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00:06:31  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh commented on issue #7001: YAPF can't find road depot, but NPF can
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06:26:34  <Alberth> moin
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07:56:20  <andythenorth> moin
08:01:36  <Alberth> moin andy
08:02:54  <andythenorth> "Iron Horse is designed as a series of small but very playable sets "
08:02:55  <andythenorth> oops
08:03:17  <andythenorth> 65 engines isn't 'small'
08:03:23  <andythenorth> original design had 20 :P
08:03:40  <Alberth> relative to xussr, it is :D
08:03:40  <andythenorth> " it'll be easily expandable should the opportunity arise"
08:04:28  <Alberth> or world-wide train collections, etc
08:05:12  <Alberth> so who is the public of that text?
08:05:16  <andythenorth> me and Dan
08:05:19  <andythenorth> wrote it
08:05:31  <andythenorth> in forum thread
08:06:48  <Alberth> as a player, I am not sure what to make of "it's easily expandable"
08:07:28  <Alberth> it's more an authoring property
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08:11:19  <andythenorth> it's too expandable :D
08:11:36  * andythenorth does the fallacy of adding 'trains I really like'
08:11:43  <andythenorth> which is messing up the tech tree :)
08:14:11  <Alberth> the difference between a hobby and a work project :)
08:14:24  <Alberth> moin niels
08:14:28  <nielsm> ehlo
08:14:30  <andythenorth> it's getting horribly close to 'make economic choices about engines'
08:14:39  <andythenorth> instead of 'click the obviously best engine' :P
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08:15:06  <Alberth> oh dear, I have to think what engine to pick???!!!
08:15:33  <nielsm> try to avoid "why would I EVER use this one?" situations
08:15:57  <Alberth> I'll just switch on breakdowns, and make a mess of your careful calculations :p
08:16:06  <andythenorth> Horse was doing really well at 'just use this engine for situation X'
08:16:35  <andythenorth> it's interesting to see how much I can jam in without breaking that :P
08:23:52  <andythenorth> hmm
08:24:01  <andythenorth> this one just doesn't want to fit the roster
08:24:05  <Alberth> mostly it depends om how accurate your X is
08:26:19  <andythenorth> it's very contingent on whether wagon speed limits are on
08:26:41  <andythenorth> if they are, the aim is a decision tree that goes like:
08:26:49  <andythenorth> "are the wagons for this cargo fast or slow?"
08:27:00  <andythenorth> "is it a big train or a small one?"
08:27:02  <andythenorth> [end]
08:42:56  <andythenorth> ha ha, not improved :D
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08:57:07  <Alberth> colour looks better, I like the red :)
08:57:19  <andythenorth> it fits the purchase menu better
08:57:27  <andythenorth> but I've cancelled that train :)
08:57:30  <andythenorth> it's not fitting in
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09:14:26  <Alberth> future extension :)
09:14:44  <Alberth> "misc fun trains"
09:22:49  <andythenorth> considered it :P
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10:14:49  <Gabda> hi everyone
10:15:39  <Alberth> hai
10:15:45  <Gabda> is it possible on the linux version to build only one cpp file instead of using make to build the whole project?
10:16:13  <Gabda> if I only changed that one file, but not the others
10:16:20  <Alberth> make  blafile.o   ?
10:17:01  <Alberth> but make skips everything that doesn't need rebuilding
10:17:26  <Gabda> so it is enough if I don't use make clean before making?
10:17:30  <Alberth> so if you only touch one .cpp file, it will only rebuild that
10:17:54  <Gabda> ok, thx, I will try that :)
10:18:05  <Alberth> yep, make clean   wipes everything, so you can rebuild almost from scratch :)
10:18:33  <Alberth> it has a few more thorough cleaning variations
10:19:03  <Alberth> you run it with a -j option ?
10:19:16  <Alberth> eg -j 2 for running 2 compiles at the same time
10:19:57  <Alberth> or rather, 2 make jobs, which can also be non-compile jobs
10:20:39  <Alberth> note that just -j  (without a number) is generally a bad idea, as it starts everything at the same time
10:21:57  <Alberth> I have a    MAKEFLAGS=-j4      environment variable set, so I don't need to type  -j N all the time
10:22:33  <Gabda> I used -j4
10:22:54  <Alberth> this is somewhat hazardous, not all Makefiles are handling concurrent builds properly
10:23:04  <Alberth> ok, saves quite some time :)
10:23:55  <Gabda> I have built the game like 20 times yesterday, so I got bored with it a little for now :)
10:24:15  <Alberth> instead, play a game today :)
10:24:29  <Alberth> 20 full builds is really boring indeed
10:25:20  <Alberth> happens a lot if you make string changes, as pretty much every cpp file uses strings
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10:26:53  <nielsm> normally you'd only use "make clean" if for some reason regular make fails
10:27:07  <nielsm> (and if regular make fails it's often because of some wrong dependencies)
10:28:44  <Gabda> ok, good to know
10:29:30  <Gabda> it so much better to build this way :)
10:31:38  <Alberth> that's what make was designed for :)
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10:32:26  <Gabda> I think I learned it well with this
10:32:56  <Alberth> you tried writing your own Makefile?  that's also an adventure :)
10:33:03  <Alberth> moin wolf
10:33:46  <Alberth> but yeah, there is no substitute for learning by doing
10:33:46  <Gabda> not yet, sounds scary...
10:34:24  <Gabda> and usually I use python, and there is no need for builds
10:35:01  <Alberth> nah, you just have to think from the end product back to the source, ie the other way around, but once you get that, it's not difficult
10:35:59  <Alberth> :o python, such a lovely language
10:38:33  <Gabda> is it possible that in a multiplayer game, more than one client have access to the options -> AI/Game script configuration?
10:39:09  <nielsm> plz review my alt economy idea:
10:39:09  <nielsm> :)
10:39:25  <andythenorth> you need to fork FIRS
10:39:49  <Alberth> in multiplayer, only the server can run ai/game scripts
10:39:50  <Eddi|zuHause> Gabda: well, technically, each client has a separate AI/GameScript config
10:40:22  <nielsm> give the clients a password to remote-config the server
10:40:36  <andythenorth> meh game progression vs. RL vs. buy menu spam
10:40:56  <andythenorth> vs. convergent stats as different engine types upgrade at different rates
10:41:00  <andythenorth> tech tree fun :P
10:41:18  <Alberth> make an option :p
10:41:28  <andythenorth> are there any other grfs besides NUTS with a tech tree concept?
10:42:11  <Alberth> very few, as most are hysterically correct rather than designed for game play
10:42:23  <Gabda> nielsm: you can add decorations as cargo
10:42:31  <Wolf01> Mmmh, the modem is crying about my router using too many NAT sessions per user, I doubled it, but I think I can raise it almost to the limit since the router should be the only user
10:43:41  <Gabda> or glitter is the decoration?
