Log for #openttd on 26th December 2018:
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00:02:56  <Samu> seems to be working
00:02:58  <Samu> yay
00:03:11  <Samu> the Info message wasn't displayed
00:03:16  <Samu> let me try turn it on
00:04:38  <Samu> okay, on my AI side, LuDi, i now got this.scp.SCPLogging_Info(true);
00:05:45  <Samu> yay, it works!~
00:05:51  <Samu> message is displayed
00:08:05  <Samu> it is the AI can turn it on or off, the SCPClient_CompanyValueGS will get to display the info or not, based on what is set in the AI
00:08:11  <Samu> everything can be linked together!
00:08:44  <Zuu> Good night and happy coding. Stay calm and follow the API docs. :-)
00:08:51  <Samu> oki
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08:10:28  <andythenorth> moin
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08:42:54  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain requested changes for pull request #6989: Change: use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
08:43:32  <TrueBrain> gooooood morning andythenorth
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09:01:53  <TrueBrain> hmm, is afxres.h still needed, I wonder ..
09:04:07  <TrueBrain> seems we don't
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09:12:50  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain opened pull request #6991: Use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
09:13:12  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain commented on pull request #6989: Change: use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
09:13:13  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain closed pull request #6989: Change: use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
09:13:34  <TrueBrain> anyone mind proof-reading #6991 MSVC instructions? :D
09:15:00  <TrueBrain> always a bit tricky to write instructions on something you never used yourself :P
09:16:12  <nielsm> looks okay to me
09:19:40  <TrueBrain> if you can express that with an approval, I would be very greatful :D
09:19:54  <TrueBrain> NO MORE openttd-useful! :D
09:19:57  <TrueBrain> best xmas present EVAH
09:20:48  <Eddi|zuHause> [citation needed]
09:22:39  <TrueBrain> so running all of OpenTTD's infrastructure on Azure costs around 400 dollar a month ... and just 100 dollar when you do the same on DigitalOcean .. why you ask? Well, DO gives bandwidth a lot cheaper ... 30 dollar vs 300 dollar ..
09:22:45  <TrueBrain> not sure why ..
09:23:57  <TrueBrain> did I really wrote greatful? grateful ofc ...
09:23:59  <TrueBrain> lolz ..
09:25:55  <SpComb> 75% of monthly costs are in bandwidth?
09:26:15  <TrueBrain> yup ....
09:26:17  <TrueBrain> odd aint it
09:27:02  <TrueBrain> k8s is about the same price, give or take (and ignoring storage)
09:27:20  <TrueBrain> but DO gives a 4TB a month CDN for ~30 dollar, Azure for ~300 dollar
09:27:49  <nielsm> installing the deps via vcpkg does take a while
09:28:13  <nielsm> caching them as a build artifact and importing into regular CI builds is def. the way to go
09:28:36  <TrueBrain> nielsm: ~10 minutes on Azure. But yeah .. exactly the reason I did that :P
09:28:50  <TrueBrain> and as vcpkg is just a folder you can just pick up and drop
09:28:55  <TrueBrain> super flexible :D
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09:49:54  <Wolf01> o/
09:52:58  <Wolf01> So valve lost satisfactory
09:54:49  <andythenorth> ?
09:55:21  <Wolf01> 3D factorio
09:55:24  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: we got enough funds?
09:55:27  <andythenorth> :P
09:56:00  <TrueBrain> Wolf01: "lost" .. Epic "won" is a better way of putting it
09:56:09  <TrueBrain> people are getting sick of how much money Steam holds back
09:56:12  <TrueBrain> and it starts to show
09:56:15  <Wolf01> Yep
09:56:26  <andythenorth> I had to install Steam once
09:56:28  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: still, DO is cheaper .. I dont get the pricing of stuff like azure (at all)
09:56:38  <TrueBrain> (or GCP or AWS)
09:56:42  <andythenorth> mostly $$$
09:56:43  <TrueBrain> guess I must be using the calculator wrong
09:56:50  <andythenorth> AWS is ok on spot instances
09:56:52  <TrueBrain> or they are not meant for our size
09:56:58  <TrueBrain> bandwidth is the issue mostly ;)
09:57:02  <TrueBrain> the rest is comparable
09:57:10  <andythenorth> any guaranteed performance, commity cloud $$ >> self-managed hardware
09:57:17  <Wolf01> But I won't use Epic launcher, I'm just grabbing the free game they give twice a month and let it rot there
09:57:18  <TrueBrain> but DO is just very straightforward in their price .. no non-sense nothing
09:57:21  <andythenorth> commodity *
09:57:35  <Wolf01> Like uplay, like origin, like gog
09:57:50  <TrueBrain> that is the thing I like about Steam .. everything in one place
09:57:57  <andythenorth> Steam kept wanting to do stuff to my computer
09:58:00  <TrueBrain> but .. I can understand publishers moving away
09:58:09  <andythenorth> I just wanted to play ETS2, not have loads of extra shit and tinfoil
09:58:10  <TrueBrain> so we need an Open Source project that combines all those platforms into one :D
09:58:16  <Wolf01> <andythenorth> Steam kept wanting to do stuff to my computer <- like updating games?
