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14:16:41  <Zuu> If I have a object (class) called "StoryPage", but the gui is a Story window, can all story files use the "story" base still? eg. story_type.h, story_base.h, story_gui.cpp etc. Or should the source files working with StoryPage have "story_page" as their initial file name?
14:17:31  <Zuu> Basically my idea is that there will be a Story window which show one or more story pages. I do not so far see the need for a Story class to bind the pages togeather.
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14:18:38  <Alberth> usually, we merge related classes into one file; it's C++ rather than Java ;)
14:18:43  <andythenorth> Zuu: story pages -> \o/
14:19:16  <Zuu> Alberth: so story_*
14:19:28  <Alberth> indeed
14:20:28  <Alberth> and defining classes in a .cpp file is fine too, if you don't need them elsewhere
14:20:47  <Alberth> eg most windows are defined in a *_gui.cpp
14:22:08  * frosch123 also prefers "story_*" over "story_page_*"
14:22:44  <Zuu> That is what I was going to do, but wasn't 100% sure if it was correct.
14:33:57  <frosch123> aww, michi was faster than me with closing 5403 :/
14:38:33  <michi_cc> frosch123: We have enough bugs left for you ;)
14:47:02  <Zuu> GSStory::CreatePage(..) or GSStoryPage::Create(..) ?   (it will also get ::SetTitle to set a title/label to show in the page selector drop down, and ::SetQuestion(page_id, ..) to add a question to the end of the story page. I also plan to allow a page to set one or more goals which must be completed for the story to continue.
14:47:53  <Zuu> All/most of the APIs will operate aon StoryPages as there is so far not any need for a Story object.
14:48:22  <Zuu> So perhaps it should use GSStoryPage so that GSStory can be added later if it is needed.
14:48:51  <Zuu> To avoid the GSAiprot mess that we have with AirportType and Airport being on the same class.
14:51:15  <frosch123> what's the exact difference between a Story and a StoryPage?
14:51:20  <frosch123> i think i missed the deinition
14:51:54  <frosch123> do you have some draft? or are you just creating one? :)
14:51:58  <Zuu> A StoryPage is a page of text. The story window shows a a collection of StoryPages
14:52:06  <Zuu> So Story doesn't even exist yet.
14:52:37  <Zuu> I have a draft on an envelope here. :-)
14:53:00  <Zuu> Draft code is what I'm creating
14:57:24  <Zuu> The draft idea allows StoryPages to refer to goals. The goal window could refer back to the first/last page that refer to it, but the main direction is to refer from a story page to a goal rather than the reverse direction.
14:57:51  <frosch123> you can also call the api class StoryBook
14:57:57  <frosch123> with a CreatePage method :)
14:58:24  <Zuu> Yep that would be about the same as calling it Story I think.
15:02:25  <Zuu> I'm not yet sure if pages can be global/company specific. But at least a global page will not be able to refer to a company specific goal.
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23:39:46  <frosch123>
23:39:56  <frosch123> removes news setting window, and adds them to the adv settings
23:40:15  <frosch123> also keeps the current news settings menu entry to open the adv. settings with a preset filter string
23:40:28  <frosch123> finally it adds various settings to enable/disable sound effects
23:41:48  <frosch123> the TODO in 10 is solved in 30
23:42:33  <frosch123> the settings are currently all under "advanced"
23:42:44  <frosch123> not sure whether to move some to expert or basic
23:43:35  <frosch123> oh, about the config file: the news_display settings are compatible and kept, the news_ticker setting is reset to the default since it is no longer in "misc"
23:45:52  <frosch123> 60 is a bit tricky as in that the client settings may not skip calls to Random etc
23:46:12  <frosch123> which would desync otherwise
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