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04:01:38  <supermop> ukrs 2 and termite dont work quite as expected
04:02:00  <supermop> 3rd rail emus run on metro but cant buy any stock for them
04:02:01  <Pikka> why, what happens?
04:02:07  <Pikka> hmm
04:02:22  <supermop> nor can buy the diesel/3rd rail hybrid
04:02:31  <supermop> can only run that on rail
04:02:53  <Pikka> presumably because termite defines metro tracks as incompatible with normal rail
04:03:22  <supermop> are there tube trains in ukrs? because they dont show on metro either
04:03:36  <Pikka> only in the addon set
04:03:47  <supermop> ok
04:04:21  <supermop> why does the 91 carry containers?
04:04:48  <supermop> ok hopping out for lunch
04:04:53  <Pikka> what does "carry containers" mean?
04:04:56  <Pikka> seeya :)
04:05:00  <supermop> freightliner
04:05:15  <supermop> later
04:05:44  <Pikka> because they were designed to work container trains at night iirc
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04:15:33  <Multiplayer> Hi, is there anyone who can read me?
04:19:14  <Multiplayer> I did not see any kind of reply yet, but I assume someone will see this some time.
04:20:44  <Multiplayer> I had an annoying experience at an openttd multiplayer game just a few minutes ago.
04:21:04  <Multiplayer> I had nicely started my game.
04:22:29  <Multiplayer> Some user "extreme" turned up and started creating multiple companies and using them for terraforming.
04:24:43  <Multiplayer> It then looked like, he would basically play by the rules - but I was mistaken with that assumption.
04:26:32  <Multiplayer> He then used a few of his companies to destroy enough of my key town, so that my station would not accept anything anymore - it had accepted goods, passengers and mail before.
04:27:10  <Multiplayer> He has ruined my game that way.
04:29:34  <Multiplayer> Why does one player need to be able to create multiple companies by default?
04:30:29  <Multiplayer> It is hard to imagine, that has any real uses, but cheating...
04:32:11  <Multiplayer> That was, what I could come up to say (chat) on my own for the moment.
04:33:32  <Multiplayer> Yet I have not seen the life sign I was hoping to find here - perhaps there is no one here now.
04:37:31  <Multiplayer> I'm somewhat tired and will be leaving now.
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05:04:43  <Sylf> someone's not a regular irc player eh...
05:05:35  <Sylf> not waiting for replies for couple hours
05:12:40  <supermop> ok
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06:04:30  <andythenorth> o/
06:10:00  <Alberth> mornig
06:10:05  <Alberth> *morning
06:17:47  <andythenorth> @seen frosch123
06:17:47  <DorpsGek> andythenorth: frosch123 was last seen in #openttd 11 hours, 11 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <frosch123> 1.
06:18:07  * andythenorth forgot FIRS cargos were borked
06:18:18  <andythenorth> needs fixed :(
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06:24:18  <Alberth> he is usually here in a 4 hours or so
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06:53:01  <andythenorth> eh a pokka
06:53:21  <Pokka> oui
06:53:39  <Pokka> track overlays are a pain
06:53:39  <andythenorth> is pineyapples?
06:53:43  <Pokka> somewhat
06:53:47  <Pokka> :)
06:53:49  <andythenorth> track overlays _are_ a pain
06:53:58  <andythenorth> I had to fix a couple for Termite :P
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06:54:09  <andythenorth> all kinds of wrong there
06:54:17  <Pokka> whatever happened to that half-baked idea to have an alternative where we could draw all 60-odd junctions as seperate sprites :D
06:54:48  <andythenorth> nah
06:54:54  <andythenorth> just compose them out of parts
06:55:01  <andythenorth> for a not-quite-good-enough result
06:55:16  <andythenorth> never use zoom on junctions with a PBS reservation :P
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07:06:51  <Pikka> I think I'm just going to leave my junctions with oddly-connecting rails, rather than trying to cut holes in things and mess with alpha layers etc
07:07:00  <Pikka> it looks neater that way, even if it doesn't look "realistic"
07:07:23  <Pikka> one day, maybe, we'll add the option to draw every junction.
