Log for #openttd on 28th June 2007:
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00:48:49  <NukeBuster> Whats with revision 10350 and 10351?
00:53:49  <Belugas> what about them?
00:53:57  <Belugas> is there something that bothers you?
00:54:33  <glx> I think he doesn't see them in the log :)
00:57:42  <Belugas> ho...
00:57:47  <Belugas> well...
00:58:01  <Belugas> #openttd.notice :)
01:21:30  * Ailure should really read through the whole GPL one of thoose days
01:26:02  <Belugas> and kick athanasios's butt afterward
01:27:29  <Ailure> ironic that I get into a discussion about GPL
01:27:41  <Ailure> just before the launch of GPL3
01:29:35  <Ailure> well heh
01:29:42  <Ailure> partly becuse I might start open source projects of my own
01:29:54  <Ailure> and I rather know the license fully before I apply it to my own software
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01:33:11  <Belugas> good for you :)
01:33:23  <Belugas> I wish you luck and success
01:33:46  <Ailure> Thanks I need it.
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01:34:28  <Belugas> naaaah... you just need a good brain
01:35:24  <Ailure> Which I have. ;)
01:35:43  <Ailure> well, bit hard with motivation after being burnt out from a stressy school semester
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01:40:33  <Belugas> **hint** -> market place -> stress == daily/weekly/monthly/yearly experience ;)
01:41:06  <Ailure> :p
01:41:17  <Ailure> Well, I learned two things
01:41:24  <Ailure> Don't bite than you can chew
01:41:30  <Ailure> Choose your groupmates wisely
01:41:32  <Ailure> xD
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01:42:30  <Belugas> heheh
01:42:35  <Belugas> experience indeed :)
01:46:05  <Ailure> Well, at least I feel much more experienced with networking and communication :p
01:46:25  <Ailure> Even if the workload was hardly even in that group. :/
01:48:35  <Ailure> Oh well, at least i'm happy that the final result didn't have any nasty hacks due to time-constraints. :)
02:00:00  <NukeBuster> sorry i didn't respond earlier...
02:00:24  <NukeBuster> i was a bit messed up into the 45 degrees code..
02:00:44  <NukeBuster> but the log entries from 10350 and 10351 are ------------------------------------------------------
02:01:49  <Ailure> fantastic entries
02:02:13  <NukeBuster> is that every 50th and 51th line?
02:02:24  <NukeBuster> *51st
02:03:09  <Belugas> !openttd commit 10350
02:03:33  <NukeBuster> ?
02:03:49  <_42_> Commit by glx :: r10350 /branches/noai/ (211 files in 14 dirs) (2007-06-26 23:40:58 UTC)
02:03:51  <_42_> [NoAI] -Sync with trunk r10194:10349
02:04:01  <NukeBuster> ok, now i see :P
02:04:26  <NukeBuster> svn log reported ---------------------------
02:04:32  <Belugas> !openttd commit 10351
02:04:35  <_42_> Commit by glx :: r10351 /branches/noai/bin/ai/regression/regression.txt (2007-06-27 01:01:16 UTC)
02:04:37  <_42_> [NoAI] -Fix r10350: forgot to update regression.txt (indeed GetCompanyName() and GetPresidentName() were half-broken before r10350)
02:05:00  <Belugas> not part of trunk :)
02:05:28  <Belugas> and me, not part of awaken world anymore
02:05:30  <Belugas> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
02:05:32  <Belugas> 'night
02:05:37  <NukeBuster> haha
02:05:40  <NukeBuster> g'night
02:15:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: belugas * r10369 /trunk/src/ (newgrf_industries.cpp newgrf_industries.h):
02:15:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: -Codechange: Add the IndustryType parameter to the GetIndustryCallback function.
02:15:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: Sometimes, the industry might not be able to provide its type, since it does not exists at all
02:16:33  <Caemyr> yay!
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07:35:57  <dihedral> mornin :-)
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07:51:41  <prakti> G'morning.
08:23:36  <dihedral> so
08:23:39  <dihedral> ...
08:24:08  <dihedral> nice weather today
08:24:13  <hylje> it rains
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08:25:15  <dihedral> not raning here
08:25:23  <dihedral> but aint exactly sunny either
08:30:36  <Gekkko`> yes it isnt
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09:51:39  * dihedral is curious to know if Brianetta has done some work on autopilot
09:51:45  <dihedral> :-)
09:51:47  <Brianetta> I haven't
09:52:17  <Brianetta> Doing work on autopilot means setting aside a few hours at a time
09:52:25  <dihedral> true
09:52:32  <Brianetta> I don't have that kind of time until next year
09:52:37  <Brianetta> unless I get lucky
09:52:37  <dihedral> uh
09:52:39  <dihedral> ouch
09:52:48  <Brianetta> I'm getting married in November
09:52:59  * dihedral wonders if he may have read access to Brianetta's autopilot svn repository
09:53:11  <dihedral> Brianetta: wow
09:53:13  <Brianetta> Of course you can
09:53:14  <dihedral> congratulations
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09:53:32  <Brianetta> Look at page 3 of the autopilot thread
09:55:44  <dihedral> page 3 has no details to an svn checkout
09:56:28  <dihedral> found it
09:57:33  <dihedral> it's on page 5
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10:34:11  <dihedral> Brianetta: what kind of things you want to add to autopilot?
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10:44:26  <Brianetta> You can finish off the Tk module if you like (:
10:44:36  <Brianetta> It's meant to resemble a control panel
10:44:59  <dihedral> in what way "control panel" ?
10:45:08  <dihedral> ncurses?
10:46:54  <eekee> dihedral: Tk is a graphical widget set
10:47:23  <dihedral> right
10:47:28  <dihedral> i shall have a look at it
10:47:30  <dihedral> :-)
10:47:47  <eekee> :)
10:47:53  <dihedral> but first i wanna see if i can get newgrf requests to work from OpenTTDLib
10:50:52  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: peter1138 * r10370 /trunk/src/genworld_gui.cpp: -Fix: Heightmap GUI abused custom name system and used unnecessary globals. All details are now kept within the window's custom data.
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10:56:52  <dihedral> tcl/tk looks nice :-)
10:57:12  <eekee> ^^
10:57:26  <eekee> tk seems nice, I've only used it via Python though
10:57:28  <dihedral> though it will take me a bit to dive in :-P
10:57:34  <eekee> yeah :D
10:57:44  <dihedral> hmm...
10:57:53  <dihedral> definatly not this weekend :-D
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10:59:18  <eekee> :D
11:00:04  <Wac_jsC> Could anyone give me some hints as a new player, or at least a link with hints for playing openttd ?
11:01:14  <Rubidium> ?
11:01:45  <Wac_jsC> well, not how to do, I know how to use openttd, but how to improve...
11:02:32  <peter1138> practice makes perfect
11:03:18  <Wac_jsC> I know, but - i am looking for hints such as, more money for long distances
11:04:38  <dihedral>
11:04:56  <dihedral>
11:05:02  <dihedral>
11:06:44  <Phazorx> it kinda matters what exactly are you reying to improve too
11:06:59  <Wac_jsC> k
11:07:54  <dihedral> Wac_jsC: playing online where people will actually give you tips is a good start
11:08:09  <Wac_jsC> I already do a lot  ;)
11:08:33  <dihedral> as long as you get the tips :-P
11:08:48  <Wac_jsC> lol :P
11:10:02  <dihedral> << also good to stick to
11:10:18  <Wac_jsC> thanks
11:11:44  <dihedral>
11:13:52  <eekee> hey that junction marked spaghetti in the wiki... isn't ^^;
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11:14:49  <eekee> this might be spaghetti:,%2019th%20Jan%202090.png :D
11:15:14  <hylje> pretty much
11:15:18  <hylje> ewww
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11:15:47  <eekee> hehe
11:16:10  <eekee> there's an extra bridge since that pic was taken, & a couple of waypoints
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11:16:42  <Phazorx> looks like any coopers junction is spaghetti
11:17:09  <eekee> coopers?
11:17:17  <hylje> #openttdcoop
11:17:48  <eekee> oh :D
11:17:50  <XeryusTC> Phazorx: not entirely true
11:17:56  <XeryusTC> we have non-spaghetti hubs too
11:18:14  <Phazorx> yeah... on frams netwrok in PS#46
11:18:20  <Phazorx> that's why it is so slow :)
11:18:37  <XeryusTC> not only there :P
11:19:25  <XeryusTC> see PS#16
11:19:42  <Phazorx> that' s way before my time
11:20:25  <XeryusTC> anyway, that thing is more spaghetti than the original design
11:20:27  <XeryusTC> by moi
11:20:30  <XeryusTC> but i have to go
11:20:30  <XeryusTC> bbl
11:22:20  <Ammler> how do you define "spaghetti"?
11:22:42  <hylje> i define spaghetti as XeryusTC
11:22:58  <Ammler> hmm, true. :)
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11:23:48  <Phazorx> splt before merge + at elast 1 TL queues before merge points would be it Ammler
11:24:17  <eekee> I define spaghetti as "looks painful", more or less.
11:24:40  <Ammler> Phazorx: you mean thats not spaghetti?
11:24:43  <eekee> Phazorx: what's a TL queue?
11:25:28  <Phazorx> tL = train length
11:26:24  <Phazorx> tl queue - roof for train to wait for passing traffic at joiner w/o interupting following trains
11:26:31  <Phazorx> s/roof/room/
11:26:40  <eekee> ah *nod*
11:26:49  <eekee> that's not spaghetti, that's sense
11:27:33  <hylje> eekee: that junction lacks doubled tracks
11:28:02  <eekee> um...
11:28:21  <hylje> long tunnels
11:28:22  <Ammler> our banner is based on spaghetti:
11:28:26  <hylje> block :p
11:28:52  <hylje> ironically Train 66 is lost
11:29:35  <eekee> oh ah!
11:30:14  <eekee> hehe
11:31:08  <Ammler> this one is also nice:
11:32:34  <Ammler> can't imagine that #openttdcoop did ever build so...
11:32:42  <Phazorx> :))
11:33:07  <hylje> 90 degree turns :)
11:33:09  <Phazorx> quite different nowadays we are :)
11:33:26  <dihedral> my word that image looks painfull
11:34:13  <eekee> *the primitive eekee percieves it merely as so complex as to be impressive* o.o;
11:34:53  <Ammler> but you can still find such things on the current "normal" MP games, not so big but such curves.
11:35:53  <hylje> we should totally have a true b2b game someday
11:35:59  <hylje> lets do everything wrong
11:36:06  <Phazorx> PS47?
11:36:13  <Ammler> hmm, the current ps game is so
11:36:18  <Phazorx> yup
11:36:37  <hylje> well that was by accident.. :-)
11:38:59  <eekee>,%2022nd%20Jan%202100.png
11:39:15  <eekee> not so bad... I hope :0
11:39:17  <eekee> :)
11:39:43  <hylje> :o
11:40:57  <eekee> hehe
11:44:53  <dihedral> i quite enjoyed this player on one of my servers once:
11:44:55  <dihedral>
11:46:05  <hylje> whaaaaaaaaaat
11:49:21  <dihedral> :-)
11:49:32  <dihedral> it was way tooo amusing
11:49:41  <eekee> LOL
11:50:33  <eekee> I think you should be able to set a minimum signal distance in server code or something,
11:50:36  <eekee> -,
11:50:58  <Ammler> this problem will be solved with next version
11:51:11  <eekee> cool?
11:51:15  <Ammler> (bridges over a lot of things)
11:51:37  <Ammler> or is there an other name now?
11:52:02  <dihedral> Ammler: the next version aint gonna be 0.6
11:52:06  <dihedral> rather 0.5.3
11:52:19  <eekee> I'd have been happy with BOE - bridges over everything. Not strictly accurate but...
11:52:31  <Ammler> and these bridges won't still be included?
