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07:50:47  <LordAro> what is the current issue with ? it's been 6 years... :L
07:51:21  <LordAro> or has the inclusion of close airports invalidated it?
08:00:25  <planetmaker> LordAro, I believe the 'stopper' on that is really the idea that any solution to that makes freely configurable NewGRF airports more difficult to implement
08:01:11  <LordAro> ah, another case of newgrf airports blocking something? :L
08:01:13  <planetmaker> airport overbuilding thus has not exactly been obsoleted by the close airports patch. But the need got less strong. As you can easily close, replace and re-open
08:01:17  <planetmaker> yes
08:01:33  <LordAro> someone should finish newgrf airports :p
08:02:14  <planetmaker> yup. But how?
08:02:20  <planetmaker> newgrf state machines?
08:02:36  <planetmaker> or like rail stations where you build it tile-wise with tiles of different properties?
08:03:27  <planetmaker> I wonder whether alberth recently spent some thought on those. I doubt though.
08:11:49  <LordAro> don't ask me :p
08:12:16  <LordAro> i would guess newgrf state machines would be the best for the end user
08:12:33  <LordAro> but they'd be difficult to make, i guess
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21:41:16  <fonsinchen> for andy's problem
21:41:20  <fonsinchen> see #openttd
21:45:46  <planetmaker> shouldn't it be < in the line with +						st->goods[cid].cargo.AvailableCount() > st->goods[new_cid].cargo.AvailableCount()))) { ?
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