Log for #openttd on 12th September 2021:
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00:34:44  <_aD> do more expensive types of bridges cost more in terms of infrastructure maintenance? e.g. a tubular silicon vs steel girder bridge?
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06:42:28  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain merged pull request #9542: Fix #9241: Grove and forest tree brushes also create rainforests
06:42:31  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain closed issue #9241: Some tree brushes do not mark tiles as a rainforest
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08:30:56  <Heiki> “Don't have room for a physical model train set? Try virtual trains with OpenTTD.”
08:43:33  <andythenorth> "Here are the mods I consider essential:"
08:43:35  <andythenorth> oh dear
08:44:01  <andythenorth> rest is nice :D
08:52:59  <_dp_> ew, abase
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10:34:18  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain approved pull request #69: Add: #68 network gui icons
10:35:02  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain approved pull request #71: Fix: remove animated pixels from highscore.png
10:36:00  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain merged pull request #71: Fix: remove animated pixels from highscore.png
10:36:23  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain merged pull request #69: Add: #68 network gui icons
10:36:41  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain approved pull request #72: Add: [Actions] Make NML warnings more visible in pull requests
10:37:19  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain closed issue #68: New network gui icons needed
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11:27:24  <Samu> fierce competition! Now that I needed to test my AI being first in company value, it's last! :p
11:27:40  <Samu> wanted to test my new code
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12:08:04  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] glx22 dismissed a review for pull request #72: Add: [Actions] Make NML warnings more visible in pull requests
12:08:07  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] glx22 updated pull request #72: Add: [Actions] Make NML warnings more visible in pull requests
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12:09:09  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] TrueBrain approved pull request #72: Add: [Actions] Make NML warnings more visible in pull requests
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12:14:36  <andythenorth> \o/
12:16:07  <glx> oh of course new warnings
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12:21:55  <TrueBrain> NML not updated?
12:21:56  <TrueBrain> :)
12:22:16  <glx> nml is updated but not released
12:22:42  <TrueBrain> :(
12:22:47  <LordAro> someone should do that
12:24:04  <glx> like 1 new commit since last release :)
12:24:27  <TrueBrain> versions are cheap
12:26:55  <glx> I can easily release if changelog is optional
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12:32:17  <LordAro> one line changelog is easy too :p
12:34:49  <glx> hmm gimp stuff seems broken in my wsl
12:36:10  <glx> probably explains why I don't get the same warnings as CI
13:02:39  <glx> ok it's a nice eol mismatch problem
13:03:08  <glx> checkout is crlf because on windows side, but I run make in wsl
13:05:01  <glx> temporarily fixed one xcf2png file and the png look better, but still have difference with the ones in the repo
13:34:34  <peter1138> LordAro, 50T or more?
13:35:24  <LordAro> peter1138: i have no particular desire to go larger
13:35:34  <peter1138> :)
13:35:40  <LordAro> but i probably have more local 25%ers than you
13:35:53  <peter1138> I just know you go faster than me :p
13:36:15  <peter1138> I don't know of any 25%ers off hand.
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13:57:14  <peter1138> Steepest today was a mere 10%
14:09:21  <Samu> I solved it! I coded my AI to always be first in company value, but only by the minimal difference possible. Now it works!
14:09:53  <Samu> there's a pink line in company value graph, behind the red line
14:11:19  <Samu> and the bug wasn't even in the company value library
14:11:24  <Samu> but on my ai
14:13:02  <Samu> it is massing statues at the moment, but even though it has the money to do so, it only builds statues if it remains ahead of WormAI in value
14:22:13  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/team] RIS2000 opened issue #251: [ru_RU] Translator access request
14:37:21  <Samu> LordAro, wow I didn't know you had this here
14:37:36  <Samu> can I submit bug fixes there?