11:52:52  <dihedral> they will be included in 0.6 AFAIK
11:53:06  <Ammler> they are in the trunk right after release of 0.5.1
11:53:28  <dihedral> Ammler: releases for 0.5.x are made from /branches/0.5
11:53:39  <dihedral> not from /trunk
11:53:46  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: peter1138 * r10371 /trunk/src/group.h: -Fix (r9874): Remove never-used GetGroupName() function
11:54:13  <Ammler> yeah, but sometimes there are new features too
11:54:22  <Ammler> not only bugfixing
11:55:18  <dihedral> you can ask Rubidium he will know for sure :-)
11:56:01  <dihedral> but i agree with eekee there should be a server side setting to the minimum signal desity
11:56:27  *** Chris82 [] has joined #openttd
11:56:41  <Ammler> including new bridges is easier then that
11:57:01  <dihedral> yeah right!
11:57:33  <Phazorx> how do you enforce menimum density?
11:57:45  <Phazorx> no signal on tile next to tile with a signal?
11:57:52  <Phazorx> that will screw up way too many things
11:58:04  <dihedral> you tell the player that either he places signlas according to your rules
11:58:07  <dihedral> or you kick/ban him
11:58:16  <Phazorx> i mean server side setting
11:58:28  <Maedhros> Ammler: no, they're both impossible for 0.5.3 if you want any of the games to be loadable in trunk / 0.6
11:59:09  <dihedral> Phazorx: i was personally thinking of having to variables
11:59:14  <dihedral> one server side one client side
11:59:37  <dihedral> client side < server side = server side var used
11:59:54  <Phazorx> but it doesnt stop players from doing it manually
12:00:03  <dihedral> no
12:00:15  <Phazorx> put N lights together and  drag from each of them
12:00:30  <dihedral> true
12:00:55  <Brianetta> Server-side restrictions on game play just lead to massive irritation all round
12:01:00  <Ammler> btw, why will there be a 0.5.3?
12:01:03  <Brianetta> No substitute for there being a human admin
12:01:15  <Brianetta> Ammler: Normally it's because of bug fixes
12:01:16  <dihedral> true again
12:02:58  <dihedral> btw: for bridges over anything
12:03:16  <dihedral> a bridge one level over tracks with a signal right underneath
12:03:25  <dihedral> the signal shows through the bridge :-)
12:03:55  <Brianetta> At least you can see it
12:04:06  <Ammler> I guess, depense on the bridge grf, doesn't?
12:04:44  <Ammler> pb_viaduct i.e.
12:05:06  <Maedhros> not really, it depends more on the signal grf :p
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12:09:04  <dihedral> check this out guys :-)
12:09:05  <dihedral>
12:09:55  <eekee> lol
12:10:37  <dihedral> that is so funny
12:13:14  <Brianetta> No it isn't
12:13:27  <Brianetta> Bridge answered as if ragini had said colonol, which he hadn't.
12:13:34  <Brianetta> colonel, even
12:13:47  <Brianetta> colonol - distillate of rectum
12:13:50  *** [BiG^BrotheR] [~Dr-DreaM@] has joined #openttd
12:14:07  <dihedral> thanks for that Brianetta !
12:14:15  <Brianetta> (:
12:14:26  <dihedral> i think it is funny :-)
12:15:45  <peter1138> i once had someone ask me to upgrade their colonel
12:16:31  * dihedral hopes peter1138 did not at first think of colonol
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12:26:35  <Chris82> dihedral: Don't you speak German?
12:33:28  *** TinoM [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:33:54  *** Progman [] has joined #openttd
12:33:58  <Brianetta> I hope he does
12:34:26  <dihedral> Chris82: sure do - why?
12:34:35  <Brianetta> Living in Germany would be an excercise in frustration if he didn't
12:34:39  <dihedral> Brianetta: why do you hope i do
12:34:44  <dihedral> ah
12:34:45  <Eddi|zuHause3> i am pretty sure there are people in germany who do not speak german :p
12:35:03  <Brianetta> There are people in the UK who don't speak English
12:35:06  <dihedral> i *know* there are Eddi|zuHause3
12:35:16  <Brianetta> We tend to shout at them
12:35:24  <Brianetta> loudly and slowly
12:35:26  <dihedral> they speak tuerken-deutsch :-)
12:35:46  <dihedral> + all the swiss and austrian people
12:36:04  <Eddi|zuHause3> lmao :p
12:36:15  <dihedral> in fact schwaben are also not familiar with the german language
12:36:20  <dihedral> :-)
12:36:38  <dihedral> Chris82: why do you ask?
12:36:45  <Eddi|zuHause3> schwaben == "wir können alles, außer hochdeutsch"
12:36:55  <dihedral> rofl
12:37:28  *** SmatZ [] has joined #openttd
12:37:34  *** Osai^zZz [] has joined #openttd
12:37:42  <dihedral> Eddi|zuHause3:
12:37:42  <Eddi|zuHause3> luckily i am at the opposite side of the country :)
12:37:51  <dihedral> i aint
12:38:02  <dihedral> they tend to speak "badisch" here
12:38:08  <dihedral> and that is even worse
12:38:09  <Chris82> dihedral: Because you e-mailed me in English and I thought you were German :D
12:38:33  <Chris82> I just speak English here because not everyone speaks German :p but German is my native language ;)
12:38:49  <dihedral> you have a domain!!
12:38:57  <Chris82> I also own :p
12:39:05  <dihedral> lol
12:39:24  <Chris82> #1 or #2 in :p
12:39:31  <dihedral> Eddi|zuHause3: that translation reminds me of the word swine
12:39:34  <Chris82> I think wikipedia is #1 now :( they stole my spot lol
12:39:51  <dihedral> Chris82: why such a big sb fan?
12:40:15  <dihedral> just a curiosity question :-)
12:40:32  *** scia [~scia@] has joined #openttd
12:40:44  <Chris82> since I watched The Net in 1995 I am a huge fan :D
12:40:59  <Chris82> I don't update the site very often anymore since I am busy with uni (and OpenTTD *g*) but I am still a fan
12:41:19  <Chris82> also I have the biggest online (and probably offline too) Sandy fan club at
12:41:52  <Gekko> Chris82: you compililed found new town into trunk?
12:42:09  <Chris82> uhm I compiled it in my IN version yeah
12:42:15  <Chris82> and I am uploading it in a few mins to the forum
12:42:23  <Chris82> just to make you happy :p
12:42:29  <Gekko> linux or windows version?
12:42:31  <dihedral> Chris82: where in germany are you from and where do you live now?
12:42:52  <Chris82> well I am from Graz (which is in Austria) but I live in Berlin, THE Berlin :p
12:43:02  <Chris82> because there is another small town with the same name in bavaria
12:43:04  <SmatZ> hello all, I am back home again :D
12:43:11  <Chris82> hi
12:43:13  <Gekko> hi
12:43:19  <peter1138> sandra bullock looks strange :p
12:43:24  <Chris82> lol
12:43:40  <Gekko> Chris82: compiled for linux or windows?
12:43:54  <SmatZ> I liked her when I was younger :) in the Demolition man
12:43:58  <Chris82> well Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson definitely look better but Sandy has the better character :D
12:43:59  <dihedral> Gekko: have a look at the thread in the forums
12:44:07  <Chris82> Demolition Man is one of the finest movies ever yeah :D
12:44:09  *** glx [] has joined #openttd
12:44:12  *** mode/#openttd [+v glx] by ChanServ
12:44:18  <Gekko> why when i can ask him
12:44:20  <Chris82> Geeko: I only compile a Windows binary and up the .diff file
12:44:29  <SmatZ> yeah :) but it was 2006 and there are no freezing prisons...
12:44:34  <Chris82> I don't think Visual Studio compile Linux binaries ;)
12:44:44  <Gekko> fine by me :D
12:44:59  <dihedral> how is OpenTTDLib coming for you Chris82
12:45:00  <Chris82> brb I gotta order Dia Hard Version 4 tickets lol :D
12:45:00  <Gekko> i compile my own
12:45:14  <Gekko> and give the win bin to my friends
12:45:15  <Chris82> dihedral: I just checked my mails and will customize it a little now
12:45:16  <Phazorx> v4?
12:45:23  <Chris82> Die*
12:45:30  <Chris82> well it's called Stirb Langsam Version 4.0 in Germany
12:45:36  <Gekko> lol. The Hard :p
12:45:38  <Chris82> dunno the English title but I guesses it's Die Hard Version 4
12:45:47  <Chris82> guessed*
12:45:51  <hylje> die hard 4.0
12:45:54  <Gekko> yep
12:46:00  <Gekko> p
12:46:55  <Chris82> are the criminals hackers this time or why is it 4.0 :D
12:46:59  <Chris82> I mean why not 3.1 *g*
12:47:11  <Chris82> like naked cannon 33 1/3 or whatever the movie is called OT
12:47:15  <SmatZ> :)
12:47:29  <dihedral> hello SmatZ
12:47:39  <SmatZ> hello dihedral , nice day to you :)
12:47:59  <dihedral> and you :-P
12:48:08  <Eddi|zuHause3> that's the worst part of dubbing movies... changing the name so you don't find it in original
12:49:55  <dihedral> i dont like watching films in german anyway
12:50:03  <dihedral> unless they are german origianlly
12:50:24  <hylje> dubbing D:
12:50:27  <Eddi|zuHause3> i like watching series more than movies anyway... :)
12:50:30  <hylje> censoring D:
12:51:23  <Eddi|zuHause3> "censoring" is a quite good word in some cases
12:51:26  <stillunknown> My train has a cloaking device :-)
12:51:33  <dihedral> dubbing or dumbing?
12:51:57  <Eddi|zuHause3> like the A-Team, in the first dubbed version they systematically removed any reference to vietnam :p
12:52:04  <dihedral> thankfully they never dubbed any of the charly chaplin films
12:55:30  <dihedral> and Anke as Marge aint quite the same either
12:56:27  <Eddi|zuHause3> well, actually it's closer to the original now
12:56:54  <dihedral> closer is not equals :-)
12:57:40  <Eddi|zuHause3> well, you usually do not know what you miss if you never watched original
12:57:44  <dihedral> i hardly watch anything in the cinema if they dont show it in original language
12:58:12  <dihedral> Eddi|zuHause3: true - i got the tick sinse i lived in the uk for some years
12:58:44  <stillunknown> Anyone what's special about getting trains to render on a bridge?
12:59:01  * tokai|ni prefers subbed movies too. dubbing usually decreases quality of a movie
12:59:59  <hylje> the finnish dub for the disney's aladdin was touted as the best voice acting in the world for that movie
13:00:03  <hylje> particularly jafar
13:00:17  <dihedral> you dont get all the jokes in the origianl language :-)
13:00:37  <hylje> true
13:00:48  *** NukeBuster [] has joined #openttd
13:00:48  <Eddi|zuHause3> well, depends on how well you speak the original language
13:01:05  <dihedral> i left the 'as' away on purpose
13:01:29  <Eddi|zuHause3> it's better to miss 25% of the jokes from the original language than getting only served 50% from the translation
13:02:01  <Eddi|zuHause3> but if you miss 75% from watching the original language, you should better not do it
13:02:15  <hylje> why not
13:02:29  <hylje> since later when you do get the jokes, watching the movie ought to be most amusing
13:02:29  <dihedral> at least you get to hear their real voices :-)
13:03:01  <dihedral> my word - chris tucker compared to his syncer voice....
13:03:06  <dihedral> lol
13:03:16  <Chris82> hmmm stupid town founding patch... it breaks savegame compatibility with my first IN
13:03:20  <Chris82> you gotta wait Gekko :p
13:03:27  <Eddi|zuHause3> i so had to laugh when i first heard the real voice of Zach Braff on Jay Leno :p
13:03:31  *** MarkSlap [] has joined #openttd
13:03:31  <dihedral> Chris82: lol
13:03:35  <Chris82> need to fix this first, it only loads trunk, 0.5.2 and the last IN, but not the first IN version
13:04:09  <dihedral> can your last IN load the first IN saves?
13:04:11  <Rubidium> Chris82: that's because there was a savegame bump in trunk
13:04:34  <dihedral> Rubidium: what is a 'savegame bump'?
13:04:43  <hylje> dihedral: savegame version goes up
13:04:47  <Eddi|zuHause3> Chris82: an old version of IN will be unloadable every time the savegame version of trunk is changed
13:04:50  *** ThePizzaKing [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:05:07  <Chris82> Rubidium: That bump was before my last IN release already, it didn't cause any problems :)
13:05:29  <dihedral> Are there any server info bumps?
