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20:24:58  <Zuu> Upon reading the source code of a new GS lib, I spotted an error in our docs which this patch fixes:
20:25:45  <Zuu> Namely, that deity can build/prospect industries independent of setting "construction.raw_industry_construction"
20:28:06  <Alberth> If no valid ScriptCompanyMode active in scope  <-- first hunk, misses "is" (is in scope)
20:29:16  <Zuu> Yeah, I noticed that in the existing sentence on the unchanged line and decided to stay with the same wording.
20:29:35  <Alberth> there are supposed to be 2    @note If no valid ScriptCompanyMode   conditions?
20:29:51  <Alberth> I'd expect one for no mode, and one for having a mode
20:31:10  <Zuu> There are two @note for different cases when the method returns false. Both these situations are overrided/not valid when you construct as deity (no company mode in scope)
20:31:40  <Zuu> So both @note carry a leading condition that company mode must be in scope in order for that condition to apply.
20:34:15  <Alberth> ah, right. I'd expect that in a single sentence, but that may be too complex here
20:35:29  <Zuu> I think it is good to be as clear as possible.
20:35:44  <Alberth> btw I am translating the NAI script, and collect some english text comments; should I make an issue for it?
20:35:51  <Zuu> Which in some sense would be better to direct people to the source code.
20:35:57  <Alberth> I agree, the patch seems ok to me
20:36:28  <Zuu> Creating a ticket for it sounds good.
20:36:53  <Alberth> usually using source code for defining behaviour is bad, as it doesn't explain why things as they are
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23:20:25  <frosch123> @services op
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