Log for #openttd on 19th August 2019:
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07:52:26  <Samu> hi
08:19:16  <Samu> had a typo yesterday
08:19:28  <Samu>
08:19:34  <Samu> it's min(
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08:47:58  <Samu> I have to change the way the pathfinder counts interactions yet again :(
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08:51:45  <Samu> running at default max ops/construction speed with the addition of convoy tricks, pathfinder takes more than 10 days each attempt, which is the days to wait before starting the next road vehicle on a previous route (the trick)
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09:57:48  <andythenorth_> yo
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10:14:50  <andythenorth_>  North American Horse :p
10:15:31  <andythenorth_> Progression problem
10:16:06  <andythenorth_> IRL american train speeds have declined substantially since 1940s
10:19:03  <peter1139> Yeah but elevenses.
10:19:17  <andythenorth_> Ikr
10:19:24  <andythenorth_> Coffee time
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10:23:59  <DorpsGek_II> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] Wuzzy2 commented on issue #7703: Inactive industries make inappropriate/unlogical sounds
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10:32:42  <peter1139> Well, I had the second half a protein bar. Not really satisfactory.
10:32:51  <peter1139> Fancy bacon & eggs :/
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12:24:43  <Arveen> there are fancy bacon & egg protein bars ?
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13:04:15  <Wolf01> So, it looks like 0% reliability engines, today a train stopped twice, the first time they changed the engine, it stopped again.
13:07:47  <peter1139> It stopped as it left the depot?
13:08:12  <Wolf01> After leaving the station
13:10:05  <Wolf01> The worst part of the story is that somebody thought it was fine to attack the train conductor
13:10:18  <Wolf01> Like it would help
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14:43:23  <superprower> Hi! Is there a way to make some modifications (i.e. placing objects, roads, cities) to the game maps externally, from scripts of some kind? Is there an API of some sorts?
14:48:39  <nnyby> superprower: there is -
14:53:27  <superprower> Thanks a lot! Haven't thought to look up 'scripting' for some reason, was looking at modding.
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14:59:57  <FLHerne> superprower: OpenTTD extension interfaces are:
15:00:52  <FLHerne>  "NewGRFs" -- alter graphics, add new vehicle/building/industry/infrastructure/... types, town names, etc.
15:02:02  <FLHerne>  NoAI -- for AI-controlled companies; build infrastructure, manage vehicles, etc.
15:03:26  <FLHerne> GameScript -- scripting interface similar to AI, but for controlling the overall game -- set goals, control town growth, or build infrastructure etc. as AIs do
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15:04:22  <supermop_work> hi
15:04:37  <FLHerne> Admin Port -- run various commands via a network interface, mostly for server management
15:05:22  <FLHerne> And, of course, "patch the source code" is always the method of last resort :P
15:23:26  <peter1139> Depends
15:23:39  <peter1139> "Play the game" is the usual last resort...
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15:33:50  <Wolf01> Meh, another game I would like is Epic exclusive
15:40:48  <Wolf01> Developers should sell the game directly and then let you chose the library you want, I already purchased games twice because I found a nice discount on steam and forgot that I had the game on another library
15:41:19  <supermop_work> i buy records twice all the time
15:41:39  <supermop_work> dont realize till i am putting it on my shelf and see it is already there
15:43:34  <Wolf01> I do that with books, but that's because I forget to update the list of the ones I already have
15:46:26  <Wolf01> I would like to have the same for games... but not an excel sheet
15:49:50  <supermop_work> i started a sheet for my records, but i also forget to update it
15:50:15  <Wolf01> At least with proprietary stores you can guess on which library it's a game, but with generic stores like steam, gog and epic...
15:51:17  <Wolf01> I should try playnite
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16:02:32  <Wolf01> So... I have this game on gog, steam and epic... and installed both on steam and gog
16:04:30  <Wolf01> At least I got it for free on epic
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16:31:41  <Wolf01> Hmmm, even playnite can't import all the games
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17:06:17  <peter1139> Hi
17:06:31  <peter1139> I came home. I ate an Oreo biscuit. That's my dinner carolies gone ;(
17:07:51  <Eddi|zuHause> damn these koroljevs
17:20:35  <frosch123> wasn't there at least the option for some better biscuit, other than an oreo?
17:40:12  <peter1139> Yes, but that was the last one in an already open packet. Also it was a "snowy" covered one. Must have been there a while.
18:54:59  <Wolf01> How... a lonely oreo... you monster!
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19:18:07  <Samu> the default ai is dummy ai
19:18:16  <Samu> make it do something
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19:21:37  <LordAro> no
19:22:05  <LordAro> (this was literally the question i asked that got me into the OTTD community 10 years ago)
19:22:14  <Samu> rip that topic then
19:22:50  <LordAro> basically the whole point of "NoAI" is that all AIs are community provided
19:22:56  <LordAro> it's in the name
19:23:45  <Samu> make dummy ai download an ai and run it
19:24:37  <LordAro> that's much worse
19:24:53  <Wolf01> Hmmm, I wanted to play a game but I noticed too late that the windows' store version is stable and doesn't have nrt...
19:25:36  <Wolf01> Also, why does the content download let me download clearly incompatible grfs?
19:51:14  <peter1139> Well I'm hardly a monster, there is no lonely oreo any more...
19:51:58  <peter1139> Also, I had cheese & biscuits and now I'm going to bed. Hopefully sweet cheesey dreams :p
20:00:53  <Samu> I need to make AI management more flexible
20:00:57  <Samu> must think
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21:10:21  <andythenorth_> I have had lunch
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22:43:55  <Samu> just made my AI management interruptible
22:43:59  <Samu> and resumable
22:44:14  <Samu> this is quite an achievement
22:45:23  <Samu> pathfinds for 1 day, manages routes for the next day, then resumes pathfinder 1 more day, and resumes route management the next...
22:45:39  <Samu> and so on
22:47:55  <Samu> as long as nobody cheats the date
22:48:01  <Samu> this will work
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23:49:32  <Baricus> hey, is anyone here able to help with a compile issue?
23:53:04  <Baricus> I'm trying to get a linux dedicated server running but I think I'm messing something up with the move to github
23:55:50  <Baricus> when I finish the make install, it doesn't seem to actually install, as I can't use the openttd command aftewards
23:55:58  <Baricus> and I have no clue how to fix that

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