13:05:31  <Rubidium> Eddi|zuHause3: unless he writes some saveload mechanisms to load trunk and only IN savegames
13:05:40  <Chris82> Eddi: No. My first and the last IN was released in between trunk savegame bumps and it caused no problems.
13:05:46  <Gekko> Chris82: whenever yhou're ready.
13:05:55  <glx> dihedral: yes that can happen
13:06:08  <Gekko> pm me the link to thread whenj ready.
13:06:11  <dihedral> can something special be added when that is next done?
13:06:13  <Chris82> trunk was bumped from 68 to 69, IN started at 70 anyway and is at 71 now
13:06:31  <Chris82> with the currently published IN I can load trunk, 0.5.2 and IN since 10341
13:06:31  <Eddi|zuHause3> Chris82: yes, because the first version started as trunk+2, so you get the first savegame bump for free
13:07:06  *** TinoM [] has joined #openttd
13:07:39  <Chris82> the weird thing is with IN-10371 (not published) I can load IN-10351 but I cannot load IN-10343
13:07:44  <Chris82> I don't quite get the reason atm
13:07:55  <Gekko> lol
13:08:10  <Chris82> becuase the only changes are some diagonal levelling fixes which have no effect on savegames anyway
13:08:14  <dihedral> glx: any chance of that happening some time in near future
13:08:36  *** Ammler [~Ammler@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:09:00  <Rubidium> Chris82: some things in the savegame of the patch itself must've been changed
13:10:26  <glx> Chris82: IN-10351 should load IN-10343, so you should be able to load IN-10343 in IN-10371 using an intermediate step
13:10:30  <Chris82> yeah but it must be something that I overlooked
13:10:59  <Chris82> 10351 loads 10343 and 10341
13:11:17  <glx> so it's like the old miniin :)
13:11:24  <dihedral> lol
13:11:32  <Chris82> the IN I had before 10341 didn't load anything, so I removed it from the compatibility list
13:12:09  <glx> you load an "old" game in a "less old" IN, then save it, and load it in the current IN
13:12:45  <Chris82> ah ok
13:12:57  <Chris82> but for that to work the person needs all versions of the IN instead of just the latest
13:13:07  <glx> yes
13:13:16  <Gekko> their problem.
13:13:22  <Gekko> my problem.
13:13:32  <Gekko> lol,
13:15:09  <Rubidium> Chris82: keeping backward compatible with *all* your ChrisINs is a lot of extra work with respect to just loading the last few savegame versions
13:16:44  <Eddi|zuHause3> Chris82: you can do a few extra savegame bumps in the IN, then you have a longer chain of compatibility
13:17:18  <Chris82> current trunk is 69 right?
13:17:33  *** MarkSlap [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:18:20  <Eddi|zuHause3> like you can do savegame version 100, then you have a compatibility that is probably longer than the lifetime of the IN anyway :)
13:19:07  <Chris82> hmmm
13:19:17  <Eddi|zuHause3> but there's a MAX_SAVEGAME_VERSION of 256 somewhere that i do not really understand...
13:19:26  <Chris82> 255 I think
13:19:42  <Gekko> hhhwhat does IN stand for?
13:19:49  <Rubidium> integrated nightly
13:19:51  <SmatZ> integrated nightly
13:19:53  <Chris82> maybe 2^8 is the savegame number limit
13:19:59  <Gekko> nice.
13:20:14  <Chris82> I just took the IN from MiniIN which was discontinued a while ago
13:20:20  <Eddi|zuHause3> i kinda doubt it is...
13:20:35  <Eddi|zuHause3> MiniIN was not the first IN
13:20:36  <Chris82> and to avoid confusion since my version is no MiniIN (i.e. with the same patches) I called it ChrisIN
13:20:58  <Eddi|zuHause3> and it was kind of a misnomer anyway :p
13:21:08  <Gekko> ChrisINing
13:21:10  <Gekko> :p
13:21:30  <Eddi|zuHause3> ?
13:22:15  *** MarkSlap [] has joined #openttd
13:22:35  <Chris82> hmmmm in 10353 I added the finance history patch which is loadable with 10371 where I added better graphs and found a town
13:22:58  <Chris82> 10341 and 10343 is not loadable with 10371 but with 10353 this is confusing lol
13:22:58  <Rubidium> finance history requires a savegame bump IIRC
13:23:09  <Chris82> yeah it has a CONDARR in players.cpp
13:23:37  <Chris82> I bumped savegame version by 1 from 10343 to 10353 which caused no problems
13:23:53  <Chris82> now I bumped it again by 1 from 10353 to 10371 but only the previous version works
13:23:58  <Rubidium> bumping the version number itself isn't the "difficult" bit
13:24:15  <Rubidium> it's the saveload changes that usually cause the trouble
13:24:39  <Chris82> so I need to look at the saveload.cpp code for a possible solution?
13:25:10  <Rubidium> well, it's in one of the SLE_COND* or SLE_* stuff that something went wrong
13:25:31  <Rubidium> you really cannot assume that all patches on the forum that change the savegame format do it correctly
13:25:40  <Rubidium> or rather, most don't do it correctly
13:27:41  <Chris82> well I already changed the form savegame version is handled/changed by a patch on almost all patches I added
13:27:54  <Chris82> otherwise my IN wouldn't load anything except the IN games itself
13:28:11  <Chris82> but maybe I still made something wrong somewhere
13:28:42  <Chris82> I just started going through all the save/load code stuff so I wouldn't say I know everything about it
13:29:00  <Rubidium> Chris82: saveload.cpp is usually not the place to fix your saveload problems
13:30:17  <Chris82> can I somehow virtually make my game think that trunk savegame version is 70 so I can try something?
13:30:43  <Chris82> setting LATEST_TRUNK = 69, to 70 in saveload.h should be enough I assume?
13:30:48  <Rubidium> Chris82: you can easily
13:31:22  <Rubidium> but... it won't test the saveload stuff because you haven't changed anything in the savegame except the version number, so the savegame is basically the same as for version 69
13:31:30  * Phazorx recalls  asking for a debug override of that some time ago
13:31:55  <Chris82> ahhhh I just had an idea flashing through my head :p brb
13:32:36  <Rubidium> Phazorx: if you know enough to "undo" savegame changes, you can easily for the savegame to be any version you want it to be
13:32:55  *** Ammler [] has joined #openttd
13:33:27  <Phazorx> Rubidium: it would be mroe convinient if it was possibel to make s&l not to care with a switch or soemthing for testing purposes
13:33:33  <Phazorx> hacking code each time is tidious
13:34:15  <Rubidium> but you already were hacking code
13:34:33  <Phazorx> it was less fugly :)
13:34:41  <Chris82> lmao huh how did I do this now.... now I can load 10343 with 10371 but I can't load 10353 anymore lol
13:34:41  <Phazorx> essentially what i done last time was a very basic patch that would supress version matching at load time
13:34:46  <Phazorx> but that is so not proper
13:35:01  <glx> undo savegame changes is easy, you just need the raw savegame (uncompressed), the source, and time :)
13:35:56  <Chris82> I know this is probably a stupid question, but what happens when I simply ingore invalid chunk size on loading a game?
13:36:26  <Rubidium> it loads garbage and crashes later on
13:36:26  <peter1138> badness
13:40:36  <dihedral> sounds like fun
13:48:08  *** lolman [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
13:48:31  *** Tobin [] has joined #openttd
13:50:46  <Chris82> well I guess I need to have "interim" versions for savegame bumping available
13:50:50  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
13:50:52  <Chris82> that's the easiest solution
13:51:34  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
13:51:40  *** [BiG^BrotheR] [~Dr-DreaM@] has quit [Quit: ][DreaM-ScripT][]
13:51:51  <Gekko> ok
13:52:03  <Chris82> so I am going to up 10371 in a few mins
13:52:18  <Gekko> back to being away
13:53:22  <Gekko> pm me link Cfh
13:53:39  <Chris82> Cfh ?
13:53:41  <Gekko> Chris82: ^
13:54:06  <Gekko> cfh=typo
13:59:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10372 /branches/0.5/ (5 files):
13:59:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r10288, r10290, r10293, r10294, r10295, r10347, r10348):
13:59:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Feature: Make the client list window (for network games) stickyable (r10293)
13:59:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Smooth economy did not close primary industries and it allowed increasing of production of industries that should not have rising productions (r10290, r10347, r10348)
13:59:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Flush the output of the dedicated server console (r10295)
13:59:05  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: The "pause" key did not work in the scenario editor (r10294)
13:59:07  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Age non-front engines too (so when you move engines around in the depot they do not get age 0 when they are much older [FS#202] (r10288)
14:02:25  *** skidd13 [] has joined #openttd
14:08:49  <hylje> you norwegians are silly
14:08:50  <hylje>
14:09:58  <Chris82>
14:10:01  <Chris82> wh wrong window
14:10:19  <dihedral> Rubidium: backporting the getdate command?
14:11:13  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10373 /branches/0.5/ (misc_gui.c train_cmd.c tunnelbridge_cmd.c):
14:11:13  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r10306, r10311, r10317, r10339, r10344):
14:11:13  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Acceleration for trains on slopes is not calculated properly [FS#786] (r10317, r10344)
14:11:13  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Rail could be destroyed when building tunnels (r10306)
14:11:28  *** Chris82 [] has quit [Quit: bbl]
14:11:36  <Rubidium> dihedral: not going to do that again
14:11:49  <dihedral> doing what again?
14:12:12  <dihedral> it's been backported already?
14:12:43  *** Thomas[NL] [] has joined #openttd
14:17:52  <dihedral> Rubidium: if you backport 10290, how about 10340 (it's related)
14:19:29  <Rubidium> 10340 is broken
14:19:57  <Rubidium> *and* superceded by 10347 + 10348
14:20:11  <dihedral> ah
14:20:15  <dihedral> nice to know
14:20:16  <dihedral> thx
14:22:14  <dihedral> when is the "do not increase production" used?
14:22:18  * dihedral is curious
14:23:07  <Rubidium> oil wells
14:23:32  <hylje> why/where? :o
14:23:52  <dihedral> when do they get the limit and why?
14:26:14  <Maedhros> they always have the limit, and because Master Sawyer designed them that way
14:29:39  *** NW|Aerandir [] has quit [Quit: - nbs-irc 2.3 - -]
14:31:03  <dihedral> gotcha
14:31:06  <dihedral> thx
14:32:00  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10374 /branches/0.5/ (pathfind.c roadveh_cmd.c vehicle_gui.c waypoint.c window.c):
14:32:00  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: [0.5] -Backport from trunk (r10333, r10336, r10337, r10345, 10346, 10368):
14:32:00  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Waypoints could be renamed when you are not the owner (r10368)
14:32:00  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: The 'old' pathfinders (OPF and NPF) for road vehicles could not find a path when in a tunnel [FS#290] (r10345, r10346)
14:32:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Only add the autoreplace menu when autoreplace actually knows about the group [FS#880] (r10337)
14:32:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: Signal state sometimes not properly set when the signal "pathfinder" reached the end of a line [FS#910] (r10336)
14:32:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: - Fix: News messages were shown over the endgame/highscore windows [FS#943] (r10333)
14:35:56  *** NukeBuster [] has left #openttd []
14:43:25  *** Nukebuster [] has joined #openttd
14:47:58  *** lolman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
14:53:15  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
14:56:06  *** Gekko [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:57:12  <dihedral> last hour for today :-)
14:59:36  *** lion12 [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
14:59:57  *** Ammler [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:02:39  *** Sacro_ [~ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
15:03:08  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:03:32  *** Sacro_ is now known as Sacro
15:05:50  *** Ammler [] has joined #openttd
15:07:01  *** elmz [] has joined #openttd
15:08:33  <elmz> hello people :)
15:09:28  <dihedral> hi
15:11:28  *** prakti [] has quit [Quit: Quitting .... Hackedi...hackedi...weg.]
15:11:51  *** Llama [] has joined #openttd
15:12:01  <Llama> hi all
15:12:18  <Llama> Could I play now openttd without original GRF's ?
15:12:27  *** Thomas[NL] [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:13:20  <Ammler> Llama: not now, but they are easy downloadable over the forum
15:13:54  <stillunknown> Anyone know what _tunnel_fractcoord_1 is?