09:58:23  <andythenorth> yeah
09:58:26  <andythenorth> and itself
09:58:27  <andythenorth> constantly
09:58:31  <andythenorth> with admin user permissions
09:58:41  <andythenorth> I hate giving sudo to anything
09:58:55  <Wolf01> That happens on windows too
09:59:53  <Wolf01> But usually when games need to update/install runtimes, my games are on a different HDD and don't require permissions to install/update
10:01:46  <Wolf01> Mmmh, my cat talks too much
10:04:45  <Wolf01> I think the best approach is the one like gog, you buy games on steam and you get a copy on gog too (if supported and while you keep it on steam, so no buy-redeem on gog-refund on steam trick)
10:05:41  <Wolf01> Then if you want to use gog for everything in one place you will be able to do it... too bad only 10 games of my 900 are supported
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10:25:07  <TrueBrain> how does Grafana work .. hmm .. I just want to subtract two queries ..
10:25:10  <Wolf01> NAT is shitty on this router :|
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11:33:55  <Eddi|zuHause> i wish TF had a more modular station setup
11:34:18  <Eddi|zuHause> like i could freely combine passenger platforms, freight platforms and through platforms
11:34:32  <Eddi|zuHause> in any order
11:34:34  <Wolf01> Just build them side by side
11:41:57  <andythenorth> 91%
11:47:52  <Wolf01> Did you remove more things?
11:48:25  <LordAro> andythenorth: 1 Jan release?
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11:55:21  <Eddi|zuHause> that question killed him
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12:01:33  <Jayvdw> Hello! Wow, sure are a lot of people in here. I was wondering if I could ask a question as a starting OTTD player.
12:08:41  <TrueBrain> @topic get 3
12:08:42  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: Don't ask to ask, just ask
12:09:04  <TrueBrain> and hi :)
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12:35:36  <andythenorth> 92%
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12:51:00  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: done by this evening?
12:51:19  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: could technically still call it christmas release :p
12:52:23  <andythenorth>
12:52:30  <andythenorth> I am doing the docs then shipping it
12:52:33  <andythenorth> 92% is enough
12:53:04  <SpComb> Eddi|zuHause: there's some station mods, but tbh those are even less modular
12:53:12  <Eddi|zuHause> SpComb: yeah
12:53:28  <SpComb> like curved stations... yeah, you have a selection of fixed radii to choose from
12:53:41  <Eddi|zuHause> i haven't really tried mods, some looked interesting but not quite what i need
12:54:02  <Eddi|zuHause> i wish that stations could bend along existing tracks if extended
12:54:26  <SpComb> I should try OpenTTD again some day, because some things work better... not as flexible, but also less fiddly
12:54:54  <Jayvdw> I'm noticing there are a lot of NEWGRF's to download.
12:55:14  <Jayvdw> As a newish player, would it be better to stay away from adding some of those?