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15:04:25  <LordAro> Samu: i'm not sure i knew it was there either
15:04:31  <LordAro> so no
15:05:56  <glx> usually openttdcoop repo are moved to github, then transferred to the owner (when he's aware and asks for it :) )
15:20:56  <glx> ok a "git reset --hard" from wsl magically fixed the eol
15:21:37  <glx> now the only diff in regenerated png is the addition of ICC chunk
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15:39:46  <andythenorth> \o/
15:50:28  <TrueBrain> ~10-15% of connections are TURN for over a week now; that is not bad :) Happy with that number
15:50:30  <TrueBrain> far less than I expected
15:55:12  <TrueBrain> still lots of aborts .. which only happen when the same user connects to the server he is already connecting to
15:55:16  <TrueBrain> bit odd .. but .. doesn't hurt, I guess
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16:31:51  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain approved pull request #8980: Feature: Multiple rotating views on title screen
16:32:38  <TrueBrain> I wonder if nielsm is willing to make a title competition post, to explain this and share the GS? :D
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16:39:14  <peter1138> Bah, didn't quite hit 40mph.
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16:56:22  <TrueBrain> I would already be scared to do 40 km/h ...
16:59:44  <LordAro> 40kph is excellent fun
17:00:21  <TrueBrain> well, I guess most of that "scared" comes from that we don't use helmets here when sitting on a bike :P
17:01:12  <LordAro> well yes
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17:01:22  <LordAro> wouldn't recommend it without one
17:01:49  <TrueBrain> :)
17:20:33  <Timberwolf> I got to 40km/h on one of the Barclays (now Santander) bikes once, they have a concerningly long braking distance at that speed.
17:25:35  <LordAro> eesh
17:27:51  <FLHerne> Those things weigh a ton
17:28:06  <FLHerne> how do you get one that fast? Down a steep hill?
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17:30:18  <morbidbird> hi
17:33:28  <LordAro> o/
17:36:37  <morbidbird> i was considering adding some new events to the AI api, in particular a "tile changed" event. is that something that would be wanted? my only other contrib was fixing the Squirrel exception spam :P
17:37:54  <morbidbird> afaik it doesn't exist right now
17:38:02  <TrueBrain> That are a lot of events ;)
17:38:20  <morbidbird> yes, it could just be a "tile changed in some way" = one event, or built/demolished
17:38:42  <morbidbird> then it's up to the AI to check exactly what happened. i want it for preprocessed map data that i only want to recompute on changes :P
17:38:56  <TrueBrain> Tiles change on average every 256 ticks I believe .. so that are a lot of events per tick ;)
17:39:18  <morbidbird> would it be too slow?
17:39:32  <TrueBrain> It is also not really practical
17:39:59  <TrueBrain> Maybe something smarter works .. something that prefilters
17:40:24  <morbidbird> like, subscribe only to X type of event for Y tiles?
17:40:32  <TrueBrain> But just "tile changed" would drown your AI in events :)
17:40:33  <nielsm>
17:40:50  <nielsm> I tried making a demo of the feature, it's a pretty bad game tho
17:41:58  <morbidbird> screen rotation is coming?
17:42:36  <morbidbird> oh, rotation as in changing
17:42:36  <nielsm> TB approved the PR a little over an hour ago
17:42:51  <morbidbird> i thought changing camera ange
17:43:05  <TrueBrain> nielsm: first transition is weird, but it does look awesome :D
17:43:07  <nielsm> that's coming as soon as a full 3D version
17:45:16  <nielsm> heh fun, if you make the audio track in your video upload to youtube longer than the video track, the video track freezeframes at the end
17:45:54  <nielsm> the video is 3:52 but the audio is 4:02, so 10 seconds longer
17:46:52  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] nielsmh merged pull request #8980: Feature: Multiple rotating views on title screen
17:49:09  <_dp_> would be cool if there was a way to replay commands on title game as well
17:49:27  <_dp_> though probably quite a pita to record and edit them
17:49:30  <nielsm> you mean have the game build things?