07:10:37  <Alberth> hi hi
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07:39:23  * andythenorth wonders if Iron Horse brit roster is ‘done'
07:39:27  <andythenorth> does it lack anything?
07:40:45  <Supercheese> Well, does it have any horses?
07:41:00  <Supercheese> Label on the tin leads one to expect :P
07:41:27  <andythenorth> there are sprites for a pre-1860 roster
07:41:39  <andythenorth> but I am disinterested until Dan bugs me about it :D
07:47:55  <Supercheese> has there ever been a railtype + vehicle combination of canals à la WET rails with horse-drawn barges?
07:48:17  <Supercheese> could have a towpath beside the canal, stick the horses on that
07:48:28  <Supercheese> would make for some odd sprite offsets
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07:50:07  <Alberth> hi hi, an early frosch
07:50:18  <frosch123> hola :)
07:50:41  <Pikka> Supercheese, that's why I thought that kind of canal would be better as a roadtype :)
07:50:52  <Supercheese> roadtype -__-
07:50:55  <Supercheese> if only
07:50:58  <Pikka> yes
07:51:00  <Pikka> keep the dream alive
07:51:20  <Supercheese> it would certainly spike the number of newgrfs on bananas if roadtypes were to be implemented
07:53:06  <Alberth> hmm, how are you going to remove stuff from it? :)
07:53:23  <Supercheese> eh?
07:53:30  <Supercheese> spike as in dramatically increase
07:53:56  <Alberth> ah, not spike as in "suddenly a short burst"
07:54:47  <Supercheese> true, I do suppose it is usually used when there is a sudden increase then decrease
07:54:58  <Supercheese> didn't immediately think of it that way though
07:55:07  <Alberth> :)
07:55:10  * Supercheese is sleepy
07:58:37  <andythenorth> quak
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08:50:34  <andythenorth> so eh, should I special case FIRS cargos for slot assignment?
08:54:59  <Alberth> euhm, didn't you get 64 more industries to prevent that?
08:57:30  <andythenorth> cargos != industries ;)
08:57:53  <andythenorth> this is the problem where default vehicles are borked by FIRS due to FIRS reassigning cargo slots
08:58:10  <andythenorth> also some newgrfs
08:58:54  <supermop> flat end of these looks so goofy:
08:58:55  <supermop>
08:59:02  <andythenorth> I can mostly fix it by forcing cargos into specific slots
08:59:08  <andythenorth> but that makes a mockery of the newgrf spec
08:59:22  <andythenorth> which is already over-provided with cargo abstraction mechanics which are ~useles
08:59:23  <andythenorth> :)
09:01:48  <Alberth> ah right
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09:06:41  <andythenorth> options include: (1) do nothing, just break stuff, and keep handling frequent-ish player confusion (2) force the cargo slot allocation as far as possible, but with 31 cargos in Full FIRS, some default vehicles will still carry ‘wrong’ cargo (3) fix default vehicle in OpenTTD to use cargo labels (4) replace default vehicles with a newgrf, shipped with OpenTTD (5) change newgrf spec so that cargos are per-newgrf, and
09:06:42  <andythenorth> don’t conflict
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09:09:17  <Wolf01> hi hi
09:10:54  <Alberth> o/
09:11:35  <Alberth> pretty exhaustive list andy
09:14:36  <andythenorth> probably a (6) and (7)
09:14:40  <andythenorth> dunno what though
09:33:19  <Alberth> (6) ?????  (7) Profit!
09:35:37  <andythenorth> that was it, definitely
09:40:23  <Alberth> no new strings for iron horse?
09:41:33  <Alberth> just lots of fixes, great, should try that
09:42:53  <Pikka> andythenorth, my AI assumes passengers are slot 0 I think, if that's of any interest :)
09:43:18  <Pikka> default vehicles shouldn't be a concern though
09:43:31  <Pikka> who would try using default vehicles with newindustries?
09:44:01  <Alberth> pax ?
09:45:01  <Alberth> maybe goods would also work?
09:46:34  <andythenorth> Pikka: somebody who doesn’t know any different?
