Log for #openttd on 15th April 2020:
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02:55:30  <Eddi|zuHause> we probably should make that popup mandatory for anyone that attempts to join a server
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06:14:34  <andythenorth> o/
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06:50:28  <peter1138> Frozen vegetables, eh?
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07:25:18  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] auge8472 commented on pull request #3: Change: embed the main headings of all pages in header-elements
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08:27:55  <Samu> hi
08:34:49  <rotterdxm> top o´the mornin samu
08:43:58  <Samu> they wake me up at this time...
09:35:41  <peter1138> They?
09:44:03  <andythenorth> institutional care
09:47:37  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] James103 commented on issue #8049: Suggestion: Allow Game Scripts to set company loan beyond max loan and independent of cash on hand
09:57:35  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain merged pull request #3: Change: embed the main headings of all pages in header-elements
09:58:16  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] James103 commented on pull request #8008: Feature: Double-click to rename vehicle
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10:31:04  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh commented on issue #8049: Suggestion: Allow Game Scripts to set the max loan of a company.
10:38:27  <Samu> just gained a tiny little bit of time once more
10:38:49  <Samu> removed the "this." AyStar
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10:43:28  <Samu> or maybe not, i have so many files open, I'm getting confused
10:54:12  <Samu> 'this.' or no 'this.' it made no difference, after all
10:54:28  <Samu> can't squeeze more time :(
11:00:13  <peter1138> Why would you think removing that would improve performance?
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11:12:14  <Samu> because ... I thought so
11:12:18  <Samu> :p
11:12:57  <Samu> I'm still getting ideas from ShipAI author, he changed AyStar a bit
11:14:45  <Samu> he removed the check direction callback
11:14:59  <Samu> I also did that on my AyStar, but he went even further
11:21:20  <Samu> very fishy results, almost too good to be true
11:21:54  <Samu> @calc 2207 / 9542
11:21:54  <DorpsGek> Samu: 0.231293229931
11:22:04  <Samu> wow
11:22:16  <Samu> i must confirm the roads are still being built properly
11:22:19  <Samu> brb
11:57:29  <rotterdxm> that double click to rename vehicles sounds great, not gonna lie
11:58:30  <_dp_> why not just use hotkey for that?
11:58:50  <_dp_> don't think double click is used anywhere in openttd yet so it will be entirely new concept
12:00:14  <_dp_> pencil icon button would be another solution, that't somewhat commonly used in other apps
12:08:32  <Samu> lines 121 to 131 are removed in ShipAI's AyStar
12:08:54  <Wolf01> _dp_, next hidden feature is long click :P
12:08:55  <Samu> it greatly increases performance
12:09:11  <Samu> but I don't understand what it's lost if those lines are removed
12:09:58  <Samu> actually, it starts earlier
12:10:12  <Samu> line 118 to 131
12:17:26  <Samu> I don't understand, there's no downside to it?
12:18:25  <Samu> the check in line 124 returns always !false
12:19:13  <Samu> but removing the entire while loop is confusing me
12:23:35  <peter1138> Have you set a check direction callback?
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12:57:03  <Samu> the callback returns false all the time
12:59:57  <Samu>
13:00:00  <Samu> always false
13:14:32  <Eddi|zuHause> weird... i downloaded 5 files 2 days ago, but only 4 of them are stored on my disk
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13:42:26  <peter1138> Samu, if calling the callback is taking time, then you could optimise that, I suppose.
13:42:59  * andythenorth calls peter1138 back
13:43:05  <andythenorth> I had eggs, was it lunch?
13:43:16  <peter1138> I had salad.
13:43:28  <andythenorth> I need more salad
13:43:33  <andythenorth> for eating reasons
13:43:50  <peter1138> And a chewy fruit bar thing. "Healthy" and "natural" they call it. "Processed" and "sugars" I say.
13:43:55  <peter1138> I need less salad, tbh.
13:44:02  <andythenorth> gets a bit rabbity
13:44:02  <peter1138> Like, still the same frequency, just less of it.
13:44:08  <andythenorth> try eating a rabbit?
13:44:11  <andythenorth> it's like refined salad
13:44:31  <peter1138> Bit rare to come by.
13:44:32  <Samu> what's taking time is not the callback per se, it's the looping over the whole path time and time again.
13:45:07  <Samu> since the callback is always returning the same answer, ShipAI decided to remove the entire looping over the path
13:45:19  <peter1138> Samu, exactly, and if you decide you don't need the callback...
