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00:04:50  <supermop_Home> i honestly cannot remember if i usually use simple syrup in my old fashioneds….
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01:56:03  <supermop_Home> ok
01:56:11  <supermop_Home> it is by station name
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05:58:01  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] LubosKolouch commented on issue #8101: (Streetcar) vehicles do not use all open stations/gates
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12:03:15  <Samu_> hi
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12:24:03  <Speeder> making maps is harder than I expected
12:24:04  <Speeder> :(
12:24:14  <Speeder> I am working non-stop on my map for almost 10 days now
12:24:16  <Speeder> or 10 days
12:24:17  <Speeder> I dunno
12:24:32  <Speeder> I wake up, go code my python script until is night, sleep...
12:24:33  <Speeder> and so on
12:26:01  <TrueBrain> Eat sleep code repeat
12:26:06  <Speeder> basically
12:26:17  <Speeder> also I never worked with Python before
12:26:25  <Speeder> but I concluded learning python was easier than installing a compiler
12:26:27  <Speeder> >.<
12:32:50  <andythenorth> TrueBrain you got it wrong
12:32:59  <andythenorth> eat sleep spreadsheet zoom call spreadsheet repeat
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13:00:05  <supermop_Home> most of our calls are on slack
13:00:15  <supermop_Home> except for bigger cross-team ones
13:01:37  <supermop_Home> slack calls are decidedly non-great, but certainly 'good enough'...its easy to just hit the button in the channel or chat if people decide something would be resolved faster through talking or screen share
13:02:06  <supermop_Home> whereas zoom feels like this big ordeal (make sure you are dressed and look presentable)
13:02:54  <supermop_Home> and then bluejeans with the clients and outside consultants...
13:03:25  <LordAro> you don't have to share your camera :p
13:03:26  <supermop_Home> and occasionally the managing director will send a hangouts invite
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13:04:00  <supermop_Home> LordAro its weird how what is unspoken convention changes from slack to zoom to bluejeans etc
13:05:43  <supermop_Home> i guess that's what i'm getting at - the weird idiosyncrasies and context switching of remote work, even when there is no real differentiation in what you are actually doing
13:06:26  <LordAro> mm, i get that
13:07:19  <supermop_Home> like you kinda feel like turning on the camera for zoom but not for slack
13:08:02  <supermop_Home> and if i do have the camera on in slack i may well be wearing the t shirt i slept in
13:08:19  <supermop_Home> but on zoom i wear something i'd wear to the office
13:08:42  <supermop_Home> (which still might be a t shirt, )
13:10:37  <andythenorth> hangouts!
13:10:41  <andythenorth> I remember hangouts!
13:10:47  <andythenorth> that's a blast from the past
13:10:57  <supermop_Home> yeah, like where did that come from
13:11:09  <andythenorth> I definitely perform slightly more on Zoom for some reason
13:11:22  <andythenorth> we use a lot, it's very informal
13:11:40  <andythenorth> I don't try to look good in the slightest, it's very just like being present
13:11:41  <supermop_Home> also no skype so far
13:11:46  <andythenorth> thank fuck
13:11:49  <andythenorth> skype is over
13:12:08  <LordAro> Teams ftw
13:12:47  <TrueBrain> ^^
13:12:48  <LordAro> (say what you like about it, it's so much better than SfB, or Skype itself (in a business environment))
13:13:25  <TrueBrain> and I like that they added "raise hands"
13:13:25  <TrueBrain> just to annoy who-ever is speaking :D
13:13:29  <LordAro> i've not tried that yet :)
13:13:37  <LordAro> 3x3 grid is nice
13:13:41  <TrueBrain> custom backgrounds was already a nice way to annoy people
13:13:45  <TrueBrain> but the raise hand just made it better
13:14:07  <LordAro> i had a sales guy a few weeks back that was hosting an all-sales meeting insistenting that he had to see everyone's faces
13:14:19  <supermop_Home> i like to put a screen cap of the model/render of space i'm working on as my zoom background
13:14:19  <LordAro> had to satisfy him to with gotomeeting
13:14:22  <andythenorth> 'can you mute please'
13:14:30  <andythenorth> "YOU'RE ON MUTE!"