15:14:37  <stillunknown> tunnelbridge_cmd.cpp around line 1400
15:16:15  <peter1138> stillunknown: nasty original ttd code
15:16:27  <peter1138> it's checking vehicle's subtile position
15:16:44  <peter1138> byte value, bottom 4 bits are x, upper 4 bits are y
15:17:32  *** Noldo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:17:49  <stillunknown> The problem is, i'm messing with the train controller.
15:18:05  <stillunknown> And i'm expecting a entered wormhole signal, yet i do not get it.
15:18:34  <stillunknown> Ah, it's the just before you the tunnel code.
15:19:13  *** Noldo [] has joined #openttd
15:19:55  <Llama> hmm... and what alternative GRF set is suggested for openttd 0.5.2 ? Something that will change many item  in  a geme or so... Something really nice. ;)
15:20:46  <skidd13> Llama: ttrs3 is the set you're searching for
15:21:14  <stillunknown> ttrs will not work in 0.5.2
15:22:19  <Llama> :(
15:23:14  <peter1138> suggestions for grf sets: try a load.
15:24:09  *** Markkisen [] has joined #openttd
15:24:26  *** MarkSlap [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:24:40  * dihedral is bored
15:24:46  * dihedral wants to slap sonebody
15:25:46  <Sacro> !seen Bjarni
15:25:46  <_42_> Sacro, Bjarni ( was last seen quitting #openttd.wt2 4 hours 42 minutes ago (28.06. 10:43) stating "Quit: Leaving" after spending 1 hour 55 minutes there.
15:25:48  <Sacro> mwahahaha
15:26:19  <dihedral> whats so funny about that?
15:26:32  <Sacro> he gets a message when he next signs on
15:26:38  <Sacro> and then he will slap me :(
15:26:40  <dihedral> ah
15:26:41  <dihedral> nive
15:26:47  <dihedral> -v+c
15:32:45  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:34:45  <Kjetil> hm.. he gets a message hm...
15:34:48  <Kjetil> !seen Bjarni
15:34:48  <_42_> Kjetil, Bjarni ( was last seen quitting #openttd.wt2 4 hours 51 minutes ago (28.06. 10:43) stating "Quit: Leaving" after spending 1 hour 55 minutes there.
15:36:38  <dihedral> lol
15:37:43  *** scia [~scia@] has quit [Quit: Lost terminal]
15:38:48  <ln-> !seen girls
15:38:50  <_42_> ln-, girls? hmm... I'm trying to remember... maybe... I'm not sure... no. I don't remember girls.
15:38:57  <skidd13> LOL
15:39:29  *** Frostregen [] has joined #openttd
15:40:22  *** Tobin [] has quit [Quit: Tobin]
15:42:53  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:44:02  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
15:50:05  <elmz> lol
15:50:47  <SmatZ> lol
15:51:20  <Sacro> lol
15:51:26  <dihedral> last 10 mins :-)
15:52:23  <hylje> lol
15:52:37  <Sacro> hmm
15:52:43  <Sacro> what does &pointer do
15:52:48  <Sacro> or *variable
15:53:22  <Maedhros> &pointer gives you the address of the pointer
15:53:27  <Maedhros> *variable probably won't compile
15:54:05  * dihedral &points at Sacro
15:54:17  <dihedral> ...
15:54:32  <Sacro> :o
15:54:33  * dihedral &points at Sacro and laughs
15:54:48  <Sacro> Maedhros: does a pointer have an address?
15:55:22  <Maedhros> Sacro: yup, the pointer exists in memory as well
15:55:34  <dihedral> lol
15:55:49  <Brianetta> Sacro: Sis you see the video on the meeting thread?
15:56:37  <Sacro> Brianetta: which noe?
15:56:51  <Sacro> ahh
15:56:59  <Sacro> &pointer = pointer
15:57:04  <Sacro> and *variable won't compile
15:57:28  <Brianetta> Sacro: Version 2
15:57:51  <Sacro> Brianetta: yes, and i almost fell of my chair laghing
15:57:55  <Sacro> *laughing
15:58:02  *** MUcht [] has joined #openttd
15:58:03  <Brianetta> (:
15:58:04  <Sacro> oh.. no
15:58:11  <Sacro> pointer == -1078826368
15:58:11  <Sacro> &pointer == -1078826372
15:58:21  <Sacro> guessing that pointer is 4 bits
15:58:46  <Maedhros> on a 32 bit machine it's 4 bytes, yeah
15:59:23  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10375 /branches/0.5/ (6 files in 4 dirs): [0.5] -Prepare 0.5 branch for release of 0.5.3-RC1.
15:59:35  <Sacro> this is a 64 bit system
15:59:38  <peter1138> 16:53 < Maedhros> Sacro: yup, the pointer exists in memory as well
15:59:41  <peter1138> not necessary
15:59:45  <peter1138> +il
15:59:49  <Sacro> but a 32 bit distro
15:59:52  <peter1138> it could just be used temporarily in a register
16:00:23  <Rubidium> ofcourse a register is memory too ;)
16:00:41  *** DJ_Mirage [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
16:00:49  <dihedral> Rubidium: looking forward to 0.5.3 :-)
16:00:53  <dihedral> anyhow
16:00:57  <dihedral> time for me to head home
16:01:03  <dihedral> cu all in about an hour
16:01:06  * dihedral waves
16:01:07  *** DJ_Mirage [] has joined #openttd
16:01:29  <peter1138> Rubidium: a little bit specialized :p
16:01:46  *** Mucht_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:03:33  *** alanin is now known as Alanin
16:12:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10376 /tags/0.5.3-RC1/ (6 files): -Release: 0.5.3-RC1.
16:13:33  <Sacro> zomg
16:13:46  * Sacro flags the ArchLinux package out of date
16:16:32  <Sacro> Rubidium: why can't you call it 0.5.3RC1?
16:16:52  <Rubidium> hysterical raisins
16:17:00  <Sacro> :(
16:17:06  <Sacro> PKGVER cannot contain hyphens
16:17:14  <Sacro> thus it gets a bit narked
16:17:46  <Rubidium> then ArchLinux' package handling is broken by design ;)
16:19:10  <Sacro> well yes
16:19:20  <Sacro> it uses $PKGNAME-$PKGVER-$PKGREL
16:19:25  <Sacro> .pkg.tar.gz
16:20:00  <Sacro> hence it has to be openttd-0.5.3RC1-1.pkg.tar.gz
16:21:33  *** mode/#openttd [+v Belugas] by ChanServ
16:21:36  *** mode/#openttd [+v orudge] by ChanServ
16:29:18  *** Markkisen [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:30:18  *** Osai^zZz is now known as Osai
16:31:55  *** Wac_jsC [] has joined #openttd
16:32:19  <Wac_jsC> Someone has made a lot of crap in my server, isn't it possible to delete a transport company, when you have server rights ???
16:33:20  <Rubidium> reset_company or so from the console
16:34:41  <Wac_jsC> I only want to delete that company
16:34:48  <Wac_jsC> still that command ?
16:35:06  <Rubidium> well, with some parameter
16:35:19  <Wac_jsC> how to get which parameters to use ?
16:35:39  <Rubidium> help reset_company ?
16:36:22  <Wac_jsC> thx, found it
16:37:26  <orudge> Sacro: can it not just look backwards for the last -?
16:37:36  <orudge> and look from the beginning for the first -
16:37:40  <orudge> and anything in the middle is the version number?
16:38:05  <hylje> err
16:39:09  *** Frostregen_ [] has joined #openttd
16:39:23  <Sacro> orudge: i don't know, i didn't write it
16:39:26  <orudge> :P
16:39:33  *** Wac_jsC [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.77-rdmsoft [XULRunner]]
16:39:36  <orudge> well, fix it and submit a patch ¬
16:40:07  <hylje> if i have an object that can turn only max X degrees to either direction, how would i iteratively turn it from position A to position B
16:40:13  *** skidd13 [] has left #openttd []
16:43:57  *** Frostregen73 [] has joined #openttd
16:44:41  *** Frostregen73 is now known as Frostregen__
16:44:49  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:46:06  *** Frostregen [] has joined #openttd
16:47:41  *** Frostregen37 [] has joined #openttd
16:48:13  *** gerrh [] has joined #openttd
16:48:16  *** Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
16:48:17  <gerrh> hey guys
16:49:07  <gerrh> i'm really sorry and feel like a dweeb for bobbing into an irc chan and asking questions - but truth of the matter is that i've googled my eyes out and read through the openttd.cfg file times upon end with no luck in finding information about how to set larger maps on game restart by default
16:49:46  *** Frostregen35 [] has joined #openttd
16:49:50  <gerrh> if anyone can point me to more information about this matter, please do drop me a query
16:49:54  <Rubidium> map_x & map_y are your friends
16:50:01  <gerrh> rly
16:50:04  <gerrh> i <3 u
16:50:05  <gerrh> :D
16:50:22  <peter1138> they're 2^n, so map_x = 8 gives you 256
16:50:44  <gerrh> ok, much appretiated, mister :D
16:50:49  *** Frostregen_ [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:51:00  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
16:51:04  *** Frostregen44 [] has joined #openttd
16:51:10  <Wolf01> hello
16:52:25  *** Frostregen__ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:52:38  <peter1138> hmm
16:53:09  *** Frostregen__ [] has joined #openttd
16:54:01  * orudge uploads 0.5.3-RC1 for OS/2
16:54:04  *** Frostregen__ is now known as Frostregen_
16:54:04  *** Frostregen_ is now known as Frostregen__
16:54:19  *** Frostregen [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:54:56  *** thgergo [] has joined #openttd
16:55:10  *** Barry [] has joined #openttd
16:56:33  *** Frostregen37 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:57:44  *** Frostregen35 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:58:22  *** lynx [~das^] has joined #openttd
16:58:27  *** Frostregen44 [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
16:58:45  <lynx> hi, i have a question about the configuration of a dedicated server
16:58:52  <gerrh> shoot
17:00:03  <lynx> i set the diff_custom thing a hundret times, but somehow breakdowns are still not switched off
17:00:36  <Eddi|zuHause3> then you did it wrong ;)
17:01:16  <lynx> diff_custom = 2,2,1,2,500,6,1,2,0,0,2,1,1,1,1,0,1,0
17:01:21  <colle> make sure that diff_level is set to 3
17:01:25  <lynx> should be off right?
17:01:26  <lynx> why?
17:01:41  *** Frostregen__ [] has quit [Read error: Operation timed out]
17:01:42  <lynx> i set "diff_level = "
17:01:43  <colle> otherwise it will use one of the predefined difficulties
17:01:47  <lynx> hmpf
17:01:50  <lynx> k, that might be it
17:01:51  <lynx> thx
17:02:44  <Eddi|zuHause3> 0/1/2/3 - easy/medium
17:02:49  <Eddi|zuHause3> /hard/custom
17:02:56  <lynx> ok
17:03:23  <lynx> will the other players be pissed if i restart the server? ^^
17:03:41  <stillunknown> lol, this=0xbad220 (doing some debugging)
17:03:44  <Maedhros> if you do it without telling them or saving the game, probably :p
17:04:11  <lynx> the settings are not saved???
17:05:26  *** Frostregen [] has joined #openttd
17:06:24  <lynx> i thought the settings are also saved in a savegame
17:07:21  <Eddi|zuHause3> the settings will be reloaded from the savegame rather than from the config
17:07:40  <lynx> so saving and restoring will still keep breakdowns switched on
17:07:52  <Eddi|zuHause3> you can load the savegame as a local game, change stuff, save, and reload on the server
17:08:26  <Eddi|zuHause3> passwords will be lost...
17:09:06  <lynx> hmm ok
17:09:26  <lynx> another thing: what does a server do, if it reaches the final year ?
17:09:47  <Eddi|zuHause3> i can't answer that...
17:11:47  <Sacro> !calc 2^10-1
17:11:48  <_42_> Sacro: 1023;
17:12:18  <Eddi|zuHause3> anyone here could have told you that :p
17:13:07  <peter1138> there is no final year
17:14:13  <lynx> the config has a place for that
17:16:15  *** Chris82 [] has joined #openttd
17:18:06  *** skidd13 [] has joined #openttd
17:20:01  <Chris82> are you here dihedral?
