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01:26:44  <Eddi|zuHause> what's "a rainy country"? guyana? brazil? india?
01:44:30  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] azubieta updated pull request #8329: Build AppImage
02:13:16  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] azubieta updated pull request #8329: Build AppImage
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02:17:42  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] azubieta commented on pull request #8329: Build AppImage
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06:38:35  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/team] marioerro opened issue #62: [es_ES] Translator access request
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09:47:43  <andythenorth> some TrueBrain dude has posted in the forums
09:47:48  <andythenorth> dunno who it is
09:47:56  <longtomjr_> FalseBrain?
09:48:43  <TrueBrain> IT WASNT ME!
09:48:48  <TrueBrain> well, it wasn't Hitler either
09:48:53  <LordAro> security breach!
09:48:58  <LordAro> lock everything down
09:49:09  <LordAro> /kick TrueBrain IMPOSTER
09:49:17  <TrueBrain> whoop, whoop, whoop, slow-whoop, ALARMA
09:50:02  <LordAro> TrueBrain: did you fix the wiki page? :p
09:50:37  <TrueBrain> <- which ones?
09:50:50  <LordAro> the one suggested in the thread you replied to :p
09:51:13  <TrueBrain> what is there to fix?
09:51:18  <TrueBrain> owh, that
09:51:20  <TrueBrain> no
09:51:21  <TrueBrain> sorry :P
09:51:28  <LordAro> shame.
09:51:30  <TrueBrain> I found it an odd suggestion
09:51:33  <TrueBrain> so I just left it there
09:51:38  * andythenorth is having the day off
09:51:46  <TrueBrain> enjoy andythenorth :)
09:51:50  * LordAro is just not doing any work today
09:51:56  <TrueBrain> (as that should include no OpenTTD, no tanks, no Horse :P)
09:52:01  * longtomjr_ is fighting with terraform
09:52:07  <TrueBrain> me neither! Mostly as I don't have a job :P
09:52:58  <longtomjr_> run failed, whoop whoop
09:52:58  <TrueBrain> I did make my render twice as fast; it also fails on most pages now :P
09:53:27  <LordAro> in actuality, i'm writing emails ("we know it sucks, the lawyers made us do it this way") and preparing for a meeting
09:53:53  <LordAro> TrueBrain: replacing the code with `exit(0);` does make things faster in my experience
09:53:53  <longtomjr_> The quickest way to render is to not render - Confucius
09:54:02  <LordAro> usually
09:54:07  <TrueBrain> LordAro: well, 300 pages do work fine, so I did not do that :D
09:54:32  <TrueBrain> just 5000 more are failing :P Mostly because whole snippets are not rendered :D
09:55:36  <TrueBrain> did you know you cannot <nowiki> the <onlyinclude> tag, but you can with any other?
09:56:05  <TrueBrain> did you know only <nowiki> and <onlyinclude> work inside a <pre> tag?
09:56:16  <TrueBrain> wikitext is fun as fuck, as you can see the PHP order of execution behind it :P
09:56:51  <longtomjr_> me and your definition of fun might differ
09:57:09  <TrueBrain> well, welcome to #openttd I would say :P
09:57:14  <TrueBrain> that happens .. A LOT :P
09:59:12  * andythenorth likes trains
09:59:22  <TrueBrain> choo choo
09:59:38  <longtomjr_> well, I am fighting with k8s, terraform, prometheus and some other stuff, and secretly enjoying it, so not like I should judge
09:59:42  <LordAro> andythenorth: nono, that's dangerously close to the game
09:59:45  <LordAro> we don't talk about the game here
09:59:51  <andythenorth> did I just lose?
09:59:53  <longtomjr_> just regex
09:59:56  <LordAro> andythenorth: oh no
10:00:21  <LordAro> longtomjr_: nice.
10:01:01  <LordAro> i get to deal with ansible, home-grown-CI-server-written-in-python-and-php and dev stuff in basically every language you can think of
10:01:04  <LordAro> primarily Ada
10:01:15  <longtomjr_> do you enjoy it though?
10:01:30  <LordAro> sure :p
10:01:32  <longtomjr_> or has arson become an option?
10:02:02  <longtomjr_> Also, sounds really interesting
10:02:27  <LordAro> oh, several of these bits are getting deleted with extreme prejudice at some future point
10:02:30  <LordAro> it is!