09:46:40  <andythenorth> dunno, it’s just broken imo
09:51:07  * andythenorth thinks just fix it in FIRS
09:51:19  <andythenorth> because it’s less work for other people
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09:56:27  <Taede> min
09:58:40  <Alberth> it's a better short term solution I agree
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10:53:22  <planetmaker> andythenorth, wrt cargoes, I think keeping passenger and mail at slots 0 and 1 might be wise - it might be assumed in many places. All other cargoes... do whatever. If it breaks, it's not your problem really.
10:54:05  <planetmaker> and pax and mail as 0 and 1 is not strictly required but yeah... silent assumptions in unknown places in many ais and newgrfs
11:03:56  <andythenorth> plausible
11:04:07  <andythenorth> forcing 0 and 1 is relatively trivial
11:04:27  <andythenorth> trying to prevent default water tankers refitting bauxite (or whatever)
.not so plausible
11:07:24  <planetmaker> yeah. That's not so much your worry when making an industry set. More so if you make a vehicle grf :)
11:07:46  <planetmaker> and shipping OpenTTD with a default NewGRF is something I'd actually fancy... but not so easy :)
11:08:13  * Pikka volunteers to make it or something
11:08:17  <planetmaker> default NewGRF which allows refits by default. A simplified OpenGFX+Trains/RV/Ships/Airplanes
11:08:24  <planetmaker> please do, Pikka :)
11:08:39  <planetmaker> not sure it should come with graphics, but ... probably should
11:09:03  <planetmaker> the main problem IMHO though is on the non-newgrf side, the OpenTTD side with that: how to nicely handle that
11:09:34  <Alberth> probably no graphics, people may like the original baseset
11:09:39  <planetmaker> IMHO it would need automatic disabling when the player adds other NewGRFs.
11:09:55  <andythenorth> ‘but omg, you guys have broken default vehicles, my patch/AI/GS/newgrf relies on them not refitting’ blah blah blah
11:10:04  <andythenorth> this is an API change, all I’m saying :P
11:10:18  <planetmaker> If no graphics, it might need some slightly more fundamental change... access to the standard graphics for NewGRFs
11:10:24  <planetmaker> which is somewhat an API change
11:10:28  <planetmaker> hm... or not
11:11:14  <planetmaker> hm... I *can* select default graphics, can I?
11:11:37  <andythenorth> just use base set sprites, no?
11:11:39  <planetmaker> Pikka, so a NewGRF with only code, using the existing graphics? Thus base set independent?
11:11:41  <andythenorth> sprites seems no issue
11:11:45  <planetmaker> yup
11:11:56  <Pikka> sure
11:12:42  <andythenorth> the only drama is that it Changes the Behaviour Away From TTD
11:13:02  <andythenorth> Which is Known To Be A Bad Thing
11:13:23  <andythenorth> <shrug>
11:16:42  <planetmaker> andythenorth, not exactly sure. IMHO the interface would be to integrate that in the NewGRF dialogue and allow to disable also the default NewGRFs. Thus you can go back. And to disable it automatically when you enable one from that respective category
11:16:53  <andythenorth> hmm, looks like I already fixed FIRS for pax, mail, food and goods
11:16:59  <planetmaker> Thus the behaviour change is "only" that vehicles will continue to work when you add an industry NewGRF or so
11:17:21  <planetmaker> but anyway, it's not a small change and you still might be right that people will complain about their "original behaviour" being gone
11:17:30  <andythenorth> if my newgrf disables default vehicles, what will happen?
11:18:29  <Pikka> presumably the "default" grf will add them back in
11:18:47  <Pikka> and then something will break and vehicles will turn into question marks, like they do in all of baldy's bosses' games.
11:19:53  <andythenorth> this would suit Baldy, he’s very keen to keep default train engines
11:19:57  <andythenorth> they are super-unique
11:22:52  <Pikka> more is better, obviously. taking things away is a bad feature.