12:55:21  <Eddi|zuHause> there's still loads of tiny features missing from TF
12:55:22  <SpComb> building flyovers seems to have just been intentionally made so damn difficult... "bridge supports collision"
12:56:14  <Eddi|zuHause> SpComb: i can think of two easy fixes for flyovers: a) lower minimum height to trigger the option of building a bridge, and b) short bridges with 0 pillars
12:57:36  <Eddi|zuHause> minimum bridge height seems to be way larger than is needed to actually fit through the bridge, especially for bridges over roads
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13:09:05  <Wolf01> <SpComb> building flyovers seems to have just been intentionally made so damn difficult... "bridge supports collision" <- flyover junction mod
13:09:44  <Wolf01> I have installed every mod which enhances the build of things
13:10:07  <Wolf01> But I need to try the latest patch which fixed some other problems
13:11:43  <Eddi|zuHause> i'm still getting a bunch of freezes, especially before autosave
13:13:22  <Wolf01> The previous patches solved that for me
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13:27:41  <Eddi|zuHause> but they seem to have significantly improved the economy, no more industries dying to any tiny hiccup in the supply chain
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13:39:24  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on pull request #6991: Use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
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14:07:12  <SpComb> I tried playing with the beta patch but it kept crashing, couldn't revert back to stable because of the newer savegame version
14:11:21  <TrueBrain> glx: is openttd the first project? As there has to be a reason someone added it in the first place? :D
14:11:26  <TrueBrain> (can you check? I cannot :D)
14:12:01  <glx> it's the first project in vs140.sln
14:12:10  <TrueBrain> and vs141 too?
14:13:01  <glx> same in vs141
14:13:20  <TrueBrain> good
14:13:22  <TrueBrain> less is more
14:13:27  <TrueBrain> guess someone fixed it and never updated the docs :D
14:13:30  <glx> I think it was not the case a long time ago, but for that I need to check the history
14:13:42  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain updated pull request #6991: Use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
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14:19:13  <TrueBrain> glx: what it was is less important than what it is :D
14:19:18  <TrueBrain> and less documentation is better :P
14:19:50  <glx> indeed, it's better now
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14:28:02  <Samu> hi
14:32:20  <glx> found it
14:32:46  <glx> almost 12 years ago
14:33:09  <TrueBrain> this happens when people don't update docs :P
14:34:14  <TrueBrain> there was more non-sense in there btw
14:34:16  <TrueBrain> dead-links etc
14:34:26  <TrueBrain> hopefully all is good now :)
14:43:56  * andythenorth forgot how to release newgrfs
14:44:55  * TrueBrain wants someone to approve his PR :P
14:46:10  <Samu> my 12th function
14:46:13  <Samu>
14:46:21  <Samu> good english? good description?
14:46:37  <Samu> and good mechanic usage?
14:47:16  <Samu> i should be removing functions instead of adding :(
14:48:32  <andythenorth> lol bananas error handling only applies after the 11MB upload is done
14:48:36  <andythenorth> then I have to upload again :P
14:49:07  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: make it better! :P
14:49:16  <andythenorth> nah
14:49:18  <andythenorth> frog job
14:50:23  <andythenorth> faster jenkins please
14:50:26  <andythenorth> thanks bai
14:50:29  <andythenorth> (coop)
15:00:50  <andythenorth> Horse 2 alpha shipped
15:00:53  <andythenorth> now chores
15:06:44  <Samu> made a few slight changes to the function
15:07:02  <Samu> to ensure it always returns the expected values
15:07:26  <Samu> meh, feels bad to talk alone
15:25:51  <Samu> my AI is still slow in management
15:26:23  <Samu> i see stopped vehicles in the depot from 5 years ago, waiting to be renewed or sold
15:26:51  <Samu> i just dont know what to do anymore to speed this process at this point :(
15:28:57  <Xaroth> that moment when you open up your github activity
15:29:01  <Xaroth> and you see you're being stalked by planetmaker.
15:29:05  * Xaroth eyes planetmaker
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15:49:46  <Samu> need to create a tl;dr readme
16:02:36  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jottyfan opened pull request #6992: Patch 1
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16:26:37  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 approved pull request #6991: Use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
16:27:01  <glx> even if it's like approving my own PR ;)
16:29:02  <TrueBrain> haha :D
16:29:14  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain merged pull request #6991: Use vcpkg integration in Visual Studio
16:29:17  <TrueBrain> there we go, no more openttd-useful! \o/ \o/
16:29:19  <TrueBrain> PARTYYYYY
16:29:25  <TrueBrain> tnx glx :D
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16:51:24  <andythenorth> boom
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17:24:57  <andythenorth> so more-cargos-FIRS time
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17:37:03  <Eddi|zuHause> <glx> even if it's like approving my own PR ;) <-- the point of "approving" is to make sure at least 2 people were involved?
