Log for #openttd on 29th February 2020:
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08:11:43  <andythenorth> yo
08:12:25  <peter1138> Hai
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08:14:08  <andythenorth> I was supposed to be doing something?
08:14:10  <andythenorth> what was it?
08:14:17  * andythenorth wants to start on new Horse :P
08:15:32  <peter1138> I'm starting work on new coffee.
08:16:19  <andythenorth> was it diagonal river sprites I was supposed to draw?
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08:54:57  <andythenorth> time for Horse 99 then?
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09:58:41  <andythenorth> oof
09:58:45  * andythenorth starts new Horse
09:58:50  <andythenorth> that's not diligent
09:59:05  <LordAro> oh no
09:59:58  <andythenorth> I'm sure I'm supposed to be doing something for 1.10
10:00:02  <andythenorth> can't remember what
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10:35:01  <Samu> nielsm, i need to talk to you :p
10:35:38  <LordAro> @topic get 3
10:35:38  <DorpsGek> LordAro: Don't ask to ask, just ask
10:36:10  <Samu> okay, if this suggested fix is in:
10:36:17  <Samu> there is still one problem
10:37:20  <Samu> if the production decreases, "if (new_prod > 1) closeit = false;" will fail, meaning that the industry is going to announce closure
10:37:39  <Samu> that poses a dilema
10:38:24  <Samu> an industry that never decreases production would never announce closure, right? then that would the flag NO_CLOSURE be used for?
10:40:41  <Samu> typo: what* would be
10:41:26  <Samu> I think nielsm isn't here yet
10:44:27  <_dp_> Samu, NO_CLOSURE can be used without NO_DECREASE
10:44:38  <_dp_> also to stop newgrf from straight up closing the industry
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10:48:59  <Wolf01> Hmm, mashinky will have power lines before us, not good :P
10:49:56  <_dp_> does it have multiplayer already?
10:50:15  <Wolf01> Not yet
10:50:51  <Samu> I was thinking of this: if (new_prod > 1 || !(i->ctlflags & INDCTL_NO_PRODUCTION_DECREASE)) closeit = false;
10:52:52  <Wolf01> The bad it also suffer for the same problem which affects OTTD, when you finish to build a line and upgrade stations and industries, you need to switch era and upgrade all the trains again
10:54:23  <Samu> actually if (new_prod > 1 || (i->ctlflags & INDCTL_NO_PRODUCTION_DECREASE)) closeit = false;
10:54:34  <Samu> i fail at bools
10:55:34  <Wolf01> Think about them like + (or) and * (and) operations
10:55:49  <_dp_> yeah, upgrading is pita
10:55:57  <Samu> if production is 0 and the flag is set to no decrease, closeit = false
10:56:04  <Samu> that seems right
10:58:18  <nielsm> I'm not ready to look at code today yet :P
10:59:05  <Samu> hi
11:02:24  <Samu> it's still a dilema, I wonder how you're gonna solve it
11:04:27  <Samu> the production decreases, but you want the production to never decrease. how then would it decide whether to announce closure
11:05:43  <Samu> you want closure announced based on NO_CLOSURE
11:05:45  <nielsm> if production can't decrease then closure due to production dropping too low is not possible
11:08:11  <Samu> so, that means, my suggested fix also needs this line
11:08:27  <Samu> that line above
11:14:03  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LordAro opened pull request #8027: Rollup backport requested PRs
11:18:42  <LordAro> "##[warning]This pipeline uses a Microsoft-hosted agent image that will be removed on March 23, 2020 (MacOS-10.13). You must make changes to your pipeline before that date, or else your pipeline will fail. Learn more ("
11:18:47  <LordAro> that might be an issue
11:23:32  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LordAro opened pull request #8028: Codechange: [AzurePipelines] Update MacOS image to 10.14
11:26:48  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh commented on pull request #8028: Codechange: [AzurePipelines] Update MacOS image to 10.14
11:28:41  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LordAro commented on pull request #8028: Codechange: [AzurePipelines] Update MacOS image to 10.14
11:32:54  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LordAro commented on pull request #8028: Codechange: [AzurePipelines] Update MacOS image to 10.14
12:11:57  <LordAro> nielsm: re #8023 - at the very least it doesn't seem to make anything worse, so i'd say it's probably good
12:24:38  <Samu> nielsm, I updated the comment
12:24:49  <Samu> so that it's not forgotten :p
12:24:55  <Samu> now lunch time, bbl
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12:40:39  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LordAro commented on pull request #7486: Fix: AI/GS settings with the flag SCRIPTCONFIG_RANDOM could be altered after loading from a savegame.