10:43:53  <Alberth> nielsm: separate production of the tree top piece
10:44:27  <nielsm> I thought about glitter->decorations->trees->shop, but think it'd be too long a chain
10:45:14  <andythenorth> yeah ok too many small engines in Horse, they contend for the same key stats of 'power, length'
10:45:17  <Gabda> i thought decoration for houses
10:45:30  <andythenorth> then player has to make 'economic' choices, which is dull :(
10:45:31  <nielsm> ah
10:46:13  <Alberth> andy: pick the 4th one, right?
10:46:45  <Alberth> out-door decoration industries :)
10:46:57  <Alberth> would need a nice house set though :)
10:47:12  <Alberth> lights switch on after delivery :)
10:48:44  <andythenorth> meh, the problem is that I want to include my favourite UK train :P
10:48:44  <andythenorth> oof
10:49:04  <Alberth> andys favorites
10:49:35  <Alberth> "highly recommended by andy"  sticker
10:49:43  <Alberth> just add it :p
10:50:43  <Eddi|zuHause> well, CETS has sort of like a tech tree, but real vehicles don't exactly follow that tree, so you have duplicates, or gaps, or niche vehicles
10:52:19  <Alberth> gives nice variations in the trains that drive around, pity you can't get a random instance (one of several equivalent vehicles)
10:53:23  <Eddi|zuHause> sometimes the differences between real world vehicles are not modelled by the game, creating more duplicates
10:56:31  <Alberth> if you fail to see the "this program is not designed for what you aim for" signs, then yeah, that's what you get
10:57:18  <nielsm> real world produces solutions like the Pacer that have no logical place in the game world
10:57:47  <andythenorth> Eddi|zuHause: acceleration and range are two of the more obvious :P
10:57:52  <nielsm> (unless you maybe make it extremely cheap to purchase)
10:58:11  <andythenorth> big trains are quite easy to balance
10:58:14  <andythenorth> but small trains...
10:58:33  <andythenorth> tend to converge on one obvious best
10:58:46  <Eddi|zuHause> the game doesn't really pose a "declining passenger numbers on branch lines" situation
10:58:49  <andythenorth> but then all small trains are a boring monoculture
10:59:14  <andythenorth> Eddi|zuHause: 'very small railcars' are like shunters, no place in the game
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11:01:21  <nielsm> if you could have a kind of persistent subsidies where you're paid to maintain a connection between small towns, they could make sense
11:01:32  <nielsm> maybe that's an idea for a GS
11:03:18  <nielsm> i.e. not paid for the delivery of passengers, but paid for the vehicle making a number of stops within a time period
11:04:55  <Wolf01> Nice
11:06:00  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: that doesn't stop the fact that the line will immediately be overcrowded
11:06:14  <andythenorth> cdist :P
11:06:18  <andythenorth> 'off'
11:07:18  <nielsm> well,
11:07:18  <Eddi|zuHause> anyway, we haven't solved game balance in the last 24 years, we won't solve it today.
11:07:24  <nielsm> to some extent :)
11:08:10  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: that still makes passenger numbers grow over time
11:09:22  <Eddi|zuHause> there's no "decline age" that made up most of western europe's railways for the second half of the 20th century
11:09:48  <nielsm> cdist doesn't selct destinations based on total acceptance level, does it?
11:10:08  <Alberth> nice
11:10:18  <nielsm> because I think it'd make sense to calculate total acceptance (even above 8/8) of each cargo on a station and rank the potential destinations by that
11:10:43  <Eddi|zuHause> i think that was tried
11:11:15  <nielsm> no effect or unintended effects?
11:11:42  <Eddi|zuHause> iirc it behaved weird for industries
11:12:03  <Eddi|zuHause> because some industries have each tile accept something, other industries only one or two tiles
11:12:07  <nielsm> eh well, special case PASS and MAIL then
11:12:34  <Eddi|zuHause> and then it makes it difficult because you have to cover the whole industry which you didn't before
11:13:09  <andythenorth> Eddi|zuHause: 'decline' doesn't make interesting gameplay :)
11:13:42  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: no, the interesting gameplay would come from giving you the right tools to handle it
11:14:12  <nielsm> part of the change in rail usage since 19th century also traces to labour costs and safety requirements growing, doesn't it?
11:15:42  <andythenorth> nielsm: ranking destinations by acceptance sounds close to a demand economy
11:15:47  <andythenorth> which Railroad Tycoon 3 had
11:15:53  <andythenorth> each tile has a demand factor
11:15:58  <andythenorth> or each town
11:16:14  <nielsm> andythenorth it would solve the issue of a small town being just as popular a destination as a metropolis
11:16:19  <nielsm> which it usually shouldn't
11:16:22  <andythenorth> over-supply would cause demand to fall
11:16:44  <andythenorth> we have no way to generate cargo based on demand though eh?
11:16:58  <andythenorth> e.g. if demand was saturated, generation would plateau, or back off
11:17:07  <nielsm> nope
11:17:17  <nielsm> if GS could control industry production, maybe you could make that :)
11:17:21  <andythenorth> 'if'
11:17:34  <andythenorth> it could be done via proxy
11:17:57  <andythenorth> communicate via the town
11:17:58  <nielsm> the station rating somewhat intends to model that, I think
11:18:14  <andythenorth> it is pretty close
11:18:16  <nielsm> if you leave huge amounts of cargo not picked up, production drops
11:19:09  <Alberth> you don't need to control production, just make it run losses if you over-supply
11:19:37  <Alberth> players will stop moving stuff if it's negative in payments
11:20:29  <nielsm> SPI somewhat does that, with secondary industries having a limit on how fast they can produce, regardless of how much raw material you pump in
11:20:40  <Alberth> industry may need to get improved by needing time to ramp up or down
11:21:00  <Alberth> ECS does that too
11:21:26  <Alberth> so continued serving a factory pays
11:22:28  <Alberth> the gung-ho thing of firs is too
11:23:18  <Eddi|zuHause> <Alberth> players will stop moving stuff if it's negative in payments <-- there's so many things wrong with this statement...
11:24:07  <Alberth> ok
11:24:59  <andythenorth> my ideal is demand-based town cargos
11:25:07  <andythenorth> but not industrial cargos
11:25:12  <andythenorth> so pax, mail, food, water, goods
11:25:25  <andythenorth> the ones that need distributed rather than concentrated
11:26:00  <nielsm> like, the water tower has a capacity, and when that's filled it can't accept more?
