Log for on 12th June 2014:
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21:29:31  <fonsinchen> reduces the compressed size of the FS#6041 game from 20MiB to 3MiB
21:31:54  <fonsinchen> It also reduces the in-memory size of those link graphs a bit. I'm undecided if I should consider using some sparse vector/matrix implementation for that
21:32:52  <fonsinchen> As long as you stick to link graphs of only a few hundred nodes it only takes some kilobytes to save them. This is the only case where it's an issue.
21:32:58  <fonsinchen> (so far)
21:36:41  <Rubidium> any idea how much smaller the uncompressed linkgraph chunk becomes?
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21:38:02  <Rubidium> I'm also wondering if there's some trickery that we might do to get this savegame bump into stable (or rather, to somewhat prevent the savegame bump in some way)
21:39:08  <fonsinchen> How did you get the 270MiB figure before?
21:41:15  <Rubidium> I dumped the SlReadGamma values more than a few thousand and -d sl=9 to get the associated chunks
21:51:43  <Rubidium> though on hindsight, that might not be even right
21:56:26  <Rubidium> hmm... something for tomorrow to figure out the right way ;)
21:59:53  <fonsinchen> The place where the gamma value was 280M before drops to 280K with the patch
22:00:35  <fonsinchen> Many of the other values are smaller, too
22:02:50  <fonsinchen> I don't see an elegant way of retrofitting that into 1.4 without savegame bump right now.
22:08:43  <fonsinchen> We can add a link graph with 0 nodes to the schedule to tell the receiving end that it should load sparse
22:09:05  <fonsinchen> However, if you try to load the same thing with an older 1.4.x then it will crash.
22:10:21  <fonsinchen> Let's not do this. I can rebase the thing on 1.4 if needed.

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