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13:03:04  <Samu> oh no, not that again :(
13:03:33  <LordAro> it's not gone away :p
13:04:06  <Samu> i don't know what nielsm is requesting
13:05:23  <Samu> it comes from ai_sl
13:07:19  <Samu> the script is not started at the time ScriptConfig::Change is called
13:07:44  <Samu> ai_sl.cpp only starts after the whole settings are constructed
13:07:50  <Samu> only starts the ais
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13:08:05  <LordAro> Samu: you know where this is supposed to go...
13:08:16  <Samu> but i dont know if this is what he's asking for
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13:18:33  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick commented on pull request #7486: Fix: AI/GS settings with the flag SCRIPTCONFIG_RANDOM could be altered after loading from a savegame.
13:19:09  <Samu> probably the wrong answer
13:25:11  <Samu> maybe the confusion is due to the fact that I'm fixing 2 things in 1 PR
13:25:33  <Samu> should I split?
13:25:53  <Samu> I don't know how to proceed
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14:13:34  <Samu> :)
14:20:05  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on pull request #8025: Remove: Support for macOS before 10.9
14:31:34  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] spnda commented on issue #8024: "Check Online Content" lags the UI
14:34:18  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] michicc commented on pull request #8025: Remove: Support for macOS before 10.9
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14:57:12  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] SamuXarick commented on pull request #7912: Feature: Disallow industry production changes from GS
15:22:19  <spnda> I just noticed in NML, 0x14 for act2 variables is used by towns, I think. See line 763. Can I shift that up to 0x15 or should I put mine as 0x15?
15:26:43  <glx> I don't know if it's possible
15:27:04  <glx> but newgrf spec is not helpful in this area it seems
15:29:09  <glx> says feature N/A for towns, while doesn't list towns even if exists
15:32:48  <spnda> And that list on isn'
15:32:51  <spnda> t even complete
15:33:01  <glx> looks like you can theorically move it
15:33:31  <spnda> I'll try and give it a test switch with one of those vars included, see if it still works.
15:33:36  <glx> but there should be a place to check
15:35:16  <glx>
15:35:39  <glx> I think you need to replace the 0x14 there too
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15:38:06  <glx> and update the comment line 18, and increase the container size
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15:41:49  <spnda> I have done that already, but thanks
16:09:45  <Samu> i just reverted a revert
16:10:07  <Samu> Revert "Revert "Fix: Industries were announcing closure in error""
16:10:12  <Samu> heheh
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16:41:09  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/nml] glx22 opened pull request #92: Fix 62cab41: Random switch support for NRT
16:44:17  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] James103 commented on issue #8024: "Check Online Content" lags the UI
16:47:49  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/nml] glx22 commented on issue #46: Update nml wiki docs for NotRoadTypes (NRT)
16:47:49  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/nml] glx22 reopened issue #46: Update nml wiki docs for NotRoadTypes (NRT)
17:02:53  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] spnda commented on issue #8024: "Check Online Content" lags the UI
17:31:13  <spnda> I'll need some advice now. I use DrawNewGRFTileSeqInGUI(x, y, dts, 0, palette); to draw the road stop sprites. I have 16 different sprites in my SpriteGroup sequence. How would I offset each sprite by a int I have?
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17:40:30  <Samu> firs doesn't trigger any ChangeIndustryProduction
17:40:45  <Samu> well, it does, but returns case 0x0: break;                  // Do nothing, but show the custom message if any
17:41:29  <Samu> div, mul and increment remains 0
17:42:09  <Samu> how does that gung-ho stuff changes production then?
