01  <GhostBear> or even got ftp access :P
20:08:07  <Ailure> while he had blatant security holes
20:08:09  <Ailure> belive it or not
20:08:13  <Ailure> biut he had a PHP script
20:08:16  <Ailure> to upload files
20:08:19  <peter1138> nobody cares
20:08:23  <Ailure> so people uploaded their own PHP files to mess
20:08:37  <hylje> seriously, wtf
20:09:01  <hylje> its no wonder every more or less sane web developer doesnt want to use php
20:09:25  <Ailure> PHP should be mainly used for dynamic content anyway
20:09:28  <SpComb> sql injecting sites is boring and I don't particularly think 'disclosing' it (well, at least for minor sites) is that bad
20:09:35  <Ailure> besides
20:09:40  <Ailure> preventing SQL injection is simple :/
20:09:47  <hylje> Ailure: wtf else would you use php for?
20:09:50  <SpComb> what are the bets that scripts vulernable to SQL injection are more common than those that aren't?
20:10:03  <Ailure> Hylje:I seen some really oddball use for PHP
20:10:04  <Ailure> belive me
20:10:07  <GhostBear> Topic of day: OpenTTD!!!!!!!! xD
20:10:19  <Ailure> mostly from people who don't know any other scripting or programming languages well
20:10:20  <Ailure> <_<
20:10:33  <GhostBear> Look at this site i just posted
20:10:34  <Ailure> I seen a few IRC bots
20:10:38  <Ailure> whoose brain is a PHP script
20:10:45  <GhostBear> it not filering any parameter
20:10:45  <Ailure> and a mIRC script inbetween as a empty shell
20:10:57  <SpComb> using PHP for IRC code is just abuse :<
20:10:58  <Ailure> or rather, who passes along the messages
20:11:12  <Ailure> yeah, but people done it :/
20:11:24  <Ailure> well only case I would see it being acceptable
20:11:33  <Ailure> is to grab information from a remote server
20:11:41  * GhostBear thinks: better me not to post this inj =\
20:11:45  <Ailure> information that dosen't hurt to be public
20:11:56  * GhostBear thinks: everybody discussing php and bugs now :]
20:12:10  <Ailure> I don't hack sites
20:12:14  <Ailure> I mean
20:12:16  <Ailure> I like hacking
20:12:18  <Ailure> but I hate vandalizing
20:12:37  <SpComb> mmh, the MOPB is ongoing
20:12:38  <GhostBear> as for me i'm reporting admins about bugs
20:12:47  <Ailure> I like reverse eginerring
20:12:55  <SpComb> and there were some fun vulnerabilities there, although I haven't managed to get most of them working on my own test host
20:13:14  <GhostBear> Can somebody tell me how many game eats traffic for an hour?
20:13:18  <Ailure> I admit though
20:13:22  <Ailure> sometimes I do bend my rules a bit
20:13:24  <Ailure> if I like
20:13:32  <Ailure> got the chanche to hack the scientology site
20:13:33  <Ailure> I would
20:13:34  <Ailure> D:
20:13:36  <Ailure> stuff like that
20:13:51  <SpComb> Ailure: ^_> -_> ^_< ^_^ ^_< -_> ^_> -_< ^_< ^_^ ^_> ^_- -_< -_- ^_< >_^ ^_< ^_^ ^_> -_> ^_> -_> ^_< -_^ ^_< ^_> ^_< ^_^
20:14:16  <Ailure> :o
20:14:28  <Sacro> ><
20:14:30  <SpComb> 22:12:47 < Ailure> I like reverse eginerring
20:14:42  <Ailure> well
20:14:45  <Ailure> heh
20:14:52  <Ailure> I do come from the ROM hacking communities after all
20:14:57  <SpComb> it's called kirby4
20:15:24  <Ailure> ASCII Kirby's
20:15:24  <GhostBear> Can somebody tell me how many game eats traffic for an hour?
20:15:27  <GhostBear> x2
20:15:37  <Ailure> well
20:15:41  <Ailure> there's severeal factors involved <<
20:15:49  *** re06011988 [] has joined #openttd
20:15:59  *** re06011988 [] has left #openttd []
20:16:02  <Ailure> mainly number of players, net net_frame_freq and map size
20:16:25  <GhostBear> mh...
