Log for on 15th March 2014:
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10:53:37  <frosch123> fonsinchen: with the savegame compatibility i was refering to aircraft distance limits
10:53:42  <frosch123> not to cdist
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22:59:36  <planetmaker> @voice fonsinchen
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22:59:44  <fonsinchen> thanks
22:59:49  <fonsinchen> As DistanceMaxPlusManhattan should already do the job FS#5941 should be really trivial. I'll do something about it tomorrow. We also need to adjust the base distance for the demand calculation if we double all link graph distances, though.
23:01:34  <planetmaker> henceforth you should be able to voice yourself. And / or kick me :P
23:11:57  <planetmaker> In principle it could use different metrices. But that would be more complex and a PITA to compare then, I guess
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23:15:39  <fonsinchen> I think that DistanceMaxPlusManhattan is just unambigously better than DistanceManhattan here
23:16:01  <planetmaker> I agree
23:16:12  <fonsinchen> It doesn't need to be compared to anything, it's not significantly more expensive and it provides more accurate results.

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