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14:30:04  <Belugas> hello
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20:20:45  <Eagle_Rainbow> Good evening
20:21:03  <Eagle_Rainbow> Alberth: Do you still collect typos?
20:21:32  <Alberth> once in a while I do, yes
20:21:55  <Eagle_Rainbow> so, you currently don't?
20:22:36  <Alberth> :)
20:22:37  <Eagle_Rainbow> Well, I went over the source code with a spell checker - and what should I say: it was quite fertile...
20:22:54  <Alberth> I'd expect that :)
20:23:06  <Eagle_Rainbow> should I send you those diffs or should I go via flyspray?
20:23:36  <Alberth> just add it to flyspray, imho
20:23:44  <Eagle_Rainbow> ok
20:24:06  <Alberth> doc fixes doesn't have high priority :p
20:24:50  <Eagle_Rainbow> I also wouldn't assume that; but not fixing them also isn't an option...
20:25:52  <Alberth> I don't actively look for them, that helps too :p
20:26:19  <Alberth> but yeah, once you found them, you might as well record and fix them
20:27:31  <Eagle_Rainbow> that was the idea... and as the spell checker found them easily... ;)
20:27:48  <Eagle_Rainbow> but sometimes it was hard to guess what was meant :p
20:28:35  <Eagle_Rainbow> <-- a set of typos
20:28:51  <michi_cc> Eagle_Rainbow: I hope you used british english and not american :p
20:28:53  <Alberth> the spellchecker doesn't understand Openttd-es, so I assume you got a lot of false positives
20:29:21  <Eagle_Rainbow> Michi_cc: no, although I prefer AE, I tried to make it as BE as I could :)
20:29:30  <Eagle_Rainbow> even switched the spell checker to BE - just for you ;)
20:29:57  <Eagle_Rainbow> Alberth: yes, the false-positive rate was very high --- at the beginning... A user-dict helped a lot in the long run
20:30:37  <Eagle_Rainbow> Just one thing which I was a bit cautious on:
20:30:44  <Eagle_Rainbow> I did not change those "initialization"...
20:30:49  <Alberth> can you also add them all together in an archive (tar or zip), that's easier to download
20:31:07  <Eagle_Rainbow> BE would be (AFAIK) Initialisation, whilst AE is initialization
20:31:16  <Eagle_Rainbow> we have that a thousand times...
20:31:28  <Eagle_Rainbow> Alberth: will do, gimme a sec
20:32:35  <Alberth> np, I am not going to check them tonight
20:32:38  <michi_cc> AE is definitely the more common code dialect, and our source code surely contains lots of Americanisms, but we theoretically write BE.
20:32:52  <Eagle_Rainbow> Alberth: done
20:32:56  <Alberth> thanks
20:33:28  * Alberth thought we wrote C++ :p
20:35:06  <michi_cc> Eagle_Rainbow: BE is actually both, see e.g.
20:36:23  <Eagle_Rainbow> well, my eclipse-based spell checker was very picky and only wanted to allow initialise...
20:37:38  <michi_cc> I think -ise is the original british spelling, but as all languages it is changing and -ize is now probably just as common.
20:38:04  <Eagle_Rainbow> ok, then it was a good idea anyway to keep it that way
20:38:23  <Eagle_Rainbow> BTW: those patches - in sum - provide changes on 525 lines...
20:38:49  <Eagle_Rainbow> That's why I tried to cut them into smaller chunks - otherwise the commit would become quite large...
20:40:12  <michi_cc> Interesting, apparently -ize is Oxford history while -ise is Cambridge history. Seems they compete in more than just rowing :)
20:41:32  <Eagle_Rainbow> seems so - and we now can argue, if we want to follow O-AE or C-BE :P
20:41:51  <michi_cc> Also, -ise is used in UK mass media while scientific and and technical writing is more -ize.
20:41:52  <Eagle_Rainbow> s/AE/BE/
20:42:48  <Eagle_Rainbow> Most likely science is affected more by the AE style
20:45:12  <Alberth> size ofa commit is not so relevant, it is the number of conceptual changes that's important (it should be 1).
20:45:58  <Eagle_Rainbow> well, then my patches don't fit to that rule at all - I hope, the count is zero in this case =:)
20:46:23  <Alberth> fix spell-check errors is not a conceptual change? :)
20:46:51  <Eagle_Rainbow> a very "basic" change, though :)
20:47:27  <Alberth> sure, but like Codechange, you do make a change, even if the functionality stays the same :)
20:50:25  <Eagle_Rainbow> well, but -- typically -- a code change provides a change of the program behaviour (functional-wise or usability or quality or ...); I expect that those typo fixes don't change anything that an end user could experience (except: changes on documentation which are made public for 3rd-party dev)
20:51:21  <Eagle_Rainbow> but anyway...
20:51:49  <Eagle_Rainbow> someone will have a look later - and then some time later I hope this will go to trunk...
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20:56:26  <Alberth> with "Codechange" I meant a code change that has no functional change, as explained in
21:00:27  * Eagle_Rainbow didn't knew this convention
21:00:48  <Eagle_Rainbow> I am no comitter, so I didn't read that wiki page yet ...
21:03:45  <Eagle_Rainbow> What do you use as "commit type" if you cleaned up a file which was there by error ? "Fix,Remove,Cleanup" ;)
21:04:28  <Alberth> not a fix :)
21:05:13  <Alberth> but it never happened to me so far, and maybe never yet; patches get reviewed so often, we catch those errors earlier :)
21:05:14  <frosch123> Revert?
21:07:11  <Alberth> sounds plausible :)
21:07:56  <frosch123> i think we had several -Revert: part of bla
21:10:36  <Alberth> 5, actually :)
21:11:29  <frosch123> :p
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21:59:26  <Eagle_Rainbow> @all: n8
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