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08:18:17  <andythenorth> o/
08:22:14  <Alberth> o/
08:28:14  <andythenorth> steeltown eh
08:34:06  <Alberth> it is
08:34:19  <Alberth> just started a game yesterday :)
08:34:56  <Alberth> also want to try that "think globally act locally" script
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08:39:55  <andythenorth> I am playing SV
08:41:24  <andythenorth> is the TGAL script good Alberth ?
08:42:04  <Alberth> don't know, seems a bit town oriented while reading the description
08:42:38  <andythenorth> my SV game looks too good to abandon right now :)
08:42:58  <Alberth>  haven't played that script in ages :)
08:42:59  <andythenorth> I have 9 coal mines, all near the town where I need to build 5 electrical machine factories
08:43:13  <andythenorth> so it's going to be really hard to win
08:43:18  <Alberth> I guess that's good eh ?
08:43:18  <andythenorth> no space for routes
08:43:22  <andythenorth> it's good
08:43:27  <Alberth> ha :)
08:43:41  <Alberth> save a copy so you can retry a second time :)
08:43:43  <andythenorth> best SV games pack everything into small space
08:44:05  <Alberth> you ever tried the freight challenge scenario?
08:44:29  <Alberth> just default set, but very tight as well
08:55:20  <andythenorth> nah haven't tried it :)
08:55:29  <andythenorth> think I've seen screenshots
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09:19:09  <Alberth> bbl
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10:28:57  <henry> Good, day
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10:32:15  <frosch123> @op
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10:32:20  <frosch123> @mode +i
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10:32:29  <RafiX> @op
10:32:32  <RafiX> :c
10:32:35  <frosch123> too much bots
10:32:56  <RafiX> I'm getting private msgs from those bots
10:33:08  <Wolf01> o/
10:33:26  <frosch123> @deop
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10:33:59  <Wolf01> Another spam wave?
10:34:14  <frosch123> they only joined and left for now
10:34:18  <RafiX> "nigger day"
10:34:31  <frosch123> either they get filtered, or they are not setup yet
10:35:33  <RafiX> I'm still getting priv msgs
10:35:36  <RafiX> and invites
10:35:51  <RafiX> to join #RafiXisanigger11
10:36:00  <RafiX> and someshit like this
10:36:10  <frosch123> well, don't repost
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10:36:50  <frosch123> also you can configure your client to deny querries
10:36:52  <henry> Lately I've been having a look around the codebase of OpenTTD, and I've noticed that newer parts of the code are using the STL, but aren't using a custom allocator which wraps MallocT<T>(size_t count), is this intentional?
10:37:23  <Wolf01> I think I still have the query block enabled since the last wave
10:39:38  <frosch123> henry: MallocT is not really a custom allocator
10:41:29  <henry> So the intention is to move to using the STL and its default allocator then?
10:41:36  <Wolf01> I think one of my monitors (the newest one) is trying to tell me it isn't working so well
10:42:31  <frosch123> the intention is to move to c++11 and get rid of the custom containers
10:42:57  <frosch123> MallocT does nothing which STL doesn't do as well
10:44:26  <henry> Fair enough, I'll bear that in mind when making patches
10:45:00  <frosch123> anyway, compile farm is not yet ready to compile c++11
10:45:14  <frosch123> so, current state is: compilable with both c++03 and 11
10:48:58  <henry> okay, A combination of writing hotel-wifi systems and having my GPU in 3 parts has given me need of some more enjoyable codebases to contibute to
10:50:30  <LordAro> henry: i made & a while back
10:50:40  <LordAro> the latter one certainly breaks things
10:50:49  <RafiX> so turns out /umode +j helps with this raid
10:51:40  <LordAro> frosch123: has there been any change to  compile farm in the last couple of months?