13:14:36  <LordAro> but now we can cancel our gotomeeting subscription entirely
13:14:38  <LordAro> so that's good
13:14:46  <TrueBrain> I love it when I see my colleagues talking, not hearing them :D
13:14:59  <supermop_Home> we have so many subscriptions
13:15:16  <supermop_Home> i think we have goto for one contractor on one project
13:15:19  <TrueBrain> what I have found out, that many people do not understand the difference between headset and headphone
13:15:24  <TrueBrain> which is REALLY annoying
13:15:56  <TrueBrain> so you constantly miss the first 2 words out of every sentence when they start talking, basically :P
13:16:09  <supermop_Home> we have a lot of people who seem to not understand there are the ones causing feedback
13:16:26  <supermop_Home> because they join from they computer but then also call in
13:16:45  <supermop_Home> because the 'sound is better' but then don't mute the computer
13:17:05  <LordAro> i also like how you can just mute anyone in Teams
13:17:15  <LordAro> i've been using it quite vigorously
13:17:17  <TrueBrain> solves many issues :P
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13:17:50  <supermop_Home> LordAro tbh i didn't even know goto had video beyond screen share, as i never used it
13:17:50  <TrueBrain> I have this one colleague which keeps unmuting, but is noisy as fuck .. it is a competition these days :P
13:17:58  <supermop_Home> we were trying to transition to zoom from goto even before all of this
13:19:11  <LordAro> but zoom is (or was, certainly) awful security-wise
13:19:17  <supermop_Home> indeed
13:20:12  <supermop_Home> but for some reason our singular it decreed that zoom is our jam last year
13:27:43  <frosch123> the other day someone failed to mute themself and then yawned "it's so boring" while some other guy was explaining stuff :)
13:28:45  <supermop_Home> a couple weeks ago here one of the supreme court justices didn't mute themselves while using the bathroom
13:29:21  <supermop_Home> at least that was audio only
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13:55:10  <frosch123> i like how my ottd mail always gets spam like "do you want to buy the domain ''" or similar
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13:58:42  <supermop_Home> frosch123 i think you should buy that domain
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13:58:42  <supermop_Home> or the .ship TLD
13:58:42  <frosch123> openttd.ship
13:58:42  <frosch123> is there .train ?
13:58:42  <supermop_Home> sure why not
13:58:42  <supermop_Home> if you download openttd for .ship, you only get ships, no trains or rvs or planes
13:59:13  <andythenorth> we owned for a bit iirc
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13:59:34  <andythenorth> the domain spam we used to get :P
14:02:25  <LordAro> .aero, .build, .travel, .fly are all things
14:02:45  <LordAro> though the last two are limited to relevant companies
14:03:01  <frosch123> it's too late for .coop :)
14:03:01  <LordAro> no .ship or .train, afaict
14:03:49  <LordAro> "The .coop TLD is limited to cooperatives as defined by the Rochdale Principles."
14:03:49  <LordAro> you'd have difficulty justifying that, i think :p
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15:18:48  <andythenorth> this potato loader is just about the most ungainly machine I've ever  seen
15:18:54  <andythenorth> quite cool though
15:19:03  <andythenorth> HEQS Revival?
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15:35:27  <frosch123> animated firs farms?
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17:09:31  <supermop_Home> are custom fields for industries a thing yet?
17:17:34  <nielsm> no
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17:57:05  <michi_cc> frosch123, nielsm: Anything more to be done for #8164, or does it just needs to marinate some more?
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17:59:36  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] frosch123 approved pull request #8164: Change a bunch of stuff to use std::string
18:01:56  <frosch123> i have no BBQ today, so a PR will have to do
18:02:37  <michi_cc> Thanks.