10:03:02  <longtomjr_> Aerospace?
10:03:10  <LordAro> C/C++/Ada/Java/Python/Perl/Bash/Make/several-in-house-languages makes for a fun combination
10:03:26  <LordAro> aerospace-adjacent
10:03:56  <TrueBrain> Perl ... brrrrrr
10:03:58  <longtomjr_> Ah, that sounds like fun mix.
10:04:19  <TrueBrain> I had a colleague that could write Perl faster than most of us could any other language .. it was scary ..
10:04:35  <TrueBrain> also difficult to convert his PoC to real code :P
10:06:59  <TrueBrain> ah, found the bug ... I forgot to check if a tag existed before regexing it
10:07:05  <TrueBrain> turns out that left an empty body instead :D
10:10:18  <TrueBrain> we have 1 (!) page that uses "templatedata" .. mostly as that extension is not enabled, I guess :P
10:10:50  <LordAro> it's a very helpful plugin if you have visualeditor :p
10:11:21  <TrueBrain> it sounds nice indeed; it does how-ever require all templates to use it
10:11:22  <TrueBrain> not 1 :P
10:12:09  <LordAro> doesn't need *all*
10:12:20  <TrueBrain> more than 1? :)
10:12:24  <LordAro> just the ones that people actually use :p
10:12:35  <TrueBrain> in general that is a bit my issue with the current state of our wiki .. it is a random mess of random people having the best intentions ..
10:12:50  <TrueBrain> so many things are partial, or just not there
10:13:10  <TrueBrain> well, if we get this into GitHub, we can at least "sed" a lot of problems away
10:13:23  <TrueBrain> and adding templatedata sounds like a solid idea tbh
10:18:19  <TrueBrain> I want Python 3.9 "match" operator ..
10:18:22  <TrueBrain> maybe I should just install 3.9
10:21:12  <andythenorth> I need to draw this
10:21:19  <andythenorth> but not the salt mountain
10:21:39  <TrueBrain> get cracking!
10:21:49  <andythenorth> yes
10:39:41  <arikover> "but not the salt mountain": I seem to recall seeing this from the ICE... Is it possible that Berlin-Frankfurt trains go there? Or did I imagine that?
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10:42:03  <arikover> andythenorth: After playing train whack, I discovered the Iron Horse alternative liveries (finally!). Nice! Do they work with a var43 (Player Info) call?
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11:41:12  <andythenorth> err
11:41:15  * andythenorth can't remember
11:41:54  <andythenorth> arikover yes var 43
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11:48:54  <FLHerne> TrueBrain: Which thing? PEP-622/634 (the overengineered pattern-matching statement) isn't in 3.9
11:49:31  <TrueBrain> it isn't?
11:49:32  <TrueBrain> 3.10?
11:49:34  <TrueBrain> awh :(
11:49:56  <TrueBrain> I have too many "if / elif / elif" statements atm :P
11:50:02  <TrueBrain> which means I will dictify it
11:50:06  <TrueBrain> but that is not adding to readability :)
11:50:20  <FLHerne> I don't think it's been accepted for 3.10 yet
11:50:32  <TrueBrain> ... they should hurry
11:50:34  <FLHerne> Seems likely to be though
11:50:38  <TrueBrain> one of the more lovely things about Rust
11:50:47  <TrueBrain> takes a bit getting used to
11:50:52  <TrueBrain> but boy, it makes things so much smaller and neater
11:53:38  * andythenorth reads
12:00:33  <FLHerne> When I read the original draft, I thought "ugh this is horribly overcomplicated"
12:00:55  <FLHerne> It seems to have lost some fluff in the revisions
12:01:19  <TrueBrain> which is pretty common
12:01:21  <TrueBrain> shoot for the starts :)
12:01:23  <TrueBrain> stars
12:01:26  <TrueBrain> typing harddddd
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12:10:59  <TrueBrain> 10% of the rendering time is only to add <pre>s at the right place ... lol? :)
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12:14:21  <longtomjr_> Are you rendering every page on visit?
12:14:43  <TrueBrain> I am currently only rendering; the word "visit" has no meaning in this context :)
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12:15:55  <longtomjr_> Ah, is the render time a concern?