17:42:52  <Samu> flags don't seem to have any effect on firs as far as I could see
17:45:34  <Samu> there are no industry production changes news for firs
17:45:55  <glx> maybe firs doesn't use the callback
17:46:11  <Samu> ... but production changes
17:46:23  <Samu> seems to be done in some other method
17:49:38  <glx> ChangeIndustryProduction is done every day/month
17:50:23  <glx> well not every day, but it's called from daily and monthly loops
17:51:39  <glx> and newgrf don't trigger the function, but the function can do newgrf callbacks if there is any
17:52:34  <glx> else the standard production change is done
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17:53:46  <Samu> the callback is always = 0
17:54:51  <glx> monthly and daily ?
17:57:34  <Samu> monthly
17:57:40  <Samu> let me check the daily one
17:59:53  <Samu> callback mask is 18943 some some random industry it picked up, what are the meaning of these flags
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18:00:20  <Samu> ah, i see
18:00:36  <Samu> it's under enum IndustryCallbackMask {
18:03:45  <Samu> res = 0
18:03:48  <Samu> for daily too
18:03:56  <Samu> seems to be doing it for every industry
18:07:03  <Samu> i've configured firs to close secondary industries, whatever "secondary" means for firs
18:07:15  <Samu> waiting for a breakpoint trigger
18:07:21  <Samu> closing an industry
18:24:04  <Samu> aha! firs triggered a closeit = true;
18:24:10  <Samu> case 0x3: closeit = true; break;  // The industry announces imminent closure, and is physically removed from the map next month.
18:26:55  <Samu> NO_CLOSURE flag isn't set, so the industry will close
18:28:08  <Samu> I see the newspaper, so it's working
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18:38:33  <Samu> now testing NO_CLOSURE flag with firs
18:40:29  <Samu> works! industry didn't close
18:40:39  <Samu> even thought it was told to
18:41:54  <Samu> i just don't understand how this enhanced, gung-ho do their thing
18:46:15  <nielsm> persistent storage registers
18:46:30  <nielsm> also I just had a terrible idea
18:46:51  <Samu> uh oh
18:47:42  <nielsm> make an industry with production rules that allows it to supplement logic trains, using the registers as memory in a computer that takes different inputs via different cargo types
18:48:21  <glx> crazy
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18:50:05  <Samu> persistent storage registers? does it the industry production changes aren't done the conventional way?
18:50:13  <Samu> does it mean*
18:50:16  <nielsm> yes
18:50:26  <nielsm> it lets industries do basically whatever they want
18:50:42  <Samu> bad firs
18:50:50  <Samu> ok, then mistery solved
18:50:53  <nielsm> and those possibilities are why I didn't bother trying to add commands to force production increase/decrease to that PR
18:50:54  <glx> I guess you are testing without serving the industries
18:51:25  <Samu> i have AIAI doing some transportation on firs
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21:03:14  <Samu> @calc -6 % 5
21:03:14  <DorpsGek> Samu: 4
21:03:23  <Samu> fake news
21:04:42  <Samu> -6 % 5 = -1 on my programmer calculator
21:04:49  <Samu> who can explain?
21:05:22  <_dp_> there are several ways of doing modulus operation
21:05:26  <_dp_> for negative numbers
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21:15:36  <Samu> @calc 5 - ((-(-6) - 1) % 5) - 1
21:15:36  <DorpsGek> Samu: 4
21:16:13  <_dp_> shocking :p
21:16:24  <Samu> i'm still dumb
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21:22:34  <LordAro> Samu:
21:22:50  <LordAro> Python (dorpsgek) does '%' differently to C
21:23:43  <glx> btw 4 and -1 are the same for %5
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21:50:15  <Samu> DivideApprox exists
21:50:17  <Samu> interesting
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22:34:25  <Samu> meh, not as interesting as i thought
22:34:32  <Samu> and it overflows
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