11:26:44  <andythenorth> not hard acceptance
11:26:50  <andythenorth> more like a weighting to cdist
11:26:55  <andythenorth> and maybe to payment
11:26:56  <Eddi|zuHause> cargodist lacks an incentive to actually distribute one-to-many cargos like goods, instead of just dumping them all in one place
11:27:06  <nielsm> yep
11:27:18  <nielsm> actually could that be made a flag or cargoclass or something?
11:27:36  <nielsm> cdist has four classes right now, PASS, MAIL, VALU, and misc
11:27:40  <andythenorth> it could be made a flag if it could be used
11:27:49  <nielsm> add GOOD as a fifth?
11:27:54  <andythenorth> 'distribute widely'
11:28:03  <andythenorth> then FOOD? o_O
11:28:03  <Alberth> just "town goods" imho
11:28:23  <andythenorth> we discussed simply extending cdist cargos before years ago :)
11:28:25  <Eddi|zuHause> it probably needs a newgrf property "one-to-many"
11:28:25  <nielsm> it'd also solve your Supplies problem :)
11:28:43  <andythenorth> extending the hard-coded cdist options in core game, spirals horribly
11:28:56  <Eddi|zuHause> i would not tie it to "town effect" or something like that
11:29:01  <andythenorth> unrelated, I deleted the high-power bi-mode engine, it's too weird
11:29:35  <nielsm> there seems to be two unused bits in cargo prop 16:
11:29:38  <Alberth> 2 seconds compile time saved :p
11:30:13  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: seems like the wrong place as well
11:31:11  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: trying to save a few bits here by merging unrelated things will create even more maintenance mess
11:31:42  <nielsm> Eddi|zuHause, but flags 0, 1, and 3 are exactly those used for cdist aren't they?
11:31:48  * andythenorth BBL
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11:32:33  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: i'm not sure about that
11:43:04  <nielsm> updated winter wonderland concept a bit:
11:43:53  <Eddi|zuHause> what i think CDIST needs is two separate flag groups: [one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, many-to-many] and [unidirectional, bidirectional (unbalanced), bidirectional (balanced)]
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11:45:27  <xahodo> Hello
11:46:21  <nielsm> hi
11:46:32  <xahodo> I´m trying to get started on NML, but somehow can´t get the notepadpp.xml file to download from the openttdcoop server (don´t know whether this is the right location to ask).
11:47:04  <Eddi|zuHause> that's probably not needed to "get started"
11:47:58  <xahodo> Well, I would like to have some colors when typing. So I can actually discern what I´m doing.
11:48:42  <xahodo> nvm problem between chair and keyboard
11:48:43  <Eddi|zuHause> i'm usually picking a random syntax highlighting from the list. C/C++ probably works well enough
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11:52:29  <Alberth> niels: Poultry production seems missing?
11:52:40  <nielsm> Alberth, Animal Farm
11:52:45  <nielsm> producing Wool and Poultry
11:52:51  <Alberth> ah, right, missed it, thanks
11:55:37  <Eddi|zuHause> nielsm: reindeer could be helicopter-like and heliports "chimneys"?
11:55:44  <nielsm> :D
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12:09:44  <nielsm> hmm I wonder if the IND_FLAG_CUT_TREES flag works with non-primary industries
12:10:23  <nielsm> i.e. if the tree farm given that flag will receive glitter, then cut a bunch of trees, and then produce cargo
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12:13:07  <Eddi|zuHause> i don't think you can correllate it to receiving cargo
12:13:40  <nielsm> hmm yeah, the function that cuts trees also adds the output cargo
12:14:06  <nielsm> so it'd have to be a separate industry producing "raw" trees for that to work
12:15:01  <Eddi|zuHause> also, tree growth is usually not fast enough to sustain that flag
12:15:07  <nielsm> I know :)
12:15:18  <nielsm> the player has to plant new forests
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13:46:40  <nielsm> hmm what unit is glitter measured in? :D
13:48:25  <nielsm> hmm, canisters
14:08:03  <nielsm> wee
14:08:17  <nielsm> need to disable a bunch of the default industries and cargos
14:09:38  <nielsm> and some unintended behavior...
14:13:48  <Gabda> the workplace of water elves
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14:35:55  <andythenorth> o/
14:41:35  <nielsm>
14:41:38  <andythenorth> Shredders
14:41:38  <andythenorth>
14:41:53  <andythenorth> 'Shredder', 'Super Shredder', 'Ultra Shredder' ??
14:42:02  <andythenorth> it's a theme :P
14:42:20  <andythenorth> pulp is measured by volume eh nielsm? :)
14:42:47  <andythenorth> 'woolly' not 'wooly' :D
14:51:04  <nielsm> I need t o figure out why the butcher and knitting workshops build on water :P
14:51:42  <nielsm> they have IND_FLAG_ONLY_IN_TOWNS respectively IND_FLAG_BUILT_NEAR_TOWN
14:52:06  <andythenorth> check the tile?
14:52:12  <andythenorth>
14:52:37  <andythenorth> gen 6 apparently reuses the same bodyshell for 3 trains :P
14:52:49  <andythenorth> and the paint is pretty similar too :P
15:01:34  <Eddi|zuHause> and the problem with that is?
15:01:39  <Eddi|zuHause> it's too realistic?
15:06:32  <andythenorth> I am fishing
15:06:35  <andythenorth> is it a problem at all?
15:15:16  <nielsm> hm anywhere I can just see the DOS palette? I don't have any software ready to load any of the palette files for download
15:15:38  <andythenorth> 2 secs
15:15:54  <andythenorth> nielsm:
15:16:03  <nielsm> nice, thanks
15:16:07  <andythenorth> generated :P
15:16:15  <andythenorth> got bored of counting numbers on my fingers
15:16:33  <nielsm> and what values are reserved/magical?
15:18:16  <andythenorth> 241-244
15:18:32  <andythenorth> 245-254
15:18:43  <andythenorth> 239-240
15:18:57  <andythenorth> hmm actually 232-254
15:19:29  <andythenorth> company colour is 198-205 and 80-87
15:19:42  <andythenorth> 255 is white, not used
15:19:48  <andythenorth> 0 is mask
15:20:15  <andythenorth> and I think 227-231 are animated, but I never figured out where / why
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15:23:13  *** ChanServ sets mode: +v glx
15:30:25  <LordAro> hmmmmm
15:33:31  <andythenorth> ha ha I found a rounding quirk
15:33:57  <andythenorth> 18200hp is rendered 18198hp
15:34:01  <andythenorth> such quirks
15:34:39  <Borg> what is PCHs? ;)
15:34:41  <andythenorth> Eddi|zuHause: so this idea of adding engine power by counting coaches works brilliantly
15:34:44  <andythenorth> but
15:34:51  <andythenorth> what about TE? o_O
15:35:10  <Eddi|zuHause> you can add TE just the same way?