10:51:45  <henry> I'll look at it later :3
10:51:45  <LordAro> to compile farm status*
10:52:17  <frosch123> LordAro: it appeared to be almost done
10:52:30  <frosch123> haven't seen tb in a while
10:54:00  <LordAro> the beast slumbers
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11:01:58  <LordAro> lol.
11:02:31  <peter1138> hmm
11:05:06  <Eddi|zuHause> was that because he spread the messages sent to him?
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11:09:57  <henry> LordAro: That's not something that I would have expected to break much xD
11:12:20  <LordAro> Eddi|zuHause: i'd imagine so
11:16:55  <Wolf01> Mmmh, this F game is doomed, no near stone patches, no iron patches, coal is about to finish, oil is really distant (and behind biters' nest) and not enough rails to get anywhere
11:18:14  <henry> Well you've got a challenge if you wish to accept it
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11:30:43  <Eddi|zuHause> so just move your entire base to where the ressources are?
11:31:01  <Wolf01> Yes
11:35:40  <Wolf01> Oops, coal finishes
11:35:42  <Wolf01> *d
11:35:55  <Wolf01> Entire base offline
12:05:17  <V453000> :) hi Wolf
12:06:03  <Wolf01> Found a patch of coal \o/ 30km in the middle of biters
12:06:24  <Wolf01> Luckily I have some solar panels
12:06:47  <V453000> how many hours?
12:06:58  <V453000> I'm about 9 hours into a deathworld with max cliffz
12:08:54  <Wolf01> V, iz possible to place poles without automatic cable connection?
12:09:06  <V453000> ?
12:09:32  <Wolf01> I'm trying to make use of the power switches, but poles keep connecting to unwanted sub-circuits
12:09:40  <V453000> ah
12:09:43  <V453000> yeah that's annoying
12:09:52  <V453000> build a power ple
12:10:01  <V453000> and then shift click on it to disconnect it
12:10:37  <Wolf01> Yeah, that's what I do
12:11:09  <Wolf01> Ok, research is back online, green powah
12:11:50  <V453000> I just connected a new coal patch with 186k coal left :)
12:11:52  <Wolf01> Base smeared with power switches, I can disable parts I don't really need
12:11:55  <V453000> was quite close too
12:12:12  <Wolf01> The nearest coal patch has 4k coal left
12:12:24  <Wolf01> It would last like... a night
12:12:47  <Eddi|zuHause> maybe one night is all you need? :p
12:13:03  <V453000> I seem to consume only about 300/min
12:13:08  <V453000> haha
12:13:09  <Wolf01> I need to bring back online the rail factory
12:13:24  <Wolf01> And the rail station too
12:13:41  <Wolf01> But that could go on green power on its own
12:14:56  <Wolf01> I mined some rocks on my trip in search of coal, so I could produce some rails
12:24:20  <Wolf01> V453000, do you know what info is really missing? The max possible power output of all the generators of a circuit
12:24:50  <Wolf01> You have to do the sum by yourself
12:30:40  <V453000> 0.17:P
12:32:33  <Wolf01> Also tree regrowth, there's a mod but it would be a good addition to the base game, to make the map more alive
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12:56:47  <frosch123> @op
12:56:48  *** DorpsGek sets mode: +o frosch123
12:56:49  <frosch123> @mode -i
12:56:50  *** DorpsGek sets mode: -i 
12:56:52  <frosch123> @deop
12:56:52  *** DorpsGek sets mode: -o frosch123
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13:00:41  <andythenorth> thanks
13:00:57  <Wolf01> o/
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13:40:45  * andythenorth horsing
13:40:56  <andythenorth> so what's broken with bundles? :)
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13:46:40  <m3henry> Aha, I can join again
13:55:51  <m3henry> ls
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14:17:46  <andythenorth> got a missing python attribute
14:17:56  <andythenorth> but no file in my repo tries to read it
14:17:58  <andythenorth> so eh?
