Log for #openttd on 16th August 2022:
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10:34:12  <LordAro> This is a bridge between discord and IRC, because TrueBrain decided we needed some enforced socialising
10:34:32  <LordAro> does the discord channel not have an appropriate topic or whatever?
10:34:54  <LordAro> JustANortherner: I also know how the internet works, and I'm pretty confident it's mostly just magic
10:35:04  <LordAro> combined with some optimisim
10:36:15  <JustANortherner> It does say here that "This channel provides a Bridge to a relic of the past" tbf...
10:36:29  <LordAro> well that's just rude
10:36:32  <JustANortherner> But that requires reading, and why do that when you can just type!
10:36:40  <TrueBrain> LordAro: You expect people to actually read topics? :p
10:37:02  <TrueBrain> Owh, JustANortherner already said that
10:39:00  <glx[d]> LordAro: The main reason was matrix being not reliable after netsplits
10:39:34  <LordAro> yeah, but a solution to that would've been to run your own matrix server
10:39:40  <LordAro> not this :p
10:40:08  <TheDumGamer> Well that’s what happens when you don’t breach the mainframe intime
10:41:26  <TrueBrain> LordAro: you liked the quietness of the channel better?
10:41:41  <LordAro> jury's still out
10:41:43  <LordAro> :p
10:41:47  <TrueBrain> haha
10:41:56  <TrueBrain> all this talking to people .. it is scary, I know
10:43:15  <TallTyler> I like this channel because Discord does asynchronous message archives much better, and I’m not usually awake in European Time
10:45:06  <TallTyler> I’m happy to see that @Timberwolf is still around somewhere, besides making videos about old games on YouTube 🙂
10:47:37  <FLHerne> andythenorth: Is there a reason for the sudden explosion in model train manufacturers?
10:48:11  <FLHerne> when I last did model trains it was basically Hornby or Bachmann, and Heljan did a couple of diesels
10:48:32  <FLHerne> picked up Model Rail recently and there seem to be about half-a-dozen manufacturers with significant ranges
10:48:47  <FLHerne> I guess modern scanning/CAD/3D-printing helps
10:49:47  <andythenorth> there are a number of factors
10:50:05  <glx[d]> There's one little difference when following both IRC and this channel, discord users may show another name on irc
10:50:46  <andythenorth> Accurascale are able to grow fast (I believe) because Stephen cashed out on an Irish hosting business, and has capital
10:51:08  <andythenorth> the rest have much smaller ranges and are broadly working on crowd-funding / pre-order
10:51:19  <andythenorth> Rapido UK is an offshoot of North American Rapido
10:52:32  <andythenorth> Revolution, Cavalex, KR Models, Footplate, SLW are all small ranges, lot of pre-orders
10:52:43  <andythenorth> Dapol is still around
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10:56:31  <andythenorth> Supply side is driven by availability of contract manufacturing in China, although this is under pressure for all the obvious reasons currently
10:56:48  <andythenorth> Labour, shipping, materials, covid,  high demand
10:57:16  <andythenorth> Also supply side - widespread CAD, and digital sales channels
10:58:31  <andythenorth> Demand side is driven by (1) an absolute shitload of baby boomers with a lot of disposable income who can buy £50 wagons or £300 engines
10:59:13  <andythenorth> (2) people like me a bit younger who can afford this stuff due to high salaries in digital etc
10:59:20  <Wolf01> Looks like lego
10:59:32  <TallTyler> I can buy a lot of Iron Horse wagons, so I don’t need model trains anymore 😛
10:59:40  <andythenorth> Cheap train set
11:00:10  <TallTyler> I’m very well-off but only in OpenTTD currency
11:01:51  <peter1138> Oh is it food time.
11:02:01  <TallTyler> glx[d]: I imagine IRC doesn’t like my username starting with a number…wonder how TrueBrain decided to solve that 😛
11:02:42  <peter1138> Maybe it's Lego time.
11:03:00  <peter1138> I have a set here I haven't opened yet, because the sound of an unopened box is the best thing.
11:03:11  <TallTyler> Lunchtime Legos?
11:03:16  <JustANortherner> 2 = Two
11:03:24  <JustANortherner> Simple fix no?
11:03:56  <TallTyler> (Assuming it’s lunch, I’m currently eating breakfast at 5 and wishing I were still asleep)
11:04:05  <Wolf01> In this case is more suitable "too"
11:04:49  <TrueBrain> TallTyler: I just remove any number at the beginning, no worries 😄
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11:05:35  <Wolf01> So... another boring afternoon begins
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11:07:16  <JustANortherner> Get yourself some excitement
11:07:19  <TallTyler> Come to Colorado and help me dump ballast 🙂
11:07:39  <TallTyler> Last time I did this we derailed the engine twice
11:07:43  <JustANortherner> Can you come to the UK and fix some points for me instead?
11:08:13  <Wolf01> What about you all come to Italy and do something interesting?
11:08:23  <TallTyler> I would love to actually
11:09:11  <LordAro> Come to the UK and write perl for me
11:09:20  <LordAro> actually no, i don't hate any of you that much
11:15:02  <peter1138> Woop, salad :D
11:16:02  <Wolf01> <JustANortherner> Get yourself some excitement <- I have like 12 games to play which I delayed... I feel completely not entertained after 30 minutes of play, I force myself to continue to play some of them just to finish and uninstall
11:17:14  <peter1138> Debian is 29... such old.
11:20:18  <Wolf01> I could try to make a docker container with a webserver for debugging purposes
11:20:42  <Wolf01> Nah, bad idea, I feel already bored
11:46:23  <peter1138> 50% chance of rain at the time I would go out for a ride.
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13:51:49  <peter1138> I wish I could rebase a branch without checking out the branch first. :D
13:54:25  <peter1138> Hmm, oh, you can.
13:55:06  <andythenorth> hurrah!
14:05:10  <Wolf01> I wish it was so easy to find company
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14:13:41  <supermop_toil> yo
14:13:47  <Wolf01> o/
14:15:49  <peter1138> Sunny again, maybe I can go out on a ride before the thundering.
14:37:01  <supermop_toil> sunny here - going to shoot some portra in my F with no meter
14:37:36  <supermop_toil> well maybe over lunch. mostly just going to model door frames and headers
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17:40:14  <DorpsGek> [OpenTTD/OpenTTD] glx22 commented on issue #9966: [Bug]: Command line option for help (`-h`) prints just the version and no other info.
17:48:19  <LordAro> glx: wow.
17:48:34  <glx> yeah it's a ni

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