17:49:33  <_dp_> yep
17:49:43  <nielsm> yeah that sounds like an extreme effort to go to
17:50:49  <TrueBrain> Can't wait to see when people notice and what they say about it :D
17:50:53  <TrueBrain> Such a nice gimmick
17:50:56  <nielsm> ...I just realized I recorded the video in 720p, so youtube destroys the quality of it
17:51:02  <nielsm> I'll redo it
17:51:28  <TrueBrain> Are we going to make a title game ourselves, or make it a competition?
17:51:46  <morbidbird> TrueBrain, what about giving a list of changed tiles every X ticks
17:51:54  <nielsm> are there any major new gameplay features that should be shown off?
17:51:58  <morbidbird> to reduce the amount of events
17:52:16  <TrueBrain> Depends on what you want to do with the event, I guess
17:52:26  <TrueBrain> nielsm: not really, I think
17:52:36  <nielsm> otherwise make a competition but urge people to just pick their already built up (vanilla) game and put camera views on it
17:52:54  <TrueBrain> Would you mind writing the forum post for it?
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17:53:32  <TrueBrain> Guess releasing the first is not going to happen anyway, so they have some time ;p
17:55:12  <TrueBrain> Also means I need to make my mp4 recording to record more than 30 seconds
18:03:18  <nielsm> proper quality version:
18:05:10  <TrueBrain> \o/
18:12:38  <nielsm> do you want me to straight up post the title screen competition? I can write the post, but I'd rather not run the vote counting etc.
18:13:25  <TrueBrain> If you can post the idea, info etc, I will see if I can get someone else to do the rest :)
18:13:37  <TrueBrain> Owh, it is only the 12th .. guess a release the 1st is possible.. hmm
18:14:14  <TrueBrain> nielsm: or if you like, you can put it in a gist, so whoever runs the competition can use that info :)
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18:21:17  <nielsm> submission deadline... saturday 25th?
18:21:37  <nielsm> that would be cutting it very close for voting tho
18:21:59  <nielsm> the 1.11 contest gave more than a month for submissions
18:22:04  <nielsm> and two weeks for voting
18:23:26  <TrueBrain> We can postpone the release another month, but .. it keeps adding up :D
18:23:55  <TrueBrain> Week for voting is plenty, but I agree that 2 weeks for submissions is short
18:26:04  <TrueBrain> Guess 4th of October is a fun release date, fits the 1st of April style :D
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18:29:41  <nielsm> did the feature get into today's nightly build, or will it first be in monday's?
18:30:26  <TrueBrain> The one that starts in 30 minutes
18:30:32  <nielsm> nice
18:30:42  <TrueBrain> :D
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18:38:42  <nielsm>      Submission deadline: Sunday, October 2, 2021, at 23:59:00 UTC.
18:38:42  <nielsm>     Voting opens Monday, October 3, 2021.
18:38:43  <nielsm>     Voting closes: Sunday, October 17, 2021, at 23:59:00 UTC.
18:38:43  <nielsm> just pulling some dates out from the calendar at random, is that okay?
18:39:03  <TrueBrain> not much we can do about that, so yeah, sounds fine
18:39:35  <TrueBrain> well, maybe close it on Saturday; means we can release on Sunday?
18:40:03  <nielsm>
18:40:04  <Samu_> nielsm, have you tried following an aircraft? I think they use weird coordinates
18:40:08  <TrueBrain> btw, Sunday cannot be the 2nd :P
18:40:14  <TrueBrain> think that is a Saturday :)
18:40:37  <nielsm> oops, fixed
18:40:43  <nielsm> somehow offset the dates by one
18:41:02  <TrueBrain> :D
18:41:21  <TrueBrain> 1.10 -> 1.11 in your post I think :)
18:42:17  <nielsm> more fixed
18:42:53  <TrueBrain> didn't you have a GS to assist?