13:46:30  <Samu> it's too much of a performance gain, there must be some caveat here...
13:47:54  <nielsm> there can be value in taking less than optimal decision much faster
13:48:39  <peter1138> Samu, always returning false in the callback is not the same as not checking for mismatches (which is what removing the loop would do)
13:48:43  <peter1138> So...
13:49:00  <peter1138> (Whatever a "mismatch" is in this case, I don't know)
13:49:37  <peter1138> It looks like it's checking for a path that crosses itself
13:50:06  <peter1138> But I don't know A* enough any more :p
13:50:28  <andythenorth> Samu peter1138 only knows about newgrf docks now :)
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13:56:49  <Samu> just managed yet another milimetric gain
13:56:56  <Samu> 3693 ticks down to 3690
13:57:56  <LordAro> Samu: that is definitely a meaningless change
13:58:01  <LordAro> run it repeatedly without changing anything
13:58:07  <LordAro> you will see significant variance
14:03:54  <peter1138> It's 3 faster!
14:05:14  <Samu> 3681 now
14:05:23  <Samu> another gain
14:05:46  <Samu> and i have another coming
14:05:48  <Samu> yay
14:09:08  <Samu> 3661 !
14:20:50  <Samu> just realised the Native Heap uses more memory, way more memory than binary heap
14:22:01  <Samu> unsure which kind of heap it is, but I think it's bucket queue
14:26:41  <Samu> is while/else a thing?
14:27:04  <Samu> while (this is happening) { do stuff } else { do other stuff }
14:27:18  <nielsm> I don't think so no
14:27:32  <andythenorth> that would imply a perpetual loop
14:27:42  <andythenorth> I think it would be problematic to fulfill
14:27:51  <nielsm> nah it could mean "if the loop never run then do the else"
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14:28:32  <supermop_Home> yo
14:28:38  <andythenorth> yo
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14:29:29  <supermop_Home> hmm this meeting is via hangouts
14:29:49  <supermop_Home> on Monday this client wanted to use bluejeans
14:30:05  <supermop_Home> internally we use slack or zoom
14:30:14  <supermop_Home> I guess no one uses skype?
14:31:58  <supermop_Home> migrations gs kind of weird
14:33:33  <Samu> from path.GetDirection() to path._direction, to dir = path._direction and replacing path._direction everwhere with dir
14:33:44  <Samu> 3693 > 3661
14:34:21  <Samu> oh and stuff with > 0 or != 0 or == 0 also replaced
14:35:16  <Samu> faster-> while (this._open.Count() && (iterations == -1 || iterations--)) {
14:35:19  <Samu> slower -> while (this._open.Count() > 0 && (iterations == -1 || iterations-- > 0)) {
14:37:16  <andythenorth> supermop_Home migrations builds roads to industries nicely though
14:43:53  <supermop_Home> andythenorth I like that
14:44:25  <supermop_Home> i don't like coming back to a mine 40 days after starting service from it to find a megalopolis has sprung up around it
14:44:59  <supermop_Home> i do like that is builds towns that are have a more interesting distribution of density
14:46:04  <andythenorth> for realism it's great
14:46:12  <andythenorth> for gameplay, industries are the last place I want towns
14:46:34  <supermop_Home> mines should get pretty small towns
14:46:57  <supermop_Home> also i like the hollowing out of non-industrial cities
14:47:12  <supermop_Home> but it too quickly reduces them to zero
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14:48:58  <supermop_Home> sometime an existing town is fairly close to an industry, but it will build a new town 10 tiles away and hollow the original one to zero
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14:58:15  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain opened pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
14:58:21  <TrueBrain> I hope frosch can forgive me :)
14:59:00  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
14:59:10  <TrueBrain> the "oops I forgot to run flake before push" commit :D
15:07:05  <FLHerne> Commit hooks? :P
15:07:26  <TrueBrain> nah
15:19:24  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
15:21:11  <Samu> the gains are real!
15:21:28  <Samu> same route, built in less days
15:21:48  <Samu> I always complained my AI had a slow pathfinder, I guess no more!
