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00:26:32  <quiznilo> I have a question, does it make any difference to anything if cargo is sitting on a dock waiting to be picked up, or sitting in a car of a train that's idling in the station, waiting for a full load?
00:27:26  <quiznilo> I'm wondering if I shouldn't bother 'waiting for a full load' on some of these trains
00:31:56  <Eddi|zuHause> yes, cargo only "ages" if it's in a vehicle
00:32:16  <Eddi|zuHause> but beware that rating will drop if you have no vehicle loading
00:32:39  <Eddi|zuHause> so you get overall less cargo to transport if you don't use full load at the source station
00:33:09  <Eddi|zuHause> and at intermediate stations, you need to keep rating above 50% or cargo will disappear
00:33:45  <quiznilo> thanks
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07:06:42  <andythenorth> peat cargo
07:13:36  <__ln__>
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09:44:37  <Wolf01> o/
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11:23:35  <Wolf01> V453000, just one thing, would it be possible to craft instantly the items in sandbox and without using any resource?
11:24:08  <V453000> you can enable cheat mode in sandbox, no?
11:24:29  <Wolf01> Oh, that is for
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11:36:26  <Alberth> hi hi
11:36:41  <Wolf01> o/
11:38:32  <andythenorth> lo Alberth
11:39:19  <Alberth> so PULP was a false positive?
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11:45:57  <andythenorth> yup
11:46:01  <andythenorth> didn’t really work
11:46:08  <andythenorth> but I’m adding PEAT :P
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12:06:54  <Alberth> let's wait a while until you decided it works :)
12:11:41  <Alberth> PULP deleted
12:21:14  <frosch123> was it just fiction?
12:23:56  <Wolf01> V453000, isn't possible yet to make a splitter with circuit control? I must use the old contraption with centrifuges?
12:24:15  <Wolf01> (to separate ores)
12:25:13  <frosch123> did the splitter separation ever work reliably for you?
12:25:27  <Wolf01> With centrifuges yes
12:25:27  <frosch123> i made the experience that they run for a few hours, and then randomly break
12:25:48  <Wolf01> But you must not overload them
12:26:08  <frosch123> yeah, something like that
12:26:23  <frosch123> i.e. if something breaks down and stuff gets stuck, then suddenly everything breaks :)
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12:28:50  <Wolf01> I'm trying contraptions with circuits disabling one output belt while reading the input belt, but it breaks every 3 items
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12:30:04  <Wolf01> The problem is that one wrong item always gets stuck in the splitter
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13:04:25  <V453000> just use inserters for filtering :)
13:13:22  <__ln__> what's this centrifuge talk, are you any chance trying to produce plutonium?
13:13:32  <Wolf01> Yes
13:14:21  <__ln__> ah, ok, carry on then
13:14:44  <Wolf01> BTW, I should start to get the uranium
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13:20:49  <frosch123> __ln__: funnily they don't. for some reason they went u235 only, though u238 would have been way more fun
13:27:23  <Eddi|zuHause> i always forget which one you actually are trying to filter for with centrifuges
13:27:53  <frosch123> u235 is the rare one with the reactors that produce little weapon-usable stuff
13:28:15  <frosch123> u238 is the common one with the highly efficient reactor with lots of byproducts
13:28:50  <frosch123> since u238 is unfashionable to use, it is just used as heavy metal
13:39:14  <Wolf01> anyone knows a reliable way to reset the counter?
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13:40:06  <Wolf01> I tried with a pulse of -(count) but I got -1.5G then 4G then 250M then -324M etc
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14:53:53  <frosch123> didn't cargos used to have some hint "produced in assembling maching 1/2/3"?
