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19:00:38  <Alberth>   still a good time to add patches so close to new version?" target="_blank">
19:01:21  <Alberth> biggest worry in the patch is that the small map may grow when you change lots of sprites
19:05:47  <frosch123> it's a debug feature, so no worries
19:05:52  <frosch123> it does not affect playing people :)
19:06:03  <Alberth> true
19:06:18  <frosch123> i don't like fs#6237 though
19:06:30  <frosch123> i have no idea why it uses the subsprite thing in the first place
19:06:39  <frosch123> it should just create a proper clipping area
19:07:03  <frosch123> no idea whether that affects fs#6236
19:07:41  <Alberth> I would expect not
19:08:21  <Alberth> don't know how the sprite is plotted though
19:09:23  <Alberth> virtual void DrawWidget(const Rect &r, int widget) const  <-- it uses this
19:09:49  <Alberth> so you should be able to add a clipping area around drawing
19:10:27  <Alberth> 6236 should not be affected
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21:32:52  <Zuu> OMANY settings need an enum defined somewhere. For a GUI setting only used in a _gui.cpp file, can/should the enum go into that file or should it stil be in corresponding _gui.h or some other header file?
21:34:31  <frosch123> i would put it in the .cpp
21:34:43  <frosch123> though i do not see the relation to OMANY
21:35:04  <frosch123> for OMANY you define some string tokens in settings.ini
21:35:41  <Zuu> As I understood it those string tokens are for openttd.cfg and cannot be used in the code?
21:35:50  <frosch123> yup
21:36:20  <Zuu> At least I failed to find an OMANY setting that had its enum defined in some standard place.
21:37:07  <frosch123> in the setting struct in settings.h you cannot use enums anyway
21:37:48  <Zuu> yeah I found OMANY typically use uint8 in setting_type.h
21:38:05  <frosch123> the change settings code needs integers with defines size, or a SimpleTinyEnum
21:38:08  <Zuu> Also I learned the hard way that settings.h is autogenerated :-)
21:38:37  <frosch123> well, it's in the obj dir :p
21:40:00  <Zuu> Yep, but I expected it to contain a waring at the top of the file if it was auto generated.
21:40:39  <Zuu> Used find-in-all-files in my IDE to end up there.
21:51:09  <Zuu> Is there a separate list somewhere with all settings to include in the gui settings window where you define its place in the path?
21:54:46  <frosch123> yes, in settings_gui
21:54:56  <frosch123> you have to tell where in the tree it shall appear
21:55:41  <frosch123> static SettingsContainer &GetSettingsTree() <- in that one
21:56:22  <Zuu> If it were AngularJS it would have been deduced from the data structure hirarcy. (It parses the names of function arguments of your function and include services/dependincies using those names)
21:57:10  <frosch123> well, we reshuffled the gui a few times
21:57:21  <frosch123> it does no longer match the data structures
21:57:42  <frosch123> also some settings became client settings, which were game settings before and such
21:57:47  <frosch123> so, quite some history in there :p
21:59:25  <Zuu> Actually I found 2 comments in the code that still refere to the settings window as 'advanced settings' :-)
21:59:52  <frosch123> well, as long as we have the other windows, it is defintely more specific :)
22:06:04  <Zuu> yeah code wise the advanced settings name make it easier to know which one you talk about.
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