17:20:30  <Chris82> I think you forgot e-mailing me the include files for the php file?
17:20:59  *** lynx [~das^] has quit [Quit: [ ] haha ihr müsst euch das angucken :p]
17:21:15  <mikk36> uhm, Q
17:21:41  <mikk36> why do lots of windows keep themselves out of the window borders if window is resized ?
17:21:58  <mikk36> i can't see the X button :)
17:22:30  <mikk36> ie, i resize the window to the minimum size and then a new vehicle testing popup comes up
17:22:46  <mikk36> but i can't see its title bar because it's out the window
17:22:51  <mikk36> even after full-screening ottd
17:24:05  *** dihedral_ [] has joined #openttd
17:24:48  <dihedral_> oh
17:24:52  <dihedral_> ...
17:24:54  <dihedral_> forgot about that
17:25:29  *** dihedral [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
17:25:34  *** dihedral_ is now known as dihedral
17:25:39  <dihedral> hello Chris82
17:28:02  *** skidd13 [] has left #openttd []
17:28:05  <Chris82> hi :)
17:28:18  <Chris82> I think there are 3 include files, but I couldn't find them in the zip
17:28:28  <Chris82> also I just found a strange bug in the scenario editor
17:28:47  <Chris82> when I have an empty map with just water and click the map button in the main menu there is a world population of 700k + displayed
17:29:23  <dihedral> lol
17:31:44  <dihedral> Chris82: the zip i sent you needs to be extracted into a OpenTTDLib folder from one of the packages, either 0.1 or 0.1.1
17:33:53  <Chris82> thx
17:34:37  <dihedral> and you need pear :-)
17:34:40  <dihedral>
17:34:59  <Chris82> oh that's a problem hmm
17:35:05  <dihedral> why?
17:35:06  <Chris82> I am using self-compiled 64-bit PHP on IIS
17:35:15  <dihedral> that is no problem
17:35:17  <Chris82> Pear isn't working well with it, but I have it installed
17:35:37  <dihedral> you only need 2 files from pear if i am not mistaken
17:35:48  <dihedral> PEAR.php and HTML/Template/Sigma.php
17:36:00  <Chris82> oh ok
17:36:12  <dihedral> if you build your own pear folder as a subdirectory to OpenTTDLib
17:36:28  <dihedral> you can simply set the include path :-)
17:36:30  <Chris82> where can I find OpenTTDLib ?
17:36:46  <dihedral>
17:36:59  <dihedral> still working on a webpage
17:37:54  <Chris82> it should work with PHP5 right?
17:38:54  <dihedral> it is made for php5
17:39:14  <dihedral> i only made a set of php4 include files as some people did not have php5
17:39:19  <Chris82> good :)
17:39:22  <dihedral> but i shall not really put any effort into that
17:41:15  <dihedral> does anybody here know when the packages for 0.5.3-RC1 will be made available on the website?
17:41:21  <Caemyr> yay! 0.5.3!
17:41:30  <Sacro> Caemyr: not for a while yet
17:41:48  <dihedral> the package builders not around?
17:42:05  <Chris82> 0.5.3? I thought next version is 0.6
17:42:11  <dihedral> nono
17:42:20  <dihedral> 0.6 is the version that trunk holds atm
17:42:38  <dihedral> or at least "will be the version"
17:42:40  <glx> and it's not ready yet
17:42:52  * dihedral shakes his head
17:42:55  <dihedral> noses
17:42:59  <dihedral> it aint
17:43:32  <dihedral> trunk still has some way to come :-)
17:43:40  <dihedral> and i am surly looking forward to it :-)
17:43:43  <Caemyr> RC is better than nothing:)
17:43:53  <dihedral> keeps the community happy and busy
17:44:10  <dihedral> i just compiled my server version :-)
17:44:48  <dihedral> uh - i know how i could get some people confused...
17:45:05  <Chris82> compile it with 0.6.0 :D ?
17:45:16  <dihedral> build a trunk game and change the revision flag to 0.6.0
17:45:17  <dihedral> yes
17:45:23  <Chris82> ;) hehe
17:45:33  <dihedral> i can see the forum posts ;-)
17:45:45  <dihedral> and a not so happy Rubidium
17:46:14  <dihedral> Chris82: if you need me to do anything for your OpenTTDLib - just let me know
17:46:40  <Chris82> I am just installing the files and see how it goes
17:47:28  <dihedral> could build you an ajax page :-P
17:47:51  <Chris82> I'll make the page in the design :D
17:48:07  <dihedral> lol - knock yourself out :-)
17:48:33  <Chris82> that'll be easy once I have the code running
17:48:46  <Chris82> my whole page is valid xhtml and the whole design is controlled by just one css file
17:48:55  <Chris82> it's really easy to add content to the design
17:49:14  <dihedral> the example files are also xhtml 1.1 compliant
17:49:27  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
17:49:33  <dihedral> at least example2.php and
17:49:35  <Chris82> I use 1.0 transitional because I want target="_blank" to be working :)
17:49:42  <dihedral> hehe
17:50:17  <Chris82> shouldn't this be a php file?
17:50:26  <dihedral> no
17:50:32  <dihedral> it's a sigma template
17:50:53  <dihedral> it contains <!-- BEGIN BLOCKNAME --> stuff
17:51:02  <dihedral> and {Placeholder} variables
17:51:13  <dihedral> that way i make sure i never have php and html in one file
17:51:34  *** HMage` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
17:51:55  <dihedral> that would be the file you need to edit if you want to use Sigma :-)
17:53:14  <Chris82> where do I get this Sigma stuff?
17:53:24  <Chris82> I have all files in place now except the /templates stuff
17:54:09  <Chris82> the package is obviously not called Sigma because PEAR install Sigma doesn't find a valid package
17:54:24  <dihedral> pear install HTML_Template_Sigma
17:54:37  <dihedral> :-)
17:56:12  *** Brianetta [] has joined #openttd
17:57:00  *** dihedral|laptop [] has joined #openttd
17:57:27  *** dihedral [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
17:57:32  <Chris82> hmmm wth did PEAR put the file??
17:57:52  <Chris82> that's why I never use PEAR :p I don't quite get where it stores which files
17:57:54  <dihedral|laptop> it's a windows system
17:57:57  <dihedral|laptop> right?
17:57:59  *** Wolf01 is now known as Wolf01|AWAY
17:58:02  <Chris82> yeah Win 2003
17:58:03  *** dihedral|laptop is now known as dihedral
17:58:12  <dihedral> where did you install php to?
17:58:12  <Chris82> C:\PHP\PEAR is the install dir
17:58:34  <dihedral> then look in HTML/Template
17:58:54  <dihedral> Chris82: you dont have to know where it stores files
17:59:07  <dihedral> they should already be in your include path for php
17:59:08  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:59:19  <Chris82> HTML_Template_IT-1.1.tgz < that is the only file that contains HTML in the PHP dir
17:59:47  <dihedral> hmmm....
17:59:56  <dihedral> that is not right :-S
18:00:10  <dihedral> did it install sigma?
18:00:33  <Chris82> obviously not
18:00:38  <Chris82> but that's what I dont get about pear
18:00:52  <Chris82> I typed PEAR install HTML_Template_Sigma and it downloaded a .tar.gz file
18:00:54  <Chris82> nothing else
18:00:58  <Chris82> but I can't find this file anywhere
18:01:49  <dihedral> you should have a folder called PEAR (in capitals)
18:02:02  <Chris82> yep it's a subfolder of PHP
18:02:03  <dihedral> in the same folder where PEAR/ is located you should have a file called HTML
18:02:10  <Chris82> nope
18:02:18  <Chris82> not there
18:02:47  <Chris82> is there a command to check installed packages?
18:02:48  <Eddi|zuHause3> shouldn't you guys get a room?
18:02:51  <Chris82> like PEAR blah ?
18:03:08  <Eddi|zuHause3> all this PHP stuff makes me crazy :)
18:03:13  <Chris82> lol
18:04:06  <dihedral> currently i would like to direct you to as my food is getting a little child
18:04:12  <dihedral> *chilld
18:05:16  <Chris82> yeah I try it later :)
18:05:20  <Chris82> we watch Alias now anyway :D
18:05:24  <Chris82> so good appetite
18:05:34  <dihedral> thanks
18:05:43  <dihedral> feel free to email me on any stuff :-)
18:05:59  <dihedral> cu in a bit guys
18:08:35  *** Wolf01 [] has joined #openttd
18:14:01  *** dihedral [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:14:32  *** Wolf01|AWAY [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:26:08  *** |Jeroen| [] has joined #openttd
18:30:13  <Noldo> &win 36
18:36:10  *** Sug [] has joined #openttd
18:38:20  <Sug> are you aware of this: Error: !invalid string id 0 in GetString
18:38:20  <Sug> openttd: /home/graeme/OpenTTD/openttd-trunk/src/openttd.cpp:108: void error(const char*, ...): Assertion `0' failed.
18:38:37  <Sug> happened renaming a train
18:41:32  *** Digitalfox [] has joined #openttd
18:43:50  <stillunknown> Sug: i recommend you file a bug
18:45:44  <Belugas> seems fine in here
18:46:08  <Belugas> was it the first renaming ? or you had plenty before?
18:46:42  <Sug> first on a loaded game, after updating to latest version
18:47:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: miham * r10377 /trunk/src/lang/ (9 files): (log message trimmed)
18:47:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: -Update: WebTranslator2 update to 2007-06-28 20:46:13
18:47:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: brazilian_portuguese - 1 fixed by fukumori (1)
18:47:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: catalan - 1 fixed, 2 changed by arnaullv (3)
18:47:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: dutch - 10 fixed by webfreakz (10)
18:47:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: french - 1 fixed by glx (1)
18:47:03  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: hungarian - 1 fixed by miham (1)
18:48:21  <Sug> happens on a new game too
18:52:58  *** Bjarni [] has joined #openttd
18:53:02  *** mode/#openttd [+o Bjarni] by ChanServ
18:53:41  * Bjarni slaps Sacro
18:53:45  * Bjarni slaps Kjetil
18:54:10  <Bjarni> can't people leave me alone when I'm busy?
18:54:31  <Rubidium> some people just want attention
18:55:01  <Bjarni> yeah
18:55:02  <Rubidium> oh, Bjarni don't forget to read the commit logs ;)
18:55:13  <Bjarni> that was the next thing
18:55:15  <Bjarni> I just did
18:56:00  <glx> Bjarni:
18:56:00  <glx> [17:26:41] <Sacro> he gets a message when he next signs on
18:56:00  <glx> [17:26:47] <Sacro> and then he will slap me :(
18:56:31  <Bjarni> oops
18:56:44  *** Maedhros [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
18:56:55  <Bjarni> looks like he is a sadomasochist... I better not look into this >_<
18:57:04  <hylje> wut
18:58:37  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
18:59:10  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:00:35  *** Zr40 [] has joined #openttd
19:03:14  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10378 /trunk/ (6 files in 4 dirs): -Merge: release changes from 0.5.
19:03:26  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: belugas * r10379 /trunk/src/industry.h: -Codechange: silence a compiler warning (which was right) about a variable too little for what's been asked to do
19:03:44  <Smoovious> doncha just hate  when people throw eggs at your house... .. .
19:06:53  <Bjarni> did that happen to you?
19:07:49  <Nukebuster> never had that before...
19:08:14  <Bjarni> never happened to me
19:09:03  <Smoovious> yeah, just finished spending an hour power-washing the garage door
19:09:09  <Smoovious> took off some of the paint too
19:09:19  <Smoovious> I suspect Sacro :D
19:09:30  <Bjarni> me too
19:09:38  <Bjarni> specially since he is away right now
19:09:45  <Smoovious> ya
19:09:51  <Smoovious> coincidence?!
19:09:56  <Smoovious> I think not!
19:11:21  *** HMage [] has joined #openttd
19:14:43  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: peter1138 * r10380 /trunk/src/ (misc_cmd.cpp vehicle.cpp): -Fix (r10364): when checking for unique names, only check vehicles that can have names, and skip inactive players.
19:15:13  *** Alanin is now known as alanin
19:16:51  *** Purno_ [] has joined #openttd
19:19:19  *** alanin is now known as Alanin
19:19:59  <Sug> that was quick!