15:23:30  <_dp_> there are two logical ways of implementing else on loops and I never remember what uses which
15:23:47  <_dp_> never ran and no break
15:25:04  <nielsm> python has the no break version
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15:42:07  <TrueBrain> The never ran doesn't prevent a silly variable, the no break does. Happy they added it :)
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16:19:41  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 commented on pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
16:20:19  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 commented on pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
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16:56:49  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] auge8472 opened pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
16:59:23  <Samu> tiles with a bridge over it, are considered buildable
16:59:38  <Samu> I don't think that's a good idea
17:00:48  <Samu> or maybe it is
17:00:52  <Samu> depends on perspective
17:01:06  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain commented on pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
17:02:10  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
17:11:49  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 approved pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
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17:17:08  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 commented on pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
17:18:32  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 commented on pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
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17:35:04  <TrueBrain> frosch123: flask comes with click built-in
17:35:10  <TrueBrain> I have a patch if you like that adds arguments, on top of my PR?
17:35:24  <frosch123> sure
17:35:32  <TrueBrain> frosch123: why is there a 'make run' and 'make debug'? Shouldn't run just always be 'debug'?
17:35:34  <frosch123> only tus-js-client missing then
17:36:24  <frosch123> TrueBrain: i already forgot how the wsgi stuff worked, but unless that goes into "make run", then you are right
17:36:34  <TrueBrain> it doesn't :)
17:37:28  <frosch123> i just like makefiles instead of c&p from readme or looking in shell history
17:37:53  <TrueBrain> I am totally fine with that
17:37:58  <TrueBrain> I personally don't do it / use it
17:38:08  <TrueBrain> but .. I have no argument against it either :D
17:39:33  <TrueBrain> founds 2 bugs:
17:39:36  <TrueBrain> description is optional
17:39:36  <TrueBrain>     webclient/templates/manager_package_info.html", line 30, in block "content"
17:39:36  <TrueBrain>     {% for l in package["description"].splitlines() %}
17:39:42  <TrueBrain> "login" is weird, as it stays like that even if I am logged in
17:39:43  <TrueBrain>     rename to "manager"?
17:41:53  <frosch123> i only show the manager/display-name on the /manager pages, so that all /package sites are static, and could be cached
17:42:04  <TrueBrain> I fully agree
17:42:11  <TrueBrain> hence the suggestion to simply rename "login" :)
17:42:22  <frosch123> i guess that also works
17:42:27  <frosch123> logout won't be displayed either way
17:44:37  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-api] TrueBrain opened pull request #11: Change: update the wishlist with what was found in bananas-frontend-web
17:47:02  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-cli] TrueBrain updated pull request #1: Add: a very basic CLI frontend for BaNaNaS API
17:47:14  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain dismissed a review for pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
17:47:14  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
17:47:37  <TrueBrain> did not see you already approved it; otherwise I would have put it in another branch
17:48:03  <TrueBrain> if you like, I can still do that, ofc
17:49:26  <TrueBrain> basically, for click, I followed their guide on the 'Custom' method, which seems to be the most clean for our purpose
17:49:44  <TrueBrain> mostly as it removes the need for an env-variable, which makes deployments a lot easier :D
17:52:07  <frosch123> ah, now i understand the relevance of "flask is using click"
17:52:23  <TrueBrain> :D
17:52:36  <TrueBrain> their documentation is shit for this btw
17:52:54  <TrueBrain> they kinda assume the whole world is using click or something
17:54:34  <frosch123> you import "pages" before "main"
17:54:37  <frosch123> does that even run?
17:54:59  <TrueBrain> sure, why not? somewhere in pages main is included again
17:55:03  <TrueBrain> who ever comes first initializes app
17:55:14  <TrueBrain> that I love about this form of imports .. order is irrelevant :D
17:55:45  <frosch123> oh, i missed thtere is a __main__ now
17:56:04  <TrueBrain> yeah .. maybe we should rename now
17:56:36  <TrueBrain> yeah, I am going to do that if you don't mind
17:58:04  <frosch123> also add a unit (seconds) to the expire options
17:58:04  <TrueBrain> there
17:58:08  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
17:58:11  <TrueBrain> good point
17:58:25  <TrueBrain> there is already
17:58:35  <TrueBrain> `  --csrf-expire SECONDS           Time for the CSRF token to expire.
17:58:35  <TrueBrain>                                   [default: 1800]`
17:58:46  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] auge8472 commented on pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
17:59:07  <frosch123> ah, that's the meaning of metavar
17:59:13  <TrueBrain> yup :)
17:59:53  <nielsm> hmm, this line:
18:00:11  <nielsm> it casts a Money (OverflowSafeInt64) to a plain int64 and then multiplies with another int64
18:00:19  <nielsm> intentionally throwing away the overflow-safe-ness?