17:37:15  <Eddi|zuHause> i think that's the case here :)
17:37:53  <glx> yes it's to have a double check
17:40:00  <Samu> Zuu! how do I handle 2 different SCPClients, trying to detect if the game is NoCarGoal or CompanyValueGS or neither, can't get this to work properly
17:43:10  <Samu> especially the "neither" part
17:44:43  <Samu> you see, I have a do/while loop trying to detect if there's NoCarGoal or CompanyValueGS or neither.
17:44:57  <Samu> if there's NoCarGoal, the loop breaks
17:45:06  <Samu> if there's CompanyValueGS, the loop breaks
17:45:20  <Samu> if there's neither, the loop doesn't break, but I need it to break
17:46:59  <Samu> i tried with a counter with a limit of 500 tries
17:47:08  <Samu> but that can be a too long time
17:47:14  <Samu> before giving up
17:49:01  <Samu> halp
17:51:55  <Samu> if i check it against false, it breaks the loop too early
17:52:58  <Samu> is there a way that these clients could give another answer?
18:12:53  <Samu> trying a different approach
18:13:27  <Samu>
18:13:33  <Samu> the counter outside the two whiles
18:14:09  <Samu> but it still has to timeout if there's "neither"
18:17:11  <Samu> why isn't the counter stopping?
18:17:12  <Samu> t.t
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18:17:32  <Samu> oh, right
18:17:43  *** Thedarkb-T60 has joined #openttd
18:17:53  <Eddi|zuHause> hm, i must have gotten a "wrong" mod, now i have silly "multiple unit" self-driving freight wagons, and i can't find which mod adds them
18:18:43  <andythenorth> is it a modern modding API?
18:18:47  <andythenorth> with XML and stuff
18:18:48  <andythenorth> ?
18:20:04  <Eddi|zuHause> who knows...
18:20:24  <Samu>
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18:41:26  <TrueBrain> funny, on Azure Pipelines it would mean that every PR change we fetch the docker from hub.docker :D That will be a lot of bandwidth
18:41:33  <TrueBrain> wish it could be cached somehow ..
18:47:32  <TrueBrain> how to get gfx files on the macos machine .. hmm
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18:48:19  <Samu> isn't there a simpler way to get my company id?
18:48:30  <Samu> if (action_price.GetCosts() < cvgs.GetCompanyIDDiffToNext(AICompany.ResolveCompanyID(AICompany.COMPANY_SELF), false)) {
18:51:57  <glx> I think you can call ResolveCompanyID() once and store the result for use in other calls
18:52:49  <glx> because the index should not change in a running game
18:53:52  <Samu> hmm, sounds like something i should have done a long time ago
18:56:01  <TrueBrain> yippie, regression on MacOS passes :D Sweet :D
19:02:26  <andythenorth> nice TrueBrain
19:03:14  <nielsm> Eddi|zuHause, andythenorth, transport fever modding API? it's based on static data defined via Lua
19:03:25  <TrueBrain> Windows is SLLLOOOWWWW :P
19:03:45  <nielsm> i.e. it executes the lua scripts on game start and stores the data generated, then never calls into lua again during play
19:03:55  <TrueBrain> MacOS was done in 3 minutes .. linux in 6 ... Windows ... in 7
19:03:57  <TrueBrain> lame
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19:04:20  <nielsm> TrueBrain, the windows build is not very good at multithreading, unfortunately
19:04:35  <TrueBrain> the linux builds are still with -j1
19:04:39  <TrueBrain> about to push them to -j2 :D
19:04:57  <nielsm> huh, I had to run the linux builds with -j2 to get them down from 5-6 mins
19:05:25  <TrueBrain> running just 'make' doesnt do CPU detection, does it?