19:20:55  <Rubidium> well, it was fixed (and committed to trunk) before you actually "committed" the bug report of FS
19:21:38  * peter1138 puts his time-machine away
19:21:57  *** Me [] has joined #openttd
19:22:07  * peter1138 did put it away
19:23:05  <peter1138> hmm
19:24:26  *** Purno [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:25:38  <Sacro> peter1138: you travelled back in time and put it away before you tripped over it?
19:25:45  *** |Jeroen| [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:26:11  * peter1138 wonders where he put it away
19:26:25  <Bjarni> you forgot it in the future :P
19:30:09  <Sacro> perhaps you should tell your future self to bring it back when he finds it
19:30:13  * Prof_Frink steals peter1138's time machine with the aid of some angel statues
19:30:32  * Sacro remembers not to blink
19:30:35  <Bjarni> that won't work :P
19:30:38  <Sacro> and not to look away
19:30:43  <Sacro> and definatly not to blink
19:30:53  <Bjarni> you see, the reason why he can't find it is that I already stole it, but don't tell him that
19:30:54  <Prof_Frink> I love the internets
19:31:07  <Bjarni> internetS?
19:31:20  <Prof_Frink> I can catch up with almost an entire series of Who in a week
19:31:20  <Bjarni> you mean the blue one, the green one, the yellow one...?
19:31:41  <Prof_Frink> Bjarni: Sssh! The RIAA musten't know about the green one!
19:31:47  <Smoovious> I use the orange one
19:31:48  <Bjarni> oops
19:31:56  * Sacro has a big red one
19:32:07  * Smoovious holds up his orange ethernet cable, "See?"
19:32:49  <elmz> mine has no colour :(
19:32:56  <elmz> where do I get one?
19:33:02  <Bjarni> so what internet you use depends on the colour of your connection... ok
19:33:13  <Bjarni> I use a black/white/blue/gray one
19:33:38  <Ailure> haha
19:33:42  <Ailure> the limits on stations were removed?
19:33:42  <Ailure> haha
19:33:43  <Bjarni> oh and beige too
19:33:44  <Ailure> oh god
19:33:48  <Ailure> 14000 passengers
19:33:48  <Ailure> wow
19:34:12  <Prof_Frink> tome to build some maglevs
19:34:29  <Ailure> there's no maglevs yet D:
19:34:41  <Ailure> but I just finished building a passenger line to that town
19:34:44  <Bjarni> you need a tome to figure out how to build maglev???
19:35:20  <Bjarni> maybe the flying trains are sacred to you or something
19:35:25  <Ailure> I also named towns stuff like
19:35:28  <Ailure> Hax and Meow
19:35:29  <Prof_Frink> Bjarni: Yes, if you're using the CthulhuSet
19:35:33  <elmz> hehe, looks kinda silly with a town with 5000 inhabitants....2000 of them are standing on a bus stop :P
19:35:47  <Bjarni> that sounds sane
19:35:49  <Ailure> yeah
19:35:52  <Ailure> can be said
19:35:55  <Ailure> the population of this town
19:35:57  <Ailure> is only 9000
19:36:01  <elmz> haha
19:36:06  <Bjarni> somebody ate garlic and 2k people tries to flee
19:36:15  <Ailure> and the station is hardly covering the whole town
19:36:20  <elmz> a lot of people bought several tickets then? :P
19:36:32  <Ailure> haha
19:36:34  <Ailure> that reminds me
19:36:38  <Ailure> once I sat next to a drunk guy
19:36:47  <Ailure> he was a bit harassing agains tme so I moved eventually to another wagon
19:36:48  <Ailure> but
19:36:55  <Ailure> it was kinda funny, as he actually bought severeal tickets
19:36:57  <Ailure> for some reason
19:37:08  <Ailure> to severeal diffrent towns
19:37:08  <Ailure> and he was on the way wrong train too
19:37:23  <elmz> hehe
19:37:41  *** Barry [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
19:37:43  <Ailure> I was very annoyed at him
19:37:52  <Ailure> but was at least happy that he funded public transport :p
19:38:31  <Wolf01> one time for all: so there isn't a limit of widget to add
19:39:00  <Sacro> i had a drunk that wanted directions to the train station
19:39:01  <Bjarni> reminds me of when I was approached by some guy, who wanted to use the train to Copenhagen.... it actually took me a while to tell him that it was in the middle of the night (1:30 or even later) and that there was no more passenger trains. Also he couldn't figure out why we didn't want to reverse our train so he could go to Copenhagen
19:39:06  <Wolf01> which fixes the "transparent loading indicator" widget
19:39:08  <Bjarni> I think he was high or something
19:39:14  <Sacro> had he moved a foot further forward, he'd have fallen off the platform
19:40:16  <Bjarni> also turning up at a station for EMUs only and finding a diesel locomotive with some cars where none of them has lights in them should ring a bell that it might not be a regular passenger train
19:40:55  *** jnmbk [~jnmbk@] has joined #openttd
19:41:08  <Wolf01> peter1138! i have a bugfix for a trunk bug, are you happy? :D
19:41:43  <peter1138> uh oh
19:41:54  <Eddi|zuHause3> if you file a bugreport and also tell him where he put the time machine, he will fix it 5 minutes ago :p
19:41:54  <peter1138> where?
19:42:08  <Wolf01> some lines above
19:42:11  <peter1138> ok
19:42:16  <peter1138> that's not a bugfix
19:42:32  <Wolf01> but fixes a bug
19:42:38  <peter1138> what bug?
19:43:20  <Sacro>
19:43:45  <Wolf01> the transparent loading indicators widget in the transparency toolbar does not change its state :P
19:44:32  <peter1138> i think you'll find it does
19:44:45  <Sacro>
19:45:12  *** lolman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:45:13  <Wolf01> yes, but it is not lowered!
19:46:16  <peter1138> . . .
19:46:41  <Wolf01> eh, doesn't work for me
19:46:55  <Wolf01> i can click on it but i can't press it
19:47:15  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
19:47:17  *** Me [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
19:47:21  <peter1138> you're not playing plain trunk then
19:47:32  <Wolf01> r10380
19:50:31  <Eddi|zuHause3> what's a good vehicle set for a tropic game?
19:50:41  <peter1138> tropicset? :)
19:51:09  <Eddi|zuHause3> is that good? :p
19:52:52  <Eddi|zuHause3> 136316 22. Sep 2003  tropicstw.grf <- is there a newer version than that?
19:53:11  *** jnmbk [~jnmbk@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:54:18  <Wolf01> uhm, works in nightly... but is always better to make that variable more capacious, i'll plan to add some widgets in the future to that toolbar
19:54:54  <peter1138> no idea
19:55:05  <peter1138> Wolf01: no, it's better to change it in your patches
19:56:33  <Smoovious> Eddi|zuHause3... my tropicstw.grf shows v1.00 and says Final in the name
19:56:49  <Smoovious> 2003
20:06:42  <Eddi|zuHause3> hey guys, what about this:
20:08:53  <glx> why ?
20:09:13  <Eddi|zuHause3> because the warning handling is inconsistent
20:09:29  <Rubidium> he wants silence ;)
20:10:00  <glx> but it's not a todo warning, it's a notice
20:10:04  <Eddi|zuHause3> the plain "'%s' is untranslated" warning is guarded like that
20:10:34  <Eddi|zuHause3> but the "'%s' is untranslated. Tweaking english string to allow compilation for plural forms" is not
20:11:06  <Eddi|zuHause3> why have a --warning switch if it is ignored?
20:17:51  <Eddi|zuHause3> hm... wasn't there a tropic station set somewhere?
20:22:05  *** elmz [] has quit []
20:24:42  *** HMage [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
20:27:13  *** dihedral [] has joined #openttd
20:28:19  <dihedral> hello
20:30:17  <Eddi|zuHause3> hm... there does not seem to be a release of those... :(
20:31:31  *** Zr40 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
20:39:17  * dihedral wonders how Chris82 is getting along
20:39:52  *** TinoM [] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
20:42:59  <dihedral> Chris82: are you around?
20:43:56  * dihedral slaps Chris82
20:44:42  <Smoovious> Eddi|zuHause3: tropic station set? with what kinds of station?
20:46:09  <Eddi|zuHause3> Smoovious:
20:47:57  <Smoovious> ahh... nope, don't got that one
20:48:00  *** skidd13 [] has joined #openttd
20:48:15  <Eddi|zuHause3> how do i start up properly in tropic? i never played it before...
20:48:15  <stillunknown> Is there a function to get the "track distance" between two positions (in gameunit resolution)?
20:48:21  <skidd13> Hi
20:48:31  <Eddi|zuHause3> stillunknown: it's called pathfinder
20:48:53  <Eddi|zuHause3> you can probably tweak it to return the distance
20:49:06  <stillunknown> I'd prefer something existing.
20:49:35  <Smoovious> Eddi|zuHause3... start up properly?
20:50:23  <peter1138> what is "track distance" ?
20:50:28  <skidd13> stillunknown: look in map.h
20:50:34  <peter1138> distance between two points following the track?
20:51:21  *** lolman [] has quit [Quit: Ex-Chat]
20:51:33  <stillunknown> peter1138: yes
20:51:55  <stillunknown> I want a reliable way to ensure proper vehicle distance.
20:52:03  <skidd13> forget about map.h
20:52:21  <peter1138> use the pathfinder then
20:52:23  <stillunknown> I know, i look in map.h often ;-)
20:52:52  <Eddi|zuHause3> Smoovious: start up == the cheapest line that gives the most revenue, to build a basis
20:53:03  <Eddi|zuHause3> like in temperate it is said to be coal
20:53:49  <peter1138> multistop uses dist = RoadFindPathToStop(v, rs->xy);
20:53:51  <peter1138> for instance
20:55:18  <Smoovious> coal isn't a bad run... personally, I make several short-lines  here and there... and once they're running, I start extending the line to a similar industry further away
20:56:28  *** Ammler [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:56:59  <Eddi|zuHause3> why, if i choose "hilly", there is not one single hill on the map?
20:57:27  <Rubidium> random
20:58:41  *** Ammler [~Ammler@] has joined #openttd
20:58:47  <Smoovious> maybe the smoothness you set, has levelled out the hills
20:59:00  <Smoovious> I use 'mountainous'
21:03:40  <Wolf01> 'night
21:03:43  *** Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: Once again the world is quick to bury me.]
21:11:54  <ln-> i might be visiting denmark next friday, any objections?
21:12:14  <Ailure> watch out for drunk people
21:12:20  <Ailure> and homeless D:
21:12:29  <Ailure> first time I saw a homeless person was in copenhagen
21:12:30  <Ailure> no joke
21:12:31  <Ailure> lol
21:14:14  *** Wac_jsC [] has joined #openttd
21:14:32  <Wac_jsC> Is it possible to remove the password from a company via a command ? - how ?
21:17:18  <Sacro> afaik, no
21:17:26  <Sacro> save the game and restart the server to clear passwords
21:18:02  <Wac_jsC> :(
21:18:04  <Wac_jsC> k
21:19:20  *** Wac_jsC [] has quit [Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.77-rdmsoft [XULRunner]]
21:20:34  *** DJ_Mirage [] has quit [Quit:]
21:21:59  *** [BiG^BrotheR] [~Dr-DreaM@] has joined #openttd
21:23:17  *** Sug [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
21:24:07  <Eddi|zuHause3> hm... starting out with a passenger line is fun ;)
21:27:05  <dihedral> has it really only been one month? i though it was more than that!
21:27:05  <stillunknown> Is there a function to determine if a tile has a slope with something built on it?
21:28:32  <dihedral> anyhow - good night ladies
21:28:36  <dihedral> have a nice one
21:28:53  <dihedral> and thumbs up for all work done - you guys are great :-)
21:29:14  *** dihedral [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
21:30:09  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
21:33:17  *** Purno_ [] has quit [Quit: Life is a game of pick-up-sticks, played by fucking lunatics.]
21:34:34  <Eddi|zuHause3> villages of 500 people produce way too many passengers...
