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09:25:42  <TrueBrain> pffft, checking if the AWS DNS contains the same record as the current DNS was .. challenging ..
09:25:45  <TrueBrain> think I got it ..
09:40:00  <andythenorth> AWS DNS is quite magical
09:41:59  <LordAro> ur quite magical
09:42:27  <andythenorth> AWS DNS reminds me of this for some reason
09:42:31  <andythenorth> but it works so eh
09:48:31  <TrueBrain> it is not AWS DNS .. just DNS :) Comparing two zones is ... difficult
09:49:24  <TrueBrain> well, one additional issue now is that the AWS DNS is a geo-based DNS where we are hosted in multiple AZs .. so a total of 16 IPs are possible for some domains, of which you will ever only see 4 .. so that was another challenge for sure :P
09:50:18  <TrueBrain> I like that glx only commented he fixed the CI, in a relative unrelated PR, without making a PR :P
10:07:00  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/team] ilBone opened issue #47: [it_IT] Translator access request
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10:16:49  <TrueBrain> oops, removed one too many subdomains from .. the one used to fetch email :D
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10:17:59  <TrueBrain> restored, but might take a well for the negative cache to invalidate :D
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14:12:12  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/eints] TrueBrain opened pull request #27: Fix: handle users pressing "Cancel" on the GitHub Authentication page
14:12:16  <TrueBrain> and once again, thank you Sentry :)
14:12:43  <LordAro> ha
14:13:19  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/eints] LordAro approved pull request #27: Fix: handle users pressing "Cancel" on the GitHub Authentication page
14:14:28  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/eints] TrueBrain merged pull request #27: Fix: handle users pressing "Cancel" on the GitHub Authentication page
14:15:28  <TrueBrain> it is funny how nobody tried the Cancel button before :P
14:16:09  <LordAro> well, why would they?
14:16:20  <TrueBrain> indeed; THERE IS NO REASON TO DENY US :(
14:16:36  <TrueBrain> still cannot believe how many translators are presenting themself .. it has to be reposted somewhere, not?
14:16:46  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/team] LordAro commented on issue #47: [it_IT] Translator access request
14:16:59  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/team] LordAro commented on issue #46: [sk_SK] Translator access request
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14:54:19  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/eints] TrueBrain created new tag: openttd-github-1.0.8
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16:23:31  <TrueBrain> hi glx; I found out how I can forward emails on .. if you would like to have glx@ forwarded to somewhere, let me know :)
16:35:37  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] jostephd commented on pull request #8278: Feature: tiles/day velocity unit
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17:08:38  <TrueBrain> frosch123: with your patches, gollum looking promising? :) Or still "meh"?
17:13:09  <glx> TrueBrain: no need for an email
17:18:42  <TrueBrain> k :)
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17:20:47  <frosch123> TrueBrain: looks quite good. i'll give you some dockerfile in the next days.
17:20:54  <TrueBrain> cool :D
17:20:57  <TrueBrain> very curious :)
17:21:00  <frosch123> there are some things to do, which you are way better at
17:21:09  <TrueBrain> that is no problem :) Share the load! :)
17:21:10  <frosch123> like confinguring nginx to serve static files
17:22:08  <TrueBrain> the AWS infrastructure files (CDK-files) .. do I put them in a repo under OpenTTD, or under TrueBrain? Hmmmmm
17:22:12  <TrueBrain> guess I can just do it under OpenTTD
17:22:14  <TrueBrain> it belongs there after all
17:22:19  <TrueBrain> I just don't feel like PRing everything :P
17:23:00  <TrueBrain> how to call that repo ..
17:23:06  <TrueBrain> "aws-cdk" .. "aws-infra" ..
17:24:45  <TrueBrain> aws-iac (infrastructure-as-code)
17:25:05  <TrueBrain> "infrastructure"
17:25:20  <TrueBrain> (and the fact that it is AWS, just consider that an implementation detail?)
17:28:30  <TrueBrain> any suggestions anyone? :D
17:35:05  <TrueBrain> aws-infra it is
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17:36:17  <frosch123> "infrastructure" already exists :) archived
17:41:22  <TrueBrain> I can always rename that ;)
17:50:36  <TrueBrain> just 3k lines of code, the infra .. lolz
17:51:45  <TrueBrain>
17:51:46  <TrueBrain> there we go
17:52:52  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DorpsGek pushed 1 commits to master
17:52:54  <DorpsGek_III>   - Update: Translations from eints (by translators)
17:53:55  <frosch123> oh, it's actually code. i expected a 2k table of redirects
17:54:16  <frosch123> when did you write all that stuff?
17:56:25  <TrueBrain> over the last year .. first commit, nov 2019
17:56:39  <TrueBrain> you can provision your own now!
18:08:20  <TrueBrain> the amount of lambdas we run .. lol, did not realise that list got this big :D
18:08:45  <TrueBrain> why does GitHub list everything like it was created 5 minutes ago :P
18:08:58  <frosch123> [19:56] <TrueBrain> you can provision your own now! <- that's just a trick to get someone else to maintain it :)
18:09:42  <TrueBrain> frosch123: well, kinda :)
18:10:07  <TrueBrain> it helps with the bus-factor for sure :)
18:10:40  <TrueBrain> at least now there is a chance for someone else to maintain it, if needed
18:10:52  <frosch123> <- also, wtf is the intention of that line and the following...
18:11:59  <TrueBrain> ltitle == page if text == nil
18:12:08  <TrueBrain> ltitle == text if text != ""
18:12:18  <TrueBrain> ltitle == self.pipe_trick(page) if text == ""
18:12:20  <TrueBrain> I think
18:12:28  <TrueBrain> but screw this, I am out :P
18:12:50  <frosch123> i don't think there is a code path for text=nil, so i just delete that
18:13:42  <frosch123> well, there is also no codepath for text=""
18:14:12  <frosch123> and pipe_trick does nothing with pipes
18:15:37  <TrueBrain> that is because it is a trick!