19:05:40  <TrueBrain> fun fact: running 'make -j' is horrible :D
19:05:41  <nielsm> no
19:06:04  *** Thedarkb-T60 has joined #openttd
19:07:33  <Eddi|zuHause> i think i once made an alias so it would run -j12
19:07:54  <Eddi|zuHause> without me forgetting it all the time
19:09:37  <nielsm> TrueBrain, do you think it might be worth to find some contact at MS/azure and verify that using build artifacts as storage for docker images/dependencies isn't considered "abusive" (to avoid risk of nasty surprises later on)
19:10:17  <TrueBrain> nielsm: the docker images that are stored will fall off with retention; the only ones published as artifacts are only to be used by the job itself
19:10:23  <TrueBrain> so I assume they meant it to be used like that
19:10:42  <TrueBrain> (so the traffic is also only internal)
19:10:59  <TrueBrain> the Windows Dependencies .. they are only to be used by other pipelines on the same account .. but .. they are open for anyone
19:11:15  <TrueBrain> I am indeed not sure how they would like that to be used for the free accounts
19:11:17  <TrueBrain> that is very vague
19:14:06  <TrueBrain> nielsm: I will see if I can find a contact to ask this question :)
19:14:34  <TrueBrain> I guess I set it up, and ask them if they are okay with this way of using their Azure Pipelines :)
19:20:51  <LordAro> #6992 needs closing
19:21:17  <TrueBrain> well, someone first has to explain to him how to do it properly
19:21:20  <TrueBrain> in a nice tone
19:21:22  <LordAro> or pointing in the direction of the thing that resizes the window
19:21:24  <TrueBrain> then you can close it :)
19:21:43  <TrueBrain> but feel free :)
19:21:48  <TrueBrain> such a pointer sounds like a wonderful idea!
19:23:32  <TrueBrain> nielsm: tools like 'Atom' use it in the same way; still I will drop them an email :D
19:23:36  <TrueBrain> nielsm: or do you want to? :)
19:24:25  <nielsm> you set it up, and you have more seniority in the project, so I'll leave it to you :)
19:25:53  <TrueBrain> meh; seniority is overrated
19:25:56  <TrueBrain> I just want this done :D
19:36:21  <Samu> how do I get the 2nd item from an AIList?
19:36:56  <TrueBrain> nielsm: did you know it also integrates with GitHub Checks perfectly? Took me a bit to figure out how exactly, but damn, that is sweet :D
19:37:00  <Samu> list.GetItem doesn't do what I want
19:37:46  <TrueBrain>
19:37:50  <TrueBrain> I hope that URL works
19:37:54  <TrueBrain> but yeah .. awesomeness :D
19:38:29  <Samu> list.Begin() gets me the first item
19:38:49  <Samu> but if i want to get the item in the nth position, what would I do?
19:39:16  <Samu> list.Begin().Next().Next().Next() etc.??
19:40:50  <TrueBrain> nielsm: linux builds are now down to 4 minutes :D
19:44:08  <nielsm> and the entire first minute is waiting for checkout isn't it :)
19:48:16  <TrueBrain> ofc!
19:49:49  <TrueBrain> okay, pipeline works. Now I just need to find out how to run the regression on Windows ..
19:50:02  <TrueBrain> that is for tomorrow :D
19:50:47  <Samu> I wonder if I should enforce asserts
19:50:53  <Samu> in a library
19:51:46  *** Kaiser has joined #openttd
19:51:59  <Kaiser> "Unfortunately due to new improvements in Toyland environment, we ran out of room in the map array, so we have chosen to eliminate train signals."
19:52:03  <Kaiser> What does it mean?
19:52:52  <nielsm> look at the date it was written
19:53:01  <Samu> it means devs should stop making jokes
19:53:27  <Kaiser> 2018-04-01
19:53:29  <Kaiser> Oh...
19:53:32  <Kaiser> Now i see
19:53:41  <Kaiser> 1st of april
19:53:44  <ST2> it was so perfect that at Dec. 26th someone still falling for it :D
19:54:16  <Kaiser> Feelin like a fool
19:54:37  <ST2> no worries Kaiser :)
19:54:43  <Samu> hi st2
19:54:47  <Kaiser> One more question
19:54:50  <ST2> hi :)
19:55:19  <Kaiser> Where's situated config file? I just wanna change in-game fonts
19:55:28  <nielsm> on windows?
19:55:31  <Kaiser> yep
19:55:51  <nielsm> in your Documents folder, it should have made an OpenTTD folder
19:55:57  <nielsm> then look for openttd.cfg in there
19:56:05  <ST2>
19:56:22  <ST2> location for some OS's
19:57:37  <Borg> Kaiser: looking for multiplayer game? :)
19:58:06  <andythenorth> 6992 happens for english translation too
19:58:09  <andythenorth> it's bad UI
20:00:43  <Kaiser> Maybe
20:04:25  *** Borg has quit IRC
20:11:57  <glx> TrueBrain: of course it integrates with github, it's even available from github market place
20:12:48  <Samu> Anybody can help me simplify this function?
