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14:26:39  <Belugas> hello
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22:49:50  <Zuu> When I confirm a bug that exist in both trunk and current stable, should I put "reported version" as trunk or the current stable version?
22:50:35  <planetmaker> stable, I'd say
22:50:44  <planetmaker> as it means it need be backported
22:53:15  <Zuu> I half-guessed that but was not really sure.
22:53:38  <planetmaker> just my out-of-hat justification. Not sure there's an official rule really
22:54:00  <Zuu> I'll add a comment too. But getting the metadata right helps when searching.
22:54:24  <planetmaker> yep, quite :-)
23:29:29  <Zuu> FS#5419 is about GS:es trying to output -1 (or any negative value) using {NUM}. Actually the buggy code as far as I can see is located when integer parameters are parsed to string in the API code. (I don't yet understand why it turns all parameters to string already here and not later in the string engine) So as far as I understand the code, if there were negative IDs of things (vehicles, cargos, etc) then those would also be affected by the
23:29:29  <Zuu> bug. However as our IDs are usually unsigned, we don't see this bug other than when script authors decide to use negative values in eg. {NUM}.
23:30:15  <Zuu> Though, I think I'll save concluding if my fix is the right one or not for another time. It's getting late.
23:30:39  <Zuu> For reference, my initial fix is here:
23:31:18  <Zuu> It work with passing -1 to {NUM}, but I've not verified that my fix doesn't have any unwanted side effects.
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