11:24:38  <Alberth> hmm, but he's not playing 4096^2
11:24:50  <Pikka> later skaters
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11:24:58  <Alberth> bye pikka :)
11:28:46  <Alberth> bbl
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11:31:05  <planetmaker> andythenorth, what's a "rotary gondola car"? :D
11:31:44  <planetmaker> hm... google image search tells me. nvm
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11:39:48  <andythenorth> turn it upside down, everything falls out
11:53:37  <andythenorth> bbl
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12:06:46  <Eddi|zuHause> without googling, i'd try to translate it as "kipplore"
12:14:07  <supermop> nice word
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14:45:44  <hash> hello, i have a debian 7.8 server that i installed docker in and pulled the docker image for openttd. it runs fine, however when i try to connect from my client i get a version mismatch. client being 1.5.1 and server 1.5.0 from what i can tell. how do i update openttd inside the container ?
14:46:00  <hash> i try spawning a bash shell but i get an unexpected ")" error
14:46:36  <Alberth> sounds like a container question for debian?
14:47:05  <hash> it does ? ... ? why ?
14:47:43  <hash> if i do a docker pull on ubuntu say, i run the same command it spawns a shell inside i can do apt-get etc anything i want inside the container
14:47:44  <planetmaker> well, up to now I'm not sure anyone here knew there exists an openttd docker container :)
14:47:55  <hash> it's on your official wiki .....
14:48:08  <hash> it's a recommended method.. for dedicated server setup
14:48:17  <planetmaker> really? Interesting :)
14:48:46  <hash> quote
14:48:48  <planetmaker> My recommended method for server setup is to pull source, compile as dedicated and enjoy. But container might be faster
14:48:53  <hash> "It is recomanded to use our docker container to get a well tested and working environment for openttd." from
14:49:14  <Alberth> afaik we do distribute neither dockers nor containers from the compile farm
14:49:41  <planetmaker> anyway, we don't provide the containers and I would expect the usual update methods to work inside a container as within any VM
14:49:44  <planetmaker> Nothing special there
14:50:01  <planetmaker> maybe ubuntu doesn't have yet an openttd 1.5.1 package
14:50:32  <planetmaker> thus updating with apt-get won't give you that. Dunno. Then you can only install openttd inside the container manually. In the way I just sketched
14:51:01  <Alberth> hash: It's a random user that created it
14:51:43  <hash> Alberth, didnt think of that. but... why ? if its official why would random users edit ? anyway.
14:52:05  <blathijs> Hm, seems I haven't uploaded 1.5.1 to Debian yet either. I guess I u
14:52:11  <blathijs> missed the memo :-)
14:52:14  <hash> after trial and error i decided to build my own container from a fresh ubuntu docker image. did so, got the deb file for 1.5.1 and installed just fine, now it tells me i need to install a graphics set. how do i do that from the command line ?
14:52:53  <Alberth> official?  the only "official" about is that it lives under, and there are a few protected pages that we edit, all other is free for all
14:52:58  <blathijs> hash: installing the openttd-opengfx package using apt-get is probably easiest. Won't give you the latest version, though.
14:53:00  <planetmaker> hash, it's a wiki, yes. Anyone can contribute, and that's very much appreciated if people do
14:53:13  <planetmaker> Unfortunately some people put too much emphasis on their method
14:53:34  <planetmaker> Until you told us, I didn't know that our wiki recommends docker as the method to get a server going.
14:53:40  <hash> planetmaker, i get the general idea, but for a new user it's confusing
14:53:50  <planetmaker> I understand that, yes
14:54:14  <planetmaker> I just try to explain how this came into being :)
14:54:47  <planetmaker> hash, and often, a user who does something for the first time, can actually best improve that page... as s/he just went through the trouble :)
14:55:44  <planetmaker> <-- these are our official packages, also for ubuntu. But we do not provide binaries for dedicated servers
14:57:35  <planetmaker> thus a dedicated server either needs installing X (which also is stupid) or compile the binary itself (which is easy to do, if you did it once)
14:58:33  <hash> planetmaker, i got the deb file from there, installed what needed installing and it seems to work now.