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14:18:22  <andythenorth> ah
14:18:23  <andythenorth> getattr(self, 'capacities_' + cargo_type)
14:18:29  <andythenorth> it's constructed attr name
14:18:31  <andythenorth> bad
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14:29:54  <Alberth> o/
14:30:05  <Wolf01> o/
14:33:54  <m3henry> 'Gday
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15:21:05  <andythenorth> sometimes the default cargo for a vehicle isn't present in a game
15:21:11  <andythenorth> can I control that on a cascading basis?
15:21:40  <Alberth> :O
15:22:00  <andythenorth> e.g. goods
15:22:08  <andythenorth> default_cargo = GOOD
15:22:17  <andythenorth> but GOOD not always present, so it defaults then to mail
15:23:05  <Alberth> would seem useful if you have control over that, but no idea
15:23:18  <andythenorth> can't see a var to test if cargo is defined
15:24:43  <andythenorth> I can mess with cargo table
15:25:07  <andythenorth> but that's global, so it's whackamole
15:25:20  <andythenorth> change order to suit one vehicle, break another
15:26:33  <frosch123> it tries cargos in the order of the cargo translation table iirc
15:26:56  <andythenorth> yup
15:27:01  <andythenorth> that's my understanding too
15:27:23  <frosch123> it's written somewhere
15:27:55  <andythenorth> I think I end up chasing my own tail, re-ordering CTT
15:28:16  <andythenorth> but I have box cars fitted to mail by default, due to no Goods
15:29:27  <andythenorth> it's not a new issue, I just never found a good fix :)
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15:43:37  <Alberth> check for availability o a sane-ish set of cargoes, and bail out otherwise
15:43:59  <Alberth> hmm, no cargo test, eh?
15:44:02  <Alberth> bummer
15:45:02  <andythenorth> [shrug]
15:45:48  <frosch123> Alberth: there is a cargo test
15:46:57  <Alberth> andy just claimed there isn't
15:50:05  <Alberth> disable the vehicle is nicer
15:52:14  <andythenorth> I couldn't find one in nml docs
15:52:54  <andythenorth> I was looking for something like 'cargo label is active'
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15:58:56  <frosch123> <- cargotype_available
16:03:11  <m3henry> git log -n1
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16:04:37  <andythenorth> nice
16:04:39  <andythenorth> thanks
16:04:58  * andythenorth tests
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16:28:30  <andythenorth> can't figure out the if/else logic for it, based on a list :P
16:28:32  <andythenorth> stupid andythenorth
16:28:38  <andythenorth> [GOOD, FOOD]
16:28:59  <andythenorth> if first available, use that, otherwise keep walking list
16:29:35  <andythenorth> I play tanks, answer will become obvious :P
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16:31:07  <andythenorth> probably loop over "else () {}'
16:31:54  *** Gustavo6046 has joined #openttd
16:34:41  <Eddi|zuHause> something like: cargo_available(GOOD) << 1 | cargo_available(FOOD) => 2-3: GOOD, 1: FOOD, default: MAIL
16:41:10  <Eddi|zuHause> if you have 3 cargos, 4-7 would be good, 2-3 FOOD and 1 the third cargo
16:41:47  <Eddi|zuHause> if you have << n, the range is 2^n to 2^(n+1)-1
16:42:20  <andythenorth> shifts
16:42:24  <andythenorth> proper programming :P
16:42:41  <frosch123> rubber tank coding?
16:42:48  <andythenorth> something like that
16:42:53  <andythenorth> I lost :P
16:43:15  <andythenorth> Eddi|zuHause: it's just an item() block, not a switch
16:43:19  <andythenorth> I get if/else
16:44:08  <Eddi|zuHause> then you just do nested ?: operators
16:44:33  <Eddi|zuHause> cargo_available(GOOD)?GOOD:cargo_available(FOOD)?FOOD:MAIL
16:45:13  <andythenorth> yes that might work
16:48:05  <andythenorth> not sure how to recurse
16:48:06  <andythenorth> but eh
16:48:17  <Eddi|zuHause> not recurse, iterate :p
16:48:26  <andythenorth> I need a bit of python that will generate the nml ternary ops
16:48:41  <andythenorth> doesn't that need a recursive function?