18:16:37  <TrueBrain> do we want announcements in this channel about aws-infra? (issues, code-pushes, etc)
18:18:11  <frosch123> why should it be different to other projects?
18:19:03  <TrueBrain> fair
18:24:09  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/aws-infra] TrueBrain opened issue #2: Migrate mediawiki to a wiki running on AWS
18:24:18  <TrueBrain> I am migrating the last few tickets from trello to github
18:25:35  <frosch123> ruby certainly enables people to write terrible code :)
18:25:41  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/aws-infra] TrueBrain opened issue #3: Shut down the old infrastructure
18:29:26  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/aws-infra] TrueBrain pushed 1 commits to master
18:29:26  <DorpsGek_III>   - Add: [DorpsGek] announce pushes in #openttd too, as we don't use PRs here (by TrueBrain)
18:29:33  <TrueBrain> there .. that is all done now :)
18:29:58  <TrueBrain> hope it is of use to someone :)
18:31:44  <TrueBrain> at least nothing on my local disk anymore that isn't also on GitHub related to OpenTTD :D
18:55:13  <LordAro> \o/
19:10:04  <frosch123> do all ruby people abuse side-effects, or is my sample not representative?
19:10:21  <TrueBrain> I have a very low opinion about Ruby writers, so don't ask me :D
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19:10:35  <TrueBrain> I am heavily biased towards your view :P
19:10:45  <frosch123> well, given this sample, i also have a low opinion :) but it is only one sample
19:10:51  <arikover> Hello everybody!
19:11:02  <frosch123> hello train friend
19:11:41  <arikover> :)
19:12:29  <TrueBrain> a greeting bot, that is what this channel is missing :D
19:13:22  <frosch123> are irc logs included in that supybot issue?
19:13:59  <arikover> andythenorth: I'm working on the French translation of Iron Horse, and I have a question (which I'm pretty sure I already asked yeah I'm getting old): Is the "alignment car" a debug thing?
19:14:08  <TrueBrain> It is in the body of the ticket, so yes :D
19:14:24  <frosch123> sorry, too lazy to click :)
19:14:31  <TrueBrain> No worries :)
19:14:50  <TrueBrain> Was confirming for myself more than anything else :p
19:15:32  <frosch123> oh, now i have to think about a cool name for the github team with @kick permission
19:16:12  <frosch123> "irc pranksers"
19:16:37  <arikover> kick-hub?
19:17:31  <TrueBrain> Hmm .. linking it to GitHub OAuth .. that is an interesting idea :)
19:18:37  <frosch123> oh right... we are not here with github accounts
19:19:04  <TrueBrain> But authentication can be done via it
19:19:18  <TrueBrain> I don't care about your nickname :p
19:19:45  <TrueBrain> Okay, that will be fun to implement
19:20:02  <frosch123> i guess we could authenticate towards dorpsgek by sending a PAT with read permissions
19:20:02  <TrueBrain> Good idea frosch123, not sure it already exists :D
19:20:18  <arikover> "kickass-patrol"
19:20:39  <TrueBrain> I think it will give you an unique URL to go to, to validate
19:20:41  <arikover> "traffic controllers"
19:21:00  <TrueBrain> Just a normal oauth flow, basically
19:21:12  <frosch123> that means you have to click that everytime
19:21:25  <TrueBrain> Only when authenticating, but yes
19:21:29  <frosch123> currently i have some irc start script then sends some auth-command to dorpsgek on every start
19:21:32  <TrueBrain> For you that is every time :p
19:21:42  <TrueBrain> Hmmmm
19:21:57  <TrueBrain> Well, it can be a onetime thing, to link the accounts
19:22:04  <glx> I don't authenticate to DorpsGek everytime, it remembers me
19:22:13  <frosch123> if i could send dorpsgek a PAT that allows to checks my personal team memberships, it could check for the right ottd team
19:22:33  <TrueBrain> Just on register do the oauth flow once
19:23:38  <andythenorth> arikover it's just a debug thing yes
19:23:46  <andythenorth> you going to do a github PR for the translation?
19:23:54  <TrueBrain> Your PAT idea works too, but not sure I can wire that in
19:24:06  <TrueBrain> Well, I will figure out something :D
19:24:39  <TrueBrain> Something to bite myself in this weekend :D
19:24:48  <TrueBrain> Into .. not in
19:28:22  <andythenorth> bite me :P
19:29:56  <TrueBrain> Only on Sundays
19:30:20  <andythenorth> day of rest
19:30:35  <andythenorth> hmm should I play tanks?
19:30:44  <andythenorth> I just played for 2 hours
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19:40:22  <andythenorth> no tanks!
19:40:29  <andythenorth> OpenTTD!
19:41:15  <andythenorth> are there PRs?
19:41:16  * andythenorth looks
19:42:44  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] andythenorth commented on issue #8300: Low framerate on macOS
19:53:36  <arikover> andythenorth: "you going to do a github PR for the translation?" Yes I am.
19:54:45  <andythenorth> thx
19:57:31  <andythenorth> did the weird windowshade fps issue ever get figured out?
19:57:37  <andythenorth> video link is probably dead now
19:58:45  <andythenorth>
19:59:02  <andythenorth>
19:59:07  <andythenorth>
20:04:10  <andythenorth> I can no longer repro it
20:04:14  <andythenorth> but I don't know the triggers
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20:11:05  <Gustavo6046> andythenorth: triggered?
20:11:08  <Gustavo6046> :P
20:11:10  <Gustavo6046> just kidding
20:11:12  <Gustavo6046> hello!
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