14:58:36  <planetmaker> or to use a pre-made container image. But I don't know their origin. The versions distributed by linux distros on the other hand are quite well reviewed and provided by known, trusted maintainers
14:58:40  <planetmaker> ok :)
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17:27:01  <andythenorth> o/
17:27:05  <Alberth> hihi
17:27:28  <andythenorth> wow, giant screenshots :O
17:28:38  <Alberth> hehe :)
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17:38:38  <andythenorth> urgh Road Hog sucks
17:38:57  <andythenorth> I had this stupid idea to include some of the mining trucks from HEQS
17:39:35  <andythenorth> they’re slow and high capacity
17:39:47  <andythenorth> and the other trucks are ~all articulated
17:39:51  <andythenorth> so they won’t overtake
17:41:33  <andythenorth> meh
17:41:37  <andythenorth> stupid set design
17:43:53  *** Tirili [] has joined #openttd
17:44:05  <andythenorth> where is Eddi|zuHause to explain what I’m doing wrong? :(
17:44:59  <Eddi|zuHause> how should i know?
17:46:03  <andythenorth> dunno, but empirically, you usually seem to have the answer
17:59:42  <V453000> hm I dont think I can handle how much blender is pissing me off
18:04:03  *** Myhorta [] has joined #openttd
18:11:25  <andythenorth> V453000: are you going to go postal on something?
18:11:32  <V453000> idk
18:11:49  <V453000> I was hoping I could try to learn blender but it is just so different
18:12:08  <andythenorth> is blender better than max?
18:12:17  <V453000> I miss many functions from max
18:12:30  * andythenorth is way outdated, but when I was doing 3D blender was a total joke
18:12:33  <V453000> it does some things in a cuter way
18:12:43  <V453000> some things seem more sophisticated
18:12:56  <V453000> but in the end, the key bits for workflow efficiency seem to  be missing
18:13:01  <andythenorth> hmm blender has grown up
18:13:10  <V453000> it did, it is a whole suite of shit now
18:13:12  <andythenorth> it was a on a par with google sketch last time I checked :P
18:13:32  * andythenorth mostly used Cinema 4D, which is ‘weird’ but awesome
18:13:42  <V453000> the things I miss the most is clear cad-like layers, and the modifier stack
18:13:50  <V453000> cinema 4D is interesting, tried it too
18:14:29  <andythenorth> it was easy to get into
18:14:42  <andythenorth> and it would import splines from Illustrator
18:15:03  <V453000> max can do that too, idk about blender
18:16:14  <andythenorth> hrm, my favourite style of CGI :)
18:16:47  <__ln__> hello all the citizens of the British monarchy.  is it better to use the cable car or a taxi to get to the Rock at Gibraltar?
18:17:59  <V453000> :)
18:18:37  <andythenorth> @seen danmack
18:18:37  <DorpsGek> andythenorth: danmack was last seen in #openttd 4 weeks, 6 days, 20 hours, 48 minutes, and 12 seconds ago: <DanMacK> Hey all
18:19:57  <V453000> I might still at least try to put some hours into it, trying to learn it
18:20:08  <V453000> could come in handy somewhen
18:21:53  <Rubidium> __ln__: I reckon you first need to define "better"
18:24:12  <__ln__> Rubidium: it could be simply "quicker" (less waiting in queues)
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18:44:05  <NumberNoid> anyone here know multimeters?
18:44:12  <Hiddenfunstuff> Yo!
18:44:45  <NumberNoid> if you had a choice between these two:
18:44:51  <NumberNoid>
18:44:56  <NumberNoid>
18:45:03  <NumberNoid> which onbe would you pick?
18:47:14  <Hiddenfunstuff> hmm
18:47:35  <TrueBrain> feels like this is the wrong channel to ask these things ;)
18:47:41  <Hiddenfunstuff> do you need it for serious work or just in hobby use?
18:47:45  <NumberNoid> hobby
18:47:50  <NumberNoid> unlikey to use it for mains
18:48:00  <Hiddenfunstuff> so in the basic voltage range of 2-48v
18:48:06  <NumberNoid> yeah
18:48:14  <NumberNoid> most lethal will be an atx power supply
18:48:35  <NumberNoid> I was thinking of a £3 multimeter but at that point I think it would be safer to lick the thing
18:48:42  <Hiddenfunstuff> indeed
18:48:54  <NumberNoid> TrueBrain I guess
18:48:54  <Hiddenfunstuff> and lickng 12v rail doesnt kill you
18:48:58  <Hiddenfunstuff> personal experiences
18:49:01  <NumberNoid> lol
18:49:21  <Hiddenfunstuff> its like somebody would stick a small needle through your tongue but not much else
18:49:23  <NumberNoid> the £20 one seems a bit more robust
18:49:34  <NumberNoid> while that £10 seems a bit basic
18:49:42  <Hiddenfunstuff> well atleast the description has alot more stuff in it
18:50:23  <Hiddenfunstuff> the 10£ is like "You can turn it on, thats about it"
18:50:56  <NumberNoid> I guess
18:51:15  <NumberNoid> the VC99 (newer version) seems to be the same but with more information
18:51:18  <Hiddenfunstuff> the 20£ one seems to have some happy customers
18:52:43  <NumberNoid> so £20 one
18:52:44  <NumberNoid> ?