12:16:26  <TrueBrain> it is more about the absurdity
12:17:08  <longtomjr_> Ah yep. How does mediawiki do it?
12:17:20  <longtomjr_> or do we not want to know
12:17:24  <TrueBrain> not sure .. the place <pre> is done in their pipeline appears weird
12:17:30  <TrueBrain> but I tried reading that code ..
12:17:34  <TrueBrain> it is over 10k LoC
12:17:39  <TrueBrain> so .. yeah, I didn't read it :P
12:17:56  <longtomjr_> goodness, that seems like a lot for just rendering pre
12:18:08  <TrueBrain> no, their renderer is 10k LoC :)
12:18:12  <TrueBrain> pre is somewhere in there
12:18:13  <longtomjr_> Ahhh
12:24:32  <TrueBrain> <- in case you are curious :)
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12:45:38  <TrueBrain> people ... have been translating the "sandbox" page .. which is just a dump of people trying out stuff .. lol?
12:47:38  <LordAro> delete!
12:47:50  <TrueBrain> pretty sure frosch has that in his trashcan already :)
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13:29:52  <TrueBrain> funny, I now do not do <pre> stuff for any templates you include, and nothing changed :)
13:29:55  <TrueBrain> that is a huge speed boost :P
13:30:55  <LordAro> very good
13:31:13  <LordAro> will that break some obscure template though? :p
13:32:56  <TrueBrain> in 5000+ pages, nothing
13:33:05  <TrueBrain> it also doesn't make sense tbh
13:33:11  <TrueBrain> the whole <pre> stuff doesn't make sense :D
13:33:35  <TrueBrain> very tempted to, once this hits GitHub, to just replace them all with proper <pre> blocks and make that the rule :)
13:35:47  <TrueBrain> the only diff I now have, is that links are no longer clickable in pre-blocks
13:35:54  <TrueBrain> in generated-pre-block, I have to say
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14:34:08  <andythenorth> ok let's stop reading the comments
14:34:13  * andythenorth mumbles to self
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14:50:18  <longtomjr_> comments?
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15:31:07  <andythenorth> youtube
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17:42:30  <rptr_> how do i get an openttd wiki account?
17:43:28  <LordAro> you don't
17:43:30  <LordAro> not at the moment
17:44:11  <rptr_> ok.
17:44:53  <LordAro> (it's being reorganised and rewritten)
17:45:06  <rptr_> ah
17:54:53  <rptr_> good!
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18:47:20  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/team] glx22 commented on issue #62: [es_ES] Translator access request
18:52:26  <andythenorth> is it beer time?
18:54:22  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on pull request #8329: Build AppImage
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19:28:09  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] azubieta commented on pull request #8329: Build AppImage
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19:52:01  <TrueBrain> frosch123: did we ever add anything to BaNaNaS so you can hide stuff from the webpage? For the in-game client you can set an unrealistic max version of course .. but did we do anything for the site? Can't remember :D
19:52:44  <frosch123> yes, we added 3 options for that
19:52:53  <frosch123> but none is available via gui, only via PR
19:53:22  <frosch123> there is "archived" which hides it, and there is "replaced-by" which hides it and links to the replacement
19:53:39  <TrueBrain> ah, not via the GUI, that confused me :D
19:53:54  <TrueBrain> I like how you say 3, and then give 2 :P
19:54:12  <frosch123> well, you already gave one
19:54:23  <TrueBrain> :D
19:55:36  <frosch123> ah, the third one is setting availability to savegames-only for all versions
19:57:48  <TrueBrain> ah, ofc :)
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20:18:38  <andythenorth> is it naptime?
20:19:24  <Wolf01> Always
20:24:12  <andythenorth> hmm
20:24:32  <andythenorth> is there a very fast way to get a count of adjacent sea tiles?
20:24:45  <andythenorth> without pathfinding, but rather walking the map array somehow?
20:25:23  * andythenorth wants to stop sea industries building in small lakes, but doesn't need a water route to map edge
20:29:11  <andythenorth> hmm wouldn't work, might be just a small amount of open sea along one edge, industries wouldn't build in that case
20:37:15  <rptr_> andythenorth, how do you code firs anyway? is it a game script?
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20:44:19  <andythenorth> newgrf
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21:06:20  <DorpsGek_III> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on pull request #8329: Build AppImage
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