14:58:36  <Wolf01> Strange, I thought the same thing yesterday
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15:45:43  <quiznilo> kk, what is the hotkey for minimap... 'm'
15:46:00  <quiznilo> I have to learn these hotkeys... all of them
15:46:20  <Wolf01> They are almost all the same for every game
15:47:05  <quiznilo> I'm not a gamer
15:47:11  <quiznilo> I play Eve Online and ottd
15:47:14  <quiznilo> and that's it
15:47:38  <Wolf01> Except my games, where I use the numpad and arrows to do stuff like moving the camera
15:48:59  <frosch123> so wolf hates notebook users :p
15:49:38  <Wolf01> No, I'm not ready to control the camera with the mouse yet
15:50:38  <quiznilo> there needs to be a hotkey for 'message history'
15:50:57  <quiznilo> I discovered <del> hotkey by accident... was at a bad time though
15:51:21  <frosch123> quiznilo: check hotkeys.cfg in your ottd folder
15:51:30  <quiznilo> ooo good tip
15:52:07  <Wolf01> Not that a window which shows the configured hotkeys is a waste
15:54:18  <frosch123> quiznilo: <- i think those are the shortcuts which are not configurable
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16:02:46  <Wolf01> Remove desert in scenario editor 	Landscape -> Desert tool -> Ctrl + click tile  <- so it's possible XD
16:04:07  <frosch123> yep, i once considered adding that function, and discovered that it already existed
16:04:17  <Wolf01> Me too
16:04:34  <Wolf01> (considered to add the function)
16:05:05  <Wolf01> I really think the game needs some UI overhaul to un-hide those features
16:05:10  <Wolf01> Like sub-toolbars
16:06:11  <Wolf01> Or maybe alternative toolbers like the signal toolbar
16:06:19  <Wolf01> Toolbars too
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16:09:39  <Wolf01> So, if I have an address like "", does "" works too? Because I was sure to have set the wrong domain and I still got the activation email, twice, both from
16:10:08  <Wolf01> s/from/for
16:11:18  <frosch123> just send a mail to it, and check whether it arrives
16:13:10  <frosch123> hmm, what provides blue science?
16:13:27  <frosch123> i selected something for research, but it needs blue science, which i do not have
16:13:32  <frosch123> so what do i need to research instead?
16:15:24  <frosch123> advanced electronics
16:15:44  <frosch123> i clicked on every research :p was there a better method?
16:17:08  <Wolf01> Blue tier researches should not be active until you can actually produce the blue kits (also every other colour)
16:18:49  <Wolf01> Ok, I found something WEIRD on the interwebs...
16:18:57  <Wolf01>
16:19:11  <Wolf01> Totally related to this channel
16:19:18  <frosch123> another slugcat
16:19:38  <frosch123> there was also that other slugcat game, i guess V's minions take over
16:19:57  <frosch123> oh wait, this is a snailcatr
16:20:00  <frosch123> -r
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17:38:52  <quiznilo>
17:45:45  <DorpsGek> Commit by translators :: r27861 trunk/src/lang/swedish.txt (2017-04-29 19:45:37 +0200 )
17:45:46  <DorpsGek> -Update from Eints:
17:45:47  <DorpsGek> swedish: 49 changes by Joel_A
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18:37:54  <frosch123> haha, so coal liquefacation uses heavy oil to transform coal into even more heavy oil
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19:03:40  <andythenorth> lego are researching bricks from wheat
19:03:45  <andythenorth> naptha can be made from peat
19:04:01  <andythenorth> seems carbon-containing material is quite mutable :P
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19:26:47  <Alberth> lego production industry :p
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20:16:49  <Alkel_U3> ok, velry low sprite resolution of factorio is pretty ridiculous but seems like I don't have much choice on this old machine :-)
20:32:14  <andythenorth> hmm
20:32:31  <andythenorth> does peat extraction need engineering supplies, or farm supplies? o_O
20:32:37  <andythenorth> forests are farm supplies
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20:45:55  <Eddi|zuHause> i'd say engineering
20:46:15  <Eddi|zuHause> but i know nothing about it
20:46:42  <Eddi|zuHause> maybe farm is more consistent
20:47:02  <Eddi|zuHause> farm for primary, engineering for secondary industries
20:47:25  <Eddi|zuHause> or whatever
20:47:36  <Eddi|zuHause> probably not helpful
20:49:43  <andythenorth> probably engineering
20:49:59  <andythenorth> one doesn’t apply fertiliser and stuff to peatlands
20:50:03  <andythenorth> one just digs it up
20:50:07  <andythenorth> and burns it
20:57:36  <frosch123> "forks" sound like "engineering supplies" :)
20:58:55  <andythenorth> yup
20:59:24  <frosch123> <- has various peat pictures
21:02:52  <frosch123> apparently finland has a lot of peat
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21:09:01  <Alkel_U3> I was to a former peat extraction area, there was a lot of heavy machinery rusting all around (mostly vehicles)
21:13:41  <andythenorth> I liked this one,+talvi+2013,+turvemuseo+BGF+194.JPG?img=full
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21:23:01  <Alkel_U3> Ah, I found something from that area
21:24:52  <Alkel_U3>
21:26:12  <Alkel_U3> or that one
21:39:47  <andythenorth> cheers
21:40:06  <andythenorth> useful
21:40:08  * andythenorth bed
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22:30:26  <supermop> how do composited sprites work V453000?
22:30:37  <supermop> do they have like bounding boxes?
22:31:31  <supermop> if cab is separate from truck body, how does it know what order to draw them based of which was truck is driving
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22:56:30  <quiznilo>
22:56:42  <quiznilo> so FIRS
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