20:16:30  <GhostBear> can you give any example?
20:16:39  <Ailure> nope
20:16:44  <Ailure> I don't know much about the network
20:16:47  <Ailure> I have a slight idea about it
20:16:54  <Ailure> though I managed to misunderstand it in the past
20:16:59  <Ailure> such as thinking it using UDP instead of TCP
20:17:18  <Ailure> I still feel stupid over the remarks I made. D:
20:17:21  <SpComb> it does use UDP
20:17:26  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9349 /branches/0.5/ (8 files):
20:17:26  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9043, r9062, r9064, r9070):
20:17:26  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: the personal (.openttd) directories were hidden in the load/save directory listings (r9043)
20:17:26  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: the station list, sorted by cargo rating, now takes stations into account that have no cargo waiting (r9062)
20:17:26  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: don't keep on scrolling for non-numeric values in settings, but require reclick (r9064)
20:17:28  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: when a bribe failed and you haven't picked up cargo yet, you would never be able to do so for a given station (r9070)
20:17:46  <Ailure> yes
20:17:48  <Ailure> but not all the time
20:18:01  <Ailure> it uses UDP to grab server info I belive
20:18:20  <Rubidium> and TCP when actually playing a game
20:18:36  <Ailure> yeah
20:18:52  <Ailure> It's kinda required
20:19:00  <Ailure> as if it used UDP for gameplay
20:19:04  <Ailure> a packet lost
20:19:21  <Ailure> would be fatal if it goes unoticable
20:19:34  *** Peakki [] has quit [Quit: Lähdössä]
20:20:11  *** nairan [] has joined #openttd
20:23:44  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9350 /branches/0.5/ (5 files in 2 dirs):
20:23:44  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9105, r9115, r9117, r9146):
20:23:44  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: disable the ability to make flooding water with the canal build tool. In the scenario editor you can still make both canals and flooding water at height level 0 (r9105)
20:23:44  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: make clear in the tooltips when the canal build tool (in the scenario editor) makes flooding water (r9115)
20:23:46  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: difficulty level button was not selected when opening the difficulty window (r9117)
20:23:46  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: "Train is lost" message is generated incorrectly (r9146)
20:25:36  *** Thomas[NL] [] has joined #openttd
20:27:28  <ammler> Hi, #openttdcoop is wondering, if it possible to change grf settings in a running game?
20:27:35  *** e1ko [] has joined #openttd
20:28:15  <Rubidium> as long as it isn't a running network game it is possible
20:29:43  *** glx|away is now known as glx
20:29:45  <GhostBear> Where "start at" option gone? :o
20:29:55  <GhostBear> i mean
20:30:04  <GhostBear> I want to choose start year
20:30:10  <GhostBear> But 0.5 not allowing me o_O
20:30:27  <Rubidium> try 'new game'
20:31:20  <ammler> Rubidium: you mean, if a save is needed, not possible anymore
20:32:12  <GhostBear> ah
20:32:18  <Rubidium> ammler: the 'new game' wasn't meant for you
20:32:19  <GhostBear> found! :>
20:32:20  <GhostBear> Thanks! ^^
20:32:36  <Rubidium> ammler: there is a ingame newgrf window where you can change the newgrf settings of a running game
20:33:48  <ammler> Rubidium: thanks. than we could load it in sp, change the settings and load the new save on the server
20:33:59  <peter1138> yeah
20:38:29  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9351 /branches/0.5/ (ai/default/default.c openttd.c station_cmd.c table/engines.h):
20:38:29  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r9147, r9205, r9251, r9298):
20:38:29  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: when loadin games, enroute_from was updated in the wrong place, causing issues with TTD savegames/scenarios (r9147)
20:38:29  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: when you started openttd with '-g' you got the same map every run (r9205)
20:38:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: use a less CPU-intensive algorithm to find a random industry for the AI to prevent it slowing down the game (r9251)
20:38:30  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Fix: A34-1000, Z-Shuttle, and Kelling K1 are now listed as small aircraft (r9298)
20:42:25  <GhostBear> Can somebody try to run newwork game with me? :> I mean i want to try multiplayer but playing on servers are not possible so i will be host :>
20:42:33  <GhostBear> *network
20:42:35  *** Purno [] has quit [Quit: Life is a game of pick-up-sticks, played by fucking lunatics.]
