Log for #openttd on 10th February 2017:
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01:42:33  <markasoftware> what's your favorite vehicle
01:42:43  <supermop> huh me?
01:42:55  <markasoftware> sure
01:43:22  <supermop> I guess my bike
01:43:39  <supermop> sold my car years ago but i like that too
01:44:02  <markasoftware> is it prettcy much mandatory to use feeders for trains?
01:44:07  <markasoftware> otherwise my ratings go low...
01:44:29  <markasoftware> and it doesn't make sense to just add trains because there won't be enough cargo
01:44:52  <supermop> depends on how long the train is I guess
01:45:19  <supermop> I usually do fine with a two-platform station
01:45:49  <markasoftware> if your ratings are high enough, does the cargo produced just keep increasing?
01:51:30  <Supercheese> There's an upper bound
01:56:56  <Lejving>
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02:34:06  <markasoftware> lol, if you have a high speed vehicle go past the station your rating increases, that's amazing
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02:44:15  <supermop> really bummed that i have to build a 3-way wye junction
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03:00:10  <markasoftware> what's wrong with 3-way junctions?
03:00:34  <supermop> looks bad
03:01:26  <supermop> railways rarely have a junction where trains can choose any direction except in the densest areas
03:03:13  <markasoftware> don't most railways in openttd have a few lanes going one way and a few in the other?
03:03:38  <supermop> I try to keep my routes to be two tracks
03:03:44  <supermop> except for very busy areas
03:04:38  <markasoftware> i love how monorails are so powerful yet never used in the real word
03:04:41  <markasoftware> *world
03:05:21  <supermop> they are used in certain cases in the real world, but real monorails aren't anything like the TTD monorails
03:05:37  <markasoftware> yeadh
03:05:44  <markasoftware> here in seattle was the first monorail (supposedly)
03:05:51  <supermop> in TTD they are basically just "trains but better and faster"
03:06:18  <markasoftware> is the original graphics set nicer than the open one?
03:06:44  <supermop> Well Seattle was the first commercial application of the alweg style monorail - in the 1800s there were various monorails of other designs too
03:06:51  <supermop> that became obsolete
03:07:12  <supermop> choice of graphics set is really personal choice
03:07:45  <supermop> I think the original is nicer in someways, but I've been using the opengfx for so long i prefer it now
03:08:26  <markasoftware> is there any way to get the original without a copy of the game?
03:09:20  <markasoftware> pineapple graphics looks cool
03:09:32  <Lejving> you guys need #openttdcoop with 8l_8r and mega junctions :)
03:09:32  <supermop> there is no legal or ethical way to get one
03:09:59  <supermop> there are plenty of ways to do illegal or unethical things in this world if you look for it though
03:10:14  <Lejving> silk road
03:10:22  <supermop> tbh you can buy an old cd of the game pretty cheap off ebay
03:10:45  <supermop> hah use silk road just for ttdgfx
03:10:54  <Lejving> xD
03:10:57  <markasoftware> is pineapple graphics dead after failed kickstarter?
03:11:17  <supermop> depends on what you mean by dead
03:11:25  <markasoftware> like, was it ever finished?
03:11:33  <supermop> the train grf is finished and nice
03:11:56  <supermop> the base set is probably dead
03:13:32  <markasoftware> ok, i have done the "unethical" way, and honestly it looks so similar to the open one
03:14:01  <Lejving> pineapple graphics? is that some kind of spongebob shit
03:14:02  <supermop> the goal of the open graphics is to recreate the original graphics of course
03:14:21  <markasoftware> Lejving: yep
03:14:24  <supermop> Lejving - pikka's rendered 32bpp sets
03:14:37  <Lejving> :)
03:14:52  <supermop> pikka is not really active on here last couple years though
03:15:08  <Lejving> pikkachu
03:15:57  <markasoftware> damn, zbase is >200mb
03:16:03  <supermop> yeah
03:16:13  <markasoftware> how come I never hear music even though i have music thing installed?
03:16:14  <supermop> that's the problem with 32bpp sets
03:16:58  <markasoftware> my first train route is a failure, my rating are crap and there's no more coal
03:17:01  <supermop> everyone complained for like 5 years asking for extra zoom 32bpp rendered sprites
03:17:48  <markasoftware> are there any other 32bpp sets apart from zbase?
03:18:09  <supermop> and then once the game supported them, no one wanted to make them because it turns out making and rendering thousands of little models that fit together like old 8bit sprites is a huge pain
03:18:10  <Lejving> abase
03:18:31  <supermop> and you end up with unmanageable filesizes
03:18:37  <supermop> BRIX
03:18:43  <supermop> is under development
03:19:09  <supermop> but again - might end up getting downsampled to 8bpp
03:19:09  <markasoftware> why nobody uses semaphore signals?