21:36:01  <Ailure> hmm
21:36:16  <Ailure> farthest zoom level plays with my imagination
21:36:27  <Ailure> I was wondering what kind of giant robot was among the farmland D:
21:36:39  <Ailure> it was a transmitter
21:37:45  <eekee> hehe
21:38:11  <Jerub> oh noes! was it a decepticon?
21:38:13  <Jerub> :p
21:40:51  <Smoovious> it really is a giant robot... when it knows you're looking closely at it, it masquerades itself as a transmitter
21:44:05  <Prof_Frink> Smoovious: It's the statues you've got to worry about
21:44:40  <Smoovious> best to try to route all your road vehicles away from the center of town cuz of those
21:44:58  <Prof_Frink> No! Route them *towards* them!
21:45:16  <Prof_Frink> 'cause then the drivers can *see* them
21:45:29  <Ailure> heh
21:45:50  <Smoovious> but I don't like what the statues do to them... replacing all of those tires and windshields gets expensive
21:45:52  <Ailure> could always have a street fighter minigame in ottd
21:45:56  <Ailure> with the statues fighting each other
21:45:57  <Ailure> :p
21:46:32  <Prof_Frink> Smoovious: They can only move t=when no-ine can see them. You need more vehicles.
21:46:58  <Smoovious> more? but I already got ~400 of em
21:48:19  <peter1138> hmm, full screen motion blur ... why?
21:49:12  *** [BiG^BrotheR] [~Dr-DreaM@] has quit [autokilled: Running mirc script bot things in channels without permission scares people.  Don't do it.  Mail if you have questions. (2007-06-28]
21:49:32  <Ailure> so your LCD screen looks like a oldschool CRT again?
21:49:49  <peter1138> no, motion does the opposite
21:49:59  <peter1138> make your CRT (or fast LCD) look like a slow LCD
21:50:19  <valhallasw> >_<
21:50:32  <valhallasw> why would you even want that?
21:50:47  <Ailure> heh point though
21:50:52  * eekee likes slow LCDs, they have better color rendition lol
21:50:54  <Ailure> some low-end LCD's have blurry motion
21:51:06  <Ailure> while low-end CRT's are awlays blurry ;)
21:51:59  *** raimar2 [] has joined #openttd
21:54:03  <valhallasw> besides, who really needs 4mc lcds?
21:54:05  <valhallasw> ms*
21:54:56  <valhallasw> anything < 17ms is generally useless
21:55:59  <Zaviori> How wrong can that statement be?
21:56:12  <Zaviori> I really want to see you playing q2 on a 17ms lcd :-D
21:56:18  <Zaviori> (or anything fast paced game)
21:56:19  <Ailure> haha yeah
21:56:22  <Ailure> Well
21:56:26  <Ailure> my LCD is fast enough
21:56:46  <Ailure> I have no idea what it's "reaction" time is
21:57:16  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:57:16  <Ailure> But in terms of motion, I see no diffrence between the CRT and LCD screen I have
21:57:29  <Ailure> my CRT screen is slightly blurrier, but it's only somethng I notice side by side
21:58:05  <Ailure> I can make out invidual pixels easier on the LCD screen, even if it's about teh same size and same resolution as the CRT screen :p
21:58:06  <valhallasw> Zaviori: you brain cannot even interpret 60Hz
21:58:06  * stillunknown has 25 ms screen (although that's probably the minimum), but is happy with it nevertheless
21:58:19  <Zaviori> valhallasw, and still you can clearly feel the difference
21:58:29  <Zaviori> Really, there isn't even a point to discuss :|
21:58:43  <valhallasw> either placebo effect or you're comparing 50ms lcd's to 4ms lcd's
21:58:45  <Zaviori> And low end lcds tend to ghost
21:58:54  <Zaviori> Well, I'm playing q2 with 4ms..
21:59:00  <valhallasw> yes
21:59:03  *** raimar3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:59:09  <stillunknown> High end screens ghost more too.
21:59:10  <Zaviori> I did notice a little difference after changing to it
21:59:17  <Zaviori> After 7 years of q2 with crt
21:59:35  <stillunknown> It depends on the panel type.
21:59:38  *** Ammler [~Ammler@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:59:43  <valhallasw> and depends on what you expect
21:59:44  <stillunknown> I have a non-overdrive pva panel.
21:59:53  <stillunknown> Great colors and such, but not so fast.
21:59:57  <Zaviori> My firends 12ms it was hard to play toe on toe against good player with low latency
22:00:07  *** Ammler [~Ammler@] has joined #openttd
22:00:20  <Zaviori> Just because it was slower to react ;I
22:00:35  <valhallasw> I dare to doubt the significance of the TFT
22:00:56  <Zaviori> I dont :P
22:01:16  <Zaviori> The more fast paced the game is the easier it is to see the difference
22:02:04  <valhallasw> how high is your output refresh rate?
22:02:13  <Zaviori> On my crt it was 85hz
22:02:28  <Zaviori> 60hz on the lcd I guess
22:02:47  <valhallasw> if your lcd gets 60 images per second
22:02:57  *** skidd13 [] has left #openttd []
22:03:05  <valhallasw> while it can use 250
22:03:11  <stillunknown> Keep in mind that these so called 4 ms screens are not really doing all things at 4 ms.
22:03:22  <valhallasw> how on earth can it be faster than one that gets 60hz and actually has that as max?
22:03:29  <valhallasw> stillunknown: like recieving data
22:03:32  <stillunknown> They probably take 20 ms for a "bad" transition.
22:03:41  <Zaviori> valhallasw, I dont know, but you can try it yourself
22:03:48  <Zaviori> q2 demo isn't big to dl
22:04:00  <valhallasw> I haven't got a 4ms screen to test with :p
22:04:01  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10381 /trunk/src/train_cmd.cpp: -Fix [FS#951]: skipping an order made train reverse immediatelly. Patch by boekabart.
22:04:02  <Zaviori> If you got crt & tft to try it with that is
22:04:09  <Zaviori> Well it is even more clear with 12->
22:04:22  <Zaviori> With 4ms it is barely noticeable
22:05:24  <valhallasw> stillunknown: like... 4ms when nothing has to change and 20ms when all pixels have to change?
22:05:56  <Zaviori> But you got to factor it that all different jumpings you do in q2 are affected by the fps you have
22:06:00  <Zaviori> And all that sort of stuff
22:06:15  <Zaviori> And you jump higher with higher fps :P
22:06:23  <valhallasw> yes, but the screen does not affect your fps
22:06:49  <Zaviori> No, but if you got 12ms latency you will notice the differnece :)
22:07:10  <valhallasw> what does fps have to do with latency at all...
22:07:15  <Zaviori> But nobody in their right mind would ever try to play q2 with that kind of screen
22:07:22  <glx> lcd don't need to have more than 60Hz refresh rate
22:07:23  <Zaviori> I dont know, but I get lower latency with higher fps
22:07:34  <glx> on crt it's needed to preserve the eyes
22:07:46  <Zaviori> Maybe it has something to do with q2 netcode or so :P
22:07:49  <valhallasw> glx: if you've got a 4ms lcd, it should be able to handle 250Hz
22:08:10  <glx> but it's not needed
22:08:28  <valhallasw> it's needed if you want to actually get to that 4ms
22:09:09  <stillunknown> valhallasw: depends on the color change
22:09:20  <valhallasw> hm, wait
22:09:21  <valhallasw> that 4ms
22:09:37  <valhallasw> is that *input lag* or *response time*?
22:09:46  <Kjetil> it depends if the 4ms is grey to grey or black to white
22:09:48  <stillunknown> Is the time it takes for a single pixel to change, for the best possible situation/
22:09:58  <stillunknown> 4 ms is always grey to grey
22:09:59  <Rubidium> Kjetil: the one that is fastest
22:10:48  <valhallasw> I suppose the *input lag* is much more important for fps'es
22:11:14  <peter1138> input lag, heh.
22:11:14  <Zaviori> But to my point, 17ms for playing a game like q2 is like playing it with your hands behind your back while facing away from the computer :s
22:11:35  <peter1138> response time is what is important
22:11:53  <Rubidium> well, you'll need dvi-d and not some analog signal if you want to reduce the input lag
22:11:56  <valhallasw> well, funky 4ms response time if you've got 50ms of input lag :p
22:11:56  <Kjetil> stillunknown: ehm... no ?
22:12:31  <peter1138> is "input lag" ever measured?
22:12:43  <Rubidium> ofcourse not
22:12:44  <valhallasw> no
22:12:50  <stillunknown> Kjetil: no to what?
22:12:51  <valhallasw> it makes tft's look bad ;)
22:13:51  <Kjetil> stillunknown: to always being g-t-g. The producer always pick the fastest one of g-t-g and b-t-w to make the lcd-module look good on paper
22:14:22  <peter1138> yes, with a decent manufacturer you'll see the fastest, average and longest
22:14:41  <valhallasw> any decent manufacturers around in this world?
22:14:43  *** MadMax [] has joined #openttd
22:14:48  *** MadMax [] has quit []
22:15:03  *** Me [] has joined #openttd
22:16:11  *** mode/#openttd [+v Bjarni] by ChanServ
22:17:04  <stillunknown> Kjetil: But have you ever seen a screen with 4ms black to white?
22:17:32  <Kjetil> I haven't been searching for one
22:18:09  <stillunknown> ~16 ms is the fastest you'll get without overdrive iirc
22:18:44  <stillunknown> And overdrive screens are by definition better in grey to grey transitions.
22:19:19  <Smoovious> a piece of copy-paper is excellent in white to white transitions
22:21:29  *** Me [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox]]
22:22:22  *** thgergo [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:24:42  *** Min464 [] has joined #openttd
22:24:44  *** Min464 [] has quit [autokilled: This host violated network policy. Mail if you have any questions. (2007-06-28 22:24:44)]
22:30:31  <stillunknown> Smoovious: Your in a fog enjoying the contrast of white on white?
22:31:37  <stillunknown> *You're
22:32:41  <Smoovious> light torch
22:35:52  *** Sacro [~ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
22:36:30  *** Sacro|Laptop [~Ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
22:39:55  *** strstrep [] has joined #openttd
22:40:15  <strstrep> Mental note:  do not compile software while upgrading your compiler.
22:40:25  <mggrant> hehe
22:40:35  <Eddi|zuHause3> sounds fun :p
22:40:47  *** Brianetta [] has quit [Quit: Tschüß]
22:40:48  *** Sacro [~Ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #openttd
22:40:54  <strstrep> I thought "wow, they forgot to compile this before committing..."
22:41:02  <strstrep> And then I realized ...
22:42:08  *** Sacro|Laptop [~Ben@adsl-87-102-80-216.karoo.KCOM.COM] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
22:42:18  *** XeryusTC [] has quit [Quit: Solong, and thanks for all the fish.]
22:45:57  <eekee> hehehe
22:46:56  <Bjarni> strstrep: do you really think that we would do such a mistake?
22:47:00  <eekee> I had to rebuild sdl before I could play or compile ottd today. I'd just removed svgalib, & sdl was linked to it despite having been told not to
22:47:18  <strstrep> Bjarni: I've seen it happen before in other projects.
22:47:37  <strstrep> We're all human, right?
22:47:45  <Bjarni> not me
22:47:56  <strstrep> Oh, ok, then you don't count.
22:48:24  <strstrep> But for the rest of us, an occasionally broken tree is something you have to put up with from time to time.
22:48:40  <Bjarni> !openttd commit 10348
22:48:43  <_42_> Commit by rubidium :: r10348 /trunk/src/industry_cmd.cpp (2007-06-26 21:17:51 UTC)
22:48:45  <_42_> -Fix (r10347): compile errors; do not think it compiles fine when you run make on the wrong working copy.
22:49:17  <Bjarni> you mean something like that?
22:49:32  <strstrep> Sure
22:50:00  <Bjarni> for some reason it didn't like "if (blah && && blah)
22:50:03  <Bjarni> "
22:50:10  <strstrep> Oh, darn.
22:50:12  <Rubidium> Bjarni: don't lie
22:50:28  <Bjarni> ok
22:50:28  <Rubidium> it didn't like "if (blah && && bla))"
22:50:56  <Sionide> "
22:51:00  <Bjarni> -				if (new_prod == old_prod && && old_prod > 1)) {
22:51:01  <Bjarni> +				if (new_prod == old_prod && old_prod > 1) {
22:51:07  <SmatZ> the savegame attached with asserts for me immediatelly after load - do you encounter this problem too?
