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13:38:34  <planetmaker> frosch123, I need again some advise or guidance :)
13:38:47  <planetmaker>
13:38:51  <planetmaker>
13:39:15  <planetmaker> add a very simple TileCache. And the 2nd actually then starts caching the WaterDistance
13:39:38  <planetmaker> But it feels a bit... not versatile enough when I now want to add other values to cache, too
13:39:52  <planetmaker> feels that I'd duplicate code
13:43:08  <frosch123> is your water_distance actually a shore_distance?
13:43:15  <frosch123> due to both land/water?
13:43:26  <planetmaker> no, it's a water distance. I didn't change the logic
13:43:42  <planetmaker> thus a river or canal tile would trigger it, too
13:44:01  <frosch123> doesn't it return distance to land for water tiles?
13:44:07  <planetmaker> 	if (HasTileWaterGround(tile) == water) return 0;
13:44:13  <planetmaker> it does that
13:44:20  <planetmaker> for water tiles to land. for land tiles to water
13:44:34  <planetmaker> HasTileWaterGround is the cirterion
13:44:51  <frosch123> i guess instead of the bool, the invalid value should be 0
13:45:08  <frosch123> easy to test for validity, easy to invalidate
13:45:16  <planetmaker> true, could be done
13:45:20  <planetmaker> simplifies it
13:45:34  <frosch123> wrt. adding new cache values: yesterday you already had generic invalidation in load game / new game
13:45:50  <frosch123> about invalidation in commands and such: well, that is very specific to the cache :)
13:46:11  <planetmaker> I forgot to re-add those two places for InvalidateAll
13:46:18  <frosch123> also \n before { of functions
13:46:32  <frosch123> InvalidateClosestWaterDistance
13:46:49  <planetmaker> though I thought I could skip the InvalidateAll for after map load or map gen as it will be initialized with 0 = false anyway
13:47:11  <planetmaker> dangerous assumption maybe
13:47:30  <frosch123> well, i would assume that not all caches would be computed on first access
13:47:44  <frosch123> some things are easier to just compute once for all tiles at once
13:48:01  <planetmaker> I don't do that with the WaterDistance (so far)
13:48:16  <frosch123> well, yeah, it's part of step 3 only :p
13:48:21  <planetmaker> not sure it would be needed. yeah ^
13:49:21  <planetmaker> but you'd recommend to add other caching variables to the same struct, including their methods?
13:50:10  <frosch123> yeah, i would expect certain common methods
13:50:13  <frosch123> like cache validation
13:50:23  <frosch123> and some caches may be invalidated together
13:50:26  <planetmaker> for instance, if I add TownDistance: should I implement the mothods then - as they're now - in town_cmd.cpp?
13:50:50  <planetmaker> not sure we can always say that value of 0 is the invalid value?
13:51:09  <frosch123> likely not, thus a init function would be fine
13:51:35  <planetmaker> makes it difficult to have a shared / common cache validation?
13:53:31  <frosch123> why?
13:53:42  <frosch123> we iterate over all vehicles to validate vehicle caches
13:53:54  <frosch123> thus we would also iterate over all tiles to validate tile caches
13:54:18  <frosch123> you can ofc add a new file tilecache.cpp, if that improves things
13:54:45  <frosch123> but i would still add all tile related caches to the same struct
13:54:58  <frosch123> instead of separate array for different tile caches
13:57:46  <planetmaker> you're thinking of something like a tCacheType = enum {...} and then void InvalidateCache(tCacheType cache, TileIndex tile)?
13:58:10  <frosch123> why an enum?
13:58:41  <frosch123> what is that function meant for?
13:59:15  <planetmaker> I don't see yet what method I can share between the different caches, what method could be common. Or how :)
13:59:39  <planetmaker> "Ich steh da grad auf dem Schlauch" :)
13:59:41  <frosch123> InvalidateAll, CheckAll, and such
13:59:58  <frosch123> for desync checks you would want to ocasionally validate all cached values
14:00:00  <planetmaker> which then call all the single methods? yeah
14:00:10  <planetmaker> ok
14:00:19  <frosch123> same for loading of games and such
14:00:25  <frosch123> one entry function for all tile cachs
14:00:41  <frosch123> specifiy entry functions for stuff like terraforming to only invalidate certain caches
14:00:41  <planetmaker> ok, I thought you meant something more fancy
14:00:52  <planetmaker> like a template function which would invalidate <whatever> cache
14:01:08  <planetmaker> instead of a wrapper which just goes over all caches
14:01:27  <frosch123> nah, templates will only work out if you have multiple similar caches
14:01:40  <frosch123> but i guess that is unlikely :)
14:01:54  <frosch123> nearest-coast and nearest-town is already quite different :)
14:02:02  <planetmaker> yep
14:07:18  <planetmaker> ok, thank you. I'll re-add the invalidation. Add InvalidateAll and RecalculateAll. And then add TownDistance and NearestTownID look for others
14:07:49  <planetmaker> s/look/and look/
14:08:06  <frosch123> nearesttownid is enough, towndistance is easily computed from that for different metrics
14:08:24  <planetmaker> true :)
14:08:27  <frosch123> (well, different metrics is nonsense, then also the id would change)
14:11:41  <planetmaker> thanks for that feedback again :)
14:12:06  <frosch123> thanks for working on something :)
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21:43:29  <LordAro> michi_cc, for some reason, i have decided to rebase your newmaps branch
21:43:44  <LordAro> i'm about 1/2 way through my initial make-it-merge stage
21:43:52  <LordAro> god knows why i'm doing this :)

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