16:49:17  <Eddi|zuHause> for item in list: print(cargo_available(item):item, no newline); else: print(MAIL)
16:49:44  <Eddi|zuHause> almost
16:49:57  <Eddi|zuHause> cargo_available(item)?item:
16:54:04  * andythenorth not understanding :D
16:54:36  <Eddi|zuHause> we have [GOOD, FOOD] and want to have this line: cargo_available(GOOD)?GOOD:cargo_available(FOOD)?FOOD:MAIL
16:54:42  <andythenorth> yup
16:54:49  <Eddi|zuHause> so we write cargo_available(GOOD)?GOOD:
16:54:55  <andythenorth> it's the specific python implementation I can't figure out
16:55:01  <Eddi|zuHause> then we write cargo_available(FOOD)?FOOD:
16:55:05  <andythenorth> I have to string concatenate or substitute
16:55:12  <Eddi|zuHause> then we write MAIL
16:55:14  <andythenorth> yup
16:55:23  <andythenorth> I understand the stacked ternary
16:55:37  <Eddi|zuHause> so what part of the above code do you not understand?
16:56:29  <Eddi|zuHause> something like print("cargo_available({0}):{0}".format(item), end="")
16:56:50  <Eddi|zuHause> not sure about the .format syntax
16:57:00  <Eddi|zuHause> haven't used that very often yet
16:57:34  <Eddi|zuHause> and the "else:" needs to have the same indentation level as the "for"
16:57:46  <Eddi|zuHause> for:
16:57:48  <Eddi|zuHause>   print()
16:57:50  <Eddi|zuHause> else:
16:57:52  <Eddi|zuHause>   print()
16:58:11  <Eddi|zuHause> you can probably do without the else
16:58:59  <Eddi|zuHause> else run when the for-loop finishes, but not if it is aborted with "break"
16:59:11  <Eddi|zuHause> (i think)
17:15:25  <__ln__> greetings from bavaria, and goodbye germany
17:16:20  <frosch123> those two parts are in the wrong order
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17:19:30  <andythenorth> this look right? "cargo_available(VPTS)?VPTS:cargo_available(GOOD)?GOOD:FOOD"
17:20:39  *** ToffeeYogurtPots has joined #openttd
17:22:31  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: what happens if FOOD is also not available?
17:23:05  <andythenorth> it will carry on down the cargo table
17:23:12  <andythenorth> I'm not likely to handle every case
17:23:36  <Eddi|zuHause> yes, that would be silly
17:26:34  <andythenorth> works I think
17:26:39  <andythenorth> thanks all
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18:30:17  <m3henry> I'm noticing that some functions are unused in the codebase
18:57:36  *** Lee14141 has joined #openttd
19:02:20  <frosch123> can you give an example?
19:17:59  <andythenorth> frosch123: anything I can do to help fix bundles?
19:18:10  <andythenorth> I think I refused SSH on devzone for safety reasons :P
19:18:24  <frosch123> we can retry rebooting some vms
19:19:55  <frosch123> i found the bash history of what pm did last time
19:20:00  <frosch123> repeating...
19:24:17  <frosch123> looking better
19:25:46  <frosch123> hog worked
19:26:12  <frosch123> triggering the rest
19:26:47  <andythenorth> great, thanks :)
19:26:58  <andythenorth> cron job :P
19:27:01  * Wolf01 is lost in F
19:27:16  * andythenorth is at peace with OpenTTD again
19:27:21  <andythenorth> needed a break, fun was gone
19:28:04  <frosch123> horse done
19:28:11  * V453000 too
19:28:22  <V453000> tanks
19:28:35  <andythenorth> tanks wasn't it
19:28:42  <andythenorth> V453000 you play WOTB?
