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08:50:28  <Zuu> Compilation on Visual Studio 2008 failes due to blitter related error:
08:50:59  <Zuu> (using r26225)
08:54:23  <Zuu> When reverting to r26210, compilation works.
08:57:01  <Zuu> r26211 also works, but r26212 is the first revision that breaks.
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09:06:27  <Rubidium> Zuu:
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09:13:59  <Zuu> Applying the two suggested lines to our stdafx.h does fix compilation.
09:16:41  <Rubidium> what about only the first line?
09:20:37  <Zuu> Only the first line does unfortunately not work. I get plenty of "error C3861: '_InterlockedIncrement': identifier not found"
09:20:49  <Zuu> <-- adds both lines for VS2008 only
09:23:21  <Zuu> I don't know if that breaks vs2008 without SP1 but I hope users with 2008 got the service pack.
09:34:14  <Zuu> Another problem, sourecs.list now has a "#ifdef SSE" which does not seem to work too well with generate.vbs. I have to remove this if-statement in order to have the SSE file added to project files to not get missing symbols when linking with re-generated project files.
09:38:00  <Zuu> When using the "generate" bash script the SSE check does however work fine.
09:52:41  <Rubidium> hmm, does generate.vbs change the project files? That's not what it's meant to do, but maybe it needed to be updated
09:54:19  <Zuu> As I understood it generate.vbs is a bash-free version of 'generate' for lazy windows users. Both as I usderstood are used after you edit sources.list to re-generate the visual studio project files to include the new source files.
09:55:00  <Rubidium> true, but I reckon it's barely used and usually forgotten
09:55:15  <Rubidium> but does running generate.vbs change the files that need to be included?
09:55:41  <Rubidium> (in the project files)
09:55:47  <Rubidium> if so, there's something missing in it
09:56:09  <Zuu> It does seem to hadle eg #if SDL etc. but does the wrong thing for #if SSE.
09:56:38  <Zuu> Or at least there is some code in generate.vbs for detecting #if SDL etc.
09:56:52  <Rubidium> add it around line ~175
09:57:03  <Rubidium> and see if it then remains the same
10:03:03  <Zuu> With the additional line, the generated project files (from generate.vbs) now include the SSE-only source file.
10:05:03  <Zuu> <-- now contains both changes (although the second is for all visual studio versions)
10:06:17  <Zuu> I note that the output of ./generate and generate.vbs is vastly different in formatting etc. so when commiting it is good to stick to ./generate to not get huge diff blocks for no good reason.
10:12:50  <Zuu> I'll include a link to the MSDN source in the comment to make "a bug" a bit more elaborate (for the vs2008 fix).
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10:26:15  <Rubidium> thanks Zuu
10:30:08  <Rubidium> Zuu: the generate.vbs on a clone of the Windows CF does not have issues with formatting; it generates exactly equal project files
10:31:11  <Zuu> Then it could be line ending issue on my machine.
10:38:27  <michi_cc> Zuu: generate.vbs looks to always output CRLF files, while configure if e.g. run with cygwin produces LF files. And depending on which VCS with which settings you use, your working copy files might either be LF or CRLF.
10:38:27  <Rubidium> using mercurial or git?
10:38:53  * Zuu uses mercurial
10:39:30  <Zuu> and have LF source files
10:40:38  <michi_cc> Git has options to change line endings, I'd assume hg too.
10:41:24  <Zuu> I assume too. But i don't mind LF, just have to remember to use the right generate script. :-)
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