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09:54:57  <qwebirc43886> русские есть?
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10:02:17  <LordAro> "Russians are?" according to google translate
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10:40:45  <Samu> no
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12:06:35  <Xaroth> s/are/here/ probably
12:28:42  <LordAro> Xaroth: i assumed as such
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14:58:18  <Samu> my customized pathfinder is utterly slow, just tried this on official 1.9.2 with default 10000 ops/medium speed
14:59:17  <Samu> 1 and half year to pathfind a route of 90 manhathan
14:59:22  <Samu> :(
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15:51:17  <supermop_work> yo
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16:40:51  <adikt> prob stupid question...  not a big deal either but i'm going to ask anyway....  where is the openmsx file supposed to be installed for the playback?  i'm running 1.7.1 on linux mint 19.2 using the sudo apt install openttd ...  i realize i can just install the newer version, however was having same issue with music...  when i install it in game and go to sounds to skip the track it scrolls through all the track names but doesn't play any
16:40:51  <adikt> of them...
16:41:22  <adikt> not really sure what the issue is, and it's not THAT BIG of a deal as everythign else works... but the soundtrack to the game is a bitchin tune i remember from childhood and would like to get it working
16:46:47  <nielsm> if you install openmsx via the in-game downloader it should unpack the right place, probably under ~/.openttd/content_download/baseset/
16:47:34  <nielsm> but also keep in mind that openmsx is not much like simon foster's original soundtrack from transport tycoon (deluxe)
16:48:52  <adikt> i tried installing it via sudo apt install openttd-openmsx when the ingame downloader failed
16:49:04  <nielsm> I'm getting old... simon foster drew the art, john broomhall composed the music
16:49:12  <milek7> do you have timidity installed?
16:49:17  <adikt> neither solution works..  have the same issue on another computer running ubuntu
16:49:23  <adikt> wtf is timidity...
16:49:31  <nielsm> yes, you need timidity (the executable) installed for music playback to work
16:49:39  <nielsm> it's a software midi synthesizer
16:49:51  <adikt> i bet that's it
16:50:40  <adikt> nope... weird...  gonna see if it actually installed to the right place
16:50:50  <adikt> it's something along the line of i dont have a codec or something
16:50:55  <nielsm> worth mentioning that in 1.9 we added a more reliable music playback for linux builds, based on linking fluidsynth directly
16:51:40  <nielsm> but I'm surprised the content downloader is failing for you
16:51:47  <adikt> i'm a novice linux user who needs to go youtube how the filesystem works
16:52:04  <adikt> scared to compile my own stuff lol
16:52:20  <adikt> yeah the sound effects work just not the music
16:53:17  <adikt> try the 1.9 install :D
16:54:34  <nielsm> music and sound effects are entirely separate :)
16:54:50  <nielsm> the sound effects are sampled audio, the music is midi data
16:55:26  <adikt> that's why i asked the path of the file..  i'm trying the ingame downloader in 1.9 right now
16:55:31  <adikt> just removed 1.7
16:56:01  <milek7> does running 'timidity' in terminal prints info?
16:56:16  <adikt> yeah.. same problem..  when i go into the jazz jukebox it just scrolls all the tracks in the file
16:56:44  <nielsm> okay so it does find the music
16:56:56  <nielsm> then it exists with the correct filenames
16:57:04  <nielsm> the problem is with timidity
16:57:26  <adikt> k@c6re:~$ timidity
16:57:26  <adikt> TiMidity++ version 2.13.2 -- MIDI to WAVE converter and player
16:57:33  <nielsm> hm
16:57:39  <adikt> plus a page of other stuff
16:57:55  <nielsm> can you try running openttd from a console with driver debug enabled?
16:58:05  <nielsm> # openttd -ddriver=1
16:58:21  <nielsm> it should show which music driver it selects and what it does
16:59:09  <adikt> dbg: [driver] extmidi: set volume not implemented
16:59:17  <adikt> everything else successful
16:59:30  <milek7> some soundfont installed is required too
16:59:33  <adikt> dbg: [driver] extmidi: set volume not implemented
16:59:45  <adikt> whoops...
16:59:46  <adikt> dbg: [driver] Successfully probed video driver 'sdl'
16:59:46  <adikt> dbg: [driver] Successfully probed sound driver 'sdl'
16:59:46  <adikt> dbg: [driver] Successfully probed music driver 'extmidi'
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17:01:15  <adikt> i think i just found the solution on the google...
17:01:41  <adikt> you lead me to the solution i think... thank you!
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17:12:13  <nielsm> midi was more foolproof when all you had to do was plug the MPU-401 card into an ISA slot, hook up the synthesizer, and software could write to port 330 and it just worked
17:12:42  <Wolf01> :D
17:12:49  <Wolf01> Good old times
17:13:51  <nielsm> (I never had an MPU-401, and only got a roland GM module recently)
17:14:39  <nielsm> also who let them turn the outside heating back on, I didn't ask for a second summer
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19:13:15  <Eddi|zuHause> hm... it was fine until i hit 70k inhabitants, now i'm facing complete gridlock all of a sudden :/
19:17:16  <SpComb^> C:S?
19:17:22  <glx> looks like it
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19:49:35  <Eddi|zuHause> yes
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20:23:35  <Samu> heh, my pathfinder got stuck in a road depot
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20:33:09  <Samu> ah no, not stuck
20:33:35  <Samu> it just timed out on the retry
20:39:23  <Samu> these desert towns are really hard
20:39:34  <Samu> most populous town only 734
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21:33:25  <Samu> experimenting a less all or nothing approach when selectively removing negative profit vehicles
21:34:05  <Samu> this may be a bad idea, but just wanted to experiment
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21:35:03  <Samu> now it removes 1 by 1, with an interval of 30 days between each removal
21:35:49  <nielsm> okay now I have a new music-related project, I need to get the MT-32/LAPC-1 music from TTO working somehow
21:37:05  <nielsm> for reasons I haven't figured out yet, it doesn't work in dosbox, it just doesn't output any midi data at all to the (emulated) mpu-401 so nothing ever gets played
21:37:51  <nielsm> but it has a unique set of music files and it even has a patchset file, so it's definitely a separate arrangement of the music
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21:57:41  <Samu> I just had an awesome weird idea
21:58:28  <Samu> have the pathfinder prioritize loading bays stations when the vehicle is wanting to full load from it
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21:58:52  <Samu> if there's drivethrough and loading bays as part of the same station
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22:33:46  <nielsm> oh... duh
22:34:12  <nielsm> obviously the file containing the actual music data was missing in this copy of tto I was testing with
22:34:31  <glx> that may explain why it didn't work :)
22:34:43  <nielsm> and it sound cool
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22:38:13  <nielsm> but ugh, the synth I have isn't quite an MT-32 and this specific one (RA-50) does not implement the "all notes off" command
22:38:33  <nielsm> and the driver expects that to work
22:38:34  <nielsm> D:
22:39:00  <nielsm> I'll have to find a dosbox version that catches that command and sends individual note-off instead
22:39:50  <nielsm> (that feature/workaround exists for the softmpu driver for emulating a full mpu-401 on real hardware that does not have a real mpu-401)
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