20:44:14  <GhostBear> I think no :'(
20:45:49  <ammler> It's not possible to change to Town Replacement on a running game, is it?
20:46:14  <Maedhros> should be
20:46:28  <Maedhros> it'll only affect any new houses that get built of course
20:47:03  <ammler> In my game, the setting still won't be blue.
20:47:30  <ammler> sry green
20:47:51  <rane> isn't it possible to change service intervals through patches for all vehicles during a game?
20:48:34  <Maedhros> ammler: which version are you running? what does the error message say?
20:50:55  <ammler> I did checkout 9348 and compiled it with revision=9340
20:53:15  <ammler> ok, problem is clear, Total Town Replacement won't work with arctic
20:53:46  <Maedhros> aha
20:54:00  *** Born_Acorn [~bornacorn@] has joined #openttd
20:54:09  <Maedhros> you can get a version (of ttrs2) that does work in the arctic climate here:
20:54:16  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: peter1138 * r9352 /trunk/src/aircraft_cmd.cpp: -Codechange: Use cargo class to determine if an aircraft should carry mail
20:55:00  <GhostBear> OMG!
20:55:10  <GhostBear> I spended 1,5 mb for 15 min of playing :'C
20:55:17  <ammler> and Maedhros, if you change to TTR, it does also change existing houses
20:55:37  <Maedhros> it shouldn't
20:55:50  <ammler> ah only the streets
20:56:00  <Maedhros> oh right, yes
20:56:04  <glx> action A
20:56:35  <ammler> jep confirmed only streets
20:56:39  <Smoovious> GhostBear... that also includes the amount used downloading the map
21:01:12  *** HMage` [~HMage@] has joined #openttd
21:03:05  *** scia [] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
21:04:16  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9353 /branches/0.5/lang/ (37 files in 2 dirs): [0.5] -Backport language updates from trunk (r8957, r9002, r9005, r9013, r9014, r9020, r9021, r9054, r9116, r9118, r9132, r9286, r9292)
21:05:55  *** HMage [~HMage@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:09:26  <Smoovious> methinks we may be seeing an 0.5.1 tonight
21:14:34  *** Scarzzurs [] has quit [Quit: Whine...]
21:16:54  *** BFM [] has joined #openttd
21:23:28  <Patrick> did the acceleration model get updated in the last 7000 revisions?
21:24:16  <Smoovious> do you mean, since r7000 or since r2353?
21:24:48  <Patrick> ok, since about 4000
21:24:53  <Patrick> I stopped paying attention then
21:24:58  * Smoovious grins.
21:25:00  <Smoovious> not sure
21:25:18  <Patrick> the "wait 1 second for no particular reason when a signal goes green" bug-that-is-not-a-bug keeps me from playing ottd
21:25:41  <Smoovious> you're kidding...
21:25:52  <Rubidium> oh, that should've been fixed ages ago
21:25:52  <Patrick> it's a fix to the stuck trains bug, but it basically completely destroys the kind of gameplay I do (as does non-realistic accn)
21:25:54  <Smoovious> something that... meaningless... was enough to keep you from playing..
