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00:00:12  <drac_boy> there is also this unofficially named a japan star war train :->
00:01:17  <sim-al2> Now that's a small picture...
00:01:43  <sim-al2>
00:01:56  <sim-al2> Always has looked really, really weird
00:04:30  <drac_boy> well at least you don't have to actually watch these everyday! sorry can't seem to find any non-thumbnail photo of that one
00:05:32  <drac_boy> this one probably isn't too bad as its just a livery paintover
00:05:44  <drac_boy> funny whiskers tho :)
00:06:01  <drac_boy> the other end of that same train has a slightr elevated image (the eyes are in windows instead)
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00:07:45  <sim-al2> I'm not sure where that character is from, I was going to guess Anpanman, but not sure
00:08:48  <sim-al2> Slightly weird train:
00:10:27  <drac_boy> well you just found a "theres a prototype for everything!" photo ;)
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00:10:48  <sim-al2> Btw, that cable car you posted, this thing: , and the first train I posted, are all part of one company :)
00:11:10  <drac_boy> one of the kalbmach Trains issue once ran a photo of a small centercab diesel locomotive hauling a gondola converted into open-top tour coach and then behind that was a budd rdc
00:11:14  <sim-al2> Kintetsu, a rather major player around Osaka
00:11:34  <drac_boy> talk about two light diesels on a single tourist train heh
00:12:16  <sim-al2> I assume that most RDCs are not run on their own engines anymore, barring significant overhaul work
00:12:38  <sim-al2> Tons were converted to be regular coaches by the MBTA and others
00:12:54  <drac_boy> oh yeah weird one for some people but there was once a "what the...." titled photo of an excursion geep stopped with one rather big tumbleweed stuck to its pilot .. caption said a few passengers were summoned to help clear this off so the train could continue on its way
00:13:32  <drac_boy> I imagine it was around calfornia probably
00:14:30  <sim-al2> A lot of Japanese electric roads have workcars instead of locomotives for their maintenance needs:
00:15:47  <drac_boy> ex-emu? wouldn't surprise me at that clever reuse
00:17:14  <drac_boy> actually (and probably long before OSHA ever existed too) a few of these spindly light electric railroads in usa basically just took a flatcar that wasn't being used and hammer a wooden cab or two onto it then put up trolleypoles on the roof .. presto, crude work motor :)
00:17:24  <sim-al2> Of course, Toei (the Tokyo city-owned subway system) went the other way, having an electric locomotive (right) to pull the linear-motor powered EMUs of the Oedo line accross trackage of the Asakusa Line (not equipped with the linear rail):
00:18:22  <sim-al2> The big metal thing under the locomotive is the rail that the linear motor pulls on
00:19:05  <sim-al2> Appearently, using a linear motor helped allow smaller rolling stock, important for the very deep level Oedo line, which even then still cost a lot of money to bore
00:21:06  <sim-al2> Yeah, most of these work cars are ex-EMU, converted from older commuter units: JNR example:
00:21:36  <sim-al2> Some had lives as baggage units too:
00:21:50  <sim-al2>
00:22:58  <sim-al2> A few hacked back into passenger cars:
00:25:03  <drac_boy> btw I can't find one of these ex-flatcar "motors" now but heres a different image that shows what kind of things the little railroads loved to do before OSHA and other similar laws basically made them outlawed more or less
00:26:10  <sim-al2> Yeah, not much protection:
00:26:46  <drac_boy> aha yeah thats exactly the kind of cab-over-flat-wagon I was thinking of ^ .. just no wooden cab tho :)
00:28:52  <drac_boy> btw not exactly like you get a lot of photos of them but one particular ex-electric line I recall also had a heavyweight combine ... with one end's platform and steps rather somewhat noticeably bent more than 10 degree off from one too many downgrade "bang into someone else on the same track" hard couplings
00:29:21  <drac_boy> I always thought the passengers wisely used the other steps instead heh
00:29:42  <drac_boy> (it was a point to point railroad so the same end was always facing the downhill grade btw)
00:30:01  <sim-al2> I can't see how this could cause problems:
00:30:48  <drac_boy> btw you remind moment trying find a rack railway name again...