18:02:38  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] michicc merged pull request #8164: Change a bunch of stuff to use std::string
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20:47:23  <supermop_Home> andythenorth when does it make sense to buy a big boat instead of just a bunch of marsteins?
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20:53:49  <Eddi|zuHause> supermop_Home: when we add ship collision
20:54:05  <Eddi|zuHause> (or at least one-ship-per-dock)
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21:05:33  <FLHerne> supermop_Home: When you have two many of the same boat and it looks dull :p
21:07:10  <Speeder> any particular reason why the patch to import rivers never got into the trunk?
21:07:19  <Speeder> it is so useful
21:11:46  <FLHerne> Speeder: Probably because the plan was to have instead
21:11:56  <FLHerne> Of course, no-one's done that yet
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21:20:37  <Speeder> so I tried to compile OpenTTD with this:
21:20:41  <Speeder> but it says it doesn't know my OS
21:20:42  <Speeder> :(
21:29:49  <supermop_Home> apparently surf was 6' at rockaway this morning
21:30:02  <supermop_Home> almost never that big there
21:30:16  <supermop_Home> and its going to be 3 or less all weekend
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21:32:13  <glx> Speeder: but msys2 works
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21:36:30  <Speeder> my attempt with a new install of msys2... didn't
21:36:35  <Speeder> now I am ressurecting an old install
21:36:38  <Speeder> but seemly I Can't update it
21:36:42  <Speeder> because it doesn't know what zst is :(
21:41:03  <LordAro> Speeder: you're probably using the msys window, rather than the mingw window
21:41:11  <LordAro> there is, unfortunately, an important difference
21:42:38  <Speeder> Oo
21:42:57  <Speeder> oooh
21:43:01  <Speeder> and I just broke pacman
21:43:19  <LordAro> did you read the error message carefully? :p
21:43:32  <glx> ha yes msys terminal is to compile tools for mingw32 and mingw64
21:43:36  <Speeder> pacman does not give error message anymore
21:43:36  <LordAro> i bet it told you to exit in a "weird" way
21:43:47  <Speeder> it just... is ded
21:46:24  <LordAro> Speeder: close everything mingw/msys related (check task manager to be sure) and start it again
21:48:56  <Speeder> I did, pacman still dead
21:50:32  <Speeder> I will install it again >.<
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21:52:37  <Speeder> now it doesn't even launch Oo
21:53:12  <LordAro> well you've done something wrong :p
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22:03:50  <Speeder> found out for some reason gpg was refusing to close
22:04:01  <Speeder> now whenever I close the terminal, if I kill gpg, then it resumes working fine
22:04:03  <Speeder> Oo
22:13:18  <Speeder> YAY, IT LIVES! I mean, IT COMPILES!
22:15:10  <glx> oh the wiki page needs an update, freetype is not required
22:23:26  <Speeder> <<< does not exist :(
22:27:00  <LordAro> Speeder: in general, `patch -p0 -i path/to/patchfile.diff`
22:27:15  <LordAro> or possibly -p1, depending on the patch format
22:29:10  <LordAro> Speeder: you can also quite easily google about how to apply a patch
22:29:26  <LordAro> there's nothing special about OTTD at this point
22:30:16  <Speeder> well... the -i is what I needed
22:30:24  <Speeder> without it, the patcher would freeze
22:33:40  <LordAro> yes, it's waiting for stdin by default
22:33:58  <LordAro> (which often has the appearance of freezing)
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23:03:45  <Speeder> so I hit some angry safeguards about sprintf
23:03:57  <Speeder> so what I am supposed to change them for?
23:04:04  <Speeder> (it is a patch, not my code)
23:04:52  <glx> it's very old if it triggers safeguards
23:08:31  <LordAro> i'm surprised it successfully patched at all if it's that old
23:17:49  <Speeder> well, all it does is add console command to import rivers
23:17:58  <Speeder> but when it fails it uses sprinf to write on signs
23:18:02  <Speeder> I dunno the correct way to do that
23:29:41  <Speeder> IT VOOOORKS!
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