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18:04:59  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 commented on pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
18:05:34  <TrueBrain> frosch123: I never settled on a way to module variables
18:05:40  <TrueBrain> but I will adapt to your coding style there :)
18:05:57  <frosch123> nielsm: those are base prices, if they overflow you can as well call abort() :)
18:06:35  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
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18:07:48  <frosch123> TrueBrain: you missed the session->csrf type
18:07:51  <frosch123> *typo :)
18:08:45  <TrueBrain> blushes
18:08:46  <TrueBrain> oops
18:08:49  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain updated pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
18:08:50  <frosch123> TrueBrain: afaik "_" is pretty standard for private vars
18:09:05  <TrueBrain> not on module level .. not sure anyone has a real opinion about it
18:09:08  <TrueBrain> besides: don't use it
18:09:10  <TrueBrain> use singletons
18:09:13  <TrueBrain> but .. meh .. effort
18:09:25  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 approved pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
18:10:03  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain merged pull request #4: Minor bits and pieces
18:10:03  <frosch123> sounds like c++ advice. does python also start to develop static-initialisation dilemmas? :p
18:12:36  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] auge8472 updated pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
18:22:00  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 approved pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
18:22:07  <Eddi|zuHause> "Reboot is required to ensure that your system benefits from these updates." i'm scared
18:22:21  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 merged pull request #5: Change: <thead> and <tbody> for tables where suitable, <th> for row names
18:22:45  <frosch123> TrueBrain: so, who checks tus-js-client?
18:23:05  <TrueBrain> I know what needs doing, just today don't feel like doing :P
18:25:47  <frosch123> great, i can already not start it anymore :p
18:26:32  <TrueBrain> well feel free to do start it, but I gathered you are not really looking forward to it :P
18:26:34  <TrueBrain> it is fine
18:26:51  <TrueBrain> you can look at other things on the wishlists .. or look at the frontend-cli and server PRs? :D
18:26:58  <frosch123> no, i just pulled
18:27:03  <frosch123> did you add python 3.8 stuff?
18:27:11  <TrueBrain> no
18:27:14  <TrueBrain> I think
18:27:14  <TrueBrain> :D
18:27:19  <frosch123> ImportError: cannot import name 'pages' from '__main__' (/home/frosch/daten/ottd/bananas3/webclient/
18:27:42  <TrueBrain> huh?
18:28:40  <TrueBrain> that makes very little sense to me .. relative imports should work
18:28:42  <TrueBrain> even on 3.7
18:29:42  <frosch123> well, the same line was in __init__ before
18:30:13  <TrueBrain> I .... am a bit at a loss
18:32:01  <frosch123> somehow it thinks that __main__ is now the package name
18:32:08  <TrueBrain> works for me on Python 3.7
18:32:15  <TrueBrain> how are you launching it?
18:32:20  <frosch123> make run
18:32:26  <TrueBrain> and otherwise your repo is clean?
18:32:35  <frosch123> not anymore
18:32:38  <TrueBrain> you did install the latest requirements.txt ?
18:32:40  <frosch123> but it was :)
18:32:43  <TrueBrain> there was a new version of flask
18:32:51  <TrueBrain> works even on Python 3.6
18:33:07  <frosch123> ok, i can try that
18:33:13  <frosch123> i was using the system packages before
18:33:18  <TrueBrain> but .. I really cannot piee together what happens
18:33:22  <TrueBrain> piece
18:33:28  <TrueBrain> that import should work, even in 3.2
18:33:58  <Xaroth> are you running in a venv?
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18:34:25  <frosch123> venv changes nothnig
18:34:51  *** Progman has joined #openttd
18:35:35  <TrueBrain> I don't even have a clue where it could be failing for you frosch123 , sorry :( But that import is really just a normal import ..
18:35:45  <TrueBrain> what does "python -m webclient" return?
18:38:47  <frosch123> ah, the problem is that the MAkefile does not use  .env/bin/python3
18:38:57  <TrueBrain> no, it does not :)
18:39:04  <Xaroth> You're supposed to activate the venv.
18:39:15  <TrueBrain> the README is wrong there indeed
18:39:24  <TrueBrain> as I said, I never use Makefiles :P
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18:39:29  <frosch123> works now
18:39:40  <TrueBrain> so you used Python 2.7 :D
18:40:17  <frosch123> no
18:40:47  <frosch123> it used the global python3
18:41:13  <Xaroth> what version is your global py3?
