Log for on 2nd October 2012:
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17:47:17  <Yexo> "make bundle_zip" is broken, the filename has !!REVISION!! in it
18:36:32  <Alberth> AddInflation()  returns true when not adding inflation....     does not sound very logical :)
18:37:56  <planetmaker> Yexo, openttd's? Or the ones from the devzone projects?
18:40:12  <frosch123> Alberth: it was more useful for the break :p
18:40:33  <Alberth> :)
18:50:51  <Alberth> I have been thinking about the scope stuff, could it be the case that splitting the scopes causes that we need less local data in some scopes? I more or less copied the old situation (of supporting both the self and and parent scope), but obviously the parent scope does not need to be supported in the seldf scope any more
18:54:30  <frosch123> i would hope we lose some of the local data :)
18:54:58  <frosch123> e.g. some stuff is only used for unconstructed stuff, which could also be moved to some derived class
18:55:10  <frosch123> i.e. scoperesolvers for constructed and unconstructed stuff
18:55:42  <Alberth> yeah, splitting it to different parts is more likely, as the total set of functionality is not getting smaller
18:55:48  <frosch123> but getting rid of the states in resolverobject is already nice
18:55:57  <frosch123> i.e. the removal of "scope" and "count"
18:56:22  <frosch123> which were copied from the spritegroup to the resolver object just to make them accessible
18:58:12  <Alberth> I don't remember doing that, so it must be in your patches somewhere :)
18:58:18  <frosch123> yup :p
18:58:24  <frosch123> the main thing i wanted to try
19:00:00  <Alberth> nice :)
19:00:35  <frosch123> it was a mess: basically passing parameters via global variables, with all the crap of saving and restoring them around nested calls
19:03:42  <Alberth> I can imagine; it is code that has been around for a long time, gradually expanding each time
19:05:24  <Alberth> you're still playing with the patch?
19:05:56  <frosch123> no
19:06:00  <frosch123> not sure what to do next
19:06:19  <frosch123> probably look into the questions :p
19:08:50  <Alberth> and find a path to push it into trunk, probably with verifying whether each step is really complete
19:09:37  <frosch123> probably would need some shuffling :)
19:09:46  <frosch123> some parts revert stuff from earlier parts
19:09:48  <frosch123> esp mine :p
19:10:32  <frosch123> the ra84 stuff with the "count" is moved 3 times
19:10:43  <frosch123> i noticed when trying to update :)
19:10:53  <Alberth> I skipped lots of variable substitutions for example, did not bother with a single order between the methods, or moving functions into the class definition
19:11:01  <frosch123> since i changed that code recently, which did not exactly merge automatically
19:12:41  <Alberth> it touches a lot of code :)
19:47:48  <Yexo> planetmaker: openttd's
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22:19:13  <planetmaker> hm, how do we build the source bundles? Not at all?
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23:58:16  <planetmaker> I suggest

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