19:30:25  <V453000> no, Factorio: Tank genocide
19:30:41  *** Lee14141 has left #openttd
19:30:41  <frosch123> shooting tanks with atillery?
19:31:17  <V453000> well currently it's me who has a tank
19:31:29  * andythenorth wants to platoon in WOTB
19:31:35  <andythenorth>  but only with someone I can sledge
19:37:23  <frosch123> hmm, busy bee is broken for other reasons
19:38:12  *** Lamp_ is now known as Lamp-
19:39:44  <Eddi|zuHause> last time i checked, building CETS was broken, because it couldn't fetch custom nml
19:40:39  <frosch123> well, i rather finish the long-vehicle implementation than trying to make cets build :p
19:42:11  *** drac_boy has joined #openttd
19:42:13  <drac_boy> hi
19:43:02  <drac_boy> got an interesting question..would typical dwarves only have steam locomotives or is electric not too 'strange' for a dwarf to know of using?
19:43:52  <frosch123> electricity is usually only used by the evil
19:44:22  <drac_boy> frosch heh hmm you make a good point..thanks btw
19:45:00  <Eddi|zuHause> drac_boy: in mining you usally use electric and avoid steam
19:45:10  <frosch123> also, there is no lightning in mountain halls
19:46:23  <frosch123> Eddi|zuHause: the chimneys are the weak point of every dwarf mine
19:46:45  <frosch123> you only need to survive some icey mountain passes and you can invade them
19:56:13  <andythenorth> ottd dwarf conversion grf
19:56:24  <andythenorth> a novelty idea that actually appeals to me :P
19:57:12  <frosch123> no ships though
20:07:08  *** glx has joined #openttd
20:07:09  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v glx
20:07:42  <drac_boy> frosch actually in theory iron hulled boats can be done :)
20:08:14  <drac_boy> abit a lot of modeller examples are war ships in theme, not too much of a surprise there :-s
20:08:57  <frosch123> never heard of a dwarf liking water
20:09:41  <frosch123> i guess dwarfs would only ship on lava seas
20:09:54  <frosch123> *lakes
20:13:52  *** m3henry has quit IRC
20:20:22  *** Gustavo6146_ has joined #openttd
20:22:36  <drac_boy> frosch one thing for sure..don't try sell ore to them, they LOVE TO MINE FOR IT. heh? ;-)
20:23:49  <andythenorth> dwarves dislike water
20:26:18  <frosch123> they dislike everything which prevents them from having their feet on the ground
20:26:58  <frosch123> for some reason rail based wagons do not count
20:27:04  *** Gustavo6046 has quit IRC
20:27:32  <frosch123> the rails are proably to distracting for them to notice the lack of ground
20:30:34  *** Gustavo6146_ has quit IRC
20:31:28  *** Gustavo6046 has joined #openttd
20:36:11  <drac_boy> anyway ty..going off for a bit as usual :-)
20:36:14  *** drac_boy has left #openttd
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20:40:27  <Borg> yoo ;)
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21:31:59  <Wolf01> 'night
21:32:02  *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
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22:52:47  *** Mahjong2 is now known as Mahjong
22:52:58  <Lejving> I actually knew cause he spammed in another irc server
22:53:02  <Lejving> so jokes on him???
22:53:02  <Exec> What script is used here for autokilling possible spambots?
22:53:27  <glx> autokill is done by OFTC directly
22:55:22  *** mindlesstux has joined #openttd
22:57:58  <Exec> I mean on the server
22:58:42  <LordAro> might be better off asking a staff member
22:58:51  <glx> maybe an analysis of the message received
22:59:45  <LordAro> yeah, a simple "has posted message a .onion address" would likely get most of them
23:00:00  <LordAro> although that would be a bit unfriendly towards actual tor users
23:13:45  *** Stimrol has quit IRC
23:25:43  *** Wormnest has quit IRC
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