15:35:22  <andythenorth> it's range is 0-1
15:35:34  <andythenorth> I could move the weight to the engine
15:35:40  <andythenorth> dunno how accurate the physics is
15:35:41  <Eddi|zuHause> well, then add weight
15:35:53  <Eddi|zuHause> the physics is totally wrong either way
15:35:58  <andythenorth> that's a good answer
15:36:33  <Eddi|zuHause> you also need to add running costs
15:36:36  <andythenorth> oof
15:36:45  <nielsm> as long as coupling between cars isn't modeled (infinitely strong couplers with no slack) individual car weight shouldn't really matter
15:36:47  <andythenorth> I could just put the power on the coaches
15:36:58  <LordAro> Borg: precompiled headers
15:37:31  <Eddi|zuHause> the game adds all these stats up to the front engine anyway
15:39:31  <Borg> LordAro: oh damn... im glad im in C world :D
15:39:44  <andythenorth> so the physics of the train stretched over hills....?
15:40:08  <Eddi|zuHause> andythenorth: irrelevant
15:40:09  <nielsm> hmm, would Glitter be CC_ARMOURED ? :D
15:40:13  <Borg> LordAro: I found other nice PDF while ago... Title: Pitfalls of C++ programming... nice reading too
15:40:29  <andythenorth> nielsm: hazardous
15:40:36  <nielsm> yeah
15:41:07  <Eddi|zuHause> powderized, pourable
15:41:20  <nielsm> nah it's measured in Canisters
15:41:25  <nielsm> so piece goods
15:41:26  <Eddi|zuHause> transport it in hopper cars
15:42:34  <andythenorth> hmm, I can just add the run costs to the coaches directly no?
15:42:42  <LordAro> Borg: in general, i agree with the author of the original article. C++ has many advantages over C, but it's all too easy to write unintelligible nonsense
15:43:00  <LordAro> C++14 is peak C++, imo
15:43:22  <LordAro> (with a few things cut out/discouraged)
15:47:31  <Borg> LordAro: yeah, you are probably speaking out of game programming world.. I then agree..
15:49:35  <TrueBrain> whoho, I finally have a self-maintaining k8s cluster :D
15:49:48  <TrueBrain> OpenTTD-IaC defines everything, and can be redeployed without 'administrator' stuff
15:49:59  <TrueBrain> took me only a day longer than I expected :P
15:55:04  <LordAro> Borg: not exclusively
15:55:12  <LordAro> TrueBrain: noice.
15:56:44  <TrueBrain> it is really nice; I now commit to OpenTTD-IaC, it creates a docker, and if my k8s was connected to the internet, it would auto-deploy the new version :D
15:57:06  <TrueBrain> means I can focus on things that are interesting .. not stupid SysOp shit :D
15:58:51  <andythenorth> it's like magic
15:59:09  <TrueBrain> it kinda is :D
15:59:33  <TrueBrain> now I can finally setup staging for OpenTTD
16:00:24  <andythenorth>
16:00:37  <LordAro> :D
16:00:42  <andythenorth>
16:01:03  <LordAro> TrueBrain: now the trick is seeing if anyone else can understand/deploy/modify it :p
16:01:07  <TrueBrain> <- I am surprised how easy it is to make a self-monitoring thing in kubernetes
16:01:27  <TrueBrain> LordAro: yeah, but that is not really an issue tbh
16:01:37  <TrueBrain> more  important: once I setup, for example, repository
16:01:43  <TrueBrain> anyone with commit rights, can get a new version in production
16:01:57  <TrueBrain> that I have to do initial work to get it setup, fine by me
16:02:05  <TrueBrain> after that ... I have nothing to worry about :P
16:02:34  <TrueBrain> hmm, that makes me wonder about eints ..
16:02:52  <TrueBrain> could we make it authenticate against github, and have a file in the repo stating who has access to what language
16:03:01  <TrueBrain> and adding a 'translator' is just make a PR requesting for it
16:03:06  <TrueBrain> or would that be weird?
16:03:44  <TrueBrain> I believe frosch was working on an adapter to support both OpenTTD LDAP and GitHub SSO for login .. guess that would work too
16:03:56  <TrueBrain> still .. I think the list of translators should be in git :)
16:04:11  <TrueBrain> (now it is so hidden who translators are, and how many, etc etc)
16:05:19  <nielsm> andythenorth, teach me how production callbacks work
16:05:33  <andythenorth> simples
16:05:38  <andythenorth> what do you want to do?
16:06:58  <TrueBrain> "simple" and NML .. riiigggghhhtttttt
16:07:23  <nielsm> make 1*GIFT from 1*TOYS+1*PAPR, or 1*GIFT from 1*SWTR+1*PAPR
16:08:13  <andythenorth> do you want them made when cargo arrives?
16:08:31  <andythenorth> hmm you want to combine
16:08:32  <nielsm> when cargo arrives, but with stockpiling
16:08:36  <nielsm> I want
16:09:06  <andythenorth> ok you have a few options
16:09:07  <nielsm> so unused inputs stockpile at the industry until there's a usable combination
16:09:15  <andythenorth> you can use the weird built-in stockpile thing
16:09:24  <andythenorth> probably best for this idea
16:09:44  <andythenorth> or you can do your own stockpile with storage
16:10:26  <andythenorth> so when cargo arrives you'll need to check what's on the stockpile
16:10:48  <andythenorth> if you can combine things for output, then produce and consume appropriately
16:10:56  <andythenorth> otherwise just leave it on the stockpile
16:11:19  <nielsm> also, displaying the current stockpile is via cargo_subtype_display right?
16:11:24  <Borg> callllllbacks :D yeah.. took me a while to use them
16:16:54  <andythenorth> nielsm: current stockpile is displayed automatically
16:17:44  <andythenorth> we changed the options for that, trying to find the docs
16:18:24  <andythenorth> yeah looks like cargo_subtype_display
16:19:26  *** Wacko1976 has quit IRC
16:19:42  <nielsm> oh, stockpile is automatic? nice
16:20:59  <Borg> yeah, you just need to enable it. for industry..
16:22:35  <nielsm> and uh, how do you do that then...
16:22:57  <andythenorth> enable production cb, iirc
16:23:06  * andythenorth never codes nml, can't remember :)
16:23:14  <andythenorth> I live in my own weird world of abstracted python
16:23:21  <andythenorth> or python abstractions :P
16:23:34  <Borg> yeah. I dont remember either :D
16:24:23  <Borg> lets see my industry definitions
16:26:06  <Borg> seems it enough do do: 21 04 on action 0
16:26:08  <Borg> on industry :D
16:26:45  <nielsm> oh, maybe I could also add random events like, "Hidden cache of wrapping paper discovered at Tartbottom Warehouse!" (adds 500 units of wrapping paper to stockpile)
16:27:45  <nielsm> is that actually possible?