20:12:55  <Samu> there's some repetition :(
20:14:28  <TrueBrain> glx: that is how the integration works; but it is not a given :)
20:14:37  <TrueBrain> travis for example doesn't integrate yet (at least, not last month)
20:14:44  <TrueBrain> it still uses the old ways of doing
20:14:47  <TrueBrain> so it was a nice surprise :)
20:15:50  <glx> but azure is a MS thing, and github too, so I guess their respective team can communicate together ;)
20:16:01  <TrueBrain> that is not a given
20:16:04  <TrueBrain> so again, a nice surprise :)
20:18:13  <glx> travis is more a gitlab thing IIRC
20:18:56  <glx> anyway it looks nice
20:25:30  *** synchris has quit IRC
20:37:07  <LordAro> glx: gitlab has its own ci system
20:38:32  *** Kaiser has quit IRC
20:49:12  * andythenorth should newgrf or something
20:50:21  <andythenorth> eh TrueBrain I'll reply to this
21:04:03  <andythenorth>
21:09:23  *** Zuu has joined #openttd
21:10:42  <Zuu> Samu: Don't detect if it is NoCarGoal or CV permanently, just query it where it makes sense to affect the logic. Or if you really need, detremine which it is at the start of your main loop and pass that along. But I wouldn't do that. I would assume that the boolean IsXYZ-method is cheap enough to use it inline.
21:12:21  <Zuu> Ie start building your first connection when the AI starts and it probably have not resoved yet which type of game it is, and then it will likely be known for connection 2+. But no need for seeing decisions so binary.
21:13:56  *** HerzogDeXtEr has joined #openttd
21:14:30  <Zuu> And for simplifying your function, it looks like there is repetion of some blocks. Maybe you can make a second method that implement one of those block generic enough (with parameters) that you can call it from your existing method for each of the blocks parameterized so it does the same thing as before.
21:15:01  <Wolf01> Chat buffer mode: on - <TrueBrain> there we go, no more openttd-useful! \o/ \o/ <- So if I want to compile now what steps do I need to do?
21:15:57  <Zuu> If you can record a state before you call your large method and after, it is possible to run the changed one and assert that it produce the same new state.
21:19:28  <glx> Wolf01: docs\ ;)
21:20:43  <glx> but it's really easy, follow quick start from
21:21:15  <glx> then install the required libs
21:22:58  <Wolf01> +1
21:23:55  <FLHerne> andythenorth: 0ad (for example, I can think of several) has the dev revision log in a sidebar
21:24:13  <FLHerne> I think that's quite nice
21:33:46  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] agentw4b opened issue #6993: Enhancements: Allow the scenario (.scn) to run by using the parameter in the openttd.cfg file.
21:37:57  <nielsm> TrueBrain, "# TODO -- Add a way to test (currently needs bash)" --- they do have bash (from git-packaged mingw) on the windows vm's
21:38:17  <Wolf01> Mmmh, it doesn't recognize vcpkg as a command system wide, even after the PS integration (I restarted PS yes)
21:39:08  <nielsm> it possibly needs you to log out and back in entirely
21:39:13  <nielsm> to update the default environment
21:39:30  <Wolf01> Strange, it should do it instantly
21:39:47  <Wolf01> At least with other things it worked
21:41:47  <Wolf01> Maybe I need to close all the PS shells
21:46:17  <Wolf01> Do I need to run the package install from the checkout folder or any folder is fine?
21:47:05  <nielsm> it installs the packages in the checkout folder regardless
21:47:59  <Wolf01> Of the vcpkg project?
21:48:17  <nielsm> yes
21:48:25  <Wolf01> Ok, then it worked
21:48:56  <Wolf01> Got a brand new clone of ottd master, it doesn't find the packages
21:51:23  <glx> specified x86-windows-static or x64-windows-static when installing the packages ?