03:19:18  <supermop> lots of people do
03:19:32  <Lejving>
03:19:34  <Lejving> dat brix
03:19:57  <supermop> I usually start games in 1960-70 though so by default light signals are used
03:20:03  <markasoftware> zbase looks...interesting
03:20:07  <markasoftware> too simple?
03:20:17  <supermop> zbase was made as a proof of concept
03:20:23  <markasoftware> damn, that's some nice low poly stuff there
03:20:46  <markasoftware> is it ready for use?
03:21:01  <Lejving> nah
03:21:17  <supermop> when 32bpp was finally added to the game there were no 32bpp base sets, and no one was really making any, so zeph made z base as a quick example
03:21:26  <Lejving>
03:21:38  <Lejving> maglev is sex in brix
03:22:16  <markasoftware> is abase any better?
03:22:32  <markasoftware> damn, those maglevs are sexy
03:23:11  <supermop> I don't know if abase ever got beyond GUI sprites, but it is more colorful than zbase
03:24:46  <markasoftware> worth a try at least, i guess
03:25:20  <markasoftware> zbase doesn't look THAT bad
03:25:37  <supermop> it's a matter of personal taste'
03:25:37  <Lejving> I think zbase is fine
03:25:46  <Lejving> gets a lot of hate I guess
03:25:55  <supermop> the buildings all look dead to me
03:26:40  <supermop> but most people don't appreciate how much work it takes to post-process sprites to make them look more alive
03:27:05  <supermop> when you consider it was done for free its impressive
03:27:13  <markasoftware> is nightgfx complete?
03:27:20  <supermop> yep
03:27:34  <supermop> it's a pain to play with though
03:27:41  <supermop> can't see anything
03:28:16  <markasoftware> i can't tell a discernable difference between a and z base
03:30:45  <markasoftware> brix looks cool though
03:30:49  <markasoftware> i will look into that once it's ready
03:31:36  <Lejving> =)
03:31:44  <supermop> goodnight
03:36:29  <markasoftware> it keeps saying my plane has orders for a runway that's too short but it keeps doing ok...
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10:11:49  <Wolf01> Moin
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10:22:44  <Arveen|Work> moin moin ;D
10:49:42  <Deactivated> m01n
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11:27:16  <__ln__>
11:33:44  <Wolf01> Eh, it's useful
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12:00:32  <Deactivated> wut
12:00:43  <Deactivated> :/
12:00:45  <crem> :\
12:01:35  <Deactivated> so random
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15:03:21  <Eddi|zuHause>
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15:13:47  <crem> old :)
15:15:11  <Eddi|zuHause> it may be old, but more current than ever :p
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15:31:39  <Alberth> hi hi
15:32:49  <crem> \o
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16:12:56  <crem> hi romaster!
16:14:05  <Wolf01> o/
16:14:24  <Wolf01> Alberth, you might be interested it's pandas today :D
16:23:05  <Alberth> oh, not those animals that eat tree :)
16:23:57  <Wolf01> And I missed the text processing with nltk one
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16:24:15  <Wolf01> Quak
16:24:46  <frosch123> hoi
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16:26:09  <Alberth> they seem to come with lots of docs
16:26:47  <Alberth> thanks for the offer, but I don't do enough data analysis to study it
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20:00:21  <andythenorth> o/
20:04:25  <Wolf01> o/
20:07:10  <supermop_> yo
20:08:39  <andythenorth> rebalanced Steeltown
20:08:54  <andythenorth> obv. it’s hard to judge from the flow diagram :)
20:09:04  <andythenorth> but some things go to fewer places
20:09:10  <andythenorth> and some things need less inputs to make them
20:09:33  <andythenorth> and ENSP is trivially available, instead of being right at the end of a long chain
20:09:57  <andythenorth> there’s probably enough space to insert some kind of joker element
20:10:00  <andythenorth> but not sure what
20:10:21  <andythenorth> like a B-chain that’s only tangentially related to main chain
20:10:27  <andythenorth> slugs or something :P
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20:20:22  <supermop_> cheese
20:20:37  <supermop_> 'locomotives'
20:20:48  <supermop_> just so i can tow around more chinooks
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20:58:13  <andythenorth> cheese
20:58:25  <andythenorth> cheese is ‘French’ economy, no?
20:59:45  <supermop_> wisconsin economy?
20:59:58  <supermop_> english cheese better than french anyway
21:00:14  <supermop_> west country economy?
21:00:23  <supermop_> dairy and clay
21:05:23  <andythenorth> already done :P
21:05:32  <andythenorth> no cheese, but much dairy
21:07:40  <supermop_> we need rivet counting depth on cheese production and distribution
21:16:19  <andythenorth> rennet
21:16:21  <andythenorth> wax
21:16:23  <andythenorth> cloth
21:16:25  <andythenorth> milk
21:16:34  <andythenorth> no cranberries though
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21:27:52  <supermop_> nettle leaves
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21:52:14  <andythenorth> bed
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