18:42:58  <nielsm> yes
18:43:04  <nielsm> I should put that on bananas
18:43:12  <TrueBrain> and mention that in the post, would be lovely :)
18:43:25  <TrueBrain> currently I do not think people would understand how to make use of the camera control :)
18:43:29  <nielsm> I plan on writing a second post in the topic explaining the commands and the GS
18:43:35  <TrueBrain> that would be awesome
18:43:36  <nielsm> and how to test things
18:43:38  <TrueBrain> tnx nielsm :)
18:46:01  <Samu_> LordAro, your AI on github seems to be of a newer version that that found on bananas
18:48:09  <TrueBrain> orudge: did you find some time to test ? Would be nice to have that in 12.0, so there is a bit of time, but just a friendly reminder :)
18:48:29  <LordAro> Samu_: possibly.
18:48:35  <LordAro> it's been many years
18:48:55  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] DorpsGek pushed 1 commits to master
18:48:56  <DorpsGek>   - Update: Translations from eints (by translators)
18:51:32  <TrueBrain> wasn't LordAro going to fix some of these 12.0 marked bugs last weekend? :D :P
19:08:37  <Samu_> found a bug on your github version of the AI
19:10:09  <TrueBrain> "This is an issue for dual-stack Docker containers, in which there is no default IPv6 resolver, when IPv6 traffic is preferred (attempted before) over IPv4, where it can be observed name resolution times out after a delay (5 seconds default on GNU/Linux)."
19:10:13  <TrueBrain> okay, that sentence is really hard to read :P
19:10:18  <TrueBrain> lets replace some comma's with some dots :)
19:10:23  <TrueBrain> comma's -> commas
19:10:27  <TrueBrain> no clue why I added a ' there :P
19:12:14  <Samu_> - can't use !path
19:12:40  <Samu_> if path is null, !path is the same as false in squirrel
19:12:54  <Samu_> you need to use path == false
19:13:17  <Samu_> ever if path is null
19:13:31  <Samu_> even*
19:13:58  <Samu_> if it is null, then path == false will be false
19:14:28  <Samu_> looks like my explanation is confusing
19:14:30  <Samu_> :p
19:15:43  <Samu_> if it is null, !path will be true
19:17:42  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain opened pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
19:18:06  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain updated pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
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19:23:55  <glx> Samu_: I think it's expected
19:24:17  <nielsm> also posted my attempt at documentation in the thread now
19:24:37  <FLHerne> Samu_: ...and why is that a problem?
19:25:59  <glx> using !path is exactly the same as using path==false
19:26:06  <FLHerne> it keeps searching until FindPath returns a valid path, which is neither false nor null
19:26:34  <TrueBrain> nielsm: " (As of writing this, that nightly build isn't made yet.)" <- it should be by now :)
19:27:54  <TrueBrain> looks good :) Very curious if people can digest it :)
19:28:27  <Samu_> because if path is null, you want to abort that for cycle
19:29:11  <Samu_> or you get an error in the pathfinder about can't intitializing whatever
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19:31:12  <morbidbird> on the bottom of this page it says Direction, Relative, Index
19:31:13  <morbidbird>
19:31:18  <morbidbird> how do i get the index, given two tiles?
19:31:33  <morbidbird> is there something in the api i mean
19:31:48  <glx> but path starts with false anyway
19:32:58  <morbidbird> nvm found in superlib
19:34:25  <glx> so you want to check if line 134 initialised pathfinder properly, modifying the loop condition won't help for that
19:36:16  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 commented on pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
19:36:26  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain commented on pull request #9105: Improve server logs for administration
19:36:56  <glx> oh I see, confusing explanation :)
19:37:56  <glx> FindPath returns null on error, so replacing !path with path == false means early break
19:38:35  <glx> then line 143 checks for !null basically
19:41:32  <Samu_> I just found out that "Calculate Company Value of current quarter" is an expensive function
19:42:03  <Samu_> it will be iterating all stations and all vehicles
19:42:20  <Samu_> and iterating all vehicles is synonimous of stalls
19:43:26  <Samu_> and im iterating all existing companies, now everything makes sense
19:43:34  <Samu_> more companies, huge stalls
19:44:28  <nielsm> help, I can't make myself quit the game after I started it to take a few screenshots of my GS and demo title game, I want to keep listening to the music
19:44:33  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain updated pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
19:44:44  <TrueBrain> nielsm: it is fine :)
19:44:51  <Samu_> I should stop running Company Value GS alongside my AI
19:45:28  <TrueBrain> nielsm: I did realise that "following vehicle" is not that useful given there is a menu in the way :P
19:45:47  <nielsm> yeah...