16:27:56  <Borg> to stock pile.. I doubt
16:28:26  <andythenorth> you can just negatively consume
16:28:47  <Borg> but that would be uber complicated to code
16:28:56  <andythenorth> nah, easy
16:29:01  <Borg> o really?
16:29:31  <Borg> my single production CB on factory is like 3 screens long :D
16:31:31  <Borg> its doable.. like catch random montly production update CB... write do persistent storage about event..
16:31:55  <Borg> and then.. on production CB (called once every 256 ticks) handle that.. yeah
16:34:30  <andythenorth> all of FIRS production code :P
16:34:41  <andythenorth> I could have shortened it with loops :P
16:35:30  <Borg> anyone chacked how NML generates NFO? :) is it efficient?
16:36:14  <Borg> for now I use NFO.. but.. it hard to maintain :)
16:36:19  <Borg> and I forgot it quickly ;D
16:40:31  <andythenorth> it's not efficient
16:40:40  <andythenorth> I am fairly certain
16:41:05  <Borg>
16:41:16  <Borg> I should put more comments.. :D
16:41:28  <Borg> its part of my NewGRF w/ stockpile industries + electricity
16:42:15  *** Wacko1976 has joined #openttd
16:44:44  *** Progman has quit IRC
16:45:24  <Alberth> Depends on how you define efficient, I tend to measure it in programmer/maintainer time. CPU time is very very cheap.
16:46:15  <andythenorth> +1
16:46:19  <andythenorth> except when compiling :P
16:46:25  <andythenorth> NML is hideous to compile
16:46:40  <andythenorth> the cycle time on small tweaks is horrid
16:48:28  <andythenorth> I should optimise the grf design to suit the compiler :D
16:51:42  <Borg> Alberth: oh yeah.. I forgot everyone these days run those Intel Extreme edition CPUs.. clocked to 3GHz and 8+ cores :P
16:51:56  <andythenorth> it's single threaded :P
16:59:13  <nielsm> hmm, well this compiles at least:
17:00:12  *** gelignite has quit IRC
17:00:26  <nielsm> tha paper handling isn't quite right though
17:00:31  <nielsm> the*
17:02:52  <nielsm> oops
17:03:19  <andythenorth> ha :)
17:03:21  <andythenorth> unclosed
17:03:51  <nielsm> but it does show stockpiles:
17:04:21  <nielsm> hm toys should be in boxes shouldn't it
17:04:36  <andythenorth> probably
17:04:42  <andythenorth> cargo units are weird :P
17:04:46  <andythenorth> how many boxes per ton? o_O
17:05:11  <nielsm> okay items is the toyland default for TOYS cargo
17:05:31  <nielsm> that's the one cargo I'm not overriding a whole lot in
17:10:04  <nielsm> ah I've forgotten to modify the industry tile accepts, so it's not playable with or without the cb fixed
17:10:52  <andythenorth> :)
17:11:07  <andythenorth> eventually one templates everything :P
17:11:18  <andythenorth> and writes an industry class in python
17:11:39  <nielsm> we need NMLML
17:11:50  <andythenorth> I have .pynml :P
17:11:57  <andythenorth> we did have CPPNML
17:12:02  <andythenorth> which forgotten
17:27:42  *** gelignite has joined #openttd
17:40:41  <nielsm> hmm even with "again" as a fixed zero register, I get the production loop?
17:40:53  <nielsm> error
17:54:08  *** Alberth has left #openttd
17:56:47  <andythenorth> paste code?
18:03:43  <nielsm> okay I removed the again arg entirely from the produce() statement and now it's not looping
18:03:49  <nielsm> but it's also just not producing anything
18:03:57  <nielsm>
18:05:58  <andythenorth> what happens if you just dump values into produce, instead of using the registers?
18:06:31  <andythenorth> e.g. produce(warehouse_prod_prod, [TOYS: 255; SWTR: 255; PAPR: 255;], [GIFT: 255;])
18:08:54  <nielsm> it starts producing all the time :)
18:09:08  <nielsm> so it does use the cb
18:09:09  <andythenorth> ok so produce works
18:09:21  <nielsm>
18:09:30  <andythenorth> are the register expressions the right way round?
18:09:32  * andythenorth looks
18:09:51  <andythenorth> value, address
18:09:55  <andythenorth> not address, value
18:10:06  <nielsm> argh
18:10:15  <andythenorth> second eyes
18:12:12  <nielsm> should probably take a second look at the music window, it gets ugly with non-bitmap fonts:
18:12:42  <andythenorth> oof
18:12:51  <andythenorth> changing fonts in UI is a mysterious concept
18:15:42  <LordAro> nielsm: looks alright to me
18:16:04  <LordAro> how does it normally look? :p
18:16:04  <nielsm> okay now it's producing stuff even with the LOAD_TEMP'y produce, with nothing in the inputs
18:16:48  <nielsm>  <- this is opengfx though
18:20:55  <andythenorth> no original baseset :P
18:20:56  <andythenorth> error
18:22:02  <andythenorth> nielsm: paste again?
18:23:21  <nielsm> trying something out atm
18:28:46  <nielsm>
18:28:54  <nielsm> parse error ;)
18:29:38  <nielsm> fixed, missed a ; in three places
18:31:46  <nielsm> bah it's producing even without papr
18:34:22  *** erratic has joined #openttd
18:34:37  <andythenorth> combinatory production headaches :)
18:35:15  <andythenorth> incoming_cargo_waiting("PAPR") > 0 ??
18:35:52  <nielsm> my intention is to produce a 0 or 1 value based on whether the variable is nonzero
18:37:20  <andythenorth> yeah I figured :)
18:37:40  <andythenorth> incoming_cargo_waiting("PAPR") * ((incoming_cargo_waiting("TOYS")>0) + 2*(incoming_cargo_waiting("SWTR")>0)) won't dod that if TOYS or SWTR are present?
18:37:44  *** pete1 has joined #openttd
18:37:44  <andythenorth> do *
18:37:53  *** tokai has quit IRC
18:37:56  *** pete1 is now known as pete2
18:38:08  <nielsm> I changed that slightly: (incoming_cargo_waiting("PAPR")>0) * ((incoming_cargo_waiting("TOYS")>0) + 2*(incoming_cargo_waiting("SWTR")>0))
18:38:13  <nielsm> still failing the same way
18:38:15  <andythenorth> oof
18:38:16  <andythenorth> ok
18:38:18  <pete2> hey, has OpenTTD on linux any other musicdriver beside extmidi?