21:25:55  <Patrick> I on't actually know if it's been fixed
21:26:22  <Patrick> I take satisfaction in high-capacity train lines
21:26:28  <Smoovious> but... waiting a second (or a few seconds) after a signal goes green, before measurable forward momentum... _is_ realistic
21:26:33  <Patrick> and that bug basically halved the critical traffic jam density
21:26:49  <Smoovious> so lay more track
21:26:56  <Patrick> that's inelegant
21:27:03  <Smoovious> its prototypical
21:27:05  <Patrick> I was playing with a manual fix coded in but it wasn't the same
21:27:25  <Patrick> I already had 16-lane cargo trunks that were empty 4/5 of the time because of one annoying coding flaw
21:27:39  <Wolf01> 'night
21:27:43  *** Wolf01 [] has quit []
21:27:56  <Patrick> I only actually checked last at revision 5500 or so
21:28:22  <Smoovious> somehow, I have a hard time believing that a very short delay from green to forward momentum, was enough to cause all that... easier to believe that you need to lay your track differently
21:29:09  <Smoovious> personally, I'd rather have the short delay... more realistic
21:29:26  *** helb [~helb@] has quit [Quit: Logout]
21:29:37  <Rubidium> !openttd commit 7241
21:29:39  <_42_> Commit by KUDr :: r7241 /trunk/table/namegen.h (2006-11-22 23:25:31 UTC)
21:29:41  <_42_> -Fix: czech town name generator now uses proper diacritics (Hadez)
21:29:49  <Rubidium> !openttd commit 7421
21:29:51  <_42_> Commit by peter1138 :: r7421 /trunk/train_cmd.c (2006-12-07 14:44:26 UTC)
21:29:53  <_42_> -Fix (r2475): Changed "kick off" acceleration resulted in only a small amount of power being applied whilst moving off and then double the power at 1 mph. This resulted in a perceived delay before trains moved. Fix this by applying the full power of the engine (or the kick off, whichever is greater). Essay over.
21:30:02  <Patrick> yit wasn't a belief
21:30:03  <Rubidium> Patrick: that should solve your problem
21:30:20  <Patrick> sweet, I knew peter'd be on it
21:30:37  <Patrick> basically, there was a certain train capacity above which a traffic jam would grow rather than shrink
21:30:42  <Patrick> that kickoff halved that density
21:30:49  <Patrick> lines could go faster but they'd just jam
21:31:20  <hylje> now this is silly
21:35:24  <GhostBear> xD
21:36:07  <Smoovious> hylje... what'd you expect... its bash
21:38:05  *** Sacro [Ben@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:38:11  *** Sacro [~Ben@] has joined #openttd
21:38:41  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:42:08  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: glx * r9354 /branches/0.5/ (gfx.c misc_gui.c string.c string.h texteff.c win32.c): (log message trimmed)
21:42:08  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r8975, r9003, r9011, r9012):
21:42:08  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Regression: [win32] Possible buffer overflow if unicode text is pasted into an input box and needs trimming. (r8975)
21:42:08  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Codechange: Introduce a function Utf8PrevCharLen that finds the starting character of an UTF-8 sequence from a given position and returns the length to the first UTF-8 encoding byte of that sequence. (r9003)
21:42:08  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Codechange: Rework Utf8PrevChar so that it returns a pointer to the previous UTF8 character's first byte instead of a byte-length offset (r9011)
21:42:08  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: -Fix: When cutting strings into multiple lines also take into consideration
21:42:10  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: whitespace characters of more than 1 byte length (eg IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE,
21:43:29  <Patrick> wooooah
21:45:36  <SpComb> hmm, unicode-related buffer overflow
21:46:22  <GhostBear> :>
21:46:44  <Smoovious> hylje... that is pretty funny tho. :)
21:48:21  <SpComb>
21:48:50  <Patrick> wytf
21:49:37  <SpComb> it's a wheeled seal
21:51:59  <Smoovious> wow... that's a cool fake... can hardly tell its been photoshopped
21:53:16  <SpComb> I'm too cheap for photoshop
21:53:51  <SpComb> but it's not always about the quality of the photoshop
21:54:54  <SpComb> sometimes it's the concept that matters. How many times have you heard to concept "wheeled seal" or "seal on wheels" mentioned before?
21:54:55  <GhostBear> damn
21:55:00  <GhostBear> wtf it not compressed? :/
21:58:56  <GhostBear> all things wroted here makes me believe :o But after a hour i'm again thinking this is shit =\
22:02:51  *** Osai^away is now known as Osai
22:03:58  *** green-devil [] has quit []
22:06:44  <Smoovious> SpComb... never, actually
22:08:11  <SpComb> Smoovious: exactly
22:08:25  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: rubidium * r9355 /branches/0.5/ (32 files in 3 dirs):
22:08:25  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r8906):
22:08:25  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: - Feature: translation dependant formatting of dates (r8906)
22:10:02  <SpComb> so what is your opinion about seals on wheels?