19:45:53  <Samu_> semi-transparent menu
19:45:54  <TrueBrain> to be fixed in 13.0 :)
19:46:09  <TrueBrain> anyway, let me know if you uploaded the GS to BaNaNaS. I will post on Reddit / Discord about the competition
19:46:19  <nielsm> and if you align it to one of the edges or corners then the vehicle will have a good chance of being outside the screen
19:47:01  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain updated pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
19:47:19  <nielsm> which is why my best suggestion for following right now is to abuse it as an alternative to complex panning sequences
19:47:39  <TrueBrain> makes sense :)
19:48:15  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain updated pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
19:48:26  <TrueBrain> okay, I can spend hours on making this document "better".. I will leave it for now :P
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20:18:25  <Samu_> it's time to retry the dream once more
20:18:48  <Samu_> 5000 road vehicles, 5000 aircraft, 5000 ships, 14 companies
20:19:26  <Samu_> I do not expect major stalls anymore
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20:24:54  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] rubidium42 approved pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
20:26:09  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain merged pull request #9552: Doc: update multiplayer documentation with latest changes
20:26:12  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] TrueBrain closed pull request #9539: Doc: Multiplayer
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20:29:06  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on issue #9486: OpenGFX update required before full 12.0 release - "Base graphics set missing 5 tiles"
20:29:09  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 closed issue #9486: OpenGFX update required before full 12.0 release - "Base graphics set missing 5 tiles"
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20:35:26  <TrueBrain> Is it wise to close it already, given we didn't release it yet?
20:35:48  <TrueBrain> At the chance of us otherwise forgetting about releasing it?
20:38:01  <TrueBrain> (Or someone could release it today or so, but I wouldn't even know where to start :p)
20:39:18  <andythenorth> don't we just tag and await magic?
20:39:37  <andythenorth> oh look :)
20:39:58  <TrueBrain> Go for it :p
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20:41:29  <andythenorth> are we bumping opengfx to 7?
20:41:35  <andythenorth> when will it ever be 1.0?
20:42:20  <andythenorth> oh someone else thought same
20:50:36  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] andythenorth opened pull request #73: Doc: Changelog for 7.0.0 release
20:51:42  <TrueBrain> Either 7.0 or 0.7.0 :p
20:52:04  <andythenorth> I'll amend
20:52:42  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] andythenorth updated pull request #73: Doc: Changelog for 7.0.0 release
20:55:39  <andythenorth> silly dorpsgek :)
20:55:47  <andythenorth> I retitled it 7.0 :)
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21:11:45  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] glx22 approved pull request #73: Doc: Changelog for 7.0 release
21:12:18  <glx> oups commit checker was not happy
21:13:02  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] glx22 commented on pull request #73: Doc: Changelog for 7.0 release
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21:31:07  <andythenorth> trailing space :o
21:32:18  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] andythenorth dismissed a review for pull request #73: Doc: Changelog for 7.0 release
21:32:21  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenGFX] andythenorth updated pull request #73: Doc: Changelog for 7.0 release
21:32:23  <andythenorth> ha .txt opens in different editor
21:32:30  <andythenorth> my usual editor strips spaces
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21:38:54  <andythenorth> ok sleep :)
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