18:38:21  <nielsm> (producing even when PAPR is 0)
18:38:39  <nielsm> pete2, "yes", if you use a development version
18:38:40  <andythenorth> this is why I made FIRS print a lot of debug to the industry window :P
18:38:59  <andythenorth> if you use perm storage, you can read them in the built-in newgrf debug
18:39:22  <andythenorth> can be handy, even just for debugging
18:39:39  <pete2> so if i use stable my only option is to use timidity or any other as extmidi-device?
18:39:44  <nielsm> pete2, 1.8.0 and earlier only have extmidi as working midi on linux, but a few months ago we added fluidsynth support in the current development branch
18:40:13  <pete2> because said that openttd is trying to use timidity as default
18:40:24  <nielsm> or well, maybe Allegro can also be used to play midi, I don't think I tried
18:40:45  <pete2> and IIRC midi music was working on linux with 0conf before
18:40:51  <andythenorth> hmm, maybe I'm imagining the storage in the debug window :(
18:40:54  <andythenorth> I swear it was there
18:41:08  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: what is a good name for the www repository wehave been working on?
18:41:14  <TrueBrain> OpenTTD/OpenTTD-website sounds so weird
18:41:21  <TrueBrain> and 'website' .. it is only 'www'
18:41:36  <TrueBrain> OpenTTD/ ?
18:41:42  <andythenorth> seems reasonable
18:41:42  <TrueBrain> OpenTTD/main-website ?
18:41:46  <TrueBrain> OpenTTD/website ?
18:42:01  <TrueBrain> OpenTTD/www
18:42:01  <andythenorth> OpenTTD/website
18:42:10  <andythenorth> it's the website
18:42:13  <andythenorth> everything else is services
18:42:13  <TrueBrain> true
18:42:22  <andythenorth> the website is how services are discovered
18:45:31  *** Eddi|zuHause has quit IRC
18:45:34  <pete2> nielsm: OpenTTD offers me only extmidi and non as sounddriver
18:46:08  *** Eddi|zuHause has joined #openttd
18:47:12  <andythenorth> nielsm: persistent industry storage is shown in debug FYI
18:47:21  <andythenorth> just doesn't trigger display until at least one is used
18:48:34  <TrueBrain> owh joy, Ruby broke upstream,and it no longer wants to compile now :(
18:49:06  <andythenorth> oof
18:49:15  <andythenorth> pinned versions? o_O
18:49:23  <andythenorth> a rubyenv cached?
18:49:30  <TrueBrain> apk ruby is the issue
18:49:35  <andythenorth> 'upstream breaks'
18:49:35  <TrueBrain> one of the few non-pinned things
18:49:42  <nielsm> andythenorth, trying a chain like this now:
18:49:47  <TrueBrain> they  have a ticket on their bugtracker, unanswered for over a month
18:49:53  <TrueBrain> owh well .. found a workaround because of that
18:50:03  <TrueBrain> Ruby depends on rdoc, rdoc depends on Ruby ... yippiiiiieeeee
18:50:08  <andythenorth> the other one should have worked nielsm
18:50:19  <andythenorth> but without testing it locally, I can't prove that :D
18:50:54  <andythenorth> branching conditions are mind-melt :P
18:51:02  <nielsm> it's still doing the same D:
18:51:24  <andythenorth> producing without input?
18:51:44  * glx is making progress in adding regression testing to MSVC
18:52:12  <nielsm> producing with only one input
18:52:16  <andythenorth> nielsm: accept_cargo("TOYS", produce_cargo("GIFT", 1))
18:52:20  <LordAro> pete2: development versions alao offer fluidsynth support, but there's no release with this yet
18:52:21  <andythenorth> accept_cargo("TOYS", produce_cargo("GIFT", 0))
18:52:23  <andythenorth> might be better
18:52:28  <nielsm> hmm yeah
18:52:32  <andythenorth> or just accept_cargo("TOYS")
18:52:34  <andythenorth> even
18:52:36  <TrueBrain> glx: nice :D
18:52:39  <andythenorth> dunno the new syntax yet
18:53:06  <andythenorth> too many ways to produce
18:53:20  <andythenorth> and ultimately, one always needs the production cb anyway
18:53:30  <andythenorth> and all this legacy crap slows down things like 16 cargos in / out
18:53:44  * andythenorth starts petition for LessNewGRF
18:54:18  <andythenorth> to be achieved by simply reducing the NML interface
18:54:22  <andythenorth> leave the bytecode there
18:54:42  <pete2> i tried to start with openttd -m extmidi:timidity, but i still haven't any music:
18:54:59  <TrueBrain> and the first attempt of auto-deploy fails with a ... "IndexError: list index out of range"
18:55:00  <TrueBrain> dammit :D
18:55:12  <andythenorth> sounds like every python web page I write
18:55:19  <andythenorth> that or a type error
18:55:24  <andythenorth> or NotFound
18:57:33  <nielsm> okay NOW it's stockpiling
18:57:39  <nielsm> not eating instantly
18:58:54  <andythenorth> it's on the 8 times / month cb
18:59:01  <andythenorth> you need produce_cargo_arrives or something
18:59:02  * andythenorth looks
18:59:23  <andythenorth> produce_cargo_arrival
18:59:25  <andythenorth> nielsm: ^
19:00:45  <nielsm> does max() not actually work at runtime, only compiletime?
19:01:09  <nielsm> guess not
19:01:23  <andythenorth> I thought it was runtime
19:01:27  * andythenorth looks
19:01:45  <andythenorth>
19:01:47  <andythenorth> should be runtime
19:01:50  <Eddi|zuHause> <andythenorth> sounds like every python web page I write <-- what? no syntax error?
19:02:03  <andythenorth> after the syntax error
19:02:15  <andythenorth> once it's actually compiled
19:02:34  <nielsm> -- operator 03 and 05 are max
19:02:36  <nielsm> so yes
19:02:39  <andythenorth> nielsm:
19:02:43  <andythenorth> oh you found it too
19:02:44  <andythenorth> ok
19:02:53  <andythenorth> yeah the nfo ops are pretty good
19:03:01  <andythenorth> everything you need is there
19:03:04  <Eddi|zuHause> so, is ICQ finally dead?
19:08:36  <andythenorth> oh someone has owned some Tripod sites
19:08:42  <andythenorth> didn't know Tripod was still a thing
19:08:57  <andythenorth> if I click on anything, I get a plausible looking 'upgrade Flash player' message
19:09:09  <andythenorth> only Adobe don't serve that from AWS :P
19:09:31  <Eddi|zuHause> the only thing you should do with flash player is burn it with fire
19:09:55  <andythenorth> it's not installed
19:10:09  <andythenorth> so upgrading it is Definitely Not a Thing
19:14:39  <nielsm> grr something going wrong here, produced 20 sacks of presents with 14 toys and 20 rolls of paper
19:15:27  <nielsm> and then 80 presents with 5 toys and 80 rolls paper
19:15:46  <nielsm> (that's some pretty sad presents)
19:16:09  <TrueBrain> okay .. I was wondering why letsencrypt fails .. but someone added a CAA record to :D
19:16:49  <Eddi|zuHause> "someone"?