18:41:15  <TrueBrain> hmm .. really cannot remember they changed the import stuff; owh well :D
18:41:15  <frosch123> i thought it only installed packages, not an entirely different python
18:41:27  <frosch123> 3.7.3
18:41:49  <frosch123> same as in .env
18:42:21  <frosch123> anyway, it does affect the PYTHONPATH somehow
18:42:36  <frosch123> "from webclient import pages" did not work either
18:42:42  <TrueBrain> weird
18:42:49  <frosch123> so, who nows where it was looking up stuff
18:43:46  <Xaroth> it probably gives an import error because it was trying to locate packages not globally installed
18:43:53  <Xaroth> because it wasn't running in your venv
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18:54:50  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 opened pull request #6: Make Makefile useful again
18:55:20  <frosch123> TrueBrain: make can even setup the venv for you
18:55:38  <TrueBrain> I don't like Makefiles in Python projects :)
18:55:41  <TrueBrain> I think they are evil ;)
18:56:21  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] TrueBrain approved pull request #6: Make Makefile useful again
18:56:40  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] frosch123 merged pull request #6: Make Makefile useful again
18:57:01  *** xahodo has joined #openttd
18:57:21  <xahodo> Hello
18:57:40  <frosch123> are you Xaroth' brother?
18:57:58  * Xaroth frowns
18:58:07  <xahodo> no
18:58:12  <frosch123> sister?
18:58:14  <xahodo> no
18:58:23  <TrueBrain> lets keep this game up
18:58:24  <frosch123> welcome :)
18:58:29  <Xaroth> cousin?
18:58:31  <TrueBrain> within 6 bilion guesses you should be there
18:58:32  <TrueBrain> :D
18:58:35  <xahodo> I'm also not an android.
18:58:51  <frosch123> sounds suspicious
19:00:14  <xahodo> I'm trying to get fonts to work correctly in openttd. But the openttd will not cooperate. :(
19:00:55  <xahodo> Do I need to include full paths? Or should freetype arrange that?
19:01:55  <frosch123> both work
19:02:04  <frosch123> medium_font = DejaVu Sans, bold    <- i use that
19:03:35  <nielsm> actually we aren't linking fontconfig or anything similar, in non-windows non-mac builds there is nothing available to look up fonts by name, so don't you need to specify them by filename then?
19:04:20  <frosch123> nielsm: ofc we are linking fontconfig
19:04:41  <frosch123> any i have been using linux exclusively for 12 years
19:05:06  <xahodo> Yes, well.... this does not seem to get the desired results (part from openttd.cfg)
19:05:29  <xahodo> and, yes, I have arial and hack installed.
19:06:07  <frosch123> do other fonts work?
19:07:11  <xahodo> doesn't seem to
19:07:46  <xahodo> However it doesn't complain about the monospace font (hack).
19:08:45  <milek7> is 'Regular' actually part of name?
19:09:13  <xahodo> No, checked without that though. Didn't change anything.
19:10:16  *** Eddi|zuHause has joined #openttd
19:10:17  <frosch123> ottd splits the config value on ","
19:10:26  <xahodo> It gives this error: Unable to use 'Arial' for medium font, FreeType reported error 0x1, using sprite font instead
19:10:26  <frosch123> the first part is passed to FcNameParse
19:13:09  <xahodo> Well, if I pass it a full path, it finds the font.
19:13:25  <xahodo> Perhaps I got something misconfigured somewhere?
19:14:07  <glx> without full path I think fontconfig is asked
19:16:15  <xahodo> fc-list works as expected and shows me all installed fonts.
19:17:01  <glx> on windows I use "medium_font = arial unicode ms" and that works, but of course we don't use fontconfig nor freetype there, but with freetype it worked too
19:18:50  *** Eddi|zuHause has quit IRC
19:21:22  <glx> xahodo: and fc-match ?
19:23:16  <xahodo> I happen to have the noto fonts installed, so when I typed fc-match -a "arial" I got a bucketload of results...
19:24:49  <xahodo> but just "fc-match arial" returns 'Arimo-Regular.ttf: "Arimo" "Regular"'
19:26:08  <Samu> "Since Squirrel 3.0 is possible to declare a table using JSON syntax"
19:26:15  <Samu> hmm is this something good for openttd?
19:26:55  <milek7> openttd uses squirrel 2
19:27:36  *** Wormnest has joined #openttd
19:27:53  <glx> 2.2.5
19:30:23  <Samu> how do i delete a value from a []
19:30:49  <Samu> i have [tile1, tile2], i wanna remove tile2, make it [tile1]
19:30:56  <Samu> is this array?