21:51:35  <Wolf01> x64
21:51:50  <glx> vcpkg list will tell what packages are installed
21:52:05  <Wolf01> Maybe I should also compile for x64 instead of win32
21:52:38  <glx> if you installed only x64 packages yes
21:53:05  <Wolf01> I was used with my config which allowed to compile both
21:53:20  <Wolf01> Oook, compiled, fine, kthbye :D
21:53:31  <glx> if you want both you can also install x86 packages
21:54:14  <nielsm> I was just about to suggest you add a .vcxproj.user file next to the supplied .vcxproj to augment the build:
21:54:50  <Wolf01> That's the one I had previously :P
22:03:56  <Wolf01> VS2017 is really faster compared to VS2015, I miss some little utilities but finally I decided to switch :P
22:04:58  <Wolf01> Also bed, tomorrow work
22:05:02  <Wolf01> 'night
22:05:10  *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
22:07:06  *** gelignite has joined #openttd
22:15:16  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
22:21:02  <andythenorth> bed
22:21:07  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
22:25:19  *** nielsm has quit IRC
22:39:12  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 updated pull request #6987: Fix: [Win32] WIN32 may not be defined, always prefer the compiler preā€¦
22:45:13  <Samu>
22:45:27  <Samu> i'm such a terrible coder
22:46:30  <Samu> AITown.TOWN_ACTION_BUILD_STATUE is everywhere
22:48:23  <Samu> well, the AILog line is to be eliminated
22:48:37  <glx> but it's for 3 different calls so nothing you can do
22:49:04  <glx> yes except the duplicate call due to AILog line
22:49:13  <Samu>
22:49:16  <Samu> without it
22:51:02  <Samu> the ai company resolve should have been handled by now
22:52:01  <Samu> LuDiAIAfterFix.my_company_id
22:52:20  <Samu> kek, still big because...
22:52:39  *** Thedarkb-T60 has quit IRC
22:53:03  <Samu> maybe an util
22:55:03  <Samu> function Utils::MyCID() { 	return AICompany.ResolveCompanyID(AICompany.COMPANY_SELF); }
22:55:35  <Samu> at least Utils.MyCID() is shorter
23:00:26  *** Thedarkb-T60 has joined #openttd
23:04:54  <Samu> the method
23:04:56  <Samu> the other is
23:05:11  <Samu> something that Albert teached me
23:05:57  <Samu>
23:06:06  <glx> you could just do local myCID = AICompany.ResolveCompanyID(AICompany.COMPANY_SELF);
23:06:35  <glx> and use myCID when needed
23:14:12  *** Flygon has joined #openttd
23:15:28  <Samu> I wonder how other AIs handle an AI that founds towns
23:16:05  <Samu> do they notice the new towns?
23:21:15  <Samu> done that
23:23:20  *** Progman has quit IRC
23:25:17  <Samu>
23:26:17  <Samu> oops,
23:26:21  <Samu> without the AILog
23:29:31  <Samu> oops again
23:30:23  <Samu> if (perform_action && TestPerformTownAction.TryPerform(town, action)) {
23:30:58  <Samu> wait...
23:31:04  <Samu> if (perform_action && TestPerformTownAction().TryPerform(town, action)) {
23:31:21  <Samu> thats better
23:31:48  <Samu> the amount of redundancy in the names
23:31:52  <Samu> oh gosh
23:41:23  <Samu> hi zuu
23:42:09  <Samu> i start right away to decide not building HQ
23:42:16  <Samu> if CVGS is running
23:42:43  <Samu> NoCarGoal delay is much longer with 14 AIs
23:43:07  <Samu> CompanyValueGS seems to be fast enough, about 3 days
23:43:12  <Samu> with 14 AIs
23:47:22  *** Progman has joined #openttd
23:49:01  <Zuu> NoCarGoal has to register cargo delivery counters for all sources or destinations. If the map is not too large, it will be able to do so within mapgen, but if your map is too huge, then the mapgen ticks are not eounght.
23:52:15  <Samu> oh no
23:52:20  <Samu> let me test in a 4k map brb
23:54:51  <Zuu> But I don't see how it is a problem if you get to know that it is a NoCarGoal game after building your first connection or having built the HQ. If that is a problem, your AI is not robust enough.
23:56:52  <Samu> the monthly report signs seem to pile up
23:57:16  <Zuu> Then don't ask for them. :-)
23:57:49  <Zuu> Or turn them off if they are on by default, but you don't read them fast enough.
23:58:04  *** Thedarkb-T60 has quit IRC

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