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18:06:21  <Alberth> I have been playing with displaying 'hidden' engines. Currently it never really hides, it just toggles the display
18:06:21  <Alberth>    there are 3 hidden in there, but I think you'll miss 2 at first sight.
18:06:21  <Alberth>  the patch in case you want to play, but it only toggles the flag when clicking while holding ctrl
18:07:39  <frosch123> what's the difference between 1st and 2nd hidden?
18:08:30  <Alberth> different vehicle :)    the 'grey' one is selected
18:08:52  <Alberth> ie normally white
18:09:32  <frosch123> oh
18:10:14  <planetmaker> interesting
18:10:22  <Alberth> TextColour tc = engine == selected_id ? (hidden ? TC_GREY : TC_WHITE) : TC_BLACK;
18:10:42  <frosch123> well, i would change the colour for non-selected, not for selected
18:10:50  <frosch123> did you try the PALETTE_CRASH?
18:11:34  <Alberth> yeah, and it should work nicely here, but the code is shared with autoreplace, which uses that palette for finished replacements
18:11:46  <Alberth> so it may cause a lot of confusion
18:12:02  <frosch123> well, not sure it needs hiding/unhiding in the autoreplace gui
18:13:13  <Alberth> you don't want to hide unwanted engines there?
18:13:23  <Alberth> especially the ones you don't have any more
18:17:44  <frosch123> no, i meant not offering the option to show the unwanted ones
18:18:03  <Alberth> oh, that would be an option too
18:18:06  <frosch123> but maybe that's incorrect
18:18:39  <Alberth> perhaps, hidden doesn't mean "unbuyable", imho
18:23:39  <Alberth> anyway, I am not terribly happy with the result at all :)
18:23:52  <Alberth> maybe it needs a 2nd column for the 'hidden'
18:24:25  <frosch123> it doesn't need in the orders either
18:24:38  <frosch123> but the lines should be grey when not selected
18:28:10  <Alberth>  like this thus
18:28:47  <Alberth> seems much better indeed
18:31:51  <frosch123> does your font always have such a hard black shadow?
18:32:07  <frosch123> i see no shadow in the order gui at my end
18:32:36  <frosch123> TC_NO_SHADE <- oi
18:32:52  <frosch123> i guess it would look better with that oen
18:33:25  <frosch123> <- from the order gui
18:34:20  <frosch123> order gui is funny, typical evolved code :p
18:34:37  <frosch123> mixing if and ? for the same thing :)
18:37:25  <LordAro> ooi, why would the engines/wagons be hidden?
18:39:12  <frosch123>
18:39:16  <Alberth> you hate them :)
18:39:28  <frosch123> LordAro: to stop silly grf authors being silly
18:39:48  <frosch123> and removing engines and using refits or worse things, just to make the list shorter
18:40:04  <LordAro> V or andy? :p
18:40:13  <frosch123> pikka? :p
18:40:24  <LordAro> or that guy
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