19:32:47  <Samu> i know how to add values though, it's .push
19:33:04  <Samu> gonna try delete
19:35:10  <glx> .remove(index)
19:37:12  *** Eddi|zuHause has joined #openttd
19:37:15  <glx> pop() should also work to remove the last entry
19:44:40  *** gelignite has joined #openttd
19:49:30  <Heiki> xahodo: apparently, Arial has localized names for its variations, and apparently fontconfig uses them – the following works with a Finnish locale: medium_font = Arial, Normaali
19:51:31  <Heiki> but when starting openttd saying e.g. “LANG=C openttd” I get “Unable to use 'Arial, Normaali' for medium font, FreeType reported error 0x1, using sprite font instead”
19:52:57  <frosch123> good to know
19:54:30  <Samu> thx
19:55:03  <Heiki> “medium_font = Arial, Regular” works for “LANG=C openttd”
19:56:48  <frosch123> added that to the wiki
19:58:33  <Heiki> I wonder whether those Microsoft fonts are the only ones using localized names
20:03:01  <frosch123> fc-list -v lists adds a language to the name
20:16:11  *** frosch123 has quit IRC
20:16:57  <andythenorth> everyone else shrinks heatshrink directly with the soldering iron, right?
20:17:06  <andythenorth> :P
20:17:20  <glx> that or a lighter
20:18:23  <andythenorth> the smell is probably healthy
20:18:27  <andythenorth> invigorating fumes
20:18:46  <glx> not worse than solder fumes
20:20:28  *** Laedek has quit IRC
20:22:12  <Heiki> FreeMono, FreeSerif, FreeSans have localized style names too
20:23:07  *** Laedek has joined #openttd
20:23:34  <xahodo>  Thanks.
20:23:41  *** xahodo has quit IRC
20:33:14  * _dp_ uses smd heat gun
20:36:59  *** arikover has joined #openttd
20:38:55  *** arikover has quit IRC
20:39:02  <andythenorth> fancy
20:39:52  <nielsm> this is worse than watching grass grow
20:39:58  <nielsm> I'm watching sea floor erode
20:42:04  <nielsm>   in 30 years some of the area I cleared has turned from depth 0 to depth 1
20:50:54  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] kosibar opened issue #8087: 1.10.1 crashes on start in macos
20:51:25  <_dp_> do
20:51:35  <_dp_> desync issue solved I guess xD
20:53:58  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh commented on issue #8087: 1.10.1 crashes on start in macos
20:57:32  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/bananas-frontend-web] auge8472 opened pull request #7: Changes to the page header
21:06:54  <nielsm>
21:08:01  <andythenorth> nielsm :D
21:08:52  <nielsm> "takes place over centuries" really does mean "in a hundred years you will barely see any meaningful change"
21:09:38  <nielsm> and "over a few years" means in a decade you will have a full gradient from coast to max depth
21:10:25  <andythenorth> do storms :P
21:10:32  <andythenorth> seaquakes
21:11:08  <_dp_> nielsm, both sound bad tbh
21:11:18  <_dp_> nielsm, something in between would make more sense imo
21:11:24  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on issue #8087: 1.10.1 crashes on start in macos
21:11:24  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 closed issue #8087: 1.10.1 crashes on start in macos
21:12:24  <glx> and I renamed #8066
21:14:54  <nielsm> _dp_ I'll try something in between then
21:15:26  <andythenorth> rivers can erode land next :D
21:19:47  *** Wolf01 has quit IRC
21:21:09  *** sla_ro|master has quit IRC
21:24:21  *** mcbanhas has joined #openttd
21:24:46  *** Samu has quit IRC
21:40:07  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] kosibar commented on issue #8087: 1.10.1 crashes on start in macos
21:54:47  <andythenorth> adios
21:54:51  *** andythenorth has quit IRC
22:06:43  *** Progman has quit IRC
22:07:24  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh updated pull request #7924: Feature: Water tiles have a depth
22:24:56  *** nielsm has quit IRC
22:34:00  *** gelignite has quit IRC
22:39:29  *** rotterdxm has quit IRC
23:20:49  *** mcbanhas has quit IRC
23:46:54  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] agentw4b opened issue #8088: More than 327 Finnish cities cannot be created.
23:50:37  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] James103 commented on issue #8088: More than 327 Finnish cities or towns cannot be created.

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