22:51:31  <eekee> I fixed a small patch for imap in the source mage distro the other day. I also bumped the version number & checked it compiled fine. Someone else bumped the version number just before I committed my changes, & I put my fix on top of their bump, & forgot to retest
22:51:35  <Rubidium> not in 0.5.3-RC1
22:51:45  <SmatZ> rev 10380,10381 Error: !Disconnecting train ... probably not connected with original report
22:52:24  <Bjarni> who (besides SmatZ) are talking about 0.5.3-RC1?
22:52:30  <Bjarni> I'm talking about trunk
22:52:34  <Bjarni> as I always do
22:53:31  <SmatZ> I am sorry if I entered your conversation inconviently
22:53:50  <Bjarni> that's ok
22:54:13  <Bjarni> you didn't do anything wrong
22:54:29  <Bjarni> well, besides crashing the game, which is always a bad thing....
22:54:39  *** kaan [~Klaus@] has joined #openttd
22:54:49  <SmatZ> ok then , thanks :)
22:54:49  <kaan> goodevening all :)
22:57:45  <SmatZ> hello kaan
22:59:12  <CIA-1> OpenTTD: rubidium * r10382 /trunk/src/strgen/strgen.cpp: -Fix (strgen): it was not possible to use --warning and --todo at the same time.
23:00:05  <Bjarni> hi kaan
23:09:19  <SmatZ> is trunk supposed to load 0.5.3-RC1 savegames?
23:09:33  <glx> yes
23:10:25  <SmatZ> then there is some problem :(
23:10:59  <SmatZ> i get assertion Error: !Disconnecting train when loading savegame from ... when loaded with 0.5.3-RC1, it works
23:13:06  *** Vikthor [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
23:13:06  <SmatZ> the loading/saving and save versioning is something I am not used to, so I cannot help :(
23:13:14  <kaan> oh well, im going to beds, see ya all later :)
23:13:25  <SmatZ> good night kaan
23:13:51  *** kaan [~Klaus@] has left #openttd []
23:15:07  *** lolman [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
23:16:50  <Sacro> !seen Bjarni
23:16:51  <_42_> Sacro, please look a bit closer at the memberlist of this channel.
23:17:22  * Bjarni notes that Sacro is blind
23:17:34  * Bjarni slaps Sacro
23:17:34  *** lolman [] has joined #openttd
23:17:34  <Sacro> Bjarni: aye...
23:17:39  <Sacro> all that masturbating
23:18:00  <Bjarni> ...
23:18:15  <Bjarni> now lolman thinks that I said something perverted to you :(
23:26:04  * Smoovious growls making his routes.
23:26:54  <Smoovious> ya know, if I could share orders, or even copy them, between dissimilar vehicle types, would only take me 1/3 as long to set up my routes
23:27:32  <Bjarni> hmm
23:27:48  <Bjarni> sharing would likely be out of the question
23:27:54  <Jerub> Has anyone made a patch to automatically make up orders for the case where you put a train on a track between two stations?
23:28:00  <SmatZ> good night kaan
23:28:01  <Smoovious> most of my busses and mail trucks, for example, have exactly the same routes, and always will be
23:28:09  <SmatZ> oops mistake
23:28:28  <Bjarni> SmatZ: complain to your ISP.... you lag big time
23:28:38  <Bjarni> or maybe you should complain to your parents :P
23:28:52  <Eddi|zuHause3> Jerub: i think that is a rather rare special case...
23:29:21  <SmatZ> Bjarni: :-) I execute compilation by Up+Enter - I had wrong window active :)
23:29:28  <Jerub> Eddi|zuHause3: until I start making bigger rail networks, I often make two stations, lay track, make a train, set up its orders, hit go.
23:29:41  <Jerub> It'd be nice to just be able to make the train, hit autoorders, and hit go.
23:29:48  <Bjarni> Smoovious: those are both road vehicles, so it wouldn't be between types
23:29:58  <Sacro> i found a bug in RC1
23:30:01  <Sacro> well, i didn't find it
23:30:07  <Bjarni> SmatZ: then it's the parents thingie... you compiled in the wrong window :P
23:30:10  <Smoovious> as for orders between, say, a plane and a train, it would be enough if I could just copy all the stops, and then set all of the rest manually
23:30:38  <Smoovious> Bjarni... as far as the game is concerned, they're different types... I can't share orders between busses and mail trucks
23:30:39  <Eddi|zuHause3> Jerub: too much effort for too little effect...
23:30:52  <SmatZ> :)
23:31:03  <Sacro>,%2012th%20Feb%201975.sav
23:31:15  <Sacro> a train going over a bridge crashes with a train going under
23:31:18  <Jerub> Eddi|zuHause3: I guess, I just find it annoying when the track is very long to revist both my stations.
23:31:46  <Eddi|zuHause3> Jerub: imagine to hit that button on a large network, it has to spend ages to decide wether there is more than two stations connected
23:31:53  <Bjarni> ohh this reminds me of the guy, who tried to use a GUI frontend for fink (app-get like app) to compile OpenTTD and complained when it didn't work
23:32:12  <Bjarni> Sacro:
23:32:15  <Eddi|zuHause3> Jerub: when you build the station, open a station window, and then use the "location" button
23:32:36  <Jerub> Eddi|zuHause3: why is that? a tree traversal would just terminate immeditately if it saw a 3rd station.
23:32:44  <Sacro> Bjarni: i posted the save
23:32:46  <Sacro> what more do you want
23:33:12  <SmatZ> Sacro - may be a problem with your GRFs ? maybe train is too high :-D
23:33:21  <Bjarni> post it somewhere where it will not be forgotten
23:33:22  <Sacro> SmatZ: hehe
23:33:27  <Sacro> Bjarni: try !logs
23:33:36  <Bjarni> not good enough
23:33:51  <Bjarni> we have a system to track known bugs for a reason
23:33:58  <Eddi|zuHause3> Jerub: not all networks have stations every 20 tiles...
23:34:43  <ln-> Bjarni: what can you tell about læsø?
23:35:21  <Bjarni> it's an island
23:35:29  <ln-> yeah, i know.
23:35:44  <Bjarni> there are people living there (for unknown reasons)
23:35:51  <Bjarni> it's not very big
23:35:58  <Eddi|zuHause3> the chance to hit an island in denmark is like 50/50 :p
23:36:22  <Bjarni> you have to use a ferry to get there
23:36:23  <glx> SmatZ: about FS#957, train 1 has last wagon and rear engine missing on a bridge
23:36:40  <Bjarni> ln-: why do you ask?
23:37:11  <Bjarni>  <Eddi|zuHause3> the chance to hit an island in denmark is like 50/50 :p <-- actually there is one peninsula and then a whole lot of islands
23:37:18  <Bjarni> so 50/50 is way off
23:37:46  <ln-> Bjarni: that's one potential target i might be visiting next friday.
23:38:27  <Bjarni> ahh
23:38:28  <Bjarni>
23:38:31  <Eddi|zuHause3> Bjarni: i meant something like: "if you name a spot in denmark, the chance is like 50% that it's on an island"
23:38:54  <Bjarni> well
23:39:20  <Bjarni> considering it's called "læs island" might also tell you something xD
23:39:27  <SmatZ> glx: looks like a rendering problem - all trains crossing those bridges have missing parts on them ... 0.5.3 doesn't crash, trunk asserts
23:39:40  <Bjarni> ln-: why would you want to go there? There aren't any railroads
23:39:50  <SmatZ> glx: thanks for noticing, i will add that comment
23:39:59  <glx> SmatZ: bridges are different in 0.5.x and trunk
23:40:13  <SmatZ> okay :) so no problem at all
23:40:14  <glx> (codewise)
23:41:36  <SmatZ> glx but anyway, train should not disappear while crossing the bridge in 0.5.3
23:42:13  <Bjarni> trains should not disappear when crossing bridges in any version
23:42:27  <ln-> Bjarni: it's within reasonable range from göteborg and there's an airfield.
23:42:54  <Bjarni> why go to Göteborg?
23:43:00  <Bjarni> it's full of.... Swedes :s
23:43:31  <ln-> i'll go meet a finn, mr. blackis.
23:43:39  <Bjarni> ahh
23:43:53  <Bjarni> aka a safehaven in a strange country
23:45:14  <Bjarni> the weather will likely be bad though
23:45:29  <Smoovious> mmmmm... bad weather...
23:45:52  <Bjarni> I'm not sure Læsø is fun to be at when it's windy, raining and cold
23:46:17  <Bjarni> when it's windy, then the wind is really blowing at Læsø
23:46:37  <Smoovious> wet shirts clinging to skin... with nippleage... :D
23:46:39  <ln-> bad weather conditions may also prevent the whole denmark trip.
23:47:01  <ln-> so i order the weather to be good.
23:47:03  * Smoovious loves bad weather. :)
23:47:26  <Bjarni> I just heard a 6 weeks forecast: bad weather all the time
23:47:40  <Bjarni> for the next 5 days, the only decent weather is on Sunday
23:48:08  <Jerub> in brisbane, bad weather means sun, good weather means torrential rain.
23:48:13  <Bjarni> which is a good thing considering that I will be driving all Sunday. It's not as much fun when it's raining
23:48:43  <Eddi|zuHause3> Bjarni: yesterday was "Siebenschläfer", the way the weather is there, it is said to be for seven weeks
23:49:13  <Bjarni> yesterday we got 80 mm rain and a storm
23:49:33  <Jerub> really bad drought. Level 4 water restrictions weren't enough so they had to make up level 5 (we're on level 5 now), and are in the process of making up level 6 (to be implemented soon)
23:49:37  <Eddi|zuHause3> and meteorologists say that rule applies to like 70%
23:50:18  <Bjarni> Jerub: move to Victoria (or whereever the rain is) and the problem is gone
23:50:31  <Bjarni> you will then have a flooding problem, but that's a whole different kind of issue
23:50:32  <Jerub> Victoria has only a little more water than us.
23:50:40  <ln-> move to britain
23:50:42  <Bjarni> then it was somewhere else
23:50:55  <Jerub> Sydney just got a massive storm and that got their dams up to 50%, but they're not lifting their water restrictions yet.
23:51:10  <Jerub> Western Australia has full dams at the moment.
23:51:42  <Smoovious> driving is so much more fun when it is raining...
23:51:43  <Eddi|zuHause3>äfertag
23:51:59  <Smoovious> oh, and you should see how stoked I get if I get a chance to drive during a blizzard :D
23:52:42  *** benc_ [] has joined #openttd
23:54:33  <Bjarni>  <Smoovious> driving is so much more fun when it is raining... <-- that really depends on what you are driving...
23:55:05  <Sacro> can i just get someone to do something
23:55:10  <Smoovious> a road vehicle... I'd like trains better, but I don't have one
23:55:11  <Sacro> open 0.5.3-RC1
23:55:24  <Sacro> and watch the train coming out the tunnel on the top right of the title screen...
23:55:42  <Bjarni> rain makes the rails slippery and it's no fun to stick your head out at every station to check if people on the platform is ready to departure if it's raining
23:56:01  <Smoovious> it would be for me
23:56:15  <Smoovious> 'good' weather is just boring... I enjoy experiencing weather. :)
23:56:29  <Bjarni> also the uniform tends to store the water as good as possible so the cab quickly becomes really damp
23:56:42  <Smoovious> fine by me
23:56:44  <Sacro> IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME :'(
23:56:52  <Bjarni> I enjoy "perfect passenger" weather when I'm driving xD
23:56:59  <Smoovious> Bjarni... did you hear something?
23:57:07  <Bjarni> yeah
23:57:12  <Bjarni> you like to drive in bad weather
23:57:13  <ln-> this is interesting:
23:57:18  <Bjarni> I'm listening to what you say ;)
23:57:24  <Smoovious> no, not that... something else...
23:57:29  * Smoovious shrugs.
23:57:30  <Smoovious> oh well
23:58:32  <Sacro> well i have 2 bugs in "stable"
23:58:35  <glx> SmatZ: thanks for digging the faulty rev :)
23:59:28  <SmatZ> glx you are welcome :)

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