18:52:57  <Hiddenfunstuff> we're not a professional electrician... as long as it doesnt spark too much and feels relatively safe and it doesnt put out blue smoke.. it its good enough
18:53:00  <Hiddenfunstuff> yeah
18:53:04  <Hiddenfunstuff> we'd put our balls on that one
18:53:10  <NumberNoid> lol
18:53:25  <NumberNoid> although
18:53:26  <Hiddenfunstuff> diesel machines is our thing
18:53:36  <NumberNoid> is the VC99 better?
18:53:48  <Hiddenfunstuff> dunno
18:54:00  <NumberNoid> im just confused as in the point of all of those extra indicatiors
18:54:40  <frosch123> NumberNoid: <- get also one of those
18:55:04  <Hiddenfunstuff> Oh yeah
18:55:12  <Hiddenfunstuff> get alot of all kind jumper cables
18:55:20  <NumberNoid> "To qualify for FREE Shipping, add £0.01 of eligible items."
18:55:22  <NumberNoid> ...
18:55:23  <Hiddenfunstuff> so you dont need to salvage couple PSUs and build your own stuff
18:55:42  <Hiddenfunstuff> or get creative with all kind of metallic conductive pieces of metal
18:55:54  <NumberNoid> I just need to convert a 12v ATX psu into a 12v bench PSU
18:56:04  <NumberNoid> then make my own volume control knob with an arduino
18:56:13  <Hiddenfunstuff> what do you need an multimeter for then?
18:56:14  <NumberNoid> arduino nano probably since they're very cheap
18:56:22  <NumberNoid> the ATX psu
18:56:25  <Hiddenfunstuff> and?
18:56:34  <NumberNoid> and measuring resitances in knob im going to use
18:56:51  <Hiddenfunstuff> Just put a switch between the green wake up signal in the 24 pin plug and ground it to one of the black ones in same plug
18:56:58  <NumberNoid> along with a lot of continuity tests to figure out why 5 mobile charges don't work
18:57:12  <NumberNoid> all have a 5v output at 1a so they're really useful
18:57:34  <Hiddenfunstuff> theres 3.3 5v 12v
18:57:56  <NumberNoid> I mean for projects that you can just plug into the wall and work
18:58:00  <Hiddenfunstuff> Ah
18:58:15  <Hiddenfunstuff> what kind of amp ratings the PSU has?