22:11:14  <Smoovious> I think you should get a patent on the concept asap before someone else snatches it up
22:12:04  <SpComb> something along those lines
22:12:07  <SpComb> patents are expensive though
22:20:16  <Ailure> alot of updates todays
22:21:55  *** Rens2Sea [~Rens2Sea@] has quit []
22:25:59  <GhostBear> :(
22:27:14  *** helb [~helb@] has joined #openttd
22:37:20  <HMage`> - any updates?
22:44:30  *** HMage` [~HMage@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:46:53  *** A1win [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:49:22  *** e1ko [] has quit [Quit: bye, Im going off]
22:53:50  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:54:08  *** Osai is now known as Osai^zZz
22:54:26  *** boekabart [] has left #openttd [Your eyes grow heavy.. you grow very sleepy..... zzzz...]
22:55:56  *** Frostregen [] has joined #openttd
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23:01:18  *** A1win [] has joined #openttd
23:01:22  *** antichaos [] has joined #openttd
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23:05:31  *** Sacro_ [Ben@] has joined #openttd
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23:13:55  *** XeryusTC [] has quit [Quit: Solong, and thanks for all the fish.]
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23:14:03  *** Sacro_ [Ben@] has joined #openttd
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23:15:45  *** Frostregen [] has joined #openttd
23:16:03  *** Sacro_ is now known as Sacro
23:24:21  *** Digitalfox_Home [] has quit [Quit: Time for Sleeping]
23:26:07  <Maedhros> gah, flamebait-- (
23:29:30  *** ChrisM87 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:31:27  <Ailure> lo
23:31:29  <Ailure> lol
23:32:51  <Ailure> personally, more exciting stuff happens with the openTTD project
23:33:06  <Ailure> but I doubt tddpatch will die XD
23:33:15  <Ailure> it's been around longer than openTTD and have a following
23:33:25  <Sacro> HAS
23:33:33  <Sacro> S/HAVE/HAS/
23:33:42  * Sacro hits Bjarni with a pointed stick
23:33:55  <Ailure> I'm not Bjarni
23:34:11  <Ailure> xD
23:34:12  <Sacro> he started it
23:34:37  <Ailure> Hey, both of us are scandinavian I belive
23:34:42  <Ailure> we are bound to make same mistakes
23:34:49  <Sacro> he is netherlandian
23:34:53  <Ailure> oh
23:34:54  <Ailure> hmm
23:34:57  <Ailure> I'm confusing with someone else
23:34:59  <Sacro> or maybe danish
23:35:00  <Ailure> who was from denmark
23:35:06  <Ailure> or it was him then
23:35:06  <Ailure> heh
23:35:12  <Ailure> I swear Bjarni wasf rom Denmark
23:35:31  <Ailure> Bjarni sounds like a typical Danish name too
23:35:32  <Ailure> after all
23:35:53  <Ailure> I live next to denmark in Sweden after all. :)
23:36:16  <Zuu> You might be comfused by Bjarne Stroustrup?
23:36:37  <Ailure> anyway
23:36:40  <Ailure> xD
23:36:51  <Zuu> I'm not sure where he was from either... :p
23:36:59  <Ailure> About TTDpatch VS OpenTTD
23:37:16  <Ailure> ttdpatch users seems to consist of players who been around awhile
23:37:24  <Ailure> and openTTD more 'new' players for some reason.
23:37:25  <Zuu> I mean from which country Stroustrup is from.
23:37:35  <Ailure> I actually used to use ttdpatch, until I got fed up with it's bugginess.
23:37:36  *** qfh [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
23:37:39  <Ailure> Mind you, this was a few years ago.
23:37:42  *** TrueBrain [] has joined #openttd
23:38:11  <Ailure> Got back into TTD, and managed to find out openTTD in a way I don't remember. xD
23:38:27  <Ailure> All I know is that my first version probably was 0.3.5 or something
23:39:01  <GhostBear> Guys
23:39:05  <GhostBear> Can you help me?
23:39:11  <GhostBear> I just hosted an internet game
23:39:15  <GhostBear> Can somebody try to join
23:39:27  <GhostBear> I should be sure what i have no troubles with hosting
23:39:41  <Ailure> do your server show up on the master server list?
23:39:44  <Ailure> (
23:40:44  <Zuu> GhostBear: What is your server address/name?
23:41:03  <GhostBear> hm...
