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15:01:11  <planetmaker> In I attached a patch... IMHO it makes sense to use same-sized widgets for both cases there. But which size?
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18:59:19  <planetmaker> any thought on the size of the station preview sprites?
19:11:31  <frosch123> are they the same now?
19:13:34  <frosch123> the other buttons have (32, 16) instead of (31, 16)
19:13:43  <frosch123> is there also an issue with the width?
19:14:12  <frosch123> minimal size is also (66,48) vs (66, 49)
19:14:21  <frosch123> why are they all off-by-one? :o
19:16:23  <planetmaker> hm...
19:47:25  <planetmaker> frosch123, I think they should be centred in the list... but 32 seems much saner indeed
19:47:41  <frosch123> i have no idea :p
19:47:56  <frosch123> i would use kmag if in doubt :)
19:48:19  <planetmaker> :-)
19:48:26  <frosch123> didn't the newstat sprites use the whole area?
19:48:31  <frosch123> so it should be easy to compare
19:49:16  <planetmaker> would you rather prefer the smaller version, the larger or something in between?
19:49:37  <planetmaker> as in the height which we give the sprites. Using the same makes perfect sense imho
19:50:09  <frosch123> the smaller one would be most compatible, but i think the bigger one looks nicer :p
19:50:39  <planetmaker> I don't think that the bigger one would be much of a pain, even if the set defines a smaller image
19:50:48  <frosch123> actually, judging by the screenshot from fs
19:50:54  <frosch123> the buttons on the left also have weird sizes
19:51:47  <planetmaker> which buttons? Numbers?
19:52:04  <frosch123> <- take the second orientation
19:52:11  <frosch123> you can see the button border at top and left
19:52:14  <frosch123> but not right and bottom
19:52:45  <frosch123> hmm, no
19:53:01  <frosch123> according to kmag there is a empty pixel row at the bottom
19:53:20  <planetmaker> of the direction buttons?
19:53:30  <frosch123> orientation, yes
19:53:50  <frosch123> the preview does not fill the whole button
19:53:57  <frosch123> but at the bottom there is one pixelrow left
19:54:08  <planetmaker> true. Stupid :-)
19:54:08  <frosch123> but ofc. maybe the sprites just end there :p
19:54:16  <planetmaker> I'll check that as well with others
19:54:30  <planetmaker> I don't have his grf anyway ;-)
19:54:31  <frosch123> i guess one would have to use a real tile sprite to compare
19:54:38  <frosch123> not these arbirtarily filled ones
19:54:57  <frosch123> you only have bananas now? :)
19:55:44  <planetmaker> well. I still have the old openttdcoop grfpack... but well
19:55:46  <planetmaker> hardly used
19:55:56  <frosch123> the isr sprites from albert's screenshot fit perfectly
19:55:59  <frosch123> on left/right/bottom
19:56:03  <frosch123> so, maybe use those
19:56:08  <frosch123> and just extend towards top
19:56:11  <planetmaker> and there are some I got elsewhere for testing, but yes, nearly banananana - only. Yes
19:56:41  <planetmaker> yes, I tested with ISR. Will also try chips and DWE
19:57:16  <frosch123> i guess newobject offsets are completely different :p
19:57:26  <planetmaker> I fear so
20:47:42  <planetmaker> this looks similar enough code-wise and also from the graphics it now is the same. Big button size
20:49:29  <frosch123> :)
20:53:11  <planetmaker> so... going for big button size?
20:53:19  <planetmaker> I'm really indifferent
20:54:07  <frosch123> isr definitely looks better with the big size
20:55:08  <frosch123> how ever, if you would make it even taller, the plain tiles without building would look weird :)
20:55:53  <planetmaker> taller would look really weired
20:58:57  <planetmaker> the plain tiles w/o building even start to look a bit strange with 60x60. But buildings,... are much better
20:59:50  <frosch123> well, 66x60 is still wider than high
20:59:56  <frosch123> i think it should stay landscape :)
21:00:07  <planetmaker> :-)
21:00:25  <planetmaker> that I agree with
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21:29:11  <planetmaker> btw, what do you think of fonsinchen's patch today, the one with loading? FS5495
21:29:25  <planetmaker> looks reasonable to me - but I'm not sure whether it can have side effects
21:29:57  <frosch123> well, lots of stuff is changing in the loading code
21:30:06  <frosch123> i still think it is incorrect that transfer cargos get no rating
21:32:05  <planetmaker> yes... but FS5495?
21:32:13  <Rubidium> just give them their ratings back ;)
21:32:23  <Rubidium> it might just've been an unforeseen side effect
21:32:39  <planetmaker> I'd think so, yes
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