18:58:20  <Hiddenfunstuff> just out of curiosity
18:58:25  <NumberNoid> its 230W I think
18:58:27  <NumberNoid> lemme check though
18:58:36  <Hiddenfunstuff> but the sticker on how much amps on what voltage rails
18:59:04  <NumberNoid> 300W @ 230V @ 8A
18:59:18  <Hiddenfunstuff> thats the input values i think
18:59:24  <NumberNoid> correction
18:59:26  <NumberNoid> 4A
18:59:40  <Hiddenfunstuff> but the output amps on 3.3, 5v and 12v
18:59:43  <NumberNoid> its got pentium 4 support
19:00:05  <NumberNoid> oh, you're rihht
19:00:12  <NumberNoid> 3.3V: 20A
19:00:16  <Hiddenfunstuff> hehe
19:00:18  <NumberNoid> 5V: 30A
19:00:23  <NumberNoid> 12V: 10A
19:00:34  <Hiddenfunstuff> you can plug shitloads of mobile devices on the 5v rail
19:00:43  <NumberNoid> it weighs about 200g
19:00:47  <Hiddenfunstuff> ^^
19:00:49  <NumberNoid> and its made in china
19:01:00  <NumberNoid> and its a mercury branded psu
19:01:06  <NumberNoid> quite sure it wont pull that much
19:01:26  <NumberNoid> I could use my 550W XFX 1.2KG PSU
19:01:34  <NumberNoid> but its still a good backup
19:01:39  <NumberNoid> no not touching it
19:01:42  <NumberNoid> so no*
19:01:44  <NumberNoid> so not*
19:01:45  <Hiddenfunstuff> dont waste a good supply on it
19:01:48  <NumberNoid> yeah
19:01:48  <Hiddenfunstuff> that china supply will work fine
19:02:07  <Hiddenfunstuff> though would never plug something valuable for it for longer periods of time like PC components
19:02:17  <Hiddenfunstuff> but workbench powersupply it should do fine
19:02:21  <NumberNoid> definatly
19:03:23  <Hiddenfunstuff> I should build a 24v power supply soon
19:03:39  <Hiddenfunstuff> getting tired of hauling these battery carts around when i need more than 12v
19:03:46  <NumberNoid> lol
19:03:59  <NumberNoid> Im just in need of a volume knob XD
19:04:08  <Hiddenfunstuff> damn thing weights like 15kg dry, add in 2 truck batteries and you got like 50kg package
19:04:11  <NumberNoid> and a PSU for other things like a fan
19:04:20  <NumberNoid> must be fun
19:04:23  <Hiddenfunstuff> indeed
19:04:38  <Hiddenfunstuff> also its even more joy moving it around in loose surface or in snow..
19:04:41  <NumberNoid> hook a motor up to the wheels and an RC unit and you got RC bat-cart
19:04:56  <Hiddenfunstuff> not sure how strong motor i'd need to do it
19:05:00  <NumberNoid> add a couple sensors and a microcontroller and you got an smart-bat-cart
19:05:05  *** Supercheese [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
19:05:25  <Hiddenfunstuff> yeah and add in GPS in it.. and teach it to make its way to me
19:05:39  *** Supercheese [] has joined #openttd
19:05:40  <NumberNoid> and add a learning algorythym
19:05:47  <NumberNoid> to make it sentient
19:05:55  <Hiddenfunstuff> So when i need to start up the trucks i can just press a button and wait for an hour for the thing to roll to me.. unless it runs out of juice while trying to make its way to destination
19:06:20  <NumberNoid> breaking news: Finnish government taken over by battery cart with microcontroller
19:06:34  <Hiddenfunstuff> or when it makes finally to the destination.. the batteries are half dead and have no juice to turn the engines
19:06:39  <NumberNoid> lol
19:06:55  <Hiddenfunstuff> Reason why i rarely turn off the engine..
19:07:15  <Hiddenfunstuff> no point turning off the engine for like 15-45 min break
19:10:46  <NumberNoid> I guess
19:10:52  * NumberNoid doesnt know trucks all that well
19:11:02  <NumberNoid> I know they run on disel
19:11:16  <NumberNoid> in the EU they are limited to 90
19:11:23  <Hiddenfunstuff> lets just say the starter takes insanely alot of amps while cranking
19:11:49  <Hiddenfunstuff> and if the batteries are not full or its cold.. no way in hell you gonna get it started
19:13:27  <NumberNoid> a lot like me in the morning
19:13:35  <Hiddenfunstuff> yep
19:13:57  <Hiddenfunstuff> need to consume atleast full pan of coffee before even its worth to try to do anything else
19:14:16  <NumberNoid> I need to sleep atleast another 4h before you can get me to do anything else
19:14:49  <Hiddenfunstuff> but you lucky bastard will have to wake to work like at 7am or something
19:15:20  <NumberNoid> how Is that lucky?
19:15:30  <NumberNoid> I work best from like 12-4
19:15:37  <NumberNoid> and alone
19:15:39  <Hiddenfunstuff> it was a guess
19:15:53  <Hiddenfunstuff> my day usually starts around 03 in the morning
19:15:59  <NumberNoid> oh god
19:16:19  <Hiddenfunstuff> or in the winter time even earlier to get all heaters on
19:16:55  <Hiddenfunstuff> and in best case... if its really cold.. pour half a litre of anti freeze alcohol or something into the diesel filters/change them completely
19:19:53  <NumberNoid> must be fun
19:20:14  <Hiddenfunstuff> Yeah
19:20:18  <Hiddenfunstuff> in the -30c it is
19:20:30  <NumberNoid> do you live in alaska or something?