00:36:30  <drac_boy> well apparently the exact photo I had in mind wasn't shared online but anyway what would you had thought of something like this sitting at station with both pairs down while a man was actually standing around up on the roof fixing something ... and the overhead power was still live? :)
00:36:42  <drac_boy> yet another pre-workerregulations thing heh
00:37:27  <sim-al2> Well, with low voltages that might be ok, although very little room for error
00:37:46  <sim-al2> Assuming that the roof is grounded to the rails
00:38:19  <drac_boy> 3000V 50HZ wiki says (early ac I believe)
00:38:52  <sim-al2> Yeah, three-phase system too, but it only takes a connection between two phases to get a current
00:39:46  <sim-al2> The rails carry the third (somewhat like a regular system, where the rails are the ground side)
00:40:38  <drac_boy> if we're going to nitpick about feeds .. how about the london system? I'm not sure but I think its the only well known 4-rails system
00:42:03  <sim-al2> That's special though, with the fourth rail at a negative voltage
00:42:51  <sim-al2> Those trains can actually run on regular third rail too
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00:51:54  <drac_boy> theres one more thing about the london tube too....I can't find a photo now but theres these L16 battery locomotives in top-n-tail with a gravel/trash train being hauled by some random diesel or electric locomotive on the normal mainlines 0_o
00:52:18  <drac_boy> guess they just found it easier than moving the locomotives off somewhere else and take the wagons alone
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01:07:34  <sim-al2> It's possible that the LU still has vaccum brakes on those things
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01:09:28  <sim-al2> Errr, nevermind they are air
01:10:17  <sim-al2> The thing is, they need 3rd or 4th rail to run very far, as the batteries aren't made for high-speed usage
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01:11:48  <drac_boy> wiki keeps mentioning single and dual compressors so I imagine the newer ones are purely air/electric operations anyway :)
01:13:21  <sim-al2> I assume the air compressor thing is: normally, a lone locomotive would need to stop and apply the handbrake immediatly if the air compressor fails, as the air for the brake cylinders is coming directly from the main reservoir
01:13:55  <sim-al2> With a train, that's not as serious a problem, as the train brakes are fail-safe against that, and can stop the whole thing
01:14:06  <drac_boy> yeah
01:14:54  <sim-al2> Usually, there's a safety valve that can hold the brake cylinders against a loss of air, but it's not guarenteed in the same way a full automatic brake circuit is
01:15:14  <drac_boy> reminds me of some rather basic 0-4-0T and 0-6-0T that umm ... would scare anyone at the federal offices nowaday because guess what? the only brakes are either setting the throttle backward and/or wagon handbrakes :->
01:15:41  <sim-al2> Railcars that are used singlley often have dual air circuits, like a car
01:16:12  <sim-al2> Hmmm, even the earliest locomotives had a wood block for braking
01:16:18  <drac_boy> there was actually one 0-4-0T that used to be used for a short but hilly line, it had no air system, no headlight, noone thought of a whistle either (funny enough it did still have a rope bell), etc
01:17:00  <drac_boy> its still preserved in excursion order but with a lot of modern thigns added including even a turbogenerator
01:17:28  <sim-al2> Industrial railways, especially the near minimum gauges ones, often had much less complicated equipment
01:17:49  <sim-al2> Since they aren't going fast anyway, corners can be cut :D
01:17:58  <drac_boy> you still have to ask how a 0-4-0T could come downhill with several handbrakes-only wagons tho :-s
01:18:15  <sim-al2> Need a guy on one or more wagons to put the brakes on
01:18:43  <sim-al2> And off, sorta like how railways did before automatic brakes
01:19:04  <sim-al2> Although, with a short train, hand signals could be used
01:19:20  <drac_boy> there were only three crew on that train: passenger conductor, engineer, fireman
01:19:54  <sim-al2> Alternatively, the locomotive itself could handle all the braking, assuming enough weight to hold the train
01:20:18  <drac_boy> btw if you do want a big use of hand brakes you should look at the Devil Pass (or was it Devil Hill?) train ... old ex-usa baldwin steam locomotives with many old wagons making the tough zig-zag route with tons of whistling
01:20:37  <sim-al2> Using the steam in reverse is certainly possible, but risks damage to the rods if not done with care
01:22:43  <drac_boy> ah its actually Devil Nose .. in ecuador area
01:22:57  <drac_boy> lot of wooden boxcars still in use too apparently
01:25:05  <drac_boy> either way sorry if you had more to say but I'm going off for tonight - see you some another time ok? :)
01:26:13  <sim-al2> Ok, night
01:26:47  <sim-al2> Hmm, that have a more modern railcar too
01:27:06  <sim-al2> Literally railbuses
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14:54:51  <argoneus> good morning train friends
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19:00:56  <andythenorth> o/
19:12:49  <andythenorth> why would the ogfx smoke run slower than original TTD smoke?
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19:56:13  <Rubidium> perception, different sprite size, ...?
19:58:49  <andythenorth> plausible
20:13:24  <V453000> because it's shit? :P
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20:29:13  * DanMacK slaps andythenorth around a bit with a large fishbot
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21:41:29  <_johanne1> does someone know a trick how to let trains run to a station and entering it from one *specified* site? without modifying the topology/signals etc?
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21:42:58  <_johanne1> maybe any idea how to add such an order in the source code?
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22:10:50  <FLHerne> _johanne1: No such thing in stock OTTD, just waypoints
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22:11:47  <FLHerne> What sort of order would that look like anyway? How would you specify it?
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22:30:59  <peter1138> i don't even know what it means
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23:52:12  <drac_boy> hi

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