19:17:35  <TrueBrain> it wasnt me
19:17:37  <TrueBrain> and not many people can
19:17:39  <TrueBrain> soooooooo
19:17:42  <TrueBrain> "someone" yes :P
19:18:24  <TrueBrain> that same person wants me to switch to letsencrypt, the horror :P
19:19:40  <andythenorth> nielsm: switch to persistent storage, it's find-and-replace
19:19:46  <andythenorth> then you can watch the numbers go through
19:20:15  <nielsm> just did
19:20:59  <TrueBrain> @calc 14400 / 3600
19:20:59  <DorpsGek> TrueBrain: 4
19:21:04  <TrueBrain> bah .. 4 hour TTL
19:28:28  <TrueBrain>
19:28:50  <nielsm> PEBKAC
19:28:56  <nielsm> should be using min() for a bunch of this
19:29:16  <andythenorth> eh TrueBrain :) \o/
19:31:29  <TrueBrain> I am still surprised how incredible fast the page is
19:32:36  <andythenorth> that was my awesome work
19:32:42  <andythenorth> I am so optimised
19:33:55  <TrueBrain> has nothing to do that it is a static page served via 3 nginx via a loadbalancer with edge-cache enabled I assume? :P
19:34:15  <nielsm> it's responsive design!
19:34:21  <nielsm> responds immediately
19:35:16  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: no I have actually just hacked you and it's serving locally from your computer
19:35:18  <andythenorth> much faster
19:35:25  <andythenorth> haxor
19:35:35  * andythenorth will now stop talking crap
19:35:54  <TrueBrain> :D
19:36:00  <andythenorth> also, why do idiots say "Can't hack a hacker"?
19:36:13  <andythenorth> cos, ya know, not true
19:36:20  <TrueBrain> because it is bullshit, they know it, and they hope you are scared now, and not try
19:39:12  <nielsm> yay now it's doing the right thing!
19:39:35  <andythenorth> :)
19:40:26  <nielsm>
19:43:17  * andythenorth doesn't read *all* of it :)
19:43:48  <nielsm> weak!
19:43:59  <nielsm> but next bug, several of the industries are not built during worldgen
19:44:13  <nielsm> (it seems those based on non-toyland ones)
19:44:18  <nielsm> but can be built afterwards
19:48:45  <TrueBrain> someone is having fun :P
19:48:50  <andythenorth> is the climate set correctly?
19:50:56  <nielsm> there is no climate property for industries?!
19:51:11  <Eddi|zuHause> "item(FEAT_CARGOS, ctPASS, 0x00)" <-- can you use "PASS" instead of "0x00" there?
19:51:38  <nielsm> I don't think so, no
19:52:11  <Eddi|zuHause> i think NML replaces instances of cargo labels with the numeric position in the CTT
19:52:27  <Eddi|zuHause> so i imagine that would work
19:53:06  <nielsm> yes but it'd be incidental
19:53:18  <nielsm> since it needs to be the ID of the original PASS cargo
19:53:19  <Eddi|zuHause> well, you can reorder the CTT
19:57:24  <Eddi|zuHause> my intuition is that adding a comment to the CTT saying "original cargos must be at this postion" would be cleaner than magic numbers sprinkled throughout the code
19:58:46  <nielsm> all the types
19:58:48  <nielsm> "now for art"
20:01:52  <nielsm> okay something's wrong with the flags in NML
20:02:05  <TrueBrain> incredible .. this works ... I push something to master, GitHub tells Azure Pipelines that I did, AP builds a new Docker image, pushes it to Docker Hub. If it was to master, it starts a Release. The Release tells my 'deployer' on k8s that there is a new version, which tells Helm to deploy that on its own k8s :D And that really does work :o
20:02:09  <TrueBrain> I am .. shocked? surprised?
20:07:03  <LordAro> "suspicious"
20:07:03  <andythenorth> nielsm: some cargos have to stay in the original position btw
20:07:14  <andythenorth> for newgrf vehicle reasons I've forgotten
20:07:33  <andythenorth> or town sets maybe
20:07:42  <andythenorth> anyway, the CTT is not a safe abstraction tool
20:07:55  <nielsm> yes PASS MAIL GOOD FOOD like things
20:08:02  <andythenorth> it's safest to assume that all of newgrf is built on sand
20:08:07  <nielsm> things town buildings might accept
20:08:08  <TrueBrain> <- follow the rabbit to staging :D
20:09:59  <TrueBrain> on to the next stage:
20:10:00  <TrueBrain> :D
20:10:07  <TrueBrain> and .. it is now live :)
20:11:59  <nielsm> okay I need to make a custom tilelayout for one of the industries, need to figure out the syntax for that then
20:13:29  <TrueBrain> andythenorth: I found a bug: <- banner highlight of Screenshot is gone :P
20:14:58  <andythenorth> this the repo now?
20:15:06  <TrueBrain> for now, yes
20:15:10  <TrueBrain> I will move it to OpenTTD soonish
20:15:12  <TrueBrain> (tomorrow or so)
20:15:48  <TrueBrain> and I enforced that you need to make a PR .. no more pushing to master :P
20:15:50  <TrueBrain> (sorry)
20:16:16  <TrueBrain> still need to fix the 'latest' release/nightly indicators .. hmmmm
20:16:47  <andythenorth> ok I will look at that, but not now :P
20:16:49  <andythenorth> chores
20:16:53  <TrueBrain> :D
20:17:05  <andythenorth> afaict the liquid var is set correctly
20:17:43  *** pete2 has quit IRC
20:23:20  <Borg> guys.. instead trying to add cool stuff. maybe fix basic stuff?
20:23:36  <Borg> why OpenTTD *STILL* allows join to company.. or join & create company?
20:23:58  <Borg> that model 'connect <host>#<id>' suxx ass.. really
20:24:04  <Borg> you should always join as spectator...
20:24:09  <Borg> kinda annoying really
20:24:18  <Borg> noone else is bothered about it?
20:24:40  <TrueBrain> <- get started!
20:26:23  <andythenorth> sounds complicated :P
20:28:04  <TrueBrain> well, I just got told we are not allowed to have fun, but we should focus on "basic stuff", so complicated or not, off you go!