19:20:32  <Hiddenfunstuff> your hands are numb even before you got the cab tilted..
19:20:35  <Hiddenfunstuff> no.. in finland
19:20:37  <NumberNoid> oh wait you live in finland
19:20:47  <NumberNoid> coldest Ive experienced was -15
19:20:57  <NumberNoid> hottest has been 42
19:21:02  <Hiddenfunstuff> coldest i been through was -38c
19:21:22  <Hiddenfunstuff> that was in east border when the worst of siberian wind ploughed through
19:22:10  <Hiddenfunstuff> nothing is as fun as trying to start a bonfire under the engine in a sidewind that kept extinguishing the damn fire
19:22:51  <NumberNoid> so are you like a breakdown guy or something?
19:22:56  <NumberNoid> roadside repair?
19:22:57  <Hiddenfunstuff> no?
19:23:05  <NumberNoid> or garage repair guy?
19:23:08  <Hiddenfunstuff> It was just so i could get the 40l of engine oil liquid again
19:23:14  <NumberNoid> oh
19:23:25  <NumberNoid> you see
19:23:30  <Alberth> that's how you get engines running when it's cold :)
19:23:37  <Hiddenfunstuff> because the engine didnt even crank because the oil was way too thick... there was too much resistance due to the thick oil
19:23:37  <NumberNoid> this will be the first time Ill reccomend a mac
19:23:51  <NumberNoid> put a html5 video on
19:24:02  <NumberNoid> and you got nucelear fission
19:24:06  <NumberNoid> the mac pro especially
19:24:15  <NumberNoid> make it render something easily 100C
19:24:17  <Hiddenfunstuff> went even extra effort of draining out the coolant out of the system and pouring in boiling water in the morning
19:24:27  <Hiddenfunstuff> that helped to unfreeze most of the block
19:24:57  <Hiddenfunstuff> but yeah.. the oldest type of block heater in vehicles: a bonfire under fuel tank and engine
19:27:30  *** EXetoC [] has joined #openttd
19:27:36  <EXetoC> meep
19:27:40  <Hiddenfunstuff> o/
19:29:57  <EXetoC> I like trains
19:30:04  <Hiddenfunstuff> i like trucks
19:32:24  <EXetoC> trucks are alright I guess
19:32:52  <frosch123> EXetoC: <- like that?
19:33:21  <EXetoC> ya
19:33:37  <frosch123> talk to andythenorth, he might help you
19:33:46  <Hiddenfunstuff> Hmm out of curiousity.. wonder how many types of lung cancer i have collected over the years..
19:34:57  *** Alberth [~alberth@2001:981:c6c5:1:be5f:f4ff:feac:e11] has left #openttd []
19:35:57  <andythenorth> frosch123: :(
19:36:08  <andythenorth> now my brain is rainbows
19:41:09  <EXetoC> heh
19:45:06  <Eddi|zuHause> just pay attention otherwise ponies will add to the rainbows
19:50:37  <EXetoC> how do I incorporate jump scare elements into a scenario?
19:54:40  <Eddi|zuHause> the PBI gravel pit sound effects were pretty jumpscary
20:15:43  *** frosch123 [] has quit [Quit: be yourself, except: if you have the opportunity to be a unicorn, then be a unicorn]
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21:10:34  <JadaiPT> Hey
21:11:15  <JadaiPT> .
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21:37:00  <EXetoC> servers
21:37:20  <EXetoC> I thought it was a boat command
21:39:57  *** sla_ro|master [slamaster@] has quit []
21:40:15  <EXetoC> right, etc
21:45:14  *** Progman [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
21:52:09  <Wolf01> 'night
21:52:15  *** Wolf01 [] has quit [Quit: Once again the world is quick to bury me.]
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23:56:24  <supermop_> morning pub time

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