23:41:10  <SpComb> t -5 minutes,
23:41:15  <GhostBear> adress should mean my ip?
23:41:27  <Ailure> uh
23:41:28  <Zuu> Whatever I can use to join your game. :p
23:41:34  <Zuu> IP is okay.
23:41:54  <GhostBear>
23:41:56  <Zuu> GhostBear: But you should remember the server-name you've set in the openttd.cfg
23:42:01  <GhostBear> :o
23:42:40  <Zuu> Hmmm someone yet have to implement paste in OpenTTD :)
23:43:03  <Ailure> paxste?
23:43:05  <Ailure> as in?
23:43:10  <Smoovious> cut/paste
23:43:16  <Ailure> WEll someone did a patch
23:43:19  <Ailure> but it was like
23:43:23  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9356 /branches/noai/ (6 files in 4 dirs): [NoAI] -Add: add abs() function to global scope in SQ. This means we now have an own squirrel_std class which registers such functions. (on request by Zuu)
23:43:27  <Ailure> not that well coded
23:43:52  <CIA-2> OpenTTD: truelight * r9357 /branches/noai/projects/ (openttd.vcproj openttd_vs80.vcproj): [NoAI] -Fix r9356: forgot to regenerate MSVC project files
23:43:53  <Zuu> Says "Server Offline" here.
23:44:14  <Zuu> GhostBear: Sure you have forwarded the ports in your rounter (if you have one)?
23:44:15  <Ailure> mmm
23:44:25  <Ailure> heh waiting for the noai binaries D:
23:44:39  <GhostBear> mh...
23:44:41  <GhostBear> no
23:44:58  <Zuu> Ailure: Bha, waiting for binaries, what is that? :p
23:45:21  <GhostBear> fkk =\
23:45:27  <GhostBear> no play then =/
23:45:55  <Zuu> Ailure: A real Swede know how to download stuff :) (which should include downloading from svn :p)
23:46:02  <Ailure> I know
23:46:09  <Ailure> but there's no point as the Win32 support is dodgy
23:46:14  <Ailure> I have SVN and even know how to compile
23:46:17  <Ailure> >_>
23:46:19  <Zuu> :D
23:46:23  <Ailure> Well, at least they said so on the forum
23:46:26  <Ailure> so I can't really bother now
23:46:33  <Ailure> hush about me using Win XP now
23:46:57  <Ailure> I'm not too far from switching to Linux. <_<
23:47:07  <Ailure> Only game that would require Windows at this point is like
23:47:09  <Ailure> Civ IV
23:47:30  <Zuu> Whatever meats your taste. :)
23:47:37  <TrueBrain> get Cedega, fixed; so you are swithcing to Linux right now
23:47:37  <TrueBrain> good
23:47:52  <TrueBrain> Ailure: get pthread-win32, ask glx nicely for a patch, and you can compile NoAI for win32 :p
23:48:08  <glx> mingw only :)
23:48:24  <TrueBrain> good point, forgot to add :) I always assume people use mingw....
23:48:31  <TrueBrain> MSVC doesn't exists in brain->library
23:49:02  *** dp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:49:26  <Ailure> I use MSCV
23:49:35  <Ailure> although I was considering to use mingw
23:49:38  <TrueBrain> then I can't help you :)
23:49:43  <Ailure> to avoid being dependant on Microsoft
23:49:47  <TrueBrain> I rather see you considering linux :p
23:49:47  <Ailure> but oh well
23:50:06  <Ailure> I don't have time to switch though
23:50:13  <Ailure> I mean, if I switch I do it on a summer or somethng
23:50:51  <Ailure> Most of the appliations I use have a Linux port <_<
23:50:56  <Ailure> and the few that dosen't should run under Wine
23:50:58  * TrueBrain pets Ailure
23:51:12  * Ailure mprrs
23:52:19  <Maedhros> night all
23:52:28  <Ailure> night
23:52:31  <Jezral> Using MSVC doesn't tie you to MS. I use it for developing cross-platform. It's a great IDE and debugger.
23:53:34  <Belugas> nigh Maedhros
23:56:09  <GhostBear> Damn... Even now music From UFO:Terror From The Deep sounds good! :|
23:56:43  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd

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