20:28:20  <andythenorth> oof I can't be bothered to get that popcorn
20:28:34  <andythenorth> I am going to clone the website and see what you broke
20:28:40  <TrueBrain> :D EVERYTHING
20:29:35  <andythenorth> can you be more specific? o_O
20:29:40  <andythenorth> nvm
20:30:20  <andythenorth> oof I have to build jekyll again
20:30:55  <Xaroth> Borg: nobody is stopping you from making a PR to address those issues.
20:31:36  <Xaroth> andythenorth: that's what you get when you let TrueBrain near your codebase, so you really brought it onto yourself :P :P
20:33:10  <andythenorth> silly me
20:33:18  <andythenorth> why is ruby so slow :(
20:33:27  <andythenorth> wait, I fixed it
20:33:32  <andythenorth> why is $everything so slow
20:33:44  <Xaroth> get more ram!
20:33:52  <andythenorth> how much?
20:33:57  <Xaroth> all of it
20:33:58  <andythenorth> is 4MB enough?
20:34:01  <Borg> Xaroth: yeah I know... I should do a patch.. instead of complain.. but I still didnt made Mingw env for OpenTTD building
20:34:05  <Borg> so many deps :(
20:34:20  <Xaroth> you can also use visual studio, if that's your fancy.
20:35:18  <Borg> nope its not.. I stopped using VS long time ago.. last version I used was 2002 NET or sth..
20:35:26  <Borg> I still have skeletonal VC5 and VC6...
20:35:28  <Borg> for DDK
20:37:01  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: you broke it in prod
20:37:09  <andythenorth> nav highlight works for me locally
20:37:21  <andythenorth> maybe not
20:37:22  <TrueBrain> euh ...
20:37:28  <TrueBrain> that is not possible :D
20:37:29  <andythenorth> oic
20:37:41  <andythenorth> what, you think it's just a static site? :P
20:38:52  *** Wacko1976 has quit IRC
20:39:02  <TrueBrain> :D
20:44:13  <andythenorth> meh
20:44:23  <andythenorth> liquid vars might not bubble up the templates
20:50:11  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: so I have to fork the whole thing and PR now?
20:50:13  <andythenorth> can't just branch?
20:50:20  <TrueBrain> yup
20:50:22  <TrueBrain> fork
20:50:22  <andythenorth> urgh ok
20:50:33  <andythenorth> that's regrettable
20:50:37  <andythenorth> building Ruby takes 5 mins
20:51:09  <LordAro> ideally you shouldn't have been just branching anyway :p
20:51:18  <andythenorth> 'ideally'
20:52:34  <andythenorth> TrueBrain: are you just renaming it tomorrow?  or a new repo?
20:53:07  <TrueBrain> renaming
20:53:09  <TrueBrain> well, moving
20:53:14  <andythenorth> but my fork will follow?
20:53:20  <andythenorth> due to github magic?
20:53:30  <TrueBrain> no clue; but forking is easy/cheap :)
20:55:14  *** lugo has quit IRC
20:56:10  <andythenorth>
20:56:11  <andythenorth> is the fix
20:56:38  <andythenorth> but right now is not time to make a fork and build ruby again
20:56:52  <TrueBrain> huh?
20:57:01  <TrueBrain> I sometimes wonder how complex people made it theirself :D
20:57:19  <andythenorth> I made it 'working'
20:57:29  <TrueBrain> hit fork, git remote origin set-url<youusername>/OpenTTD-website
20:57:34  <TrueBrain> git checkout -b myfix
20:57:37  <TrueBrain> git fetch origin
20:57:40  <TrueBrain> git rebase origin/master
20:57:43  <TrueBrain> git add -A
20:57:44  <TrueBrain> git commit
20:57:50  <TrueBrain> its so simple :P
20:57:54  <andythenorth> so simple :P
20:57:56  <andythenorth> svn commit
20:58:11  <andythenorth> make rbenv
20:58:13  <andythenorth> build ruby
20:58:16  <andythenorth> build jekyll
20:58:23  <andythenorth> rebuild jekyll because the first build fails
20:58:28  <andythenorth> then make a PR
20:58:34  <TrueBrain> my point being, if you already build it, who cares on which fork you have to push it?
20:58:43  <TrueBrain> forks are just .. a reference
20:58:56  <andythenorth> I'm assuming that I can change the remote for git
20:59:05  <nielsm>  <- so many remotes
20:59:06  <TrueBrain> I just told you how, yes :P
20:59:08  <andythenorth> but I had 4 hours sleep 2 days in a row
20:59:27  <TrueBrain> fair enough :)
20:59:58  <andythenorth> I think we'll stick to trash talk, not fixing my git, again
21:00:28  <andythenorth> oh alberth left :P
21:00:32  <andythenorth> NRT rebase didn't happen then :)
21:01:00  <andythenorth> he oddly volunteered to try it
21:01:14  <TrueBrain> andythenorth:
21:01:27  <andythenorth> now the magic
21:01:32  <andythenorth> does staging pick it up?
21:01:41  <TrueBrain> not until it is reviewed and merged :)
21:01:45  <TrueBrain> staging == master
21:01:49  <TrueBrain> production == tag
21:01:52  <TrueBrain> PRs have nothing! :D
21:01:53  <andythenorth> I'll review it: "it's awesome"
21:02:14  <andythenorth> actually LordAro should
21:04:21  <TrueBrain> committed
21:04:24  <TrueBrain> now lets see what happens :D
21:08:43  <TrueBrain> lot better andythenorth :D
21:08:47  <TrueBrain>
21:09:00  <andythenorth> fixed
21:10:31  <TrueBrain> \o/ :D
21:10:36  <TrueBrain> without hands!
21:11:25  *** sla_ro|master2 has joined #openttd
21:14:42  <andythenorth> is it done?
21:15:10  <LordAro> andythenorth: D:
21:15:56  <LordAro> needs less cabbage
21:16:08  <LordAro> everything should have less cabbage
21:16:24  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
21:16:56  <andythenorth> hmm
21:17:04  <andythenorth> the other end of my USB-C cable is not in the charger
21:17:17  <andythenorth> the electrons have not jumped the gap much either
21:34:25  *** Borg has quit IRC
21:55:39  <Eddi|zuHause> i managed to do that with a regular power plug charger
21:59:46  * andythenorth mumbles about tesla
21:59:48  <andythenorth> and air charging
22:04:15  <Eddi|zuHause> if you want to "air charge" a tesla, you probably better not get near that thing
22:10:40  <andythenorth>
22:18:35  *** sla_ro|master2 has quit IRC
22:33:33  *** andythenorth has left #openttd
22:52:57  *** Thedarkb-T60 has joined #openttd
23:11:56  *** gelignite has quit IRC
23:29:59  *** nielsm has quit IRC

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